“Brontosaurus.. It was so hard to come up with your goodbye speech because.. I’m like she’s not going to see this.”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 09-06-44-326

MEECH – Fruit loops is on pinterest .. .

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 09-09-23-590

9:09am Tiffany, Paul, Zakiyah, Corey and NIcole
Teasing Nicole that she wanted to listen/smell Corey’s fart..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 09-12-33-871

9:10am HOH Natalie, Bridgette and James
James is telling Natalie they have to at least not come in last place today during the HOH.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 09-22-57-687

9:31am Bridgette, Frank and Michelle
Going over details they were shown on the screen last night. Michelle says she’s sick of studying can even stand studying around Tiffany she gets so stressed on the minute details.
Frank talks about James putting a dirty tampon on top of the garbage can, Frank asks who would dig inside the garbage to pull something like that out.
Michelle thinks it’s just BBQ sauce.

Frank tells them Tiffany won’t even look at him..
Frank – she’s just so obvious.. She wears everything on her face..

Bronte walks bye.
Frank – “Brontosaurus.. It was so hard to come up with your goodbye speech because I know i’m like she’s not going to see this..”
Michelle says she put something in about Tiffany’s sunglasses in her goodbye speech, “It’s frickin annoying”

Michelle, Frank and Bridgette all were not fans of Vanessa last season. Bridgette says that is the one person she said pre season she didn’t want to be in the game.

Frank says Jame voted Da’Vonnne out her there season.
Michelle says James must know Da is skeetchy.
Bridgete – that’s because she was sketchy as f***
Michelle – ya, I’m not trusting a word that comes out of her mouth anymore
Frank says Da will be pissed off all week

Frank says Paulie was so pissed at Natalie last night, “she can’t clean a dish”
Frank – PAulie’s such a neat freak I love it.. He’s so thorough
Bridgette – so was Vic

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 10-11-06-484

10:08am Michelle, Zakiyah and Nicole
Talking about Frank playing mind games they need to stay strong and know they have each others back.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 10-20-01-419

10:21am Paul, Paulkie, Zakiyah and Michelle
Paul telling them if he wins HOH he’s putting Bridgette and Frank up. Right before the POV he’ll wake them up in the morning banging pots and pans yelling Friendship..
Paulie brings up Frank telling him that Bridgette doesn’t even like Bronte and Natalie and she wants to get them out as soon as they hit Jury
Zakiyah – That girl thinking she’s all that

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 10-29-40-047

10:27am Corey and Tiffany have nots
COoey telling her she needs to be quick about because things are coming out.
Corey – keep your cool.. this is strategic.. I just don’t want him to know whose flipping this thing.. he wants you out.. I don’t want him to know we had anything to do with it..
Tiffany – ya .. I’m not going to say anything to anyone.. I have’t
Corey – don’t mess is up for tonight
Tiffany – what would mess it up
Corey – making any deals with Frank and Bridgette..
Tiffany – Corey, make a deal with the devil
Corey – I’m the only one sticking to the original 8 pack deal
Corey says his name is getting thrown out left and right so this is about him not her she needs to be quiet.

Tiffany promises to be quiet, they shake. .

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 10-39-25-829

10:32pm Paulie, Nicole, Paul, Corey, Zakiyah and Michelle
Paulie tells him Frank is going around saying he’s gotten Corey and Paulie on-board with backdooring Da’Vonne.
Corey is worried that Da thinks he’s turning on her says she’s been giving him weird looks.

Michelle, Zakiyah and Nicole whisper..
Michelle tells them about the conversation with Frank. How he has no idea what is going on.

Michelle – frank and Bridgette do mad shit talking ..
Says Frank hates everything Paul says.. Frank was saying Paulie hates Natalie in front of Bridgette.. “Bridgette is going to tell Natalie”
Bridgette – He [Frank] was also like I was really shocked that James was on-board with getting out Da
Nicoel – he’s goijng to be so mad..

