Big Brother Canada Andrew and Jillian tell Talla she is staying!

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)

Big Brother Canada April 18 2013  930am

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Andrew asks Peter if he noticed the luxury item yet. Peter says yes, I think Emmett and I are really going to enjoy this one. Talla comes out morning drunk, morning slop! Jillian and Talla go to the storage room when it opens and Jillian carries out the luxury item for her. She opens it up in the living room. It’s a red dress, shoes, clutch, and earrings. Andrew tells them that he told Peter that he is voting to keep Talla. Talla says awe thank you. Andrew tells Talla to get nice or he will change is vote. Andrew asks Jillian if she is okay. Jillian says yeah, I just have to figure out what to say. Jillian starts talking to Talla about how stressed Emmett is because he thinks 100% they both go to final 3 with Peter. Talla asks if Emmett is going to vote her out today. Jillian tells Talla no, Emmett said he would do whatever I wanted and I want you here. I want to stay strong to our alliance and I want another girl here.

Big Brother Canada April 18 2013  931am
Big Brother Canada April 18 2013  935am

Jillian and Talla head out to the hot tub room. Jillian says that Emmett doesn’t understand. She says that I want to secure my final 3 and I want to go to the final 3 with a girl not two guys. She says that she hopes she doesn’t regret this, like if he doesn’t win the veto and ends up going home. Jillian says that she feels like she is turning her back on him a bit. She says that he understands it and says that its my HOH. Talla says that Emmett could win HOH and veto. Jillian says yeah and then we are screwed! Jillian says that Andrew scares her a bit. Talla says I know that! Jillian says that she told Emmett that Peter was snaky, he lied to me I would rather go with someone who it honest. Jillian says that she is going to tell Peter some time today that he lied to her so that he doesn’t think she blind sided him like everyone else in the jury. Jillian reiterates that this guarantees that you and I go final 3! Jillian laughs and says unless there is a twist and I am left here with two smelly guys. Jillian and Talla head back inside.
Big Brother Canada April 18 2013  945am

10:10am Andrew, Talla and Jillian sit and talk on the kitchen couch. Andrew tells them again what he told Peter this morning about voting him out. Talla says thank you. Jillian says that everyone in the jury hates me.

10:20am Jillian is worried and stressing out because all the blood is on her hands. Andrew tries to calm her down and tells her lets just get through today.

Big Brother Canada April 18 2013  1010am

Big Brother Canada April 18 2013  1011am

10:35am – 10:45am Jillian goes out to the hammock to talk to Emmett. Emmett says that the only way that you me and Talla go to the final three is if Andrew doesn’t win HOH tonight. Jillian says well we just need to make sure that doesn’t happen. Jillian says that she wants to get her first Veto. They talk about how Emmett talked Talla into throwing tonights HOH. Emmett says that he talked her into throwing it last night. Jillian says she but would you rather her win it or Andrew. Emmett says well maybe we need to make sure she doesn’t throw it if Andrew is going to win it. Emmett talks about how he can’t stand these people and can’t wait to get out of this house. I can’t stand loud obnoxious people. Jillian asks so no matter what are we going to go out with no regrets? Emmett says yes. Jillian says we can only blame ourselves for not winning the veto. okay? Emmett says yeah. Jillian heads back inside. Andrew asks if he is alright. Jillian says yes.

10:45am – 11:05am Andrew and Emmett head out to the hot tub room to talk.

11:05am – 11:30am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.. When the feeds come back: Andrew, Emmett and Peter are out in the hot tub room talking. Emmett is talking about farming. Emmett describes how hay is put into the silos. He says that its just hay that’s wet and if you put your hand in it, it’s hot and we probably cut it 6 months ago. Andrew asks did you ever put anything else in it?! Andrew laughs. Emmett says no. The live feeds keep cutting in and out. When they return: Emmett and Peter are alone talking about what day the finale will be on. Peter tells Emmett that if he is up there in the end make sure you explain everything. Week 1 I started to control people to do what I wanted, you didn’t need to win competitions. You only need to win competitions to save yourself. Peter says based on the body language of Jillian, Andrew and Talla it suggests trust is the issue. Jillian will look back on this and be embarrassed when she sees I have been loyal. Peter says that Talla has no clue about this game. Peter says that they have a 66% chance to win the HOH tonight. Emmett tells Peter that he pretty much talked Talla into throwing the HOH. Peter and Emmett talk about being sick of Andrew. Emmett wonders if Talla has been acting and isn’t as dumb as she acts. He says remember how her family said she was so funny. Peter thinks Talla is being herself. They continue to talk and then head inside.

