Big Brother Spoilers Temptation competition results “Should we put up Paul and Elena?”

3:00pm Kevin who she’s going to nominate know Mark f*ed things up…
Paul – no he didn’t
Kevin – she was going to nominate Mark and Elena.
Paul – who cares he can put up Elena and someone else
Jason – yeah Elena and someone else.

3:05pm Feeds back.. Pastel t-shirts.

Mark won the Temptation Matt Lost the temptation

3:07pm Paul and Kevin
Paul asks why he’s freaking out.. “what should we do what are you thinking”

Kevin – you have to put up a good player to win POV.. you have to put up a good player. (to beat Cody in the veto)
Paul- who
Kevin – I dunno ..
Kevin says you have to put Elena up “Just to f* with her.. make her pack her things again”
Kevin – you could play.. you wanna play
Paul – I’m not putting myself up
Kevin – We got 4 people we got Josh, Me, Jason, and Christmas there’s only 7 voting
Paul- still… ahhh .. .after what happened.
Kevin – then put up the 2 girls again and hope he doesn’t get picked again..
Kevin – if he (Cody) gets picked Matt’s going home..
Paul – Elena
Kevin – you want another girl to go.. the TV is going to stop watching a bunch of bully guys
Paul – yeah..
Kevin – He’s not going home he can go to Jury and drink

Kevin complains that Alex hasn’t been talking to him much, points out that she always talks to Jason.
Kevin says Jason has Alex and Kevin has Paul..


3:19pm Storage room Alex and Jason
Alex – should we put up Paul and Elena..
Alex says that’s the best way to win the veto
Alex – that’s the smartest bet put those 2 up.
Alex – if I put you on the block next to Elena it makes it looks fair.. (DIE )
Alex – we have two options what do you want to do..
Jason is worried “on of those f*er” would flip on Paul

Paul comes in wants Josh up.. they tell him it has to be someone strong to win the Veto.
Paul wants Jason to go up.. “I’ll owe you dude”

Paul warns them that Kevin is freaking out..
Alex – we need to know who’s on the block this second.
Alex leaves..

Paul going back to warning him about Kevin..
Jason – the fool thinks he’s going up.. why the f* would he be worried..

3:33pm Jason and Paul
Paul weaseling his way off the block..
Jason – if she puts me up that’s fine.. so it’ll be Matt.. Me and Her which I’m fine with..

Jason says he’s 100% fine with going up..

Paul – you sure.. cause I don’t give a fat f***

(is it Kraken time?)


Paul – we talked about it and..
pretty much Paul wants Jason up instead of him because it will calm Elena down.
They decide Elena and Jason going up..

Elena says if she goes home this week she spends her birthday alone in Jury
Kevin tells her 100% Elena is not going home

3:40pm Christmas and Kevin
Kevin – If Cody wins POV Matt is going home not Elena..
xmas says raven is pissed already because Matt threw the temptation competition.

4:04pm Alex and Jason
Alex – this one time in band Camp..

Alex – Kevin isn’t as good as we thought with Dates and stuff.. He can’t remember sh1t
Alex – I’m telling you he’s becoming dead weight and he’s irritating the sh1t outta me

Production – Jason please do not obstruct your microphone..
Jason – suck it

Alex is pissed at Kevin says “He expects us to carry him and include him in all our plans and he doesn’t contribute anything.. if it was my choice I would throw him up there but he’s not guaranteed anything”

Christmas joins them.. Alex tells her Jason and Elena are going up Cody going out if Cody wins Veto Jason isn’t going home.

4:11pm Paul and Alex
Paul is saying that Kevin is being weird “you need to put his a$$ in check”
Paul tells her that Kevin is saying that Jason and Alex are together like Paul and Him are together. (If Paul starts turning on Kevin … yikes πŸ™‚ )
Alex – f*ing red flag..

4:16pm Alex and Josh
Alex says Cody is being backdoored
Alex tells him they’ll have 2 pawns nominated for options and one safety that’s on their side.
Josh is freaking out that Raven was pushing hard to have him go up as the pawn
Alex tells him that Raven will want him out
Josh says Christmas and Kevin can’t stand raven

Josh is now stressing that Jason might Fall for Mark.

Alex assures him Jason isn’t.
JOsh thinks Mark is gunning for him.
Alex is positive Mark is gunning for Josh.

