Big Brother Spoilers Jillian: “So I’m sending Talla home that is my final decision” .. Maybe

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)


7:23pm HOH Jillian and Peter

Jillian: “So I’m thinking about calling out the whole house.. “
Jillian explains what she will say: “OK guys what’s going on in the house right now.. Talla you are not taking me to the final 3.. did you say that to Peter”

Jillian: “I need to know if Peter is lying or if Talla is lying”
Emmett: “I think you should do it in private call them both up”
Jillian: “Andrew and Talla have a final 2.. it’s 100%.. is that true”
Emmett: “That makes me scared cause he’ll cut me out”
Jillian: “Petes scarier than Talla”

Jillian: “Maybe Me and Talla should talk because Andrew made a final 2 deal with me”
Emmett: “It’s not time.. you need to find out first what Peter is saying is true”

Emmett: “I don’t care what you do.. you do what you want to do.. after you make your decision I will figure out where to go from there.. I can look at positives and negative to keeping them both”

Jillian: “What will you hold against me for my entire freaking life”
Emmett: “If I’m that mad at you I never will talk to you again.. Just joking”

Jillian wants to ask Talla “Talla did you tell peter you would choose Emmett or Andrew to the final 2 because you can beat them in the final endurance.. and did you tell Peter that you had a final 2 deal with Andrew 100%”

Jillian: “If Peter makes it to final 2 the Jury is choosing Peter.. Look who is there Topaz, Alec, AJ.. Peter cannot win and he’s smart as a wipe.. He promises that if the three of us make it to final three he steps down immediately.. he says I’m pulling a Mike Boogie and stepping down”

Jillian: “So i’m sending Talla home that is my final decision.. I’m telling Andrew and Talla tomorrow morning”
Emmett: “Thats what I told you this morning”

Andrew comes up
Chit chat
Andrew leaves to use the washroom

Jillian: “We got to lay it out.. otherwise they see no reason why they went home”
Emmett: “The only reason Andrew feels comfortable to send me is if he thinks that he has my vote and he has your vote


7:40pm Jillian and Andrew.. Comparing notes

Jillian: “I just found something out… and I believe it.. Peter in the backyard just told me that Talla is going to take Andrew or Emmett to the final 3 because she feels that is her only chance to win the Endurance is against them”
Andrew: “OK.. what do you want to do”
Jillian: “I don’t know.. I’m more scared of Peter than Talla.. I think he’s smarter than we think”
Andrew: “Have you talked to Talla about that”
Jillian: “No I’m thinking about calling them both out”
Andrew: “She wouldn’t say that to him.. he’s campaigning.. to stay this week”
Andrew: “I promise you she never said that to me.. what Peter is saying implies that she won the Veto.. Why would she .. I think that is just him saying that”
Jillian :”Do you think I should talk to them both”
Andrew: “Ya you could.. but listen to this.. of course Peter is saying this because he’s trying to campaign because look now he has you thinking about getting rid of Talla.. “

Andrew :”Look at me I promise you that Talla and I have not talked about final 2.. all we have is final 4”
Jillian: “Peter is saying you and Talla have a final 2 100%”
Andrew: “That is a load of sh1t i’m telling you I Promise you”
Jillian: “You don’t have a chake deal like us”
Andrew: “No.. you can check the tapes.. I swear.. I would think Talla would want to take you and me instead of Emmett”

Jillian decides to call Talla up to talk to her.. She says she trusts Andrew 100%
They both Agree that they do not want Talla and Peter in the final 2. They are both Dead set against Talla/Peter making it to final 2

(Lots more coming 😉 )




8:09pm Talla and Jillian

Talla: “What’s wrong.. “
Jillian: ‘Peter has me going insane.. telling me you won’t take me to the final 3”
Talla explains that Peter asked her who was in her final 3. She told him “I haven’t thought that far ahead” . Talla adds that it was Peter who recommended she take Emmett and Andrew because she would have the best chance to win the endurance comp.

