Paul “The way she just talked to me in there, I was like you’re a f**king b***h!”

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6pm Lounge room – Alex and Paul.
Alex – he wants to talk to me but I think he wants to win the veto and pull me off but then I’m worried about you. So if its BB comics, we’re f**ked. Paul – worst case scenario is its you and I on the block. Alex – he says Kevin is is his target but I don’t believe him. I think if he pulls me off, he will backdoor you. He says he wants to talk to me about the veto. We should both be practicing dates because it might be this next Thursday. Alex – I’m going to create some distance between me and Josh. We need to somehow convince him that he needs us for top three.. both of us. Paul – I don’t think he is ever going to ever put up Christmas. Alex – no. And do you know what, now that she is here.. I think we really f**ked up. I think she is trying to win now .. and she might. Out of those three people that are left one of them is going to win if we don’t do something. If you don’t win that veto tomorrow, one of them is going to win. If its a split vote he might send me home. He might send Kevin out but he isn’t thinking the way he used to. He is thinking game. He’s learned how to focus. We’re in very grave danger right now. Paul – alright. Alex – I don’t think we can even phase him at this point. The last ditch effort is we make him feel bad.. and I don’t even think that will work. Paul – does Kevin know the dates? Alex – I don’t know. Paul leaves to start making dinner.

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6pm Kitchen. Christmas and Josh.
Christmas – are you okay? She slaps his arm and says I know you’re okay. Its hard, its not easy. Josh – I just feel evil. Christmas – you’ve seen Big Brother before. You know how this game is played. Would you rather walk out of here and have gained friends.. knowing you played the best that you can or had nothing but enemies and played the best that you can. Which would you rather. Josh – friends. Christmas – I believe afterwards she will be fine but she is playing psychological warfare for Jason for gods sake. Didn’t Jason tell you that. That she is playing psychological warfare. She is playing a different game. Jason was straight forward, he didn’t know how to filter himself, that’s why he needed her. And she never said she had your back until she was on the block. You made it to final 4. Josh asks Christmas if will promise final two. Christmas – I will be honest, I have not made that decision. That could backfire me right now. I’ve been thinking about it and tormenting myself about it. You have a very special place in my heart. You have been and amazing game player, you’ve grown and I love you so much. I truthfully, don’t want that decision. I’m not going to throw it but I don’t want that decision. I think it would be smartest to take Paul. Josh – no. Christmas – yes, I do. Josh – I am taking you. I would rather lose to you. I know that I would lose but I would rather looe to you. Christmas – I think you would be better to take Paul (Who says that?! Don’t take me?! WTF?!) I will tell you why.. 1. I can only compete in half the stuff. It would be like a f**king joke. If I can’t do that competitions, then what the f**k!? 2. I am probably in okay standing with most of the jury right now. Josh – I don’t care. Christmas – at least with Paul you would have a good fighting chance. Josh – if it comes down to me, I am taking you. Christmas – its not smart for your game though. Josh – I don’t care. Don’t say that. Christmas – vault. I can’t lie to you I don’t know what my decision would be. Josh – I know that I am going to lose but I don’t want to lose to him. Christmas – you’ve done amazing. Josh – thank you. Josh starts crying.

Paul comes out of the lounge room from talking to Alex and slaps Josh in the face.

Paul – do you know what she just said to me? Josh – what? Paul – did I ever tell you that I can cry on demand. You f**king idiot. Paul – Verbatim quote. Lets say you’re me and I’m Alex. “You and I are f**ked. One of those two are going to win this game. My last ditch effort is to cry and make Josh feel bad.” I swear on everything that I stand by my life. I swear on all my bets. On my entire existence of my life. That is the conversation I just had. Paul – she said that its not even Josh anymore, he’s starting to focus so my last ditch effort is to cry and make him feel bad. Josh wipes the tears from his eyes. Josh goes to the bathroom. Christmas – he’s fine. He gets upset whenever he gets a family letter. Paul – and she (Alex) also doesn’t like you (Christmas). She said we f**ked up by letting Christmas win that one because now you’re actually trying to win the game. She was joking .. oh keep me I just want to be a shield. The way she just talked to me in there, I was like you’re a f**king b***h! Like I am shocked.

