Paulie “If it comes down to a tie I’m voting Tiff out” Paul “There is no way Tiff is not going home!”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Da’Vonne
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-21 03-47-06-188

12:10am Outside the HOH room – James, Natalie and Nicole. James says I’m trying to figure out what everyone is doing for tomorrow. Nicole says that’s why I wanted to talk to you. I’ll do what you do. James says I’ll do what you do. Nicole says I don’t know. James says I’m obviously voting Nat out. We could get 5 votes against Natalie. Natalie says James, I’m going to throw up. Nicole tells Natalie she is safe, don’t even worry. James says yeah no one is voting you. Nicole says you don’t even need to pack. James says you and Corey, I’m doing whatever ya’ll are doing. I don’t want anyone coming after Paulie, Z, you, Corey, me or Nat. Nat says i don’t even know what’s going on. James and Nicole say you just keep eating your pickles. Nicole asks you’re willing to vote either way? James says yes. James asks who is going to come after us. Nicole says Da is 100% putting targets on the couples backs. James says that can be controlled because she isn’t going to win. Nicole says but Tiffany is on my team, she could try and throw the HOH comp .. and I would be pissed. James says the longer Tiff stays in here.. Nicole says But she will be grateful and go after who we want.James says Da isn’t going to win sh*t. She ain’t going to beat me in an HOH comp. Nicole says I think I want to get rid of Tiffany, last week she was just nuts. Okay so we’re going to vote out Tiffany. I will talk to Corey and say we want to vote out Tiff. James says its going to cripple Frank. Nicole goes to talk to Corey.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-21 04-02-00-015

Living room – Nicole tells Corey that Da isn’t going to win in a double eviction, Tiffany could. In a double eviction comp, you’re going to be able to put up whoever you want. There’s not going to be any teams. Frank and Bridgette are we really going to trust them? Corey says I trust you but .. do you want Da to go to jury? Corey says you have to think of who Da is voting for.. I know it it came down to final 2, she isn’t voting for me. Nicole says she wouldn’t vote for Jame or me either. Cory says she (Tiff) has her back against the wall. Nicole says Michelle and Z would flip out on us. And where does Paulie stand in this situation… yes we have the votes but we cannot go against the people that we trust the most in this house and betray him. Its Paulie’s HOH and we need to respect him and his HOH. He wants Tiffany out. Corey says not recently. Corey says all this stuff came out about Da and she hasn’t even denied it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-21 04-09-41-068

12:25am Outside the HOH room – Nicole, Corey, James and Natalie. Nicole says Da isn’t going to win in a double eviction. TIffany will win because its a mental one. James says I think if we take Tiffany out we’re going to cripple Franks team. If Frank wins he is going to do what the group wants. Corey asks if Da does win would she put up Frank & Bridgette. If Frank comes off who do you think is going up … you’re boy (Corey) or Paulie. The thing with Da she wants the guys out. Nicole says that might not be bad to keep her. James says if Tiffany stays one more time and she goes after one of us.. then you deserve it. Corey says then lets just vote her out. James says Da has not won 1 comp in her two seasons. Corey says then lets just vote her (Tiffany) out. And get her (Da) out next week. Corey says vote Tiffany out. Nicole says me too. Corey says that would be a B***h if we kept her another week and she f**ked us. James says we’re all on to Da and her sh*t. Corey asks if we’re telling Tiffany? Nicole says I want to tell her because I don’t want to blindside her. James says we tell her an hour before eviction. Corey and Nicole leave. Natalie says I definitely think Tiffany should go. James says she is going home. Natalie tells James Frank is a f**ker.. not a f**ker I’m sorry that was mean ..I apologize. He keeps throwing my name out. James says she (Tiff) is gone. Natalie says I think Da is easier to take out. Tiffany is a double threat. This game is about taking strong players out. James says that’s why I was saying its better to take Tiffany out.. they’re 3 strong players (Frank, Bridgette, Tiffany).

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-21 04-49-37-076

Nicole, Corey and Frank are talking. Frank says what if she (Da) wins HOH. Nicole says she has less of a chance at winning. Frank says if she wins, I’m going on the block. Corey says we’re on board to do whatever. Frank asks if Paulie says yes. Nicole says even if he says yes I don’t want to make people mad. Nicole says Da hasn’t won a comp in her Big Brother career. Corey says we could even get Paul to throw the comps so she (Da) doesn’t win. Frank says she (Da) is due for a win. Nicole says that’s not how it works, if you stink, you stink! Frank says yeah just look at Corey. They laugh. Nicole tells Frank you just need to be okay if she (Tiff) goes. Frank says I’ll be alright with Corey. Frank laughs. Frank says Michelle said she will vote wherever the mumbers are. Nicole says why not just get her (Da) out next week. Frank says I don’t want her (Da) in jury. Frank says I said a really good goodbye message and I want her to hear it. Da in the jury would be the worst move ever. She is influential. Nicole says we’re not allowed to talk game in jury. Frank says you know we did it. Nicole says everyone better have their own brain when it comes to jury. Nicole says if Da wins I will let you come after me. I will put my big brother life on the line. Frank says I don’t want to come after you.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-21 04-34-09-821

1:05am Havenot room – Tiffany and Paulie are talking. Paulie says I told Frank we should feel around and if it comes down to a tie .. then I would take into consideration the things Da’s done. Tiffany tells Paulie I will tell you right now 1000% I will not put you on the block. You’re an awesome player why would I go after you. I don’t play dirty. I just don’t. Paulie says that Frank is just more worried about her being in jury. James says whatever ya’ll decide, I’ll do.