Paul in the room starts saying “pots and pans”
Nicole questioning getting rid of Bronte now, “I don’t know whats best”
Michelle – Tiffany can definitely win .. but we can take someone out in Frank’s Army today.. he’s going to be frazzled.
Nicole – he [Frank] trusts us three so much we’re going to be throwing that away
Michelle – I know..
Paul joins them says if they are have nots and Bridgette and Frank are on the block he apologizes for the pot and panning he’ll be doing.
Michelle – I’ll join in
Paul outlines his plan make sure Frank and Bridgette don’t sleep before the veto, “Ding ding ding FRIENDHSIP”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 11-04-30-109

11:05am Zakiyah and Nicole
They are worried that Da’Vonne is going to look at them and think they have something going on because they voted to keep Tiffany.
Zakiyah says Da’Vonne is a bit insecure about Corey, “Everyone is getting frantic.. we got to calm our peoples down”

11:24am HOH lockdown feeds on jeff highlights

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-14 13-07-11-186

1:05pm Feeds back..
James says he caught Paul in a lie, “He’s flip flopping he’ll go with the side that holds the power”
Nicole and Michelle come in and bring up flipping the vote and keeping Tiffany.

James – Holy sh1t what are we doing
Nicole – it’s going to be 5 to 4
Da’Vonne – we gotta solidify
James – Lets vote Paul out
Michelle – F***g Bronte
Nicole – I’m not voting Paul out..

Nicole says Bridgette told them Bronte is after Paulie so he’s on board.
James is pissed he’s losing another member of his team.
James brings up catching Paul in a lie. James really doesn’t want Bronte to go he wants Bridgette gone.
Michelle – I don’t care Bronte’s Dirty I want her out
Da – When did Paulie Flip
Michelle- yesterday

James- Franks going to know 1/2 the house flipped on him..
James says Frank will really be fighting for the HOH.

They start trying to figure out a complicated voting strategy so Frank doesn’t know who flipped.
Paulie joins them.
Nicole – lets do 4-3-2
Paulie says he heard it from Michelle that Bridgette said Bronte is targeting him so this is why he’s voting out Bronte.
You can tell James is not happy about this he keeps coming up with excuses but the group won’t have any of it.
James- OK so we all vote Bronte out everybody..
Nicole – NO

Paulie saying Tiffany is someone dangerous he still wants her to go soon.
Da says they’ll use Tiffany yo take out Frank then they’ll take Tiffany out during double evcition.

1:54pm nothing going on but studying, getting ready and chit chat

1:56pm Paulie and Da’Vonne
Paulie is going to tell Paul right before the vote that his girl is going home. Corey joins them says Michelle was talking about what is going down with Frank and Bridgette in the room.

2:10pm James is telling Da that he’s wanting to tell Natalie before the vote goes down. He needs the last person on his team to trust him. SHe’ll be pissed and not trust him anymore if he doesn’t

(they have a complex plan for voting 1 person makes a mistake and it could mean Tiffany does go)

FLASHBACK and watch everything you missed: CBS All Access FREE Trial!

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roadkill and pov should be done wed night instead nomination-roadkill on sundays!


I’m for that, especially when Thursday night football preempts BB.


plus there going against AGT last and they lost in the ratinfgs big time!


plus they should do it from 7-9pm

Pinocchio Obama

Great point. I hate when Big Brother gets shoved back for pre season football.


it wont be affected in canada because we get watch it regular times!


Yippee! Now we have matching moronic usermanes!!!!!


BB got huge rating drop last night to!


Why are you so concerned about the ratings of the show? You only leave comments about ratings and not about the things happening in the show itself. Chill, pls.


that y i read it here

Frank is going bald

Frodo can post what he wants just like you can. Who made you ruler of this comments section?

If you don’t like his posts just scroll past when you see his name. Like I do with Clay and Hann:-)


Nobody’s saying Frodo can’t post what he or she likes. Of course they can. But all the comments from Frodo are about ratings. He commented about it yesterday and I actually learned somethings from his first comment from yesterday. He’s made his point. Repeating it all over again 3 times is what I was trying to point out. He’s said it once and we got it.


yet alliwsance guide hasnt added this yet have they Powerpuff:
– Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette


Sunday and Wednesday are both prerecorded. The only new information is the DR and few people care about that. Thursday may see a bump in viewership. Many people don’t bother with the TV show because they can get most everything from sites like this one. The Chenbot bothers me. I swear they use the same script each season for her and just substitute names.

Some stage hand should move all her toe points and watch hilarity ensue.


ya sunday it celebrity family feud night to which always geat to rating steadly gone up

Jake K.

