“Paul’s going to beat me the only way I’m going to win this game is if I take a shot at Paul” – Josh

Nominations Results: Kevin and Alex

9:22am Alex hungover
She’s trying to get into the HO but JOsh is sleeping and the doors locked.

11:01am Alex still rough takes a moment with Jason’s hat and bed.. lets out a giant sigh.. (you got played and had a chance for revenge but.. )

1:00pm Josh in the HOH
JOsh – I have to have a conversation with Alex.. and I need to let her know I’m putting her up
J – I need to see where her heads at and what she’s thinking moving forward..
J – I don’t know what happens this week but at least I’m giving her a chance to play for veto (everyone plays Hoss)
J – I would love to get Kevin out this week but I know I can beat Kevin in the end, I know Kevin isn’t going to beat me
J – I’m not only thinking about my game I’m thinking about Xmas and I’m thinking .. if I make a crazy move this week hows it going to make xmas against me, hows is our position going to be moving forward
J – it’s her competing in Final 3 and final 4.. I don’t compete next week
J – We have the veto and we all compete in the veto, I just have to win the veto.. to make sure that…
J – What if I slip up in the end
J – What if I f* up Xmas’ chances .. It’s crazy I’m thinking about what moves I make for my game I’m thinking what moves am I going to make so it protects her and it doesn’t damage her game so she does have a shot
J – I know with Paul we’ll go to the final 3 and then we’ll play it out.. and see what happens But, I don’t know what will happen if it’s me and her against Kevin and Alex..
J – I know Alex would take Kevin out but.. I don’t know if Kevin wins next week he takes Alex out.. them me and Xmas will be votes and have control..
J – I know if I take a wild shot this week Xmas is going to turn on me
J – Guys.. I love Paul , he’s going to be one of my best friends outside of this house him and Xmas both (these must be your first friends)
J – I really do love them but I gotta separate personal and I gotta play the game (finally)
J – Paul has played the best game this season, Paul has played… probably the best game in the past.. 2 seasons, 3 seasons
J – No not three because you had Derrick
J – He’s up there with Derrick and Vanessa, I can’t beat Paul in the end, even him being a vet
J – Everybody is mad at me, Raven hates me, Jason hates me Mark and Elena are going to vote for Paul because they are fans
J – Cody’s going to vote for Paul, Cody hates me
J – Everybody is going to vote for Paul.. Paul’s going to beat me the only way I’m going to win this game is if I take a shot at Paul
J – But I dunno, do I take a shot now or to I wait to top 3 and then take a shot (it’ll be too late hoss)

2:37pm Kevin and Paul
Paul – what’s up Pal.. same sh1t
Kevin asks if the people in the HOH “are talking highly about” him
Paul – Alex is a little bit, they’re not really talking about you
Kevin – what’s going to happen
Paul – he’s putting up Alex
Paul – 100%
Kevin – so we just gotta make sure she doesn’t win the POV..
Kevin – listen the next HOH it’s just going to be me you and Xmas
Paul – which one of us should win it
Kevin – ME it’s my turn.. I’ll put up Josh and Xmas and send home Josh.. It’ll be me you and Xmas final 3
Kevin – it’s my turn to win one.. I want to see my kids, it ain’t no big deal
Kevin – you drank last night.. I can tell by your eye
Kevin wonders why nobody invited him upstairs for a drink
Kevin – I’m joking I don’t give a sh1t
Paul – Alex wasn’t going to give you any beers
Kevin – it’s so mean.. it’s stupid.. it’s a game.. I don’t even care about no beer..
Kevin says Alex is moving all his stuff that is touching Jason’s bed
Kevin – C’mon.. she’s the one that f*ed his game up (friendship)
Paul – yup.. I really liked Jason
Kevin – I did too, I’m going to visit him
Kevin – I’m fine I don’t mind being by myself.
Paul – 12 more days buddy
Paul says Kevin should try and win the POV, “that’s the one that should count”
Paul says the elimination will be Sunday (unconfirmed)
Kevin tells him if they don’t put him up he’s 100% voting out Alex

