Zakiyah – “I tried to warn Paulie I think I’m going”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used NO! POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-11 13-11-33-508

1:03pm Zakiyah and PAulie Kitchen
Zakiyah – I don’t have a good feeling.. About today.. people are mad at me.. Natalie is clearly mad at me
Paulie – so what that’s because she didn’t get her way.. Sorry you’re not following her around like like a puppy dog like James, of course she’s mad at you .. Of course Bridgette is going to be mad at you she’s a feminist..
Paulie says the only reason why Bridgette is supporting Natalie’s argument is because she’s a girl, “Which to me that’s just as bad as a white person saying they support a white person argument because hey are white”
Paulie- I’ve never been raised that way i don’t f***g like that sh1t .. if you want to be closed minded that’s your prerogative
Paulie – I’m all about the empowerment of women and equal rights with all that stuff but for me to say I Support a man because they are a man support a white person because they are white or support a black person because they are black
Paulie – I’ll never in a million years do that if you’re points match up I agree with you
Paulie – if he wants to do that that’s f***g fine he’ll find himself on the f*** block next to his girl.. Zakiyah -Natalie took her skirt away from me
Paulie – she’s fake she’s a fake person..
PAulie tells her it’s normal to be nervous before a eviction if you are on the block. Ask Paul he’s been up twice. Paulie says James follows Natalie around like a little puppy dog.
Paulie tells her there is no way James is goign to turn on them.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-11 13-12-33-506

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-11 13-16-31-008

1:15pm Paulie, Victor, Nicole, James and Corey
Paulie joking around that his game is blown up now
Paulie – If you think my game is blown up you’re outta your mind
Paule recounts last night fight with Michelle (Read this post is full of greatness)

1:23pm Victor and Corey laying together in the Tokyo room. Victor shares a dream he had last night where he had a laptop in the HOH room and was able to google things. he was a pro soccer player for Spain in this dream. They start talking about going to meet and greets making a thousand dollars for a couples hours. Corey says Nicole does meet and greats for free no way he’s doing that. Victor agrees.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-11 13-16-49-004

1:32pm Bathroom Zakiyah and Nicole
Zakiyah – I tried to warn Paulie I think I’m going .. right now I’m not feeling too confident about it
Nicole – it depends on who James nulls votes
Zakiyah – ya.. his lady was really upset.. he might take out someone else’s lady
Nicole – I don’t think he’ll do that
I want to be confident but.. too much damage was done yesterday.. and last night
Zakiyah – what should I have done
Nicole says she would have done the same thing Zakiyah did told her best friend in the house
Zakiyah – maybe she’s made because I slept with him last night
Zakiyah – Natalie took her skirt
Ncioel – Oh really
Zakiyah thinks Natalie is twisting James’ arm, “Paulie is convinced he won’t do that”
Zakiyah says Natalie is getting Petty
Zakiyah says it sucks for her with Paulie exploding last night.
Nicole – if people are trying to keep Michelle it means they are coming after Paulie and me and Corey

Zakiyah says that Natalie told her Nicole and Corey talk bad about her, “I heard it all.. when I was in here getting waxed”
Nicole – oh my gosh.. i’m dunso.. she is just something else

1:53pm Zakiyah and Nicole in the Bathroom
Nicole is pissed that Natalie is saying she talked bad about Zakiyah, Nicole claims she never did that. Nicoel wants to call Natalie out to celar up what Nicole said, “I want her to tell me to my face”
Zakiyah asks her to please do it tomorrow when Zakiyah is off the block, “My game is already f****ed”

(Zakiyah was going to wear Natalie’s skirt today)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-11 13-58-43-204

1:58pm Paulie, Nicole and Zakiyah
Nicole – I don’t get it everyone has to vent sometimes..
(Nicole hung up that Natalie spilled her shit talkign about Zakiyah)
Nicole – I want to know exactly what i said
Paulie says Natalie tried to take it upon herself to bring all this up “If i’m f***g married to somebody you stay the f*** out of my business you know what I mean.. we handle our sh1t a certain way and you handle your sh1t a certain way i’m not going to f***g come to you and be like you should f***g handle it this way”
Paulie – to try and take I upon yourself to brings things to light that we’ve already spoken about that’s what I’m, pissed about.
Paulie starts bringing up stuff Natalie has said in the past impersonating her “James cuddles me and tries to kiss me”
Paulie says his job is to be friendly and flirty with a crowd of people, “I’m the exact same way as Cody”
Paulie starts up ranting about Natalie.. “Fake fake as fake as everything on her body”
Nicole – my feelings are hurt I did not say anything mean

2:14pm Paulie, Corey and Victor
Paulie says the girls were trying to convince James to null their votes so that Michelle stays.
Corey – I don’t think he will do tat
Paulie agrees.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-11 14-32-58-093