Frodo, do you follow Nielsen numbers? This comment makes no sense. Big Brother has averaged 1.9/8 on Wednesdays. Last night it had a SLIGHT drop but was still adjusted to 1.8/8 with a .1 rating and no share drop. AGT does pose a bit of a threat but they only showed a 2.4 which is pretty normal for that show. For BB to only drop .1 in rating despite the ESPYs as well as the AGT Judges Pick show in an Olympics year is INCREDIBLE. I’d venture to guess that BB will increase in some DVR ratings because of AGT and BB conflicting. Tonight, I am also going to conjecture will be the first 2.0 after being adjusted up because of the game heating up thanks to BIG MEECH (my pick killing it) and the game finally unraveling. This is also when Neilsen ratings picked up for BB17. I said this yesterday, the show pays minimal money for the cast, host, and production and can get top-line commercial prices when they win almost each night they are on. Additionally they get viewers on POP and the income from merchandising and Live Feeds. This show is NO WHERE CLOSE to being cancelled. Even if Julie got tired of it (which honestly may eventually happen), they really to have seemed to have been grooming Jeff to take over as host one day.


America’s Got Talent (NBC) (8-10 p.m.) 2.4/9 11.85
Big Brother (CBS) 1.8/8 6.05

Jake K.

Yep thats what I wrote in my original post 😀


just wait until agt live show starts up!


Have some pi…
3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510
5820974944 5923078164 0628620899 8628034825 3421170679


here some cheese!~

Double D

PLEASE !!!…Don’t tell Frank or Brig. before the live show. It will be such good TV.
Will be great Sunday night to see Frank and Brig’s diary room comments.

Brody Schiller

big meech sealed the deal for tiff to stay by telling paulie and cody that bronte was going to target them, that really swayed paulie who was originally against keeping tiff

frank is about to turn into the hulk haha


Haha , i love paul


Pots and pans… Friendship. lol.


I can’t wait to see Frank’s face if Bronte is voted out. That is if Nicole doesn’t change her mind AGAIN. My god, that woman changes her mind so much. I hope Tiffany does stay just to piss Frank off.

BB Addict

Why does she change her mind every two minutes!? Nicole really needs to get a grip! Simon & Dawg….thank you for all the posts you guys do an awesome job entertaining us! I love love love your site! How can yous guys watch Nicole change her mind like she does!? I want to throw ANY object they my TV screen when I hear her!! Yous must have so much patience having to hear/watch these idiots … I’d like to see Nicole on the block this week coming up for sure!


She’s second guessing herself b/c there is no clear choice of evictee. She’s playing for a lot of money. It’s so easy to criticize. Maybe some people would foolishly make a decision and stick to it despite the fact that the picture is murky while everyone continues discussing and analyzing it.


I want Tiff to stay only because I hope it causes Nicole problems. James only wants Bronte to stay because he doesn’t want it to cause problems between himself and Nat. If it was a game reason I could understand but all he’s worried about is his showmance. Frank and Tiff in the house makes for good drama and that’s all it’s about. If she does stay don’t be surprised if Frank try’s to build a friendship with Tiff and reel her in!


Bronte is also on his team, so 25% less chance of safety.


James is worried about his side alliance with the power puff girls. Rightly so. There are a lot of big guns on the other side that are ready to eat their own young at the drop of a hat.

Double D

Bridgette will be ballin’ her eyes out


????omg omg omg I cannot wait to see the look on her face with her best friend is kicked out of the game and she could’ve saved her with the POV it will be the best thing and big brother history in like four years ????????

Powderpuff girls

I think Natalie will be super upset she is closer friend to Bronte and shed tears. Bridgette will be upset for her own stupidity for leaving her on the block. Frank will most likely smile on the outside but shake on the inside. I will be pressing the pause button a lot tonight…


And with little effort you could lead Natalie to think Bridgette had something to do with Bronte going. Wifey spy is done.


The big problem today is keep James from alerting Nat as to the change of vote, and, keeping Nicole from overthinking the vote! I just hope Tiffany figures out “You in danger girl!” …so quit hiding behind sunglasses and feeling sorry for yourself and fight!

D.R. goodbye

Bronte, Im going to miss your thigh gap and especially the box gap, and also your ears if you can believe it.
12-1=11 peace boo


I can’t stand Paul and his DR segments.
Please send him packing soon.


My biggest problem with Paul is his LOUD voice. Every time I try to watch BBAD I have a hard time listening to the schemer’s talk because all I hear is Paul’s voice coming from another room…LOL!


