Paulie “Let two Goliath’s battle each other! Use me as a weapon, load me up and fire away.”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: Paulie AND Corey
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-16 19-14-01-146

Paulie tells James that Natalie is sick and stuff so I’m really not trying to bug both of you at the same time. I just wanted you to know .. I’m not sure you feel personally is a threat to you. I’m pretty sure no one is targeting Natalie at this point. When it comes to it .. if you guys want to take me up on that deal… If I had both of your votes I could probably swing 1 or 2 more to be able to cover who voted where. James says all you would need is 1 more. Paulie says yeah but I maybe want to get two more .. and they I could say hey I just asked around for sympathy votes and no one talked to one another and that’s how it happened. So you guys are covered and as long as I’m in the house there is always a bigger target, especially Victors. If I win HOH I can take a shot at him and if I miss he is still going to come after me. If that’s someone you would feel would try to go after you down the line or if there is someone else.

James says we all have to go after each other. Paulie says you might as well use me as a weapon while you have me and if I miss … I’m like those tanks you drove that just sit there and .. Paulie makes shooting noises. Look he is a competition beast and you hasn’t even turned up yet. But I know I can win comps and you know I can too. And I feel like might as well let two Goliath’s battle each other until either he gets knocked out and then you can take me out the next week .. and then that’s that. I mean it when I say I’m dying. If you guys want to take this deal. If he plays in the veto and takes himself down then he is going to come after me the next week nut at least it shields you from having to do it. If its the wall comp I could stay up there as long as you and Paul so if you wanted to drop you could save yourself for the next HOH. James says it sounds good .. I’ll just have to see if I can talk to Natalie and see if I can get a good read on her. I feel what she will do whatever we both come up with to do. Paulie says just use me as a weapon, load me up and fire away. My only option is to get two votes and then figure out two more. I’m only looking to make a deal with you and figure out other ways with other people.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-16 19-32-08-269
7:35pm – 7:50pm In the kitchen –Victor puts on the eagle puppet and makes the other house guests laugh.

8pm Bedroom – James says I think they’ll take a shot at me Paul or Victor. Nat says they’re going to put one of us next to Vic or Paul. James says strategically that wouldn’t be a good idea. Corey and Nicole are going to want to take a shot at bigger targets. Me and you are more flip-able than them. Its too down to the wire to worry about Michelle any more. You’re going to be okay this week. I just need you to relax your neck and get better because I’m going to need you next week. If you won HOH would you take out Michelle or would you take out Corey or Nicole? Nat says Corey or Nicole. James says that’s the same way they’re thinking.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-16 19-57-57-028

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Fruit Loop Dingus

I feel like if you try to make an argument to stay then you should make one that makes some kind of sense.
So Paulie you think I should leave two goliaths in the game instead of one when both of you will have to be voted out anyways and risk neither of you going on the block next week … sounds good … let me get back to you …
He must think that he has Derrick’s housemates


Yeah…in his shoes, after all that’s happened, there’s only one hail mary and that’s to pick a target (Vic) and go at him hardcore, then blow up everybody else (especially Nicole), and hope to create so much dissension, that people are frazzled.

Then you go to James, Nat, and Michelle and tell them keeping Corey in the game creates a pair and Vic and Paul are already working to gather them up (he’s gotta see how Nicole has shut down the other girls, so he has to use that….and that both blame James for blowing up their spot). Tell them (as he already has) that Paul was his guy and now Paul is giving him up to take his spot. He knows Paul’s mode of operation, so call it out; how he’s the 1st to rat info, then bash hard, then talk big about what he’s going to do…and then is super nice to you “targets” for insurance. Stretch the truth and say Nicole has already said she thinks they can trust Paul and Vic most.

He’s gotta make publicly clear he’s coming for Vic and privately pick 3 votes and scare them about Paul every bit as much as they were scared of him.

sunny dee

it’s going to be a very long 2 more days.


smh @ Paulie’s vote pitch to stay in the house. the HG’s should hold a house meeting to tell Paulie they’re gonna help him pack his bags for Thursday.