Frank and James are talking.
James asks why not get everyone together and decide. Frank says because Z is always around and she’ll let Da know everyone wants her out. Frank says if Da wins its going to be two guys up. Da is due for a win you know that. Frank talks about how he doesn’t like Z making faces at people. I just think she is fake and I don’t like it.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-21 05-12-09-242

1:40am – 1:55am Paulie and James are talking in the safari room. Paulie brings up how Frank is worried about Da voting for a girl in the end. I’m not planning on taking a girl to the end. That just shows his motives. Pual joins them. Paulie says if we get Tiffany out this week. …then Frank next week and Da the week after. Paul asks if we get HOH we put up Frank and Bridgette. Then we put you, me, James or Corey as a third nom as a strong player in the POV. Paulie says at the end of the day you keep Da safe and she thinks everything is going according to plan. Paulie says Tiffany and Frank will spin whatever they wont to. Paul says my vote is going to Tiffany 1000%. Paulie says if it comes down to a tie I’m voting Tiff out. Paul says there is no way Tiff is not going home.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-21 05-08-15-312

3:20am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Big Brother Is Life


Nicorey needs to stop flipping but I’m happy as of now. You people scared day will vote a girl in jury. Nicole um your a girl. And here’s a thought if there is two boys in the final 2 she can’t vote for a girl lol. That whole day in jury crap is so stupid. Everyone knows Day as of now no one is gonna sit there and let her “try” and manipulate them to vote a certain way.


It’s Yaassss!

Girl, I am elated Tiff is going home. Now we get Bridget and Frank out next. Zak definitely needs to start winning something along with Michelle and Day. I hope we can get a girl to the final two. Let’s hope it’s not Nicole. I like her but she cries too much over being “confused” all the time lol.
I hope next Big Brother they put in a no showmance clause, for these dizzy hos looking for a baby daddy. It ruins the game. Nobody is going to be like Rachel in her showmance where they played as a team and everyone knew that both players could win comps too. The past couple of years the showmance a have been so loopy. Ex: Weak player, strong player. Fighter, Floater.

I am still laughing at the show last night when Day Flicked her hair and CBS made the SNAP sounds lmao. I just about died.

Paul is growing on me: They put cucumbers and bananas stuff in condoms on his bed and he said “I’m just going to stick these in my ass all night ” lmao!!


at this point in the game, if Frank wins HOH he should put up Paulie and Nicole and if one of them wins veto, just place James up. it should be obvious to Frank right now, that the last two weeks in voting, the house is setting Frank up and want him out next. make the big move and show the rest of the house that it’s time to start playing.


I agree. Frank will know that he has only Bridgette in this game. I might not agree with someone making a legitimate game decision on who to keep but some of these HG don’t make any sense. Frank’s right about Da’s influence on a jury. Pauline says he’s not planning on taking a girl but he has no clue as to what’s going to happen. Poor Nicole and Corey. Yeah let’s get out Da!!! one minute later….Yeah let’s get out Tiff!!! The one person who has let it be known that she would try to get the showmances out is Day and those 3 couple want to keep her. James is Paulines boy. His boy!!! I like James but he has zero game. He’s a grown man with a daughter letting a girl determine his game. Z and Michelle are right up there with the worst BB players ever. By the way Nicole is terrible


Goodness gracious I miss derek. I loved fantasize about us when I watched him sleep on the feeds. I’d love to be his final 2 in the house and out of the house. I was jealous of Victoria, but I realized, and jealousy went towards Cody. That lucky dog.


Mmmmmmmmmm. I still dream about than big hunk of a man! So smart and sexy! Glad to know you do too!


Paul was secretly happy they gave him what he always wanted and probably would have made on his own. He is such a douche!

sunny dee

funny when i read the recaps, how it sounded like Tiff was talking about that like it was a Hairgate Indicident. probably why CBS put in the sound effects. I thought the hair flip almost took out an eye, or at least made actual contact with Tiff’s body. As it happened i’m looking for something, and i’m like, wow, over reaction or what.

it is too bad they won’t vote out Day, it would have been ideal, especially since we know there is a battle back, and she’d be battling back, so she’d have a chance to get back in, but because she doesn’t win stuff, she would fail, and it would be her own damn fault for being on the block, evicted, and not getting back in, with a 3rd chance of all things.

it is anticlimatic to see any of the others, including Tiffany, to battle back and return. Paulie should actually listen to what he’s saying, the only reason he wants tiffany out is due to malice and spite, not game play. Not to mention his rationalizing keeping Day is ‘well, corey, she’s not coming after me, she’s coming after you, so why would you want her voted out when you know she wouldn’t come after me?” corey should start examining what this Final 2 deal is all about lol


I forgot to mention (and include my name on the previous post) that I too think Day is due for a win. I’m guessing she will win one of those endurance competitions


I just checked online to see what DaVonne’s performance was like last year in competitions, because I don’t remember that seas very well despite watching all of it.

I noticed she left in week 2! I find that weird because I felt like I knew her pretty well when she arrived this season. So in summary I guess no one can know her endurance skill with too much certainty because we haven’t seen her be tested too much so far. So there is a chance if you are a Da fan.


Zakiyah got body

Tiny trump hands

daV was a finalist for Suvivor when Big Brother picked her up for a returner season. She may be more fit than they give her credit


If they were considering her for survivor it wasn’t because she was super fit but rather because they wanted attitude. You just need to pass a physical to make it on survivor. There have been several folks totally out of shape on that show.


Can you imagine how ashy Da would be on Survivor?!?!?!?! And the head scratching would be insanely intense.


Day on survivor? ROTFLMAO


Tim Tebow had accolades in “College”, dafted in the first round, in shape and athletic….but couldn’t cut it or perform on the big stage.
Some people ain’t nfl pro material.
Some people ain’t BB material.

That's crazy

The thought of Da on survivor is nuts! She can’t even control her crazy in a house where she has food and a bed I can’t imagine her without food sleeping in the dirt.


Was she in the show or finalist to get into the show?