Talla: ‘He’s trying to pit us against each other.. Of course he’s trying to do this to stay in the game”

Jillian: “he told me that he would take me and Emmett to the final 3 and step out from the Final HOH”

Talla: “Jillian.. we have a pact as long as it’s me, you and one other guy that’s it.. I don’t care what he says.. we have a pact” (They shake on it)
Talla: “He’s a real proponent of Chaos Theory he’s trying to get you against me”

Jillian: “We got to get rid of him he’s just messing with all of us.. He told me point blank that you are going to take Emmett and Andrew”
Talla says he was trying to trick her into saying she would take Emmett and Andrew so he could run to Jillian and tell her.
Talla: “I liked Peter up until now.. “
Talla remembers bringing up to Peter that her and JIllian are good friends. Jillian mentions that during her talk with Peter he told her “You are sadly mistaken to think that girl (Talla) is going to take you because you are friends”
Talla: “You want me to go fu*** rip him a piece right now.. I’ll be like YOU are sadly mistaken if you think your sh1t is going to work right now.. Chaos is going to happen in your f***ing face.. you should just self evict right now”

Talla and Jillian both agree if Emmett wins he’ll take them and if Andrew wins he’ll take them so they are in a perfect spot.

Talla: “Your chaos theory is F*** Shit”


8:30pm Storage Room

Emmett asks Jillian who does she want to send home. Jillian: ‘Peter I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

Jillian: “He just threatened me.. I told him I don’t want to get in Talla’s bad book.. And he said to me.. We’ll I don’t know how to say this without sounding really blunt if I go home tomorrow you don’t have my vote”

Jillian: “Wicked.. I don’t have anyone’s vote I don’t care anymore”


9:05pm Everyone has calmed down.. Peter back to being a target and Andrew is messing around with the condoms

Andrew: “This one says.. do you have a donkey d1ck” (He’s got the box of magnums in his hands)
Jillian: “I wish there was a better alternative to the condom or the pill”
Andrew: “There is it’s called abstinence.. I’ve been practicing that for many moons”

Jillian mentions that there was a guy in her high school that allegedly used a plastic bag instead of a condom

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it was a good shot….if e or j were playing the game separately I think he would have a better shot but they all seem to underestimate how much game e/j talk!


I’ve been rooting for Emmett since day one, but the fact that he wants Peter in final four or maybe final two proves he’s one of the dumbest players of all time. From what he can see: Peter has jury votes, linked up with the biggest snake in the house, and wants to be a “mastermind” manipulator type player who acts like a different person in the DR. From what he can’t see until he watches the episodes at home: Production has a bias for Peter and want him to win. I’m sure that the lane with his name on it in any comp will have the easiest items to find. Plus, if Peter survives, Alec will probably be brought back.
Emmett is a fool if wants to keep Peter (which he does), plain and simple.


Who else thinks that it’s really disgusting how Jillian just eats out of containers with her hands…. is that not the most unsanitary habit???


Tonight’s ep makes my respect for Andrew grow and Emmett’s decline.

You didn’t hear it? lol lame.


I was so mad when Emmett was saying “Andrew doesn’t have my back” because Andrew didn’t want to hear him bitch about it anymore. Even during his rant he said something along the lines of “she didn’t even do what I told her to do”, and then stopped because he realized he just admitted that he did it.

Someone said it a few days ago and its true, with less people around Emmett’s true colours are coming out.


ROFL @ Peter claiming that he played a perfect game. Peter you are one of the worst BB players of all time!


Ummm, you’re kidding right? He’s not a great player, that’s for sure, but he is above average. There are MANY worst players then him. I think he played better than a lot this season (which none of them are good at the game).


“she didn’t even do WHAT I TOLD HER to do”

-Emmett on not helping Jillian.


Watching veto episode right now and I cannot believe was a LOSER Emmett is! And Jillian putting down Peter for being a “sore loser”??!! Emmett made the whole thing about his Dq, and got annoyed with Andrew for being excited (in a very mild way) about his win? Is that exactly what a sore loser is??? So sick of E/J.



I am surprised Peter has fans 0_0. It’s nice to meet one of you. So, what do you like about his “perfect” gameplay. The fact that he has not influenced any decisions in the game and pussied out when he had a chance? I guess the shield sign that he copied from a wrestling group is somewhat entertaining or perhaps it’s the sad attempt to portray himself as someone else in the DR.


