Paul “I’ve been peppering up Bridgette. I’ve been feeding her sh*t about the girls.”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: Bridgette AND Da’Vonne
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 03-36-56-189

12am – 2am Bedroom – Nicole tells Corey I swear to god I didn’t do that to make you mad. I didn’t touch him in the bathroom. I didn’t tell him to come into the bathroom. I would never use someone else to make someone jealous because I don’t feel that is a nice thing to do. I would not want it done to me and I would not do it back. That’s not something I would do. And the fact that you think that?! Corey says under the circumstances .. and James agreed. Nicole says James agrees with everything. Corey says no he brought it up, I didn’t even bring it up. Nicole asks what did he say? Corey says he was just right there when it happened and he looked at me. I said its all good. Nicole says I will honestly admit that I hate that Natalie called you sexy a million times. Rubbed your leg a million times and still tries to get under my skin. So if I’m drinking and see her twirl her hair at you yeah that’s going to annoy me but I’m not going to be rebellious to try and get you back. I swear to go no! Corey says ok. Nicole says if its something you’re interested in .. then that is 100% fine.. but then I would just like to know so I don’t sit there. Corey asks is this a joke!? Nicole says no, its just been brought up so many times. Corey says well you clearly don’t trust me. Nicole says I’ve never done that to any of my boyfriends. James is an instigator if you didn’t know that. Corey says it was so blatantly obvious what you were doing. Nicole says but it wasn’t true. Corey says okay I believe you.. but I saw what I saw. That part I don’t care about you can give guys hugs all you want. Nicole says he’s jealous of you. Corey says I don’t care just confirms he is a douchebag. There is zero part of him that I am jealous of. They head into the havenot room and get into a bumper car together.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 04-04-55-684

1am HOH room – PP – Paul says I’ve been peppering up Bridgette. I’ve been feeding her sh*t about the girls. Saying like F**k bla bla bla. You know these girls are really rubbing me the wrong way. So I think she’s on board. I’m trying to tie her in with me .. like if one of them wins we’re both f**ked. We’re in this together. She’s on board.. like win this week and take some shots that way. Paulie says Michelle and James confronted me about telling him. I was like yeah I told them. Paulie says by the way .. girl can’t handle her liquor… kisses my neck once and gives me a hickey. Mom and Dad pissed! Paul says pissed.. marks you! Paulie says James said he’s not going to try and win the HOH at all. He says he doesn’t have any clear targets. Paul says that kind of pisses me off. Why are we .. that’s bullsh*t. Paulie says he didn’t say it to me. He said it to Corey. I was going to be like yo bro lets handle some business. There are targets we need to get. Paulie says Nicole goes next. Paul says we have to think strategically like who we can beat and who we think we can mold. James is a lot easier to mold than Nicole. Paulie says James doesn’t play on emotion. Paul says In a perfect move Bridgette wins HOH and can make some moves. Paulie says that would be perfect and then we could take her (Bridgette) out next week. Paul says I think Corey is in the best position of the house. Paul asks what do we want her to do? Paulie says big guns James and Nicole up. Paul ask but would she do that, not with Michelle in the house. Paul says I don’t like how James and Natalie are double votes. Paulie says its the same way with Corey and Nicole. Paul says I think its a bad idea to keep all these strongs till the end. Paulie says Cody did with Derrick. I don’t think its that bad an idea. We’ve already proven we can beat exec (Vic). Paul says it might be perfect if Nicole wins too. She would take a shot at those girls. May be Bridgette too. Paul says we just need to pull a W tomorrow. Paulie says I’m going to try to win it. Paul says that would be true friendship.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 04-17-56-295

2:10am – 4:40am Corey joins Paulie in the HOH room. Paulie says that Paul is a little sketched out about James because he came down to you, Nicole and him talking. I told him its nothing. Corey says he shouldn’t be sketched out at all. Paul joins them. They talk about wanting to get Vic out but will wait till later. They worry about him having the return ticket and coming back. I doubt he is lying to us. He gravitates to power. Da joins them. They talk about putting up Vic and Natalie in a double eviction. Da says our odds are good, there’s a lot of us. Da asks does he (Vic) still have a problem with itty bitty? (Natalie) Paul says yes. He heard her goodbye message. Paul says I just hope home girl doesn’t have a round trip ticket. I would punch Natalie in the face. Da says at the end of the day if she (Bridgette) comes back we just send her right back out. Z joins them. James joins them. They chat about random things and then head to bed.

