Paulie tells Tiffany “If you’re up there next to Paul.. Paul’s going to go home.”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: ?
Original Nominations: ?, ?, ?
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 21-36-40-335

9:30pm Living room -Paul asks are they pissed about that? Frank says I’m sure they are.. its almost like a slap in the face. I don’t think they would but .. they could be like alright you’re not going to finale. Paul says if you’re already leaving you might as well be as good as possible. They might like toss you a bone or something. Frank says let me plug my own instagram and then drop the F-Bomb on my way out the door.. you know! Let me .. ya’ll gave us 3 rules and I’m going to disrespect two of them. Paul asks what was the third rule? Franks says No swearing, no shoutouts, no singing.

In the bathroom – Paulie says if you don’t think that Frank would let her not put up Tiffany.. you’re crazy. He’s already prep’d her and he will again tomorrow. Paulie says I’m also going to tell Frank to always be around Bridgette until nominations just to make sure Tiffany doesn’t get to her. I’ll talk girl talk until 4 in the morning if I have to. I just want to win the roadkill to have someone else up there. This was the only competition that those girls could have won .. a crap shoot. They won’t win another one. At the end of the day you could always go Bridgette or have Z be around Bridgette. Nicole asks Frank talked to Bridgette again and she said Paul and Tiffany? Paulie says yes. He is trying to make himself look like a hero. There’s no need to get paranoid .. Tiffany is going to go up and she’s not going to win the veto .. and she’ll go home. Zakiyah joins them. Michelle tells her I want your body.. its perfect. Nicole tells Zakiyah one of us is going to have to be with Tiffany and one with Bridgette the whole night. Zakiyah says I’m not being with Tiffany. Tiffany joins them. She says there’s four people that could go up me, Paul, Nicole and Corey. ..And I think I’m at the top of the list.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 21-47-22-179

9:55pm Paulie joins Natalie and James in the havenot room. They talk about Corey trying to fit into the havenot bumper cars. Natalie asks he’s (Corey) a havenot now? Paulie says its looking like it .. his team was the first one eliminated. Paulie leaves. He heads into the other bedroom with Tiffany. She asks what should I do? Paulie says you definitely have to make an HOH round. Tiffany asks Frank didn’t throw out any names. Paulie says Franks been around her the whole time. Tiffany asks do you think this was Franks HOH .. what would be his optimum play if it was his HOH. Paulie says it depends on what cards he wants to show. Tiffany asks are you close to Bridgette. Paulie says we talk a bit. With this .. as close as she is to Frank she kind of feels thrown off by his comments. I think she will do what’s best for her. Do you think its best to go to her and tell her if she doesn’t want blood on her hands it would be best to go after solo dolo? Paulie says that wouldn’t be a bad idea.. you don’t want it getting back to Frank. Tiffany asks should I offer her safety? Paulie says You should be like I would be someone you could trust and work with in the future. Tiffany asks what does your gut tell you she’s going to do? Paulie says with team unicorn and Category 4 off the table.. there’s not many choices. Tiffany says it couldn’t have been a worst person. Paulie says yeah because if Frank had won it he wouldn’t have wanted to show his cards so soon. Paulie says if you’re up there next to Paul .. Pauls going to go home.

James and Natalie continue their girl talk. Natalie asks are you made at me that I threw that comp? James asks why would I be mad you threw a comp?

10:30pm Frank says she (Tiffany) threw my name out again. Corey says she’s been following me around like a dang puppy. Corey says when have I ever told you anything.. she’s worried now because she’s going home. Frank says as soon as nominations happen and she’s up there I’m going to frazzle her some more. I’m going to be like look I’ve heard my name come out of your mouth and its why you’re on the block and why no one wants to work with you. She might start crying as soon as I say hey to her. Paulie says if Bridgette pulls her own name and picks you… she’s (Tiffany) going to be like oh f**k. She’s too much of a f**king wild card. Corey says Nicole didn’t throw that comp did her.. because I was like you can’t throw it until she (Tiff) is out. Frank says he doesn’t think Nicole threw it. Its a crap shoot you can’t throw it. She seemed a little embarrassed about it. Doing so bad.
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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 22-35-54-405

