“I’ve been slowly trying to piss off a lot of people.. trying to do a Evel Dick like strategy”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: Paulie AND Corey
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 14-55-31-118
@ 3:57am Paulie, Victor and Paul (we missed this last night.. use flashback to catch the whole conv.)
Paul – did you, complete..
Paulie – ya
Paul – how
Paulie – in cog..
Victor can’t understand how that goes down in the house it must have been hard.
Paulie says they did it in Bumper cars and the Tokyo room, “Took skill and flexibility”
Paul – wow
Paulie – fairly simple to literally be done.. first time second time was like (Clicks fingers)… Third time (Clicks fingers).. fourth (Clicks fingers).. last and final was pretty solid

Paulie says he and Zakiyah never got yelled at by production because it just looked like they were cuddling/spooning.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 14-42-25-108

10:40am Meech outside studying dates.. starts to talk to the cameras

Strategy going forward..
Right now I feel like I’m in a pretty good spot, I’m with Victor, Paul, James and Natalie. The plan is to get Paulie, Nicole and Corey out.. back to back to back.. so we can be final 5.
I feel really good about it because I’m going to try and ally myself with Paul and victor because i’m really good with them. So they will go after James and Natalie first.
I do think they want to take a swing at James first which they got my vote.
Also.. I’ve been slowly trying to piss off a lot of people.. trying to do a Evel Dick like strategy. where people will take me to the final 2 because they think everyone in Jury hates me.. So i’m hoping that will work

That’s why I always say everyone hates me just because I want to enforce it into their brains so that if one of them does win and I am final 3 they will take me because then they would have a better shot at winning against someone that is hated rather than someone is well loved. I’m hoping that strategy works out for me.

Worked for him, I’m wondering if Natalie is really genuine if she really has forgiven me.. Who knows.. I hope she has but if she hasn’t that’s fine.. I just hope people realize it’s just a game.. some of that stuff was strategy some of it wasn’t

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 14-34-01-664

12:15pm HOH pictures Victor and the duck

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 14-30-55-459

12:37pm Natalie feeling sick in the Safari room. last night she was complaining of a sore neck then around 6am she started puking.
Natalie – I really don’t want to be here right now.. I feel sick.. I feel like I’m goign to throw up again.. I have cramps now I have my period after 2 months..
Nat – I can’t get a good sleep.. every little thing wakes me up.
Natalie says she very embarrassed she made a mess of the bed.
James offers to was the sheets for her.
Natalie – I’m miserable with my neck like this.. I will not be able to compete Thursday.. I’ll never win a HOH.. why am I here
James – you’re not a quitter your a fighter
Nat – I’m a fake Jersey Girl
James – no you’re not
Natalie says is hard to be sick in the house.
James – in 12 hours your neck will be better
nat – I’ve had this a few time.. it happens every couple years..

James- i know you’re hruting and everything sucks think of all you’ve been through.. you’re really close..
James – I think people aren’t goign to put you up.. both sides.. Me, Paul, Corey, Nat and Victor have the biggest shot to go up.. so .. just think about that though.. I know you’re hurting stay the course you’re almost there..

Natalie feeling sorry for herself says she can’t win the mental comps can’t host competitions because she messes up all the lines.. etc etc..
James tries to make her feel better saying she played a great social game they have made it far
James – I thank you for that.. you got me here.. I need you more than you need me.. I don’t need you tapping out

James – your such a little strong nugget

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 14-51-15-277
1:01pm backyard Mihcelle, Nicole, Corey and paulie
talking about all of Victor’s HOH pictures being of Victor and the Duck.
Nicole – it’s hiliarioussssssssssssssssssssss
Paulie – nobody was awake to take pictures with him.. that’s what it was

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 14-51-07-267

1:57pm a smaller table

2:20pm Paul is patting people down doing the security sweep.

Finds James hiding in the storage room “Get out with your hands up
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 15-20-06-956

Victor throws some flour on his nose and makes lines on the table to pretend it’s cocaine.. “I swear it was here when I got here”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 15-22-46-590

2:26pm Paul and Michelle in the Have nots

Paul – whenever I go into a room it’s either paulie and Nicole whispering or Paulie, Corey and Nicole whispering.
Meech – I know
Paul – what else is there to whisper about
Meech – I know.. oh my gosh.. i’m sick of it
Paul – has he campaigned to you
Meech – no, you
Paul – no, he wants to convince everyone to open their cards.
Meech – what the heck
Paul – are you on f****g drugs

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 15-05-34-268

Natalie asks James if he’s getting pissed at her for being so negative.
James to Natalie – If I can’t stand you at your worst I don’t deserve you at your best

3:43pm everyone sleeping

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-16 16-56-13-395

4:55pm Victor and Paulie are the only ones up walking cruising around the house with their shirts off
Victor asks him what he’s doing when he gets back to Jersey.
Paulie – I’m goign to play around with my dogs..
Vic – what kinda dogs do you have
Paulie – 2 German shepherds.. my dogs are beasts.. They are monsters they can hang
Vic says he has a dog, “I hate him.. it’s a love hate relationship his name is Gizmo and he’s a b1tch .. he’s a cool .. he’s a lap dop…. he doesn’t do sh1t”
The other camera shows Sleeping houseguests..

5pm – 6:10pm Paulie and Vic sit in the living room talking sports teams/players. Paulie goes to take a nap. Vic heads up to the HOH room to shower.

6:30pm Kitchen – Paul, Corey, James and Paulie are eating and chatting about the live feeds. Big Brother plays the zingbot “O say can you zing” – Its time for Paulie to make a pie. Paulie checks the basket and finds its full of apples. He says I’m going to be making a lot of pies tonight!