Not sure where Paul gets his abundance of over-confidence and lack of self-awareness, but it is truly grating and annoying and offensive. Not intelligent, not interesting, and I could live the rest of my life never hearing him or Bronte speak again!

Pokemon Go

Not really a big Tiffany fan… but definitely would like to see the faces of Frank and Bridgette tonight if the flip floppers stick to the 5-4 plan.

Pokemon Go

Also being a continously bully of the house is making me want to root for Tiffany tonight. The shit frank says is sooooo rude. I’m hoping all of them can work towards getting Frank out. The chances of him wining HOH are slowly delwendling.

Not Cute

I have so many people to root against. But, I’m not going to suddenly decide to like someone just because they did something I like. And I’m not going to forget why I disliked someone in the first place.

Michelle is still a turd. Nicole and Z are still chickenhawks. Tiffany is still an annoying sperg. Frank is still a douchebag. Da is a toddler-driven Buick. Paul is nightmare cross of an ED-wannabe and Renny.

I’m pretty much down to supporting James and Nat, despite their flirty fauxmance.

But, I’m still liking this season.

Blast Radius

I change my opinions like I change my panties. Once a week.

Coaster Dive

Yes! Paul is ED plus Renny. I never cared for either one.


Who’s ED? (insert a pic of me feeling clueless, uncool and totally out of pop culture references)


Evel Dick


Thanks for clarifying!

Ohio Smile

Evil Dick


Thanks for asking….I too had NO IDEA who ED was!!!!

Cosby Kids

Nailed it.

Dang Bro

It’s true. Michelle is a turd.

For crying out loud

They are so dumb not getting Tiffany out. She has got to go, they are all freaking out about one person saying different things to different people when they are all doing the same thing. There is a reason I could never play this game.


I wish they would get rid of Tiffany too.


I disagree, I think it’s brilliant. Finally they are thinking and not sheep following Franks rule. I don’t even think these idiots realize what a good move it is. Not only is Frank blindsided but his puppet Bridgette just used her HOH to evict “her friend”. Tiff is an easy out at any time, she is rapidly proving she is no Vanessa. Why evict someone who is only targeting Frank? Seems to me that only helps Frank. Split the votes and deny deny deny when Bronte walks out the door. Now all they have to do it suggest/insinuate to Bridgette this was all Franks plan from the beginning. He used you to get Bronte out but didn’t really trust you enough to tell you and you fell for it. He did put you up on the first Road Kill and he put Bronte up this time. Now Frank has even lost his stepford wife….Well maybe, we are talking about Bridgette here. lol


Yes. This: his puppet Bridgette just used her HOH to evict “her friend”.
That makes it so great! Frank put Bronte up there! Watch Gidget not care — I mean, even when Frank told her that he “road killed” her, she hugged it out with him. lol.

Unbattled Block

The only thing that might be more enjoyable than watching Frank’s face after the vote will be Bridgette realizing on her pseudo-HOH week, one of her allies got voted out. By the very nomination of the Guy who ran her HOH week.



AGREE! Worried Nicole is going to flake in the end though and Tiff will be the one evicted. I just want good TV.


Doesn’t matter if Nic flakes because Day is voting out Bronte regardless of whether she knows the “house” is doing it or not. But Nic is too scared to flip back by herself anyways.. It would piss off Paulie and Corey.


I’m so excited to see Frank and Bridgette faces…I feel like kid excited to go to Disneyland. Haven’t seen a dramatic blindside in years. Frank is going to be a tyrant. Can’t wait!!!!!

conservative white male

I don’t care who goes, as long as theAfrican American women stay in the house. Gives me something stare at while my wife is sleeping.
Zakiyah is my V.P choice.


Sick pr**k.


Wow!!! Really??? You need professional help….

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Nicole they don’t need you go climb up Franks ass. You are done.

James can be the 5th vote in your place. Stfu or you getting booted and you can go cry with Frank and Bridgette all week. God she is annoying and the worst player ever!

The fact Frank hasn’t even given a thought to maybe the house is playing him…proves he isnt a good player. Weak ass goofy lookin’ punk is all he is or ever has been. Step aside son let real players play the game.

Enjoying his extended funeral and will tonight and next 7 days.


Coin Slot Nostril’s keep em coming!!! I hope Nicole is gone this week!