Havenot room – Frank says she just said my name out again to a room full of people an hour ago. She said I think I might be going up because I’m going after Frank. Natalie says I didn’t know she was going after you. Frank says she just keeps running her mouth.. you would think she would just lay low. Now at this point she’s told everyone in here except for Paul about her little secret. (Being Vanessa’s sister) Bridgette says all that told me was that she could lie to my face for three weeks. I want to say something to her tomorrow just to make her extra frazzled. James asks do you think she (Bridgette) will try and backdoor her of just put her up. Frank says put her up. Frank asks next week do we try and get Corey out or just stick with Bronte. James says if we have the votes. Frank says even though Nicole might be on the fence about it, I think she would be okay. James asks do you think she would vote him out? Frank says I bet Bronte and Natalie would. James says oh I could get Natalie to and Bronte will do what Natalie does. If we win roadkill we put up Bronte and if Tiffany comes down .. we put up Corey. So would we rather send Corey or Bronte home. James says Bronte and Natalie are together. They’re so easily sway-able. I really do think they just want to make it to jury. Frank says I think Corey will continue to go after the people outside out group until we’re down to the final 8. James says so maybe get out Bronte.

Paul joins them and tells them that Tiffany told him about her sister Vanessa. Paul says I don’t care, leave me alone. I’ve talked to her what twice this whole time!?
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 23-24-25-970

10:50pm Outside the room in the other bedroom – Tiffany holds a cup to the wall to eavesdrop on Frank, Natalie and James’s conversation. Michelle tries to listen too.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 22-49-15-606

11:45am Bathroom – Bronte, Bridgette, Natalie and Paul are talking about Victor being voted out. Natalie says that she can’t believe he voted Victor out. Paul says he couldn’t and Vic will understand. (Paul didn’t vote Vic out he voted out Bronte and is now trying to cover up.) My goodbye message said my back was up against the wall. Paul says I tried to help him but I couldn’t.

James whispers to Nicole that Frank’s plan is to try to get Corey nominated if Tiffany wins the veto.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-07 23-33-51-442

12:10am – 12:40am In the kitchen – Paul and Bridgette are making muffins. At 12:15am Big Brother calls Bridgette to the diary room. They others yell HEY! (Because when she comes out she’ll get her HOH room.) Five minutes later she comes out. She says we can’t go up until everyone is up. They all head up to see her HOH room. Bridgette reads her letter.

My dearest Bridgette!
HI babe, I hope you’re doing well and hanging in there. Just know you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I miss your phone calls every Sunday but want you to know that everyone is going fine. Hercules is doing great. You make me so proud knowing you’re always up for doing anything and everything. I know that once you get something in your head you always accomplish it. I want you to be encouraged and remember we admire you and love you for all that you do. You are simply amazing. Me and Dad always say we don’t put anything past you because we definitely know what you’re capable of. We believe in you. We all know you’re incredible and your future is bright. You’re an amazing daughter and we couldn’t be any prouder of you and always am. Just know you could never let me down and stand by everything that you do. Have a great ride. lol Have a great summer babe and know that I’m always with you. I wish I was able to give you a big hug. You go girl!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-08 00-26-51-280

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Tiffany is doomed! Her only chance is veto, cause everyone wants to throw her under the bus.


I think it’s going to get flipped before eviction day. The girls are going to realize voting out Tiffany is playing Frank’s game.


I’m just simply amazed that Vanessa gained 30 pounds and took off her beanie and suddenly she’s called Tiffany. Do you seriously think this isn’t Vanessa? Come on people, you have to be dense as dirt to think these are two different people. Looks you can change, mannerisms – you cannot. There’s no way that two sisters can have such IDENTICAL mannerisms. Vanessa with a new name but the same game. I can’t believe they’re making us stomach her two years in a row.

Daisy Rose

Do you even follow Vanessa on social media or did you even look into what Vanessa might be up to? Well if you did, you’d know how ridiculous you sound saying these two are switching in and out. Vanessa has done live interviews and has been posting all over social media. Big Brother wouldn’t allow her to switch in and out and still have contact with outside people. And if they were raised in the same environment and they ARE full blood sisters, they it is very possible they would have the same mannerisms. Obviously they are both very paranoid and emotionally unstable. Things like those traits are very genetic.


and don’t forget the drugs…legal drugs…


AGREED! What kind of dumba$$ would say stupid sh!t like that??? They have many similarities, but are obviously NOT the same person!!! SSSSSTUUUUUUPID!!!


Actually sisters can have the same mannerisms because me and my sisters do. They two different people not the same person. They look similar not identical. You can tell it is not Vanessa.


My sister and I are 4 years apart and people are always gobsmacked by how “identical” we are. We speak the same, use the same mannerisms while lounging or talking with our hands, look the same, etc. It is actually not that rare. I know other siblings I feel the same way about. You can only see them as individuals when they’re together because they don’t share the same opinions and agree on everything. But you already knew that…


Tiffany needs to throw everyone under the bus. Tell Bridgette/frank about the 5 person showmance/day alliance. Her only chance.