4:45am – 5am Paulie and Z head to bed. James and Natalie eat pizza in the kitchen. James says let me do all the work you just sit back. You just go shopping.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-04 04-48-54-246

9:32am Still sleeping..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-04 10-18-41-435

10:00am WAKE UP

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-04 10-52-46-684

10:43am bros making the bombing run sound effect

Check out the bottom of this post about the story behind this .. They plane on making these sound effects of a bomber dropping bombs after Da’Vonne leaves. This will be directed towards Michelle and Zakiyah.


Big-Brother-18 2016-08-04 10-45-51-969

Checking out the state of the house commenting how gross it is..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-04 11-19-10-088

11:13am HOH Paulie, James, Victor, Corey and Zakiyah
James- why are girls so F****g grumpy when they wake up
Corey laying between Paul and Victor never looked happier.

11:26am Live feeds cut for HOH lockdown.
1:05pm NO

1:32pm Bathroom Paul and Bridgette talking about “them” pissing their pants if Bridgette wins HOH, Paul “We win Back to back”
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-04 13-32-21-376
1:21pm Feeds are back Natalie is stretching, James is trying to.
Paul walks in “What the f*** is going on in here”
Thers’s giggles about Victor having a wet dream.. (WTF BB18)
Natalie – I’m not very flexible right now
James – you’re flexible enough for me.

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I just have to say BB production I’m honestly ashamed of you. Every season since season 14 has been absolute shit. I’ve thought that Rachel Reilly was the worst, most annoying person, but at least she played and wasn’t clueless. I’m tired of how this cast is acting because honestly I would do anything to get into that house.


BB is what it is, The Rolling Stones say” YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT”
In other words F*** O^^
Let the show go on!


I agree except I loved season 17. The problem is Les Moonves loved season 16 and hated season 17’s cast….They went for a more likeable cast just like 16. I hope BB soon realizes we want gameplay not Bachelor/Are you the one rejects.


17 was pretty good.


Watch the online Bb19 season have the best hg since season 12.


Damn somebody please take a shot at PP!!! My hope is that Bridgette is the one who does it. Their arrogance is not even close to being entertaining.


Does Paul always threatened to hit a girl in the face? WTH!


I think it was season 15 and DR hinted to Amanda that some of the HG needed to tone done their racist comments. I’m wondering why they haven’t told Paul to stop talking about punching women in the face. He’s mommas boy douchebag who I hope get’s his teeth knocked out when this show is over. Pee Pee are worthless and so is that teenage Nicole. Is there a reason why James would throw Nat under the bus to Paulie. James fans wake up! That should show you how big of a dumb a$$ he is. After this season the next time you see James will be on TMZ. They will show him leaving court for not paying child support.

Tiny Trump Hands

James threw Natalie under the bus to Paulie in case the 2 are put up on the block as a couple, James wants to be sure that Paulie votes out Natalie.


Really? This is the reason James seems to be betraying Natalie? What makes you think that? I really don’t know why he’s doing this. Could it be a maneuver that she’s in on? Did he decide she’s playing him and now he’s going to get her first? Has he always just been playing her? Is he just being a weak, dumbass follower of the ‘house’? I like James but I’m stumped on this one.


Not always, sometimes he threatens to “rip his balls off”

Double D

If the girls or James don’t win HOH soon, the final 4 will just be the guys


Michelle and Da would put up PP so I’d give either the power to void 2 votes.
But have to wait till after eviction and hoh in case Da has return ticket.
But I don’t want to throw away my votes. Both aren’t high in the polls.

Grandma G

Give it to Michelle. She’ll put up PP and if one of them comes down she’d replace them with Corey or Victor. (I think). Da will put up Nicole and one of the boys and if the boy comes down she may replace with another boy and Nicole goes home and leaves the 4 final boys in tact. I don’t think Da will return but if she does she still hasn’t gotten over her obsession with Nicole.
Better yet don’t give it to Michelle but if she turns on the guys vote her for safety the next week. She’ll need it.

Pay Attention

James won the last HOH and put up Frank and Bridgette. He was going to put someone else up until Paulie told him what to do. Spineless!!!


Lol you just go shopping.

Double D

Anytime the average guy gets the cheerleader, he gets my vote for America’s favorite

Ian's Lament

He doesn’t have her. She is using him but in the nicest way. James is such an example of that guy who is stuck Friend Zone in perpetuity.

Paulie won already

Any respect I ever had for James is rapidly waning. He may have been “joking” but he clearly thinks the little lady shouldn’t think, several examples for instance “the less you know the better”. He is as big a chauvinist pig as Paulie and “punch her in the face” Paul, although maybe not a misogynist.
I hope Meech wins HOH if she will actually have the balls to put up two of the guys. I don’t care which ones. At this point the one I like best is Victor, which is scary in and of itself. Before all you Meech haters jump on me, I don’t like her either, I just want to see an HOH where Paulie doesn’t call the shots. Only players left that do not turn my stomach are Natalie and Bridgette.


