DaVonne “Come Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I’m going to get real reckless!”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 22-04-28-017

10:05om Hammock. Michelle and Paulie are talking. michelle says who knows someone might be coming back on Thursday. I hope Jozea comes back. Paulie says I would Sh*t all over that guy. Michelle says I just don’t want Bronte back. Paulie says if Frank tries to intimidate you… Michelle says I play it up. Paulie says with the crew that we’ve got there is no way he can beat us. Michelle says It makes me sad how quick people are to turn on other people. I can’t believe how quick she (Tiff) is to turn on people.

Corey tells Nicole that Day made up that Bronte was coming after me and you. Nicole asks really?! How do you know? Corey says they told me. Nicole says I want Bridgette out more (than Frank). Corey asks really, okay. Nicole says I want them all out. Corey says I was so happy when Tiffany got knocked out. Nicole says I just didn’t want you mad at me. I was stressed. Zakiyah joins them. Nicole asks does she (Tiff) think she’s safe. Corey says she sounded confident. Corey says team freakazoid is on point this week. Where are you Nicole? Do I have to get rid of you?

Living room – DaVonne asks Nicole are we good. Nicole says yeah. I haven’t heard anything. (About who the replacement nom would be.)

10:30pm Hot Tub – Paul and Nicole. Paul says I can’t wait till next week to give my speech. Nicole asks do you have one for both of them (Bridgette & Frank). Paul say oh yeah. Nicole says that’s who I would put up too if I won. Paul says that’s who everyone should put up. Shots will be fired! DaVonne joins them. They talk about how Tiffany thinks she’s staying. Paul says they’re going to try and use every bit of info to try and break us a part.. But it ain’t going to work! Everyone leaves but Nicole and Corey. Corey says I want Paul to win HOH next week. Nicole asks do you trust him. Corey says not fully. Nicole says this season is way more harder than my entire season last time. Nicole says I’m happy you won today. Your friends would be happy you finally won something. Nicole tells Corey

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 22-35-10-548

10:40pm – 12am Kitchen – Nicole, DaVonne, Michelle, Z, Corey and Paul are chatting. DaVonne says she hasn’t taken a shower since she got off being a havenot. (Tiffany) Michelle says I thought I smelled something. DaVonne says Onions girl! Onions! DaVonne says that she heard in jury they get one monitored phone call. DaVonne says come Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I’m going to get real reckless. I ain’t getting sleep cause of ya’ll, Ya’ll ain’t going to sleep cause of me!! Michelle asks can you please!? DaVonne wonders if Tiffany gets evicted .. Vanessa will come back in her place. Nicole says lets test that theory. Frank and Paulie join them. They’re all snacking and chatting about random things.

11:05pm -12am James and Natalie are talking in the havenot room. Natalie says to the camera me and James are the perfect size for the bumper cars. Natalie says I really can’t go home this week. James says you’re not going to. I’m going to keep you right here. James says Paul is like a cameleon .. he changes colour with each group. Natalie says that’s what I told you. He was giving Bronte all the information. Natalie says I can’t wait to win HOH and start mixing things up. Right now I’m floating hard. Is that okay. James says yeah floating is a strategy. Natalie says I really hope Paul doesn’t win .. his parents live next to celebrities. She notices the camera turn on. James says we gotta give them some action! James kisses her cheek. James asks what did you think of me when I popped out of the foot locker? Natalie says I thought you were cute. And when I heard you speak I loved your accent. James says when I hugged you .. I thought you were super cute. When I saw your brown eyes I knew this was going to be an issue. Natalie says I need to win something so people don’t think I’m incompetent. People are calling me Victoria. James says so that’s a good thing. People can call me Victoria.. I’ll Victoria myself all the way to 500K! Natalie says you and Bronte will be my only friends after the show.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 23-11-41-711

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I like how earlier when Frank/Tiff were talking to Corey, Frank brought how with everything that happened he was now actually having fun. They were all laughing, including Tiff. And that was after they lost POV.

Meanwhile upstairs in HOH, Paulie was leading the hate fest and they sound like miserable people.


I dont read any of James and Natalie’s conversations.