Totally agree, its her only chance to save herself. Problem is the 8 pack will make her think that Paul is going or whoever else is nominated is going instead of her. She will think the 8 pack has her back, but vote her out. She’ll be blindsided.
Just like what Paulie did above: With the 8 pack talks about sending tiffnessa home, but to tiffany he says she is safe.


Reveal Frank was week one roadkill winner that nominated Paul and Bridgette.
It’s the only secret that Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette are not 3/4 of the way to knowing already.
They surmised the eight (well 6 of them), they’ve assumed some of the girls are together. They’ve figured on the showmances being locked together in an alliance. They know there has been lots of activity around the house, and that the big group is fracturing a bit. They’ve talked about it.
They even speculated that the plan this week was Frank due to James’ reaction.
The only way Tiffany can in any way help herself is to damage Frank’s credibility with Bridgette. The only way to do that is to show Bridgette was expendable to Frank. Tiffany has that knowledge. Will she think to use it? Would it help?

Hal 9000

This is the level of intelligence in the house, they are discussing whether they’d rather have someone burp or fart in their face.

Bad Breath

and Farty Frank has managed to make himself sooooo obnoxious, he now farts out of both ends


But I think Tiffany is so paranoid it wouldn’t matter if the 8 pack tells her she’s safe, she’ll still spill ! Well hopefully. And I hope Natalie and bronte convince her to put up Corey and Nicole but I doubt it. But maybe atleast Corey and Tiffany.


“Paul joins them and tells them that Tiffany told him about her sister Vanessa. Paul says I don’t care, leave me alone. I’ve talked to her what twice this whole time!?” I have to admit; Paul is growing on me with these ridiculous comments.

Holy snapcrackle&pop

Are you kidding….in that same convo he also called her a c**t. I despise men who call women that! And in a game no less!! There is no reason to take it to a personal deragutory place. Paul is young, insecure, and a follower just trying to fit in. Even after Tiffany and he sat the other night and played chess and she was trying to offer sympathy when he was crying and whining about being home sick and feeling alone. Hope karma bites him and he’s out the door next instead of tiffany!


Seriously Paul comes off as the little dork boy in highschool trying to fit in with the cool kids. I’d slap that ugly beard off his face if he called me that name. Little napoleon syndrome having twit.


did Paul really call Tiffany a c*nt? that’s so unnecessarily aggressive. I was just starting to like him…


48 out of 168…..

For feeders and spoiler readers that’s the real adrenalin each week BB RK to POV/renom ceremony that’s the rush. The days of the house flipping are so few you know whose going by Monday night. My gut tells me the girls rally and Paul goes. Tiff and Paul up and the RK likely then goes to 8 pack. Maybe Bronte goes up but I think it’s Tiff or Paul with no obvious backdoor this week. I just can’t get excited about noms with the current system in place.

My F10 preference…..:P
1) Frank- I would like no teams and see how far he could comp his way like BB 14
2) Da- not going far unless she teams with a couple comp beasts. Love a possible war with Frank would be fun.
3) James- more likable than his season and he was terrific then.
4) Corey- on potential as I don’t find him annoying and he may get game after Nicole is gone maybe.
5) Michelle- my dark horse to win is in a lot of convos and seems to be liked.
6) Zak- when it’s Da and her alone not very appealing. She is excellent in a room full of HG’s.
7) Nat- what Simon said! 🙂 To all the haters …..they’re real and spectacular!!!
8) Paulie-I think he’ll stir the pot. Could have been Frank and him but he’s not as smart as Cody.
9&10) any 2 you like and I would include Vic as a possibility.


Natalie has admitted on feeds numerous times that her boobs are fake!

Babbling brooke

People favor underdogs
But follow only top dogs.
Fight for a few underdogs anyway.


For some reason I thought Paulie was nice like his brother. After his conversation about Tiffany to it I know know he is as bad as the rest of them. Tiffany has done nothing to warrant that type of betrayal, and them all ganging up on her is just not ok. Now Frank is going to start to yell at her? Are they all going to just stand around and watch her be forced to endure that? Nicole, shame on you. I thought you were a sweet girl last time you were on the show….not so much now, and you reek of desperation this year.

Paul go away

Paul gets more annoying the safer he feels in house. And annoying Paul is slowly coming back. The depessed kinda nervous Paul isnt as annoying.

Tiff needs to win that veto. This is already boring as death with Frank basically running the week. Paulies weak ass tryin chum up to Tiff but all the while trying be slick and steer her to chop her own head off. She smarter than that idiot thinks. She onto his game.

