Big Brother 18 Week 4 POV Ceremony Results

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Da’Vonne
Have Nots James and Natalie

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 12-27-11-455

Corey used the power of veto saved himself. Tiffany the roadblock winner Nominated Da’Vonne as the replacement.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 15-05-19-069

11:49am Right after the Veto Ceremony Tiffany, Bridgette, Frank and Nicole
Tiffany – Pissed
Tiffany – did you see the shade she threw me..
Tiffany – first she whipped her hair at me.. Hurt me.. Snapped her hair.. I sit up like that and she goes Hairs not long enough b1tch
Nicole – No way… I couldn’t hair
Tiffany – she’s scary bro
Nicole – thank you for not putting me up
Tiffany – I told you the f***g truth about everything..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 12-51-07-357
11:54pm Tiffany and Natalie

Tiffany – don’t leave me ok.. I’m going to get so much shade thrown my way.. did you hear what she said to me .. you look good up there Nat.. she was whipping her hair at me saying your hair’s not long enough b1tch..
Tiffany- you can tell it’s going to get real personal and stupid
Tiffany – I’m nervous right now.. I on’t like confrontations..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 12-33-09-770

12:00pm Da’Vonne and Nicole Backyard
(other houseguests (Tiffany, Frank, Michelle) in the backyard within earshot..
Da’Vonne – I thought people wanted me to explode.. That’s not my style not this season

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 12-46-18-632
12:45pm Frank, Bridgette and Tiffany
Tiffany says Da is getting really cocky she’s acting certain that she’s staying..
Bridgette is going to go to the backyard to sun tan
Frank reminds them that one person from their group has to always be around the other group so they can’t talk freely.

Tiff asks about Paulie. Frank isn’t sure says he’s going to talk to Paulie in a couple days. If there’s a few people on the fence maybe they can use Paulie to help and convince. Frank mentions that Paulie watched his season and told him he values Frank’s judgment.
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 12-47-26-635

Corey comes in says he was asked by lulu lemon to be a model 5-6 years ago. Corey threw the card away because he didn’t think anything of it, “I have a tone of lulu lemon now I had none at the time.. ”
Corey leaves..

Tiffany says Michelle will be clinging to Da and Da will be clinging to Michelle
Frank – I’m going to f** that sh1t up
Tiff – she has t know how much Da lied to me.. I almost want to talk to her..
Frank says they’ll see maybe later today or tomorrow.. “Friggin BIG MEECH”

Frank – I got to win some HOH’s and POV… I really think I would have crushed that Ice cream comp.. that’s right up my alley..
Tiff – did you throw that one to Bridgette
Frank – No I was really nervous to..

They start talkign about the other houseguests..
Tiffany asks him what he thinks about Paulie. Frank says Paulie is hard to read. Tiffany says Paulie’s real self is a lot more Italian machismo “That’s what comes across with his crazy eyes..” Tiffany thinks Paulie has an agressive side..

They agree Zakiyah is a waste she’s not going to vote against DA and they don’t want to force her
Frank – I would love to make it 7-1, I’ll be happy with 4-3.
Tiffany – she’s going to blast me on twitter.. why did she lie so much.. she talked so much shit about my sister on twitter.. calling her loony toons crazy.. calling her junkie.. she apologized after..
Frank – I don’t get down with the social media scene..
Frank says production liked that about him they told him they don’t want so much social media activity and petty drama with their hosueguests because after all it’s a family show “People make themselves look like a$$es”

Cameras switch to backyard…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 13-41-46-210

1:30pm Zakiyah’s, Raffe, Nicole and Da’Vonne
She was told by the Diary Room to not bring the giraffe anymore.
Zakiyah says the Giraffe’s name is “Raffe Ryan Christoper Calafiore”
Adds that is Paulie’s full name is “Paulie Ryan Christoper Calafiore”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 14-08-53-022

2:09pm Nothing going on.. Zakiyah dancing around acting extra happy..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 14-31-16-678

2:34pm Natalie in the pool…
Paulie is there to.. he says he find it sexy having two people who are desired by everyone else but only desire each other.. that is sexy to him..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-18 14-21-28-381