12pm – 12:20pm Andrew is in the shower with his head down. Emmett sneaks up to the shower door and scares him. Andrew laugh. Talla and Peter come into the bathroom. Emmett leaves and Peter follows him. Talla gets mad and asks why Peter is following Emmett around. She keeps talking about how Peter is campaigning when he said he wouldn’t. Andrew tells her numerous times to stop talking about it, be quiet. They head to the bedroom. Emmett tells Andrew and Talla … I have an idea, we put Talla in Peter’s bag and then we get rid of both of them at the same time. Andrew and Talla continue to laugh and joke around. Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.
Big Brother Canada April 18 2013  12pm

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Good job Jill, finally playing your own game. I am actually rooting for her now, she’s the only one who’s made big moves since she’s the only one who can win an HOH


At this point, if Jillian ends up in the final 2, she will not win BBCAN. Doesn’t matter who she is against, the jury will not vote for her.


Um, yes if she is against talla she will win hands down.

Talla hasn’t won anything and has been dragged along to be used as a final 2 auto win. Whoever brings talla to the F2 wins 100%


not so sure about that, id bet that the jury members would be bitter over all of jillians lirs, and give talla the win




I think if Talla is up against Jillian, Talla will win. I say she would have Andrew, AJ, Topaz, and Gary if not more. I think that is the only way Talla wins though, is if she’s up against Jillian.


Jillian: “I am going to tell Peter that he lied”….

OK, Jillian, that will go well….liar.


Lol, my thoughts exactly!




i miss the zing bot 🙁


it is better for emmetts game to vote to keep peter even if he is going….if he doesnt, people will no longer necessarily see him as controlling jillian’s hohs and he might lose a bit of that respect….just depends if he makes F2 and who that is against….who am i kidding glitter gary better get him out before then!!!


Honestly, I haven’t even watched the last few episodes of this season. I check up once in a while on the updates here that keeps me posted enough (Thanks Dawg and Simon) to know that nothing much is going on. I’ve kinda lost interest but not enough to wanna know who wins at the end but it’s kind of unfortunate that it was a somewhat pretty chill season.

They need to cast less Topaz’s, Peter’s, Suzettte’s and cast more Liza’s, Tom’s, even Gary’s (just less over the top).

I hope Andrew or Emmett takes this season home since I find they are the most deserving ones.


Talla is hilarious…just had to say it. That girl makes me laugh so hard. She is a character, and I can see how some people would not like her, but I can’t help but love her. Even her tantrums are hilarious. The dynamic between her and Andrew is golden. I would say that has been the best part of this season IMO.


She’s a barrel of laughs. Wait until she has the chance to backstab Andrew who took her kicking and screaming to F4. She’ll listen to Jillian and screw Andrew over just wait and see. The only consolation is she never wins the grand prize. This floater whose won nothing may finish 2nd which will be a true farce. She reminds me of Shelly without a brain and zero strategy but like Shelly floated and Jumped from HOH to HOH.


Tom was, by far, the best part of this season — even though I could not stand him! Tom will definitely be coming back for all stars (eww)


Why not bro?


I mostly agree with what you said. 🙂 Love Talla/Andrew but I think the the best dynamic was between Andrew and AJ. (The addition of Talla was just the cherry on top…of the slop.) Lol 😉


I am really nervous about how the returning jury member is going to affect Andrew’s game. If it’s anyone but AJ returning, I think A/T/J/E will just unite and vote them out. If it’s AJ, the 3 Stooges may become an official alliance. (What an amazing thought!!!)