6:15pm – 6:45pm Josh, Paul, Christmas and Kevin make dinner together.

6:50pm Lounge room. Josh joins Alex.
Josh – are you okay? Alex – yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking. Josh – do you hate me? Alex – do I hate you? No. I’m just sad. Josh – I’m going to go up. You should come up. Alex – okay. Josh leaves. Christmas joins Alex. Christmas – hows it going? Alex – the game is good its just on a personal level Josh is sad. I’ve protected him a lot in this game. Like yesterday I had the opportunity to put him up and I didn’t. And sending home Jason, that really hurt. Game I understand it but personal-wise its just too much. Everything that I’ve won, I’ve done it on my own. Being put up next to Kevin who has done nothing sucks. Christmas – but he’s not going to be good in the veto. Alex – but then you or Paul would be put up and that sucks. Hopefully one of you guys win it and keep noms the same and send Kevin home. I’ve tried to play a fair game. Alex talks about why she doesn’t like Kevin. He’s mean. He makes fun of me, Josh and Paul. He got that 25K and said that he would make around 40K with the stipend. He said that if I made it to the final 2 he would make sure the jury didn’t vote for me and post show he said he would rub it in my face that he made more than I did.

7pm HOH room. Paul and Josh.

Paul – you just can’t f**king crack on me fool. You have to keep your head on straight so we can get there. Because that’s what’s dope.. I’m looking for that clip of the hand shake and then the end. Josh – I don’t know if the caught that. Paul – fool, they catch everything. I know they caught it. Josh – you think so? Paul – I know they caught it. I know they caught it. Its important to me for that to come full circle. That’s friendship. I don’t think Christmas would be upset in that scenario. Josh – I don’t think she would care. Paul – I really don’t think she would care, she would hug both of us and say good luck.

Paul – we’ve got to win this veto and send Alex out. If Christmas Joy is really okay with going on the block… I’m fine but I would rather not because at this point its scary. Even though it is the same scenario back and forth it just sets up differently for how the votes will lie. If Christmas is up there and Kevin is out.. Christmas doesn’t vote for Alex. She doesn’t have to get that blood on her hands. Kevin is not going to vote against Christmas. Alex just said down there that she thinks Christmas and Kevin have something going on. She said Josh has gone rogue. That means you’ve gone nuts. If you or me don’t win .. the gimpy girl, Josh or Kevin. She is a f**king savage dog. She doesn’t give a f**k. Paul goes through scenarios of what happens if so and so wins veto. Josh – I Kevin wins next week, I am f**Ked. Paul – it doesn’t matter, there’s still the veto. One person votes next week. If I win HOH and he (Kevin) wins veto .. one of us is going home. We’re f**ked. Josh – come veto I am going to go HAM! And I’m going to throw him off too. Paul – for the HOH you need to throw him the f**k off. When he is agitated he is not good under pressure. Josh – I think he just sucks. Paul – She (Alex) is trying to make you feel bad. She is playing a game and you’re playing with your heart. You’re either going to be 50K richer or 500K richer .. unless we f**k up.

8pm – 8:30pm Dinner time. Paul – I’m bored, can POP send us a giant d!ldo?

9pm Lounge room. Kevin is talking to the cameras about being on the block and about life and other random things.

9:05pm HOH room. Alex – I have nobody in this game. Josh – I have no one in this game. Josh – we have a veto tomorrow. Focus! There is a lot that I want to tell you. But we have a veto tomorrow.. and then from the veto we’ll go. We’ll move forward. Alex – at this point, it just sucks. With Jason being gone, I thought it would be me, you and Paul.

9:25pm HOH room. Christmas, Josh and Paul.
Paul and Christmas try to talk Josh out of his funk. Paul – we’re not upset, we’re concerned. We’re kicking it in the best position of the house. Josh says that he is good and will be ready for the veto tomorrow. They hang out and chat about random things.