2:18pm Backyard Bridgette and Corey
Bridgette saying someone told Nicole that she stuck her tongue out to her. Bridgette says she never did that, she says something so childish as that wouldn’t be something she would do, “I’ve never done anything mean to anyone”
Corey – I wouldn’t worry about it.. I think she (Nicole) was worried that you were mad at her over the ice cream thing
Bridgette says she had forgotten about that..
They start chit chatting..
Corey – what does your boyfriend do
Bridgette – he’s a yoga instructor
Corey says he’s never been to a class but he’s done them on YouTube.. “I’m just not flexible.. I need to start stretching more before I get into this”

Special bonus Spoilers

If you subscribe to the live feeds you can “Flashback” to any time during the season and start watching. Lets you go back and rewatch conversations etc..
There’s a lot of buzz going around about Corey and Nicole getting intimate Handy’s etc… 7/18 8:57-9:10 Cam 3-4
Corey did share with us last night that he was “In Heat”

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Double D

Interesting…Tiff told Da she won it

TIFF vs Mama Da

Whose it going to be ?

Like for Tiffany
Dislike for Davonne


Whose it going to be for what? Eviction or a battle of day and Tiffany? Because I may need to change my vote lol


Thank Goodness Da is up….now get out and don’t come back!
Tiffany gave herself the absolute best chance to stay by putting up shady Da…
Good riddance


If only we could say Bye Day!!!



Who's the next departee?

So – will Da get backdoored or will they vote out Tiffany? Not sure if I care which one goes – both have gotten rather annoying. TIffany has already inflicted lots of collateral damage but still seems like a ticking time bomb.


Learn what a backdoor is pleases.


A Backdoor is something Cory is into


Dayvonne can not be backdoored. A backdoor is when you don’t play in the veto comp and therefore have no chance to save yourself from the block. Dayvonne will not be backdoored because she played in the POV and lost to Cory. So she had a chance to win and failed. Then found herself nominated for eviction. She may very well be voted out but it won’t be a backdoor!


A Backdoor is when the plan is to have the replacement nom, the intended target! Doesn’t matter if they play in veto, and lose! Only the first “5finger” plan could guarantee the target to not play in veto, that’s why it’s random pick now!

Even the player Jase who the backdoor plan was invented for was backdoored his second season after he played in veto.


That is exactly what I have been saying. Keeping Tiff before has caused a lot of damage and the subsequence collateral damage has yet to be seen. Why double that by keeping her a second time? I love the drama but from a game strategy I just can’t understand what these people are thinking if they flip on Da.


That is why Tiff should get the boot. Keeping her the first time cause major collateral damage. Why multiply in times 2 and keep her again?

Deez Nutz



Well, better hit Costco for some popcorn.


You go and get ya popcorn big girl. And save some for big meech


Can’t wait to hear what went on. Did Da explode on Tiff?.


Da’Vonne whipped Tiffany with her hair.. I wonder if there will be any consequences


What?? Seriously?


Tiff just said on the feeds that the DR crew is looking in to it. I probably would have lost it if she or anyone tried to purposely flip their hair on me.


I want to teach my daughter that nobody has a right to put their hands on you blah blah blah, but it’s okay to hit someone with a horsehair whip
#penalty vote


Absolutely she crossed a line. Doesn’t sound like a big deal however nobody has a right to do anything physical including using your braids as whips. (Sounds a little funny I know) Shows Her lack of self control and her nasty mean side.


#’s don’t work on this site, try Twitter 🙂

Boo Hoo

Come on DA you get offended and cry at your butt being swatted but it’s ok for you to smack someone with your braided hair. Get a grip girl. You can’t have it both ways


So Frank can ass slap and go unpunished but Da who may or may not have tossed her head and hit cry baby I already have a beef with you Tiff should be tossed from the show. Get real. Move on people there is nothing to see here.


Hmm of course frank is in the wrong but that doesn’t mean day is right. Doesn’t make you a crybaby either if it pissed you off because someone hits your face with that big huge long ass braid lol. Especially if she did it out of anger.