2:51pm Paul to Camera
Give us a rundown about how he’s fooled Alex throughout the double eviction.
Paul says Alex wanted to put up JOsh and Kevin after she won the HOH (for Jason) but Paul convinced her that Kevin and Raven would be the best option.
Paul – she put up Kevin and Raven and we sent out Raven on a 2 to 1 vote, She thinks that I was the 1 vote which works in my favour (she’s a potatoe)
Paul – I threw the double eviction POV because I didn’t want to make that decision and get blood on my hands
Paul now says he had everyone throw the HOH to JOsh
Paul – at this point I really don’t know what the f* Kevin would do
Paul – Josh is putting up Kevin and Alex, best case scenario Alex leaves this week (friendship)
Paul – worst case, Kevin
Paul says Kevin would probably put up Alex and Josh if Alex won the veto Paul would go up. Kevin would have been the tie breaker.
Paul – f* that..
(yeah Kevin takes you out and wins the game)
Paul – I just gotta beat Kevin next week, But I made it to the end of the game.. I’m in final 4
Paul – Josh is not putting me up or doing anything weird this week
Paul – 86 days and I’m not on the block.. I made it to day 80 without touching the block
Paul is excited because he might be able to cruise through this season without touching the block
Paul – I want that to happen becuase I hope that’s the argument to have me win
Paul – i’m not sure I want to win this veto or not
P – if I win it and don’t pull off Alex i’m kinda f*ed
P – best case is Kevin wins pulls himself off Xmas goes up and Alex gets voted out

4:20pm HOH Paul Xmas and Josh
They talk about how perfect things worked out for them yesterday.
Xmas – if Alex wins Veto we won’t get clipped this week (unfortunately)
X – it means that Alex gets to play next week
X – that means we have a much harder time beating her
J – you guys have to win
P – the pressure.. trust me it’s on me.. I’m like Meditating putting myself in the moment..
They agree Kevin didn’t throw the last HOH he F*ed up then said he threw it
Paul calls Kevin a piece of sh1t for not throwing the HOH (this is BB19 after all)
JOsh says he’s going to be running his mouth on Kevin the whole time to throw him off. JOsh wants to verbally go after Kevin to throw him off the POV.
Paul – no because you’ll throwing me off
JOsh goes on about how they have to win the veto or Alex will be competing in the final 4 HOH.
Josh says he really likes Alex
paul likes her too but reminds Josh that alex is a “cut throat savage”
Xmas about Alex – She even admits that, she said in real life if she doesn’t like somebody she talks sh1t about them and ignores them.. She’s rude as f* (like you were on the feeds?)
JOsh – she said, If I have to turn on Jason I would have.. what the f*
Xmas – she does to Kevin what she does in real life
Josh – I want to talk to kevin

JOsh – we’re 12 days away
Paul – 11 days and a wake up
Josh – 11 days

they Notice that Alex is coming up. Paul starts telling them that Xmas should go up as a pawn “no blood” if Kevin wins the POV. Kevin will vote out Alex, Paul will vote out Alex.

Look at this sweetheart on the feeds..

5:44pm Alex crying…
Alex – I know it’a game dude.. but you’re my friend dude
Josh – I’m you’re friend Alex.. please don’t say that..
Alex – I could have thrown up anyone dude.. you’re the only person I trusted..
Josh – don’t talk game to anyone but me ok…
Josh – you’re my friend that’s never going to change..

And of course now Josh is crying…
Paul is telling Josh that Alex is “duping him”
PAul – you have a s oft heart and people are taking advantage of you
Paul – when people have their backs against the wall they will do and say anything to stay in this game..
Xmas – I love Alex, me and her are bros (die)
Josh says Alex told him she’s lost her and Jason’s vote. he Brings up her telling him that there’s no way he can win it’s not about competition wins it’s about blood on your hands.

Paul says the Jury will break down game play
Josh says he’s hurt Alex and Jason he’s worried about that.

Links to the ranking system

Rank your house guests here

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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I always enjoy the “biased commentary” , good for a giggle


Don’t you already make $90K a summer on this site from all the adversement?!?
Quit being such a greedy fuck.

