HOH Competition Results! “It sickens me that he thinks he is going to go to the final 2!”

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9pm – 10:30pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the HOH competition to happen. When the live feeds return – Josh has the HOH key around his neck. Josh is asking the other house guests what he should ask for in his HOH basket. He says that he will ask for Justin Bieber unless someeone wants something different. He wants ideas for what candy / snacks he they would like because he can’t think of anything.

In the storage room – Kevin tells Paul – I did what you asked. I did what you asked. Paul – you’re here right? Kevin – yeah. Paul – I know what I’m doing. Kevin – tell him to put someone else on the block. Paul – I will.
10:40pm The house guests are sitting around the living room talking about random things. Josh hopes his HOH letter is from his mom again. Christmas – I snapped at her on the live show. I’m not happy about that. I told her I needed a few minutes. She kept saying I got you, I’ve got you. I said get the F**K out of my face! Alex – she did not have your back. Christmas – she was trying to give me a sob story. Kevin comments on how she did a cartwheel when she walked out. Christmas – I just couldn’t take it. Alex – she did not have your back. For a girl that’s had so many surgeries she should have had compassion for what I’ve gone through. Paul – I don’t know why she wants to date 35 year olds. Alex – I think they’re established at that point and don’t want kids. Christmas – she definitely showed Matt that she was capable.

Paul tells Kevin that the POV is what is important this week.

Kevin asks Josh – are you going to put me up? Josh – yes. Kevin – why? Josh –
“tranquilo” (calm) Kevin – what does that mean? Josh – stay calm. Kevin – okay I will. Josh – we can’t talk about sh*t. Kevin – I know. Josh – you know I love you. Kevin – I won’t come up and bother you. Josh – you can. Kevin – man every f**king week. Kevin asks next to who? Josh – you’ll see. Kevin heads to the bathroom and says to himself – man I’m gone next! Motherf**k!

11:35pm Bedroom – Paul – we pulled everything off exactly how it was supposed to be. Josh tells Christmas and Paul that Kevin asked if he was going up and I said yes. He asked next to who and I said you’ll see. Paul – best case scenario, hommie wins the veto because Alex is not going to expect him to use it on her. Christmas – she is going to be good at it. Paul – but so am I and so is he, and so is he, and so are you. Josh – next week you have to win. Paul – I know. Next best case is she (Christmas) wins. Josh – he is going to gun for HOH 4. Paul – and I am not? Josh – thank you for believing in me. Paul – I was about to jump up and start answering. Paul to Josh – You know what you need to do when it comes to final 4 – blow the f**k up on Kevin! Paul – he gets heated. Say – you think your family is going to be proud of you? Josh – no, whoa, whoa, I would never do that. Never. Those words would never come out of my mouth.

How does this motherf**Ker run his yap like a f**king b***h every f**king time. It sickens me that he thinks he is going to go to the final 2 and that he thinks he could win. You haven’t done nothing this whole season besides me screaming at you. He has literally floated himself to final 4. Jason will vote for him.

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12am Bedroom – Kevin says to himself – Now I’m f**ked. Kevin tells Christmas that he’s always had her back. Kevin – I thought the HOH tonight, you were going to win? Christmas – I tried. I f**Ked up. I got two of them wrong. Kevin – oh… he didn’t know about it though? Kevin – if you see me not talking. I’m just being quite. I’ve been sitting here by myself for 9 days. I’ve got your back. Christmas – I know. Kevin – she’s (Alex) so mean to me. So I said I would just sit here by myself. He should be mad at her. Bossed him (Jason) around the entire summer. I used to say Hey Jason, everyone sees that she’s bossed you around all summer. Christmas – I think she (Alex) is getting her HOH basket. I don’t mean to be distant. Kevin – no I know. I understand.

In the other bedroom – Paul and Josh are talking.
Josh – do you know how heated Jessica and Cody are that we made it this far. They’re f**king heated!!! They’re like what the f**k! Paul – they played themselves big time! Josh – what are thinking? Paul – the end. Josh – two more weeks. Josh – I just hope I made my parents proud. Paul – you did homie. I hope I made them proud this time. Kevin joins them. They talk about how Raven walked out and didn’t hug anyone. Josh – we spent 80 something days together. Its brutal. Josh comments on how two weeks isn’t enough time for Jason to get over it. Paul – the second you walk out those doors everything gets tossed behind you, you stop giving a fuck about the game. You don’t care any more, unless you’re f**kgin crazy.

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12:54am Alex gets her HOH basket. Her HOH letter is from her sister.

Alex looks at the photo of her nephew and says it was taken after her moms dag bit him. She says her mom’s dog has PTSD because he’s been attacked by coyotes. She says her nephew was kicking the dog and fell on it and the dog bit his face. She says they didn’t report it because they didn’t want the dog to be taken away.

1:30am Paul is counts the apples in the lounge room.

1:45am Alex, Paul and Christmas talk about how Raven’s stories don’t add up. Paul – she says she has a bachelors degree in dancing. She said she got a bachelor degree and minor in two summers.. that’s not possible. Paul – she said she has a stand up grand piano. He explains how its either one or the other. They talk about how Raven pretended to know what a Brothel was but when they asked her to explain what it was she couldn’t.

2:11am – 2:25am Josh comes out of the diary room. “Who wants to see my HOH room!” They all head up to the HOH room. Josh – Oh my god I hate that picture. All these photos are awful! Alex – you look like Rob Kardasian before he got heavy. Josh reads his HOH letter from his sister. His HOH music is Justin Bieber. Josh – whoever whats this HOH bed can have it after tomorrow. I get lonely so whoever whats it can have it or share it.

Kevin’s personal closet

2:40am – 3:30am Paul gets called to the diary room. Kevin leaves the HOH room. Josh, Alex and Christmas chat. They talk about how if Kevin doesn’t have any beer they will have 3 each. They talk about how Raven didn’t do anything. Christmas – but you know in her mind she thinks she did. Josh – its like Matt and her got VIP passes to watch. They keep asking BB to call Kevin into the diary room next so they can drink the beer without him.

3:35am Paul comes back up to the HOH room from being in the diary room. They each have a beer. Josh and Paul chug theirs. They sit around drinking the other beer and chatting about random things. Christmas heads to bed.

5am Alex and Paul head to bed.
5:50am Josh is up staring at the memory wall. He then heads back to the HOH room and listens to his HOH music.

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Finally an interesting week

C’mon Josh, Don’t f this up!!!!
Paul and Alex or backdoor Paul!