Was it on purpose or because Da has 12 mile long braids and braids tend to swing around like that?

sunny dee

i think she did flip her hair deliberately, but just as a move, not as a weapon intended to hit someone with one. that would be my guess on it, but the reality is if you flip stuff like that around, in a braid, that long and heavy, towards someone who may be sitting or just in range, you could do some damage to their eye. i doubt tho that she picked one up and flpped it directly and deliberately in order to hit with a stinging snap making contact with tiffany.

hair flpping is an actual thing tho, as in ‘f you whatever’ comment,, flip hair and turn your back on someone lol


I didn’t see it but people on the feeds are saying day admitted it was on purpose. All I saw was day constantly talking about it so she must feel
Like she did something wrong.


Actually she was quite proud of herself for doing it. It was purposeful.

Min O'Pause

So….did Day have an anvil tied to her braid or something? I missed it.


Those things are like shipping rope


Maybe if Tiff or anyone wasnt in my personal space, she wouldn’t have got “hair slapped”


If it was while they were on the nomination couch then they have no choice but to be in each others personal space. If Da’Vonne purposely used her hair to hit Tiffany, it’s petty and at most deserving of a penalty vote. Most likely though Tiffany will use it to point out just how petty and emotional Da can be. It may get Tiffany a door to help her stay.

Unbattled Block

Should be interesting. If Da’Vonne morphs into BB17 version of Da’Vonne then there is a great chance house will flip and voter her out


She doesn’t have to “morph” into a different version, she is that person. She has tried to ACT different this season, but she was herself in her last season. Your true colors also show eventually, so she couldn’t hide her truth for long.


This week will be great, hopefully Nicole and Corey dig their holes deeper. I am somehow hoping Dayvonne gets evicted but comes back instantly, if Tiff gets evicted I’m hoping for a Bronte comeback. Tiff coming back will not make any changes but Day coming back I am expecting a huge blow up with her and Nicole.


Yes please!!!!


I really hope for Tiffanny to go, but I m terrified of her coming back in the game…I respect that some ppl like her, but for me she s just too much


Well said


The only information Tiffany has left to give to Frank is which people actually told her she was safe on Wednesday night, and Michelle’s role. She’s exhausted her resources and use to the house. This is problematic. I’m happy to see she hasn’t taken to her bed and tried to be invisible, because that’s no way to stay if so many people are against her. I don’t know if she actually has a chance of staying but it’s been fun to watch the vote flip three times before the veto ceremony even took place.
The only strength Da has left right now is depending on the loyalty of others. This bunch seems real loyal…. oh. Da is making a mistake when it comes to continuing to subtly attack Natalie to James (Natalie’s real shifty… she’s been painting her nails for three days). Other than that, Da seems to be trying very hard to play the invisible nominee role. But then, in her last season she spent her time on the block with Jason being pretty much invisible as well.
At this point, still don’t care. lol. I don’t think it will make a difference which one leaves.


I think you’re missing the bigger picture saying it doesn’t matter which one goes.

If Da goes:

Nicole and Corey have made a move for themselves and the Showmance plus 1 goes to the Showmance….or Za is extremely mad, which could break any number of ways, with Paulie trying to contain her, while realizing he’s no longer in the cat bird’s seat.

James gets a clearer picture of the game, specifically that he’s been lied to a lot, and likely starts to see it is him and Nat vs everybody.

Michelle will become unhinged, not knowing where to turn and assuming she’s next to go.

Paul’s head will explode, not knowing where to direct his sycophancy.

Tiffany will have managed to go from certain death to flipping the house, where rather than 1 solid majority, it’s 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 with her trying to float between Frank and James’ 2, while Paul tries to go everywhere and Michelle is on the outs….plus a returning HG that either gets enlisted on a side or a punt to send back out, buying a week.