Paul's Beard.

What are you doing making comments on here? Go away and be jealous somewhere else.


How is it hurting you everybody has a right to earn a living good grief grow up what is he doing wrong by advertising that’s what all websites do you weirdo.. If you don’t like it then leave your rude for no reason


Ooooooo… sounds like Paul screwed you over too? Leave Simon and Dawg the eff alone!


Don’t be an Asshole. You get the benefit of being on this site.


^ WHAT?!?,

We know he didn’t make anything from your ride for free cheap ass. Time for you to grab your crayons, teletubby, tamagotchi and Peppa Pig lunch box and head back home.

Joe Kerr

To the user known as What…

Hey….stfu. YOU came here. YOU read the site. He isn’t forcing money from you. So…stfu.

Go on with the comments.


These guys deserve $990,000 for all the hours they give up with their families, friends, and having to moderate the site here 24/7!!! Come on….they are making minimum wage in the world of celebrity salaries and entertainment money! Thanks to Simon and Dawg for all your excellent work here.,


From Colorado. I bet he wrote that post at 4:20.


Well, if that’s true, they’ve worked their a$$es off on this site and they deserve it! Can you imagine working around the clock (with a family)?! I can’t stand it when people get jealous of people who make money and forget that they work their tails off to get where they are. Go somewhere else “WHAT?!”

Franks Fumes

To say Alex has a potato head is a insult to delicious potatoes everywhere…..potatoes are full of light and fluffy goodness…..on the otherhand Alex head is full of spiders and decomposing sh#t mixed with venom.

Kathie from Canada

Your inner (aka bracketed) commentary totally cracked me up Simon! I laughed myself silly reading it!


we got kraken gift sets in today wish i could send u guys the glasses somehow



I’m not sure which photo is better. The one of Alex crying or the one of her ringing the HOH doorbell and getting dusted.


With this deplorable group, how can you not be biased with your comments.

Botox Pelosi

*****Breaking news from the Jury House*****

Raven has just found a cure for cancer and the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on day one of her Jury house stay.


Josh made a mistake putting Kevin up because if Paul wins he will save Alex meaning Josh will have to get rid of Kevin. He should of put Alex and Paul up that way one of them would of had to go.

I hate that Josh is loyal to Christmas but she is loyal to Paul. I want Josh to win the veto, take Kevin off the block and vote Paul’s ass to the Jury House.


That’s un-Canadian of you. Sad.


Hey guys are you gonna cover BBCeleb Haha.


We’re not sure yet. Right now we’re trying to get through this sh*t show. lol Simon and I will need time to rest and reassess what our plans are.. 🙂


Yes! And I love that you included an adoptable dog!


Great job on those wisecracks! Thank you for the fun here…I get aggravated by the behavior in the house but then you guys call it out and I don’t feel so crazed.

Canada vibes

“Xmas – I love Alex, me and her are bros (die)”
I just LOL’d so hard at that one. Thank you for all of you hilarious biases


Telling someone to “die” is not biased commentary, it’s just sick, and some of us don’t want to read that. What is wrong with you?

Mad Bum 49

I still can’t believe that I’m rooting for crybaby Josh


You Played Yourself


Jason was so mad last night.. I don’t know why he so mad at Alex ..like he’s being full twice by being mad at her ..seriously get your head out of your butt ..so happy Raven is gone . The thing that made me so mad last night on on the show was when they showed Kevin calling Christmas a bitch but they don’t show all the horrible things Christmas has said about Kevin or Alex has said about Kevin or Paul has said about Kevin that really pissed me off ..


Me too, on Raven being gone. I started feeling sorry for Jason, Cody, Elena and Mark having to deal with her in the jury house and then I remembered forgettable Matt being there. He’ll keep her busy and away from the rest of them.