You’re missing out they’re adorable


Feel so bad for James…I like Natalie, but I really think she is just flirting with him/leading him on, which is going to be a HUGE let down for him. Hopefully I’m wrong… Highly doubt it though


If you believe the diary room sessions which people seem to think is about 95% truthful, Natalie has told them that she would definitely date James as he is the type of guy she likes…


That you think she can’t be into James despite the overwhelming evidence that she is says more about your shallowness than about anything to do with Natalie.


How about when Natalie said, “I have nobody” after Bronte was evicted. That says A LOT. You’re sooo naive if you think Natalie & James will be anything more than friends. Natalie has called Corey “hot” & “sexy”. The only thing she says about James is that he’s “sweet” & “funny”. James is awesome, but he has absolutely no chance of hooking up with Natalie. Just callin it how I see it.


James is borderline Caleb to me. Natalie has said, “I can get any man that I want!” and yet, we’re supposed to believe that would be James? She never tells James he’s sexy, like she allegedly said about Corey. James is looking like an idiot. He said, “First it was Meg and now Nat Nat.” Meg never led him on. James being a returning Vet is just a huge let-down. He’s basically not even there. Oh yeah, and he’s an underdog again. Nice.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Nicole telling Paul she would put up Frank and Bridge if she won is a joke. She’s chickensh$t!!! Tired of her and that moron Corey. I hope Tiff puts Nic up just so she whines all week


I believe she would do it, but she won’t win. Thanks to the girls- we’ll have another guy win the BB game. Good job ladies!


I feel like everybody in that house is losing their damn mind except natalie and maybe james! They still have more than half a game to play though.

The Roach Coach

Whos has the best beard in the house….?
Initially I thought it was Paul, his beard is pretty good, but the only thing his beard hides is his face…
But my vote for best beard goes to Nicole…his “beard” is a returning vet that hides his sexuality!
(I wouldn’t be surprised if a majority of people don’t know what the term beard means)
Corey beard > Paul Beard

Tiny trump hands

Dude, We know what beard means, but we still think you’re pathetic.

The Roach Coach

Corey’s a baseball player… atleast I was alittle more creative than the obvious Pitcher/Catcher joke I could have rolled with…


Grown the hell up and stop hating love makes the world go around

Fuzzy Num Num

So, Christine, I’m mean Michelle, is upset with how quick some people are to turn on others. Hmmm. Ok, I see her point. Im sure she would know.

Team James

I love James! He doesn’t have the heart to be mean. He’s to nice for Big Brother, but He’s still my favorite player!

Fruit loop dingus

Lol I’m gonna get real reckless …
I’ve never seen a housemate talk so big about their game while doing nothing.
The whole season Da has been talking so much …
It’s beyond annoying now to just hilarious.
At least this season doesn’t have anyone that I’m so disgusted by (Frankie, Aaryn, etc.)
I guess they’re all staying home to support Trump.


No shit too good, if only women could work together, but they r never willing to play as dirty as the men. U have a extra vote between your legs use it


And then cut they ass in the end


Ppl, that’s why you dont judge people base on an action. Frank and Paul are pretty likable guys. Whereas Day, Paulie and Nicole, urg… they made the fav houseguests wtf


I don’t know about Paul. He is feeling more like the Andy of this season along with Michelle.


I’m sure I read somewhere Cory’s plan was to take down Natalie so Paulie would put someone up. And Tif couldn’t


Nicole,meech and z are pure filth

Production told them

I have this feeling, that Production has in some way tipped them off about one of the first few players to come back. So far, its pretty much been the later season evictions getting a chance to come back in, so there really shouldn’t be an issue to speculate they would be bringing back people evicted early. Especially since now a days, many play the game for the stipend, and actually use that as a goal. It seems that Production planted something alluding to it, because I find it very rare to have come up with that scenario alone with this bunch. I don’t know


My problem with conspiracy theories (apart from being baseless) is production doesn’t need to interfere. There is plenty of drama and excitement when the games runs naturally.

Girlie girl

Tiff has to go her crazy eyes and big mouth are scary. People in the house should all run there own hoh’s because once the house figures out your running the show out you go. If they don’t know what to do then they shouldn’t be on the show. I agree Da talks to much, Frank is annoying and PAulia is getting to big for his britches.


