Paulie -“I want [Homegirl] gone.. I’ll worry about Da when the time comes”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Da’Vonne
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-21 09-31-29-628

9:20am Paulie and Frank in the kitchen
Paulie – you want some breakfast Brah
Frank they let us sleep in for a Thursday

Paulie – I really don’t care how the votes come out.. Either way
PAulie – people aren’t being 100% on who they want out

Frank says “They” just want whatever Paulie wants.. Bro
Frank – me too… I want whatever you want.. Bro .. You don’t have to say it right now I just wanted you to know..

Frank – that‘s a bomb a$$ tank top.. I love colour blocks.
Frank – It’s early.. I know I just wanted to talk to you last night but you were busy
Frank – everybody wants them both out.. They are being honest about that. Corey might want Da out more but everyone else is on the fence
Paulie – they are on the fence
Paulie – I’m going to talk to Corey be like is this going to be the best move for us

Frank – Just let me know Bro
Frank – let James know let paul know..

9:36am Girls before makeup

9:52am Paulie made Zakiyah and Homeboy breakfast. (This time Homeboy = Paul)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-21 09-59-58-897
9:58am PAulie and Michelle
Paulie – You want her gone Meech
Meech – ya but if you want to change it
Paulie – I want her gone
Paulie says Corey wants Da out more and Nicole is on the fence.
Michelle says if Da’Vonne wins the HOH this week she won’t put any of them up.
Paulie says if they take out TIffany Frank loses a number now that side is down to 2.

Zakiyah joins them.
Paulie says everybody is telling Frank what he wants to hear.
Michelle – If Frank wins HOH he’s going after Da
Michelle is going to throw the HOH.

Michelle – Is Frank trying to work on Corey and Nicole
Paulie – Yes specifically them..
Michelle – After Da, Tiffany’s coming after you
Paulie doesn’t believe Frank, Bridgette and Tiffany when they say they aren’t coming after him, ‘They straight up said in front of Paul”
Pauli – I’ll worry about Da when the time comes..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-21 10-04-51-065

10:05pm Zakiyah and Michelle
Talking about Frank working Corey and Nicole.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-21 10-20-14-197

10:22am Natalie and James
James telling her about how Bronte got evicted. Says he tried to get Paul out but couldn’t make it happen, “Bronte was a casualty of Frank”. Natalie sounds pretty excited about the potential of a pre jury “Buy-back”
James hopes Brionte comes back says it’s important to have a good friend in the house.
Natalie – you are my best friend in the house.. It’s just not fun talking about cats and farts with you
James- I know

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-21 10-40-45-197
10:38pm Natalie and Michelle
Michelle says she hates most speeches they are all so boring everybody uses the same lines..
Natalie says some of her speech is boring but some of it’s funny she hopes people laugh.

Michelle – Franks upstairs trying to convince them.. (he’s sleeping)
Natalie – you should go up they’re
Michelle – I don’t care paulie’s mind is set..
Michelle says it’s so annoying that Tiffany can’t campaign for herself.. Frank is desperate for numbers he’s desperate.. He knows he’s in hot water..

Michelle – you don’t tell Bridgette what I say
Natalie – no
Natalie – I don’t sh1t talk..
Michelle – ok that’s good..
Natallie – I keep my mouth shut..

Natalie only speaks up when people talk about another person’s appearance.
Michelle says she’s never commented on people’s appearance in the house.

Michelle heard someone called a girl fat..
Natalie hopes it wasn’t directed to her she’s put on a lot of weight
Michelle – I think it was Frank that said it

Michelle say her crying the other day asks if someone said something mean to her. Natalie says she was just having a bad day.

Natalie – I like Bridgette as a person I have nothing against her.. I know in my heart who I can trust and who I can’t trust
Michelle – She’s sneaky.. Very sneaky..

Natalie says she was cyber bullied when she was 25.
Natalie talks about her chest before she got implants, “I was flat like a board”
Says she’s not comfortable telling people she has implants cause people take it differently.
Michelle- really I just thought you were gifted..

Michelle says 5 people had implants last year.
Natalie says she didn’t watch last season.. only the last couple episodes.
Michelle asks if Tiffany told Natalie she was Vanessa’s sister when she was on the block. Natalie says yes.
Michelle scoffs “Vanessa”
Michele says Tiffany told her about Vanessa “to gain trust probably.. that’s sad… that’s so desperate ”

11:02am Michelle and Natalie cont..