The most worrisome part of Andrew’s game right now is his integrity (which is something I actually love about him.) It’s going to take something BIG to make him turn on Jillian. I think he wants part of his F2 speech to include, “And I never turned my back on the only alliances I made.”

I’m also wondering if Canada will continue BBUS’s tradition of a female never winning in F2 if she’s up against a male. (As woman, I hope not. But as an Andrew fan, I hope so.) 😉


I’m nervous to.. I’m going to think whoever comes back will be the target and if they do win HOH they will want to break up Emmett/Jillian


So I figure I’ll take a stab at tonights slice and the Powershift. Not what you think though I’m not making predictions on production bringing an HG back. Just some guesses on comps.
So here is my take on what to watch for this evening on Slice. If we see the eviction ceremony in the 1st 15 minutes or so like a double eviction it should point to the returning HG playing in the game. This is not an absolute mind you but a pretty good key. If on the other hand we see the eviction ceremony around 30 minutes into the hour as is the usual norm then perhaps the returning HG is going to host likely the POV later this week.
I see 2 games that I don’t believe have been played that are staples on BBusa. The 1st is face morph. I think this is a definate possibility for POV in particular. The second is “number guessing”. I have no idea what the comp is actually called but the gist is simple. How many M&M’s in a jar. How many shamrocks on the paper cutout and so on. This I have targeted as the F4 HOH comp. Anything calender based is a problem for the returning HG as they have missed time in the house. Also we have done before and after already and whatever comps are to be done going forward if the HG returns to play then this type of comp is likely not happening. 3 players if the HG doesn’t compete can be a pretty quick HOH.
Lastly what if the HOH is played without the returning guest and at it’s generally regular time. Just because it’s played as usual that does not mean the HG won’t return and play. Production can just further stack the deck by giving them imunity til F3, host POV then return as F4 again after the eviction on April 25th. That has to be a double eviction if the HG returns.
Oh and here’s more bad news the earlier the feeds go to hush today the more likely we will see the HG returning to compete.Hush happened before noon EST if it does not return. That’s 10 hours to kill until the show. There wouldn’t be much to edit based on Jillian saying to Lala shes safe. Production would have to manufacture fireworks IMO. Hope the feeds come back on.


Sorry I forgot to add a possibility if the feeds went down as early as they did today. Several here have suggested the evicted HG plays the Powershift HG for the right to renter and play. It’s a way to throw thier beloved Peter a bone. Just don’t make it a puzzle! 😛 Well if it’s Gary maybe a puzzle is OK. lol The edit room floor will be chalk full of out takes as the F4 HG’s watch Gary versus Peter knowing thier games have been screwed over by production. I can here Andrew at the glass doors now.:) 🙂 It would be great TV for sure.


I rooting for Andrew in final 2. Good luck Jillbot


I am probably going to get 100 thumbs down for this but I don’t care.

Jillian deserves to win this game.

The premise of this game is to make it to the end. There are no rules about how you get there. Lying is something that is frowned upon in the real world but this is NOT the real world. This is a game. A game where you can lie to whoever you want. I am sick of people saying that she doesn’t deserve to win because she is a liar. We know nothing about her in the real world. I will say it again, this is a game.

Every single houseguest in that house has lied to one person or possibly many. So then I guess nobody deserves to win?? I have preferences for who I would like to see win (Andrew is my pick btw) but Jillian is drowning in all the blood she has spilled along the way and if she can still make it to final two?? All the power to ya sister, you deserve it.


Shouldn’t it be the ultimate goal to win, not to just make it to the end? There is a jury. If you piss them all off on your way to the top, you’re not winning – period. You’ve seen it in past US seasons of BB, you’re seen it on Survivor. If you don’t account for a possibly bitter jury, then you’re an idiot.


I see your point, but its a GAME

I’ve seen Jury house members forgive and forget because they respect that it takes guts to get to the end, and that she did have to get blood on her hands. . . .

Dan almost won last season BB when he was the worst, most manipulative liar there was in the game! That’s because jurors say “Hey, you know what, he did what he needed to do . . . .”