HOH room – Vic talks to Paul. Vic says he asked America to give them a package in his Blog and tweets.

6:50pm In the kitchen – Paulie takes off his shorts so he’s now making pies n@ked. James tells Big Brother to re alert Paul. Soon after big brother plays the red alert. Paul goes to pat down the house guests. Paulie tells Paul he has a concealed weapon.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-16 18-41-17-59

WEEK 4 – August 14th to August 19th

This winner automatically becomes Co-HOH, sharing all HOH perks and responsibilities for the duration of the week, including choosing 1 of the 2 nominees.

[polldaddy poll=9496376]

Usernames will have to be a bit more PG please. At the least censor them with @*(#^%_

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Friendship... Never Cared

It’s ironic that Evil Dick and Paulie’s dad were fighting it out earlier today on Twitter. Evil Dick posted a video link of what looks like Cody getting head. Supposedly he had a hidden camera. *shrugs. Also learned that Cody pushed evil dick at dome charity event last year.

Paulie's wonky eyes

I just checked out Evil Dicks’s twitter… Lololol… His tweets are hilarious.

He also calls That scumbag’s family Cauliflowery lol.


yeah no doubt the califiores are both complete douchebags.. you know what so is evel dick.. the guy has a lot of nerve talking shit after the way he treated jameka.. shutup evel dick nobody cares what you think anyway


Yeah I saw that too. TBH I think Cody is a tool like his brother, I would not be surprised if that was really him getting head. I also believe Evel Dick about the confrontation at the charity event. Cody was always talking crap, like oh I’m gonna beat so and so up blah blah during BB16. Derrick had Cody on a leash, plain and simple.


Ha! I just went and checked out evel’s Twitter. He has a clip on there showing Paulie literally crying tears because there was a butterfly in the backyard. Hahahahahaa

He has seriously lost his marbles.

The stench of Nicole's v@g!na

I want to see Victor and Natalie in the final two.


Thumbs down because of your name.
It’s disgusting and offensive.

Morgan LaFay

REALLY?!? Do you want this site shut down or Simon and Dawg to get dinged? What are you, a five year old? Idiot.

Morgans A Dumbass

haha lmao whos gonna shut it down the internet police


Are you aware of the time and dedication that Simon and Dawg give to this site? They do this so that BB fans can keep current with house activities and provide a forum for exchange of ideas and opinions. They have asked that user names be kept clean yet you still post under that name? Disgusting. Why would you wish to bring trouble to two people who are adding to our enjoyment?

Shut your pieholes!

He said to censor it. Well guess what. It’s censored. People like you are a disgrace to society. Why don’t you protest things that matter. Like world hunger, animal cruelty, child abuse,and put all this effort into this instead of something meaningful? Yet you’re all just selfish people who only care about your delicate sensibilities. If people like you didn’t make a big deal about things then there wouldn’t be a big deal. Get a life and find something else to complain about you miserable people!


Wow, this really got your panties in a bunch. I guess I don’t get why someone has to resort to the lowest common denominator – filth – for their username. Shows very little imagination, like they can’t come up with something witty or clever. Not sure it deseved your over the top reaction, but I hope you feel better. Have a cookie.

Only can wish

I said the same thing, but I was ignored. I was nice about it too. Oh well! Thumbs up to you, Taylor


yeah dawg and simon have tried but too easy to just change the name with a few exclamtions and ampersands so not much they can do really.. this idiot is obsessed with nics vag, franks juicy farts, buttholes you know whatever makes you wince but hello its called trolling and when you reply as such he smiles even more.. trolls love downvotes more than anything so best you can do is just ignore him.. no votes up or down whatsoever disturbs the troll beyond compare 🙂

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Hey now I’m just a fart guy! Butt holes, vag’s and pee pee’s are someone else. They are nasty


Feel free to use a “period” at anytime so it doesn’t look like constant uneducated rambling. I guess we all know who you’ll be voting for this November.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

People can be so mean…………..


If Simon and Dawg cared, they wouldn’t allow all of this crap. They do approve each comment before it posts. So I’m done with this site.


I really appreciate your reply, Simon. I’m pleasantly surprised that you posted my comment. Peoples’ comments on here lately had really p!ssrd me off, and I took it out on you and your wonderful site. Your site is truly the best, so I am not leaving… I’ll just not read the comments anymore. Thank you, Sir.


Wow, Hodor……. Seriously? That’s a bit much. You’d really stop reading this site because of some usernames and comments? That seems a bit harsh. Let me ask you a question. Do you come here bc you want BB updates or to read people’s comments? Just curious. I come here to get updates, could be wrong, but I feel as if most people do:) I read the comments occasionally, but I don’t let them bother me. You shouldn’t either. Just my opinion.

***On another note, I seen Simon’s reply to this comment as well. You mention deleting some comments leaves the replies to that comment dangling in the wind. I was just thinking how it would be awesome if there was something to distinguish a reply to a regular comment. I know that when you reply it says, “leave a reply to Hodor”(or whoever). However, once you actually post it, it doesn’t say in reply to Hodor or have an asterisk by it or anything. It gets really tricky when ppl reply to people that have already replied. LMAO:) See what I’m saying? It’s just hard to tell what’s a comment or who replied to who. Is there anything you can do to make it so people know? Just curious. I think I’m just gonna start using the persons username at the top. Like I did here.
***As always, thanks Simon and Dawg, for all of your hard work. You guys truly are the best out there. I say it every year:) I really feel sorry for ya these days. I can barely get through an episode of BBAD, bc it’s so d@mn boring! Can’t imagine how you do it all day, everyday. Major props:)

***Me(cat), James(cat), and Victor(dog) all have a pet named Gizmo:) Had no idea it was such a popular name. Anybody else have a pet named Gizmo? Just curious.