I totally agree. Getting rid of da creates more scrambling and gameplay which I think will result in better TV. I for one do not want to sit through another season of one group running the show and of that group a clear leader with a clear path to the finals. I prefer small groups and power shifts back and forth. each group looking to absorb a remaining player from another group once they are isolated. Look how much last week with the flip vote caught Frank’s attention and humbled him. Not quite so secure and cocky so far this week. Not sure who he can really trust. Now it is Paulie’s turn. Knock that cocky SOB down a peg and make him scramble. Also forces people to play. In past years we had 1 maybe 2 “floaters” lately it is like over 1/2 the house is floating or at summer camp while 1 or 2 people run the show.

Tiffs folly

Tiff needs to start making deals and get off the frank train if she wants to stay … Davonne is better to get out now because she is against the showmances and knows even if she was with them she is first to go … To bad there is no guy to vote out .. That would have been ideal for campagining for both girls … Natalie is sitting pretty she can get far in this situation lol … So next out is a toss of the coin smarter move is davonne but will be Tiffany


The only thing I don’t get is how the entire house was gunning for frank and knows tiff is working with him but will listen to her half truths…maybe they are as dumb as they look


I know. Crazy right? This is exactly what Vanessa did over and over again. I don’t get it. Hmm, why would one feel more threaten by Day who is NOT working with Frank, than tiffany who is???? Day has only Michelle and Tiffany has Frank and Brigette.. possibly Corey/Nic who wants to keep Frank in the house.


I agree I really don’t see how Da is a threat to anyone. I am sorry the girl can’t win Sh*t. Why are people gunning for her now, they could get her out any time they wanted. Tiffany has already proved to be an emotional and unstable player plus she has blown up everyone’s game to Frank and she has proven that given the right motivation she can win comps. To me getting her out would be the clear choice. But these house guest are so dumb and their egos are f**king out of this world.


No day definitely isn’t a comp threat but she is a threat in other ways. Just causing a lot of chaos. Pinning people against each other etc.


The reason Da is threatening to everyone is because the DR has made it clear to others by their questions that Da is “the one” they want to win this year. I think it was Bridgette that said that and they went to fish. Every year production choses a favorite and this year it Da with Z second. Hopefully that doesn’t happen.


Van and Tiff are different people. Van’s game was in large part predicated on her alliances. 1/2 truths and lies are part of BB. Tiff is isolated and reeled in Frank after staying. She stayed not because she flipped the house but rather Da flipped the house.
Da is far more dangerous. You asked the question why folks would even consider evicting her. The answer is the majority of the house have seen her mean side. They know she lies(lol) and see her as a long term threat. She has said a lot about HG’s behind their backs. Compare notes she might have a problem. I don’t think Tiff can get the 5 votes to stay. The next few days are not going to be as exciting as folks think unless she loses her sense of being safe eviction night. Zak and BIG Meech are solid she needs just 2 votes as Paulie keeps her 100% on a tie.


Unlike Vanessa’s crazy splatter, Tiffany’s half-truths, lies and deceptions seem to make sense to the house guests though. Tiffany had enough information to make sensible lies to those she’s approached. With what those house guests already knew, her revelations, regardless of veracity, confirmed some of their feelings and fears and cast Da’Vonne in a less than favorable light. She’s done well wrapping her deception with enough truth to be accepted by several folks.


I don’t quite get it either. That and Tiff keeps saying that people need to know “how much she lied to me,” as if anyone is going to be overly offended that Da would do that to her. Pretty sure a lot of people were not only lying to her but talking carp about her constantly and avoiding her. They’re still trying to avoid her for the most part.
I was one that wanted Tiff to stay in the house last week for maximum drama, but I’d like to see we walk out this Thursday. I’ve been giving her the benefit of the doubt and actively keeping her game separate from her sisters game in my mind, but it’s getting harder to do that with every passing day that she just sits and complains about how she has nobody, tells half truths and feels like she has a disease. Then get up girl! You’ve cried for weeks, time to get out of the house and go mix it up. Everyone’s outside? Go outside! Be seen! The more she keeps talking about how her game was stolen from her while sitting in bed or in a corner of the house, the more I would wonder why anyone would want to keep her there. I know she says she doesn’t like confrontation but if you’re going to make speeches like last weeks eviction speech and spend the week telling everyone and anyone how terrible Da is, you’ve got to own it.