Think of it as a horse race. You have odds. The favorite is the one with a proven record of wins. If a horse has lost every race it ran, odds are against him winning his next race, especially if running against horses that have already proven they can beat him. Does Da have a chance, sure for she is in the race, but the odds are she won’t win. You don’t take turns!


So for 2 weeks now, we’ve watched a house where everybody but Frank does nothing but waver, tends to listen to whomever they spoke to last, and ultimately do what Paulie tells them or wherever the tentative majority lies….and you think a strong personality can’t herd their opinion?

The jury argument makes all the sense in the world, unless you’re somebody obsessed with rooting for/against certain players and pretending the strategy that helps/hurts them is the only strategy….and pretending these dumb competitions are skill based and some players “can’t” win is as shortsighted as not appreciating Da can sway people in the house every bit as much as she can in jury….which makes her far more dangerous than Tiffany giving Frank a 2nd vote or winning an HOH where 2 votes won’t drive any eviction until final 6…and that’s if you think their alliance is firm, rather than a temporary convenience for both.

nicole please stop whining

second week in a row nicole tried to steer the vote a certain way only to fail


Truthfully, I’m surprised Nicole doesn’t seek permission to use the toilet.

Tiny Trump Hands

How funny would it be if Bronte won the Battle Back and put Paulie on the block?


I think you ever goes is coming right back in

rousso free zone

ideally tiff loses the 4th encounter to glenn for a true underdog story


I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be mean, Glenn seems like a very nice guy. But why would any true fan of the game of big brother want the poor guy back in the game? He couldn’t even climb up on the rocket. I actually think it’s mean that they even cast him.


so you want him to have been in sequester this whole time waiting for a chance only to be booted again?

thats mean


Question, please? Do the evicted hgs receive a larger stipend than normal while they wait for buy back?


No one who knows can say. My guess is the evicted house guests get a smaller stipend while in pre-jury sequester because they aren’t on TV or the feeds.


What would be cruel would be to send him back to the game after being away for so long. As for the choice of casting him, why not cast an average guy instead if a house of pretty-boy model types? Donny wasn’t a hunk but turned out to be a decent player. Wouldn’t it have been interesting if Glenn could have pulled off a totally unexpected win?


Powder Puff Girls

you had the option of not being mean… Glen did to have a chance to show what he is made of. He was the one that pointed out his teams castle base was wrong which cost his team the win. He was ignored it comes down to #ageism. Just because he could not seat himself on the rocket does not discount him for being a good player. He may have been a great strategist we will never know.


I hate the thought of Tiff being saved again when she should have been gone last week. That’s why I’m so torn. I want Da out but I want Tiff out more. I’m just afraid she would win the Battle Back and Da wouldn’t. So who is best to take out this week? Good question!

BB All Day Err Day

Da is staying!! I definitely don’t want her to win but I do think she should at least go to jury this time around. Tiff is just too unstable. This game is not for her and staying and being used as a pawn by Frank, Bridg and Paulie is just going to tear her apart. That’s not entertaining to watch, just think of how sad it was watching Audrey unravel. Plus, I rather have Da in the house than Tiff in- acting like a trained puppet for Frank. Da will keep things interesting. I just wish someone had the balls to take a shot at Corey/Nicole. And I wish Da had a better social game. She should have stayed focused on getting close to Z/Michelle/Nat/James throughout the game instead of sleeping all day and gossiping/lying. Da – so much potential…wasted.


Day is so bad at the game though. I’d rather stronger players stay in so Paulie and team don’t steam roll the house. Day can’t win even with production wanting her to. She’s a complete non factor other than running her mouth. And all her staying will do is enable Paulie to keep rolling through. And I cannot stand Paulie. He needs to go!


You ever have a conversation with somebody where they talk about Earth and you don’t really agree with their take, but you listen seeing if there’s something you’ve missed, and just when you realize “nope, they’re wrong because they have an agenda”, that’s when they drop the bombshell that they think the Earth is flat.

That’s how I feel after reading your comment….so somebody needs to shoot at Corey/Nicole (who still just do what Paulie tells them) and Da’s screw up was not gathering Paulie’s herd 1st. So isn’t the natural conclusion that Da needs to shoot at Paulie, then conceivably everything else resets.


You have to have ammunition to be able to shoot. And day has none in any way shape or form….

Poor horses withou tails

Da needs to go home. Not crazy about Tiffany but da’s BB and hair game sucks . Flipping the tails of 100 horses at tiff haha ewwww


I hope Tiffany comes right back in and frank or Bridgette win hoh. Love to see the look on smug Paulies face.

bred 4 this

i want to see paulie crush the dreams of vanessas boring sister, cabbage patch kid and frank the overplayer

anyone that doesnt want to see this has major issues

you know im right


I totally agree. Paulie has stuck to his word at least for the most part unlike others. He’s a good competitor both physical and mental. He’s not a pig on TV just sleeping with any girl or even being a flirt. I swear everyone just jumps back and forth on here. Everyone loved Paulie and he was always tops on the polls, now that he’s in a power position suddenly he’s cocky and needs to be taken down. Some of you people flip flop worse than the people you complain about. Maybe Frank will be hoh this week and you will go back to liking Paulie again…


Hmm so then maybe you should consider the issue is Paulie is on a power trip. Hoh-itis. Where he once acted like a decent normal guy, the power went straight to his head and made him an unlikable jerk. Doesn’t make us flip floppers for seeing him in this new light now that he’s shown his true dictator colors. Ever consider that?


Don’t worry he’ll be back to normal soon once he’s done his hoh. Then you can complain about the next hoh and how they’ve changed too. Did you ever think that when people are hoh they feel safe? So maybe the attitude seems different? You’d act a little different if you were paranoid about being put on the block and thus be a little less confident or cocky, no? I think it’s time to change your shoes, your flip flops are wearing thin. Let me guess you hated Frank before when he and Bridgette were in power? Now you like him again lol.