2:31pm Kitchen Nicole, Victor and Corey
Nicole – I’m not a mean person at all..
Nicole whimpering about Natalie saying she’s said mean things to Zakiyah

Corey is goign to say something
Nicole wants Corey to keep quiet until after the Eviction because Z thinks she’s on the fence.
Nicole – there was a lot of bad things told back and forth .. but this isn’t high school.. you don’t tell them. (Nicole is guilty of this herself in a big way he’s having trouble coping with the sudden lost of power her side is experiencing now)
Nicole – its ridiculous
Nicole – why are people trying to make other people look like bad people
Nicole says everything she says about people is strategic.. “Someone has to go home every week.. My feelings are just hurt I feel like I don’t do men thing.. am I a mean person ”
Victor – no
Nicole- I didn’t have to deal with this on season 16..
Victor – catty
Nicole – very catty
Nicole – I just want my mom
Victor – I can beat your mom
Nicole starts to tear up. Victor comforts her
Nicole – Paulie is not a bad person
Victor – he flipped out yesterday
Nicole – you voting out Zakiyah
Victor – I can’t vote
Nicole – Is Michelle going
Victor – I don’t know.. after this whole fiasco I don’t know what is goign on .. at the end of the day its the Big Brother house and people go crazy in here
Victor – I can’t imagine all the bad things people have said behind my back.. never cared . (HAHAHAH vic is really start to shine playing this all off very cool)

2:43pm Bathroom Nicole and Zakiyah
Nicole says it’s up to James where the vote goes. Corey says Michelle is leaving but Victor isn’t sure. james has to decide if he wants to play with them or with paul and Vic. Ncioel adds that
Zakiyah called into the diary room
Zakiyah – might be my last DR

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-11 14-54-55-845

2:44pm London Room James and Natalie
Nat – Are you OK I feel like you’re not ok
James- I’m good i’m good ..
Nat – they were all out there.. They kept making comments.. Zakiyah, Nicole, Paulie..
Nat says Nicole was whispering in the kitchen and she knows Nicole was talking about her.
James – don’t worry about it they don’t see this coming
Natalie – they use to talk about me behind my back and I never did anything against them.. PAulie has been calling me fake and a pageant girl forever.. He’s been talking behind my back the whole time.. Same with Nicole and corey they make fun of me all the time. . Who am I the bad person in this..

Natalie – I never talked bad about them behind their backs I’ve always been nice and genuine to people and they call me fake.. It’s funny they all talk shit about victor and they are all acting like he’s their best friend

James – he knows.. He really knows though
Natalie – he’s the only one that talked to me today.. Like I’m a bad person Zakiyah was treated badly. And she stayed with him so…

James says if they make any more comments about Natalie he’s calling them out.
Natalie – no.. i’m not confrontational
Jame – I’m not going to sit here while they make you feel uncomfortable in the house.. If i hear something passive aggressive I’ll call them out really guys is that necessary (she could have used this last night?)
Natalie – I’m going to let Victor know all the information i know
James – I guarantee Victor already knows
James says last season wasn’t so cliquey as this season, “So many fun people.. They wanted to play game and dress up.. We had a set schedule every week BB bowling tuesday.. Podcast Monday”

Natalie – I don’t care I wanted to make a big move because Paulie was going to win ..
They talk about how the two other showmances cuddle under the covers. Natalie and James aren’t into that on a tv show

2:55 James gives her a kiss on the forehead..

James – if anything that brought them closer (Z and Paulie)
Nat – I tried
James- doesn’t matter she’s going to the jury
Nat – if she has the round trip ticket
James – oh well it’s a chance you gotta take
Nat – thanks for supporting me
James- don’t thanks me it’s got to me done

3:10pm James saying he regrets Voting day out but it would have meant Bridgette going.
Natalie points out that Bridgette can win comps.

3:30pm feeds on jeff

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Nicole's crusty v@g!na

Bridgette seems to be the only one with balls to defend Nat. The other Asian girl James is too afraid of her master.


My God, your name…



never cared

That would have walked right out that door waiting for Natalie in jury. Probably accidentally washed with bleach and left out in the sun.


The fact that you’re saying a girl is braver than a guy shows that you shouldn’t be using gender roles by calling James a girl. Being a man or woman has nothing to do with it. James is a coward, but it doesn’t make him “less of a man.” There is no measuring whether someone is a certain amount of a man.


You must be a…. *GASP*… FEMINIST!!!! Oh the horror! lol


And even worse, I’m a guy, so I must be a huge traitor!

Keep Talking Paulie

LOL god forbid!