Go home Paul

How awesome would that be. A big boy move! Make mama proud.


Josh could have backdoored Paul with the POV during the double eviction……..now that would have been a BIG move…worthy of winning….


Alex would have had to put Paul up but she is still drinking his koolaid


um no. Had Josh used the pov, Xmas wouldve went up


He was an idiot for not backdooring Paul. He has a chance now; I prey to God he makes a smart move.

Little sister

I’ve learned to temper my enthusiasm regarding josh making any sort of move. Especially one that doesn’t solely benefit Paul.

Go home Paul

Agree….I get my hopes up hearing the sheeple claiming their “big move” in the DR. And then it quickly evaporates to misting by lil gnome. Sad!


I can’t believe Josh was stupid enough to fake that fight with Paul to make Alex think Paul still had her back. What an idiot.


It worked tho, Paul had her ear and Christmas and Josh didn’t go up in the double. That is the exact reason why they did it. Now that he has HOH pretend to go for Alex and take out Paul.


I hope you are right.


Who would vote Paul out even if he was on the block? They all think his poo is perfect

Franks Fumes

Alex is so dense I believe the Queen of stupid believed it……

Mary mc

I thought he would finally call him out!! He just hurt himself!!! Duh!!’ Paul has total control of all ther minds and when he talks so bad to them all it sickens me!!!


I don’t understand why Paul the mastermind with all his money is still living home with Mom and Dad.

Justin Macery

dumbness BB players in history. Why bother staying locked up in the bb house for that long, Just tell Julie to hand over the 500k to Paul. Idiots…


I’ve never seen people follow and believe someone like these people do Paul. This must have been how the people were with David Keresh- not sure of the spelling- but the man that got all those people to drink the poison Kool-aid.


That was Jim Jones. Not David Koresh, he was the idiot at Waco, Tx. It was the gov’t pushing into the compound that caused the fire & the resulting deaths. Same difference though in the end result.


It was production giving Paul the gift of the friendship bracelets. Alex mentioned last week the importance of the bracelets and Raven giving Matt’s to the actor. They were led to believe they meant something. When Jason was evicted lady night he was passed. His level of anger didn’t seem to change much when Josh told him about Paul BUT when Paul lied to him and acted all innocent his anger quickly spiked. He mentioned the friendship bracelet and how it was shit and going in the trash. I’m not sure if he was led to believe it had some significance from Alex, Paul or in the DR but since other houseguests thought they had some significance I would say they were all listed by more than Paul.

They done drank it

Wrong cult leader…you want jim jones for the koolaid…

Justin Macery

dumbness BB players in history. Why bother staying locked up in the bb house for that long, Just tell Julie to hand over the 500k to Paul. Idiots…pauls puppets


He would have the votes to backdoor Paul, too, because all he needs is Kevin. If Alex is on the block next to Paul, even if Christmas refuses to vote him out it will force a tie.


Have you seen the show? Lol Kevin would never give Alex his vote over Paul. He would love to be a vote to send her home.


Maybe not if Josh says vote this way or you will be on the block.


Josh, has a big heart, maybe to big. He should backdoor Paul, but at this point he’s to close to him and I think Paul and him have a finally two deal. I would hate to see Paul, win over Josh.


I hope Josh wins the final HOH because its obvious he would take ‘my girl Christmas’ to final two. I think that is why Paul might be trying to take Kevin to final 3 because Josh could beat him and Christmas and Kevin could not.


Josh wants to appear that he has a big heart. His actions have proved otherwise.
I’d be very surprised if josh could beat Paul in final 2. I think people will hold Josh accountable for his actions and consider him a fool for doing Paul’s bidding. Also, almost all of them were tricked by Paul, so it makes them feel better about being tricked by giving Paul the win. As long as Paul isn’t too cocky with his speech and answers and shows remorse.
Paul is the lesser of 2 evils because even though Paul was directing the bullying, Josh could have been a man and said no.


No he won’t. Kevin is not going to vote out Paul especially with Alex next to him on the block. I don’t see anyway josh can get it to work in his favor to take a shot at Paul this week. Paul has positioned himself to well.

Sick and tired

There is no chance of him going after Paul. These sheep have all been blinded by Paul’s “celebrity” status. They all think America loves him and are afraid to piss America off. Bringing back players sucks but to bring back just one is the most unfair that can happen in this game


There is a chance..he puts up Kevin and Alex and Alex gets POV then he has to put up Paul because he won’t put up Christmas. But Alex is so dumb and throw it to Paul so he is Save and go out the door.


Sure, you think xmas and Alex would vote him out??? Get real.


One of them will not be voting as there needs to be 2 people on the block…Josh would be the tie-breaking vote. Whoever makes a move on Paul wins the game!


Xmas has already volunteered to go up in the case Al wins POV. She said it’s an easy sell to put the one legged girl up.


Christmas already offered to go up if Alex wins veto. She can’t possibly let Paul be in danger and would gladly go up for him. Lol

Kid Rock

Even if JOSH put up Paul/Alex or Paul: Kev or even tried to Back door him it won’t work!!!! Josh doesn’t have a vote and I don’t see Xmas/Alex or Xmas/Kevin voting out Paul…. All he needs is 1 of them to Vote out Paul and then he can be the tie breaker…. Let’s be real which one of them would vote out Paul???? He can’t even have that conversation with Xmas cause she will just tell him to stop it(smh) … Alex is beyond misted with Friendship and Kev just does what he is told like a little puppy dog ( shut up and lay low)….. IM SURE JOSH WILL THROW IT OUT THERE BUT WHO WILL BITE?

Stan7777 & Celebrity BB...... What/who is a celebrity?

Your missing this scenario. Alex and Kevin up. Alex throws POV to Paul. Paul takes down either one and Thanksgiving goes up. Voted out 2 to nothing. I’d laugh my azz off. Reality likely Alex/Kevin up. Paul wins POV and doesn’t use it. Mrs. Potatohead goes to jury. A very good week! 😛
Who Paul is lining up F2 I’m not sure. My gut says Thanksgiving but logically Baby Huey has been a brutal bully. Other than Whistle he likely has no other votes on the jury versus Paul at the moment. I think it’s dangerous to take both F3 as they may take each other if they win part 3 of the finale. Think he’ll move to split Xmas/Huey before F3. Kevin the likely 3rd as he does everything Paul wants. Kevin would likely take him F2.