Natalie – I hope America likes me that’s one of the scary things
Michelle – Im afraid they like Bridgette… people that watch the feeds probably know
Michelle – honestly you’re probably getting a Victoria edit… just like sweet and nud da nud nda da
Natalie – I was coming into this game just being myself..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-21 11-21-42-099
11:21am feeds cut to Jeff…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-21 14-32-14-459

How nice feeds are back
1:25pm Bathroom Zakiyah and Nicole
Nicole – If Da wins she won’t put me up
Zakiyah – no, Absolutely not
Nic – that’s what he’s trying to tell me (frank) .. I don’t think that’s true
Zakiyah – her goals are the same people we want out
Nic – ya.. Perfect.

Zakiyah goes on to complaining about Paulie not getting personal enough with her.

Zakiyah – he feeds me and he cares I geuss… but he doesn’t know sh1t about me..
Paul yells from the kitchen he’s making burgers tonight
Zakiyah – we’re going to celebrate (Because Tiffany is leaving)
Zakiyah – we’re going to feel good tonight

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-21 14-43-39-651

2:10pm Frank, Paulie and Bridgette
Frank doesn’t want to win the HOH if Da stay in the game he wants to be open for the double eviction.
Frank – I want you me Bridgete in the next HOH in case it’s double evict

Frank says Da is acting very comfortable
PAulie – I don’t think she’s comfortable I think she’s nervous as f***

PAul joins them.

Paulie says when he talks to people they are leaning more towards sending Tiff. IT’s not seeming like to him there a lot of people are on the fence.
Frank says Nicole and Corey want Da out.
Paulie – well Corey does
Paul – either or we’re not making a mistake..
Frank – my thing Paul you are not in trouble, Me Bridgette and Paulie are in trouble

Paulie says if Michelle wins the HOH she’ll go after Da
Bridgette and Frank don’t think so, “I think those girls are really close, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah Michelle
Paulie says those girls will go after Natalie which will help them because James will be a lock on their team.
Frank – what if they try to backdoor somebody.
Frank – what if they put up me and bridgette and they win Road Kill and put you up… Tiffany is going to put two girls up

Paul going on about they’re always being a risk
Frank – Homegirl isn’t putting you up home girls it putting me up theres the risk
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-21 14-48-26-367

2:22pm Paul and Corey

Paul complaining about Frank. says they have to get him out, “He’s such a prick” we gotta get this f***er outta here..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-21 14-55-25-153

2:55pm Frank and Bridgette
Frank wants one of them to win so they can put up Da’Vonne and Zakiyah
Frank – PAulie is kinda a hot head..
Bridgette – Cody can be logical
Bridgette – If Michelle wins we’re safe.. chill whatever…
Frank – what if Da’Vonne wins..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-21 14-50-27-145

Corey’s hair

Here’s a gif of the process..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-21 15-09-01-159

3:07pm James and Frank
Frank says he knows Tiffany is going home.

Frank wonders who Michelle will put up.
James- I really don’t want o win man to be honest.. it’s still too early for that
Frank – me too.. Double eviction next week That’s what I want.
Frank – just know me and Bridgette have yours and Natalie’s back
James – Nat told me straight up I would never put BRidgette up
Frank – alright I gotta use the bathroom it’s not going to be pretty

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-21 15-21-01-955

3:18pm Tiffany, Bridgette
Tiffany is starting to get worried she’s leaving.
Nicole joins them.
Tiffany asks Nicoel where’s it’s at.
Nicole says it’s back and forth.
Nicole asks who she will put up
Tiffany – I swear on my mother’s life I will not put you or Corey up.
Bridgette says Da has been treating her like shit for a week and a half. Nicole feels she does the same thing to her.
Nicole instructs her to go talk to Michelle just talk on a personal level.

Nicole wants her to know she is trying.
Tiffany says this side of the house is the winners side they’ve all won a competition. The other side not so much.
Nicole leaves to talk to Paulie.
Tiffany looks at Bridgette says it’s going to come down to the last minute.

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Tiff vs Dav

Like for Tiffany
Dislike for Davonne


Dislike for Tiffany
Like for Davonne


GO DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rooting for Frank or Bridgette to win HOH. time for this couples retreat season to end. Paulie reminds me of BiG Jeff with his douchebag arrogance playing the game. little does Paulie know this was a waste of his HOH when they bring back an evicted houseguest.


