Paulie “Make it a 5-4 vote so Frank has no idea. We want him to not be able to figure out who it is.”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 02-43-31-196

12:25am – 1am Bathroom – Paulie, Zakiyah, Paul and Tiffany are studying facts they remember about the HOH photos. Big Meech is showing. Tiffany stars asking them true / false questions to test them. They finish their study session and everyone but Paulie and Zakiyah leave the bathroom. Paulie tells Zakiyah I just wanted to talk about Day to make sure we’re conscious of spending time around her so she don’t feel like that because she is feeling like that. But I wouldn’t say anything. Zaikyah asks how do you think she will react after see the votes switch tomorrow? Paulie says I don’t know how she’s going to react. Zakiyah says I don’t want her to think ..they’re definitely all working together. Paulie says that’s why I want to talk to Corey and Nicole.. and ask if we should tell her. Zakiyah says I feel like if you tell her she will be on board. That way if you tell her and I tell her, that way she doesn’t feel like I’m lying to her. Paulie says I’ll have to talk to James too. So it doesn’t look like it was just him and Natalie.. because Frank will use that. Paulie says I’ll talk to her and feel her out. I’ll be like we were thinking of making the voting 5-4, to send Bronte home. I’ll say that all three of the powerpuff girls are coming after me. Zakiyah says and say that we all know Tiffany wont come after us, she’ll go after him (Frank). Zakiyah says yeah and talk to Paul right before.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 03-05-30-954
1:35am – 2:20am Corey and Paulie are in the safari room talking. Paulie says we can twist it which ever way we want to because Nicole already buys it. I was just wondering how we’re going to do it because James wants something with me and you. He asked me straight up that he didn’t want to be voting the opposite way. I think Day if she was left in the dark she would feel even more like the fifth wheel even more. So I was thinking either just not say anything and be like what the f**k!? Or put it to Day and James how Michelle had this idea to make it come out to 5-4 so that Frank has no idea. We want him to not be able to figure out who it is. If he doesn’t win we don’t want Day coming after us. Paulie says once we get Bronte out then we’re basically gotten ourselves to jury. Frank joins them. They study the photos. Paulie says I’m assuming you wouldn’t want to put up Bridgette. Frank says I would rather not put up Nicole either. Paulie says so that leaves Bronte, Natalie and Michelle. If Paul wins .. I feel like he would put up Michelle. They talk about Natalie. Paulie says everyone sees through her sh*t except for James.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 03-05-30-954

3:20am – 3:45am Paulie, Corey and Frank. Paulie says I would love to see anyone from our team winning obviously … and Corey and Nicole. Or even Paul. Frank says even Z… I don’t think she will win it but its not bad if she does. Natalie and Bronte aren’t winning. I doubt who it will come to a tie but if it does do you want it Corey. Corey says If I don’t need it, I don’t want it but the only reason I would want it is to get a letter from my family. James joins them. They start talking about random things. Frank asks James how are you at this memory sh*t? James says I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter because I’m not trying to win it. Its another smooth week.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 03-27-25-074

3:50am – 4:15am Frank and Corey head to bed. Paulie and James laugh about how the bathroom is like a truck stop bathroom. Paulie asks how do you feel about tomorrow? James says I feel good. James goes and puts ketchup on a tampon and puts it on top of the garbage can in the bathroom. Paulie says Michelle whispered something to me saying she needed to talk to me .. but then she never got the chance to talk to me. James says if Tiff stays Frank is going to go balls to the walls for that HOH. Paulie says I might just avoid that conversation so I’m not caught in a room with her. James says Bronte will always be easy to get out. Paulie says Natalie and Bronte migrate more to you. Nicole comes to the bathroom. Corey joins them. She finds the tampon and says ewwwww…James. James asks why do you assume I did that?! Nicole says the whole thing should be red not just the tip. James goes to get BBQ sauce.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 03-51-53-472

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 04-11-50-540

4:25am Paulie, Nicole, Corey and James. They talk about making the vote 5-4. Tiffany gets to wash her face.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 04-25-09-290

James is doing some prank.. something to do with cotton swabs

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 05-32-51-993

5:31am Nicole, Corey, James and Paulie… STILL UP!!!
(Simon updating now)
Chit chatting about the medical business. Nicole telling them about how some people in the 90’s are doing amazingly well for their age and they thinks Nicole is still in high school.
Nicole – one time.. I was new a month in.. a stroke came in I got stuck behind the curtain

JAmes- you’re good under pressure this should be nothing for you
Nicole – it’s the live show
PAulie – Picture us in out underwear
James – or having heart attacks
Paulie – Heart attacks and strokes.