DaVonne is her own worst enemy

Her hair lol. She spends so much time on it and it always looks like crap. lol.

She is ugly inside and out. I’m sorry but she and Michelle need some serious therapy. I see why neither one has a relationship with a man in real world. I wouldn’t think their actions on the show are going to help their dating life.

People like them are so miserable with themselves that it’s sad they can never have real solid loving relationships. In Michelles case it seems to be severe mental illness. I actually feel bad for her.

DaVonne is just a miserable bitch.


Look at you, lol. Getting all excited over some people on a TV show. Saying mean things about people’s appearance and mental state, YOU’RE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THEM!


I have a feeling. It doesn’t matter who is leaving. Da and Tiff are both casting twist this year. Most likely they are going to set up a comp that’s going to be easy for either one to come back. I’m hoping I’m wrong and one of the newbies come back . No matter how painful it will be lol

big meech successfully scares james

yes awesome, that needs to make the thursday show!

natalie celebration dance and high fives big meech ha ha


Michelle is pure unadulterated trash. No high fives for her. Lol. Can’t wait till she hits the block. The world will high five.


Well deserved high five in the gif.


Paulie is playing the game and I can’t knock him for that at all….but man are all the guys in the house not named Frank spineless. The way Paulie talks to them, laying down the law….unless it’s the boss that signs my paychecks, there’s just no way I’m letting somebody talk to me like that unchallenged. I’m not saying blow up, lose your temper, I’m saying stand some ground and make clear I’m a partner, not a subordinate.

I just wonder if they’re so dumb and spineless that they don’t see the only person he speaks to as an equal is Frank….the guy he says is his target…while everybody else is just supposed to do what he says, barking orders. Really, this week isn’t a game changer either way as far as who is evicted…but I really hope it becomes an impetus for these players to wake up and play. More than anything, I hope next week’s HOH targets the showmance 4, just to shake it up….and ideally mean girls/wallpaper Z is evicted as collateral damage to Paulie, who sits too pretty.


I just want people to play the way they came in, as individuals. this whole I will do what you do, I will do as you want, Nicole “We need to respect his HOH” an “I don’t want to make anyone mad” James the yes man and Z will do what Paulie-Corleone tells her to do in hopes of securing a daddy for her babies or at least a kiss. No one or two players who I want to root for, more players to root against 🙂

Great Pains

I think you’re confused because people say they will vote with the house for plausible deniability. But there has been a flurry of individuals and sub- and cross-group alliances trying to spin the narrative and influence the upcoming vote.

nicole please stop whining

nicole is playing a scared rat floater game

Keeping it Real

I agree with Dan! I have no clue why the HG’ s even claim they aren’t “coming after” each other. All of the HG’ s are there to win which means they are all going after each other eventually. As much as I’d like a girl to win, I don’t believe any of these girls have what it takes. None of these HGs are perfect….they are all people with personal strengths and weaknesses, just like us. I find the most genuine to be the ones I root for, whether I like them or not. James is my favorite this year, and I predict he will win the next important HOH. I’d like to see him win BB18, but as of now I’d be happy with Paul winning, too. I truly liked Zakiyah until her infatuation sidetracked her play. I like that BB introduced the twists to keep the show as unpredictable and fresh as possible, but I’ll be glad when the teams end and players begin to truly PLAY the game. I’d love to see players come into the game with, “Hey guys, sorry, but I’m coming after all of you.” I’d also like to see production stay out of the players’ heads constantly trying to manipulate and orchestrate the game. I truly thought Frank was showing his a$$ so much intentionally to be the house villain who everyone would want to take him to F2 where he would reveal his intent and offer sincere apologies for making it personal in order to win. Yet, now I’m convinced he’s just showing his true self. And, he was the only one playing without a shield until the house screwed up and took out Bronte instead of Tiff. It would have worked had anyone other than Cat4 won HOH. But, as usual, the laws of attraction and production provided the exact ingredient to screw up that plan.

That True

Bye, Tfff.
Bye, Frank.
Pure gold.


And pure boring. I want Tiff to stay so it isn’t so one-sided. I quit watching BB after HGs started voting with the house. Everything was predictable. I didn’t bother watching, I just read some of the blogs. I want some shake up and if Tiff goes, I don’t see anything for the next few weeks but showmance crap.


Like so many others I am over Nicole. She can exit stage left at any point now. The crying, the whining, the failure to be able to make a decision on her own and for herself. The total desperation to find/need a man.
(must be a reason she can’t find a man at home since she is a pretty cute girl)……………And on a side note watching AD and Paulie – Corleone is explaining to Paul how he basically was running Rutgers U, Coaches came to him before hiring a new coach, high level donors talked to him……………….I would love to see that a$$hat get knocked down a peg or 10. 100% or Paul’s 1000%

bred 4 this

i really enjoy paulie in a bit of a villain role

i like seeing players that like to have heated rivalries

good tv


He’s at least making decisions. I’m not fond of him but he’s doing things. Nicole just seems pathetic. She has to make sure Paulie is ok with how she votes even if she doesn’t think it’s good for her game.

Powder Puff Girls

Paulie is not a very good villain he does not have the balls to play one.

its time to put the hurt on fridgette

hoh safety for fridgette will only last so long, bullshitter frank and boring bridgette, your time is coming to an end, you can run but you cant hide from the house



I have a weird feeling Tiff is leaving but coming right back in.

Goldarn Genius

Could be. If the final competition is “Crying While Swearing Fidelity”.


I have a weird feeling that Tiff will be back.


Any player that does not include in their strategy the best interest of my favorite player is an idiot and/or scum.

Keeping it Real

Well, Dumbass, that is definitely keeping it real. Thanks for your honesty.


Paulie was never going to vote Da out. He has never shown any sign of wanting to keep Tiff and vote Da out, except when talking to Frank etc. who he is clearly against.