4:36pm Elena, Mark and Cody
Elena says he’s getting BAckdoored
Cody says it’s been obvious..
Elena – if you win Veto will you take me off the block
Cody – F* yeah..

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Simon, I feel so bad that you have to watch the feeds, but thanks for the updates.


Yes, thank you very much for watching the feeds, I can’t bring myself to do it anymore but still come here for the updates…..


Pauls vagina

In big brother rigged. Cody wins veto and Matt goes home

Paul the Punk

Really I can’t hate Elena, Raven or Matt because they might as well be wallpaper. Paul, Josh, Alec, Jason and Christmas are all pond scum. Do I really have to pick between Cody, Kevin and Mark to root for?

The only two things to look forward to this season are Paul getting bounced and Zingbot.

Hal 9000

How could you not pull for raven and Matt? They are the cutest couple since Jeff and Jordan.


Idon’t wish i had live feeds ,instead of relying on someone else is idea of what important to write or tell us
……TGfor afterdark…just saying


Then get live feeds you cheap mother fucker! Troll on micro-penis, insecure, illiterate, douchebag.


You can sign up for a month at no charge. Please use the shortcut on any of the summary pages! Also, feel free to create a website and transcribe every word verbatim and include parentheticals so we can understand every nuance of Paul’s nose cleaning ritual or Matt’s cereal eating routine.


Simon …Bless your heart for suffering through this season!!It’s happy hour in Arizona Go pour a glass of Kraken and chill. I’m going to make another donation right now to cheer you up lol
Everyone Donate to OBB. Show your appreciation to Simon and Dawg.
Thanks for everything

this is boring

would be funny if Paul went up as a pawn but the house flipped and voted him out would never happen but one can still hope…..


When are those fools realize Paul is the Puppet Master.

Bb fan

Once Cody goes home I think it’s going to get interesting again. You can see little bits of them plotting against each other. It’s a double eviction week also so it should shake things up


Send Paul to jury first, then Cody. And then have BB camera on Paul and Cody fights


My bet, if Cody goes to jury first… Kevin leaves at Double Eviction (will cause least ripples for HoH winner)


Why bet just ask Punky Paul what is going to happen.


They will realize soon. If the plan fails and Cody wins veto and pulls Elena off, and matt goes home. They will realize it, if not, not a single of them deserve to win. I don’t like Cody because I think he’s an actual psychopath and a douche. But him or Paul are the only two who would deserve votes in the end, maybe Alex.

Wasting Time On BB-One-Nine

Trey, there is nothing about Cody that psychopathic- whether you like him or not, that is ignorant. Actually, its lame.?
People lead sheltered lives.


They will all know when Mrs. Moonves hands him the check for $500k.




Should be the Paul show because even when he’s not hoh he is the one calling the shots the idiots don’t see that why should he win he got 2nd place already kick his dumb ass out didn’t like him last time hate him even more now

It could happen

Yes best case scenario Alex puts up Paul and Elana Cody wins pulls elana off

sunny dee

Jason: no., paul might go home. i’ll go up

paul: …….

Resist the Twist

Paul – I’m not putting myself up

There you have it This seasons cast is so lame that Paul is HOH when he isn’t HOH.

These sheeple STILL have not realized Paul went 15-1 last year and actually should have won the 500k. But nooooooooo they just get led over the cliff one at a time

Cody has ZERO allies It is 10-1 against him but they are determined to get him out. What a group of idiots !!!


Omg thank you for that! I literally scream reading this!! UGH!!! Namaste!!!


I have said this a couple times. Keep Cody in. The sheeple have no concept of how to play BB. Keep a bigger target in. Instead it’s backdoor the guy. Easier as only 2 names get drawn. This might be the last chance to change the game til F5. Numbers could force Paul up as a replacement after POV. This is how Dr. Will went out on Boogies HOH during all stars F5.
Sure would be worried if I was Kev to. Paul making comments means he isn’t staying long and could be the second 1/2 of the double. Jason is getting into a tough spot with his ride and die guy if Paul continues.
I understand Josh being a puppet last week. Alex is becoming a waste of space. Thought she had potential early on. So as of now Paul counts…..Alex, Josh, Jason, Xmas and maybe still Kev. Bad for Marlaine and Maven plus Cody obviously.
I had thought several weeks back Maven were working with Paul. Guess they are on the outside looking in. If Kev survives the double what does he do if he gets wind that Paul will target him sooner? Lets say Cody and Elaine/Mark are gone. Who can Paul get to work with and save his butt. He needs Jason then who else. Alex, Josh and Xmas appear to be solely in Paul’s back pocket. They can run the show from 9 down by winning HOH. Kev would only be safe if not the target or win POV or a Jason POV win maybe.
Not sure what Kev did to get on the wrong side of Paul. Unless it’s just he isn’t winning comps. Looks like Marlaine and Cody go and I think Paul just owns it until the Sheep wake up. Unisom for the HG! Bah……………..