James ain't as stupid as ya'll think

James is keeping his cool. If you don’t remember him going chest to chest with clay last year? He knows what’s up. I think it’s taking a lot for him not to blow his shit on these people. So go ahead and give me the thumbs down…

epicness is imminent

its a lock as nat promised she will make out with james if big meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech stays

good tv

paulie and michelle are both very combative and are enjoying the current chaos and i want to see them both stay next week for good tv

i would prefer to see nicole or corey go in the double as i find them kinda boring to watch

when michelle stays i want her to glare at paulie, then michelle says “im bred for this b!tch”

then do a rap if michelle wins hoh her speech after putting paulie on the block…

paulie was runnin the house, but now he is quiet as a mouse
paulie thought he was michael corleone, but instead he got boned!
he tried to be like paul, and say friendship to yall
hes blown up his own game, nobody but himself to blame


I can’t take napaulieon seriously every time I look at him I see Moose Mason.

Clays Undercutt

Napaulieon- hahahahaha!


would love for Paulie to be the victim of tonight’s double eviction. this guy’s arrogance, ignorance and vulgar attitude has taken new heights to his stupidity. he is walking around the house like an entitled spoiled child who expects everyone to agree with everything that comes out his mouth. his game has been seriously exposed now, and hopefully now the house can concentrate in getting him out immediately.


I was thinking the same sort of. Since he shaved his beard he looks like a chubbie wubbie. He’s on his way to playing a chubbie belligerent husband in a sitcom.


Whoo Hooo! Gonna be great TV tonite!

For those of you in the NY metro area……….Football is on channel 2

BUT Big Brother is being broadcast on channel 10 or WLNY at 9pm.

Nat Nat for the win!

I really hope James didn’t screw everyone over. Natalie is too good for him. I really hope that either her or Bridgette win the next HOH. If Paulie wins I will cry.


I am so sick and tired of Zakiya’s pettiness and stupidity! That skirt was just a loan and Natalie don’t give a frog’s ass what she does with Paulie! Too many regrets she will have if she dares watch herself once she’s out. DaVonne is going to say I TOLD YOUR DUMB BEHIND ABOUT SHOWMANCES AND YOUR MOTHER DID TOO, with her weak behind


Natalie was catty and petty. She told Z she could wear the skirt. Then Nat went behind Z’s back and started talking about her and laughing about Z being evicted in her skirt. This made Nat appear to be real fake to me as I am truly a fan of hers

Can't Pick'em

Same. A lot of what she did yesterday was purely personal. She has a little vindictive streak.


I’m glad a few more people realized what Natalie did yesterday wasn’t some act of kindness. She used someone’s emotions against them (Z’s unrequited feelings towards Paulie). I can only imagine had Z done the same to any other of the women on there, everybody would be outraged. It’s one thing to say hey, I truly think you should know this because Paulie doesn’t care for you,but it was a game move. They wanted Z to go ballistic and cause blowback with Paulie so he wouldn’t have to be convinced to evict her.


Nat specifically said she previously let her wear her skirt, but she didn’t mean she could wear it on eviction night. Nat was trying to be nice and encouraging that her outfit looked cute, but
Nat did say, “She didn’t even ask me if she could wear it,” and of course Nat doesn’t want her walking out with it. Nat is not petty, she’s sticking up for herself.


I dont blame nat for taking her skirt back. 1. Z told Paulie everything Nat told her. 2. Knowing Z is getting evicted, why should Nat let her skirt be taken with her? Something tellin meZ has roundtrip anyways.


WTF she never told her she could wear her skirt on eviction night for fuck’s sake. She’s vindictive because she doesn’t want Z to walk out of the house with her skirt????


That was like last week when she told her Z she could borrow it, not tonight as Z is walking out the door. Plus even at that time Nat told her it was new and she hadn’t even worn it yet so I don’t think asking for it back was out of line at all.


I just don’t understand how James keeps topping the favorite poll???!!! I think the voting for three is what’s doing it but I replaced my James pick with Michelle. James has no freakin balls.


Bye Zakiyah. Whatcha going to do Nicole? You’re not intimidating. I am soooo excited for tonight! I hope Paulie follows his fakemance in the double. He is an idiot. I think he thinks he’s on Jersey Shore.


Don’t say that. You’ll hurt her feeeeeellllliiinngggsss. *Rolling my eyes


I could go on and on…and on…about Paulie and his painful weaknesses, but the last thing I want is his eviction anytime soon. I want there to be battles, fights, awkwardness, betrayals, double crosses….the game to be played by all, selfishly, for themselves to win.

If Z goes, followed by Paulie, then it’s the same dynamic with a new “house” majority….the same boring sh*t that thankfully just ended. Let Nicole win HOH, where Paulie’s safe but she’ll take out some low hanging fruit in order to secure safety. Draw out the drama.

Powder Puff Girl

Not intersted in Paulie drama have enough with Paul. The game is not going to spoil if Paulie is gone the dynamics are going to change. I noticed that people are picking Paulie for care package 3 for drama. Drama is giving the care package to Bridgette or Michelle it will turn this game around.