I gives a rat’s ass what homeboy wants! Vote Da Out!


well, if he got rid of da it wouldn’t be wasted. no way does she win the buyback, but yeah, if tiff gets voted out she’s going to win the buyback and come right back in.


I luv how everyone is so scared of Da’.
Goes to show u dont have to be a comp beast to be a threat.Hopefully she can knock some sense into those girls and wreck shop. #TeamDa all day.

BB ever

It is not they scared, it is just ppl sick of the shit she stirred


Hmmmm…Strange how there are way more down votes for Da vs. Tiffany and yet so many up votes.
Come on Tiffany!


It’s funny that Michelle would say that because the way I remember it is that she grilled the info about Vanessa out of Tiffany…

sunny dee

for info she already knew because she was a superfan, and vanessa’s season was just last year. and when she confirmed it she was all giddy with excitement being that close to actual fame and fandom.

Big Leach

“Paulie says if they take out TIffany Frank loses a number now that side is down to 2.”

Then it’ll be time to start trimming some fat. I don’t think it’ll require a nutritionist though.

Double D

I am SO TIRED of Paulie’s king of the house attitude. And put on a damn shirt.


Well I’m glad people are finally talking about Nicorey. I can’t wait for those two to end up on the block together. Maybe they’ll get split up in a DE.


I will self-evict.


Someone please put paulie and zakiyah on the block next week


Would love to see Z and Nicole on the block. If Nicole wins, put paulie up. If Z wins, put Corey up. But that all depends on who wins Roadkill challenge. Showmance could still be safe if Day is 3rd nominee.


Z is getting too comfy. Anyone else watching her and seeing a bit of Chima? I wonder if she will implode like Chima at some point, maybe if Paulie gets evicted? We need more drama like that. She is already ignoring BB when they remind her to put her mic on. Chima 2.5 is coming.


Michelle, is this your attempt at playing the game?
Zak, and Michelle talking about Frank working Corey and Nic like them two are the ultimate game players… girls, you do realize everything you have done so far is for Paulie and all ya’ll do is nod your heads and talk shit… Nic and Corey as lame as they can be sometimes actually think logically and try to play and strategize … They don’t need frank for that


Z and Michelle are bobble heads. Whatever Pollie wants Pollie gets!


I used to like Paulie now he’s just Frank from one weeks ago so much ego, he will not win the game. I can’t wait till his a*s is on the block…The show will make a competition to come back that favors Tiffany, Victor, or Joezea(him because they like drama). Then they will gear a game that Frank can win for HOH. I hope Frank backdoors Paulie if he was smart he would!! And I’m not even a Frank fan!


Dear God… If I hear another “I’ll do whatever you guys want” or “I’m down with whatever” I’ll scream.. They all saying it.. Good for Paulie to speak his mind and be blunt about it. I cannot take this “passive aggressive cast” anymore.



Can hardly wait until Michelle and Z are out the door. Natalie too. These chicks bring nothing to the table. If you whispered in their ears, all you would hear is an echo.


Vanessa with Austwins, Tiffany with Fridgette…the Roussos clearly enjoy aligning with unlikable people.


Not a Da’Vonne fan but I would love her to win HOH and put up Paulie. It would be funny if she was the one to get rid of him. I want him to feel like an idiot for not getting her out while he had the chance. The fun watching him fall off his pedestal would be so delightful!!! Happy dance worthy.

Me Too Three Four

I’m not a Da fan either but her as HOH would be AWESOME!

Tonight on 2020

Michelle is kind of mean .but there is one thing she is right About. bridges Constant giggling non stop giggling every second giggling morning noon and night giggling everywhere in the house giggling is too much….

Fuzzy Num Num

i dislike mean girls like meech. i especially like the ones who are too dumb to see the irony of their actions.
she accuses others of the same thing she does and doesn’t own her own consequences. we should call her christine, jr. please, please otev have a competition where she has to crawl through something really nasty and make her cry. and that is my mean girl prayer.

A nose is a nose

Big meech is horrible…I remember her intro video comment ” I hate when fat people don’t know they are fat” or something..She seems like a petty, vile, insecure woman.


You must be fat
Is that why it bothered you so much


Michelle has serious self esteem issues….which makes her very mean


Someone please put some tape on Michelle’s mouth. Every time Michelle speaks my dogs sit up and howl.
One of the dogs started growling and bit the sofa.


Something is seriously wrong with Michelle. She’s obsessed with mean talking and consumed with jealously. Can’t wait for her Paul to get evicted.


