Mean things Paul Does “He said your mom had cancer, he strikes too low”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-08 15-05-09-509

6:10pm Paul and Sabrina Kitchen

Paul – I’m so glad the feeds were not live today … thats a good thing.. thats a good thing
Sabrina – I know thank god

Sabrina says Adel’s mean he called her a cow when they were sitting down he said “once a cow always a cow.. he called me a cow”
Paul – I feel so bad for the way things went today.. I fell like crap
Sabrina – it didn’t have to go down that way
Paul – If I could erase this day I would but unfortunately that’s life

Sabrina tells Paul she knows he said “The only people I trust are Sabrina and Sarah because they’re wrapped around my finger.. they run in here and tell me everything”

Paul denies saying that. She says she’s heard Paul say a lot of things. Paul says she is a nice girl and he had pledged his allegiance to her.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-08 15-26-51-000

6:26pm Rachelle, IKA and Neda Bathroom

They are talking about how muych they don’t like the girls from the last season. IKA says she would have hated Topaz and Jillian. Neda thinks Talla was a floater and would get annoying (Vote out Neda).


6:31pm Kitchen Sabrina, Kenny, Andrew
Sabrina tells Kenny about Paul working for votes. She says Paul is telling her she’s really smart and she has a good heart. Paul told Sabrina he was always trying to protect her from “him” (I think I heard Andrew)
Sabrina adds that paul told her his only two friends in the house are her and Sarah.
Kenny – ‘than why did he call her out in front of everyone’
Sabrina – ‘I was like Really your friend called me a cow and you lied about me to everybody’

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-08 15-51-44-514

6:42pm IKA, Heather, Rachelle and NEda
Going over all the mean things Paul has said. “He said really horrible thing..”
IKA – “he strikes too low”
Neda – “Below the belt”
IKA – ‘The POV speech that was uncalled for ‘
Sabrina – A Lot of things were unnecessary’
Heather – “HE brought up my mom’
IKA – He said your mom had cancer
Heather – Paul said my mom had cancer.. She did.
Sabrina – He brought that up
Heather – I told him that in confidence
Sabrina he spoke about my grandfather..
IKA – He really thinks he’s going home he has no idea what is going on with Kyle.. he’s really scared.
Heather – He’s trying to turn the girls against each other
Sabrina – He’s stupid he doesn’t know how to play this game.

The girls start talking about them being in such a good position. Heather tells them once the “3 guys” are gone they have the majority of the votes.

The Girls start going over their alliance, counting votes and generally getting excited. The video below highlights their confidence. Rachelle is pretty quiet throughout the conversation.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-08 16-01-48-481

7:02pm HOH Andrew, Sabrina, Arlie, Rachelle, Sarah

Briefly talk about today and how Paul went crazy today. Sounds like there was yelling about bl*wjobs
Andrew: “Big Brother said important shit today.. we gotta remember the spirit of the game.. It’s a game it’s a game a game”
IKA – ‘not to attack someone’s character”
Andrew: “I least we get a reward later”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-08 16-18-33-454

7:15pm Production tells everyone to head downstairs and go to the kitchen. They wonder what it is. Someone asks “Is this the ring” Once they get to the kitchen they are told to be quiet.

Production “As you know there is a screen tonight.. Andrew. Neda, Kenny, Arlie, Paul, Jon and Sarrah, will be going out for the screening.. ” Feeds cut

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-08 17-13-37-693

8:12pm Feeds come back on Cam 5 showing the war room. Through the feed screens you can kinda see what is happening on the other 4 cams.

Scott points out that the girls are really tight except for Sarah and Neda.
Scott: “IKA is starting to put a few more clothes on”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-08 19-05-36-013

10:04pm War Room
Nate: “Are they still outside for that movie.. sounds like it right.. definitely ”
Looks like Scott is taking piecing off his wig to use for decorating his bobble heads

Nate: “Is she crying.. Looks like it’s Rachelle”
Scott – She’s having a hardcore breakdown.. and Ike is there.. you know what that could be sarah”
Nate: “No Sarah is outside”
Ika starts crying
Allison – “Bunch of babies crying all the time”
Scott: “Have we cried once?”
Allison – “These are some soft people what is going on in here”
Scott: “We don’t have a freaking clue”

This video has the war room houseguests talk about Rachelle and Ika having a breakdown in the HOH


10:30pm Warroom
Nate says Kyle and Adel are talking.
Nate says the houseguests are going back in from the screening.
Nate: “Paul’s in the bathroom shaking his heads”
Allison: “What is up with all the drama”
Scott says IKA and Paul got in a “screaming match” before the screening.
Scott: “Adel.. ugh it’s like something in a horror locker room flick.. look paul is in there freaking out”
Nate: “They’re running to Andrew.. something tells me he’s the nice guy”
Allison: “Jon and Heather are hugging”
Allison: “Make out in the bathroom.. please make out someone. I love watching the showmances”
Scott: “I do to”