Little Birdie

Devin has a daughter.

State fan!!!

I am so sick of hearing Natalie whine!!! She tried to get with three different guys in the house! Who does that?


I have to ask, do you come here every night and say something crappy about Natalie? I keep hearing the same thing, can you not talk about someone else? You think she whines but Nicole doesn’t?

Motorboat Natalie

Paulie is such a little bch. He came in the room and glaringly said “James, you better win the veto” Then goes into where Paul was and started grilling him. If you look at that stance he was in when he started talking to Paul, that’s an intimidation fighting stance and if someone, anyone would have stepped to me in the way, I would see them as a physical threat and would’ve punched his fucking lights out. That shit ain’t cool and this SOUTHERN boy would have gave that Jersey kid a country boy ass whippin’


I got another one for you. He walks into the kitchen with only Michelle and Natalie in it (this was about a week ago) and says: “i wish they had a punching bag in here”

odd that he says that when they are the only 2 in the room. sounded like a threat to me


@Motorboat Natalie
LMAO, I love your comment:)

Franks fumes

So if there’s a buyback on Friday and somebody (hopefully Bridgette) comes back Frank will be the only houseguest not to have a chance to return falling in between pre jury buyback and jury buyback…..Frank is not perfect but is much more palatable than the rest and he plays a exciting game….Here’s hoping Frank who seems to get shafted (both seasons) gets another shot in a allstar season…Bridgette for the buyback win (shafted also)!

More Anonymous

Unless Frank is in sequester, there’s no shot of him returning to the game.

Franks fumes

Last night Pauline and Meech were in bathroom talking about carnival…. they talked about why they didn’t get to talk to Frank……What if the old fart meister was secretly in sequester. ?….still an active candidate to return in buyback comp….massive entertainment potential!


Frank isn’t sequestered. He’s at home with his girlfriend catching up on Game of Thrones.
Just check out his Instagram or Twitter. We likely won’t see him again until Finale.

Old People Rock

I always liked Frank. He really was just joking around with people and he never got personal even when everyone but Bridget was against him. He was way more mature than most of the guys in the house, and smarter. Hated to see him go. But have loved watching Vic & Paul take over this game, and virtually take it away from Paulie & what’s his face.

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB 18 HG's

Yawn. Shut it Paulie. This week needs to be over already.

Only can wish

I thought Paulie said he wasn’t going to campaign against his best buddy in the house? I knew he was too competitive to just die (he’s words… I’m dying). Thursday just can’t come fast enough.


Pauline to win

Powder Puff Cat

Paul to win!


If the roundtrip ticket isn’t used, will a juror come back? Like for yes, dislike for no.


No, there will be no jury member back, but if the round trip ticket is used, there will be another double eviction.


Why did you feel the need to comment? All you had to do was dislike the original comment. I hate it when people respond to comments like these, just vote.


The best answer to the question wasn’t yes or no.


Seems only right that Paulie is having to do something as feminine as baking pies as a punishment!!!! Doesn’t he look just precious in his new girly role??????? 😉 <3

Old People Rock

I mentioned this on the previous blog post, but his attitude about the punishment of baking the pies is beyond ridiculous. They wake Paul up when he’s sleeping, he puts his suit together, runs through the house with a great attitude, jumping over furniture, sliding across things, gets it done. Paulie cries and complains like he’s being persecuted. I think of how many Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners I’ve prepared over the years, 2 days of standing for hours in the kitchen prepping food, cooking and baking, and then doing the dishes. Cry me a river.


Good, James…do not fall for Paulie’s bullshit. He’s gunning for you, Michelle, Natalie, Paul, and Victor…and he’ll use Corey and Ratcole to do it. I really hope he doesn’t have the return ticket and I still want Day to come back into the game to get revenge on Ratcole and her lying ass!


