Big Brother Canada Peter CAMPAIGNS to Jillian to keep him over Talla.

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  245pm

2:30pm Andrew, Peter and Jillian discuss whether or not there will be any more twists. Peter says it is possible, this would be the last week it would happen though. Andrew asks like what could it be ..thinking of past seasons. Peter says well it could be a coup d’etat, but it would have to be used this next week. They comment on how there have already been a lot of twists this season. Then Andrew says well the Powershift was the the only real twist. They continue talking about past seasons of Big Brother. Andrew goes to lay down.

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  250pm

2:40pm – 3pm Peter asks Jillian so for tomorrow where is your head at? Jillian says I don’t know, I just talked to Emmett about it. Peter says that he talked to Andrew and he said if he wins he is putting you and Emmett up. Peter says that Talla is the reason Andrew can’t vote for me because he wants to go to the end with her. Peter says that Talla is only loyal to Andrew because he is the only one that will take her to the end. Talla is only loyal to you because you are in power. Peter says that he holds no grudge for them getting rid of Alec. I understand why you did it. I didn’t use the veto to save Topaz because I wanted to show my loyalty to you and Emmett. Peter says I understand that Talla is the last girl in the game and you want a girl to hang out with.. Jillian says that’s not it at all. Jillian says that she knows if Peter wins HOH he will take Emmett and not me .. that’s why he is pushing to keep you. Peter says that if Andrew makes it to the final two he will win this game! Peter says Jillian I swear to you on my life that I want you, me and Emmett in the final 3. Jillian asks and what do I say to Talla to not lose her vote. Peter says you tell her that I am sorry I feel that the best competitors should be at the end and she had a chance to win the veto and she failed to do that .. She will understand! Peter says I have been playing for you for the last 2 or 3 weeks and I have been with Emmett since day 3. Peter says I want it to be a fighting chance against you two at the end, that’s what I have always wanted. Under no circumstance would I do anything else. Peter says its pretty straight forward. Jillian says yeah it makes sense. Jillian says excuse me I need to use the washroom because you are stressing me out. Jillian comes back and tells Peter that she sees it the other way also .. where if she goes to the final three with Emmett and Talla ..that Talla will take her and its not likely that Talla will win. Peter tells her that the final 2 is still a long way away and that she shouldn’t think about that now.

Meanwhile in the havenot room: Andrew is talking with Emmett. Emmett tells Andrew that he is worried that if Talla makes it to the final two.. she might be able to talk her way into winning. Emmett tells Andrew that he thinks Talla already has 3 jury votes. He thinks she would have Gary, Aj and Topaz’s vote. Andrew doesn’t agree and says that he is confident that he has AJ’s vote.

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  246pm

3pm – 3:35pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.. When the live feeds come back: Talla and Peter are talking about hockey in the kitchen. While Jillian tries not to care since she doesn’t like hockey. Talla and Peter start another puck ball game. On the other cameras: Emmett is laying on the HOH bed with his eye’s closed.

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  330pm

3:35pm Jillian heads into the havenot room to talk to Andrew. Jillian is worried and after talking with Peter she says that she is second guessing the plan. Andrew tells her that he is not wavering he wants himself, Jillian and Emmett in the final 3. Jillian says that she is worried that Emmett wants to keep Peter because it is better for his game but that he isn’t thinking about her game. Jillian says that she came in here sick to her stomach after talking with Peter .. she says I know you are taking Talla. Andrew says I have never said that, I am not taking Talla.. I do not want her to win the money ..she doesn’t deserve to win. Andrew says I trust you more than anyone, I am not lying to you. You and Me 100%! You do not have to worry about me, worry about him. Jillian says that she started thinking I will kick myself if you took Talla to the finals and Emmett and I end up with nothing.. well all I really care about is that I would not end up with anything. Andrew says that Emmett is sketching me out. Jillian agrees and says that he is sketching her out too because he is flip flopping. Jillian wonders who Emmett would pick between us. She wonders if he and Emmett have a final two deal. Andrew says he doesn’t. Andrew wants to go back to sleep. He says that he keeps trying to nap but people keep coming in wanting to talk game. He heads back to the havenot room to nap. Andrew starts talking to himself and says these fu*king dinguses… Andrew says that he is in a good position. He starts running through possible scenarios where he figures no matter what happens he will make to the final two .. unless they are all lying to me and I am out fourth.