10:15pm – 11pm Alex is in the lounge room by herself in silence.

11:35pm Christmas talks to Alex about being in Iraq.

11:45pm – 12am HOH room. Josh and Paul talk about how they have 11 days and a wake up till the finale. Josh asks Paul about how the final comps work. Christmas joins them again. Paul leaves. Christmas says she just wants to make sure he (Josh) is okay. Christmas and Josh start studying the days / events of the season.

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Jimmy 64

My views on Josh will change if he takes out Paul.


He’s not going to.

He just said on live feeds he’ll go final 3 with him.

Frank's Fumes

The only way Paul will lose is if Kevin strings enough of those “Freindship Braclets” together to strangle Paul with. (lol)

Paul's gay asshole

I just shit out Corey’s condom from last year. It was way up in there.

The POP TV Dildo

Uh that was Victor’s.

So over this season

Well the beardef dwarf did say he wants a dildo.

Franks Fumes

It’s funny watching Paul mentally checking out when Assmas starts her “life coach” shit on Josh……After Dark should employ a real time thought bubble above Paul’s head when she starts her verbal diarrhea…… that might make it more bearable to watch.(lol)


I’m watching after dark right now. Fucking hell I can’t stand listening to Paul talk. Hes such a cocky little asshole. All he does is talk himself up like he’s the best thing since sliced bread and Christmas sits there giggling and going along with him. Simon and Dawg I don’t know how you do this for hours every day, you guys really are troopers. I had to turn it off after 10 minutes.


Kraken and/or Pain pills help.. or so I’ve heard from a friend. 😉


Can you really slap someone across the face in Big Brother house? New low of violence!

social experiment

I do not think Josh knows what he will do. It might all depend on whether Alex wins Veto and who if anyone will vote Paul out. I think he should tell Paul everyone needs to be OTB at least once so here is your turn and we know you are safe so no problem. And then see if It goes to a tie, if it does, bye bye Paul, if not all as Josh promised.
Hard to tell if they even realize Paul has never been OTB. Time for a reminder from Production. Alex & Josh could be an intetesting F2 given how much they are both disliked by different people. Fascinating on many levels especially Paul getting ‘clipped’ one of his favorite words..LOL


These comment sections amaze me.

One week it’s “Josh is a bully. He’s such an awful person. He’s mean to people and then when they stand up to him he goes and cries.”

The next week “If Josh gets out Paul, he’s great!”

Like… huh?

I didn’t like Josh before. I still won’t like Josh if he gets out Paul. Ugh.

Pauls Gallery of Ghouls

Xmas is Squeaky Fromme to Paul’s Charlie Manson…..she would do anything for Charlie….I mean Paul.


I mostly don’t like Josh and can’t stand the way he’s behaved. However he has shown that in his own dysfunctional way that he is capable of empathy, moreso than Paul/Xmas/Alex at least. Game-wise he has a better hold on what Paul is doing than Alex or Xmas. If he takes a shot at Paul, in my book that would take Josh a long way towards redemption from his pots and pans days. If any of them manages to take out Paul I would root for them to win the whole thing just based on that, but mostly I’d like to see Kevin beat Josh in f2 simply because Kevin is the most decent of all of them and even though Kevin hasn’t done much, as a fan I don’t want to see this season’s shitty style of gameplay by the others rewarded in the end.

Ravens semen storage device

Xmas just suggested to Josh to attack Kev with the info that Kev said (he wondered if Xmas would f#ck him in jury. They literally have no ammo left to use on poor ol Kev……keep it classy girl…..maybe he got that idea because you hunched his leg for a month or two….before Paul’s leg looked better.


a ho is a ho and the answer is assmas that broad has no class lets see bitch slut whore that is why ho ho ho ho is Christmas

Franks Fumes

Xmas ‘s face is eerily reminiscent of a drag queen……I think it’s Lady Divine from the John Waters movies. Lol


My view on Josh will not change. Josh was involved in too much negative drama that he created with Paul. But if Josh take out Paul good for Josh. I can’t say more too painful.