10:45pm War Room
Basically we are watching the war room house guests watch the regular house guests. Lots of drama goign on in the house today too bad the feeds have been blocked πŸ™
Allison – “I’m starting to think Kyle is an a$$hole”
Scott and Nate agree.
Allison – “I’m loving Jon a little bit”

Feeds out again…
12:03AM Feeds still out πŸ™

12:33AM Cam 5 feeds back showing the war room Looks like the war room house guests have their feeds turned off to.

Complete set of the Big Brother Canada Bobble heads

1:11AM War Room
Scott begs production to let them sleep until 11 tomorrow says it’s the sabbath day they have to do it for jesus.
Nate: “I want to know what is going on with Sarah I want to know if she is freaking out”
Nate: “Lights dimming”
Lights go off, Scott is sleeping NAte and Alison continue to chit chat. Allison starts talking about how big of a Big Brother Fan she is.

Alison said she laughed so hard when Talla got drunk and fell in the hot tub. She also really liked it when Alec and Peter were in the Diary Room together.

Alison “I did love Amanda she had a lot of comic relief”

1:20AM War Room
Nate: ‘They’re still up’
Alison – ‘I know we just heard that toilet flush.. it’s so loud to’

Nate – ‘You think Sarah’s the next to go’
Alison – ‘It’s looking that way eh’
Nate = ‘Unless they backdoor someone’
Alison – ‘That would be quite the twist’
Nate: “Kyle or something.. could you imagine.. Kyle’s out next he’s out next got backdoored cause he didn’t get a chance to play POV.. He made Sarah feel so bad she complained to Andrew and Kenny.. But Andrew did shake on it but it didn’t look sincere”
Nate: “If I go in Canada i’ll backdoor someone the first week”

2:30AM everyone sleeping.. Feeds were blocked for most the day and when they came back on everyone but Sabrina and IKA were sleeping. The audio was muted for their conversation.

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where you have the nominees listed, who’s “Ada”?






I love the fact that there is a secret room with secret HGs. I am not sure I like that viewers get to choose. I think it would be cool if after the secret HG enters the game, the next couple of evictees get sent to live with the remaining 2 and duke it out in competitions to stay alive, kind of like redemption island on Survivor. Then when jury starts, they send another person back in, maybe someone they already evicted, or maybe one they don’t know. It would shake up the game at the perfect time. I hope they don’t screw up a potentially awesome twist. This could be epic!

The Shield

Paul is trying to be Dan! Quoting Tala # Fail πŸ˜€



Lol Kenny is in almost all of them


How bout adel and kyle? And paul


I thought the big 3 guys alliance was Andrew, Kenny and Jon with Arlie tagging along as a lost puppy looking for table scraps and a pat on the head. As for Sabrina a pure backstabbing snake, and BB always needs a few of those. I’m pushing Sarah at this point but associating with Sabrina could be a fatal mistake long term.

Simon I’m getting BB USA 15 feel already. Ultimately I think the girls stick together long enough for a strong numbers advantage thanks to the guys trying to prove who has more testosterone! The Mensa 3 are their own worst enemies. I thought being year 2 we’d see much better strategy and some long term thinking. The way it looks the girls can throw everything for the next 2 to 4 weeks including HOH as the guys have at it.

Jury House 9/7(he he he) – I had to give this a go just for fun. Sarah, Sabrina, Rachelle, Arlie. Kenny, Heather, Jon and likely 2 of the following 3; Ika, Neda and/or Allison. I’m guessing Kyle, Adel and Paul all gone and my gut says Andrew will be the next guy to go on the all girl vote as he’ll be seen as to much of a comp beast to leave around. If Allison fits in early maybe Ika or Neda go before jury

Anyone else have an opinion?

PS … This season is shaping up a lot differently than most recently. There is no showmance! Showmances tend to break up girls versus guys alliances. That coupled with the boys apparently out to get each other leaves the gals sitting pretty ATM.


Funny you mention Allison and her decisions when she enters the house. lets take a brief look at this. πŸ™‚

Well this could be a HUGE advantage. Lets presume it’s Allison 1st off. Her one negative she has no relationships. That is more than off set by what she brings with her to the house. Info on everyone from watching them for a WEEK. She’ll be better positioned to understand the alliances/relationships than the lot. She’s seeing the dirt go down 1st hand!