You know what I’m saying.

I guess it’s just my personal opinion, but I’d rather vote for someone like Jill than Emmet, even though he was “nicer”, she did more and deserves it more


It takes less intelligence to just bold-faced lie to everyone in order to get to the end. I find it more interesting when people get to the end because of strategy. And for the record, I don’t find lying to be a good strategy. She has won comps, but she has also had a pretty easy ride to where she is. If she weren’t in a showmance, I think she would have been gone earlier. Peter has made mistakes, but he has tried to be strategic. Andrew has played a VERY respectable game, and I think that is the true challenge of BB – to get to the end without burning too many bridges. My memory is that Dan didn’t come all that close to winning. I could be completely wrong, but I didn’t think he had many votes in the end. Just making it to final two doesn’t mean you almost won the game (example would be Talla being in the final two against Andrew).


I completely agree with you ANN

Jillian has been my fave from the start. Yes she can be annoying at times, and a bit self-righteous, but:
1. she has played the game to her full ability
2. she wins competitions
3. she has made good relationships with the right people
4. she’s focused and strong

But the thing is, she probably won’t win. Her only chance of winning is taking Talla for final 2. Up against Emmet or Andrew she will surely loose.

Ultimately it is Andrews game I think. But it’s hard to make predictions when we don’t know who is coming back. I think it will be Gary, and if so, he may align with Emmet and Jill, so the final two could change. This would be good for Jillian, because I think Jury house would have a hard time voting a returning houseguest as a winner! So she does have two options to win. Whereas Andrew will win against anyone. . . .

Really excited to see how this pans out


Thanks Jamie and you are right, everything can change depending on who comes back in to play.


id wager a bet that emmetts ex was right when she said he was heartless….he has no appreciation for himself (and maybe peter????), he doesn’t appreciate what jill has done or what andrew has done. He constantly is saying andrew did nothing, honestly, that kind of person bugs me! Emmett is a good player, andrew and jill are good players. I prefer andrew’s game because i respect it a lot, although it might end up being his downfall, i appreciate he had no other real options for alliance. E, j, p and alec all think they are better than they are. Jillian annoys me, but I respect her more because shes lying left right and centre, but she does have a heart despite being crazy with her tantrums. Emmett, i just have no respect for people who dont respect other players. Look at Dan and Will, they said things here and there, but they never REALLY insulted other people they were just like im a genius, its not their fault. If peter had played a better game, we could say that about him because he is that style of player, he just isn’t good at it. Emmett has been able to manipulate people but I think predominantely because his showmance is such a good competitor. Dan has nothing but praise for britany and has always said she was the only one he couldn’t mist….emmett should have said similar things to that. He couldn’t control Liza, which he knew and said, but he totally insults her on a personal level and even on a game level at times with no respect. Not cool buddy, your true colours are really starting to show and I am glad production showed his blow up. You don’t get DQ’d from 3 comps and it happens to be a coincidence…


I hate creepy Andrew i hope Emmett wins!!


everyone think good thoughts tonight when the HG returns! (aka that whoever it is they go after emmett and jillian!) i am SO worried for andrew this week if he does not win HOH or POV. thank goodness he does well under stress! watching him win that POV comp last night was BOSS.


Not a huge Jillian fan but I’ve got to say this girl has played a stellar game by holding power several times, making fearless moves, lying like crazy to achieve her objectives and using Emmett as a REAL SHIELD instead of Pete’s/Alec’s imaginary one. Nothing says power like real HOH power and real POV power and her having lots of blood on her hands should be a badge of honour and nothing to be ashamed of. Way to go, girl! Pete saying that you can have power without actually holding any power only applies in this game if you are extremely CHARISMATIC or have an irresistibly likeable character as part of your deception, scheming and manipulating – something in which Peter and Alex were grossly deficient. Peter is delusional in believing his ‘mastermind’ skills were central to game-play.
On another note, Emmett’s ability to disqualify himself in every way imaginable is quite entertaining as is his tendency to have a tantrum when caught. It’s like watching milk go sour!