Is anyone else literally physically ill and bothered severely that a actual person like Michelle actually exists? Is some of it put on? Please tell me she was somewhat created by writers.

I have watched every season and there has been some real horrible human beings in that house. But Michelle is beyond words to even describe.

I’m getting physically ill just thinking of her now.

Bryn Mawr Mama

Bothered by her? Oh yeah, she’s demented. But physically ill? No, the last person who made me semi-nauseous was Amanda, because she was a gross pig.

The Main Line Mama

Amanda was vulgar

Bryn Mawr Mama

What part of the Main Line?! You’re the only BB fan I know of from the ML!!

Never worse then bb15

Yes, I could say I don’t know how but in truth I do; BB 15 just makes every other season’s cast look just a tad better. Michelle would have def fit in w that crew of meanness and ugly (not physically ugly, soul ugly). I need to get over it I suppose but man did that season p1$$ me off to no end????

Frank's Fart's Are Juicy

Michelle says Tiff needs to go that’s what Paulie wants. So dumb. He does not have a vote and he can’t compete for HOH this week. Playing for Pauline. I’m guessing that they’ll either do the buy back tomorrow and have them reenter the house in time for tomorrow nights show. Only reason I can see the feeds being down un after then. I hope the returning player is safe for the week. At this point I hope it’s whoever is evicted tonight.


Friday show should be fun. Tiff goes and hopefully she or Victor come back. Victor actually knows the game and was a pure back door. Would be poetic justice for Vic and for Tiff I think there has been more BS spoken about her in the house than anyone else. For the record Da is going no where tonight.

As for the Battle back it’s likely the whole comp will be done before Friday’s show for editing purposes. The interesting bit is whether they are exempt from eviction or are brought back into the house before the HOH(delayed til Friday maybe) is played making them eligible to go right back out the door perhaps.

The HG’s are mah IMHO. But I really am enjoying the season so far. It’s really funny to not have a person I’m rooting for or like a lot and yet I find this year rather fun to watch. Some of the observations at OBB have been really good this season as well. Always fun to drop in here daily.(several times a day)

Call Me Crazy

Wow what if the person that gets to come back into the game becomes the HOH as well. All the interviews with the evicted house guests (prompted) have expressed wanting to get revenge on specific groups or persons. Now that would be a twist.


I so hope Tiff stays but if not I hope she comes right back in and wins HOH. Would love to see Paulie/Paul/Michelle on the block & veto not used. They are the three biggest “mean girls” in the house. They can’t get Paul out fast enough for me.

Unbattled Block

I am not on either Tiff or Da’s side…but

It is a wasted HOH evicting Tiffany. She has no allies.

Paulie should’ve made a deal that if he helped keep Tiff, and she won HOH (better at comps than Da) than it is his HOH. That keeps him safe on a week he cannot play for HOH. He could also have made same deal w Frank/Bridgette (also better at comps than Da)

Eventually the Newbies have to reduce Vets numbers

On a side note,,Am i the only one who can not wait for “Not so big Meech” to go up on the block ?

conservative white male

Don’t vote out a white woman.
I know this year in United nations BB.
But come on.
What about this year’s minority?

Unbattled Block

Slowly step away from the Tequila……

conservative white male

American made bourbon only.
Buy American.
American jobs matter!

Chrome pipes

Can we please have one year without race, color, gender and religion issues. The world is already fragile and small for constant hate. It’s summer time, FUN TIME!!! People are playing big brother!!! Point blank and period.


HA! Frank just said he’ll put up the two black women. Watch what happens to these troll bars I mean comment sections then!

bathe hippy

yeah everything’s “Kumbaya” * rolls eyes*


You are neither a conservative nor white……May or not be male- definitely sick.


May or may not be male lol transgender?

Never worse then bb15

Oh for the love of intelligence….

Misty Beethoven

Michelle’s going to throw the HOH? How will we be able to tell?

What a slug…she doesn’t deserve to be in jury.


Hahahaha Well said, short and to the point! No one would be able to tell !!

Keep Mama Day

She has a point. The showmance ppl have to go!


Knew feeds were going down today but I didn’t think it would be this early in the day. Wonder what will be on BBAD tonight?


Possibly a Repeat they’ve done it before.


I HATE Michelle!!!