Potty Mouth Wants Attention

I wonder if we just ignore, and don’t thumbs up or thumbs down when a dumb a@@ posts something like that. I’m ignoring them – why feed into some moron’s stupid behavior.


Do you understand the definition of respect. Show some respect for this site and the people who enjoy it. Crawl back into the gutter you came out of.


I’d vote for that duck to win before Vic.

when is another Tupac record coming out?

So if Vic and the duck become an item, are they Vuck or… you know?


You didn’t finish, it’s either Vuck or Dic


Before you get all bothered Victor swears that everything that went down with the duck was consensual.


Does anyone know if Co-HoH will have to sit out the next HoH comp? Also loving James!


They weren’t clear but seeing as how Vic is eligible, I’d say the package is outside the rules and doesn’t count.


OMG Evil Dick an Paulie’s dad went after each other like mad dogs this morning on Twitter. Evil Dick really went off on Paulir for the way he treated Zakiyah an for threatening to leave the show an crying an blaming everyone but himself, and calls him every kind of name he rightly deserves. Then he accused Cody of videotaping a girl having sex with him. It got very very nasty! This whole family must be pretty disgusting. Shame on CBS for putting either of these sons on the show! UGH!!!!

Zakiyah's used maxi pad

Wasn’t their also a beef with him and Caleb’s dad?


And how is this name not offensive guess it’s a double standard if it’s about sweet lily nicole

BB Curious

No, it is just as offensive. Jeez people. Can you not be clever without being crass?


lol im no fan of paulie but evil dick is equally douchey and has serious balls telling anyone else how to act in the bb house.. just ask Jen or Jameka smh


Go to the Twitter an TEAD cause Evil Dick was speaking the truth on hiscTwitter this morning. Paulie an Cody’s dad was trying to excuse their action, an sorry but their is no excuse for those two sorry excuse of dudgusting “BOYS”. You definitely cannot call them men! He raised two sorry human beings with zero integrity or honor! Paulie also pushed Dick at a charity event trying to start a fight an said some other rather disgusting things even about his dying unless I read it wrong! Paulie an Cody’s father is s Sorry excuse for a father!!!!! You should of taught your pathetic sons to respect women all women, but I guess you do not either! That family is disgusting!

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

You people are a disgrace talking about Paulie and Codys dad! No one loves their kids more than him! He’s taught them how to kiss and love on each other. How do you think Paulie learned to be so tender with Corey? Having sex with Z is a cover up. I don’t think it happened. Corey wouldn’t stand for it!


I like Paul but would like to see the girls band together and make it to final 2, after Paulie and Corey leave.

They have to win an hoh first.


That duck around Paul’s waste is playing a better game than me, I know : /


The basil plant Bridgett left is not only playing a better game than Corey, it has a much better personality.


And it’s useful.


Corey even asked Paul to let him see his quacker. Is Corey the ambiguously gay duo minus 1?


lol did ya guys see nic stroking corey on AD last night?
wow…his eyes rolled back once then he turned over on her…the subject was fav. christmas stuff while it was happening lol


Okay, let me first start by saying that I am a senior fan of BB so my views may be different from a lot of you youngsters, I know times are different now and I try to roll with it! I have a huge problem with Paulie telling HGs that he had hot dogs and buns with Z. (for you Simon,keeping it PG). What a freaking jerk Paulie is. Does he not care about her reputation or what her family might think? Then there is the way he acted towards her. He really is a real dirt bag. I also never thought that I would be rooting for Paul or Vic, but Vic has turned out to be a stand up HOH. He tells it like it is to Paulie. I also find Paul to be surprisingly hilarious. I love both of their social games. I also love Nat and James’ relationship, whether or not it is love they definitely have chemistry and I believe they are genuine. James’ respect for her, not sleeping in the same bed, is refreshing. I would like for any one of those four to win 1st and 2nd place. This season has turned out pretty good.


I am also a senior fan but very aware of how different times are. I enjoy reading the updates and am not offended by what I read but I cringe when I think of how these hgs will feel when they are out of the house. You are very correct about Paulie but why not also put some blame on Z? Does she not have respect for herself? She is well aware that cameras are watching and as far as I know, Paulie did not rape her. Nicole is basically the same — very desperate for a love connection and not giving thought to her reputation. Perhaps I have exceeded my sell-by-date and reputations no longer matter.

Oldster Too

Having survived the 60’s & 70’s, I certainly am no prude BUT REALLY???? Are kids not raised with self respect anymore? I have 2 granddaughters and a grandson and have frequently commented to my husband that if any of them conducted themselves like the houseguest from the past 3-4 yrs (Christine, Amanda, Ayryn) I would be beating that door down and snatching some folks outta there, CBS be damned. Some of them will certainly have some “crosses to bear” when they return to the real world. Perhaps some will learn something, some may be too far gone. By the by, NOT letting the guys off the hook.


Paulie is getting the heat because he is a cad. He told all his boys he “boned” her on the live feeds. Everyone laughed. Like 12 year olds. I don’t think most of us knew it had happened -we may have suspected but it hadn’t been seen. Anyway, Paulie is a douche for talking about it after Z left.