Relax, lady. Go watch your soaps. It’s going to be okay.

Paulie won Already

Likely you fall into the same category. Go beat your woman until she falls in line.


I know jeez…what a salty sour broad….sounds like someone has the Suffragette on loop


Everybody who watched last Season already knew that he was a chauvinist and a bit pervy. He only won Americas Favorite because everybody else was un-likeable, people felt sorry for him and he was an Underdog towards the end. I knew when James was one of the returning Houseguests it would just suck. I would have been happier to see Jeff (Season 17 and the Amazing Race.) comeback or Judd from Season 15 (I know the Season that shall not be named… that sat around and talked about who would be on an All Stars Season LoL.)

I don’t respect James this Season because he runs to Paulie, Paul and Corey because he desperately wants to be one of the Cool Kids and a Bro…. it is kind of sad to watch, because he is making almost all of the same mistakes again this Season as he did last. He has latched on to a floatter girl that can’t win, a bit of a snitch and his aim on targets is pathetic…. He wants to be an Alpha so bad, but he plays like a runt. Wake up James and aim higher (get a step ladder if you have to.) and get those big dogs out and you might have a prayer.


“James says let me do all the work you just sit back. You just go shopping.”

LMAO I wonder what work he thinks he’s been doing? No one gives a sh** about James. He will be out soon, Natalie will probably outlast him.


He’s like a little kid waiting in line to the teacher on somebody when he goes to Paulie with his rat “information”. Stupid little boy.


He is a Andy Herren clone!


Andy’s clones kilt him and started a band called the Rat Basturds.


at this point…my dream HOH would be for Narcole to go on the block next to Paulie…and Corey to be the vote that sends her ass out the door.


Yes she’s just as pitiful as z acting crazy over a man and after watching BB Afterdark she’s not as innocent as she wants people to think it’s all an act


If you can stomach it watch the YouTube videos of Corey and Nicole in bed. Clearly she’s not innocent. Bet her family is proud of that being out there forever.


Paul you sick MF, wanting to punch Natalie in the face now, after Bridgette.
WOW so much man love n touching
BB will soon have to be rated X


Paulie n Corey talking about doing GAY porn, WTF
BB girls bare all please, if we gotta watch GAY, please be women only so i can go YIPPEE!!!!
ahhh sweet Natalie n sweeter Zakiyah!


I think Jakes might be a little curious idk. He said he’s seen male strippers dance and then it got really silent (after it was like he slipped up. It was really awkward. I don’t think Natilie and him are a real thing and probably made a deal off camera to both pretend they are a showmance. It’s a win for both of them. ,

Corey's A$$hole

Trust me if we were to do gay porn you pay to watch honey!!! Bleach day!!!


not gonna bash anyone this time around…I would love to see some interesting game play though. Wouldn’t it be cool if Nicole and Z were playing Corey and Paulie all along….or maybe Victor rallied the house against PP…yeah right!….if Da does not have a round trip ticket and win HOH, the rest of BB will be pretty much be Paulie’s to bring it home.


even if da has the round trip ticket, she’ll probably blame nicole, corey, vic, james, and/or natalie before blaming paulie. da’s obsessed with nicole to an unhealthy level (like she was with frank and tiffany before), and can’t see who’s really running the show.

this is definitely paulie’s game to lose, though maybe other houseguests will come around. also who he takes in the final 2 may make a big impact. if it came down to paulie and paul in the final 2, i could see paul winning which would be even worse than a paulie victory.

Mister pickles

Doesn’t anyone pay attention? Nostrilcole has the return trip ticket. DR told Corey, then called Nostrilcole in and told her. The question is will Corey tell Polly, If so ,when? BTW, Corey is winning this game. He is F2 with Polly. Polly does not make a move without consulting Corey. Corey is able to throw comp after comp, while Polly gets his hands dirty and loses jury votes. Corey acts like a dummy, but he’s not. He probably won’t have to win anything til F5. Then we’ll see what’s what.

Yabba dabba doo!

This season is like Lord Of The Flies. Each day these people get more savage.


As much as I dislike how Paulie has just taken over the game I really do have to give him props. At least he’s playing the game. Maybe this will be a lesson to any future female houseguests that showmances are not the ticket to the end and that you’re a fool if you believe your “partner” has your back.


It is….but he’s got a massive asterisk because he’s playing against amateurs, people who just want to be on TV, have real or fake showmances, or are just emotionally fractured people.

Paulie absolutely deserves to win and only Bridgette could stake a claim to earning it, especially if she can survive long enough to make a move, but it’s a hollow victory since nobody left seems to care about winning.