James says he’s taken a lot of CPR courses “I’m fluent”
Nicole – have you ever done CPR on a live person
neither of the guys have
Nicole – you break a rib.. pretty much have to..
Nicole – you get tired doing CPR.. and it’s hard.. it’s a nuisance for me to do it I’m more the person that gets the meds..
Nicole says she’s she’s done it 4 times. her first time was with a 90 years hold women with both legs amputated.. After the experience Nicole had second thoughts about her career change.
Nicole says there’s always complications when you do CPR.
Nicole – If they’re 90 years old and you’re beating on their chest it’s sad..

Nicole says once there was a cute boy that came in who was 18 had to get a shot in his butt and he was “So embarrassed”
Corey – you wanted to see that butt so badly
Nicole – he turned so red.. i felt so bad .. I was like this was big deal
Nicole says she saw a little miscarriage baby in the toilet that was really hard.
Nicole talks about getting older nurses to deal with some of the younger boys.
Corey asks if she had to do anything to “The other side”
Nicole – we do a lot of catheters
Corey – shut up.. so you see a lot of pen!$es. .
Nicole – as a nurse yes
Corey – Oh my god (LOL Corey wants to be a nurse now)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 05-38-14-018
5:46am Paulie goes to bed. Corey decides to stay up until he “Passes out” (Thanks Corey)

6:02pm bathroom Corey, JAmes and Nicole

James saying he gave his “Baby’s momma’ 1/2 his AFP the other 1/2 he paid off his truck and ‘some other things’
Nicole asks if he has a good relationship with her.
James – we have our ups and downs.
James – we built this relationship based on a 1 night stand
Nicole – ohh that’s hard..
Feeds cut..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 06-14-02-430

6:14pm pranks..
Corey is suggesting they put melted chocolate on the toilet door handle so people think it’s poop..

Nicole brings up “Tp-ing” asks them if they’ve ever done that.
Both have.
Nicole – I peed my pants once I got caught I couldn’t move.
James asks who did she use to T-P
Nicole – Lots of boysssssss

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 07-00-37-466

7:00am Corey and JAmes
Talking how Frank tells everyone a different story. Corey is amazed he’s doing this doesn’t he know they will talk.
James says if Frank wins this HOH crazy sh1t is going to go down.
James doesn’t think Frank has the votes to backdoor anyone, Adds that Da’Vonne, Him, Corey and PAulie will all be safe.
James and Corey agree if they win HOH they will put up both Frank and BRidgette.

7:56am Corey and JAmes are still up…
Corey is talking sharing some baseball stories.

8:41am official wakeup from Big Brother..
Corey, Nicole and Zakiyah talking about the vote having to be 5 to 4 so they can hide from Frank who voted Bronte out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 08-51-19-152
8:50am can’t wait to see Franks face tonight.

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It’s gonna be crazy tomorrow, can’t wait.

Hoping Tiff wins HOH and put up Nicole and Corey LOL!


If Tiff wins tomorrow, she is putting up Frank and Bridgette. Unless, Day & Michelle get to her first, to let her know, Nicole, Paulie and Corey were going to vote her out all week.


Day winning something? hahahha good one


You’re making the classic BB fan mistake of not realizing how people change with power versus vulnerable.

Tiffany knows she’s no safe yet. The way people have acted this week, seeming to waver, avoiding her, telling her to campaign to others. She knows what being safe on the block feels like and she knows how somebody getting blindsided is treated.

So now she stays, after Paulie orchestrates this cute 5-4 vote…which by it’s nature creates dissension because everybody scrambles to Frank to cover their a**…and has to make her suspect she was done until they figured out this cute plan. She’s going to look at her HOH as a chance to change things up. That’s not to say she won’t still target Frank…but part of her anti-Frank stuff is campaigning….she saw Frank as a threat 1st and she could very easily decide Paulie, Corey, Nicole are trying to run everything and make everybody else human Frank shields and instantly become a bigger threat than an isolated Frank, especially if they talk after Frank’s bubble of control is burst.