Yes Taylor she participated, in a house with people and cameras, but I truly believe no one would have known all the unprotected details if he did not blab. I really have a bigger issue with him talking about it knowing the cameras are rolling. He got his pleasure and then boasted about it with no thought or care for what she would feel or what her family would think. She had no choice or say about people (a lot of people) knowing what, how and how many times. He is the lowest form of the male species. Girls beware of this guy.

Another Anonymous

Like Paulie said, he wants to make his dying Aunt proud of him. Yeah right.

Only can wish

You forgot he told Michelle she may die before he leaves the BB house and jury. SMH


could not agree more with you, haven’t missed a season yet. so Very Uncouth and disgusting of Paulie, hard to believe CBS did not say anything to that Disgusting Individual, i wonder how Proud his Mother is of him????? and he is 28??? not mentally, he needs serious mental help, he should have been removed by CBS.

TX rar

Best comment of the day

Old People Rock

Agree 100% – no prude, but grow up. I don’t mind the f-bombs they dropped every other word but after about 100 in an evening, I’m bored trying to listen to them try and make any sense. Also have completely changed my mind about Paul. He’s FUNNY, and he’s a great sport! When he’s running his security checks even when he’s been woke up, he puts 100% in, jumping over furniture, sliding across things. Whereas Paulie moans and groans like a little child as if baking pies is the WORST punishment ever.

I’m like, welcome to one of about 20+ Thanksgiving dinners I’ve cooked over the years that involves 2 days of standing in a kitchen doing food prep, cooking/baking, etc. Then doing dishes. What a baby.


I can’t see anyone else in the house with the exception of James doing the security job as well as Paul. I love when he is flipping over the coach with Pablo. Didn’t care for him in the beginning but he grew on me.

Tears on my pillow

At this point what difference does it make (not to quote Killary) if the three on the outs are “whispering”!! Get over your damn selves already!! Sheesh…power shifts suck when the ones newly in power become the jerks of the house!!


Simon & Dawg-Please reset the care package poll. Too much has happened side of first started. Its inaccurate.


I think it’s accurate and there are just a lot of people who vote in the poll and don’t comment/like and dislike comments. I also think it might be a little hard for you to accept that there are less people who agree with you than you thought.


Hi troll. Glad I have you a purpose in life for 2 minutes. Now what will you do?


I’m not a troll. It’s true that there are probably plenty of people who aren’t in the comment section yet who do vote in the polls, and I truly believe that Michelle still holds the lead.


What does my opinion on your comment and big brother have to do with my life? You have no idea who I am, and your childish response reflects poorly on you.


I reacted to your lame comment. Just FYI I started my comment off with “Simon & Dawg”. Unless you work for them and your name is in blue
Stfu! Oh by the way….the poll was started pre-nominations. Once you voted it locks you out. My thinking is that it’s more accurate to do daily polls like BB does with the voting and it would be more accurate. Now do you see or do you just get off going around being an A hole by being rude to a very benign comment/question directed at the guys that operate this site? Are you the self-appointed troll moderator? Ok, now you had 5 minutes of excitement in what be a very dull life. Glad I contributed to you having someone to bicker at. I’m done with you because I have a life and it never entails being a TROLL like you. Xxxooo


Yeah, I’m being rude, smh. Clearly you don’t know what a troll is. Hint: someone disagreeing with you doesn’t make them a troll. And, again, I don’t know why you insist on commenting on my life, which you know nothing about. It just makes everything you say less valid when you sink to unnecessary, untrue insults with no evidence to back them up. You really sound like a child.


Sorry, honey, you are no ED.


Way too go evil dick!!! I know what hes refering to with cody and zac were drunk at charity event and thought evil dick was giving them dirty looks, when he wasnt n they started a fight with evil at a charity event… derrick was there too not saying sh!t too scared and just holding cody back cuz he was pushing evil dick and trying to fight him… It was pathetic!!!


real men don’t discuss or brag about sex. He is not a young teen guy who is excited about having sex with a female. What a BUTTHOLE

Cody Calafiore

Please forgive my brother. He doesn’t know any better. When he was born the umbilical cord got wrapped around his neck and cut off the oxygen to his brain.


Too many steroids.

Oh my!

Just read EvelDick posts on twitter. I don’t know much about him and how he said things about Paulie which I know are true coz’ I watch the livefeeds.

I’ve read the Calafiore dad’s posts on twitter too. It makes sense that Paulie is his kid. Enough said!??


Did the Dad say whether or not there is an actual cancer Aunt? I’m dying to know. (Pun)

I can hear the crazy when Michelle speaks

I can’t help but go back when Frank was campaigning for himself and during a house meeting, smug, arrogant, prick Paulie told him to stop, it was annoying and he should realize he was going home. (and Frank said he even respected that!)

Reeeeeeeeaaaallllyyy Paulie?! Frank probably campaigned 1/100 the amount as Paulie has. And that was without the classless complaining, tantrums, rage, b1tch1ng, raving, threatening etc. So it’s ‘do as I say, not as I do’ right Paulie?

Paul’s got a dictator’s mentality: it’s okay if I destroy so many lives but the second there’s a revolt and my life is in jeopardy… WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Jeez, send him packing already, but don’t forget to put on your catcher’s masks so he doesn’t punch you on the way out! LOL, what a punk!


Seriously, Gnat has done nothing, zero, zilch, in this game. Whiner looking for sympathy and attention every time she speaks. I hope they cut her at 3 to go. She is cute but, hard to be around for more that 3 minutes.


Thought maybe I was the only one thinking that. It seems she’s starting to whine and complain more and more. All conversations are about her and how she’s been wronged or how she’s gained weight, or how she can’t win. Def high maintenance girl.