Yes! GO DA’VONNE!!!!!!! I know most of you probably want Bridgette back, and I love her too, but I will always support Da’ and the entertaining drama she brings!

Only can wish

I would love for Da’Vonne to come back to the house too, but I feel she missed too much of the action. She could do some damage to James(voted against her), Paul(his replacement nom), Nicole(never cared for her) and Paulie(ran the house). I really feel Bridgette has unfinished business too and she know what’s been going on in the house.


I tried posting this, but it told me I already said it, so in case it didn’t go through, here it is again: Yes! GO DA’VONNE!!!!!! I know most of you probably want Bridgette back, and I love her too, but I will always support Da’ and the entertaining drama she brings!


Meech telling that she’s saying “Everyone hates me” as a strategy to put the idea in the other houseguests minds. I just thought she was FINALLY telling the truth.


i really want to see the paulie v meech and paulie v paul/james pre veto comp fights in the kitchen on wednesdays ep as an extended sequence…i want to see grodner give meech some dr credit, but i think it might not happen due to grodner liking that support frank not meech tweet a few weeks ago

im liking the spot meech is in, will be in f7 with 3 pairs, should be least likely to be targeted…nicole/corey will be targeted unless that pair win and will target paul/vic

and i like that meech is using not being liked as strategy, often verbalizing it, which gets the others thinking…could help her be taken f2 – its something i would be doing in her position

if she makes f2 she can also say she was the only person of the f10 that didnt have the security of a showmance or solid game pair bond…nobody had loyalty to her and she also survived 2 evictions in the space of 30 minutes, and only won 1 comp the whole season…she will get votes and i wouldnt rule her out


I don’t know- I think she’s a goat. She had a lot of safe weeks where she could have worked on her social game. but. just sat around talking shit about the other women.


Corey likes goats!!!

My Two Cents

You’re wasting your breath, Paulie-boy. James ain’t buying what you’re selling.


Someone tell me why Paulie keeps taking his pants off?

Powder Puff Cat

reality tv maybe a gateway to Porn


I was thinking the same thing. Why does he think taking off his pants is funny? Desperate. There’s this video/vine on Evel Dick’s Twitter of Paulie and a guy wearing just some kind of underwear that is only covering the front part and his butt is bare. It’s no a thong , I don’t know what it’s called. They’re both on roller skates, dancing and Paulie jumped on him . It’s kind of funny and I don’t understand why. Not that it matters, but could he be bisexual?!


I believe it’s called a merkin.


Those are jockstraps. Very common in athletics. Work like bras to keep from jiggling while being physical. Usually worn under pants or shorts.


Thanks. You’re right. It’s a jockstrap, not a merkin. I just googled it. A merkin is a pubic wig. Just found out that too. Lol.


I wish there weren’t preset increments that one has to select from to donate to OBB! Please change it so that an individual can choose X amount of dollars as opposed to only $10,25,50,100:(


Thanks! there’s a link on this page under donate that lets you punch in any number

use your brain

Paulie is delusional. If these houseguests keep him this week, then they are too. Get him out NOW.


OMG Paulie Give it a rest. No one is going to keep you in the house to play Clash Of The Titans. “Oh say can you see” Get your ass in the kitchen and make your pies and shut your pie hole. You are Leaving on Thursday Night, Take the advice you told others who you had a hand in evicting “SUCK IT UP!”


Now I know why they aren’t eating the pies he’s making,I wouldn’t eat something made by a naked fool either. Unhygienic! Brings new meaning to ‘pulling a strategy out of your butt crack’ (Meech).

Powder Puff Cat

Paulie is campaigning big time. I do not have the feeds is Corey doing the same? does he know what is bestie is up to?

It's just me

Powder Puff, I’ve not seen Coery campaigning. He’s doing his usual cuddling with Nic.

Powder Puff Cat

thank you very much.