Tiffany is boring, at least Vanessa talked talked talked. This broad is The BB sloth. Maybe she’ll finally win a comp if BB sets up a zit popping contest or drinking disgusting things like a glass of face puss. I can’t believe her supporters like her based on, what, hmmm, “potential”. HA!


Wait. What? She isn’t going to put Frank straight up on the block, is she? For all the stupid back door evictions Frank is one of the few guys it is probably a good idea to keep out of the POV comp… and along side Bridgette… not much competition for Frank so far in the POV… they would rely on the remaining three selections to have a shot at winning POV?

Frank should be a replacement nom and have another person who can win the POV comp nominated

Slim Pickinz

Worthless players eventually win something when numbers dwindle. I don’t call it a turn around or luck. Just a waste of a HG getting a piece. Get out the trash before the garbage starts spreading its rotten self the rest of the BB season

Slim Pickinz

Worthless players eventually win something when numbers dwindle. I don’t call it a turn around or luck. Just a waste of a HG getting a piece. Get out the trash before the garbage starts spreading its rotten self the rest of the BB season!


Putting Bridgette and Frank up together ensures one of them goes home. Worst case: Bridgette goes home and that’s a win as well. Frank’s only ally in house.

Frank won 3 POVs in a row 4 years ago. This thought that he is greatest comp player in BB history(he isn’t) and he needs to be feared because of that is laughable.

Let’s see how big tough Frank does tonight while shell shocked from a major blindside.

Pinocchio Obama

I hoping someone wins HOH with the stones to backdoor Frank. I’m guessing Da’Vonne or Paulie would be the best bet.


she can’t they are on her team

Pinocchio Obama

Your right about Paulie. He is on Frank’s team. At least he count vote against Frank if their team isn’t safe.

This team crap needs to go.


If Vanessa was in this big brother house she would totally dominate everyone just lays on there ass.

Big Jim

Although it still doesn’t look great, Frank’s odds seem to be slowly improving


Z is actually being a voice of reason for Paulie. We’ll see if their game relationship is one sided or not and he listens to her. It behooves them to placate Day and James for the time being, and Paul is somebody they should want to stay in their back pocket for as long as possible.

But When Paulie started talking to James about switching up the vote, James did not seem happy about the flip flopping or tipping Frank off that the whole house is against him. He believes Bronte is someone that will always be easy to take out. Things could flip again so I’m not even going to guess as to whether Tiff or Bronte is leaving tonight.

If Tiff stays and wins HOH then either Frank or Bridge will likely be leaving next, but the RK could always throw Day or Paulie up too depending on who wins, and make things interesting.


James is frustrating because he’s charismatic and smart enough to run s**t but he’s so preoccupied with Nat that he’s working with partial info.

I think he knows 1) Tiffany doesn’t help him, 2) Bronte does, and 3) the choices are evict Tiffany and keep Frank inside p*ssing out or keep her and push Frank outside p*ssing in…but getting cute with the vote is the absolute worst idea. People left in the dark will be angry, especially when those who voted one way insist they voted the other way, essentially telling Frank to get those who went with his plan…because if the lie works, the innocent will be nominated in a Frank HOH and he won’t care which goes home. And even if everybody is in on it, everybody will claim innocence…and 5 people will have to be thrown under the bus.

But as a game/entertainment fan, I hope they go this route because it will almost certainly cause a blow up on Paulie sooner or later.


Oh all the vets I think James is playing the best, but unfortunately James is still playing the same way he did last year. He’s got his charming and funny moments and fairly good interpersonal skills, but he ends up thinking with the wrong head.

Bronte staying imho is MUCH better for his long term game than Tiff. James/Nat/Bronte/Bridge could splinter off from the remains of 8P/Fatal5/Showmances/etc. and act as a counter alliance. And James certainly has reason to split off. He’s got to recognize that he’s always last with these other groups to get info. That is a clear sign that he is on the outs.

You better believe that Nic/Corey will be claiming to have been votes to get Tiff out to Frank. This puts the people who actually voted for Bronte to stay at risk.

I’m not entirely sure it blows up in Paulie’s face quite yet, but I was surprised just how blinded he and Z were by Day. Like Ned trusting Littlefinger, trusting Day is the worst thing they could have ever done.


Looking forward to the vote – it should be real interesting to see who votes which way. Wouldn’t it be nice if people actually voted based on what’s good for their game rather than voting with the House or to avoid making someone mad! So many flip flops this week on who they want out – wonder if it will all just fizzle out at the moment of truth cause no one want to frazzle Frank.