Paulie also had the advantage of Derrick and Cody coaching him while everyone else had to watch tapes


Despite what Paulie says I think he is going to try and take Z to F2. As for Z she seems certain about Paulie winning as she said earlier today when talking to one of the girls (?) we are all now playing for 2nd place. I can see in her mind she thinks that with PAulie winning 1st and her 2nd they will live happily ever after once outside the BB house. (not!)


I really don’t understand Paulie’s logic. Why would he want Nicole out next?! She’s more loyal to the guys than any of the girls. He really is that threatened by anyone who may know what’s going on?? Or is it because he knows she’s choose Corey over him? I’ve never before seen a group of people who form an “alliance” and then proceed to target only people in said alliance! Doh! Please please someone win HOH and nominate PP!!!


It’s real simple: he has ample reason to believe that Nicole and Corey were doing a secondary deal with Frank and Bridgette….and he knows Corey’s not bright enough to drive that train. So eliminating Nicole ensure Corey’s loyalty remains to him (and he talks about evicting Z to set the table for the other guys to lose their chicks first) and draw Bridgette closer just in case (he’s noticed Nicole trying to move closer to her). Why does he need her around (given she’s not won anything) to eliminate the girls, when he has Bridgette targeting Michelle and Z, Victor targeting Natalie, James targeting Bridgette?

Paulie’s left huge openings to be attacked, has had questionable targets, but seeing that Nicole is somebody that serves him the least is completely justifiable….and she’s likely not smart enough to see Da going and Bridgette’s rising, is a dynamic shift that she needs to counter or is too busy “pleasing” Corey.


Who are Nicole and Corey talking about when “I didn’t touch him” was said???




Victor has this creepy obsession of being better than Corey in everything. Yesterday Victor, Nicole, and Corey were in the London room when Oscar the whale came out to interview Nicole (Aka Victor). started speaking in a Australian accent. Victor playing the messenger to Nicole. Oscar kept saying he was way better than Corey and she would be better with him right in front Corey. Oscar liked Nicole and thought she was pretty. Oscar also said he liked to see Nicole lingire by that time Corey fell asleep. Corey got called out for sleeping as a have not in the London room. Oscar says to Corey that’s what you get. Victor in his natural speaking voice replies don’t shoot the messenger. Corey says Oscar looks like a demon. Victor replies as Oscar I bet you wouldn’t say that to my face. Corey replies oscar I’ll shove your ass in a cage and say it to your face. Nicole slaps Corey to stop and Corey replies kidding even though he wasn’t.The whole thing is petty and they are both being passive aggressive. Victor wants to break them up. During the party when feeds were up Corey sat next to Natilielol Nicole tried to make Corey jealous by egging on Victors flirting. Corey wanted to punch Victor but kept his cool because they are playing a game and he doesn’t like attention. Victor tried kissing Nicole last night she said no. Then he layed in her bed and put his leg on her when Corey wasn’t around.

If you had to chose one...

Thumbs up if you want to have Grodner fired from Big Brother.


Thumbs down if you want to win the powerball lottery.

Both are very tempting offers. VOTE NOW!


Eh I’ll pass. Not a fan of this gimmick.

Unbattled Block

I wish i had more hands

So i could give this post 4 thumbs down !!!

conservative white male

I wish I had more hands to fondle African American women on a packed subway during rush hour


All Zakiyahs

Powder Puff Girl

Stop posting these ridiculous comments, first animal torture then this. TROLL


A huge THANK YOU to Simon and Dawg for finding the nuggets of gold in this godawful season.
So Paulie thinks James and Nicole are big guns? And how no one sees or of they see don’t address the fact that in addition to being a comp beast, he is playing Season 1 out all over again, I have no idea.
James need to go somewhere with his let him do all the work. Nat, make the move now to cut the cord. You are obviously friendzoning him and he is going to throw you under the bus so hard and fast, you will be hitting the ER instead of the block


Paulie wants all of the Vets out and understandably so. In fact, if these newbies were a little bit smarter, all of the Vets should have been gone prejury


It is pretty sad when you are hoping for a Nat/Corey/Victor final 3 because the rest of the guets are just too much.
James should have never come back to play this game. He was loved, now we all see what a weasel he is. Nat is way too hot for him anyways. Little pr*ck (throwing her under the bus).

James fans are idiots

Just for the record some of us never “loved” James and knew he was a “weasel” a rat and a pussy from day one last season also. Never liked that little turd who makes seasons more boring with his pussy no game ass in house.

If I never have to have hear or see that little fat pussy mongoloid again it would be too soon.