Turns out Cody was right all along. They should have taken Paul out first. Would have been an entirely different season. Did production really give Paul the friendship bracelets? It’s almost like they are setting him up to win. Well, the totally clueless houseguests! OMG, they all “trust Paul”. Small Paul wins Big Brother.


Paul is winning the game. There’s no contest at this point. None of the remaining houseguests will put him up under any circumstance (and these turds seem to not realize that he’s never been on the block!?!). We literally watched live last night as Josh allowed himself and Christmas to take the fall for Paul’s plan (which I blame on Christmas for refusing to hear Josh all week, but he’s still an idiot for going along with it). Paul has secured himself from every angle, and while I dislike how he played the game and how it feels like the other contestants literally rolled over and handed it to him, I have to admit that he now certainly deserves to win more than anyone left… which is a pity.

Sick and tired

I agree they won’t vote him out but depending on who he is sitting beside he comes in 2nd. Once everyone talks in jury and he has to answer questions the bitterness will come out


I’d love nothing more than to see him come in second place again, but I think at this point he has most jury votes locked regardless of who he’s sitting next to (Matt, Raven, Cody, probably Mark & Elena as well). I could see Alex maybe pulling off a win, but I doubt Josh could get the votes. Christmas is a bit of a wildcard… I’m not sure how jury sees her game, and it would depend on who she’s sitting next to (I imagine she would beat Josh, but not Paul or Alex).


Third place and no cash would be better.


The only thing better than Paul coming in second would be for him to finish third.


Yeah, it’s impossible to know how the jury will feel about the way Paul played the game. They could all be so bitter there’s no way they’d vote for him or they could admire his gameplay, feel that he carried the remaining players on his coattails and vote for him to win.

Paul instigated a lot of the bullying behind the scenes and everyone that participated in it will have created hard feelings with the jury – which is what Paul intended. Can’t wait to see the jury’s discussion and what they’ll base their decision on. I’m just ready for this Kraken season to end!


It really doesn’t matter how the jury feels now. BB will send in the jury ‘coach’ for the discussions and give Paul a push to win. There will be one or two who say no way and will get the bitter shaming from the coach. Happens every year. Wish the jury coach would be Evil Duck this year but it’s obviously going to be Derek.


Are they grooming Paul for a bigger presence in the BB community. Why? He pisses everyone off.


Its easy when everyone is following a script


Seems that way. If he manages to get into the finals with Xmas or Josh he wins. Both of them have been disgusting people this summer who have let Paul manipulate them into being at their worst.

Was a fan until now

What was production calling Paul to diary room for a half hour at 2:30am and why did he look so damn happy when he came out? He keeps talking about comps before they happen and knows what they are!

Do you think if we started every post with SEND PAUL HOME for days on end they might actually clue in and do it?

Julies presence is so minimal this year and barely asks questions when HG come out i think she is as fed up as the rest of us. There has to be a way to get little hitler out there just has to be!

Go home Paul

Send Paul home…yes….please! Sick of his face, sick of his voice. Thinks he’s so cute in his attire. Lord of the Flies is alive and disgusting in bb19 house.

Practical Mike

Would be an amazing move, but In think we all know that’s fan fiction.


yeah, this has flashbacks of bb13. it’s gotten to the point we’re rooting for josh to make a move similar to how we were rooting for porsche. didn’t go so well in bb13, hard to imagine it will go well this season.

Paul's g a$$hole

I miss Victor poking me in the bed. I try to imagine him next to me instead of Christmas.


Miss you!!!!!

Justin Beaver

I really hope O. J. Simpson is on Celebrity. Some one needs to be killed for this.

OJ's Dream Team

Best comment I read tonight

Total Collapse of BB

I can’t wait for this season to be over!!! There is no way it’s not scripted. How can Alex be this stupid? She wins HOH and says it’s for Jason and then puts up Kevin? Kevin was Jason’s friend! It was Christmas and Josh that backstabbed him!! And that was plain to see, right in her face. Then Josh goes along with the “fight” with Paul? What person with a brain would do that?!?! That only benefited Paul, and if Josh was truly onto Paul he wouldn’t have done it. Now he’s insinuating his other nomination is a big move but we all know it’s Alex. But then production’s script said that’s what they had to do….after all they all want to be actors right? Its a BS season and I can’t wait to come to this site and see the aftermath! Thanks Simon and Dawg!!!!!


A big move would be to backdoor Paul. But Josh will just take the easy way out, put up Kevin and Alex – sending Alex home. Paul will most likely talk Alex and Kevin into throwing the Veto to him. I need to do an Alex impression, I got justice for you Jason by putting Kevin and Raven on the block. If Alex wanted justice for Jason, Christmas and Josh would have been on the block, end story.


There is 5 people left, there is no such thing as a backdoor, you are almost as clueless as the houseguests. They say the same thing, put Kevin on the block, then backdoor him… @@


Some of you are confused as to how Josh can “f*** this up”
Josh does not have to over-think or amaze us with great strategic moves or put Paul up.
Josh simply needs to let nature take its course. Let Paul control the game (in other words: more of the same).
Who do you think Paul will take to final 2? A certain escaped mental patient who almost got himself assaulted by four different house guests with his insanely obnoxious antics. Let Paul take you to final 2 Josh. The jury will figure things out or Dr Will (or some moderator) will steer them to the realization that Paul played:
Jason and Alex (his final 3 was not with them and he will not own it). Matt and Raven (his final 3 was not with them and he is not owning it). These are some of the most insanely stupid people you’ll ever meet…but in the end it’s going to click that they were betrayed and they are not going to grin about it and vote Paul. At final 3, I expect Paul to evict Christmas (who may even have feelings for Paul by now). Do you suppose Christmas can hold a grudge? LOL.
I tell you that Josh will beat Paul if he does not play himself or try big moves. But it’s not enough to beat Paul. I want Paul to suffer what he imposed on everybody else. He did not just beat people, he did not just bully them (usually 8 on 1 bullying), he made them think they were crazy. He drove them nuts. so, a fitting jury question for Paul would be: “Paul, will you now admit that you were completely outclassed and outplayed by one of the greatest masterminds to ever play Big Brother..the Great Josh Martinez?”
That question and Cody as America’s favorite player and Paul gets to go insane (he gets to receive what he dished out all season). Production cannot pass up an ending like this. They will make it happen. No way on earth production thinks Paul winning is a great ending. In the end, Production may have a little more sway than Paul.


@GULLIBLE1 You seriously have an unhealthy obsession with Paul and need to enjoy life more. It’s a tv show game. Besides, what is Paul supposed to do? Not try to win the game the Cody and Jessica? Lol… you people..