Not happening. He had to put it out there for Paul to go up as a pawn with Alex…it made all the sense in the world and Paul arguing against it might have broken the Stockholm Syndrome he’s put on Xmas. Without exposing that Xmas will adamantly refuse to go against him, Alex will never go against him, and Kevin ain’t winning the veto.

Somebody who cries and is just on here to make friends and be on TV is not flipping the house

Franks Fumes

Paul’s mom is some sort of entertainment lawyer for a company that has links to the production team of BB for CBS…..this is why Xmas knows Pauls mom ( FISH )……and Paul gets fast tracked to try again for the 500k (FISH )………and why nobody is allowed to say what they think on the show (FISH )……..and if you challenge the people in the DR you (FISH )…..


Wow, I knew BB was invested in Paul somehow. Things this season just didn’t add up with him in the mix.


wow . so sad that Josh and Christmas have not figured out that paul is hoping to be final two with Kevin .. dang people WAKE UP .. geeesh lol


My views of him have already changed based solely on how Paul & Christmas treat him. I’m just grasping for someone to root for at this point.


Speechless…….for real…no words!


Mel b is fine , I don’t give a f@ck…..that body is off the chain!


Omg Xmas seriously is telling get Josh that they both should take Paul. Take one for the team Josh Paul deserves this more than you or I…. Alex and Xmas just the worst!




Ill say it again Alex is the most clueless bb player of all time. The fact that she still trusts paul is comical. Then she wins an important hoh and nominates raven and kevin lol How about you nominate josh and christmas. The girl that just single handily evicted your ride or die 10 minutes earlier. #Clueless


Clueless. The ears Alex is wearing on her head should read CLUELESS.


shes not playing emotional dude, shes a gamer shes playing strategic

Franks Fumes

If playing strategic is needlessly tormenting a old man who has done jacksh#t to you …..then yes she’s very strategic.


Alex is both moron and wicked. She’s a person you better have to stay away from.


Love this post….. I still believe its trickery going on by BB. I just can’t believe that 85-90% of the cast members are this dumb….impossible!!! Never in BB history that I recall out of the 19 seasons have they been this delusional ,, clueless and flat out dumb. Its gotten to the point where I just watch Thursday night eviction.


People who say they are no longer watching the show but follow this blog and post comments are more invested in the game than those just watching the show. So stop whining.

Ted Marie

I can’t stop whining!! My “inverted spine” hurts too much!!!!


Where the hell is Kevin.

does he matter?



Your mother.


Paul put him in a timeout.


Who the fuck cares where he is?

Congrats Paul.

There is nothing more obvious than realizing there are nothing but idiots in that house.


Watching last night was like watching a Greek tragedy on TV …I couldn’t take my eyes away. hearing Christmas you have to begin to ask yourself is this real life can this really be happening can these people be that dumb ..

Pauls Gallery of Ghouls

The answer is yes yes and yes.

John W

Paul is in it to win. That’s clear. Everything he says is calculated to elicit a certain reaction from each person.

However, where things get odd for me is when everyone else claims not only that they CAN’T possibly beat each other at the end, but that they don’t even want to try. 11 other people got knocked out, you only need to beat 4 more, and you think you have no chance? Are they all trying to fool each other, or do they actually have that little confidence in themselves?

This is the most bizarre group of individuals put together at one time I’ve ever seen. I don’t like Paul’s tactics, or his complete lack of empathy, or his snakelike lies…but at least the guy wants the prize he’s playing for. Yeesh.

does Kevin matter?

Who cares?


That’s where I’m at. Who cares? They all are the scum on the bottom of your shoes. Pick each other off , it doesn’t matter anymore. Paul ran the entire show. So let him win and maybe we will never see him again. Hallelujah!


Paul, stop talking to the camera! Don’t try to justify your evil actions to us. If you can’t sleep at night, and you’re having terrors/anxiety, that’s your own fault.
And josh, don’t give us that horse shit, we know you’re not going to do shit. Why even entertain the idea when you know inside that what you’re doing is wrong. Don’t justify your actions by making us feel sorry for you. What’s wrong is wrong. Period! Save the drama for your mama!