Roll Tide

CBS loves the nasty people Andy, Paul, Christmas and most horrible Frankie Grande. They are not going to give Paul or Christmas a bad edit.
I could toleratePaul last year, but this year he is beyond despicable. The way they are so mean to Kevin is horrible. Paul and Christmas are just mean people. Bullies!
CBS must be so proud to sponsor Bullies.
Kevin for America’s favorite!


in all honesty i dont care for Paul but he is playing a perfect big brother game hasnt been on the block and is returning vet cody was right and they should have got rid of him hasnt won many comps just enough and has run the house decided who should go and has played all sides of the house if he wins i would say hes the best to ever play sad but true


Paul is absolutely gumpy, like 200x more annoying than last yr. However, his friendship strategy is taking him to the finals. His gameplan (not gameplay) is this weird combo of Dr Will puppet mastery + Dan’s Misting + the 6 finger plan… equals Paul’s Friendship. Smh I hate Paul and his knife boxing stories and his condescending megalomaniac persona but outside of that and the controlled chaos he’s orchestrated in that house this season, the guy has played a perfect game


I saw Jessica on YouTube talking about the game again ..what drives me crazy about her is she’s talking about how everybody is not playing their own game they’re all playing Paul’s game well true …and it’s also true that when you had a chance to play your own game you played the house game to you because you thought it would get you farther in the game ..it didn’t work out that way for you but it’s real easy to say how everybody else should be playing their game but you did do the same thing they did ..after you’re out of the house it’s easy to say all that crap ..


When there’s a houseguest that I don’t particularly like, and they’re no longer in the game, I don’t take the time to seek them out on the internet. It serves me no good; all it can possibly do is upset me. Thats why you’ll never find me scrolling GinaMarie’s timeline, or watching Frankie Grande YouTube videos.

If it drives you crazy, just stop looking up Jessica. For your own sake.


So true. This is a game to me, one I love, but when someone is out, they’re out. Jessica is an irrelevant idiot anyway. If I were to seek out an evicted HG from this or any season, Jessica would rank only slightly higher than Christine.


Well keep in mind Jessica is still the most disgusting player to be in the game this season. Nasty, nasty girl. Imagine if she’d stayed s little longer! Nothing she says means anything. She’s still holding the “Hymen Award”after all!

Franks Fumes

Yeah Jessica is a phoney opportunist and a real bitch.


“Alex is a cut throat savage”? Like how she put Kevin and Raven up after she knew Josh and Fukmas voted out. These dumb a$$ people have to wear velcro strap shoes cause there’s. I one ther who could tie a normal pair. That’s their team name The Velcro Bunch


Maybe Frankhole can get them some sandals.


Alex asked Josh right after who he voted out. He told her voted Kevin.Then Alex asked Paul about his vote and he said, ” are you kidding right now.” Then he went on to say Raven has been close to winning.
Alex said, alright.
So Alex knows Paul lied.
Right ? I’m not understanding.

No more tears

Holy! I might have to start giving Josh more than a 1. Come on Josh ,make it happen . Send Paul packing.

Mad Bum 49

I’ve started giving Josh a 2 (same as most of the early evictees, except Jessica)


2 high!

Little sister

Don’t get your hopes up. It’s actually more likely that josh will just Talk about making a move. Then talk some more about it… scream into the DR about it… then talk to people who will inevitably sell him out over it. You know, continue to be endlessly disappointing. That’s our boy Josh.


Puppy Photo, that’s TRUE friendship!

When Alex gets evicted I would not be in the least bit surprised if she convinces Jason that Josh lied in his
farewell message and Paul was NOT responsible for his departure, Josh was.


Whose puppy was that and why was it on the feeds,? He looked like he was in a pretty small area how come? He was awfully cute he should be allowed to tour around the set!


Oh thanks for showing him to us! I am totally in favour of anything that might find homes for the cats and dogs at the pound!! He was pretty adorable hopefully someone picks up the phone and adopts him. I am a long way a way or I would be tempted!!

Border Collies rock

This is the time for Josh to pull in Alex and Kevin, explain to them he and Xmas have been working for Paul. First he needs to put up,the two of them, then get them separately …

he’s HOH, he locks his door, or better yet, asks Paul to give them some time alone, please leave… and when Paul lectures him and Xmas screeches at him he tells them he did it out of respect for each nominee.. god, one wins Veto, pulls down Kevin as he is most trustworthy and put up Paul….. could Josh convince Kevin and Alex to trust him?