It wasnt day that skewed Tiffs game, it was Vanessa did that.

Ian's Lament

I’m guessing the swing votes are James ,Paul, and Paulie. Da seems to have Michelle and Z for sure. Paul would be smart to keep her as she is on his team . James seems pretty close with Da . I think Paulie would hesitate because of Z but maybe if Corey and Nicole reason with him and Tiffany makes him some sort of deal he will flip. Da demonized Frank to get him out. If Frank’s gone Da will do the same thing to Paulie. That’s her game ( a lot like things Vanessa did last season). Hope he sees that before Thursday.

The irony

If Day gets voted out, she got backdoored …which is mostly used on compbeasts…and we all know how Mama Day can “beast” a competition… If I was in the house I d vote out Tiff, she can actually win stuff, while Day has no power unless they give it to her by believing her lies.

RN tho I m sensing a TIE – James, Mischelle, Z, Paul v. Frank, Nicole, Corey, Bridge…which is my ultimate dream scenario


Didn’t she play in the veto? If she did, then it’s technically not a backdoor.


Get real don’t you read anything but your own , like your own posts too I bet ha ha you did didn’t you


I does appear that the concept, meaning and use of the term “backdoor” escapes many. So many comments about Da getting the backdoor when indeed she played in the veto


A backdoor is when the replacement nom is the intended target! It’s doesnt matter if they play veto or not. Since they have random pick now you can’t guarantee they don’t play in veto. If they do play in veto and lose, the backdoor plan is still in effect!


No it’s not!
Nakomis did the first one. Watch the season to learn what a backdoor is.


YES IT IS! i already talked about the “5finger” plan,..BB made it RANDOM pick now, so you can’t guarantee they don’t play in veto now! Jase who The “5finger” plan was invented for was Backdoored on his second season even after he played in veto!


With the 3 nom twist Da could be “Sidedoored”


So Da’Vonne’s the side chick? Or maybe the backdoor side chick…now it’s all complicated.


Definition from Wiki

“The backdoor technique, also known as the six-finger plan, is a strategic move devised by Marvin Latimer and Nakomis Dedmon, and executed by the latter in Big Brother 5. It requires not nominating the intended target to be evicted at the nomination ceremony. Provided the intended target doesn’t play in the Power of Veto and/or win, the POV holder would then remove a pawn from the block, and the HOH would place the intended target on the block to be subsequently evicted.”


You lost me


day and tiff stray see ya corey!i would day goes and comeback!

Justin b3av34

I like the way you talk. I like your rabbit.


Da and Tiff stay and see ya Corey? Corey isn’t on the block. I’m not sure where you think Corey is going.


Have you ever seen a portal?


All I have to say is that the HG’s would be stupid to keep Tiff in this game any longer. If anyone of them watched Vanessa last season, they would see that she is completely identical in her Modus Operandi. They can get Da out next, but just make sure Tiff is not in the house. Sick of these fake meltdowns like I was of Vanessa last season

do you even have siblings?

were julia and liz exactly alike in game? No, liz was playing the boys and julia couldn’t be bothered and would rather lay in the sun and tan
are cody and paulie alike in game? No, cody was playing the girls and paulie’s a self absorbed narcissist
how about nokemis and cowboy did they play the same game too?

you obviously have no siblings and no awareness of anything outside your bubble


I have siblings but, they are all deceased now. Thank You. You made comparative analysis of the other siblings saying that they didn’t play their games alike. The answer was No. But you failed to ask is Tiff and Vann games just alike and you know the answer would be YES. I stand on what I said; their fake crying and meltdowns for game play are identical


vanessa and tiffany are playing two completely different games.
Tiff aligned herself with one main person (day) who used her and made shit up about her.
vanessa (who seriously studied game theory in school) was 4-5 steps ahead of everyone in the house and surrounded herself with multiple pawns and final 2’s including the then secret twins.
Are tiff and van sensitive women who cry when humilated and used, yes. no doubt


I disagree. Van would and DID get herself out of this mess last season.