Bolt Uprite

Jeez, did James run over your dog? Dump your sister? Your Mom?


I hate the way James treats Natalie like a toy. Natalie has more courage in her one finger then James has in his little short body. Once he saw he wasn’t getting any, now he’s throwing Nat’s name out. Little rat ass wimp! And, Paulie is not disrespecting Z, she’s disrespecting herself! And some point, it’s on her what she allows, game or no game. She’s always talking about being a teacher and this is what she is allowing, potential parents of students in her class to see?! Yes, this is a tv show but it also shows a side of people that is usually kept from co-workers, some family and the day to day public. Paulie told Michelle that people in the house don’t see or know how it is on a regular in the house. That, how they are portrayed is not how they are on a regular day. Dumbass, what the hell you think 100 cameras are in the house for? Live feeds Paulie, live feeds! Somebody should seriously inform Paulie after the show, that less is more. My grandfather used to say,” you never know how foolish a person is, until they open their mouth”.


Can James be more of a pu$$y?? So eager to kiss Paulie’s butt to validate his “showmance” with the leader of the showmances. From the moment he was offended when Da didn’t acknowledge him and Natalie as part of the “showmances” and ran to Paulie, it’s clear that James is desperate to be perceived as one of the “cool kids”. I thought he would want to try a different strategy than last year with Meg, but this year he is 100x worse. I would want to just shake him and scream “WTF is wrong with you??”, but he’s so far gone I really couldn’t care less anymore.


What is so sad is James recent run to Paulie to share info and be one of the “cool” boys just put him higher on Paulie’s radar. Now Paulie is talking to Paul about trying to get who ever is the next HOH to put James and Nat up on the block. Way to go James….NOT


After winning the lottery, I would pay to have her fired. 🙂

Jesus Christ

Father, forgive them, for they know not how to play Big Brother.


That house is nasty!! I think Day is the only one who keeps her space in the entire house tidy. Nicole and Cory haven’t washed those covers once and stay doing the “freak nasty” under those covers! Yuck!!!!!


Evel Dick said that people come in the house and washes the sheets for them everyday.

TX rar - FMK game

I dont think so. On BBAD Ive seen Da and Natalie/James doing laundry including sheets but never see any of the others cleaning sheets.



At the end of the day

Whoever clipped Paulie’s hair should be clipped.


What happened in the bathroom with Nicole? I can’t seem to find it in the recaps. Is it the end of Corey/Nicole?


Man these people have major cabin fever. The target keeps changing every minute. James no HOH? Clip him. B complains no plastic wrap for pie- clip that passive aggressive B*tch. Z marks her “man” with hickey- clip her. Vic annoying douche? clip him. Meech whispering to Z- clip her. Nic for being Nic- clip her. James rats out Nat about Paulie’s name being in her mouth-clip her. The only names I don’t hear getting tossed out seriously are PP and Corey. F3?

Franks fumes

Who else would like to pepper up Paul with a hammer?


If I could find his balls I’d beat him with them (even though I suspect he is used to having balls hit his face).
Wants to punch women in the face, what a piece of human excrement he is, Maybe being short is the reason he is always angry I wouldn’t like people farting in my face all day either.
What is harder for him, playing with a yo yo or turning on a light switch? I’d bet he needs a chair for either.


Funnyist remark yet,
love it

Paulie won Already

Or punch him in the face, maybe? Wait, civilized people don’t do that.


I’m still trying to digest what the Hell Z was wearing and her disgusting humping session! I am SO EMBARRASSED for HER, that someone told her to put on clothes!!! O. M. G. F*ckin kidding me???? I can’t UNSEE that!!!!

Paulie doesn’t have incredible self-control, it’s called HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO HER!!!!!!! Dude!!! If you have to hump a man half naked all freakin smelly and nasty- and he doesn’t show ANY SIGN AT ALL – then… You’re sh*t to him.! Every parent, unroll your child out of her kindergarten facility ASAP!



Great comment! The entire 3 hour 8/4 BBAD was bizarre. It was uncomfortable to watch Z – and watch Cory and Nicole make out in the bed next to Z and Paulie. The lights were on, any HG could enter that area at anytime, and Paulie and Z were watching Nicole and Cory. I have never seen Nicole behave in that manner. It looked almost as though Cory made a “hard” pass at Nicole – as if Cory wanted to make sure Paulie (at least) saw him (Cory) have his way with Nicole.

It is sad and uncomfortable to watch a 24-25 year old primary school teacher believe that the only thing she has to offer her “crush” is her body. It was sad to see a 24-25 year old woman enter a room with several people – then proceed to straddle / hump a male in front of everyone.