3:55pm – 4:10pm Jillian is up in the HOH room talking to Emmett. Jillian tells Emmett that Andrew said he is indifferent about what we do ..neither one matters to him. Emmett says that when we go into that HOH tomorrow he said he is the only one that has a 66% chance both ways. It doesn’t matter who wins that HOH tomorrow for him.. it matters for us. Emmett tells Jillian that Andrew is golden no matter what. Jillian says no its the veto that will set us free. Emmett says or home! Emmett says that’s the dream crusher right there! Jillian says why don’t you think more positively like Andrew .. he is thinking he is going to win it. Emmett says that he goes into every competition thinking he is going to win.. Big Brother cuts the live feeds.

4:25pm – 4:45pm The live feeds come back: Jillian and Emmett are napping up in the HOH room. Meanwhile: Peter, Talla and Andrew are out in the hot tub room sitting around the hot tub. Talla talks about how she asked in the diary room if she vomits can she eat it .. and they said yes. The conversation turns to talking about when Talla got them to cheer. They thought it was a task. Talla asks how would I know if it was a task. Peter says they would have asked you to do it! Talla oh!

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  437pm

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  445pm

4:45pm – 5pm Talla tells Andrew that she talked to Peter out in the hot tub room and he said that he knows he is pretty much going. Andrew says yeah I know that. Talla says that he can still play the game when he goes to jury. Andrew says people always talk about how the jury has power… yeah I know and two people still got to get there yet. Talla heads upstairs. Peter talks to Andrew. Peter says that he talked to Emmett and his thought process is to be at the end with the best competitors. Peter says I know you have a thing with Talla but I would be loyal to you as well. Peter says I just don’t want to walk out the door knowing I didn’t put one last piece of the puzzle .. ya know. Andrew says I appreciate where you are coming from but I have already made certain agreements with people that I am not willing to break. Peter asks with Talla? Andrew says yeah. Andrew says that he will think it over. Peter tells him to talk to Emmett as well. Talla comes back and Peter and her start their puck ball game again.
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Oh come on Jill, you know you want to keep Peter. I mean look at that pretty face. PLEASE!!!


i really really hope that they vote to keep peter. i love talla, but peter’s right, it should be them in the end. people who deserve to be there. talla is hilarious and entertaining, although i would not want her to win. i could do without emmett at this point, but i love jill and peter. i hope they keep him! i wonder when the returning houseguest (aka gary…booooo…) gets to come back in the house?! i wonder if it’s before or after the vote…if it was before the vote, then i wonder if he would vote to keep peter just because he may think it would be a way to “get back” at jemmett? but in reality, it would kinda be good for them…because pete wouldn’t align with gary i don’t think. i wonder………i’m nervous for tomorrow! i want peter to stay! go peter! 🙂


Peter is a gonna, it doesn’t make sense for then to keep him now.


I’m glad Jillian realizes that keeping Peter is only in Emmetts best interest and not hers, at least with Andrew/Talla/Emmett she has a shot at final two with any of them if they get the final HOH.


i agree. jillian is finally playing her own game a bit! she has a final 2 deal with andrew, and i do believe andrew will take her. he likes talla, but doesn’t think she’s earned the money and i dont think he actually likes emmett at all. jillian is also really smart to get close to talla (emmett does not have this connection with talla, this is her OWN gameplay). i am not sure who talla would take to final 2, jillian or andrew. (she probably won’t get that far, but she could win hoh this week at least). i am also not sure who emmett would take to final 2, jillian or andrew. i know jillian seems like the obvious choice, but ive heard a few convo’s between andrew and emmett which emmett says he’ll take andrew to f2, but he could be just bullshitting…
i would start liking jillian a lot more if she 1) starts to play her own game and 2) if she stops complaining/being a hypocrite about people’s decisions to lie (she always gives emmett shit for lying or manipulating talla, for example, or in the past she’s complained about gary’s and liza’s lies) but she is queen of lies. either own it or stop doing it!! people will respect you a lot more. i have respect for her winning competitions and studying for comps like crazy, but i’ve had 0 respect for her social game until recently. if she keeps peter i think it’s a huge mistake for her game.