You mean his panties.


I agree tho Tiff of those 3 should control herself the most, Frank and Paulie both are great at somp and both have loyal soldiers that will follow them to grave…Tiff has only herelf and the hope that somehow she survives the 3rd time

Of these 3 big targets I d say Paulie is still the safest, Z won t abandon him (whatever she says), Corey wont leave him and so nicole wont leave him too…having 3 ppl on lock and being good at comps….if they dont get rid off him soon they will have a big touble later on


Long time till Thursday…..

You all think Tiff for sure going? We will see.

If she does she walks right back in. Can’t wait to see Nicole’s face. And little midget tough guy Paulie say “well she is going right back out” Ok tough guy. And Michelle the little bitch. Talkin’ behind everyones back. Michelle acts like a 14 yr old insecure little girl. People that constantly try to cut on others for no reason are really talking about themselves.

Let’s get to the battle back.


Do you we still need a jury or rather such a large jury is there rule saying only 5 or only even just 3 hgs have to on the jury it just has to a odd number right so no tide can occur. I hate the whole jury i wish there a better way of picking the win i tired of awarding hgs extra money. Another thing they need to get rid of to is the AFP to many hgs are just playing for AFP give the extra money to 2nd place instead.


Does any one out there ever here Julie say an thing about some one can change the two Noms. With some kind of power. Please Reply.

Gnats Curves

Poor Nat, complaining that she doesn’t want to get “curvy”, i.e., fat. I’d agree with her, that she does look like she’s gained a few, but look at the thighs and hips of all the ladies, they all look like they’ve gained a few. On BBAD tonight, while she and James were cuddled together in a car, she was rubbing her left thigh, and it definitely looks bigger than it was when the game started. Not enough exercise and too many calories will do that to a person. I see that in myself every time I look in the mirror.

But, Nat is still a beautiful but very insecure young lady. I only hope that she isn’t playing James. He’s too nice a guy, maybe a bit gullible when it comes to the ladies.

Nurse Nic

Lots of Nicole haters posting not so nice things about this poor girl. (Or are there only a few who post using different names) It’s a shame she feels that she HAS to be in a shomance. She gets so involved with a guy that she forgets the object of BB is to make it to the end and hope the jury votes her the $500K. I”d really like to see her start playing her game and stop believing everything everyone in the house tells her. Lying is part of the game, something she’s been know to do.

I’d love to have this girl in my life, as long as I didn’t have to listen to her voice.


You need a rat (Paul) and a hanger-on (Z) in every season. Z is the lowest of the low to me. I don’t think she’s gorgeous and she is lucky she found an idiot to.. hang on to. Nice game Z. You should be proud of getting on BB to curl hair, and lay around with your 1″ make-up on all day long smearing it all over your pillow or Paulie’s chest. Seriously! Brava! I’m waiting for the Alpha Dogs and the Mean girls to get to the point where they have to turn on each other. That is what I am waiting for.


I think that is mean to say about Z she was not going around saying she is gorgeous and she doesn’t wear any more make up than Natalie and she does not wear it all day. I think she is pretty and it’s her cat eyes and high cheek bones. A lot of women wear to much make up and do not need it. I seen her with her make up off she has clear skin do, does Kim Kardashian. She is not playing a dirty game she is just not good at winning so, far. She could win later on like Jordan or not win anything like Victoria but. I do not think that will happen. She is a preshool teacher which requires at least a bachelor so, she can not be dumber than a bag of rocks.

Pph hatin on Paulie

but let s be real, he gave us the best few live feeds days in years!
So stop whining and enjoy it coz we wont have so much drama probably again for few years!


Hmm not sure how Paulie gave the best live feeds? I can’t even stand to listen to his “I am king of the world” filibusters. I switch cams on him 99.9% of the time.


Tiff gotta go


I’ve seen players self destruct before and spill the beans but Tiffany took it to another level. She spilled the whole damn pantry. This cannot be considered good game play. I mean if by some miracle she makes it past this week, who the hell will trust her? I was actually starting to change my mind about her until she did that.