It is difficult to believe that Z is a primary school teacher. Z putting on a feminine pad in front of a group of people – and now straddling/humping Paulie in front of a group of people for an hour makes it seem as though Z’s background is more “Vegas Showgirl” than an educated woman that spends her days with other educated adults. Adults that are responsible for educating & nurturing children, communicating with the parents of children in an educational setting, and working in tandem with teachers, school psychiatrists, school physicians, school headmasters, the school board, and so on every day.

Da’Vonne was the only one that helped Z (Da’Vonne told Z to put on some clothes and Z did). By not saying anything (politely) Z thinks that her behavior is typical. Unlike Meanchelle, Z does not seem to be a person with true problems and is filled with hate. It is sad, baffling, and bizarre watching Z. It seems as though Z wants to be the typical young educated woman – yet, has not had access to the things needed to achieve this.

How is it possible that a young educated professional woman would think that it is acceptable behavior to put on a sanitary napkin in a group setting and/or straddle & hump a male in a group setting?

8/4’s BBAD was the weirdest BBAD / Live Feed I have seen from The Big Brother House! All of it was nuts — not one person downstairs commented on Paul (The HOH) being alone with Bridgette in the HOH room for basically 3 hours. Da’Vonne was not concerned about this? Da’Vonne did no think that it was a good time to talk to people (with The HOH and fellow nominee away)?

Paul’s back abrasions looked awful! Meanchelle did something to Paul’s back and now Paul’s back looks like an animal road kill victim. Meanchelle has said that she is afraid of snapping. It is scary to think that Meanchelle already has snapped and is directing her violence towards Paul. Meanchelle threw that apple at Paul VERY hard – then faked cry about it. Meanchelle looked as though she was trying to make everyone believe that she was truly sorry – when she knew that she did it on purpose. It seems as though Meanchelle believes that she can fool others – is Meanchelle thinking “I did the impossible, I got away with violence inside of The Big Brother House. What physical injury can I inflict next?”

Cutting back and forth between what looked like “couple dry humping” (Z on top of an uninterested Paulie – with Cory and Nicole making out in the adjacent bed) and the gore of Paul’s back made 8/4’s episode even more strange!


I don’t usually read posts that are more than a few sentences but, your’s was spot on. Z was wearing a crochet dress. Crochet is for Grandmas Doilies, NOT to wear. I am actually embarrassed for Z. Michelle keeps complaining about how they took her clothes and she usually does not “dress like this”. I can’t even imagine what her clothes are like, if they let Z bring in her clothes. I am actually afraid for her future with the school district. She may not have a job when she gets back home.


Do you think if this BB19 rumour is true..will CBS open it back up to Canadians?


Simon or Dawg? Opinion? I am thinking youz might have some inside info maybe? BB19? Canada?


I’m not looking into BB19 stuff until after BB18 is over. CBS doesn’t tell us jack and when they do it’s usually wrong.

Here is the link to info about BB19…Julie is set to host as well…it’s all over the Internet. I agree with Simon & Dawg…let’s focus/finish this awful season 1st, then we can hope for a better 19…*fingers crossed *


What happened in the bathroom with Nicole?


What happened in the bathroom with Nicole?


she made out with Victor


James is doing a great job keeping a handle on that gold-digger, Natalie. Let her use you for protection until the time comes to throw her under the bus to save yourself.


I think we all forget that we have 24/7 access to everything the house guests say and do (thanks Simon and Dawg). So it becomes very easy for us to say who should do what and determine the best moves for that persons gameplay. Similar to a Monday morning armchair QB I guess lol.. IMO Paulie was very heavily coached by Cody and Derrick before coming into this house. I feel like he’s a hybrid of the two of them and playing a social game like Derrick did and a physical game like Cody did.. He put himself on the block and took himself off.. He’s won the HOH and POVs when he needs to, he’s survived the block a few times now, and he’s emotionally bullying everyone (even though they don’t know it). He’s been a shot caller most of the season, and the person he wants gone ends up being gone. That being said, IMO it means that this season will be extremely predictable (outside of a few twists). However, rarely do we see such great players in the game (think back to last season lmao). It just so happens that when there’s is a player who is exponentially better than everyone else in the house, it becomes boring and predictable. I think someone will take out Paul before he can make it to the final 2. James is playing the game exactly how he did last year.. Which I guess is cool, if you’re just playing to get Americas favorite again. Nicole, same thing, except this time she’s a little more slooty. My guess is Paulie wins this season, if he has his way Paul will be next to him. It will be predictable, but we should marvel a little at how well Paulie has played…and cheer for something fun, entertaining, and unexpected; Just do not depend on it because it is unlikely to occur.


Hope Michelle wins HOH. Shes so crazy right now she just might make a big move.