Don’t use my name or add an initial so we know the difference. I don’t “hate” any of these people. I don’t know them enough to care.I can’r stand her actions and lack of game like so many others but try not to get personal or take a game show too personally. I just watch and enjoy the drama. we could use more game play and less high school crap for sure


Seriously though. The people that take this so personally make me laugh


Paulie is turning into Frank.he keep this up and he will be everyones target.
Funny how they hate to have the girls come together, but the guys are trying to come together to get the girls out.This is the reason no girl will win. They are to catty and Z,Nic,brid and Nat are boy crazy.


Jeff feeds came on which is my cue to prepare for feed withdrawal. I’m still salty over likely missing an endurance tonight. Jesse, aka Mr. Pectacular, was on Jeff’s show. He is definitely someone I could probably only handle being around for short periods of time. (I would not want to be locked in a house with him for 3 months.) However, I think that after season 11’s eviction and following disappointment he has matured to a degree. When he was playing BB he really was the person we saw on the feeds. Since leaving it seems more like he has developed a character and ran with it (kind of like professional wrestlers). I used to really not like the guy. When I saw that he finally had a sense of humor, even about himself, my opinion softened. That’s why I generally don’t hate house guests. I may hate them in the house, or hate the game that they are playing, but I know when the game is over and they decompress they aren’t the same people we watch. Right now I can’t stand Paulie in the house. I’m guessing that outside he is probably a nice guy. I have also seen people cross lines in the house that I thought could never be forgiven and outside the house they became friends. Season 8-Danielle and Eric-he said some pretty foul things about her and her father and they ended up becoming besties outside the house. Even season 15’s Amanda and Elyssa had a friendship afterwards, and Amanda and Ginamarie. If they can forgive each other then who am I to hold a grudge. I would say the biggest concern this year would actually be Michelle. She just doesn’t seem like a very nice or a very happy person and I definitely hate Michelle the BB houseguest, but I actually feel bad for Michelle the human being. I have seen some things online that have been said, not about game but about her personal family life-things that were said by her sister. That, along with the backlash from fans that they deal with when they leave, does allow me to feel sympathy for her. I get that they signed up for it but sometimes it goes too far. I know that I complain about the players that I think are shady or disloyal but I would never feel the need to send someone a hate letter, spam their social media accounts, or start a facebook page dedicated to hating someone. I would be more inclined to send a note to someone I liked than to send a note to someone I didn’t. I remember what happened to Shelly and her family during season 13. It’s just not worth it to hate someone that much and especially to hate someone I really don’t even know.

Min O'Pause

I was gonna say something but by the time I got through this post I forgot what it was.


I’m saving it for a read while the feeds are down.


It’s so funny to hear Michelle and z talk game, when they do what ever Paulie tells them to do. Michelle naming her hit list? Are u kidding me. I would love brig to win hoh, I know that keeps Michelle safe but it’ll put frank right back in the hoh room and Michelle would be so jealous again. You know it drives her insane that she doesn’t have a showmance. She’s so insecure it’s hard to watch. I hope Tiffany comes right back in.

An ornery mouse

Simon & Dawg,

Enjoy your well-deserved extra sleep tonight and thanks for enhancing my enjoyment of the show.


Big Beech



For the love of Pete, please someone PUT HER UP!


Tell you what, Tiff get on my nerves but she is making great tv. It might get boring from here. Thats if Frank cant pull a rabbit out of his hat.


Watching Tiff morph into Vanessa 2.0 is not good tv to me. Can’t take all those meltdowns


I am tired of this whole team thing! Hope it ends soon.

After the battle back the numbers are 8 to 4. WTF!!!! Someone please put on your big boy/girl pants and start shaking this game up!!! Get rid of the vets!!!

Doran Martell

Frank gets the blame for everything now. I wish Da would get evicted this week and tiff would stick around and annoy Paulie. Wouldn’t mind seeing Paul or Da go next week. Paul just gets on my nerves with his intense personality and the whole “your boy” thing. And he swears too much.


Get some sleep Simon and Dawg, its about to get crazy!


I am guessing, gonna be a few single ladies walking bow-legged friday morning


Funny to everyone constant little lies about Frank and they all add up. James blaming Bronte’s eviction on Frank, making Nat now hate Frank. Da last night on the episode lying about Frank making her cry by saying she is going up as roadkill renom. Michelle always saying he is somewhere in the house scheming, when he isn’t. Paul double agent BS, his reports back to Paulie were always filled with 80% lies and exaggerations.