The Shit Show

What happened to jury management? Maybe Paul is scared Cody is the only one that does not buy into his rap so he needs him out of the house. Cody is a huge target but everybody is scared to go against Paul. Wow everyone in the house that is left is going to feel like idiots once they watch the feeds. Can Jeff or on the kill show interview a prior big brother to help explain how they could be going along so blindly!


What. The. Actual. F*ck, Jason! Worried they’ll flip on Paul?

This is just sad.


Hopefully Jason goes up and house flips on him

Jason's Ego

If Jason and Paul get to final two, I bet Jason gets worried Paul won’t win BB 19. These house guests are so clueless it just leads to those theories that it is all scripted, people can’t be this self oblivious can they…..they have to be “acting”, this is just a plain bizarre cast.


I laughed so so so hard LOLOLOLOLOLO


Ya if anyone thought big brother was scripted before, this season should prove them wrong. No way all these people could be paid enough money by CBS to act as zombie sheep to Paul and embarrass themselves for weeks infront of millions of people. Honestly I would probably have to make 4x the grand prize to be like Raven.

Canadian chick

You made me laugh so hard with that final 2 comment. Thank you for the laugh

Hi Im Paul and I'm 5'2"

Jason is the biggest loser in there right now. I think he is even worse than Paul. It’s very close though.


Big Brother US seriously needs to be put out of its misery or just fire Grodner this show has been shit since BB12… eight seasons I’ve been disappointed already and don’t see any return from the good ole days of BB… what a joke.

Give Me a Break

Boo hoo! Stop watching then! I swear, it is so lame to see the same ass comments ” I’m never watching again”They need to cancel the show”…. what, disgruntled Jody fans upset bc things don’t go their way? Can’t you take the show for what it is? A f**king reality show that throws a bunch of different personalities in a house and wants them to go at it to win a half million bucks? I’m fascinated ! I could never be in there but I appreciate the ppl who can…. this show is a total mind f**k..may the best man/ woman win!

Hi Im Paul and I'm 5'2"

well you have a point but just let ppl comment. people love to express themselves

Give Me a Break

Dude, I’m all for self expression but really, is that all ya got? It’s just Groundhog Day to keep hearing that whiny sh*t all the time…’s “Ravenesque”


Thank you!!!


It’s still leading the ratings on all 3 days. The only way for things to change is for ppl to stop watching, unlikely that will happen. I’m not following as closely until and if Paul gets the boot. I hope they will eventually get a clue!


No, actually BB been shit since Season 11, which was ruined when Production gave Jeff the Coup De’Rig, & America’s Sweethearts was forever burned in our brains. LOL


jesus the way paul talks to josh is so disgusting how can josh think that paul has his back just because he slept with you all week umm no that was because you had power… god it makes me sick

Hoo Haa

Cody is so hawt! I would totally do him! Of course I would need to lose 10 pounds , get plastic surgery , and never age but at least I have great hair (sorry Jess):(


i would marry him and be his slave


Are you me?


Stupidest, stupidest statement this season… Jason says that he I was worried if they put up Paul because one of those F’kers may flip on Paul!


They all going to look back on this and be like what a jackass I was like seriously!!! I was all for Cody and Jessica then Cody fucked up but they played the game! everybody else is Paul’s puppet like it’s disgusted. I can’t!!!!


Jason worried they gonna flip on Paul? They wouldn’t flip on Paul if the 500k check was the prize in the Veto.. LMFAO


I’d like to see Cody play and win veto. Then pull Elena off the block!! Then they send one of their own out the door on Alex’s HoH.


I think that’s the only way to save the season! If Cody wins veto and saves Elena!
Then Elena Cody and mark take everyone else out!
If Cody is backdoored the season is officially kraken!