Bolt Uprite

Her friend finally visited her in the house for the first time.

Gnat so much

Jaaamzeee! I’m so faaaat. They talked about FT. I’m hurt. I’m so faaaat.


IDK,..I was impressed that night she laid out the whole house on who is who and what is what, seemed like she provided more insight to James than he had himself. She was also instrumental in getting James to use his elimination power to enable Paulie and Corey to be put up. Without Nat I am not sure all this would be happening now. So all in in all, I think she has done more in game than either Nic or Z and she didn’t have to sacrifice her.


Exactly just because she didn’t win a competition yet doesn’t mean anything. Nicole win one which was given to her and James too and mercy won one so it ain’t like they are killing it.


And neither has Nicole she won one HOH which was a team win and they let her have it, Meech won one thing I think James won one HOH and that was pretty much given to him. So why pick on Natalie the others haven’t done great either.



Retired Teacher

Okay, I liked this comment, thinking you were talking about Nicole. I LOVE Natalie, so dislike the comment. I think she probably was a bit moody with her period coming, but she’s been very kind to everyone, and I LOVE her & James’ relationship – friendship is a good beginning for a REAL relationship, unlike Corey/Nicole and Paulie/Zakiyah!


You know all these desperate, ugly, old ass men on here are not going to sit there and let you talk about their precious Nat. Let them live vicariously through James in peace. (Even though Nat doesn’t even want James)


Slimeball Paulie. Yuck, doesn’t even sound like doing it 5x finger snap, finger snap was much fun at all. But who in their right mind would do it with cameras all around anyway.

On the opposite end of the spectrum you have the awww quote from
James to Natalie – “If I can’t stand you at your worst I don’t deserve you at your best”


That line from James is a killer! Is it from a movie or is that really James? Either way that is one of the best lines ever and I am tucking that away in my memory in case I ever have a situation like this.


That line from James is the best ever. Is that from a movie or is a James original? Either way that line is worth remembering. At this point James is a heck of a lot sexier than Paulie and his mouth could ever be.


It’s a Marilyn Monroe quote


Really???? It’s one of Marilyn Monroe’s more famous quotes. God I hate people.


First Paulie will have to deal with all the women he has offended in the jury house. Then all the feminist social media right fighter trolls… brutal … Don’t envy him. His only hope is the round trip ticket. Or Corey does something outrageous. No matter who wins the next HOH they need to get rid of Victor. Other wise he wins.


At this point I wouldn’t be disappointed in a Victor win, better than the alterative.

More Anonymous

Paulie’s only hope is a one-way ticket to a witness protection program for a few months until no one cares anymore. After the season is over, he’ll simply be added to the list of most hated BB players.


So let me get this right….Evil Dick is blow in’ sheet up today on Twitter with Jersey Doooosh boys dad and coincidentally Cry baby starts talking to camera comparing herself to Evil Dick!?!! Yeah right! Production is def playin a game of chicken with Evil!! Can’t tell if they Luv him or hate him with this little ploy!

judge judy

would love to see evil dick replace julie chen on the night paulie goes out!!


L O L!!!! Great idea!

Born yesterday?

Does anyone buy into Meech saying she acts mean as a game play?
I think it’s an excuse she came up with so people don’t boo her.


agree she knows she got lucky and now trying to save face now to be her master plan lol….she 100% was real before the flip…now shes fake/acting…i dont buy that lie today

skeptical onlooker

On thinking over the last few days…what Paulie SHOULD have been sobbing about..was the Haircut Paul gave him.
Fool swanned around with a chinchilla on his head. Type thing!


Go back and read evils timeline. Hilarious.. A man that doesn’t back down
Sorry but calling out Paulie is the best. He literally spent time in a locked up house with cameras and strangers and now that he knows the strangers he wont do it for jury minus cameras. He’s full of shit and tryna figure out anything so he stays. Like seriously u would self evict u have that much ego because u got evicted. The eff out of there


I hope he self-evicts and CBS sues his broke ass.


Hey Paulie keep talking about how proud you are for bedding Z and going into detail about it. Then cry. That’s going to make you ex girlfriend run right back into your arms! I bet your family and friends are so proud of your behavior. Keep up the shallow disgusting confidence you have..you’re going to need it when you leave.(or self-evict)


Is it Thursday yet? I’m so over this douche bag, do us all a favor and quit, Paulie!


Paulie and his family are scumbags. This goes beyond the Game. We’re shocked and disgusted, trying to explain things ant vent. You can’t explain it, they’re the lowest human form.


Well you know “those” Jersey boys.


Does anyone think there will be a jury buy back if round trip is not revealed on Thursday?


God I hope not! This season needs to end sooner than later.


I agree with you kellym. I think there will be a battle of the jury to get back in to the house.

More Anonymous

Has to be or they won’t have enough players for the usual 3 on finale night. Or could have a reset.


acp co hoh can eliminate any1 from jury just like on bb canada-survivor!


Why should I vote, hope for a girl to win? Just because they are girls? Nope, I have my favorites. Paul and victor.


Me too, I did like Bridgette, but now I like Vic and Paul – leaning toward Vic, but Paul has been so darn entertaining ! Really, anyone but Paulie and the unitard brigade. (I also like Mr Jenkins and the duck for supporting players).