I think James is more interested in being on a show than in winning Big Brother. He’s constantly trying to walk the middle, not as a strategy to advance his game but just to stick around and make some money, gather “fans”, and possibly win AFP again. He’ll make big moves when the people trying to win start talking about putting him on the block.


yeah, james really should want to keep bronte and try to shift the votes to paul (which is doable if he had the social skills of dan gheesling, but unfortunately, he doesn’t). having tiff, frank, and da in the house at the same time is good for his game as it leaves three big targets in the house and allows him to fly under the radar while everyone else takes them and each other out, leaving him to build numbers by pulling in people once their allies are depleted.


Quick question, at what point did you actually “laugh out loud”?
Was it when that amazing comment popped into your head and you felt you HAD to share it with everyone?
Were you laughing out loud the entire time you were typing it?
Or were you proofreading your amazing comment and once you were done, you started to laugh out load and decided “I need to let everyone know I laughed out loud at my own comment!”
I’m just wondering… when you laughed out loud


Uh huh?


Well that was certainly the most douchey thing I’ve read in a while.

People Mad On a Comments Board. LOL

When we laughed you ask Clay? LOL at you being so mad about a television show.

Tiffany staying has you very upset. I’m sorry.

Hey, look on bright side. It’s going to be probably the best Thursday live eviction show in years. You obviously are very passionate about BB so enjoy the show.


Your mom’s mad…

Corey's slippers

If your bored and tired of people using “LOL” you can go with me and Corey to sign up for nursing school!

So anyway...

After Frank, Paulie and Nicole need to go


Not a Tiffany fan but I am a fan of the house flipping. It is refreshing to not see unanimous votes this season. Was it Season 16 where the target was told they were going home and to just “enjoy the remainder of their season”….and they did not even fight to stay?
Not sure what kind of Big Brother game Nicole is playing…telling unnecessary lies and she is not savvy enough to play all sides as she is trying to do. Already she has been exposed and to align with Frank (who is the only one throwing Corey’s name for eviction that I can tell)?
Also not a fan of Corey, I think he is a waste of space. I also believe Glenn won that photo finish comp but Production gave it to Corey to keep eye candy in the game.
Rooting for Day, James, Tiffany or Michelle to win the HOH tonight…..Day needs to win to ensure her safety, James should try to win so he is not seen as a floater (no way would I tell anyone I am not trying to win it because it is another smooth week), Tiffany simply because it means Frank/Gidget would be scrambling and Michelle…who knows what she would do?
I know it won’t happen but the Showmance Alliance needs to splinter because no one will want to be with them (the 5th wheel is the first one gone) and they will always be targets, maybe even more so than Frank.


I think Corey pretty clearly beat Glenn, Glenn knocked over all of his things before pressing the button.


It is hilarious. The HGs run around telling everyone what they think they want to hear while quoting what others told them what they thought the wanted to hear… and people react to it as though it provides deeper truth and insight.

It may seem logical, reasonable or even prudent to not trust the people you align with are playing the other HGs to better themselves and you because you may suffer the consequences of trusting the wrong person (or the right person for too long) but not trusting them and believing the people who are not aligned with (i.e. people aligned with others) is absolutely guaranteed to hurt you and shorten your life in the house.

Take your time. Pick your allies wisely so you know more about them, and their game; so you can have confidence that when they are running around telling other HGs what those HGs want to hear and your name is mentioned then you can trust that (when it comes back to you that so and so said/did this/that) it is just misdirection on your allies’ part working the rest of the house for your shared benefit.

Granted at some point it all breaks down (because ultimately there is only one big winner… although 2nd place and AFP are nice pays) but you have a better shot at getting to the end with voting partners you can rely on.

Spend some time selecting targets that are best for your shared game and then stick to the plan regardless of what others have to say; or what they say you allies have said. Always go back to your allies and update them on what you are saying and why as well as what the HGs you spoke to said.

It is hilarious that these people believe it is better (for their chances to win) to align quickly with people they barely know and then put more trust and faith in what the other HGs tell you about what the people you are aligned with are saying about you without ever discussing it with your allies.


Gotta like James, siding with everyone, not harsh badmouthing or vicious about anyone.
Should be good for AFP again.