As for James you can expect him to vote with the house. It’s just not in his character to make a big play and put himself into the gun sights of others.

But if you like Tiff and are sad about her leaving at least she has a good chance of coming back during the comp. That being said the two guys who will be competing (Jose and Victor) and beasts so I would prepare for disappointment.


Josea is a beast? uhh yeah..ookkkkk


I’m struggling to understand how that is controversial. The guy has a reasonably solid, muscular build and is clearly agressive. Am I missing something?

Powder Puff Girls



He’s the only one that had the guts to make a big play last year. He is not the best player but he has the balls to do it.


I think that Tiff sealed her fate by mouthing off to the God Father aka Paulie. They blocked the feeds for the road kill show down between the two but on Wed episode they did show them sniping at each other with Tiff saying “Look at him, afraid of a girl”. Paulie is not letting that go. Tiff could have played this hand better. Probably wouldn’t have made a difference but if she had gone to the “Don” and kissed his ring and made her case why Da should go up and pledged to do his bidding then she might of had a shot. We will see who this bites in the butt next week.


I AM SO DONE!!! These people have totally exhsusted me. I have never, ever seen so much flip flopping in the history of BB. I just want tonight over with and for Nicole to be exposed for the liar that she is. And, if any Vet thinks that a newbie is going to take them to the end, they’re out of their mind

Paulie's crazy eyes

Who made Paulie the king of the house? I am dreaming about Tiff coming back to the house, wining HOH and single handily evicting Paulie.


i had a dream – a big brother season without vanessa or vanessas sister – next year, cant wait


Your Vanessa obsession is a tad bit over the top. It’s just a game, relax.


Whoa calm down.

Paulie's crazy eyes

In that case, same goes for Calafiore brothers… no more cheap knockoffs please.


i agree 16 new players would be good next year


Just checking in.. Team NoMance


simon enjoy your 24 hours break thursday night to friday night


I will thanks 🙂

I’m still hoping for some more flip flopping before they’re cut this morning


Although I would like Tiffany to stay to win HOH and shake shit up, they are right Da SUCKS comps they can literally take her out whenever they want, matter of fact Da and Nat are being carried, they can go any week. Hardest players to get out will be Paulie,Paul,James Nicole, Corey, and Frank.


Da will take credit for Tiff leaving in her usual bs way.


That would be true, but Day has the mean girls and they are still lying and trying to pit people against each other. James and Nat’s problem came from them. Day is like cancer. You don’t get rid of her she will spread lies and destroy everyones game. The sad thing is that most of the lies are not game related but personel. She and Meech are in it up to their eyeballs. Keeping her will cause more trouble. Of course, that makes it more fun for us. LOL!


It actually would be pointless for Tiff to stay because of this herd mentality of the house. If she stays and anyone else wins HOH she is going right back OTB. They even have Frank agreeing to that. I don’t know if he would do it but he did tell Bridget that if Tiff stays this week, she might have to go next week. If Tiff won HOH, who the hell can she put up. It can’t be Frank or Bridget because they spearheaded the campaign to save her. Last night she told Nicole she wouldn’t put up anyone who voted to keep her. Nicole said no one wants to vote Da out unless it’s a house decision AND Paulie has to be o.k. with it. That would mean that the only 2 people not voting or agreeing to the house decision would be DaVonne and Natalie and one of them would be gone.
I am so sick of The House. The only person who ever benefits from house decisions is the person who thinks they run the house. They stay safe and protected through the whole game because no one else wants to take a shot at them and piss off The House.
Frank doesn’t have any pull in the house right now but I think everyone still fears that he is a comp beast which means, if you don’t trust him you want him out asap. If there is trust there, you want him as an ally. I didn’t have much faith in Nicorey but I am noticing that Corey is starting to have opinions. He may not try to rule with an iron fist (maybe he would-he’s never been HOH). Paulie’s end game and the moves he plans on making to get there don’t seem to be lining up with Corey’s ideas. I think he and Nicole are starting to become more aware that everyone is playing Paulie’s game right now.
I’m curious as to what, if anything, would change with Victor’s return. Tiff’s return would be great for the look on certain faces-mainly Paulie, DaVonne and especially Michelle. And if she gets voted out and then returns to a Frank or Bridget HOH, they don’t owe anyone any safety at that point. It could be another week of not being sure who the target is.
I was glad to see Natalie finally talking game. Unfortunately she is basing all her decisions on information that came from DaVonne which I’m pretty sure was just another lie to put the target on Tiff. Natalie needs a little more insight into human nature. She should be wondering why these girls that wouldn’t speak to her through this whole game suddenly act like her best friends.


I’ve said before that the person who had the most long term impact on the game should they return would be Bronte. She’d be back with Natalie and James, maybe Bridgette and Frank. At this stage 5 is a big number. Whoever goes this week will be an easy target next. I don’t see Da or Tiffany altering anything about that.


I really hope Tiff comes back and takes Paulie’s a$$ out. But I’m fine with any of the showmances leaving.


anyone else LOL hard at Nicole crying in DR on last night’s show because Corey was nominated. She can’t imagine not having a man to lean on.


Nicole is an odd 1 to figure out. Crying in Diary room because Corey is up, and if he wins Veto she could be going up. And when he wins she happy as shit outside and HOH saying i knew you had it! Even if she was on the block she would be safe. So i don’t get why shes even crying in the first place.

Keeping it Real

I have a feeling that was just the magic of creative editing on the part of production. We don’t really know what she was crying about…could have been Corey’s ex who she fears will beat her up, could be that she misses her family, maybe someone hurt her feelings…we just don’t know for sure.

Flip flop

Hopefully they flip and flop da’s out the house
I see Vic returning and hooking up with Frank the squash Paulie (loved him only because of Cody but now think he’s ass)
Really like silly Paul, but Frank’s always been fav so I’m pulling for Frank


Just laughing at how obsessed the Tiff haters are. They take the show real serious. lol. Well they going to be happy like a few hours then Tiff marches right back in. And points her guns right at Day, Paulie and Michelle. They all have been saying how dangerous she is…well now you going to see the fear in their eyes haha.