So, I’m confused. I thought Da and James were the one spearheading the vote to save Tiffany but now they are not part of the plan? What’s the reasoning?


Okay, nevermind, then…


They have now told both James and Da. The reason they didn’t tell them at first was from last night when Mich spearheaded the plan. Da and James weren’t around at the time and the others decided that by not telling Da and James the vote would be close and hoping it would cause Frank to lose concentration in the HOH trying to figure out in his head who the votes for Tif were.


Thank you, makes a bit more sense now.


What if….Nat votes Paul… it’s a tie and Bridgette decides?!?! That would mess up all their plans.


Da and James had wanted to vote out Paul. I think Da would be fine with either Paul or Bronte going. But James wants to protect his girls.

Sea n

Im confused are they flipping the vote to keep tiff or are they just saying that.


Thanks simon. I hope it dont change. So who is voting to keep tiff safe.


This has been a roller coaster week watching them try to make up their minds


Ikr? I am seasick – so glad it’s Thursday, I need off this ride finally. Can’t wait for the Frank drama to begin though!


This could be one of those moments where you can say, “that was priceless!”
After this hopefully everyone starts running around like a goat on fire…
Frank will freak, Bridgette will freak, Natalie will cry, James will comfort and maybe get a little boob action. Tiffany realizes just how close she was to actually getting tossed, and really still is. Maybe the rest of the house will understand that this is a house built on mud, it’s always shifting. Well not for the last few seasons but…

Nicole's absent spine

I really wish Nicole would grow a backbone and just stick to the plan!!! She is irritating me more by the day.


Someone should sedate Nicole until the voting is over. Her flip-flopping is way past annoying. You’d think with this being her third go-round in the house she’d be more calm.


Praying Bronte gets voted out because it will be one helluva blindside. Can’t wait to see Frank and Bridget’s faces.


Can’t stand Paul. Thinks he’s an innovative guy with his shredded leotards and hats that say “f–ck”. He’s probably thinking the word “friendship” will go viral. Can’t wait to see his new “friendship” line of bedazzled pink shirts with a “badass” skull on it. Douche


Kayser had shirts made with his face on it. Thought he was going to be super famous after the show. He ended up moving back to his homeland.


I’m reminded of the phrase Carebear Countdown!


Keeping Tiff without telling Da’ and James will make for great feeds, but strategically, it’s beyond dumb.


Do you think I’m going to get voted out or Tiffany.

Pinocchio Obama

Bronte I’m still shocked that your changing strategy didn’t work on James. Natalie really has him whipped.

I’m hoping that Tiffany leaves tonight. She justs whines too much for me.


LOL, poor James. Still has his on the prize. (bwahahaha)

Rubber Duck

This might be the first episode in a very long time I’m actually looking forward to watch. Last might have been season 15 to watch Julie roast Aaryn in front of the live audience


Can’t wait for Frank & Bridgette

Ya boy knows

frank will know what’s up the min Tiffany stays…. Homeboy is gonna try to win this HOH and he will not be the target this week! Better to keep bronte!


Big Meech is growing on me. She totally played Paulie and Cory telling them Bronte told her she was coming after them hard. Although if there were a dog in the house it could probably play them too. I’m gonna miss Bronte!

production rigged it

Paulie and Corey are so dumb, everybody knows Michelle hates Bronte so why would Bronte tell Michelle that she was coming after Paulie and Corey. They are so dumb, can’t wait until dumb and dumber are out the door. If Frank wins HOH and Roadkill one of them will probably go next week.


Paulie looked like he was lying last night. Like he was scared to death of Frank. Doesn’t he have any confidence in himself? What a dork.


Frank said, “90% of people love me, the other 10% F**kin’ hate me.”
I’m assuming he is referring to his family members. If he is talking about the other house guests or the viewers I think he would have to switch those numbers around.

Not Cute

Nicole is the worst.

Corey the Doufus

I love how Corey and Paul go around the house not having a clue what they are talking about or what is going on in the game or how to play it. But they interject and talk to people like they are making all the major moves. lol.

Floaters who it would be a travesty if they won: Paul, Corey, Natalie.

James also to some extent is just floating around to whoever he feels has the power that day. James needs a HOH. He will try a big move and fail and leave the next week. Ha.


I think Paul understands the situation. There’s just not a lot he can do to alter it yet. He’s not clueless, just powerless.