Butters Mom

I agree… I want Vannessa , I mean Tiffany out. She’s an ugly crier and I cant take it. The pitty me party that is going on with her now about how Da was so mean to me makes me want to gag. I hope Victor comes back in. I want to see what Paul would do with that.


Paul and victor would do the same exact thing they did before he got voted out. Victor can’t and won’t make an impact on this game. He doesn’t even know what anything is in big brother (i.e. Double eviction etc) and is naive in his social game ( i.e. When Paul kept trying to tell him Paulie and crew were playing him and he refused to believe it). He just doesn’t know enough about it. He should’ve studied a bit and watched more season before he came on.

Justin beaver

So me and Frankie and johnny football and slopballs want to stop by and meet your rabbit OK? Got a pipe?


Could be a good few days as both Tiffany and Da’Vonne make sure the target is on the other one. Will Tiffany incentivize the house guests?! Maybe she’ll offer them party time with Vanessa, Da’Vonne can blow up everyone’s game but she might also just sit on the couches with Jason, oh wait that was last season…

Da or Tiff?

I guess this will go this way:
Votes to evict Da: Paul, Frank, Bridgette.
Votes to evict Tiff: Zakiyah, Nicole, Corey, James and Natalie.

Z hates Tiff and is fairly close to Da.
James is quite close to Da, he wont vote her out + he’ll influence Natalie to keep her.
Corey was put up by Tiff so he’ll get rid of her + he’ll influence Nicole to vote Tiff out.

Even if Natalie flipped, Pauli will vote Tiff out after putting her up, he wont evict Da, his nominations wouldnt be useful in that case.

Unbattled Block

Umm…Natalie can’t vote


Natalie can’t vote….

Paul as of right now will be evicting tiffany 100%. (Unless a flip happens).

As of right now:
Votes to evict Tiffany: Z, James, Paul, Michelle, Cory, Nicole
Votes to evict Day: Frank, Bridgette

Frank and Bridgette may vote out tiffany knowing it may be a lost cause to take out day.

this is

why people on the block should VOTE


Has something changed as of late last night b/c at that point, Corey and Nic were voting with frank and brig to EVICT Day.


Those two have flipped and flopped. As of last night They were on board, but afraid to vote out da unless everyone is voting out da. With that in mind they decided maybe getting da next week is better, and following the house in evicting Tiff this week would be better for their game.


Corey and Nicole want day out. Frank only needs one more vote.


Natalie can’t vote she’s on the block


who know that fantasy world how would she vote come on!


Natalie is on the block. She can’t vote


As much as I would like to see Da go….i dont believe it will happen. Everyone loves to talk about making big moves and shaking up the house but when it comes down to the votes, they rarely fall that way. I still think Tiff is gone and then will come right back after the BattleBack competition (she will only need to win one round). Then she will fall back in line and continue to be an outcast and probably go right to the jury house. Thats good news for Frank and his little cabbage patch.


I don’t understand why everybody wants Da to leave. She is not doing in More or less sneaking and conniving then anyone else in the house. Thats how you play big brother. I hope that crazy ass Tiffany goes. If I were Da I would rip that girl a new one with my words.


The midget twins Paul (Napolean) and Paulie (Bonaparte) are both full of hot air.They threaten to do all these things to people in the (big talk for little guys) house.I think Tiff could beat the shit out of both of them if she
wanted to.Chip and Dale are in the house!!!! HAHAHA!!!!

battle back

get some special powers


Tiff needs to go!!! To crazy like her sister


I said I want Tiffany out!
Can’t you understand that!!!!


I’m actually liking Tiffanys personality now that she’s not acting so erratic. She does seem to have a good sense of humor even about her shortcomings. I started out being a fan of Da. Now her game is plummeting into nastiness. I love the anticipation of what’s going to happen next. Unpredictable!

Gordon Ramsey

If Da goes home it will be two weeks in a row that the roadkill was used to undermine the HOH’s plan. I hate twists but good tv is good tv.