Keep Talla:
Andrew and Talla are close
Talla wins, Em and Jill are on block

Keep Peter:
Peter and Em are close (Jill will be slightly safe >Andrew)
Pete has no relationship with Andrew
Pete would put up Jil and Andrew if he wins

If Gary comes into house, Emmett is very safe, ONLY IF PETER STAYS

Gary comes in:
Peter wins, andrew and gary are up
Talla wins, still Em and Jill up

Gary would be close with Talla
Talla would become a bigger threat and safer in a bigger alliance

I personally want them to keep Peter, he is Better for their games, both of theirs in the long run, as Talla just makes Andrew one vote stronger.


As much as I want Peter to stay just so that it’s not a boring Jillian & Emmett bulldoze to the end, he really needs to work on his campaigning and social game. Jillian brought up a great point… if it’s Jillian, Emmett and Talla in the end, Talla will take Jillian and Jillian will win. What’s Peter response? Uh, hmm, er, well don’t worry about that for now. What? The whole point is to convince Jillian that he is a much better choice than Talla… but he had zip! Lol sorry Peter but you’ve got to go!


Exactly!! Peter is not good for Jillian’s game. For someone who thought he ran the house for a long time and Dan he isn’t very smart. I wouldn’t be telling Jillian that I was Emmitt from day 3. And tthe Uh, mmm, er answer is not so smart eiether. The arguement that Talla doesn’t deserve to be in the finals is not agrument. Hell everyone has to know that she is the perfect perison to take the the F2 if it just about guarnettes the $100 K!! I would have liked Peter more if he did whatr Ian did in BB last year, towards the end he won the comps ensuring his safety because if he didn’t he would have went home. Peter claiming he just through comps is stupid as he has proven when he needed to he couldn’t.


I am tired of Jillian expecting people to just leave her be…this happened every time she had hoh and or veto. She gets upset, sick or frustrated because someone on the block dares to attempt to save themselves. She deserves a Mike Boogie style kickass in your face game player. So will it be Alec or Gary.

Bill from Halifax

Finally, I have been waiting 3 days for P. to start campaigning.
Perhaps too little to late.

The best scenario is BB lets the house know BEFORE the eviction, that someone will be coming back.
That should clue E. and J. in to the possibility of Gary returning to his old friend Talla.

But . . . that’s not gonna happen.


if they knew it was…but if they just knew SOMEONE was coming back they could be terrified its alec and cement voting peter out

The Watcher

Peter Potter has to go!!!!

I am sick of watching him eat nuggets, fries and drink pops to then go and work out like he just ate the best thing to make muscles grow……

And that god damned elastic he keep playing with his finger…..creep much?

Also that nose stays getting in the way of everything….

At least Talla is entertaining to watch and she is BUSY yall!


Ugh please don’t keep Peter in that house. He’s annoying.


Does anyone else have trouble with their audio going in and out? I Cant hear half of what they say, my sound keeps going off.

mrs b

TAALLAA ….She’s very entertaining. I want her to be in the final two with Andrew. Just crush E and J
, especially Jillian. She used to like her, now I would prefer to watch the Stoogees

Arias Cox

It is Official. Alec will be joining the Big Brother house . Time to tell the news to House Guests .

House Guests ……


There is a bigger benefit for Jillian keeping Peter than she thinks. TALLA can’t win anything, and if Peter goes…..Jillian CANNOT win BBC because Alec/Peter/Topaz and AJ will choose Andrew or Emmett over Jillian in the finals.


I find Jillian so boring. She is a strong competitor, but I really hope she goes next week because I’m just plain tired of her.