Always been a James fan 😉
Michelle is growing on me. Loved that she called Nicole out in a room full of people! And told Paulie…ok you vote your way but we’re all voting this way!

Would like to see James, Natalie & Michelle F3


Was a thumbs up right until your F3… and that flipped my vote.

Just in!

I just read on Wikipedia that Bronte was voted out 6-3. And Tiffany the next HOH…


There is a live eviction and hoh comp tonight so no one has been evicted yet


Wikipedia article by Jayson Blair and fact checked by Dan Rather.


Tiffany isn’t going to win crap. That’s a fairy tale.


Dawg……… (Corey now wants to be a nurse) after finding out Nicole sees a lot of pen!$es. That sir was the best comment so far this season! Too funny. Thumbs up X 10


LOL.. that was me I snuck it in there 🙂


Comic gold sir! Hats off to you


Oops! Sorry–I love you Simon! LOL




This generation has a hard time from adding one thing to another because they grew up with the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Paris Hilton, Kanye West as role models………………………no wonder they don’t have brains!


I don’t know if Corey is actually gay, but your comment about him wanting to be a nurse made me burst out laughing. I’m sure the neighbors think I’m a crazy lady. Thank you for these reports, they make BB18 worth following.


LMAO “Corey wants to be a nurse now”. I love you Dawg!


OMG why is so many people hating on Natalie in the bb house especially the showmances my gosh , Natalie is using James no because her diary rooms tell a different story saying she would date someone like James out of the house and she has a crush on and the feelings mutual just because she’s pretty that means the nat is using him smh if you take nat out do you really feel you can rope him in because he can win comps and take you out a I feel they’ll be the first showmances to do something other than cuddle and damn paulie is getting on my nerves ugh always trying to come up with a excuse to break up Nat and James and I highly doubt nat would call scobby doo sexy be cause one person will say that and that’s fruit loop dingus ironically . Hoping that 4 paulie,nicole,corey, z ( because of her association with paulie ) don’t win HOH and anybody else from franks team someone from big sister between Paul or Day ( I know she won’t win the hoh but it’s good to dream) but I actually lowkey want Paul to win because he’s been on the block for 3 weeks straight and his whole team is safe and they can’t get rid of day I feel Paul will cause mayhem because he can go after anyone and that would involve people throwing people under the bus to see where their loyaties stan basically everything this week could’ve been if frank was leaving this thursday.


That is a REALLY long, rambling, run-on opening sentence that I cannot even begin to understand!


I really think bronte leaving is awful for everyone’s games besides Day and Michelle. It is going to hurt James’s game immensely Paulie Nicole and Corey are now going to come to the forefront of attention and it will most likely backfire on them this next week.


Nah – there is definitely value in breaking up the spy girls. Also, James is being very naive in believing that evicting more guys from the house (including Frank) will ultimately work in his favor.


Figure we’re done with the team HOH comps, and go head to head, when we get to jury?


Today I don’t have to write a post trying to convince myself that Tiffany isn’t going home because, as of now she’s not. Of course, they haven’t woken up yet so all of that could change ten more times today.
I still don’t give Nicole any credit for the great vote flipping plan because every time she walks out of one room and into another she changes her mind.
I have no idea who Nicole really wants to work with but she is definitely a rat and that is almost never good strategy. (Andy was a fluke but look at the house guests he was working with-not the brightest group to ever play the game.) A strategist sells out almost everyone’s information but has at least one or two people that they are loyal to. Nicole just tells everyone’s information to everyone which usually backfires and puts the target on you. It also puts targets on anyone she may potentially want to work with. She seems most interested in working with Frank. Corey and Paulie are not included in that F2 plan. I’m not sure then, why she wants Da out so bad. If she wants Corey and/or Paulie out at some point why not let Da target them so her own hands are clean?
I am liking Michelle right now. I think she did want to work with 8-pack and with Fatal 5 and I think it has become increasingly obvious to her who from those groups would have been loyal and who would not.
I have no idea what Corey thinks. (Does he think?) I believe his F2 with Paulie is real, at least on his part. Other than that he just agrees with whoever is talking. However, when I watch his interactions with other people, I don’t think he hates Da nearly as much as Nicole does. Any feelings of ‘sketch’ he has about her were definitely planted by Nicole and then watered by Paulie. Also, I see NO connection with Nicole, romantic or friendship. She is a vet, she picked him for her team, she developed a crush. As long as they are useful to each other in the game he’ll roll with it but I don’t see it going any deeper. When I see him talking to Michelle I see a friendship that seems far more genuine than anything he has with Nicole.