I hope Da’Vonne does go but would not be surprised to see Nicole/Corey chicken out an vote out Tiffany instead(if that is the case I pray to the Lord that Tiffany is the one who comes back…none of the others are really that interesting(except for Glenn but he has been away from the game too long) Next week I hope Paulie is on block with one of those two nasty mean girls either Z or Michelle…with the other one put up as RK. I have to laugh when Z calls Frank/Bridgette bullies and Michelle talk so much shit about others…they are the 2 worst trash talking snitches in that game they make Andy from Bb15 somewhat like a ble


Seriously, Da’Vonne acting all cool and claiming expectations of her blowing up are so last season… Tiffany talking about how calm Da’Vonne is like she is certain she is staying… Tiffany feeling compelled to do something already.

Slow down people! Da’Vonne was only just put on the block. It is too early to draw any conclusions. Let her stew in her ‘on the block’ juices. By eviction day she will have already sketched herself out of the house.


And Paul is a blowhard.


Will any one of these HGs keep their roadkill win a secret. Arguably a great tool to undermine confidence between groups and within working blocks if kept completely secret but these braggarts want to show off more than gain advantage.


oh i wish people can vote on the block this weeek tiffany-day day-tiffany then natalie vote?

Operation bye bye

Sorry momma day but its time for you to leave!!! You had your chance last year and talked crap abt everyone and lied like crazy n u got the boot early then u get a second chance and do the same lame game play again, No thanks!!! See you on the other side boo! You say your not gonna do what u did last time n yet its like watching ground hogs day over and over… haha n talk abt immature was it really necessary to hit tiffany with your braids… No!!! Hope u get a penalty nom n well see you out with julie on thurs…




I am still confused as to what lies David has told. Granted that she does need to learn to keep things closers to the vest. From what I’ve seen she has always told things like they are arguably she’s told those things to the wrong people but that’s all I’ve seen. I don’t watch the feeds so maybe I’m missing something. Can somebody clue me in?


First of all, who is David?


Da’ trying to thug it up by using that braids as a weapon? True character not far from the surface. She’s a cunt.


(LOL!!) Just spit my pop all over my laptop.

Fuzzy Num Num

Singing ” I whip my hair back n forth, I whip my hair back n forth”


I get that y’all don’t like Da’vonne, but when the polls have Frank higher. I am disgusted. He is a liar and sexist piece of garbage. Slapping girls on their asses???? That is not a “friendly gesture” IT IS sexual assault. He also lied about calling Da a slut. Might as well call 9% of you Bridgette.

DaVonne's Gynecologist

Look, I’ve treated this harlot for four distinct STD’s over the past two years. Frank definitely said it but he’s right. I have the blood tests to prove it. I’ve been practicing for 16 years and I’m telling you it’s NOT normal for vulva’s host insect larvae.

Da'Vonnes hair always looks bad

Let’s see. The votes

Corey and Nicole leaning towards Day. Frank and Bridgette firmly voting Day out. 4.

Paulie Zak and Michelle Paul firmly voting out Tiffany. 4

James is only vote floating. Let’s see if he bows to his Daddy Paulie. Or grows his own pair and makes move in the game.

I don’t trust James. He has snitched all info to Paulie all season and does what Paulie tells him to. You can say that is not true till you are blue in the face but it is what James has done.


The tiff vs day battle this week ( whoever goes has 50% percent chance of coming back I don’t care who leaves they’re both crazy .) If tiff leaves and comes back it will keep being a repeat week of people targeting her if day leaves and “supposedly ” wins battle – back that would be a different story cause you never know with day anybody could be her target so far it’s not looking good for day.
tiff: michelle,z,james,
Day nicole ,corey ,frank, bridgette,
Paul’s vote is very essencial this week and that number comes in to play he either results it and a tie or send day home.
tiff : paul,michelle,james,z
Day : nicole,corey , frank, bridgette
Paulie breaks the tie and tiff goes
Day: nicole,corey,frank,bridgette,paul
Tiff :Michelle ,james, z
Paulie doesn’t break the tie day goes home
Now if day goes home michelle,nat , and James are free agents .
Paul has been a free agent (aka rat)for a while since vic left .
Between the free agents michelle,nat,James ,and Paul
More will go to paulie
Team paulie : James and nat ( will do whatever James does)
Michelle and Paul ( the rats) will most likely go to whoever gots power but Michelle will go to paulie since she has a problem with bridgette ( when bridgette goes she’s back to team frank.) and Paul will go to paulie cause at this point he doesn’t have any allies and he isn’t going to work with tiff nobody is if she stays except frank and bridgette .