To be honest, I don’t see where he said that Peter had “perfect gameplay”. First of all, judging from the 7 likes his comment got, he is not the only one who shares his opinion. He merely stated that he was sick of Emmett and Jillian, but did not indicate Peter’s “gameplay”. Yes, his name “PeterFan” suggests that he is, indeed, a fan of Peter’s, but I can say that I am a fan of his because he is actually trying and working hard to stay in the game. Therefore, there are at least 2 Peter fans out there.


Why thank you:) however I am actually not a he! As a female, I like the fact that people is not like a lot of men out there (Emmett)


And by people I mean Peter;)


Uhh…he’s referring to when Peter HIMSELF stated he has played a “perfect game.”


Uh…I never said that I liked his “perfect game play” …and why attack me? If you don’t like Peter that’s fine! But you don’t actually know ME. There’s plenty I like about Peter, but I certainly don’t feel the need to explain myself to you


When you’re playing in a game, and the people who control the game don’t want you to win, it’s easy to be frustrated.
Emmett can’t help Jillian but production CAN help Peter? Come on.


My take on the situation is that BB is meant to be an individual game not a team game. Yes, there are alliances, but E/J are playing as one. Sometimes I forget that E or J has a vote when the other is HOH. They are a tight alliance which is helpful to their game, but it was not fair of E to try to help J. Thems the rules, and he broke them. I’m sure it’s also frustrating for production when someone is (more than once) trying to find loopholes and give himself or someone else an unfair advantage. He shows a lack of respect for the rules, and they are punishing him. Don’t forget the name of the game – Big Brother. 1984 coined the phrase, and the meaning is quite clear: someone who has complete control and acts in a fascist manner. If they didn’t want to be controlled, they should not have come into the game. BB can do whatever he/they want, and the houseguest just have to put up with it. That’s the whole point. I do think BB has stepped in too much this season, but oh well. E/J don’t seem to understand what a good position they are in. They don’t need to cheat.


Jillian wants to call people out for lying to her when she’s doing the same. Well they’re playing the game as much as she is.


But you see, it’s DIFFERENT when Jillian lies, because “it’s just a game” (Sorry, Topaz. Someone’s gotta go–150%). But when PETER is the one doing the lying, he’s a conniving devilish trickster.

See the difference?


This may not make sense, but would it not be more beneficial for Andrew to strike an F2 deal with Peter? Since J/E will likely take each other, Andrew has a better shot with Peter than with Talla to actually make it to F2. I would like to see Andrew do well.


Me I prefer Andrew in the Final 2 with anyone BUT Peter. I don’t wanna see Peter anywhere near the finals.


Part of Andrew’s play has been that he is very loyal to the people he promises to be loyal to. By choosing Peter over Beast Coast I think he loses some votes in the end, plus it just seems to me that Andrew is a very straightforward and stand-up guy in real life and is not the type to change himself or his life code for the sake of the game. I think its awesome that someone can get this far without backstabbing, and this is why I am cheering for him.

Also, he doesn’t have any built up trust with Peter, so if he kept Peter this week, who is to say that Peter wouldn’t drop him for Jemmett next week and he recognizes that.

On top of all of that, Peter is (sometimes) a smooth talker, if you put him in front of the jury he could potentially sway them all to vote him as the winner. At least against Jemmett and Talla in the end speech to the jury you know what you are going to get (Jemmett won comps, blah blah blah).

jillian is annoying

jillian needs to go home cant stand her and E boring end to bb


Watching the episode right now and what I am hearing is everyone is going looking to take Jill to the final two because they think everyone hates her in the house so they won’t vote for her.

Careful guys, sometimes the one that does the most lying and maneuvering wins the game!