Has Paulie been fulfilling his pie making responsibilities? I guess he’s not getting a penalty vote if he’s still campaigning.

My Two Cents

I’m rubbing my hands, looking forward to next week. As soon as Nicole sheds that Super Safety suit she’s going straight into Panic Mode. The whine-o-meter will reach an all-time high! Muhhahaha!

Paulie's Dad

I know your heart hurts son. When you get home, I’ll make it all better with some kissies on your delicious neck.


Followed by a BJ.


CBS should do a season of Survivor with all BB all-stars and a season of BB with all Survivor all-stars.


I love the idea!!!! Survivors really needs to change it up too.

Paulie is so dumb

Seriously? I thought you weren’t going to campaign against the best thing that ever happened to you….your boy. Looks like you changed your mind about that. What a mess. I have a feeling that he’s going to stay anyway. But, can I ask you all a question? Do you think that Production has given him the round trip??

Thumbs up if you think he has the round trip and thumbs down if you don’t think that he does. NOT if you want him to, just if you think that Production would do that. Thanks.

My Two Cents

Production couldn’t “GIVE” anyone the round trip ticket. They all CHOSE their own pre-sealed envelopes. Of course production knows who has it but they had nothing to do with who ended up with it.


But production could cut the feeds and send everyone to the back yard at which point some funny business could take place.


I would like to believe that but there is always a chance they told him to take #10
there is also always a chance that during a lockdown they went in ‘played’ with them

conspiracy theories with production are just part of Big Brother.


I think what the former comment was saying is if production may have switched the tickets or given a duplicate with the round trip ticket. It’s not like the houseguests still have their tickets on their person. Production has all of them. So I can see it plausible that they pulled something with them. I don’t believe it is going to happen and I like to believe they would not do that but yes it is possible.

Franks fumes

Whats to keep production from doing a lockdown with guests in the backyard and take any envelope and switch it…..there are short random lock outs frequently ….very easy to do.

Pulling a Switch-a-Roo

Production could swap their tickets any time there is an outside lockdown. Just reprint the numbered envelope and insert the round trip ticket. Have a lockdown and swap it. DONE


I think they told Paulie he is getting the round trip because he was so defeated and now he is counting things in the house and studying. Why would he be doing that if he thought he was going? He knows he is coming back and is trying to see who may save him, to work with, when he does.

Paulie's Psychiatrist

“Campaigning against ‘your bro’ is ok if he doesn’t find out.”

Im feelin some type of way, type thing, badda bing, badda boom

cbs please air this meech vs paulie back and forth from saturday in the kitchen…

paulie “i was all about loyalty with the 5 guys”
meech “loyalty my ass”
paulie “what?”
meech “loyalty my ass…if i hear you talk about loyalty 1 more time im gonna shoot myself in the head”

later in the convo…meech doing big explosion hand gestures “your game is blown up”

if cbs doesnt air this im gonna be pisssssssssssssssssssssed!


Why isn’t it believable to some ppl that Friday’s “special episode” is the carnival concert thing they had ? It’s not a jury buy back episode!

Corey's disgusting armpit rashes

Nicole the fake nice person was so annoyed she had to lower herself and go hang out with James and Natalie.

Omg please let her be on the block next week. Please god.

I totally can’t stand any of these people but my hatred for Nicole is unhealthy lol. I literally want her to go thru torture and misery the rest of her life.

I am voting for Michelle as co hoh so she can nom ratcole

Michelle is the one in there who Nicole has screwed over the most so that is why I am voting for Big Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech to get co hoh, so somebody else can put up Corey, but Meech can be the one to put up ratcole, it would be sweet after how fake ratcole was to Michelle after blindsiding Z and Meech when Da went home. Ratcole also still voted to evict Michelle, knowing she was staying in the first eviction on Thursday.


“my hatred for Nicole is unhealthy lol. I literally want her to go thru torture and misery the rest of her life.”