Completely agree…

Paul has had his douche-baggy moments, though. There have been times (when he was on power trips with Jozea and then later with Paulie) where i have thoroughly disliked Paul. That has now changed.

i think that after much observation and learning, he and Victor now understand the importance of a great social game. They are funny, intelligent, strategic and have winner and favorite written all over them. They as a team remind me of Dr. Will and Boogie. And that is cool. 🙂


The only reason I would root for the girls is:

They are the underdogs and it would create some drama to see them winning and taking out the guys.
In nats bio on CBS she said something about throwing the first few comps to not be seen as a threat. Maybe she’s being true to that. Or maybe she just can’t win to save her life.


Why not? Hillary Clinton is running on her experience… of having a vagina.


Are we SURE about that?


Wrong board.


I like Paul and Victor also but would love it if Bridgette came back:)


I don’t think Nat is being a diva and exaggerating about her sickness. Sorry guys not trying to be gross but if you skip a period due to stress than when it does come it is horrible, Nuff said,

sunny dee

She probably was faking the vomiting too, i guess. Honestly, when guys get period pain or give birth, please come back and tell us a woman is faking pain.

She does talk about it a lot, sure, but last night’s AD they had a conversation about how she shuts down when something bothers her, so maybe her talking about this is something she’s doing because of that conversation

also, she doesn’t have to manipulate anything, james knows enough to see what’s going on. he’s actually lucky this year, cuz in his season he was with Meg and the two together completely clueless about what was really going on in the house. many times they’d say things and we knew it was the complete opposite of what they thought was going on.

anyways sounds like this ‘fun carnival’ thing might have been something to do with havenots and luxuries, and games were played and she got injured. i’m thinking if something is not game related, like pov and hoh, then why are the games leading to injuries in some people, to take them out of play later?


I guess the handful of people that tweeted Nat was faking the neck injury to have James feel bad for her now have second thoughts after she was so sick from taking the advil pills to help alleviate the neck pain…. I’m not sure if Nat and James will ever have a long relationship outside the game but I do know one thing, last night proves they both love one another in the house.

I'm A Floater Without a Lifevest

… And I’m going to win this season.

You all are rooting for us to win! The only individual that actually derserves to win this season is Paulie. He has literally had a hand in EVERY eviction. While he said some stupid stuff, who hasn’t? What’s the saying? “Let the individual who has not sinned cast the first stone.” Paulie said stupid stuff, but so has everyone else in this game. I mean Paulie commenting on Nat’s fake chest has gotten more air play than the fact that Corey was commenting about gay men while using the word “f****t”. How? So she got work done and Paulie called it out. Why is this the thing that takes him down? Really, how idiotic.

Victor should have been the first HG out after the battle back. He has already been evicted. I HATE when HG return for a second chance. You’re game was not strong enough to get you to the prize the first time. You don’t deserve a second chance. This includes the returning houseguests. They shouldn’t have had a chance to come back. All it does it leave less spots open for new potential HG that could bring something new to the table.

James, I must admit is playing better, but he’s back in showmance. Same with Nicole. Neither learned to focus more on the game than finding a significant other.

Paul has had one HoH and one veto win. Does that deserve the half million dollar prize? All of the fools left in the house owe Paulie for getting them all this far in the game. He has been the brains, the brawn and, heck, he’s been the whole show this season.

I feel bad for Paulie. He deserves this in my opinion. He’s played the best social (up until this past week) game, absolute best physical game, and best mental. He’s calculated it all. But again, everyone needs to give the boy some sort of slack. He has made some mistakes and said things he shouldn’t have. What would come out of your mouth with cameras on you all the time? Would you be criticized by the entire BB nation for what you say? If you say no, then, your delusional.

I hope this episode on Friday is a battle back and I hope Paulie wins and comes back and wins HoH to get rid of Victor and Paul. That will be the best revenge.


thanks for your input… lol

Paulie a great social game? ARE YOU DELUSIONAL? Nothing about his social game was stellar. Typing out a long list of HIS mistakes is completely unnecessary because it has been done time and time again on every available social media platform.

HE IS ON THE BLOCK. HE DID NOT WIN VETO. HE HAS NOT CONVINCED ANYONE TO FLIP. HE IS A JOKE. Those things basically convey that his game is sh*t.

And I’m all for people expressing their opinions… but to say Victor’s game was crap and that he didn’t deserve a shot to play again? Come on now. He was backdoored week 2. He had zero opportunity to maneuver his way out of that sentence. He won his way back in. He is funny, strategic, is a comp beast and is intelligent. He had the balls to do what no one before him could. He is an ace in my book. 🙂



Above post must be a family member of Paulie. Who else could be that delusional.


You say how great Paulie is at BB, and that Nat is the one that stirred the pot to get him out. So then isn’t Nat the one that deserves to win?

Whoever is left at the end and gets the most jury votes, no matter how they got there as long as they did not cheat, is the best at BB and deserves to win.


I thought you hated it when a HG retuned? Ya big hippocrite! You literally contradicted yourself in your own comment! Lmfao. Is this Cody or their overly affectionate father? Ewwwe

Only can wish

I’m sooo confused “I’m A Floater without a Lifevest. You said you hate when a HG returns back in the house after they have been evicted. Their game isn’t strong enough to get them the prize the 1st time. They shouldn’t have a chance to come back. Paulie has the best social, physical and mental game. This is the kicker…you say you hope it’s the battle back on Friday and hope Paulie wins and COME BACK IN THE HOUSE, wins HOH to get rid of Victor and Paul.
JMO Best Social game: Paul, he went from being on the block twice and a pawn to everyone liking him and including him in their game plans.
Best Physical game: Victor, was backdoored, won 3 comps. to get back in the house, since won 2 HOH (back to back) and 2 POV to stay off the block.
Best Mental game: Natalie, she flew under the radar(HGS thought she was a floater), was sitting back listening and observing her surroundings and almost caused Paulie to have a nervous breakdown(with the help of Michelle).
Yes, Paulie had his hand in every eviction, so did all the other HGS. It takes more than 1 vote to evict a person. And finally you said, if Paulie wins if BB have Battle Back on Friday and he COMES BACK in the house and win HOH, he put Victor and Paul up, ISN’T THAT THE SAME THING VICTOR JUST DID TO PAULIE? Don’t be a Hypocrite and a Hater because Paulie is about to get PLAYED by Victor. Like the saying goes Don’t hate the player, hate the game!!!


when is the last time they gave them alcohol
none during concert cuz it was tv shoot


They may be worried about what Paulie would do if he had a buzz.

