Peter tells Emmett I feel like I am preaching to the choir but you are married to the priest.

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  530pm
5:15pm – 5:30pm Jillian and Talla are up in the HOH room. Jillian tells Talla that she trusts her 100% right now .. even more than Peter. Talla says oh my god really! Jillian says that it is really good that we both have a guy that would take us .. Jillian says I think Andrew will win against any of us if he is in the final 2. Andrew comes up but says that he has chips in the oven. Talla tells him to come back. Jillian asks why won’t they ever leave us alone. Andrew comes back up. They discuss how Peter is all of a sudden campaigning to all of them. Talla starts getting mad because Peter said he wasn’t going to campaign and now he is. Andrew says this is why we can’t tell you anything because you get mad. Talla says that it wasn’t her fault that she didn’t win any competitions. Talla talks about her conversation with Peter and how he asked her if she really thought she could win. Andrew explains how even if Emmett votes you out .. I am voting to keep you and Jillian will decide. They decide to head downstairs. Talla asks if Peter wants competitors to be around.. She says anyone that comes into this game is a competitor.

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  555pm
Meanwhile out in the hot tub room: Peter is talking to Emmett. Peter explains that the next HOH after this one when its down to the final 4 will be a before/after step up/step down competition and Talla can easily win that .. and then Andrew will win the Veto. Peter tells Emmett that he is gambling with the wrong percentages. Peter explains that Talla wont win the physical part of the final HOH but she will win the endurance .. she beat you and Andrew in endurance before. Peter explains how Talla could win a lot of sympathy jury votes against him (Emmett) or Andrew. Peter says I understand why Jillian trust Andrew but is she trusting him to a fault.. I certainly think that is the case. Peter says Jillian is worried about losing Talla’s jury vote .. but how do you think I am going to feel.. or Alec, Topaz.. I am on the honour system and she gave me her word. Emmett wonders if Peter should Talk to Jillian so that Talla can see just so that she will freak out and maybe show some cards. Peter doesn’t think that will work because Talla isn’t cerebral. Talking to Jillian publicly, that won’t accomplish anything. Emmett tells Peter that Jillian doesn’t want a spilt vote. Peter says that it will be and do you think I am going to vote for her, I won’t, Alec, won’t, Topaz won’t and if Topaz won’t Gary won’t .. because of the way it went down .. and that promises that were broken. Peter tells Emmett I feel like I am preaching to the choir but you are married to the priest. Emmett tells Peter to go talk to Jillian. Emmett asks do you want me to tell you what is going to happen before it happens? Peter says yes, and if I am being voted out I want everyone to sit down and I will walk out in silence.

6pm Peter and Emmett start working out. Meanwhile in the kitchen: Andrew, Talla and Jillian talk about the competitions where some of the house guests were caught cheating. Andrew says you know what I don’t like about Peter talking to Emmett is that now Emmett is going to come talk to me about it. Talla says where did he think he got this power to be Dan Jr. .. you are not Dan Jr. Talla says I like the kid but right now I am not liking him. Andrew asks who are you talking about Peter? You are the same age as him you cant call him a kid. Jillian comments that she hates idiots. Talla says I’m not an idiot, do you hate me? Talla asks what would you take up this summer? Andrew says get better at golf, excessively masturbate and excessively drink. Jillian asks what the average amount a male masturbates. Jillian asks so like once a day or ? Andrew says I probably shouldn’t comment on things like that. I have healthy libido. They keep asking him and Andrew says anywhere from 0 – 10 times a day. Andrew says we just bang ours against a tree and then we are done.

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  609pm

6:25pm Emmett joins them in the kitchen to eat. Talla tells him that Peter was trying to campaign to her about jury votes. Talla tells Jillian do you know what I am going to say when Peter is walking out the door.. You’ve been trying to campaign against me? You’re WEEEEEEAK! The talk turns to talking about zombies. Andrew says that zombies eat brains. Talla asks do they? Andrew says yeah, don’t worry you don’t have any.

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  616pm

Emmett tries to convince Talla that she doesn’t need to win HOH tomorrow:

6:30pm – 6:45pm Andrew and Jillian leave the kitchen. Talla talks to Emmett about he conversation with Peter. She says that Peter asked her if she honestly thought she had a chance to win the jury votes. She says I don’t know do you think you do? She says that he said he hadn’t thought about it yet. Talla says that he was telling her that if he leaves he will be able to sway the bridge. Emmett tells Talla that when she gets to the jury you can tell them that was your game plan not to win competitions. You don’t even need to win HOH tomorrow. Peter comes into the kitchen and Emmett tells Talla not to worry next week you won’t be on slop. Peter leaves and Emmett say oh, maybe I shouldn’t have said that. Emmett tells Talla that if she had a win right now .. she would be worse off .. because your game plan is not to win. Say if you won tomorrow .. then the jury could be like well why did you win here and here. Emmett reassures Talla that she is safe and that everyone wants to take her. Emmett says we have to win these competitions, if we don’t then we aren’t going.. you don’t have to win to know you are going. Talla says wait so what do I need to do? Emmett says even if you get to the final 3 you will probably throw those too. Talla says no .. you are getting ahead of yourself. Emmett asks have you not watched big brother. Talla says she feels like she is in a relationship and everyone wants to take me! Emmett says to keep with your game you can say see week in and week out I didn’t need to win. Talla says awe you’re helping me right now yay! Emmett says that Andrew is a great guy but.. Talla says he is a monster!