These people are truly terrified of Frank. Paulie is so scared of Frank, but he would never admit it. Paulie thinks once Frank is gone, he has this game in the bag.

Powder Puff Girls

Well said, in total agreement with you. I think if Paulie had a shot at Frank (after teams) he would only BD him as he is so frightened of the wrath of Frank.

Well Done!

Thanks to Simon and Dawg for giving us a place to share our opinions, l have enjoyed at 100%. Again thank you for all you do the long mornings and nights you spend with us. As Tony the Tiger would say YOU ARE GREAT!…Now have a bowl of cereal and get you some sleep.


Thank you Simon and Dawg. I appreciate all your hard work:) You’re the best and so is this site. Get some needed rest…the house is about the explode.


Thanks Lizzie! Although I don’t like feed blocks… this feed block couldn’t come at a better time.. I really need the extra sleep. 🙂


Watch Paul slither his way to the top and win the game like that rat Andy


production if you could give frank any kind of power please do .
at first I was with getting frank out but now im not cause of how michell talk about bridget
in how puile pual think they the king of the house in zachery talk bad too I really hope frank wins hoh
in tiffny wins back in an team up with day in bridget I really hope in by the way I heard michell is throwing
the comp tonight if she do she should be nom in bridget in frank should be safe

Texas Tea

CBS should just let James be HOH for one week, out of pity. Kinda like what the mother of his child did…


simon I heard michell throwing the hoh comp tonight if that happen brdiget an frank should be safe in michell should be one of the nom in get a plenty sorry about my spelling I want frank hoh tonight to see how it play out please let this happen an tiffny wins back in the house after she get vote out please me in my family going for frank to win in its to early to send him home when zachrey in michell should go


Not being mean, but for the love of all that is good, please throw a period or two in your posts. They are hard to read. Thanks.

Paul is annoying

I’m sorry but Mr. Beard/Tat/Friendship is just a hyper moron who would get on my last nerve if I had to listen to his crap day in and day out. I really wish he had gone after the two morons he aligned with in the beginning.


This safety thing needs to go, how is Frank and Paulie suppose to go after each other. If they win HOH then that team is safe. Frank wins he can’t put up Paulie.


AAAND Michelleo is safe every week without earning squat.

End to teams. Make these peeps earn safety!


Simon- Just read an article on the Hollywood Reporter where they interviewed Judd, JohnnyMac and Brendon. Didn’t know if anyone else read it. Hilarious listening to Judd critique someone else’s game as big of a floater as he was.


At least the last couple of weeks have left me with some question as to who will be evicted Thursday night. I hate when it’s all wrapped up Friday morning and they spend the next 6 days being insufferable. So far it’s just Nicole that grinding on my nerves.


Can someone please tell me why everyone thinks Michelle is so mean? She’s getting a good edit if she really is mean because I haven’t seen anything!

Powder Puff Girls

She talks nasty about the girls – she does not say nice things about people in general.

ya girl knows

bronte needs to come bacccckkkkk!!!!

Bolt Uprite

I think Natalie gaining weight is a sign that she genuinely has feelings for James.


I think the fact that James sucks off Paulie 24 7 and does whatever his daddy tells him to do is a sign that James is a pussy ass little bitch.

Powder Puff Girls

more like Bridgette’s cookies


James is pissing me off. Laying low this week. What the hell man, you and Frank are the vets. Paulie and Corey are the newbies schooling their butts. I give Frank credit because he is doing his best to play but James is only worrying about getting laid. Even if he wins HOH, all I see him doing is what the house wants rather than making a big move. Damn shame from last season’s James.


wow Michelle is just absolutely clueless. How can it be that for everything she says the opposite is true? And how can someone throw an HOH they never had a chance of winning? #BBmysteries


Really only to piss off Paulie is why I would want Tiff to stay BUT it would be even better if she won the battle back in. oh yes.


I will be over the moon if Tiff gets evicted to then walk right back in. It will be priceless to see them squirm and the look on Paulie Paul Michelle and Da. Even better if she could kick but in comps and win POV and Roadkill. Karma. I can dream. They are all too comfortable and full of themselves.

Powder Puff Girls

I think Da’Vonne would put up Paulie and Frank and in a heartbeat… the only issue is her inability to win competitions

One good thing

Paul is absolutely F’ing up Paulie’s hair on the feeds right now.


Lol well at least I have one thing to look forward to seeing on tonight’s show. Maybe I’ll get lucky and paulie will put a shirt on too.