I am Voting for Bridgette for Care package 3 she will need it if James does not flip and Paulie gets hoh.

Powder Puff Girl

Natalie took Z’s skirt back? – I hope it is because you are going home Z.


Please, for the love of God, James nullify some combination of Paulie, Nicole, or Corey and vote out Zakiyah. I hate this flip relies entirely on James.

I have a bad feeling about James, Derrick, Cody, Nicole, and Paulie in some pre-show shenanigans.


natalie now comes before any vet agreement for james

the 3 girls have inspired james not to play with the fear of being targeted if you make a move…when you add paulies behavior towards those 3 girls and him knowing usa probably wouldnt be liking paulies behavior, it would be a major surprise if he changed his thinking

michelle is staying

Nat Nat will play you, sucker!

I love how Natalie has really turned up the manipulation of James. She held on to that info about Paul flirting with her, then released just when she needed it, exaggerating everything and switching between “I don’t need anybody” to “i’m just a little girl” as necessary to keep James pumped or feeling protective. And to seal the deal she planted on him that long awaited kiss on the lips. She’s got him by the balls.

So Good!

She really is awesome! She has that Jersey girl in her, just like Paulie tried to warn James about, but she’s just too powerful to be stopped. I love it!

She will use James up, then dump him after she’s done. She’s amazing!

You're blind

Warn him? Geesh. Nat’s friend on Twitter said he met her ONCE! He doesn’t know her. He may know slanderous stories about a guy that took her virginity because Jersey Boys I guess are so crass they joke about that kind of stuff.

There’s nothing to warn James about. James is a grown man.


Z needs to go- she’ll be anxiously waiting to snuggle in the jury house with 5′ 7″ Na-Paulieon – and here I thought James & Paul were the only ones with short and syndrome. Never cared.
James better not blow this….


If Paulie thinks Bridgette being offended as a feminist when he started referencing Nat’s cans is just like a white person siding with a white person because they’re white, then I’d love to see his SAT scores…..


Right? That argument doesn’t even make sense. And you don’t have to be a “feminist” to think what paulie said to Nat was offensive. It’s offensive because it was rude, crude and personal. And honestly none of his business what her boobs are. He’s so obsessed with them, maybe everyone should be asking why?


Paulie has “lied” about having a tiny dick for 50+ days.

That fake liar fake fake.

Janelle fan

Right? Zero logic. And so what if they’re fake? You’d have to be blind not to see it. I thought Mr. Scorpio tongue would had some better quips locked and loaded than that lame comeback.


And yet he expects everyone to support Paulie because he is Paulie. He says everyone was chill in Cody’s season and when it was time for them to go, they went. He should have stated that on night 1 and maybe there wouldn’t be so much confusion. “Listen I am Paulie, you all know who I am. Let’s all have some fun and chill and when I tell you it is you time to go, thank me for letting you play and enjoy me greatness” “oh and don’t get on my bad side because I have a Scorpio tongue that can cut you to the core and scar you for years” ‘now I will choose a woman to be my summer slut”


He pretty much does say that, in so many words. He’s drunk on power.


I’m flabbergasted when Nicole describes her first season as drama free – that’s because you were all being manipulated by Derrick, and you are letting it happen again by his protégé.

And while we are at it, someone should tell Paulie that if he is “all about empowerment of women and equal rights”, he is also a feminist.


Being a Feminist is believing that that women have the same social, political, legal, and economic rights as of men. What I the heck wrong with that?? Is it any worse than Paulie forming that all guys allegiance?

z is literally the worst

Im starting to really like Michelle lol.
(Hoping) Final 3- Bridgette, Natalie and Michelle <3


I can’t believe that I am now a fan of Bridgette’s. A few weeks ago, she drove me nuts. Amazing how this game can change. I used to like Nicole…not for her gameplay necessarily, but because I thought she was a nice person.
Now I think she’s a crappy game player, a terrible judge of men and a mean girl. She needs to go.
I never liked Paulie…he reminds me of a nastier, grosser version of his brother.

At least Cody didn’t grab his balls and piss in the hot tub. What a sow.

I always liked James too….but if he shits the bed this week with that care package, I’m done with him too.

I miss when this show used to be exciting and unpredictable. Tonight better not be the same old, “I went with the house” crap.

Thanks Simon & Dawg….you guys make this show bearable.


I don’t know why Paulie thinks he can talk about other people being closed minded when he literally stereotyped all jersey girls yesterday haha.

Unbattled Block

When Nicole points her head upward, she looks just like an electrical outlet

Hope Zakiyah gets the boot tonight, Paulie may not be able to adapt in the DE episode tonight


ZING!!! That was too funny, now I have to clean up all this Gatoraide!!

star gazer

Now every time I plug my vacuum in, I’ll think of Nicole – you’re hilarious!


BEST Nicole nose description ever!!!!!!!!!!!!