He’s clearly too dumb. A fool could see Paul picked him over Xmas for this HOH, so he’d have the clearest path to the next HOH, which is safety….another selfish move.

Josh has an irrefutable argument that Paul has to be nominated. It ensures Alex thinks Paul is still with her, just in case she wins veto….and if she does, Kevin goes unanimously. Paul’s only argument not to go up is he doesn’t trust his team, who control the vote, or he wants the resume of never having been nominated…either way, it might break Xmas’ trance and get her back on board with Josh.

And who knows, if Alex does win the veto….you either have Xmas wary of Paul or you get Kevin on board and make the power play and bounce Paul. But if Josh capitulates and dares not even question Paul, he deserves to go next week…and that’s gotta be Paul’s hope: Alex goes, he wins HOH for safety, then perfect world he gets Kevin veto, Josh goes and he’s got a cripple and an old guy to beat to reach final 2. And if Paul does it he 100% deserves to win. He stage-managed an entire season…Thanks production for the solid casting…

sunny dee

he doesn’t have a vote, won’t make a bit of difference who is up or not up, whoever is voting isn’t going to vote out paul. xmas doesn’t even have to choose between him and paul, she just votes out whoever is not paul. only alex and kevin will be sitting next to him. he won’t put up xmas even as a pawn, i hope. and if it is, but next to alex, paul is not voting out xmas over alex.

i hope alex doesn’t buy into throwing veto, because it is literally the only way she stays, i think she doesn’t trust josh enough to think he will put up paul, but i don’t put it past her to throw it to paul on the assumption he will take her off the block, when in fact he doesn’t do that and out she goes on a tie breaking by josh


Josh is a sissy cry baby. No chance of winning


Josh talking to the camera he wants to make Paul the target. Well I will believe it when I see it! All Josh needs to do is to talk to Kevin and explain everything. I know Kevin will be on board. Alex I don’t know she is so clueless. Christmas if she won 50k she is happen and I think that is what she is playing for 50k. Christmas must know she will not beat Paul in F2. This is why Christmas doesn’t want Josh to rock the boat. Whatever Christmas can get she will be find with it… so sad.

Judgmental Judy

Big Brother, you are an A-Hole.


Im watching Jason’s exit interview right now and its great. he said he want to hold Christmas head underwater for 5 min and that hed vote for her to win because it would be the the biggest joke for a 1 legged woman to win the season lol


I have no empathy for Jason because he screwed over the only person who truly cared about his game, Kevin! In words and deeds Jason bad talked and gave no respect to his “friend”…he received his due Karma!

Was a fan until now

To the person who said Jason got karma for screwing over his pal Kevin. You are forgetting that Jason was one of the very few that went against what Paul and xmas wanted and did NOT pull Matt down and put Kevin up one of the very few individual decent moves in the whole season.

Course Kevin did not in turn have Jasons back when he was screamed at for hours afterward for doing it he literally stood there and watched it and then towed little hitlers line after.

So jason did have Kevins back and one of the few that acrually didnt be a zombie sheep!


Josh knows what he need to do,but Josh knows Paul will no doubt win POV to keep himself safe, Josh has to no Alex & Kevin. I hope things get shaken up & Alex stays.


well at least paul is going on the block, but he has a good shot at veto and probably has the votes to stay.


Paul isn’t going on the block. He has already said he’s putting Kevin and Alex up.


Please take Kevin off and backdoor Paul.


yeah, that was posted before it became clear josh is back to mist. i guess this is the best way to protect xmas though. alex and kevin are going to vote for each other anyway, so even if paul used the veto and xmas went up, xmas would still have the votes to stay.


also, just watched tonight’s episode. paul is screwing himself in jury. OWN. YOUR. MOVES. that lie to jason about not knowing what was going on has the potential to flip the jury to anyone but him or, if somehow they buy it, make him out to be a floater (neither of which you want to be to the jury). always thought his jury management was bad, paulie and natalie should have voted for him if he could have just pretended to be a nicer person (shunning paulie and bad mouthing james to nat, cost him both votes), but that took it to a new level. he’s going to have a real hard time earning the votes of jason, matt, raven, and kevin/alex (if both are in jury, he might be guaranteed a loss). i think it’s also hard to bet on cody, mark, and especially elena. paul might have just played himself.

Franks Fumes

I really don’t think Paul is helping his case by encouraging numbskull Josh to terrorize Kevin. Pauls says “Hey Josh you can bring up his family and say do you think they are proud of you now?” To Joshs credit he said no I can’t do that…….I think Paul should win but goddamn it’s hard work to feel that way anymore.


Raven said she’s rooting for Paul thinks he had her back. Cody and Elena told Julie they would vote for Paul. Every one else Matt Mark Jason not sure they may need time to simmer.

I'm Not Paul Sheep

Josh target should be Alex. I bet Kevin and Alex will be on the block. If Alex somehow get herself off then Kevin will go home.

Next week josh just need Paul not to win Hoh and josh also need to win the pov to get rid of Paul himself. Nobody but josh is willing to vote out paul.


Yeah, but does Josh have the “meatballs” to do it?

Cody Is A Robot

F**k Alex!! I loved the sad pouty face last night when Jason was evicted and can’t wait to see that bitch go out herself. I wish someone would rip those cat ears off her head and stomp on them!!


Alex is his (Paul’s) target

Dr seuss

Stop bad mouthing Nicole. She wasn’t an embarrassment to big brother like loser Paul. Pleas josh have the courage to put him and xmas on the block so they can’t vote and send that annoying egotistical jerk home. Next to Frankie the most obnoxious hug ever on BB. Getting rid if Paul before the final 3 would be the highlight of the worst season ever.


Nicole was a joke. Everyone knows the only reason why she won, is because the girls thought it would be great to have another ‘girl’ win.


Get serious. Ratcole is pure trash. Laying in bed all season and making soft porn. She’s a HORRIBLE big brother player. The fact that she won is a total utter joke.

You may not like Paul, but at least he’s played the game since day 1. They shouldn’t play to be liked, they should play to win. If that offends you, then big brother isn’t for you.


It was very telling how Paul was right on Alex’s heals and trying to hug her when she won HOH. It showed his true manipulating colors, too bad no one noticed. Come on Josh grow a pair and get Paul out!