Personally I am ok with either Jill or Andrew winning it. Jill because she had so much blood on her hands and still managed to make it to the end and Andrew because I think he’s fun ( Yeah yeah I know that’s not a real reason but whatevs)


The only reason that Jillian has made it this far with the way she has been acting is because of Emmet. If he wasn’t protecting her she would be out by now. She wins HOH and gets blood on her hand then Emmet wins and keeps her off the block. I think Emmet mentioned this to her already. I think if Andrew had the chance to put either one of them up he would have done it by now.


what? the only reason emmett is still in this game is because of jillian! she has won so many HOH’s and has never put him up. he’s only won HOH once for the first time last week, he usually disqualifies himself… how could he have been “saving” her all this time if she’s the one in HOH… if she didn’t win HOH for the past 2 weeks, emmett would have gone up FOR SURE. he’s a huge target. at least he hasn’t thrown her under the bus, but he has told others he won’t bring her to the f2. i don’t see how you think he has saved her…

The Shield

My Prediction for tomorrow’s episode.

Alec Walks in the house with Coup de Tat or veto.
He takes Peter of the block and chooses Emmett to go up.
The other nominee he does not choose to save.
The House votes And Emmett is evicted 2-0

New HOH competition Peter wins it .




I think they are going to let the eviction happen and then the evicted houseguest goes in to a competition with the juror that was brought back in and the winner gets to come back in the game.


Those perdictions would never happen at this point in the game giving the returning player a veto would be a complete cheat of the game and this would be a huge disappointment of bb. There are only five players with one leaving so that brings us down to 4 to have veto just handed to them or the coup d’etat would be extremly unfair when they used this in bbus half the house was still there so if they were going to add this to the mix it would have been done earlier in the game so it would have been interesting. I believe gary will re enter the house which will be bad for andrew and it will cause some drama but i don’t think that anything could save peter at this point. I think it would be truly sad if talla got to the F2 since she has done less then nothing the girl can’t win anything and has no real game play the only reason she is still there is because andrew has dragged her along.


The returning HG will have to have some sort of immunity or protection from being voted out, otherwise they are guaranteed to be sent right back out the door.


Or an HOH comp geared in their favour


I doubt production cares about the game.
They are giving an evicted houseguest automatic final 5.


dude, it’s coup d’etat. look it up, it means like a military coup (silent p), or overthrowing the head of state. it’s french but it’s part of the big brother lingo. i feel as a shield fan (judging from your name), you should know big brother lingo. alec and peter definitely do and they would want their fans to know too.


I don’t care who wins this game as long as Emmett and Jillian should be separated. I want to see Jillian cry … I hate her laughs. She sounds like a transgender – no offense but she is so fake !!! As she said in the episode today on her final 2 deal with Andrew … “I’m lying” …. Oh, I woudn’t want my child to be in her classroom. It would be a training of eternal fakeness and lying.


WTF. Jillian says Peter needs to grow up after he pushed over the puzzle. Says he’s a sore loser..yet not one word is said about her boy toy FREAKING out after being disqualified.
I’m sad Peter is probably gonna go, love that guy! Only hope for him is a reset, and if votes are done, they don’t count and then in comes a “house guest”. I assume it’s going to be Gary. And he’d gladly work with Peter to get Emmett and Jill out of the house! Remember, Gary mentioned he wasn’t impressed with Emmet’s game and he thought Peter would win it all.


Unless peter can convince jillian to keep him he will be gone before the returning hgs re enters the game but before gary was leaving he told topez because he thought he was staying that emmitt and jillian would have his back and he was talking game with emmitt up till he left. I don’t remember him saying he didn’t like emmittts game but also remember everyone else gary teamed up with is gone he only has four choices. Andrew who put him on the block and got him out, talla who he had a fight with before he left and he wasn’t that happy with or jillian and emmitt my guess is if gary comes back he will team up with emmitt


these housegusts are in for a SHOCK when my baybay GaryGlitttah comes back! what i hope happens: Peter is sent to jury, Gary, Talla and Andrew get together, get the milkmance out. Gary, Talla and Andrew F3, and out of any of the three, I am neutral to who wins(:


Are you kidding? Talla who has ridden everyone coat tails does not deserve to be in the final 3 it is really sad she is still them she is the most usless player of all bb. I would perfer gary and emmitt team up they both at least have played the game but i do think gary will target andrew he is after all the reason he is out of the house.


I would love to see your face on shock when Gary doesn’t enter the house