I watch for entertainment. That will be very entertaining. I don’t take a TV show serious enough to be a hater of anyone or flood a comments section with hate towards one player.

I do find haters very amusing and wonder why they have so much time on their hands. lol.


I think Paulie has done a good job of retaining his HOH power while listening (or pretending to) to all sides and all suggestions. He seems to be imitating his mentor in quietly guiding people to vote Tiffany while giving them lots of time to vent their own ideas. I’m liking his use of power while making zero enemies. There really was never a question Tiff is leaving because that’s what he always wanted but everyone thinks they got a good shot at Day, including Frank because he listened to them as though he was interested He wasn’t.


I know the feeds will be off Thursday and Friday, but are they still airing a Thursday night show? Also are the feeds off because they don’t want us to see who is coming back in the house?


A) Yes, Thursday night show is a go
B) Yes, The houseguest reveal isn’t shown until Friday’s show but I believe it happens today in the house.


Why will they have a Friday episode? New schedule or just a special one time thing?


One of the First Five Evicted Houseguests Will Battle Their Way Back Into the Game in a “Survive and Advance”-Style Competition

The Results of the “Battle Back” Competition Will Air Exclusively During a Special

“Big Brother,” Friday, July 22, Where the Last Evictee Standing Will Return to the Game

The First Evicted Houseguest, Glenn Garcia, Will Battle

Tonight’s Evictee, Jozea, in Round One

On tonight’s episode of BIG BROTHER, host Julie Chen announced the next big twist of the summer, in which the first five evicted Houseguests will have a shot at returning to the game by competing in the first-ever “Battle Back” competition.


Thanks, Simon. Yes, I remember the BotB thing, and I knew they were gonna show it on a Friday. I just wondered why they are producing an extra “special” episode since the show never airs on Fridays. In theory they could announce/show the winner next Sunday… but I guess they don’t wanna keep the feeds blocked until Sunday. But part of me truly wishes they are testing to see if they get a good response for a Friday broadcast. It’d be amazing if they had BB on 4 times a week! It’d make things so much clearer…


I would really like to see more diversity in the cast next season. I think it would be interesting to have an even number of 20-30 yr olds and 40-50 yr olds. This season really proves that the 20 somethings are so childish, most of the time seems like we’re watching middle schoolers. I wonder if the 40-50’s would act more childish or if the 20-30’s would act more mature. Big Brother started as a social experiment but it has turned into a mean girls club and males thinking they are dictators.


I agree. Several times this season I’ve wondered if this is a twist and its really a “highschool” version of big brother. All the catty crap and nonstop personal nonsense is so old. I want to see people that are actually only interested in playing and WINNING the game. Not just getting to jury.
Just not interested in the Beverly hills 90210 version.


So no one in their 30s allowed?


Hope you were just being funny but guess I should be clearer. People in their 20’s and people in their 30’s and people in their 40’s and people in their 50’s.


The problem you have is the fact the season runs roughly 100 days, plus any preseason and post season stuff. That’s nearly a third of a year where only 1 person will be getting 500k (360k after taxes). it’s nice but for many people 30+ the risk vs. reward isn’t great enough to upset everything in your life. You’ll end up with people who are remarkably like those inane 20-somethings who have no real responsibilities or are looking to get famous. It would be hard to find people 30+ years old who aren’t fame whores willing and able to take 4 months off of work and leave families behind. Which makes me wonder about James and Da’Vonne both leaving kids behind with zero contact.


I understand your logic but there are a lot of people out of work who I’m sure would jump at the chance to be on BB.
As far as not getting Da and James leaving children for 100 days you are obviously young yourself. In 1970 my husband was sent overseas with the Army for 13 months. Back then we didn’t have cell phones, computers, facetalk, skype or any means of communication but mail. He was able to call home twice in that time, the cost was over $30 which was allot for a family that was earning under $300 per month. So I would say the youth of today are very spoiled in some areas.


I’m routing for Tiffany. She actually woke up and started playing the game unlike the majority of the people in the house. I like James but he just isn’t a smart player. The only person who wants to go far with him is Natalie and he can’t see that the other two showmance aren’t going to take him far. Tiffany is probably going to go but I hope she comes back. Victor Bronte or Jozea coming back would be so lame. It wouldn’t change anything. And Glenn has a 0% chance. Crossing my fingers.

Butters Mom

Bridgette already finds Tiffany exhausting to be around and she’s only had to deal with her for a week. This girl is pure weight on the nerves of everyone in the house. She definitely needs to go and stay gone.


I’m not sure where you got that from? I’ve never seen Dora say anything like that. The only thing Dora really talks about is how mean Michelle and z are.

Butters Mom

One the post prior to this one, Frank and Bridgette are talking about how hard it is to always “lift her back up” and they may have to send her home next week. They were talking in the storage room.


I think James is playing a great game. Playing hard when you’re not a target is suicide. Note: Paulie, Frank, Da.

James is laying low & not perceived as a threat to anyone. Perfect play at this point in the game. Once Da & Frank are out, I believe James will start winning competitions big time. Hope he goes to the end with Michelle or Z….don’t think either one would get a single vote from the jurors.

James FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s official. James is freakin worthless at this game. I’ve never seen so many Spineless people in my life, but it doesn’t matter because little do they know, the next two evictions are not going to make the jury. So if there’s any hope of salvaging this season then Tiffany will go tonight and Day will go next week.
Hopefully whoever wins battle back will not go directly right back out the house.