Houka Inumuta

Paulie must go asap. From a funny outgoing person to a misogynistic and egotistical douche, I have lost all respect for him. I can’t believe I saw him pee in the pool on the live feeds! Absolutely revolting! Nicole, huh, why did she even get that care package? She’s so annoying and self-righteous who wants everyone to feel sorry for. Ever since Bridgette left, this season has been disappointing for me.

Glenn for America's favorite

Not one of these house guest are likeabke


Nicole: whaaaatsss wroooonggg
Cody: Noooootthhhing
Nicole: you sweaaarr, your acting weirrrrd
Cody: your acting weird
Nicole: I’m not acting weirrrrd, I promiiiissss


A week from Thursday

Bill Cosby

Do i treat women better than Paulie?


I want Natilie Michelle or Paul gone they aren’t playing with integrity and are crossing the line of being bullies. Natilie Is trying to sabotage Nicole and Corey’s relationship just like Z. I don’t like those two because they are a grossmance. They should leave them alone because they are going home anyways. Natilie you probably wouldn’t care if James left because you’ll latch onto another guy. I know Paulie and Z relationship was only one sided. There’s no excuse for his behavior but Natilie is just as guilty as he is with the flirting. Natilie got pissed because Paulie called her fake and so she retaliated with him crossing the line. She has James by the balls and she calls the shots. She freakin Jumped in bed with Corey if that’s not crossing the line, then I don’t know what is. You feel bad for Z but what about James. You know flirting Corey would hurt Nicole’s feeling and James but you did anyways. At least Corey told Nicole what she did. She rubbed both Paulie and Corey’s leg. She using the sexual harassment card and it’s a double standard. It’s okay for her to flirt and get away with it like she’s a perfect angel. She didn’t stand up for Dayvonne when Frank said a lot of derogatory words towards the woman. He slapped days ass, now that’s worthy of ruining someone’s reputation. She enjoyed the flirting and the attention she received from the boys. But she didn’t like beign called out for it. Cbsc has Natilie as the favorite and edited her out to be a good person. Natilie is controlling the other side of the house and are going to gang up on Corey and say he flirts and doesn’t like Nicole. But the difference between Paulie and Corey is that Corey doesn’t flirt with any girls if you know what I mean lol. So I highly doubt it will work. Those two are stuck like glue and are playing the bachelor instead. Paulie tried helping Nicorey memorize the days and they couldn’t even concentrate without flirting. They are so distracted and clingy with each other. It’s very annoying how much they bicker and forgive each other every five minutes. Corey that’s not nice. I was joking Nicole. He begs her to forgive him and then she makes him mad and says Sorry Corey I didn’t mean it. I was joking, Okay forgive each other let’s cuddle. I’m like Just shut up already. Also I’m kind of rooting for Victor to win because he’s playing an honest game unlike the rest and he’s a completion beast. Victor will make moves while being true to himself unlike Paul. I don’t want Michelle to win because she is evil and very Jealous. Paul is a weasel he’s a bigger rat than Nicole is and never gets called out for it. I can’t stand him the most because he’s so loud and instigates drama. James is playing Americas favorite and being a little bitch who can’t think for himself without NAtilie interfering . Paulie do I need to say anything about him other than he’s a train wreck.


Keep it shorter if you want most to read it. Sheesh.


I am no Paulie fan. Not for one minute but any real grown up knows, he didn’t do anything to Z that she didn’t allow. She is in dire need of self respect.


It’s not about the doing, it’s about talking about it, especially since he didn’t feel the need to talk about while Z was still in the house. It was a low scum ball move.

Newbie loving it

Can anyone give more info on the twitter feud between Evil Dick and Paulie’s dad? Sorry do not have twitter! And yes I am old and only have facebook. lol But only if it’s allowed on this site to be disclosed. But very curious about what happened.


You don’t need to have a Twitter account. Just Google Paul Calafiore twitter.


I see where his boys get their social skills from. Wow!

Newbie loving it

Tried to google twitter on today’s exchange between Paulie’s father and Evel Dick but it is not available without a twitter account and on their respective accounts. Shame! Would liked to have read that exchange. Not a fan of Paulie and just wanted an insight to the man who raised him. Oh well! Guess I may have to venture beyond facebook. lol Thanks everyone for all your updates as it is appreciated!


I don’t have Twitter. I just typed in “eveldick twitter” and it pulled up his account. Then I just scrolled down to the section on his feed that had the fight.


Newbie — for an oldster you are one up on this oldster. I do not have FB nor do I tweet, twit or whatever. Heck, my mobile phone does not have a camera, radio or internet access but it will make an emergency call if needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just google evil dick Twitter but be prepared !