It’s not impossible she goes with Andrew, Jon and Kenny. She’s from Newfie so don’t think there is a possibility Jon in and Arlie out plus she may replace Sabrina in a 5 person alliance: Kenny, Jon, Andrew, Sarah and Allison. She may have the goods on Sabrina and sell her out to position herself in Brina’s place.

The fun question might be will any of these 20 something guys take a run at 35 year old Allison. Might see a showmance and a little cougar all in one. LOL If production gives her safety for a week combined with the knowledge she brings to the house very dangerous player possibly.

Johhny (the European one!)

“Well this could be a HUGE advantage. Lets presume it’s Allison 1st off. Her one negative she has no relationships. That is more than off set by what she brings with her to the house. Info on everyone from watching them for a WEEK.”

Of course they’ll all gladly listen to all she’s willing to say for as long as she (or anone of the 3) will be in there, but that info will get her out rather than let her stay, so I think it’ll be yet another disadvantage for her.
I think whoever enters the house will need some protection by BB to survive, like a 1 week pass and after that some custom made perfect twist to save them.
BB is yet to find a way to throw someone into the game later without unfair advantages and/or disadvantages. I don’t get why they feel the need to find such a way: it’s a game where they compete against each other, they should all have the same chances imo. Anyway, I know THEY believe that’ll get them bigger audiences, but I don’t agree.
I’d love a BB where we could actually get to know the players instead of having strangers compete against each other in a psychadelic rat race with twists at every turn. That’s the BB I got to learn and love 10 years ago in Europe.
I guess I’m old fashioned πŸ˜‰


Assume Allison, but whoever suddenly appears, it will shock everyone. Whatever comfort zone they’re in will be rocked. Some may see it as unfair the newcomer hasn’t been at risk like they have.

Big question; will they be told they’ve been watched, or will there be a cover lie for general consumption?
Will it be up to the newcomer to (selectively) reveal the truth of the War Room?
How the show manages this will have a huge effect on the newcomer’s chances, I think.

If the HG’s all know they’ve been watched, the smart ones will want intel from the newcomer. Won’t they? That may buy some time.
Will the entry be in time for an HoH Comp…or just after?

Too much up to Big Brother, but it will be interesting.


Alliance Shmalliance they all going to snich on each other..sooner or later..


Good work guys really appreciate everything you guys do.

Persian Princess

What’s going on with the volume when watching the live feeds? It constantly goes mute after a few mins

Persian Princess

Ohhh, I see. I have ad blocker so I don’t see any ads (didnt even realized there were ads) but the volume mutes every now and again.. Makes sense, I was thinking it was a glitch.


Figures when all the drama takes place the feeds are down!
Also so thankful for this site otherwise I’d have no clue what’s going on


I’m extremely surprised how well Sabrina is working it in the house…I see her going pretty far. Unless, of course, all of her alliances catch up with her and it ends in a huge blow up.


The Sabrina “game” will catch up to her. You can’t backstab everyone when they are not in the room. Eventually as numbers dwindle alliances realign and folks start comparing notes. Great shot to make the jury long shot at F4 and no factor F2 unless she becomes every ones obvious; “I can beat her” F2 choice. They can but there are better choices ATM for that title.

BBAD in an hour hope we get some clue on POV but maybe it’s tomorrow due to “team building” stuff today and the screening.


Sabrina is playing to hard too fast..and its going to catch up to her eventually. The “girls alliance” will find out, the boys in the the “first five alliance” will get suspicious because she’s in a good position with the girls…and so forth

You Mad Bro?

someone give me the down low on whats goin on


Would someone mind just telling me what Sabrina’s necklace is? I missed a whole lot today and I tried looking at the video uploaded above to see if I could tell. Is it a religious thing or something? I thought it looked like a Medicalert necklace but I’m more than likely wrong. Thanks.

Upsidedown Pancakes

I could inform you but I need to keep it hush hush for now.


What? Now I’m more confused….thanks a lot. Anybody else willing to answer – what is Sabrina’s necklace?


Hahah really u r so funny pretend like BBC live feed


Are the war room house guests confusing Sabrina with Rachelle? Why would Rachelle fight w/ Paul? They hardly ever talk to each other!


I just visited Slice’s website and saw that Jillian and Emmett are living life on the farm – really surprising and kinda’ cute. πŸ™‚

Johhny (the European one!)

There was a short segment with the 2 in the BB side show episode. Jillian was in the show and said “I’m back to normal life, assistant teaching… (dramatic pause) in GORE. I moved in with Emmett” πŸ™‚


Jillian said she was back to substitute teaching. Not sure what assistant teaching is, but it doesn’t exist in NS.

Johhny (the European one!)

yes, substitute teaching is what I meant to say.