I will be voting for Kevin for America’s favorite player but I don’t believe he deserves to win the game if you really look at his game play besides being well liked I don’t believe he really has done anything in the game that’s all that great ..and he does seem to feel somehow like he should win the money without doing anything to get it ..I just don’t think so ..if I had to pick someone to win the money I think I would go with Josh for at least knowing that Paul is playing to win were none of the other houseguests he even seem to have that comprehension ..


I would like for people to vote for Cody, for the only reason he was th ONLY one that tried to take him out. Most of the houseguest still bash him, saying he’s the worst. Just the look on their faces would be priceless. So they know, no he wasn’t the worst, you all were. Bunch of idiots

Oh Come On

Other people have been wise to what Paul’s doing as well but they just had enough sense to know the votes weren’t there to even attempt it. So the plan is to reward the one person that was too dumb to realize how votes and numbers work? I don’t think so. The look on their faces would not be that priceless…they will assume he got a bunch of votes because he’s a military vet. It would make total sense to them that people would overlook bad game play and bad personality to make themselves feel like good patriotic citizens. Whatever shock and awe you think you’d achieve will be absent.


the problem is… there was enough….. TWICE…..

first time….
put up Paul next to Josh (Jesicas HOH)
Ramses, Elana, Mark, Cody, Christmas, Kevin vote Paul Out.. hes gone

this time…. Alex is so retarded she still declared war on Kevin so she put up Raven who she thought would be easier for Kevin to go home…. when her dumb ass should have put up Christmas and Josh…. Josh would have gotten himself off…. bye bye Paul….. Kevin votes Paul out….. Josh votes Paul Out…

this house is purposely bein retarded


That’s not true. Mark was going against him too. So that invalidates your point. You need to find a new argument if you want people to vote for Cody.


Kevin did nothing and won nothing he did do alot of trash talking with Jason but to give Kevin AFP I don’t think so. I am not voting for any of them my best clueless HG win AFP.

First post of the season

James in his first season didn’t do a hell of a lot either but he was likable; same goes with Kevin. Favorite Player doesn’t have to mean BEST player, but the one America liked the most. With this entirely deplorable cast at least Kevin gave us some good one liners – Cody never did, Jess never did so they won’t get my vote.

And while I’m here… Xmas just essentially told Josh she’s not taking him to final two. First off, how dumb is she (as if we needed another reminder)? But, that aside, Josh should no longer have any loyalty to her or to Paul. I so, so dislike Josh but if he can realize it’s best for him to take out Paul and/or Xmas AND get Kevin and Potato Head to realize they’re on the outside then I will give him, begrudgingly, props.

Mark was a piss-poor player but he was at least likeable. Since his eviction there’s not been a single person worth rooting for. Horrible, horrible cast this year. Yes, I’m reading the updates and posts on this site but I hate myself for doing so.


Oh that’s right Kevin won 25k and I am not sure if he won 5k too but that’s it. Kevin AFP….NO! I do feel Kevin is a good guy but AFP is a big deal and Kevin did very little if any.


He’s still in there! He knows what he’s doing. He can’t win comps but he knows what’s up.


He knows what he’s doing ?! More like Paul has allowed him to stay. I mean really what season are you watching ?

The Noob Sauce

He knows what he’s doing ?! Are we watching the same season ? He is only still in the house because Paul allows it.


I cant say this enough: alex, You are by far the worst nd most stupid person at this game . Except now you have someone beside you cause xmas is so fken stupid also. Dumb dumb dumb . Maybe next time we get people that actually want to win.


Dumb Dumb and Dumber.