Can they vote out Michelle, even though she’s not nominated? Please?


tiffiny goes home frank wins hoh tiffny comes back in this week I hope that happen cause frank an bridget need somebody on they team


Well I truly hope they are keeping Da and getting rid of Tiffany now. If that happens I really think Da will team up with James and Nat as a 3RD wheel. I expect if that happens James will fill Da in on all the gossip of the last few days before Frank has a chance to get to her. BECAUSE it will give James more leverage in the house moving forward and possibly keep the heat off him and Nat for at least the next Week or so. At least letting Da know that Corey was throwing Da’s name under the bus as well as Nicole and how Paulie is running the house more than anyone thinks. Da already knew about Nicole and Corey from Michelle but just reaffirms it now from a second source – if James can tell her and she stays this Week. Because I really believe James has no intention of working with either Frank or Paulie and is just telling them what they want to hear this Week. – Especially when he knows PAUL is so far up Paulie and Frank’s BUTTH**E.


Okay… I haven’t read ALL the comments in EVERY post, but I can only estimate that the level of unlikability in relation to Da’Vonne can only be motivated by racism. The things and critiques I read about her are hardly about her gameplay but hair flipping and other sh!t. Honestly: she hasn’t played as bad as others in that house. She also hasn’t played it much better than anyone else. I don’t see Corey – the lamest in my opinion – getting the same amount of hate. So weird… Also, in a season full of average game moves, I find it ironic that she is the only being targeted as the worst.

OK… I’m off the soapbox now.

Just stop

Not everything has to do with race! She has played too hard, too fast, can’t keep her mouth shut has overall played a terrible social game. And she can’t win any comps so social is all she’s got. She, like Frank got caught playing people against the others and telling a lot of lies. More hate has come out against Nicole, Frank, Michelle and Bridgette as well as others, I’m sure. So please just stop with the race card.


Sorry but the #1 excuse when things are about race is the now good ol phrase “not everything has to do with race.” It is about race when people come in here and create nicknames talking about how stinky her braids are and similar stuff. It is also about race when people make other observations alike and pick on her for doing stuff that everyone else is also doing but making it 100 times worse. I read the other day a comment stating that Da was cruel because she ignored Tiffany. Hahaha! As if the rest hadn’t been flying out of every room that Tiffany entered as well. When Tiffany was going totally nuts, Da was actually the one that – after laughing at her tantrums – told her to calm down and use the info she had on the game and not by spilling the beans. She was honest and Tiffany noticed that… that made an impact that she even revealed to Da that she had won the Roadkill. Nicole on the other hand – and always showing that she is a FOREVER FRUIT LOOP DINGUS – had the guts to come into the have not room, lie down and go like “what is going on” not even hiding her dislike for Tiffany. LOL! And the mean one is Da… A bunch of people is playing hard… and a bunch is pissing off viewers as well. But while some are very dramatic in pointing out their dislike for specific players, the observations and gratuitous offenses based on appearence is hardly ever similar.


Ok I see, so when a person comments that Michelle is getting a bit chunky in the house, then that’s a “minority” that is also a racist that made that comment?

Or when someone comments that brontes voice is super annoying, that must be a Puerto Rican racist making a comment?

Or how about when people say Paulie has little man Napoleon syndrome? Well that must be a Chinese racist man posting that?

Or when people make fun of Tiffany for crying, guess that’s a Jamaican racist man taking jabs at tiff!

Come on, be for real. All the house guest have been blasted one way or another. Talking about someone’s hair does not make it a racist comment lolololol. That’s just ridiculous. Get real.


Chunky, Napoleon syndrome, annoying voice, etc NOTHING of the things you listed are based OR a characteristic of a SPECIFIC group. But why waste my time explaining that to you? Good luck in your life… you’ll need it.


Wait are you talking about her weave? If so, that’s YOUR stereotype showing. A lot of people wear weaves, or extensions, it’s a woman thing (mainly younger women) NOT an African American thing.


Do you need to go to your safe space now??!


Yeahh place the race card…. Pathetic.

Guy From Canada

Michelle has been mean and gets flack as well, does that mean we are also sexist? Corey has said some ignorant things, but has not gone out of his way to be catty, intentionally mean or just a plain old jerk. Maybe I’m missing something from only reading the blogs and not watching the feeds but the dis taste for davonne is not race related to me, it’s the trash that comes out of her mouth and poor social gameplay.

Keeping it Real

I disagree Roxt. I only see one, maybe two comments that hint to racism (mention of her hair and then her skin needing lotion). Most comments about Da’ are accurate IMHO. Unfortunately, Da’Vonne has played too hard, too fast and failed to follow her own advice of laughing off supposed rumors and lies. Every time she has been confronted with her lies and deceptions, or her lies have been brought up by other HGs, Da’ has immediately jumped on the defensive (something she claims proved Nicole to be a liar about when Michelle told Da about her conversation with Frank….Nicole didn’t laugh it off so Da’ claimed it was a sign she was lying) like when she tried to deflect Tiff’s admission to Frank that she was only coming after him because he was after her. Da’ had a chance in the beginning to go far but then screwed up by pitting Frank and Tiff against each other with pure fabrication. Had she fessed up to that she may have been able to save herself and team with them, but instead, she chose to dive deeper and continue playing the same two-sided deception hoping for a different outcome… and now all of the houseguests are watching her very closely. Da’Vonne can’t steal a win in this game…she must earn it. It seems she has failed to remember who decides who stays, who goes, and who will be the winner. As she realized she backed herself into a corner, her paranoia became obvious and Friffany figured out she was still playing her part as “dealer” in this messed up game of human poker. Sadly, Da’ has failed to show her loyalty to any of her so-called alliances and the HGs have been suspicious of her all along. Thing is, the HGs don’t get to see what we see in her DR visits…her plan, her honest assessment of the other HGs, and her claim to be something she’s clearly not…these statements have been truly revealing of Da’ s character. Honestly, I’m disappointed in Da’ and Zakiyah. I was truly hoping that a woman of color would advance and maybe win BB18. I don’t see that happening now.