Wow. That’s a lot of hate. Maybe Paulie could hook you up with his shrink?


I just want her to stop doing the following; 1. Whining 2. Shoving her glasses up. 3. Looking at herself in mirrors 4. Messing with the nest on top her head 5. Fishing for compliments from Corey 6. Acting like she’s played a perfect game.


Every Asian man I know named James goes by Jimmy.


Paulie has been quite the idiot. Pretty sure the rest of the houseguests have him figured out.


Oh my goodness
Sometimes some of the comments here are freaking funny. Thanks for the laughs!
Thursday feels like a long time from now.
Paulie needs to go!


I don’t know if I’m watching too much of this or what, but I’m watching BAD and does anyone else notice that Paulina has done a complete 180 from last night?? Either he’s bi-polar, or production HAD to tip him off…it just doesn’t make sense?? They had to tell him something to get him to be somewhat normal…& I don’t watch anything but this, and seriously…180°!! Me thinks this deehay is coming back…stupid CBS cares more about ratings than mental health…*sigh* I’ve seen it with ABC, so it only makes sense.


Those were my thoughts exactly! The 180 definitely has me feeling uneasy!


How does the penalty nomination work?
Cory and Paulie are already on the block. If Paul decided to just quit doing the security checks, refused to do it, and “they” give him a penalty nomination does that mean there would be Three nom’s on the block come Thursday?

If so has that ever happened before? (I know there were 3 nom’s on the block earlier this year, I’m talking about a third nomination due to penalty) I’ve watched all the seasons, but I’m not a student of them. I can’t remember all the details.
It seems every year someone is always warned/worried about getting a penalty nom, but don’t ever remember it actually happening.

Butters Mom

I think its a penalty “vote”…not a penalty nom.


Audrey got a penalty vote, she was already on the block, but went against have not rules.

I think if you werent on the block and didnt do a veto penalty then you might end up a have not the following week maybe? Or if you were nommed the following week you might get a penalty vote against you then?

Not totally sure, I think each case is different and production can do anything they like in terms of punishment for breaking rules.

Penalty Vote

These are houseguests who have broken rules, resulting them to receive a penalty vote at their eviction.
So number of votes to evict increases by one.


Got a really weird thought…….

Paulie gets voted out this week. So wouldn’t it be a smart idea for James & Natalie to make a deal now with Nicole & Corey to keep him (already happening) because Michele is getting really close to Paul & Vic. If James & Natalie have Nicory then they have one more person to vote out Vic or Paul. If next week they get rid of Corey, then Nicole will just float to power (Vic & Paul) & that’s it for James & Natalie…………….

Pots And Pans

m-v-p alliance should be what michelle, victor, paul are called if they plan to go f3 together

sounds like paul/vic want to take meech f3(vic would take paul, paul would take meech and meech may take vic as he has already been evicted and isnt as well liked as paul)

meech said she is more loyal to paul/vic, but still loyal to the 5 including nat/james


Paulie sure is getting off easy with the pie baking. I remember Brittany’s brutal soccer kicks and Shelly’s sword swinging and wonder why Paulie has it so easy. When he finishes a pie he should be told to bring it to the storage room and production should pick it up. They can eat it instead of wasting it but he has to peel those apples or it isn’t a very good pie. I also don’t think I would want to eat a pie he made with no pants on. Kind of gross.


and dans 24 hour dance party


So I’ve been thinking and if the round trip isn’t played!
I’m certain there will be a jury buy back, it’s 4 people like always!
And they will say something like, we have a ticket on standby back into the house.
They will make it plane ticket related!
Otherwise who is gonna watch the Friday episode if it’s just some concert episode, that sounds lame


If I’m correct (and maybe I’m not) the number of house guests and weeks add up for finale … And if round trip is used then I believe there’s another double eviction coming.




Pauly making James an offer he can’t refuse,…yah right.