She says she knows who she would put up and that it would be two boys, but I haven’t heard her say who it would be. She talks a lot of crap about Victor and Paul. Could be those two.

Also, she’s been trying to get people to dislike James forever, and she’s likely still nursing a grudge about him correcting her use of the word “midget”.

If Day didn’t have the propensity to drop people’s names all over the house, maybe she would have confided in her by now.


They don’t even realize that Paul has gone from going out right after Josea, to the HOH and everyone’s bro. They talk his lingo, cut their hair to be like him…
He’s a sleeper cell, and at least for now, they are all under his spell…


Too much. Gag. Actually gag is too sexualized for these campers. Oops camping…nothing is sAfe!

Marvin Gaye

I told y’all a week ago that Paulie was targeting the Vets without saying let’s take out the vets… frank, Da, now he is saying let’s take out Nicole n James! Nobody is on to him at all… He will get the girls to help him take out Nicole and his boys to take out James…


This whole bunch is an embarrassment to their generation.


Bridgette is wearing Frank’s shirt and dreaming of a lifetime of digging curly red hair out of the shower drain.

Chubs Roundie

I know what you say has truth to it, but I wish you wouldn’t point it out. It makes me sad and forces me to confront my own hypocritical views about all the players.


All Nicole and Corey do is lay around and rub on each other. James aptly labeled Corey as tall for no reason since he pretty much sucks in all comps. He doesn’t seem too interested in the game at all and Nicole just thinks her betraying everyone in her alliance is going to carry her to the end.

I hope Michelle wins the HOH and knock some of this predictability out. I’m so tired of the Z/Paulie dynamic. She has moments of clarity where she questions if he’s into her (he’s not) and then she’s right back at humping/pawing him. He moves his targets about as often as most people breath. That’s what happens when you obsess over the game 24/7.

I’m still not sure what James strategy is (or lackthereof) but it’s going to end up getting him evicted soon enough.

Thankfully last night was mostly Paul free. He’s best laying on his stomach being quiet while Bridgette does whatever the hell she is doing to his back. We can tell she misses the ER.

Mister pickles

I would like to see Gnat and Vic go to jury house. Following week James walks in and finds them firkin.


Why is James tossing Natalie’s name to Paulie? It’s simple. since James won his HoH, Natalie has tried to talk game with James, both trying to get information and to push him to do something for himself in the game. That’s the problem. James’ strategy is very simple, make it to jury and play for America’s Favorite Player. To do that he has to make sure the ones in charge see him as a lap dog willing to do whatever he’s told.
James goes out of his way to know what his part of the plan is. He doesn’t try to steer anything, know anything, or learn anything more than what he’s been told to do. Natalie talking game upsets James’ strategy of not playing the game. Which is why he tries to shut it down; one: because he’s scared and two: he’s not in the inner circle.
It’s too much effort for James to try to win the game so he just tries to get America to like him again. Which is why I’m voting for Glenn for America’s Favorite!

Just a thought

I’m thinking maybe James threw nat nat under the bus to paulie because ..
It’s just thinking ..
He knows his time is near to go to jury and he wants to be sure nat nat is already there waiting on him well there anyway!!
It makes since

Backseat Driver

James is one sad, pathetic guy.


In a parallel universe, Nat could have learned much more and played a stronger game with Bronte and Bridget. However Bridget lost her BEST ally on her own HOH. James is screwing up Natalie’s game and poor Bridget is playing all alone in reality.

Unbattled Block

Regarding this cast, All i hoped for was a season better than BB16.

Turns out we are getting a season with the dullness and lack of gameplay of BB16 AND the crassness of BB15

Paul who talks about punching women in the face. Bet his Mom is sooo proud of him
Paulie..Basically playing the role of Dereck, who beat his brother
Zakiyah Just a garden variety floater who came on show for showmance and has zero game skills
Corey..Obviously confused sexually, started the season w talk of a goat ritual
Nicole.. Same vapid dull “rat strategy”
James.. Likable but zero progression in gameplay
Michelle.. Nastiness when it suits her, waterworks when it suits her. Petty jealousy over Frank
Natalie…See Zakiyah description, just more perky
Victor… Makes me deeply regret twist that brought evicted Player back
Davonne..No progression in gameplay from BB17
Bridgette Hard to say, she hitched to Frank and had a couple free ride weeks, no allies. i see her becoming Victoria to Paul/Paulie’s version of Dereck/Cody

Kinda hard to pick a fav these days

tea leaves

Burnt my bra for nothing!

BB4ME that in reference to the stupid conversation Natalie and Z had about men? It explains a lot about why they are where they are in the game. They were complaining that they want men to basically lead them around/carry their burden while all they have to do is look pretty or whatever. Sad.