The Roach Coach

*Flip-flop Dingus


reminds me of flip or flop, the realtor Cristine omg so super fine fine. There having a marathon of shows on btw.
Wish there were hott blondes in the house.
Please BB, next season.


why are they not telling Davonne about keeping Tiffany ? She wants to keep her.


Have not watched the live feeds today so does anyone know if James was told they are voting to keep Tiffany?


Yes, they finally told him and Da. James wasn’t too happy and wants Paul instead of Bronte voted out. Hope he doesn’t spill it to Nat because although she has kept James’ secrets about the RK I don’t think she will let her friend Bronte be blindsided like that. Then of course Bronte will tell Brig who will then tell Frank and then we all lose the blindside we were hoping for.

My brother type thing

Am i the only one who is sick of Paul and his greasy beard. The whole friendship thing has more than run its course and is now extremity annoying and stupid. Dude is all talk and I highly doubt he will be banging pots and pans around the house. Evil dick he is definitely not. And Michelle is this years Andy,a no good dirty rat.

Fuzzy Num Num

He reminds me of Captain Caveman.


You are not alone in your dislike of that moronic, greasy,midget.


Paulie is all talk and no action.
He’s afraid of Frank.


It runs in the family

Bridgette's tampon

I can’t stand Bridgette. She’s a frickin’ idiot!


Who is going home?
Tiff or bronte
I have no idea anymore

Guy Guyerson

I think everyone is going to wake a sleeping giant with frank when they evict bronte, maybe he isnt a competition beast like he was before but i still think he will win a few comps and take out a few from the other side of the house before he gets evicted kind of like his previous season, why not just evict tiffany keep frank in dark until hes on the block with no chance of getting off and even if he gets evicted next week he has a real good chance to come back, btw this comment was not endorsed by frank, i liked him in his previous season but not anymore


The problem with that argument is that if you keep appeasing Frank till you have the perfect opportunity to kick him out (and with Frank that might not come for a while if he wins comps) then all you’re doing is strengthening Frank’s position in the house. And by the time you get the perfect opportunity you might not have the votes. Might as well strike whenever you get a chance.


It reminds me of Vanessa. Everyone kept saying she had to go and there she sat in the final three. Then Steve turned into super Steve and knew he couldn’t win next to her. Steve got lucky by being the one to decide who’s going out 3rd.


Can someone please tell me what is the deal wit Michelle badmouthing Da? What is going on? Aren’t they aligned anymore? And why arent anyone telling Da about saving Tiff? So weird…


michelle is badmouthing davonne to the people that want davonne out of the house. michelle is badmouthing nicole to the people suspicious of nicole. michelle told corey da is less dangerous than bronte or frank multiple times in trying to flip him to save tiffany. She’s playing them.
what i find interesting is paulie is trying to take credit for tiffany’s salvation to tiffany, but then telling james it’s a girl plan in the morning, and volunteering to be one of the votes to evict tiffany in the whole who votes where debate the group has. He can now tell Frank honestly he didn’t vote to save tiffany and hang it all on the women (we all know Frank’s first thought will be it’s the women).


No respect at all if Paulie plays it off like that…somebody will bust him if that happens!


Thank you for your reply, Anonymous! Since I’m not watching the feeds and trying to stay out of this site to allow the show to surprise me during the regular airings, sometimes it is confusing to catch up when I visit once a week. LOL! Thanks!

Now the mystery is trying to figure out why people gave me 4 thumbs down just because I asked a question! Haha!

P.S.- Hey everyone, don’t forget to click on the ads and help Simon!


Great tv if Bronte goes. Imagine Frank’s temper tantrum and Bridgette crying because he put her friend up and out. Someone should lie to her while it’s hot and say that was Frank’s plan all along. He was playing her, remember, he has a gf at home. Great tv.