Uh huh

Nicole is playing a good game. I think she deserves more credit them everyone is getting her. Y all the haters? She is a nice girl and it’s not like her gameplay is stupid. She does some questionable things but all of the house guests do.


I don’t understand all the hate on certain house guests.


I don’t really get the Bronte hate. Because of her voice or something? That’s kinda petty.


I was hopeing something would finally happen. I would much rather see Bronte gone than Tiffany! The bad part of voting out Frank next week is he will probably come back!


Just out of curiosity…
I can’t really get a read on Zakiyah. She seems really close to Nicole but she seemed upset that Paulie and Corey got the idea that DaVonne was targeting them. If Zak found out just how hard Nicole has been pushing to make DaVonne the target, especially to Frank (who Zak still seems to really hate), what do you think her reaction would be?

Dang Bro

I’d like to see Nicole and Z on the block. Time to stop hiding behind your men.

Dang Girl

I don’t think they r hiding behind their men. I like Z and Nicole and I think they r playing smart.


“They talk about Natalie. Paulie says everyone sees through her sh*t except for James.”

And everyone outside the house sees that it’s not shit.


I’m beginning to wonder about Paulie. He seems to be on a rant against random females. Is it a guy thing where the numbers are off and it scares him or does it have more to do with how he sees women? I have heard him refer to one woman as someone’s “piece”. I found that offputting in the extreme. I hope it’s not who he is, but you never know. Either way, my respect for him has dropped off a cliff.


Hey guys! I’m back for my weekly visit to this site! 🙂

Can you please point me to any post that you guys discussed Sunday’s episode in which CBS – unbelievably – broadcast Frank’s pervy side? I mean: we were all thinking they were gonna sweep that sh!t under the rug and they did show it! Wow, though still showing a favorable side of his (“It was just a joke, I’m so sorry she misunderstood it”), I was glad they did not sanitize that mess as they always do. I’m interested in knowing fan reactions to it. I looked up all posts for July 10 but didn’t really find anything…

Not sure

Check July 8th. It’s page 5.


Thank you so much, Not sure! But the entry on that page – “FRANK WHAT ARE YOU DOING FINGER POPPING PEOPLES BUTTS.. WHAT THE HELL FRANK THAT CRAZY” – was in there already before the episode aired on Sunday 10. I even left comments on it. Perhaps people didn’t bother commenting the actual airing then?


I don’t think they showed enough of Frank’s bad side, just enough to get people to stop petitioning them. They didn’t show any of the things that led up to DaVonne snapping. They didn’t show things in chronological order (Da’s changing hairstyle was a dead give away.) They ended it with him saying that he was sorry and he didn’t realize it upset her which made it seem like Da was over reacting. They also didn’t show any of the things he said afterwards. He immediately said that if Da was going to be over emotional then she could be the next one to leave right after Tiffany. He said he wouldn’t ‘poke her in the butt’ anymore but he wasn’t going to apologize for being who he was. He then went on to tell Nicole, “I guess I’ll have to start slapping you now.”


Oh, I totally agree! Far from me to praise CBS for being fair. I was just surprised that they even entertained the idea of putting that on the air. When they showed the whole drama on BB15, they also didn’t do a great job at it. Even Chen’s interview with that blonde nazi was not good. They let Amanda and GinaMarie get away with all the bad things they said too. They won’t ever do anything fair apparently. However I feel in a way that with internet justice has its own way of getting the truth out. It’s impossible to hide that stuff and simply make them disappear. BB happens not only on CBS 3 times a week, but it is constantly spread all over the web on every social media by people watching the feeds and sharing those images. In that way, all the info is easily and readily available to the whole world. People just need to click and see it. I’d respect CBS a lot more – and also Julie Chen, after all she is the “journalist” responsible to attest that all that is being aired is true – if they were the first to give away the facts and present them fairly. But I’m crossing fingers here that they will still show this Frank mess in more details. You see: they just started throwing sh!t at the fan on Sunday’s episode after the whole thing had happened a few days before. Let’s see if on next week – that will probably be very focused on getting Frank out – they’ll show a bit more of things that has already happened in an attempt to polish the storyline and explain facts. People should still be vocal about this on social media…

Powder Puff Girls

Did they show Da’Vonne call Frank a douche then Frank responded by calling Da’Vonne a slut? I do not know what order these events took place.