If he wins the Veto and takes Elena down, is t he then giving her the Veto and then he is eligible to be put up? Because he no long has the Veto? Or are two people safe with one Veto? Seems odd!

mrs w

they’d both be safe

Fierce at 50

OMG that would be priceless!!!

Haven't watched in two weeks

I absolutely can’t stand to watch this season. It’s sad because there was potential… but it has turned into the worst, most disappointing, bore me to tears season ever… and that’s saying a lot. Ha! This is my first time commenting. Thanks for all you guys do. I’m so sorry you have to watch all of this play out.


Hey idiots! Here’s an idea… THROW PAUL ON THE BLOCK WITH RAVEN!!!! Try to rig up some deal with Cody ( who has claimed since the beginning he respects Alex) and get Paul out of that house. All you have to do is get Cody to convince Mark and Elena to do it (shouldn’t be hard), and tell Kevin about all the trash Paul was just talking about him. Done and done.

Of course, that will NEVER happen. Unfortunately.


So how many drugs are these guys on? Or maybe it’s production coaching them to shield Paul. Paul has thrown Matt, Mark, Josh, Elena, Raven, and now Kevin to the wolves…Oh, wait, Jason too. Seems like everyone but Alex this week…

Jason’s comment is truly disturbing, he’s afraid someone will flip on Paul?! The only person who actively targeted Paul was Cody. Please, for the love of baby Jesus, Jason, talk to Alex and push for Paul and then get Kevin and blindside him!

So next week, who’s Paul going to let them share their HoH bed with him?

Rodeo clown

Paul is not a cowboy you have to protect from bulls! Seriously I can’t take this crap . This is obviously his first rodeo!!! Dawg and Simon love you guys!!! You always get me through BB


Did ya’ll read what Alex said?
“If it was my choice, I’d put Kevin up”
LOL…hmm…yep Paul is indeed HOH !!!


Everyday I think they can’t be anymore of an idiot than they were today, and everyday they prove me wrong. These brain dead “players” are ruining my favorite summer guilty pleasure. Please, please, please Cody win veto so they send Elena out. She’s just another number for Paul anyways.


If Cody wins POV he could save Elena. Then the other side has to cut one if there own. Cody needs people and I believe he’ll only team up with Mark and Elena. It would be great to see the other side actually pick one if their own off. Cody wins next HOH (double eviction) and we know he needs no time on his Noms.


I hope she puts up Raven. Send home any one of the three, I could care less.


If they want Cody out then put him up. Thats what makes sense. Between Mark & Cody they both can’t win veto. It’s 1 or the other. What will be will be. Thought overkill on this. These ppl give me a headache


yeah, if you have a clear plan b, you put plan a and plan b on the block. no risk you don’t get one of the two. if cody gets picked for veto and wins, they are SCREWED! he takes down plan b and what’s plan c?


Mark won the tempt comp so he is safe!


4:36pm Elena, Mark and Cody
Elena says he’s getting BAckdoored
Cody says it’s been obvious..
Elena – if you win Veto will you take me off the block
Cody – F* yeah..

This is the way a conversation should happen. NOT the broken record that keeps spewing out of everyone else’s mouths.

Give it a rest already!! Paul is an a$$

Judgmental Judy

You could sort of understand their bad game and hypnotic loyalty to Paul if it were season 1 or 2; but most of these idiots have studied every season, watched live feeds… They should be heckled till the end of time for being such HORRID BB players. Like Victoria had better game than some of these servants, errr players.

Sucks to be Raven

You might as well put Jody in the mix too bc their social game was one of the worst I’ve ever seen on that show!


Most of them have only watched 1 or 2 seasons. They are not super fans.

Fake Superfans

These house guests are not super fans, most of them are recruits and even said on live feeds that they have watched 1 maybe 2 season of Big Brother.

Alex’s pre-show interview she told Jeff that she was a super fan, but didn’t even know who Jeff was….he had to tell her who he was…..okay superfan
Dom told Mark she was recruited and didn’t see any previous seasons if I remember correctly
Jason I believe has said he only watched 1 season prior

Those 3 just jump out at me….I know what you mean by believing these people are super fans, but really most are nothing but production recruits playing roles of superfans. By their game play it is very evident they don’t know the game.

American Psycho

I almost wish Cody would leave next week. It’s sad to see him stare at The ceiling all day. I worry that he’ll snap soon….. the confinement sans Jessica may get to him!