How dense can a person be? Jason still didn’t get it after being evicted and who was behind it? They still trust Paul even when evicted. What a bunch of idiots.
Wonder who BB will enlist, rather then pick common everyday working people who need and will fight for the prize?
So, except for Kevin we have 3 inmates and a caretaker left to cheer for? What a lousy season. Glad I don’t watch this farce and rather read the results here. My only hope left is Kevin wins, and Cody gets AFP so these idiots can be shown what viewers really think of them and CBSs BB season.
I will be adding another donation for this intelligent Forum and its followers to continue.

Franks Fumes

Jasons exit interview was great “I just want to go back in there for 5 minutes Julie” the one on the feeds during the fish was even better……he’s so very pissed at Alex and Paul and said he’s got a beatdown ready for Paul at his home…….. and will even pay for the ticket. (lol)


He shouldn’t have listened to Alex. Plus you make yourself a target when you start winning all the comps in that stage of the game. Honestly not a good time to win.


IF josh takes out paul here. He wins 500k

Franks Fumes

Josh has already used his last two brain cells last week to demystify long enough to figure out that Paul is going to f#ck them in the end……there is no Josh coming to the rescue he’s to far up Pauls ass to see his choo choo is gonna cut him 3 or 4!

Cody Is A Robot

Christmas will keep Josh under control and let Paul skate by, sadly.


The problem with Josh is that he doesn’t have anyone that will support his decision to vote out Paul. Xmas rips him a new a-hole every time he brings up something negative about Paul. He literally, is all alone with no one to talk to. Alex doesn’t trust him, Kevin will tell Paul, and Xmas …well.. you know.

Whistling sissy

Sloshie needs to make a deal with Kevin and win pov. Make Kevin promise to vote out Paul and start the back door proceedings. There was actually a semi-smart tweet last night when sloshie won pov, said to grab Alex and tell her everything. Don’t know if he is smart enough or brave Enough to do it


Josh’s right-or-die is a cripple…..he needs Paul to help win HoH’s and Veto. He’s gambling on the Jury not wanting a Vet to win. Love or hate Paul, he has the best defense case to win. Jury’s tend to forgive and respect how a person gets to the end.


Holy shit Alex is clueless.

Franks Fumes

I think Paul may be really considering Kevin for final two……In his mind the person to take has to have done zero. Josh Xmas or Alex have skins on the walls and can make an argument that they played strong games and Paul knows this. Every time Paul tells Kev to throw a comp thats one Kevin can’t use in his potential final 2 argument. Paul is stupid to take anyone else……and Paul is a lot of things but stupid is not one of them…..and if we’re lucky the Jury vote Kev the win out of spite. (Lol)


If I was a jury member, that would really bother me, that you take someone like Kevin OR Xmas to the finals. I don’t think I would necessarily automatically vote for Paul.


Yes, but you are a sane individual. These houseguests are a bunch of yo-yos.


You would never get to jury, not would most of the mindless
dolts on here. “Group think” meatballs on here just like the people
they accuse of the same. It’s quite amusing.

Jur0r #5

If i was in jury, with my personality, I would never vote for Paul . It doesn’t matter who sits next to him . It’s not who did the most that wins the game, it’s an all around vote which includes his own personal traits . It might be part of the game , but previous winners never stooped so low and came out with heads held high . Something he can’t say.

Ravens semen storage device

Kevin gets treated like s#it everyday by these assclowns for no apparent reason. Because they are such creeps I hope everyone votes Kevin for AFP…..If Kev is final 2 vote Jason! Thumbs up if you agree thanks.


I’d rather vote Cody because he was THE ONLY idiot in the house that saw through Paul’s BS. it would be awesome to see all of their smug little faces when they called Cody’s name.


So did Mark.


Kevin sniffs Paul’s a$$ just like the rest of them.

He’s won nothing, made zero attempts to do anything.

Cody for AFB. The only person to make any moves.


Thumbs up, if Julie should have shouted to Josh Hit The Button. Thumbs down if she should have let the game play out.


Did it matter? Josh or Alex they were both following Pauls direction. Do any of the comps matter this season?


No the last few comps have been meaningless because the nitwits followed Paul’s demands to throw them.


I’ve seen her do that several times throughout several different seasons.. not just with Josh


I’ve seen her do that several times throughout several different seasons.. not just with Josh


This is THE worst group of people EVER to play BB! Paul is the biggest Dbag and they just follow him around and do whatever he tells them. I don’t think they have one good brain cell among them. I wish I could watch them when they all go home and watch their season. Dumb asses. I can’t stand the moral lacking Paul but he makes a great Pied Piper.

Sad, Very Sad

We no longer encourage or teach critical thinking. Look around, it’s a BIG no no. So unless BB starts putting older people perhaps with some life experience under their belt, just gonna be the same ole thing. The hate and pure-d meanness just hurts my heart. Not sure I can take it.


Why did BB give this assclown a second chance to win $500k. Is he that popular among viewers. Plus he has the oddest looking body.


I live in North Florida which is consumed with Hurricane frenzy. South Florida is really
going to get hit hard with this bad hurricane. I’m not a Josh fan at all, but doesn’t his family live in Miami? I really hope they are safe and it is sad that he probably isn’t aware of what’s going on. His family may need this money after this hurricane, now I’m hoping He gets to final two and hope the jury sees Paul is the snake that he is and votes out of bitterness.


Josh’s family asked that he not be told about the hurricane. They are afraid it will destroy his game so close to the end.

Yellow Dog

Except CBS won’t let Jason win AFP since that story hit TMZ. If Jason’s comment hadn’t made national coverage and was just known in the live feed community they could let it slide. And planning on drinking all the beer when Kevin is in the diary room is very $hitty. I really hope they all face massive public scorn for a long time and shouts on the street from strangers for their behavior. Sadly Josh is the only one that will feel bad about it though.


“Josh – do you know how heated Jessica and Cody are that we made it this far. They’re f**king heated!!!”


Cody and Jessica are the only two to come out of this disaster with their integrity intact. They’ll be laughing hysterically when these moronic scumbags find out what everyone thinks of them.

Wait and see how “heated” the Cuban stooge will be when Cody wins AFP.


Using the word integrity and Cody in the same sentence is hilarious! He’s got a very serious social disorder. He’s got no friends, and he’s estranged from his family because he went to Ferguson to be part of the exciting violence of the riots. He only wanted Paul out because he hated him last year. And he had zero social game!

Franks Fumes

Careful about the Cody slander they don’t like that on this site.