On a different note…I am the happy momma of my second Border Collie. These dogs are amazing, some claim they are the most intelligent breed, I tend to agree… my last one understood over 1,000 words and phrases. She knew what I was going to do before I did half the time.

this dog is going crazy in that small space. My puppy son and I get our full 10,000 steps a day easily, many days well over, plus papa plays frisbee and ball with him, and he “helps” around the house and yard. We live a 25 minute walk from a huge offleash park and the ocean. At least once a week we go to the river to get a fresh water bath. I hope the beauty in the cage is adopted soon and gets the best forever home with lots of room to run.


BBsink. I don’t think so. By the time Alex gets to jury she is going to learn from Matt and Raven that they were supposed to target her and Jason in their final 3 with Paul just like she and Jason were supposed to target Matt and Raven in their final 3 with Paul. This while Cody laughs at all 4 of them and Mark says they should have teamed up with him when he asked. She’ll know she was played.


Everyone in jury knows that it’s Paul. That’s why they are all there. Jason knows it’s Paul and everyone else in jury will beat into his head if they have to.


Josh is a loose canon…..too many therapy talks and coddling to him! One minute he seems sane, has a game plan….next minute he’s crying and feeling sorry for himself. I say Xmas and Paul cut him loose!



Sakura Haruno

Which Celebrities do you think will join big brother this winter?

Just Shoot Me!

Paul, Nicole, Frankie, Caleb, and Derrick…


OMG! I seriously LOLed!


their celbs?


It’s called “sarcasm” Sheldon… (or maybe your name is Josh?)
sar·casm: noun
“the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.”


It will be a cast that might resemble the Apprentice though younger. House wives of anywhere….no Carny Wilson dear lord. Basically B Celebs. Or god forbid previous HG’s like Frankie(scream and puke!).
Until they announce the cast I like the idea. Feeds might be worth getting?
Likely early February after the Super Bowl my best guess.


Simon what do you think about American celebrity big brother ..are you going to keep us all updated on it ? that would be awesome if you do . you think they would do the live feeds right or not because they’re celebrities .. I wonder who will be on it I’m sure they’re going to have some strong ladies on there any idea who that might be .. I hope you keep us updated what happens to the house guest after the show will Matt and raven stay together or will Matt run for the hills not the Arkansas hills will Cody and Jessica get married will Paul go on tour with his band and understand that nobody likes him anymore Will Josh run it’s OK to cry seminars Will Jason and Alex still be friends will Jason and Kevin still be friends will Alex learn that she’s a total but hole will Christmas find a man Will Elana become a porn star because that’s what I really think she wants to be will Mark find love With Dom Will Ramsey punch Kevin in the face for always blaming everything on him … These are things I would love to know


Will you stop asking so many f$$king questions


Paul is delusional if he honestly believes he threw either the HOH or POV during the double. He was legitimately scared that he might have been evicted. His face said everything.


There wasn’t any situation in which Paul would have been on the block..he was acting to get Alex to still Trust him..his worse case scenario was Alex winning hoh and he got her to put up Kevin and Raven

Butters Mom

Why does Paul feel the need to lie talking to us through the camera when no one is around. After the double eviction, Alex, Paul and Josh went into the room with the green apples… Alex asked both of them straight up, why did you vote out Raven, and Josh said, I voted for Kevin… and Paul said, are you seriously asking me this right now… I voted for Raven because she’s been coming in 2nd on the comps… she is stronger… and Alex said, ok.. fair enough. or something to that effect. Now Paul is telling us through the camera that Alex thinks he was the vote for Kevin? Why would she think that after this conversation?


I thought Paul was insinuating that he voted out Kevin when he said ‘are you kidding me right now?’ But then he added that Raven was a threat to make it seem like it was the better option, so that Alex would drop it.


Paul lies to us on camera because he knows it will be shown to the tv audience. When he doesn’t want something he’s saying shown on tv, he simply curses up a storm…knowing they won’t show it on tv. It’s his attempt to mist the tv audience they way he’s doing to the housepets. I think this is his way of trying for AFP (yea right) in case something goes wrong & he’s not in F2. He’s the most manipulative person ever!