What’s sad is that you look at it in such a warped way. I see someone trying to compartmentalize the caged and staged existence in this house, while at the same time knowing what real life and sadly real death is , Its hard to accept how the other houseguests live for their social media followers, when instead they can use this platform to do something good. I am not a Christmas fan but she has a good message. (just not sure she is delivering it well) Raven is milking the cow a bit too much. But I do not second guess that fact that her disease is real. I have not lived in fear my whole life over something that I have no control over.

I hope confinement does not get to any of these players, and that when they get out they NEVER read the judgmental comments from the BB fans that think they can play this game better from their couches!


Paul wants Kevin up…Kevin’s going up.

Backseat Driver

I just got back from Safeway……got the Kraken.
I don’t think a couple shots will help me watch these knuckleheads.


Drinking game? Every time one of these people say they trust Paul take a shot. May have to have the driver just back the truck up to the window near your TV cause you won’t be able to walk after about 10 minutes.


I really Hope Cody get’s to play in the veto …. wins veto takes Elena off the block
or I hope Matthew wins and takes himself off the block lol πŸ™‚

Let’s just hope Paul doesn’t get his way this week:)

Judgmental Judy

I agree! That’s what I wanted last week – anything Paul doesn’t orchestrate to happen.


if matt wins veto, he probably takes down whoever goes up next to elena.

Gail Lessard

Haha, if Matt wins veto ?

Little Paulie on a Pedestal

If Jason, Josh or Alex win veto they will give it to Paul to sell on Ebay after the show.


Tried watching BB after dark on my PVR had to delete boring boring boring


I want Cody to go far in this game because he isn’t a sheep..He seen Paul for what he was from the beginning and acted on that..Everyone else is just a fans of Paul..I’m rooting for Cody ONLY because he’s the underdog..


oh please put up elena and paul. cody wins veto, takes down elena, and the house is SCREWED!


I didn’t realize I have POP TV and found it this week by accident. I started watching and ughhhhh, I just can’t. I have decided I will not watch it and only come here for updates. Paul and Raven’s voice, I shrouded when I heard them. It isn’t because of the tone or sound of their voice, but their personalities.
Paul sent Josh into the house to bother Jess and Cody. Paul once again restarted something that had calmed down for his pleasure. They didn’t have to go there.
Yes, this is the worst season. It may get better when they turn on each other, but they are push Raven and Matt out of the loop now.
What was Mark doing under the covers the other night and what was Elena going to catch in her mouth? I can’t respect them. I like Mark, but that was too TMI and it ruined him for me.

Paul's Beard Lice

Best case scenario that I can come up with is that Cody wins veto, pulls of Elaina and forms a 4 person voting block with Mark, Elaina and Raven (Because Paul will be targeting Matt). However, Paul controls 4 votes and the HOH tiebreaker, so B2M goes home on the front end of the double. Someone from the new voting block wins HOH and manages to put up Paul and say Josh. Now you have 3 votes to evict Paul, 3 probably going after Josh and Xmas becomes the swing vote. She may just have the balls to send Paul out in that scenario.


One minute Paul starts his mind tricks to ensure Alex puts up Jason instead of him (Paul). The next minute Paul is saying to Jason “I don’t give a f*** put me up” yeah I wish these fools would grow a pair and get a mind of their own and actually see how Paul had been playing them ALL! I don’t even want to watch this crap season anymore!! Tried canceling live feeds and it’s an entire fiasco getting my info off the site.

I'm having a migraine

You know……theres playing a game and then theres being such a bunch of dimwitted lackeys, which makes you wonder how they’ve survived in the world this long. These are probably a few of the morons who voted watched a trump rally and all decided “lets make America great again”


BB 19 is actually a good reflection of todays society. People just blindly following others, all the victim playing and all the herd mentality. People fail to be able to think for themselves and those people that just bash the “other side” are the real mindless sheep because they just follow the herd.

An eye for an eye just makes the world blind….

Elenas low hanging t*ts

How come no one notices that when it comes time to throw the temptation Paul always says either you do it or I do.. doesn’t mater and the other person always does it.. never Paul. He is so manipulative yet no one thinks twice.. they just go with Paul’s flow. I wish Alex would wake up and put him up but if the votes r all Paul worshippers it really doesn’t make a difference.. let’s just give Paul the win and end the season early