Jessica – narcissist? egomaniac? condescending? pseudo-intellect? petty? biatch? stank-ho? YES! these are just some of the words that fit in perfectly with that dingbat

‘integrity’? are you FKM?!?! the only one who should think she has integrity is kim jung un

Was a fan until now

To whoever said Jason doesnt stand a chance for AFH because TMZ got ahold of his comment in the house and talked about it.. there isnt alot of faith placed in TMZ and the type of coverage they provide..i think people IF they watch something as scummy as TMZ realize things are edited and snippets are provided purposely to make people look bad.

Speaking of which had CBS had the decency to edit or clear things up so people knew the whole statement and that he did not mean it literally and said I was just teyin to think of the worst thing anyone coild say it could have been avoided. BBAD is usually edited thats why it loops around sometimes so it is possible.

I still say if you take little Hitlers dialogue and all his inciting bullying and mob mentality AND Alex and Xmas cutting everyone down over and over it is much much worse . At least Jason made it clear he didnt mean what he said and TMZ should air that OR CBS could defend a houseguest that never joined in on the bullying and hated it.

Franks Fumes

After everything that transpired last night…..Alex’s ride or die Jason sent home behind her back , and shes still clueless about Paul. Next she wins HOH and the genius sends home Raven instead of putting up Xmas agsinst Josh. There should be a new award this year the (ADP) Americas Dumbest Player…..unbelievable.


AFP wins 25k and ADP loses stipend!

are you kidding?

Alex just clarified that she and her family are terrible people. Who lets their dog bite their grandchild/nephew/son and not report it because they are worried about the dog. She really doesn’t think


If the kid was “kicking” the dog, he should have expected to be bit. What else would you expect a “Dawg” to do?? 😉

Izabella De La Cruz

Yes. it’s not the dogs fault.

Poor Puppy

Report it to whom? It’s not a wild, rabid unknown dog. Children need to be taught how to handle pets as well as other living things. As a child I was bitten by a neighbors dog. All us kids just got too excited and crazed, in the frenzy, the dog bit me. No one fell apart, was not a stray or unknown animal. Cleaned wound, band aid and we were all back playing. Puleez!!! I agree Alex is a most terrible person but not because of the dog. She would be the rabid one. Where can we report her???


Christmas Abbott’s typical day with Paul:

Paul – Fu*k everybody!!!!
Christmas – he he he ha ha ha
Paul – I know everyone and everybody on the outside
Christmas – he he he ha ha ha
Paul – I’m going to wear suspenders and my duck
Christmas – you look good in suspenders he he ha ha
Paul – all you have to do fool is trust me
Christmas – you’re right, he he he ha ha ha
Paul – I’m going to talk about absolutely nothing just to hear my voice
Christmas – everything you say is interesting he he ha ha
Paul – everyone is dumb except me
Christmas – you’re right! he he ha ha
Paul – I just told a 30min story that made no sense
Christmas – it was interesting to me, he he ha ha

Paul leaves the room
Christmas gets anxiety and follows Paul
Another girl starts talking with Paul
Christmas goes from 0 to nuclear
Paul shows her attention
Christmas calms down…smiles sweet at Paul…all is good

Paul leaves
Start the process over again


I think Alex is going down as the worst player in BBUS history! Dumb move on her HOH, leave all the strong ones off the block and put up the 2 that haven’t won shit all frikkn season. Such a smart move Alex *smh. Can’t staaaaand these people!!! Though, if I gotta root for someone, its gotta be Josh lolol. At least he’s catching on to Paul’s game. As for Xmas, oh lord help her brain.


Josh may be catching onto Paul’s plan BUT I don’t think he will do anything about it…… he will do whatever Christmas and Paul tell him to do and then cry about it when he is alone. I can’t believe he agreed to the “fight” with Paul…..He totally took all the blame while Christmas, the HOH, who broke the tie to send Jason home, just watched……

Puta ( b!tch) navidad ( Christmas)

Because her pu$$y is hot for ugly a$$ Paul!

Was a fan until now

Whoever made the post that starts with Puta needs to get moderated out please Simon and Dawg we dont come here for that kind of talk please shamefull!!!


Nobody is interested in your interjecting your
morality on here. Get lost !!

Was a fan until now

For anonymous and navidad who seem to be unclear why I asked for moderation on that post….it was the rest of the post that was offensive and quite frankly had nothing do with the game. If you needed to say something so vulgar you could have found a better way to put it that wasnt offensive to all the women on this board. Keep it classy and stick to the game is all I was asking for on behalf of others who are here to talk about the game. Nothin wrong with that.

You don't speak for ALL women

Offensive to ALL the women? I’m a woman and don’t remember electing you our spokeswoman. You speak for yourself, not me, and not ALL women. Not sure why you are so fragile, but don’t project your insecurity onto all of us. Thank you.

Puta Navidad

Why? You must be a Christmas fan. I don’t understand why you would even defend her when she calls everyone names also.


I have seen Xmas called a bitch in numerous comments. Why does the Spanish translation upset you? This is not a commentary on you, I am really interested.


True that! Xmas is hanging with Paul so people won’t realize he is gay. Too many homophobes on this site. She knows his mother. I’m guessing she is trying to protect him & make him look more likable. (not possible)

Mean Girl Alex

Alex is so vile. Her hatred for Kevin is despicable. The way they alienate him and speak to him is cruel. She has no moral compass what so ever. Kevin is my pick for AFP.


Plane banner, wall talkers, message in letter from home or production drawing Josh a GD picture…someone has to get in that meatballs head! Nominate Paul & Xmas or Paul & Alex damnit you big dummy!

If Paul is on the block...

Sad no pitch will make anyone vote out Paul this week. He will probably win the next two hohs.

That's now how BB works

He can’t win two HOH’s in a row. Outgoing HOH doesn’t get to play.

If Paul is on the block...

You can to win final 4 and final 3 hoh back to back it is the only exception.


Paul’s fake fights and pretending he’s oblivious is obvious!

He’s covered every base. Despite the terrible season he has manhandled
Everyone in this game. It just so happens that they’re so misted they wouldn’t
Believe otherwise. He wins against everyone left. Unless, someone with
Big boy/girl pants takes the shot and can get everyone on board.

The End Is Near

The only idiot in the house that figured Paul’s game out is blowing, yet another HOH, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE HAS! I can’t stand this season, feeling like I lost brain cells watching this sh!t! It’s almost like Josh has Alzheimer’s once he get’s any kind of power… The right thing to do would to be, put up Alex and Paul, but he will see that move hours after it’s over!