It’s the right move keeping Tiff, she’s no threat can’t win anything but she’s the most boring player ever. I’m going to miss Bronte running around in her bikini. Paulie and his giant brain doesn’t think Frank can figure out who flipped. I think even Paulie could figure that out. I have faith in production tonight’s HOH comp will be a farting contest.

The smell of victory

I’ll win from home.

Powder Puff Girls

lol Frank will win that contest hands down


I don’t know what Nicole is doing. What ever it is Michelle is on to her and blasted her in a room full of people. I think Michelle caught on to Nicole from talking to DA. I think James should get a final deal with Michelle. They are on opposite ends of the house and could make it far in this game. We will see. Cory is dufus. Is he on some type of meds.

Fuzzy Num Num

I’ve been thinking, always hazardous, but Paul really reminds me of Captain Caveman. Hmmm.


didnt i call it last AGT beats out BB America’s Got Talent (NBC) (8-10 p.m.) 2.3/9 11.44
Big Brother (CBS) 1.7/8 5.89


I knew it! Corey has been spreading lies about Natalie this whole time because he wanted James for himself! I see what he is up to with those “massages.” Natalie will have to fight Corey for James.


here is the hidden truth behind the Natalie hate and why they feel that she is just using James and his heart will be broken. They do not feel that she could be attracted to James because he is an Asian Male and that just isn’t sexy. As horrible as it may seem… Nicole believes the Corey is getting hit on by Natalie as truth is because Corey is what is considered hot in our society, she thinks Natalie is using him and is going to break his heart is because she doesn’t want to do him… that is it.

Natalie is a she-devil b*&%h because who would want to do an asian guy (hello his baby mama’s wanted to.) …. that is really what they are saying every time the talk like that. The truth is Natalie is into James and likes him a lot. It is the other guys that repulse her.


James has been M.I.A since his lovefest with Natalie, which is a dangerous situation for them both. He seems to forget that this game is highly fluid and that strategies change by the minute. He needs to be in the loop and not take it for granted that his alliance members are really working to for his best interest.

Nat’s initial intentions was to be the flirt with multiple guys, not just James,to advance her game. That doesn’t appear to be working too well as she’s getting too attached to James. IF Bronte really is evicted, maybe that will jolt her back into reality and get her to re-focus. I think her initial read on players was good and I was hoping she’d go far.


James’ game was always lackluster, just like last season. He put his trust in other people, and lay around. He was only popular because of his pranks, nothing more!


see everybody wants frank out I get that but they don’t think frank will know about the vote they kidding them self
james will be mad natilie will too in frank will go beast mode on the comp tonight to me they should of waited
to bronty tiffny an natile out of the house to go after frank reason why is cause you know who frank targeting in it not you so by keeping tiffiny is it a great move yes but it also a dumb move cause if frank gets hoh he not putting up tiffiny or natile then what you going to do paul he not going to do that etheir the person who I think
will go home next week is corey


Punctuation people!!!


Nobody cares!!!


Im not going for frank but I want frank to win hoh tonight to see the look on Nicole an corey face saying what have we done cause they flip all the time one second they like day they next second they want her out the same with frank like him the next want him out if frank make it to the end it will be ashame if they don’t vote for him to win I kind of want to see frank hoh tonight to see how people turn against each other

Powder Puff Girls

I think once Frank sees Tiffany is safe he will try to win really hard. If he won it would be interesting to see who is the first one begging for safety HOH room. I have a feeling Tiffany will be the one to beat in this competition.


My thoughts:
Didn’t know Michelle had it in her to game that well. Good for her.
James “reluctant” now and thinking save Bronte is more about Natalie than anything else. Think with the other head James.
Hoping for a five vote… doesn’t da’vonne plan on throwing a sympathy vote secretly… oops. There goes some anonymity.
This vote flip has been brought to you by production, production: Trying to put all the vets in the roles you loved them in the first time. (cue tinkly piano) watch Frank the outsider battle to stay. Watch James and his little tribe of b-listers sit in a room trying to be invisible while one of them is picked of every week. Watch Da’vonne’s mouth get her into trouble and knocked out the door. Watch Nicole talk about how hard everything is and how she’s a target perpetually. Production, three times a week. Be there.