Natalie took her own skirt back.


Yes and she was just going to get it from her in jury but knowing Zakiyah she might throw it in the trash out of spite like she did Bridgette’s cookies. That’s what petty little mean girls do.


Lol I would take it back too. Z would most likely shred it once she’s in the jury house.


Zakiya ignores all of the red flags because she’s blinded by a nomance. I know ratchet Paulie will be relieved once she’s evicted but his shield will kindly forgive him in jury and will be back to her old butt sucking ways. Oh girl smh


So now we’re going to end up with the two black ladies to be first in Jury? Duck, here comes the racist trolls.


OH SHIIIIIIIT you are right I didn’t even think about that. Well it is not because everyone is afraid of a “strong black woman” because in Max-Z case she is a “weak little girl” but yes you can guarantee the trolls will be out race baiting

Pinocchio Obama

Thumbs up if you think James borrows some balls and sticks it to
Paulie. Thumbs down if he chickens out.

Borrow my balls, James

Hopefully he can borrow Bridgette’s balls for the evening and make the viewing audience’s night!


HAHAHA! I can see James out in a bar where someone starts some crap with him. He says to the guy sitting next to him “Pardon me sir can I borrow your balls for a few, some sh*t is about to go down and I am short a pair”

Unbattled Block

If you look at how James behaves and things he has said, i would think he will do the lame thing and Michelle will get evicted. I hope he has the balls to stand by Nat against Paulie but i have not seen that gusto in him

It would make sense to keep Meech, She would go after Paulie like a pit bull and James would have her loyalty

Someone pull the plug on PP..They might be the most hated alliance in recent BB history


Meet and greet’s? Really? Who would want to meet these losers? Better yet, who would pay? I’d rather do a meet and greet with George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony than these douchebags.


some people in this generation have an idea that everyone will adore them because they had 5 minute of fame on a d class t v show ! keep dreaming losers , nobody will pay to see you . they might pay to move along with your huge ego and sense of entitlement .

Min O'Pause

LOL! Knuckle me???? That was a good one.


Whoa…I wouldn’t go that far but definitely wouldn’t pay to see them. There is a casino cruise here in FL that occasionally has Reality TV Stars(?) on them so I guess they do get paid to appear on some small time venues. Personally I make it a point NOT to go on any of those occasions no matter how much I like to gamble.


Will America’s package be given before the second eviction tonight? Just trying to figure out if brig will be save during double eviction.


The package is usually given on Fridays. So, it will be after the DE


No it’s given tomorrow. Will be good for next week.


pulie should go to jury in not win the game he talk down on women
it make big brother look bad cause of him it good to lie in the game
I get that but when it come to a person body that’s out of line I hope he goes home to jury tonight
I really do im not voting for him on none of these America packages at all not Nicole or corey too
please bridget win hoh after zachery goes home next one you want need it


I think Paulie has his undies in an uproar because the prettiest girl in the house (Nat) didn’t like him the way Z is madly obsessed with him.


Paulie is so arrogant and full of himself. I think he will be genuinely shocked when Zakiyah walks out the door. Can’t wait to see the look on his face. Mutiny is afoot in the bb house! Captain Caveman is no longer in control of his minions. Just hope he follows Z out the door in the de tonight. If he wins the other side will lose someone but at least his Hoh would be short lived. Can’t take a week of him as Hoh with everybody groveling and kissing his butt again. Whatever happens at least we finally have some excitement in the house.

Mel B

Boasting about his treatment of women Paulie said…
Paulie- I’ve never been raised that way i don’t f***g like that sh1t .

Wow….Paulie is going to get some reality check when he watches his season …. The things this loser has said about Z alone are enough to make anyone cringe and she is supposed to be someone he….wait a min….never cared …. seems to come to mind…. a lot…..yikes… The way he talked to Z when she tried to tell him how she was feeling the other nite was disgusting. I hope his parents are very proud..


Paulie will watch this and NOT get a reality check. My guess is that his actions toward women are what he learned watching his father figure treat women which makes his actions his “norm”. Totally screwed up.

Growing up, I was never taught how to treat a woman, I learned by watching the way my aunts were treated by my uncles. They were all treated like godesses and had long happy marriages. Had I learned from a physically and verbally abusive step-father, I’d probably be like Paulie. Nobody is perfect, but he’s a perfect ass. Oops, sorry, just heard from the asses and they took offense.

If Max-Z gets evicted, I hope that Paulie joins her on her trip to the jury house. So, Asian Hillbilly, borrow Natalies or Michele’s balls and make it happen.

Janelle fan

Z, I really want to root for you, girl, but what in the ever-loving f-ck are you thinking? I really think that she does have some serious self esteem issues. In all of this bs, has Paulie apologized and explained why he hasn’t taken her down/use the veto or feel regret about not using it? And she still goes back to him?!?! How about the bedroom stuff? Does he ever service her or is it one-sided? I’ve only read about her being on him. This douche is all about himself and I wish she’d realize that. From the game to the bedroom, he’s a dick.