Was a fan until now

He isnt even going to use hus HOH room hr has offerred it up to everyone else because he gets ” lonely ” that is the sear of power where people come and talk to you one on one listen to your music eat your treats this is where you persuade and plan and he is walking a way from it?

Didnt there use to be a rule that if you were HOH yoi had to sleep in there? Can there be i mean come on its better then watchin them lie in their filthy bedrooms!!!

Ravens semen storage device

Alex and Assmas in the HOH conniving to have 3 beers each if they can cheat Kevin out of his share……….those two are the gift that keeps on giving !


When Kevin tries to speak, he gets dismissed so fast and whatever he says, the person goes running to the others to tell them what he said and that Kevin’s such a snake, etc. The misfits became bullies.
After Kevin said that Raven did a cartwheel on her way out (she absolutely did), Alex spoke over him so nasty and insisted she only put her arms in the air. Alex wouldn’t let Kevin speak.
When people have power, they turn incredibly mean/nasty/rude to others that they perceive as beneath them?!?


The true measure of a man is what he does with power. – Plato


Alex is not clueless! She knows if Jason goes out, she’s the next target, hence her praying throughout and winning hoh. Now she knows she has no one so best to be straight with her she asked. That’s all the game left.


If she knows she’s the next target why didn’t she put up the people targeting her?


All of them were/are targeting her!

Alex is awful

So she decided to put up the two weakest players? Yeah, good move.

The End is Near

OH PLEASE!!! Praying? With the Rosary? Really? She is nothing more than a HYPOCRITE! Her game play is as tired as her cheap ass ears that she is wearing in the picture above.

The Lord God Almighty

Alex shut up already with the praying and the genuflecting and the beads. I am more concerned with Florida right now. And take the stupid cat ears off. You look like that harlot from Nickelodeon.

Recovering BB Addict.

If you watch that vid of Xmas professing her love of Paul, it is clear that if Paul doesn’t also profess love for her after show is done she will pull a Jodi Arias on him. I want a restraining order on her and I don’t even know her.

Andy Cohen is going to be on Celeb Big Brother. Token gay. This news alone should be your red flag to get out now before it’s too late! We made a huge mistake not getting out on this season before it started. I for one will not make that mistake again on Celeb BB.

Julie and producers in a interview didn’t rule out a past houseguest being one of the “celebs” in the house.

I’m out!

Please just get to the 20th and end this all for me. What a nightmare. My summer has been wonderful minus this crap.

Same Ol' Same Ol'

I…just…can’t. NO WAY I am not watching celebrity BB. And, in whose universe are past houseguests celebrities? If they do include any of them it’s just saying that even D list celebrities have some self respect.

Min O'Pause

So……can we hope Keith Richards signs on?


If it is Frankie, I am done…

Wish I Could Give More Thumbs Up

I can’t agree with you more. He is such a tool.


Does production tell Josh about Hurricane Irma? I hope his fam is safe.

Bolt Uprite.

I’m all for it if it makes him worry himself to death.

Bolt Uprite.

Well, what do you dopes that insist BB tell him think would happen????? Don’t be stupid.


Last night;s episode was one of the better ones in awhile. Jason’s face when he realized something was up with the votes, his exit (Cody minus the table), Paul’s face when he realized it was a double eviction…..

I was excited to see Josh win VETO but quickly realized it was a hollow victory; Alex would never have tossed Paul on the block. I do like that Josh dropped a huge jury bomb in his goodbye message to Jason. He needs to have a one on one talk with Kevin….they need to compare notes and stories. If Kevin is smart, he will keep his mouth shut and he and Josh work like hell for VETO. Josh needs to throw Alex and Paul on the block….even if Paul/Alex/Christmas wins VETO, the line has been drawn between Josh and Paul. If Josh or Kevin wins, Paul goes home.

I believe Josh’s tears last night were genuine; he sees what is happening (and what Cody, Jess, and Dom told the house what was happening), but at this point he is all alone with the game. He voted to evict any houseguest who would be willing to take the shot with him.

And even though I am not #TeamKevin, I have to tip my hat to him….his eviction speech last night was the classiest I have ever heard. He was prepared to leave with grace, class, and genuine well wishes for those remaining.


Is Alex blaming Kevin yet? …. For Jason getting evicted?… She is so stupid… I would not be surprised if she is running around blaming Kevin…


Cody for AFP! Only one to stand up to Paul!


Another day, another week, another month of Paul’s lies, manipulations. He could teach Satan how to do it.


Someone pay a plane to fly over the home with that message- GET PAUL OUT!


We can arm chair quarterback all we want and hope that Josh goes out for Paul, but we all know what is going to happen. He puts up Kevin and Alex, if Alex wins POV Kevin goes home, if not Alex goes home. If Alex stays and wins HOH next week she will protect Paul. If Josh, Xmas, and Paul are in final 3, Paul will win and take Josh because all season he had Josh fight with everyone and piss them off. Even towards the end he wants him to fight with kevin now. Hopefully when Jason gets into the jury house he tries to convince everyone what Paul has been doing, but even then the idiots will probably give Paul the $$$ saying he played the best game.
No need to watch the next 2 weeks. Just read this awesome blog by Simon and Dawg

Can't stand Paul

The best thing about that scenario would be the look on Christmas’s face when Paul picks Josh for final 2.

Anonymous 2

Paul will not win this game. If he is in the final 2, he will take 2nd. The jury will not vote for Paul and I believe that he is everyone’s first choice to take to final 2. I am hoping for Josh to win. If I were in the game, I would take Paul too and come up with a good argument to the jury against Paul. He is the only player left you have almost a guaranteed win against, but you really have to come up with a great speech to the jury. On a side note I feel bad for Josh not knowing what his family is going through with this hurricane, as he is from Miami. I hope they all remain safe.


I read that Josh’s family has evacuated and do not want Josh told because he’d worry too much cause they are all safe.

jessica's birth control

The game is rigged and the HGs are following a script. Production pulls them in the diary and they get their marching orders for the week. And as for jury-ITS RIGGED TOO!!!!
I could see a bitter jury deciding to throw out logic and vote for anyone but paul. So paul could have some serious problems and get 2nd place again. But that would only occur if BB was real. It is not real. It is scripted and
pre-determined show. Allison Grodner is working on a paul v xmas final two. that is the script that the writing team produced. Actor/star Paul will be rewarded 500k for producing solid ratings the last 2 season. SG is not going to let a “jury” f&ck that up. She will payoff the other actors/house guests to secure their votes and cooperation to ensure pauls victory. She is already writing BB20 which will feature returning HG and 2nd place finisher xmas abbott. She is BB’s version of Ronda Rousey. Xmas is there to prove non-whores can win big brother without sleeping around the whole season. The show wants to get away from sluts sleeping their way to the top. Xmas will be positioned as the strong, independent, woman who can go toe to toe with any man, without having to blow him to win.