Christmas knows she can’t win going against Paul F2. What mine game is she playing on Josh and for what. I am so sick and tired of Christmas. Christmas just wants anything at this point. I would never be willing to take the 50k when 500k is on the table. Why is Christmas telling Josh all this dumb stuff. Alex is beyond clueless. Paul start spending your paper it’s yours. The HG played a poor game clueless. I hate to say this but I wish Cody could come back and take the win. Paul face would be priceless. Cody stood his ground with Paul. You couldn’t push Cody around. Give Cody AFP I guess. No favorite HG the last couple years so sad. I really don’t know any HG that is worthy of AFP. Wow so sad.


Maybe Christmas is hoping to win Paul. EEEWWW!!!

Pauls Gallery of Ghouls

Yes their stunning children would rule the world……what with Pauls amazing MMA fighting skills and Xmas’s grasp on improving the real inner you. We can only dream !

Same Ol' Same Ol'



I think maybe Xmas is playing for 2nd place to Paul, fully expecting she can return next season as the ‘new Paul,’ aka the lone vet with special advantages who artlessly bullies/bulldozes their way to the win. Ugh!!! MAKE IT STOP…

Frank's Fumes

Yeah Paul she is a bitch……are you just now noticing? Just ask Kev……..Kev are you there?….I think he just self evicted.


Kevin is somewhere thinking about the behind whipping he is going to get when he gets home.

Frank's Fumes

Another level of Alex cluelessness (is that even a word?) is that she thinks she is Josh’s protector in this game…….not only is she needlessly cruel but mildly retarded to boot!


Kevin is somewhere thinking about all the comps he throw and all the things he did for Paul to further Paul game and now he gets nothing but a trip to the jury house. Very Deep Think About!


I can’t believe how Paul and xmas are ganging up on Josh right now. XMas giving him a motivational talk” Vision yourself winning” wow, earth shattering, she must have taken a Tony Robbins course. Now telling Josh he has to blow up Kevin before the comps and the moron will probably do it for them.

Franks Fumes

That’s what they do best is practice Assholism 101…… Paul will teach the course at Pepperdine next fall…… Assmas will be on Country Music Television as the “Redneck Oprah”…….personally I can’t wait !


Josh, my man.
Decisions. Decisions.
Hope for his sake everything is alright at home.


Paul- I’m bored, can POP send us a giant dildo?

You’ve fucked everyone in the game in one way or another.


These people will not live down their horrible words,deeds, and behavior towards Kevin…I hope they get every bad thing coming to them.
Kevin deserves credit for maintaining some composure while being so disrespected. I hope he haunts Alex’s dreams, forever!

Franks Fumes

Kevin is way to smart to enter Alex’s head…….there’s spiders decomposed sh#t and bats in there….


Anyone know what they’re going to show on Sunday?

I’m assuming the HOH comp that Josh wins & nominations. But will they have the veto comp? Or will they save that for Wednesday? But there is an eviction on Wednesday, right?


Does anybody else think that after seeing Josh cry so much his dad wanted to punch his mom in the face


Believe me…………I cannot stand Alex, I do think she is a b1tch……….but Paul what does that make you??
I have no respect for Paul, he has played a cowardly game.


Wow, Paul just left the cat out of the bag on bb after dark. Said he was on orange crush and how cool CBS is as he has done a lot of things with them. The only thing almost as irritating as this db are the constant my pillow commercials.


What is orange crush?


Ha, that’s a soda meant candy crush.


Too bad Josh can’t tell those two A-holes to
F’ off.


These people have to realize that non of them are going to win against Paul, this is how stupid they are. So the best thing is get him out and they should have done it last night and Kevin should be in one of those seats at the end because anybody would win against him, he has done nothing in this game nothing half the time they had to explain everything to him. But everyone wants to take Paul how stupid are they? I really didn’t like this season with the returning player and hope they don’t do it again. Josh and Kevin to the end. I would really like to see these 2 girls on the block beside each other the look on their faces would be priceless! And even better if Paul put them there!