They have sex, her body backed into his five times.


So tired of Paulie’s rants. I mean the way he treated Tiffany was bad. But when he verbally abuse Natalie like that, I seriously wanted to grab a baseball bat and break his legs. And tell him to go win a comp now. Hehe

short with big boobs

No, Friday.


I admire Z because she has real strong instincts and intuition. However, all logics goes out the door when it comes to Paulie. She needs to sit in that Jury House and let Mama Day talk some plain old common sense into her


So Paulie says this self righteous speech and tries to trash Bridget for supporting Nat “only cause she’s a girl” he would never do that yet he only wants to support the guys! His goal in life was to get all the girls out and have only guys. Keep talking Paulie… Tell Da hello for us.


I am sure all of these people have watched BB. Some say they are huge fans, and yet still a few have actually been in the BB house. So how on God’s earth do they seem to forget this is televised and talked about on podcasts and social media! James could not possibly look weaker! Everyone he knows is seeing it! Z these people tried to worn you about the fake situation! Yet you go right back and bed down with this douche! HE DIDNT USE THE VETO!!! Wake up!! You have got to be f—ed up as a soup sandwich!! Your friends and family are watching!! Nicole, you have big bother confused with the Dating Game. You are chasing after a dude who I think most of America would agree is dull and a tad slow! Not to mention I think he is still deciding what TEAM he actually wants to play for. You just look lost as last years Easter egg! Your friends and family are watching!! Paul and Trick, I mean Vic, you two don’t know where you shit last! Waiting for your man crush to inform you!! Your friends and family are watching! Paulie you will need the 500k for hookers! The way you have portrayed yourself and treated the girls in this house, the ladies of the night will just about be all you can rustle up! Do you have mother? Your friends and family are watching! To all the house guests I have ranted about and reminded about their friends and family, they are ashamed, disgusted, embarrassed, and saddened by your behavior on this show!!


Didn’t use a condom either. Post said a lot of “hip movement under the covers last night” I am sorry but no VETO no Cameltoe. Point, blank and on her period.


All depends, he may not have been worried about getting STDs as the house guests are supposed to be disease free I think. Plus we’re not sure if there was vagina involved in the love fest.


Wow. All I can say.

Paulie's stupid argument

All this shut about giving Nat a hard time about voting for a women makes no sense Paulie, you have a all boys alliance. Your just being a little bi*** because you are not getting your way.

Vulva Quake

When I look back at how much my feelings about players have changed from week to week, and day to day, I realize I would be a terrible BB player. I’m pure emotion with no reason.

For instance, I hated Bridgette when she hopped into Frank’s lap and became his puppy dog, because I wanted her to be the strong independent woman I fantasize about being. She let me down. I hated her. But, now that she’s anti-Paulie, I forgive everything. Even if she’s still doing everything for Frank, with just a side of “Oh, yeah, um… girl power too!”.

And what about Michelle? She’s proven herself to be mean, petty, vindictive, and irrational. She has every quality I hate in my fellow women. But, now that she’s turned her mean, petty, vindictive, and irrational self against my most hated house guest, I’m a complete fan.

I guess what it comes down to is that after a lifetime of finding myself cowering before strong and cocky men, it feels good to see a surrogate stand up to one. Basically, I crave the cathartic female victory.

I’d like to say it’s not Freudian penis envy. But if it’s not, how do I explain all of those artificial penises I’ve purchased over the years?



Justin beaver

Are you gay clay?


I hate to be the bearer of bad news stud, but the post from Vulva Quake came from a Verizon assigned cell phone registered to a Justin Corbin in St. George, Utah.
So you ask if I’m gay??
Well, I’ve never asked a dude acting like a chick on the Internet out for pizza and beer.

Justin beaver

Hey! You want to get together for pizza and beer over at Slice Calafiore?


Ha ha, like your name 🙂


Zak can go she is reliant on Pissy Pool Paulie too much. Meech got put on the block and grabbed fate in her hands, she did exactly what Day should have done…blow shit up if your know your going home. BB 101…draw attention to where there was no attention.
I am disappointed in Zak too her boyfriend won pov and he didn’t take her off, she turns around and sleeps with him lol. Pissy Pool Paulie better had used a condom cause she lost a chance at $500 thousand for him.

Happy to be back watching!


Ah the old triple P nice! Yea that is what I was so hoping Da did. It is not like you have anything to lose. To just sit there knowing they are blowing smoke up your ass and not do anything is stupid. Not a fan of the way Michelle treat the other girls but this was spot on the way to roll. I think she got the job done but even if she doesn’t stay tonight no one can say she didn’t give it her best shot. Da told Julie yea I knew it was my time earlier in the week. Paul didn’t really want her out she could have blown Paulie and Nicole and that tall guy up.