Ian's Lament

Nicole and Corey would never force a tiebreaker vote . They will have to get a fifth vote. Really it comes down to Paulie. No one wants to cross him for something trivial. I think if Paulie sticks to his decision than Nicole and Corey will give in and keep Da.


this why people on the block should be able vote!

Da'Vonnes hair always looks bad

Sorry I added Paulie in my Michelle Paul and Zak voting out Tiff.

James is still only vote floating though. If he goes with them it’s tie and Paulie indeed votes out Tiff.

The Roach Coach

DAY leaving totally depends on Nicole… and anyone who has ever watched Nicole in the past or this season knows that she will be scared to make a big move, she will consider, but get scared on Wednesday night… Corey will follow… Day stays unfortunately…. unless Nicole sees her shadow and that temporarily scares her and distracts her from making the right move, day will stay… thanks nicole ya fruitloop dingus


The best moment last night was watching Michelle crying in the bedroom and needing Corey to console her….crying because Tiffany might stay and put her up. This coming from the same chick who has non stop trash talked about almost everyone, who goes on personal attacks against people she “hates” which is almost every single female in that House. I guess Michelle can dish it but she cant take it. Tiffany did not even really let Michelle have it like I would love to see. Michelle girl if you are going to cry over that be thankful that someone like me was not in that House. I would have made you want to self evict b!!!


I don’t understand how people think Tiffany is playing the same as Vanessa. If anything it’s Day but she’s just getting caught. Tiffany is more Audrey than Vanessa.

skeptical onlooker

Michelle loves being in the house…according to her. Sure. Because I’ll bet she has no friends or life outside of Big Brother. Her time is spent doing fan sites for past men houseguests.
Peevish, mean, and jealous to the core.
Day…a misery. Bitchy face…aggressive…and always with that fake laugh. Day is a very angry woman.
She really sucks the energy out of the room.
Paul. I have to switch off. Cannot STAND HIM!
As for Paulie, Nicole, Corey..Zak…etc.
It’s not so much that i’m a fan of Tiffany..rather that the others are so scummy…I’m rooting for her.
Go figure.


Tiff has to go. She has been spreading lies to everyone making Da seem bad. DaVonne is actually playing a really good game and she has improved a lot from last season. I really hope Tiffany goes home, Davonne is one of the best in this season and keeps the house alive.


Da”vonne is the one who has gone around spreading lies and BS. she was the one who told Frank that the girls wanted to go after him. Da’Vonne is the one who said she wanted Tiffany to put up Corey because “she had the votes” Da made her own bed, true many dont like Tiffany/Frank but the problem is that no one trusts what Day says


Are you watching BB?

Meech is bae

I agree with you Angelo. Davonne is playing the game as everyone is. Everyone tells lies some people lie about davonne telling things when she never did. I want her in the top 5


Paul is a little like Yosemite Sam:)

Yosemite Sam

Hoppin Horny Toads I’m way better lookin than that Varmint!

Big brother 18

Corey said Nicole is the one that’s affectionate and he doesn’t date. Last night he asked Nicole why do you hug and show affection to the other guys but not me. Lol well if you make comments like I don’t date. I can see why she’s not affectionate.


“It’s sad how the human race just tears each other apart over stupid minuscule bullshit that we literally MAKE UP.” That is a quote from beacon of truth Paul, right down to the CAPS. It’s on his website. He also says, “Be the change that you want to see in people.” I know this game gets dirty but, if the Paul on his web site is the real Paul then he sold his soul to be part of the popular group. His t-shirts aren’t that impressive. I’ve seen better at Hot Topic. And they also aren’t suitable for work or family dinners since they almost all have F**k or some variation of the word on them.


Um, so the giraffe is the love child of Paulie and Z….