Horny Nicole

How horny is she right now? Jeez she has to be the horniest HG ever. She HAS to touch Darting Eyes Corey. She had to ask James if asking Corey to spend time with her made her look horny. Yes it does. I bet she rubs it out in the shower.

If Corey put his hand in her pants it would feel like a horse eating a bag of oats.


I have no words for z’s behavior, she will find out once shes out of the house. James way to be a p***y and rat on ur girl. Trust me you will be leaving b4 nat douche! Nicole does need to go soon i cant take that whinning voice or her jealousy every 10 min.
Michelle is just a vengeful person in life. These hg’s are just horrible! Im rootin for cabbage patch kid, maybe she can win hoh and throw up paulie and james! This season has gone from bad to worse and hope can see a shift soon!


The Jealousy isn’t one sided. He becomes standoffish every time Vic and Nicole flirt. Nicole eggs on the flirting. He asked Nicole a few weeks ago when they were have nots together if she liked Victor and if she was the one vote to keep Victor over Bronte. Nicole said no and he told her she was lying. He thought she did like him just before Vic’s evictions she was acting weird about feeling bad about voting him out. Corey asked her if she would be going on a date with Victor and she said no he wasn’t her type. Corey wanted to know what her type was afterwards.


Imagine Derrick, Paulie, Paul, and Vanessa on the same season, in the same alliance. How much would you love that? You would love that a lot! Domination of the peasants.

Butters Mom

You are watching that right now. I hated Derrick in his season and I still dont like him in this one. Paulie IS Derrick! He will win with this group of idiots just like Derrick did. Paulie actually playing with Derrick would be pointless. They would team up and steam roll the house.

BB16 Donny

howdy folks! Bet you didn’t even realize that Paul is my young’n!! Yeah his momma Amanda Zuckerman and I had a fling after she and that mop head McRae were done! He gets the beard from me and the potty mouth from his mama. I plan on washing his mouth out with some Copenhagen when he gets home as well as a good ass whippin!!!!


Simon, who’s going home? Da?

P.S.- That trash can… DISGUSTING!


Da is


If they have a round trip ticket will they go right into double eviction? How would that go. They still need to get rid of someone, right.


Would only take one HOH win and putting up Paulie and Paul to shake things up. I think James or Bridget would both do that. They are waiting their time. They can turn the rest of the votes pretty easy… “Those two are in power they will come after us soon enough”.. blah blah blah.

Reality TV = Narcissism

Those 2 are too hooked to the breastmilk off PP to do anything of the sort. Did you not just see Bridgette vowing her loyalty to take out the other girls and James ratting out Natalie to Paulie?!


In te DR Bridgette said she wasn’t believing any of it and hated them all! She said she just had no choice right now. I’m backing Bridgette. I hope she can hang in there and pull a win when she needs it. I want her to get safety. I think she is waiting for her chance to shake things up.


James will never go against the status quo unless the status quo is to send him out the door. That’s the only reason he put Clay and Shelli up last year. He knew he was next. He’ll avoid winning comps until he’s the next in line and by then anyone he could have worked with will be gone again.


Paul says about the tiniest girl “I would punch Natalie in the face”
What the fuck is wrong with the men this season? It’s 2016, I know there will always be shitty men, but you would think CBS would cast men who don’t continuously shit talk women and disrespect them. Paulina Califlower needs a fucking reality check.


Frank should set up a booth at the finale for his fans. Five bucks for a slap on the butt, For just two dollars more, he’ll call you a slut at the same time.

Maybe Natalie could set up a booth for her fans. She could give out butterfly kisses and tell people that she’s really into unattractive people.

Michelle could work on commission by rounding up the ugly people, telling them they are fat and disgusting, then recommending that they improve their self esteem by visiting the Frank and Natalie affirmation booths.


James is my favorite, even though he has some annoying quirks. Like hanging out with that tranny and the f*g hag he crushed on last season. That’s weird. Much better to be in the friend zone of a hot cheerleader who at least let’s him get some incidental boob fondling. That’s a good friend. Not like Meg, who used him to raise money for whatever perversion she was supporting in a given week.

Reality TV = Narcissism

This season of BB has emphasised how biologically men and women are wired differently. The guys are out there hustling and competing for power and ‘alphadom’ (there are exceptions aka James), whereas the girls are competing against and ripping each other for acceptance from the guys. Each girl in there equally looks like a complete MUG.

String Cheese Theory

Men rule the world. It’s in our DNA. Everyone knows this. No surprise the men are leading the charge.

Powder Puff Girl

that is why the world is so f@cked up and at war all the time.