Hope Kevin wins Veto. I want Alex out, out, out! Sorry, but I don’t buy her crying jag.

Kevin for AFP!


“5:45 PM After Josh leaves Alex alone crying in the APSR, she looks at camera and smiles and mouths that her tears were fake. She fixes her hat and hair in the mirror and then when she is called to the DR, she again smiles, nods, and then winks before putting her sad, crying face back on to walk out to DR”

I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!! Alex has no soul…………….


Did the live feeds show josh reading his letter from home? Maybe his family told him that he needs to put friendship aside and play for himself?




Production told him to put friendship aside and play for himself.

Fans are not happy.

Team Ahole

Wait….Josh can read?

I'm Not Paul's Sheep

Best case scenario Josh or Kevin win POV remove Kevin from the block and put up Paul. Convince Kevin to vote for Paul for removing him from the block. A tie will happen and Josh vote to evict Paul. ( I would love to see Christmas get super pissed and look of defeat when Josh woke up.) Josh also should convinced Alex if she win that next Hoh that it was Christmas hoh that evicted Jason. So Alex will focus on trying to get Christmas out next week. If Christmas win POV then Kevin will be evicted because that how much of a dumbbell she is.


IOW when hell freezes over


After this season is over I hope Paul finds a more positive way to use his leadership skills. There’s no doubt he has the ability to influence people. It’s just a little sad that he encouraged people to be so nasty and they were so willing to obey. Sigh…


He’ll be moving to Spahn Ranch with his followers


Big Brother Network: In a preseason interview you described bringing back Paul as “one returner shouldn’t skew things too much for people that don’t appreciate that.” Now that we’re down to F5 and have seen how much of the season has gone how would you respond to that same topic of a returning player and the impact on this season?

Allison Grodner: I would say that what happened this season is unique. We would never have predicted that one returning player would be able to control almost every one of his housemates and avoid eviction for an entire summer. These people knew who Paul was and that he made it to finals last year yet they still chose to keep him, not put him on the block, and trust him 100%. Every season is different and I highly doubt we will ever see this happen again.

I call BS on AG’s response and add that maybe you shouldn’t have manipulated the game so much in piss-ant pauls favor

Calling Shenanigans

Grodner is perplexed at how the season has turned out with regards to Paul still being in the game at Final 5?! He gave HALF the HGs “Friendship Bracelets” that kept them all safe the 1st night from eviction. He then had the “Pendant of Protection” which kept him safe for the next 3 evictions – so he got a free pass for 4 evictions and she is acting surprised he is Final 5? LOL! Nice try Grodner – Nice try!


THey knew he would last the first 3 weeks, they gave him a UNIQUE 3 weeks protection while the others got a once and done use of theirs.


These next 12 days cant go by fast enough so over this season… Im disgusted with myself for being a paul fan at the beginning. Wtf was I thinking…


Since Josh won’t be HOH next week (not eligible) I hope Paul does not get it. If Josh could win the POV… BINGO!!!! Josh is the ONLY vote OMG and Paul is jury bound.


I hope Paul is not in the house to compete. Bounce his lame ass out of the house Josh.


This season reminds me of One Flew over the cuckoos nest. Paul has little man disease and half his stories are bullshit..Josh has emotional issues…Alex has daddy issues…Raven is just Raven..and Xmas reminds me of nurse Ratchet..

Alex's Camel Toe

I hope Alex was struck by a Unitard punishment, and not that she is just wearing it because she thinks she looks good… Otherwise, bitch should have paid for ass implants too.

Botox Pelosi

Well she thinks those cat ears look good so she may be wearing it to aid her super powers.


Houseguests: whomever gets Paul out wins. That is all.


Hehe. Nurse ratchet.


Josh just told Christmas he’d take her to F2 and she replied, “it would be smartest to take Paul.”

This. Is. Why. I. Don’t. Like. This. Season.

Franks Fumes

Production prods Josh to say something about Pauls game……..thats all it is because Joshs head is filled with silly puddy….hes to big a coward to do anything it might upset Pauls girlfreind Assmas.