6:50pm – 7pm Peter is out in the backyard campaigning to Jillian. Missed most of the conversation but basically Peter threatens Jillian that if she doesn’t vote to keep him he will not vote for her in the jury house. Peter tells her that he will take her and and Emmett to the final three but that Talla and Andrew will take each other. Peter tells Jillian that he tried to fool Talla when he told her that he knew he was leaving .. so that he could get information from her. He says that he has been trying to get Andrew out for weeks and wishes he had gotten him out over Aj. Jillian tells Peter that she didn’t trust Alec but that she trust him. She says I know you haven’t done anything sketchy to me. Peter tells her that this is the last time I will campaign to you. Peter says I know that you trust Emmett .. and Emmett trusts me..

7pm – 7:15pm Peter, Emmett, Talla and Andrew are in the kitchen talking about Emmett & Jillian’s make out video. Andrew says that he is going to make sure he never has to watch it again and smash the TV. Emmett asks is there any music? Andrew says yes, you lip smacking. Emmett tells Andrew that he and Talla should make out for 10 minutes and Jill and I will watch. Andrew says that Talla disgusts him .. she is an Ogre. Talla laughs and says you just called me an Ogre. Andrew talks about how much Emmett was honking her breasts. Talla says that he was grobbling her breasts. They continue talking about random things…
Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  710pm
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peter just threatened to not vote jillian to jillian…..did he not learn that was what she reallllly hated about alec??????? stuppppid


He was talking to Emmett when he said that, actually, and it was meant more as a “if it’s you against Jillian I’d vote for you” sort of thing (since he’s really trying to get Emmett on his side). The scenario seems to be this: Emmett wants to keep Peter because he gets along better with him, but Jillian wants to keep Talla because she gets along better with her. This means that unless Emmett goes against what Jillian wants (which I don’t see why he would since she has the tie-breaker vote) Peter is out of the game. And if Emmett DOES go against Jillian, she votes Peter out anyway and he’s STILL out of the game… and then Emmett has to deal with a bit of a rift in his showmance as the final approaches.

I just don’t see it happening. And either way Peter is the one heading out the door.


no…he told her that if she sent him out the door she didnt have his vote…and i was right…she said that to emmett in the storage room….its the one thing that gets under jillians skin more than anything!


When I posted my comment they hadn’t updated that yet, and the text made it seem like he was talking to Emmett about that. So I am incorrect, apparently (though I was right based on what we had available at the time =P )


I think that was Peter talking to Emmit not Jillian. Emmit isn’t repeating it either. He’s the eason the jury will turn on her. She does the dirty work and gets the horns!!


Hey Simon and Dawg! A BIG THANK YOU for all you’re doing!
I love the fact that you guys added the extra work to embed videos. Since they all now turned to having their game talk conversations at the same time, I don’t have to constantly switch between the 2, since I know that you’ll upload them 🙂
I just had this epiphany, stopped switching between the Emmett/Talla and Jillian/Peter conversations, just stuck with one and actually enjoyed getting all of it so much more. So I thought I should let you know 🙂 Yay!
Thanks you guys so much 🙂




Jillian just said to Emmett “So I’m sending Talla home that is my final decision”. Peter may pull this off. He has at least increased his chances of staying. Anything can happen between now and tomorrow night.


I think his best move was waiting until today to campaign. Everyone got sick of Alec’s campaigning.
It’s almost always better to be the last person in someone’s ear than the first.


man it kills me how dumb e/j are about this game sometimes…..why the hell would talla say that to peter? what would she have gained from it? If they used their brains theyd realize peter was running the shield….and who cares if jillian beat talla in endurance….the point is the third part!!


Peter is a little weasel .I hate that nerd more than Alec.


I just enjoyed seeing Emmett get disqualified….yet again.


Okay, watching tonight’s Slice episode & at the point where Peter has lost yet again – & what a sore loser! (course, we’re now seeing just how volatile Emmett’s temper is & his immaturity). Then in Peter’s diary section he suddenly is giving us a wah is me life story which just feels like yet another game move, to make us feel sorry for him so we’ll vote him Canada’s Fav Player award (if there is one) or make Production feel sorry for him & create a twist to save him?
Look, I’m not knocking that he has a sob story – hell, most of us do but to pull it out now, just rubs me the wrong way, just like seeing, weeks later, that stupid hair band wrapped around his fingers (no surprise Liza in her video blogs thinks that means she’s such a prize).

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t it look in tonight’s edit, that Production hasn’t given Peter quite the same “mastermind” edit – showing the temper tantrum & a few other things makes me wonder if they’re souring on their crown prince?


I’ve been saying this for awhile Peter is overrated..

He’s in an impossible situation but altogether his game hasn’t been all that awesome.


Exactly, Simon! The only “awesome” thing about his game is the edit he was getting. If the TV audience was coming here to read your recaps (amazing job you & Dawg do) they would have such a different view of the game & the players, especially Peter. He’s so loquacious in the Diary room but so often he is like a wet blanket, sitting there like a bump on a log & when he does try to engage in non-game chat, it’s actually painful – to watch & looks like to him as well. I think Production had a hard time editing the piece where Emmett & he were at their tete-a-tete reward dinner.

The thing is, normally I wouldn’t snark on someone’s personality, especially anonymously BUT I really believe this is a persona he’s put on for the show, to make himself seem so awkward & unthreatening to the houseguests. Oh, I don’t think he’s all Mr. Suave outside the house but watching him with his family 1) his own words were that he was worried that he’d be revealing his true self & 2) the way he smiled was totally different, real, actually changed his look, energies. It was actually amazing.

So what does it say that you can put on such a different persona for 1 1/2 mths??


when did the peter/talla conversation happen? the one that started all the drama with peter getting talla to say she cant beat jillian and has f2 with andrew to go and tell jillian?


Andrew cracks me up so much….
Andrew: Zombies eats brains.
Talla: Do they?
Andrew: Yeah but don’t worry – You don’t have any. LOL