IRMA Hater

Waiting on IRMA watching Big Brother After Dark…just can’t do it anymore…who am I kidding I’ll do it but Paul literally makes my blood pressure go up…no really…I may need professional help before this is over! Got me doing some deep thinking about why Paul acts the way he does so googled symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder –
*Feeling of uniqueness and superiority
*Extremely high sense of self-importance and a desire for high status
*Preoccupation with beauty, power, or success (that damn gnome beard)
*Requiring extreme admiration and envy (man does he ever resemble this one)
*Sense of entitlement
*Lack of caring for others
* Arrogance or egotistical behavior
I’d say someone is the textbook version of NPD!
Irma scheduled to hit my area Sunday so may not get to see BB on TV so counting on you Simon and Dawg to keep me updated!!!

Queen of England

Spongebob and patrick would have picked up on Paul’s bull along time ago. I mean these group of nimrods cannot possibly be this stupid. How have they navigated life this far? When they find out they have lost their jobs for the vile shit they pulled, I think they will wish they had not handed the money to Paul. “Oh Paul is going to drink poison and die” the village fools “let me drink it instead, I’d rather be dead over him”.

Brain transplants available yet? They need that and personality ones as well. Lawwwd these people should not procreate and spread their low self esteem. It’s contagious with them.

Quarantine the idiocracy! Don’t let it spread


Does anyone know what this revengers thing is? Are they punishing these dumb hg’s by using past hg comics instead of making new ones for this season? I think they were looking forward to seeing the comics of themselves, so I’d be ok with them not being able to.


I just don’t get it. I’ve said before that I think this season its US that’s getting played.I still believe that Paul knows more than a few of these people in his personal life but I am wondering if ALL these people are paid actors. More than a few have mentioned acting before. Josh said he told them in the DR if he was to play Paul’s game then PAY him what he is worth. They may have thrown I’m a few players (Cody, Jason) But the majority are playing for Paul to win. Christmas telling Josh that he has to take Paul to final 2 if he wins HOH and not her just clinched that theory. ???? WTF.


Watching POP right now, Christmas has some hungry eyes.


Bbad is so boring Never thought I would say this but I kinda of miss that nasty gypsy telling her ridiculous stories..


Lol… you know you need to stop it now. Lets leave Raven where she is in the jury house.


Was flipping channels and they were playing Clueless with Alicia silverstone.
There was a clip where one of them was wearing the same cat ears as Alex !!!


That would be the 1st time and the last time if Paul slapped me


shouldn’t little hitler be evicted for slapping josh in the face?

Go home Paul

That would be beyond great. Please….yes!


Christmas has been talking very confidently for quite a while that she expects to be brought back next summer. So, with that, she would rather get second or third as to not ruin that “chance”. I think I speak for many here when I say to the almighty lords of Kraken, “NO more holidays in the BB House, ever!


Paul is telling josh that he’s worried about Alex taking advantage of him? What a joke !

Josh looks like Prometheus from the horror movie

Alex’s tears are made of sulfuric acid…..she’s currently telling Josh how she can’t keep on forgiving him…..WTF?


Does anybody know why Xmas doesn’t like Kevin anymore?

The POP TV Dildo

I think it’s for no real reason she is just a nasty person. I think her real character has come out.


Because Jason told Christmas what Kevin said talking which one would bang her in jury house. Kevin was thinking more or less about banging her in jury house. This married man with a wife and seven kids. What a pervert. Jason told him Kevin he was a happily married man he wouldn’t do that.

Advil bottle

My head honestly hurts. Is there any glimmer of hope with Josh? When my husband notices I have quit talking big brother you know it’s at the point hockey is on my mind Go Canuckleheads!

Team FU

Josh is the biggest pussy in BB history. I’ve never seen a person (man or women) cry as much as him. Hope Alex stays, if not its not going to be much of a final!


If I’m not mistaken wasn’t it Christmas that was telling somebody else that she thought that Jason was attracted to her and that that was why he was avoiding her?


Started watching on BB12. These are my top 3 worst HG’s.
1. Vanessa. Mean, Arrogant, Delusional and believed her own bullshit.
2. Frankie. Absolutely disgusting Fame-whore.
3. Paul has now moved into 3rd. By the end of the season he may beat Frankie, but never Vanessa, She’s the worst ever.
Who’s your top (bottom) 3?