Powder Puff Cat

There are several tweets in a nutshell Evel Dick told Pauline’s dad

.that his son was disrespectful to Z by boasting about having sex with her while camera was on
.both of his sons where disrespectful to women
.posted a photo of Cody/women XXX rated
-about them being crybabies
.about him kissing his boys
Paul’s dad did not have any good replies to speak of.

Powder Puff Cat

Newbie, google

Calafiore Family, ‘Big Brother’ Legends React To Paulie Calafiore’s Bad ‘Big Brother’ Game

to find some of Evel Dicks tweets

Other Big Brother alums have been far from nice when it comes to Paulie Calafiore’s unfortunate position in the Big Brother house. One of the most vocal haters has been BB legend Evel Dick Donato. Donato has been taunting Calafiore by referring to him as “Pauline,” and he posted that Paulie is being outplayed by the females in the house and that he wasn’t “bred to play Big Brother.”


Vic hates his dog?? Ummm ok.

Paul volunteers in animal shelters and adores his dog.

Says something about their characters.


Vic said he has a “love hate relationship with his dog”, that was said in jest. Vic loves his dog!

Grammar Nazi

“James – your such a little strong nugget”
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Kathie from Canada

As a retired teacher, I think I should let you know you have far too much time on your hands.


They are typing these summaries out as they listen to these people. It’s not as easy as it seems. If you want a polished finished article, your (I know) going to be disappointed. For the most part we are willing to endure the agony of the occasional misspelled word, dangling participle, or spliced comma to get these updates as quickly as possible.


Are you for real??? Get over yourself. 2 men watch the feeds 24/7 and have to type it all out for our enjoyment, and you have the balls to point out a typo? Go away.

Teri B

We have a saying in this art group that streams live that I belong to. There’s the person that is on camera, streaming live, and a bunch of us are in a chat room so we type everything we say. We like to say “We Read Typo”. This person needs to learn how to READ TYPO and get over themselves. Like you said, go away. These guys are doing us a MASSIVE favor with their updates. We love you Simon and Dawg!!


I don’t know if I could laugh any harder, Michelle comparing her game to Evil Dick’s. Oh please idiot you are no where near being anything like him. First he did cry at the drop of a hat, and second he had game. Oh please!


She doesn’t just cry….she wails like a two year old wanting mama’s attention.


to the above 2 comments

all she said was she is using one of his strategies of pissing people off to help her get to final 2

i would be doing anything i could, including using that tactic, to enhance the chance of reaching f2

i have no issue of her saying it, particularly as she is on her own with 3 clear pairs when it gets to f7 stage

Ino Yamanaka

Paulie definitely needs to go. Turned out to be a real douchebag. Didn’t like Paul in the beginning but he finally woke up and sees what a jerk Paulie is. And Paul seems to realize that he’s been playing Paulie’s game and now has to play for Paul. Paul is more likable than he was in the beginning of the season. However, Victor got voted out and came back and has shown some serious game play. And I’m glad NatNat has opened her mouth. Finally, some authentic BB drama.


Vic’s social game has improved dramatically, but he’s not strategizing. He’s Paul’s hand.




If anyone doubts that both James and Natalie adore on another just watch the video of James taking care of Natalie last night when she was sick…..They may not have a long relationship outside the house but one thing is clear, they both love on another in the BB House.

No brainer

Just as friends that’s it. Natilie don’t pretend to like someone for the cameras. I know she likes him as a friend but don’t lead him on or allude that you have a future together when you know very well it won’t be more than that. Natilie friend zoned James and pretends she likes him every time he starts questioning her motives. She’ll flirt or give him kisses just for America time. She told Corey that she didn’t like him and production pushed her to do the showmance thing with James just for Tv. She flirted with every guy in the house but no one wanted her except James. James likes her but it’s his fault if she breaks his heart once the cameras are off. Everyone has warned him about Natilie using him but it’s like a broken record.


I think Natalie and James have a genuine friendship that will extend long after the BB house:)

Michelle is ok

Michelle was obsessed with and in love with Frank and while he was in the house she was insanely jealous and mean to any girl he gave attention to. Bridgette and Tiffany’s relationships with Frank drove her crazy and she just lost all sense of everything and obsessed on hating them.

She may indeed be a stalker of Frank but I no longer feel she is a horrible person. She just needs some psych care and a diagnosis and treatment.

I like her game plan the rest of the way and think she has good shot to be in F2 with Paul. Vic is a idiot and would pull a Cody and pick Paul for F2 over Michelle. Not Paul. He for sure will take Michelle if those 3 make final 3.

Jury so far would pick Paul over Michelle. Day, Bridge, Zak, Paulie all Paul votes.


Paulie claiming that he needs the money, then he’s bragging how much he pockets as a DJ. Which is it? Make up your f$@kng mind. He can’t keep his lies straight. I guarantee they medicated him last night in the DR!


This reply is to Wait…What? Good eye! So true! I didn’t even catch that until you brought it up. He, Paulie, must have gotten caught up in his story about how much money he makes and forgot his reason, his aunt, for being on big brother. Lol!


With some evictions, it just seems like there are way too many days between the veto ceremony and live eviction


Paulie is the biggest cry baby of them all. He is also a disgusting human. I will be glad when he is gone for good and should never be allowed back again for lying on his application and not following the rules. Women do yourselves a favor stay clear of this jerk, he has no respect for any women.


Wondering why Frank’s picture is on the CBS site for the voting of ACP? It is greyed out like Davonne, Zakiyah and Bridgette. But no other pre-jury people are on there… just Frank.

More Anonymous

Presume they had the voting site set up prior to his eviction.



Rachel's nipple

The season’s getting good. Props to the real MVP’s, Siomon and Dawg