Some comments about HGs are rude and offensive ( personal attacks are uncalled for…shameful, actually) but claiming racism is just too far. The Da’ hate club seems to have fewer members than Michelle, Paulie, and Frank ( oh, and they’re white).

We don’t need another Civil War. Our nation still hasn’t learned all it needs from the last one. Let’s keep race out of BB and enjoy the show. Who knows, if we stop expecting the expected, the unexpected could happen and entertain us all.

Now, let’s face it. Days’ has given everyone a reason to question her character and game play.


Will we find out who won HOH today?

The Roach Coach

Frank is playing the best game…. by far! Not to be confused with a flawless game, or perfect game… people areally targeting Frank, but he is still playing the game, unlike most of these fools….
I like natnat alot, but she is the definition of a floater, and that’s not always a bad thing, floating is a great strategy if you can float and gather info. It just infuriates me that she not only doesn’t know any info besides the few scraps James throws her, but she tells everyone, including James privately, that she does not want to know anything going on… that is a strategy I can’t support… that’s worse than a floater… that’s not even a strategy…. put on your big girl pants and start playing the game


And there it is the race card played! There are plenty of reasons to dislike Da”s game play without it being about race.


The race card only continues to perpetuate racism. Just ASSuming it’s a racist comment because the houseguest the comment is about happens to be African American, is stereotyping as well.


I’m sick of this season already. Most of them don’t have a backbone. This bull crap about “its his HOH and we should respect that” that is not what Big Brother is about. Last week they didn’t respect Bridgettes HOH and look we got some awesome tv out of it.

Tonight on 2020

That would make me really sad if people don’t like day just because of race …but I don’t believe that’s what it is .I just don’t like how she’s played the game.. she’s Pulled a frank and throws everybody under the bus but she’s not as good a player as frank… what she should’ve done is lay low and kept her mouth shut and rode the bus she got way too big out of shape about the butt stock thing I think she tried to use that as a strategy to get people to feel sorry for her she plays the victim all the time and that is not a good game play . She acts like she’s a strong woman in the Dr room but she doesn’t have the game to back it …up . she could’ve done a lot of things different this season .she knows everybody talks about what Frank is saying to them dose she not realize what she talks about two people is also being talked To …


Tiffany tried to get DaVonne expelled for the hair flip that barely touched Tiffany, yet Tiffany and Bridgette talk about putting devil horns on DaVonne’s bible and destroying it. What is wrong with Tiffany?


Now you’re just making up rumors. You have NO IDEA what was said in the dr about that incident. Only Tiffany and the producers know. And Tiffany never once said she wanted to or tried to get Da “expelled”. So you’re just talking out your butt.


I so hope Tiff stays but if not I hope she comes right back in and wins HOH. Would love to see Paulie/Paul/Michelle on the block & veto not used. They are the three biggest “mean girls” in the house. They can’t get Paul out fast enough for me.


Can’t believe I’m cheering on Frank/Bridgette for a win; hopefully the teams are over with tonight and we see Tiff come back after she gets the boot… that will be golden … Paulie needs some fear, he thinks he won already and I wanna see Zak on the block, she’s sitting way too pretty

Anonymous 100

This is my take on Davonne and Tiffaney. First off Tiff is going around saying that Day f upped her game the only person who did that is Tiff herself she was the one who let Day take over her game and play it for her she was the one who sat back put all her trust in one person and not play her own game. I’m not going to come in a house to win 500 thousand and let somebody else control my destiny. Then when she finally realize this is what’s happening what does she do run to Frank and do the same thing. She’s sitting around with this old poor me shtick and letting Frank and others campaign for her instead of getting up off her butt and being a part of her own destiny.Day on the other hand is trying to play the game but she just do not know how. Her biggest problem is she talks too Damn much. As for the lying and stuff if I was playing to win every thing that came out of my mouth would be a lie.

Paulie the dictator

I cannot stand why players don’t think for themselves on this show. I just want to do what the house does is stupid. But here is my take on the Battle Back, what if whoever wins the Battle Back is the new HOH? Makes it very interesting!


I’ve had it with Corey, James, and Nicole…officially!!!! Nicole throws anyone under the bus and try to act all innocent plus she’s lusting for Corey so bad…ugh, she’s definitely Christine Brecht 2.0 and should be named Ratcole! James is so pussywhipped by Natalie and when Day trusted him with some info and what he does…run to blab to Paulie! I hope Natalie chew him up and spits him out in order to further herself in the game. Corey…enough said! I agree one one thing…Day is due for a win for HOH and I really hope she scare the beejesus out of Bridgette, Corey, Frank, James, Nicole, and Tiffany (if she is voted out and win the Battle Back). Also watch Frank tell everything they planned on doing to her and Nicole will throw them all under the bus and act all innocent again…yuck, excuse me as I take a swig of Peptones Bismol!!!

Keeping it Real

Nicole played her HOH the way she wanted and Paulie played both of his reigns his way. You can’t fault an HOH like that. Bridgette, on the other hand, played her HOH the way Frank wanted. Ugh!

Why do so many avoid winning HOH? They don’t want to play “their way” and get slack for it, or they just want someone else to do their dirty work.

Kudos to any player willing to play his/her own game! I admire that sort of courage! I want to see players who really want to play, who really want to win!

I’m looking forward to BB18 really beginning next week.


While DA isn’t a comp beast how are they discounting her 1st season when she played in a few comps, was out second and was sabotaged by her partner JohnnyMac? It would be great if DA could win something because she’s due. But so is Michelle, Zak, Natalie & CaptainCamo himself. Everyone else has 1 win with Frank, Bridge, Paulie at 2 or 3. Nicole has won but she sure is doing a whole lotta bragging for a mediocre record. She’s No Janelle. She’s Not Even Aryan.