I want to see a blindside tonight please for the love of God don’t tell anybody like frank or bridgette,natalie that Bronte is going home someone ruined a potential blindside with jozea leaving the house FRANK .
Another thing why didn’t anybody tell day & James about the plan I feel like they’re going blame it on day cuz she wanted tiff to stay I understand day but James really what has he done to paulie/fruit loop dingus/scooby doo/z
He has been nothing but been loyal to his alliance and they treat him like shit . Can’t wait for nicole to leave ugh.


im calling it now frank hoh tonight people will turn on each other
make a great big brother tv


My bet is on Frank winning HOH. And these idiots are too clueless to see what he will do. They are all running around claiming he will target Tiffany. BS She’s the LAST person on his list because she will have had no hand in it!
He puts his two closes allies on the block. Paulie and NOT Corey, but either zakaia or Nicole. MAYBE Michelle if he can get any info in her spearheading the blindside. And, funniest thing ever, ONE of them is coming back. Glenn, Jozea, victor, Bronte, and……. If Frank goes, or Frank. Nicole has every right to be questioning the decision. There IS a chance Frank, James, Natalie, or the questionable Paul wins HOH and one of them will be in big brother trouble.
Didn’t anyone watch feeds last night and hear Nicole telling Corey that she thought her, Corey, Frank, and Bridgette would be an strong force alliance that no one would see coming? I think Nicole wants to keep Frank.
Funniest HOH would be James.
But, mark my words……. All this will be wrong, the photographic memory of Tiffany will probably win. Just like her sister………..


WOW wushes, shout n hide, really!
confront them and you will get respect.
your playing a money game
DO and will ADVANCE
Cower and be forgotten.


This is probably the first time I’ve wanted to watch this show since … a long time, especially if tonight’s blindside happens. So what if Michelle is a pack rat? If her subtle strategy results in Bronte’s leaving on Bridgette’s HOH I will tip my hat to her, after I’ve cackled at the thought of ranky Frank realizing that he does not have the best perch in the house.

An ornery mouse

You know, Frank’s obliviousnessdom is staggering. Certainly there have been signs that all is not as it seems – but the guy has no awareness. I don’t think his ego allows any thought of insubordination from his “underlings” to permeate his skull.


Biggest Facked cast ever!
Go Vets Go!!!


The target has changed so many times that the houseguests don’t even know who is going home tonight.. if they try to do a complicated vote someone is going to mess it up.


This is such a dumb plan…and really shows how they’re all so terrified of Frank.

If I’m playing and decide Tiffany staying is what I want, I’m going to Frank and telling him “Look man, I know you’re going to be angry with me, but I just can’t do what you want. It doesn’t makes sense for me or others. But I know you have worries, so I’ve spoken to Tiffany and she’s agreed to stick to this plan: Bronte goes this week, then Natalie, then Paul or Bridgette, then all bets are off. The votes are there to keep her, but I’m not telling her until she takes your deal.” Then I pull her in, prearranged, and cement the deal….all while the plan remains to backdoor Frank at the 1st opportunity.

These people can’t even stand just a little bit of ground against Frank…and instead create this convoluted nonsense, which is almost certain to fall apart at the last minute, but even if it doesn’t will surely create dissension as people proclaim their innocence to Frank, blaming others, and everybody tossing everybody else under the bus. Sad gameplay….


It’s not that simple. Telling Frank would cause a lot of chaos. He would be talking to everyone, who would be throwing everyone else under the bus. Then people would cave and end up evicting Tiffany. There’s a time to play bold, and a time to be stealth. Either way it’s a bold plan, but damage control is important. Going for broke on all aspects is downright sloppy and naive, actually.


The biggest part of Frank’s extremely myopic game play is that he has his eye set on one target…you cannot communicate any other idea to him…he has his target, she is on the block in her sunglasses,and he thinks she is leaving…no room to compute any other information! He is like a dumb caveman!


I’d love to see these goobers screw up the flip and have the vote end up 4-4-1 (Bronte-Tiffany-Frank). Then Bridgette casts the tiebreaker vote to evict Tiffany.


I wouldn’t what my fate in the hands of these indecisive, insecure idiots. Seems like they are making this way too complicated. 5-4 or 4-3-2 . Someone is going to get confused then they will all get blindsided by the results! Just get it over with already and give Frank the finger. Let him go all out crazy on comps because eventually he will lose and it will be GTFO time. When every single person in his alliance tells him his days are numbered and they want him out he will have to change strategy and become a docile little dog because winning comps didn’t save him the last time and it won’t save him now. Don’t fear him break him.

Keep Calm Tiffany is Safe

James that little rat may ruin the whole blindside telling Nat her girl is going. If he does I never want to hear James delusional fans say how great he is again.

If that little turd ruins this blindside for us he is dead to me.


i still wonder when drew carey and george show up!