You guys who think Josh is gonna put up Paul … are playing yourselves!!!


Dear God Give Josh a dream to axe Paul from the game this week.


I don’t watch the live feeds, so she may have mentioned it, but it’s painfully obvious that Christmas has a crush on Paul. She’s not going to vote him out and it makes sense now why she shuts Josh down whenever he tries to bring up that Paul is fucking them over. I can’t wait until she gets out and realizes Paul doesn’t like her.


Paul made fun of Raven being older than Matt.
Isn’t Christmas older than Paul?
How can Christmas lay in bed with him for hours, playing with his hair and others not think of them as a ” voting couple”?
Josh who is going to take you? Christmas believes and stated no one likes Paul because he is from last season and they don’t want him to win.
Who says? ! That is whacked reasoning.



Did anyone else see a pic of Christmas and her ex (?) fiancé? He looks just like Paul!


OMG he does ! It also said she was getting married on Sept 3!

Anonymous Jr

PLEASE someone pop that floatie around Pauls waist! that was a thing last year, it does nothing but look stupid this year.


Paul thinks he’s creating memes that will take off on the internet. He’s the most narcissistic of all the narcissists on the show. I could only tolerate Jason, Kevin and eventually Josh, believe it or not, this season. I think my least favorite was Raven with her inane comments, different accents and pathological lies she told all summer.

Anonymous Jr

Please pop that floatie thing Pauls wearing! It was okay last year, but this year it’s just stupid!


It seems like Paul is playing for Paul to win and Christmas is playing for Paul to win…..

Anonymous Jr

PLEASE, someone pop that floating thing Pauls wearing! It was so last year, this year it’s just stupid!


I don’t get why he feels the need to wear it…..To me it was stupid last year and it’s still stupid this year.

Bolt Uprite.

So the casual fans will think he’s a kookie fun loving madcap bringing laughter and mirth to the house.


he has not brought laughter in this house

Bolt Uprite.

It hasn’t been funny, but Paul and his minions have been doing a lot of laughing this season, at other’s expense, so you are wrong about that..


Come on Josh time to make a big boy move and get Paul out! The time is to put him on the block with Alex! If he doesn’t win veto then start campaigning against him because these house guests need a reality check!


TOO LITTLE TOO LATE. He can put him up all he wants BUT who is going to vote him out? I can not stand ANY of the players left. Crap, that was my feeling over a month ago.
Loved Jason but his filthy comments ended all that. Kevin is ok but seriously I have done more to deserve winning this year. Alex is a miserable bully so forget her. Xmas wants Her lover Paul to win….. So be it. Josh Has mental and emotional issues and needs more help than 500,000 can buy. Raven should have walked in the front door and straight out the back. I feel bad for how they allowed her to make a fool of herself. Thanks to BB she will be in counseling till death. That leaves PAUL. I, like the majority of viewers, would just as soon punch him in the face HOWEVER sorry…… So so sorry but he seems to be the only one that understands and can play this game. If not Paul, then who? Yes, he is a mean bully but pretty much everyone in this house has dished it out. No winners here just a bunch of losers from one end of the spectrum to the next.

Dr. J

In a way I hope Josh gets to jury and informs everyone how Paul screwed over each one of them and how he covered it up to make himself look good to them. If he could only convince them and Paul doesn’t win the big prize it would tickle me. I don’t think he can be that persuasive or that the misting they all got will allow them to believe him. Just a wishful thought is all. Or better yet backdoor Paul and announce to the remaining hg’s how Paul is playing all of them so vote him out. A stab in the dark but hey someone has to step up. I know, I know it won’t happen but here’s hoping.


It seems to me, Paul’s true calling is in Politics. Master of manipulation in unscrupulous ways.


Just to add to the already OVERLOADED KRAKEN season. Victor and Nicole are now together in a post BB showmance.

We’ve entered the most bizarre Big Brother year.. May the great kings of Kraken be merciful.

Same Ol' Same Ol'

This seems like a desperate attempt for attention. Maybe to get back on the show in some way?


Well Victor did have a crush on her during the season and, to be fair, it makes more sense than the last 2 houseguests Nicole dated. Did you see James’s Comic Alter ego? His face looks more animal than human, almost like a hedgehog

Bolt Uprite.

No need to enter the BB house again when you can just enter the winner.

Jessica's Birth Control

Will nicole be having live public sex with victor on her social media sites like she does on BB with her other “boyfriends”????


LOL.. I’m so disappointed in Victor.. I even built a giant kraken shrine for him last season.

I got a serious questions for the guys… If you were Victor would you go for a girl like Nicole?


If josh were smart he would put up alex and Kevin with alex winning pov to take herself off or even Josh winning to take off Kevin AFTER josh tells Alex that Paul is the one who was responsible for Jason’s blindside and they backdoor Paul’s ass! It’s now or never. Doubt that wil happen though these people are obliviously moronic this year which is the only reason Paul the second place vet has managed to remain i. the house

Dr. J

Has no one noticed that Paul told Xmas and Josh that he doesn’t see how Raven could fall in love with a man as old as Matt. Xmas didn’t you understand that Paul will NOT fall for you because he doesn’t like the age difference. Also Paul has been talking on the feeds about his awesome girlfriend. She’s probably into the drug scene too or he wouldn’t date her. I’m hoping there are some narcs who target Paul for offering to ship drugs out of CA to wherever they live. I can’t stand the moron. Swapping his nasty moldy cup for a clean one by using fingernail polish remover and then repainting his name on the clean one. Then he mentions he will “steal” Kevin’s float toy but Kevin offered it to him to replace his punctured one. Paul is like that on the outside too. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots and neither did Paul… I’d put money that he’s a crook on the outside too.

Dr. J

I do pray that BB informs Josh of the hurricane and tells him his folks are okay. I think it is wrong to hold something of that magnitude from him. Better yet I hope they bought airline tickets for his family to fly them to safety. I know that didn’t happen but do hope BB is in constant touch with his family so they know they are safe. Just hopeless hoping… Sigh!


Possibly BB asked little Joshie’s mummy and daddy if they wanted him informed of the hurricane. Mummy and Daddy would not want him to leave his playpen and if they told him, he would be a babbling, bawling idiot until finale night.