Convo in Jury House (once Paulie is evicted):
Z: Paulie!!!!!!!!!! I have great news!!! I’m pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep Talking Paulie

Paulie needs to remember he is in the Big Brother House and big brother sees AND records everything. Shut your mouth BOY you have dug yourself a hell of deep hole that you will have trouble getting out of once you re back in the REAL WORLD. Oh and BTW, being a feminist is NOT the same as being a racist !!!!


I hope Z stays and James sides with Paulie because then the house will be divided. If Michelle stays then the house will be controlled by one group and be predictable.
Bridget Michelle and Natalie are all mean girls. Natalie went after all the guys until she found one she could twist around her finger and ride to the end with. While still coming on to the other guys. Really Natalie now you’ll makeout with James if he’ll vote your way. Yeah you’re so innocent.
I so dislike Paulie but I don’t like most of the HGs.


You’re wrong. Zakiyah stays and it’s James, Paulie, Nicole, and Corey on one side. Paul and Victor may be able to salvage the link with Paulie by dropping the girls. So that leaves Natalie and Bridgette on the outs. Paulie steam rolls again.

Michelle stays and you have Michelle, Natalie, James, Bridgette. Paul and Victor may lean towards them if Paulie goes up in the double eviction. Nicole and Corey will be on the outs and looking to hook up with someone. This scenario will require new shifts to settle the pecking order and at that point everyone is cutting each other anyway. Zakiyah going leads to more instability and more fun for me.


Despite my earlier comment on michele being a bully and mean to others . I also said Paul , A were also jus as bad and a few others , dipite all that big meech stepped up and blew the house up. Her parents should be proud of that .Hopfully after the show she watches herself and realizes and becomes a better person . Let’s pray for that

Powder Puff Girl

Bridgette impresses me forgiving Michelle. I am glad these 2 teamed up with Nat.


Michelle has admitted she was in the wrong and was being childish which took some guts to admit. She was jealous of Frank and Bridgette and understandably in my opinion as Michelle said her favorite player was Frank and that was taken away by Bridgette. If you put yourself in Michelles shoes in that unique scenario of your favorite player alltime picking you first in the team and having a good game bond with you, then all of a sudden rejecting your loyalty and constantly throwing your name out to be targeted, it would be hard to take.

Anyway, as San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich always says…players need to get over themselves…and it looks like these 2 girls have certainly done that…and showing maturity and common sense that they can help each other…if Vic can work with Paulie after Paulie backdoored him, then Bridgette can certainly forgive Meech and I am happy to see it happen.

Natalie's full of it!

I actually agree with Paulie with this one, Natalie can’t call Paulie out when she has done exactly the same thing flirting with all the guys, it’s all an act on her part for the cameras. Do you really think Nat cares about James? He was her last choice out of all of the guys, outside this house someone like her wouldn’t even look at him, probably would even make fun of him. These feminists can’t have their cake and eat it. Bridgette was flirting with Frank, when he and she have relationships outside, as well as that she also said a lot of foul things at the beginning of the game as well, let’s not forget this! Y’all just mad because Paulie is playing a good game like all the other house guests should be. You should agree with someone because they have a good point, not because of their race, gender, sexual orientation etc. Be consistent and stop being hypocrites.

You're blind

Let’s get some perspective. Natalie did not have to do this and was fine about it. She dug it up. Why? Game Strategy–to stir up Sh*t. Intentionally! If you can’t see that then you’re not playing the game.

Doesn’t matter how much 5% or 95% she cares about James as a potential date, it’s not the dating game or Bachelor. Girls don’t care what guys look like deep down. They care if he has character, trustworthiness, and confidence. She sees that in James.

Don’t be shallow. Is James only allowed an ugly girl? Come on! That is so rude!

Same reason Bridgette butt in–Game Strategy. Motive: To stir up sh*t on Paulie’s game.
If Paulie were playing the game right he wouldn’t have fallen for the bait.

Paulie is blind and arguing because he can’t believe anyone might not like him and that he may honestly have something to be called out for.

@ you're blind

Exactly that’s precisely my point. Paul is playing the game as so is Natalie, so she can’t call him out without not expecting him to call her out as well – consistency. I’m just saying that it seems to be all one sided that Paulie’s being a d*ck in the game when 1) Everybody else has 2) He’s playing the game and 3) Paul, Bridgette, Michelle and Natalie have all said nasty sexist crap as well. My point is that no one is innocent, but on top of that he’s playing a ruthless but fair game for the fact that he wants to take 500,000 home which I respect.


The point is posters are taking what she did more seriously than she herself even intends. Her motive is to blow him up. She did.