Wowwwww Christmas is soooo obsessed and falling for Paul that she’s treating josh like a peice of shit!!! You hear the way she’s talking to him?? And how do any of these fools not notice pauls shadyness? Really…. Taking a dump when josh and alex are talking and grabbing the headphones to say “dont wanna disturb your guys convo” lmfaooooooo if i was josh i woulda told her lets talk downstairs. And allowing paul to act all shocked about jason??? Christmas your the stupidest bitch on big brother!! And its sad but lets be real.. If josh put up paul chances are he would have the votes because these ppl are PATHETIC! go josh & kev!! Honestly i cant stand alex but they have zero shot unless they team up with her ( but alex is also another stupid so stuck up pauls ass) so sadly i think its gonna go kevin then josh asap 🙁

Flip the script already!!!

I feel like im watching the movie ground hogs day with paul’s played out game play! Same crap different day… Plz can anyone wake up already n get paul out!!! Xmas constantly saying alex is mean n nasty, u might wanna look in the mirror xmas, paul n josh cuz thats ur entire game play is talking sh*t abt every1 all day, everyday… One can only hope one of these fools flips the script n goes rogue asap!!!

Go home Paul

Waiting to expect the unexpected. Really?

BB Fan in VA

Why? Why? WHY!!! Josh, why are you staying loyal to Christmas when she basically said she would take Paul to final two over you? She’s pushed back at you anytime you raise concerns about strategy. I get that most HGs develop some kind of friendship after being stuck together all summer, but REALLY????? Game-wise, that is so sad.

Bobby D

Lets see:
Alex wins Veto
Josh puts up Paul
Josh tells Alex all about Paul
Alex votes Paul out
Xmas votes Kevin out
Josh sends Paul out on tie breaker

Alex wins veto
Josh put Paul up
but does not talk to Alex
Kevin goes home
Alex wins HOH
puts up Josh and Xmas
Josh wins veto – Alex puts up Paul
Josh evicts Paul

only hope FOR SEASON


I know it’s been said over and over, but this is seriously the worst season of BB. How are the ratings even satisfactory?? I’m not going to personally bash these folks as they are constantly doing, but there is not one person left to root for. Even Kevin, who seems like a favorite to a lot of posters on here…is ridiculous. He bows down to Paul and throws comps, stays quiet, and in his bed, as Paul orders him to. I can’t vote for him, even though I feel so bad for him, the way he is treated by Alex, Paul, and Christmas. Cody gets my vote. He was the only one who tried to get Paul out, he had to nominate a third of the house, thus creating enemies, and he only stood up for himself and Jessica when he was attacked. He knew the game Paul was playing and reacted as such. Mark is likeable, but was a terrible player. As much as I can’t stand Paul and hate to reward him for bullying and preying on people’s worst instincts, he’s the only one left who has played the game and was virtually unchallenged as he single handedly, directly or indirectly, evicted anyone he felt like at that moment, week after week. Seems like all the remaining houseguests have come to this conclusion and don’t even care to win. Ridiculous! I really hope after he wins, we don’t ever have to see him on tv again and I realllllyyy hope Christmas is not brought back again. God help us if we ever have to see any of these terrible people on tv again. Thanks Simon and Dawg for keeping us updated throughout the season…yall are the best!

BB Miller

Couldn’t agree more. These tools have turned this into a house of bullies. These peeps r outta their mind. Anyone but Raven, Matt, and the remaining contestants for AFP.


Jase you took the words right out of my mouth!


Simon and everyone in America…it’s “LOSE” not “LOOSE”….you LOSE the game and a child has a LOOSE tooth

Paul's Dingleberry

Thanks Looser


So much for teamwork, Xmas. You know you can’t beat Paul but you will take him to the end because you have the hots for him. This pretty much hoses your other teammate. You wouldn’t even let Josh utter one word that went against “the team.” Selfish and hypocritical.
Seems like inorder to pick a favorite this year, we need to decide who we can’t stand the least.