Team Ahole

Cody for AFHG and Kevin for the win.

F the rest of these losers.

Rock me like a Hurricane

Wonder if production has told Josh that a Category 5 Hurricane is about to hit his hometown. Real life should take precedence over game. Not to mention if he chose to stay he might make a real move in hopes of winning some money to help rebuild from Irma

September 21st

I despise u Paul
I despise u Xmas
I despise u josh
I kind of despise u Kevin
I totally despise u Alex

That sums up how I feel about these idiots. I can’t wait to wake up in September,21st!!!!!


Jessica won’t marry Cody. A girl like her wants to keep her options open and she’s still young and in her prime. I believe she does care for Cody but Cody isn’t enough for her. She lives in LA and is part of the party scene & “hooking-up crowd”. She needs a sugar daddy (which Cody certainly is not). She’ll be looking for a celebrity dude, Cody can’t compete and he’s way too manic and pussy whipped.


I appreciate how time you guys put in watching the feeds & sparing us the pain. I was looking at some of the past feeds that I haven’t seen and listened to many of the houseguest talk about Jason. They had lots of good things to say about him. They think he’s great to be around & a real stand up guy. I think he is too. I know he told a really bad joke (& rape is nothing to joke about) and he will have to live with that. But seeing how Jason is I don’t think he’ll try to get out of it. He’ll take his punishment cause he’s that type of person. Now the other HG don’t see anything they do so they will never own up. I hate jason left. I really think him & Kevin deserve to be the final 2. I wish he would have trusted his own instincts. Alex let him down by throw a comp at this stage of the game. Now Im stuck hoping Josh grows a set of balls. Crap this suck to have to depend on Josh

Jessica's Birth Control

When is this blubbering man child gonna stop acting like a bitch and start acting like a man. Okay Josh, its final 5 and you finally figured out you will get maybe 1 vote in the jury versus paul!!! WoW! Congrats you retarded meatball! Why the f@ck you did not realize it last nite is beyond any of us. But you know what? You and allison grodner are full of shit. Every move you and the rest of the developmentally challenged cast make are on the script production feeds you each week. This show is not real anymore. Its a sitcom. What happened last nite and the last few weeks sealed it for me. This is a scripted show. Its not real world, its not road rules, and its not xchallenge. Its xmas versus paul and the rest of you are following a script and being paid a very generous bonus for playing along. Ratings are solid so BB has plenty of money to spread around. xmas and a couple more of you may comeback for a sequel next year. Alex, then kevin, then josh are the next 3 evictions.


Kevin classes up that joint in there…for Alex to put her grubby fingerlings on Kevin’s suits and shirts all laid out neatly is disgusting! Kevin was a friend to Jason while Jason showed no loyalty in return, and potatohead needs to take the blame for Jason having no idea about the game! I hope potatohead gets her due, soon!!!


Fingerlings!! Lol I see what you did there!!


Thoughts on Paul. I think Paul is an excellent player and extremely good at playing this game. I have always liked Paul and still do but have been disappointed in his arrogance the last few shows. As a big brother fan who is watched since the first season and my husband and daughter always say they would love to be on the show it makes me angry at CBS for the people who made it on the show to put Paul on knowing as good as he is and has already had a chance and now even more experience I feel it is an unlevel playing field for the people who finally got their chance to be on there and if you were going to put him back putting back on the show of vets. I think I’m more mad at CBS than Paul.


My thoughts on Paul. I think Paul is fantastic at this game, from the first time he played it and now he is even better having been through the experience before. As much as I like Paul I am disappointed in his arrogance of the last few shows. My husband and I have watched Big Brother since the first season and him and my daughter have always said they would like to being on the show so from that perspective it makes me more angry with CBS then with Paul that they put him back on the show because I think it is a disadvantage to all the people who waited their time to finally get on the show and it’s a very uneven playing field. You could have brought Paul back but bring him back on a show of vets. So yeah I think I’m more mad at CBS then at Paul he is just playing the game and very well. Although I still don’t like it.


Side comments are awesome, thanks Simon & Dawg!