It’s not about double standards. If it were, she might have thought twice, it was “what can I say to get his goat” not to mention trying to open Z’s eyes. Z is an insult to women.

Shelle Belle

Amanda BB15 = Paulie BB18

Amanda's Mom

I agree that my girl was terrible, but having said that, this Paulie is worse.


When you are constantly telling people what to do, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that have turned against you.

Only can wish

Im so over Zakiyah at this point. She is literally stuck on stupid. Yes, it’s a reality show and it’s scripted, but Paulie is showing his true colors. Vic didn’t even act like that. He came to her like a man. Paulie may be putting his feet, ankles and knees in his mouth, when he said if James don’t vote his way, he will be on the block with Natalie. King Ding-a-Ling is really full of himself. Im hoping he gets a dose of his own medicine.


corey said he lost respect for bridget cause she was laid in bed next to frank
no corey be real you lost respect for her cause she was against pulie if bridget
goes home tonight I think cbs big brother should be cancle to let this happen
it will make women not like in their eyes so bidget has to say in a men should go home next
after zachery


“Paulie says the only reason why Bridgette is supporting Natalie’s argument is because she’s a girl, “Which to me that’s just as bad as a white person saying they support a white person argument because hey are white”

Paulie, you’re the f*cking worst. He is incapable of addressing one issue, calmly, without throwing a hundred other metaphors and social instances into it that have no real bearing on the conversation at hand. He’s like a salad spinner brought to life. Just words spinning around before he spits them out. I can’t. He’s such a douchecanoe.

Super over this “she’s a feminist” sh*t he keeps saying. If you think being a feminist means you’re anti-man, maybe you need to look in the mirror and do some soul searching Paulie, cause I’m pretty sure you’re just a terrible human being. Stop making excuses for the reasons people are pissed at you, you d*ckhole, you are the reason. Just you.

Powder Puff Girl

10 thumbs up!


For those who voted Nicole for super safety, remember how well she did last time when she rendered the game after being evicted. She is following the same trajectory now


Oh my gosh. If Ratcole gets it I will die


it sucks. 1.7% of me feels bad that Zakiyah has to leave as collateral damage for Paulie to get knocked off his high horse. The other 98.3% feels that she deserves everything she gets for hitching her wagon to his decrepit donkey. I have not watched sunday’s or yesterday’s episode but I will tune in to see what goes on tonight in hopes that James does the right thing! I’m just trying to figure out what pheromones Paulie gives off that it’s actually taking this much of a freaking discussion for people to realize they have to start playing for themselves.


Decrepit donkey, lol.

Honestly, I almost want to feel bad for her too but I can’t. The girl has had every damn sign in the world about what a terrible human Paulie is and STILL grinds on him last night, after his epic showcase of the depths of his douchery. As much as it sucks for her, it’s becoming clear that she needs to be evicted and able to watch this all back at home to understand she was played played played…if she even believes it then. Who knows. At this point she’ll be leaving and not even understand that she should be pointing the finger at Paulie over it and not Natalie. Woof.

epicness is imminent

z has stockholm syndrome


I can not stand to see Paulie’s face or hear his f bombed speeches anymore. I know it’s a game and a game I’ve always loved to watch but I’ve never felt such a personal dislike for a player before.

Nicole NOSE Nothing

Nicole looks like a toenail.


LMFAO, I just snorted.


Nicole is just a little whiny weasel!! I don’t know which is worse , her or stupid boy toy who doesn’t really like her anyway.

Froot Loop Dingus

I don’t see how James could justify keeping Z as going with the house. It’s pretty clear the majority of the house and the HOH want Meech to stay.
Flipping the house won’t even hurt James’ game that much.

Now if he can just put on his big boy pants and pull the trigger. He should nullify Cory and Paulie and draw a line in the sand. If he does that want to bet Nicole would vote out z and it would be unanimous because she would be afraid to be a target in the DE.


did you watch last season ? he is a complete idiot from the word go . he has no clue how to play this game to win . he will sit there and watch all his people get evicted one by one , do or say nothing . well he will say each time after the evict , oh man I should have ….. then the next week.. repeat the last two sentences . this is an awful season because of these returning house guests and casting from the short bus riders !




Will they air the DE tonight or Sunday?


Does anyone have a link for tonights stream?


Thanks 🙂

The Roach Coach

As much as I can not stand the fruitloop dingus, I hope Nicole survives the double…
And Bridgette…
Nicole officially loses her mind when Bridgette gets the next care package!
Cant wait to see that happen!

Literally at the end of the day

Agree. Want Corey out so she’ll be miserable, totally useless and whiny all week for the love of her life being gone, the house flipped and jealous over Bridget getting the package. She really annoyed me when feigning to comfort Z after Nat’s talk, all she really wanted to know was what Nat said about herself and Corey. I only pray that Bridget stays to get it, otherwise highly probable that Nicole does and Corey is still there.