If Tiff stays this week. They all think they can just come back and have her take down Frank that they all are afraid of. Paulie the putz most afraid.

U see how they all act like they too cool for her now. Zak Corey Nicole Michelle Paul the worst. Buncha losers.

Please count Tiff out. Please.

Don’t rule out Tiff and Frank working together after this week. Let these losers really shit bricks when they realize they not too cool.


Lol that pic with Bronte and Paul at the end you can tell she knows who voted for her


Everybody in that house is in a few branched off alliances. So, why are they so pissed off at Frank? James was the only one that stayed true to his dysfunctional group and they treat him like he’s disposable. If Tiffany would get her head in the game and stop trying to be her sister and play her own game, she could be a power player. Tiffany, James, DA and Paul would make a great alliance but they can’t see that. Drop all that Vanessa bs and team up. Two are good at mental comps and two are good at physical. No one would see them coming. Team Outcast.

Fancy Berries

It all just an excuse. James is in with everyone in the house as well but he’s not a comp beast, so there is no need to get “get him out for making deals with everybody”.
The thing that’s going to bite them in the butt is with Frank safe this week, even if they send him packing next week, all he has to do is win the last round of the playback to get back in the house.
And with a pissed off, aware Frank back in the house, he is going to mow down these jokamokes like a warm knife thru butter.


With the way Frank’s been acting, I doubt production even wants to deal with him. Besides anyone that comes back is pretty much always the first to go. Even if he wins buyback, he’ll be sent right back out. It’s obvious his game is slipping. He’s playing an absolute terrible game. Plus he’s older now, he may not be as good in comps. If its physical, Vic could beat him. If it’s mental Tiffany will beat him as long as she doesn’t melt down.


James isn’t in tight with anyone in the game. He’s like the popular kid’s little brother, he’s tolerated at the cool kids hang out until they decide to have a real party then he’s tossed out with the trash. The movers and shakers don’t consult with James on anything, they only tell him things to make sure he’ll do what they want.


Zakiyah is such a mean girl.


Ugh..yawn wake me up when this next week is interesting and not predictable


on twitter i’m reading all these comments praising paulie for talking to frank.
did any of them actually listen to what he said to frank?
‘i know you’re joking? don’t mean anything by it? she’s missing her kid?’
more like ‘you’re a chauvanist jerk, stop trying to establish dominance through objectification and judgemental comments meant to be psychologically demeaning.’ I’m not sure who commented a couple of days ago about whether or not the women were making it up. the commenter asked if anyone saw or heard it happen. it happened. Loud smack. Da’vonne yells at Frank, Da’vonne walks away, and starts crying.
i applaud his bravado for going and speaking to frank.
not so pleased with the hand holding candy coating.
why didn’t he just say, “you know that da, she over reacts to everything” too while he was at it. or “must be her time of the month.”
The heart was in the right place, but he’s pretty much saying boys will be boys while shaking his head and saying , women’s hormones, what you gonna do?
When da’vonne went to the d/r to report the harrassment to the supervisor, she was told by the night crew they’d talk to someone in the morning. About golden boy. And inappropriate behavior. yeah. Like anything more than ‘he said he’d apologize isn’t that good enough for you,’ is going to happen there.


If CBS doesn’t kick Frank off the show, it is terrible message to send out to young girls and women. It is NOT ok to smack someone on their private parts. And yes, your bottom is a private part. This isn’t the first time he has done this. First with Natalie, then with Zak, now Da. Inappropriate, disgusting, and totally wrong.


I can’t stand Frank, but he’s definitely not trying to be malicious. He just doesn’t see how bad it’s coming off because that’s his personality & none of the girls tell him to stop. They just giggle about it, so he has no clue they don’t like it. I guarantee he feels like an idiot now & he will tone it down. Not blaming the women at all, but if they don’t like what he says/does then they need to confront him about it. Otherwise he’s going to keep doing it.

Froot Loop Dingus

Here’s the thing, based on Frank’s personality, I think the only way to discuss it with Frank and not cause a blow up or argument was the way Paulie approached it.
Sometimes you have to handle a situation delicately, whether in the BB house or in life. By not going on the offensive, Frank listened and agreed to watch his comments. Whether he will follow through on that remains to be seen.
Also agree that production needs to lay down the law.


Frank is vile.


I don’t think it bothers me as much that Frank has several alliances as it does the way he basically bullies everyone to do what he wants. He use to be my fav but now I can’t wait to see him go! Telling everyone else to throw the comps and Bridgette is Ok with him so they need to keep her. And they listen?! He is not even a little bit likeable anymore. So hope Tiff gets that POV!