“Natalie came to me was like Paulie.. He’s going to float to the end” James to Paulie

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: Bridgette AND Da’Vonne
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 21-12-49-248

9:15pm James and Paulie
James – Natalie came to me was like Paulie.. He’s going to float to the end..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 21-18-09-395
9:17pm HOH Natalie, Michelle, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah
Zakiyah says the only time she kissed PAulie was during the truth or dare, “He won’t kiss me”
Natalie – I won’t kiss James..
Michelle – I was this close to kissing Victor
Da’Vonne says after she danced with Victor he rained to the bathroom
Zakiyah – to do his thing..
Zakiyah says when she’s on her period she feels like a dog in heat her eyes go red.

Zakiyah thought Paulie was a bit short at first but he’s grown on her.

Zakiyah says her and Paulie are in a flirtmance.
Michelle – I feel like you (Natalie) and James are more emotional
Natalie – we’re more emotional less physical
MIchelle – Corey and Nicole are in the middle
They agree Nicole and Corey are in the real showmance

They agree with Frank gone the house is a lot quieter

Natalie asks if they’re is a guys alliance

I don’t give a sh1t us being women… we’re strong we bare children.. IN the bible why would men intimidated me.. Why should man intimidate me.. I’m a strong a$$ women.. You know how many sperms we bet out.. A lot.. Just the truth just the truth.. I’m never going to put all my eggs in one basket.. I’m a strong a$$ women.. No man is going to determine my faith..

Natalie – At home I’m single as a pringle and I love it (LOL)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 21-32-12-357

9:41pm James, Corey, Nicole and Paulie
Chit chat

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 21-42-53-403
Victor joins them..

Paulie tells James he knows all of Natalie’s friends she’s a “Wild Child”
Nicole chimes in “She says she dances on tables”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 21-57-41-495

9:58pm Corey leaves and Victor moves in..
Nicole laughs.. “Vic.. you’re going to get your butt beat” (LOL she has no idea)

10:08pm Paulie, Nicole, Victor

Nicole – Everyone knows he’s too cute for me … I’m cute he’s hot
Paulie – Hot guys don’t always want the hottest girl
Victor – you’re hot if anything you’re more attractive than he is..
Nicole says Tiffany told her that too
Nicole – he won’t even look at me.. was I acting like a idiot..
They explain to her she needs to relax about it.

Nicole leaves.. They talk about Nicole just doesn’t have the self confidence in her self because she is beautiful.
Victor talks about this girl back home with Tattoos.
Paulie – ladies if you are into Tattoos and a bad girl I ‘m into you .. when I look at you i’m like damn that chick’s bad.. fierce looking all tatted up..
Paulie says Zakiyah bit his ear, “The feeds are off but they’re still rolling”

Nicole comes back.. Says she hasn’t fully watched her first season she’s seen about half. She doubts she’ll watch this season at all.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 22-15-14-963
Victor talks about his Chi Rho tattoo.. The emperor Constantine used the symbol as a battle standard. Victor leaves.

10:18pm Nicole tells Paulie Corey doesn’t like Victor.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 22-19-44-233
10:20pm Zakiyah joins them.. Says she still a little tipsy..

10:21pm Michelle and Natalie HOH
Michelle – I’m putting 2 boys up for sure..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 22-22-11-017

10:21pm London room James and Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne telling him what they said about James and Natalie having a emotional showmance. Natalie said she had a emotional connection with James.
Da’Vonne – I think it’s genuine I don’t thin it’s strategic.. her flirting with everyone else is strategic.. has she talks to you about it.
James- kinda sorta.. She doesn’t like being overly watched.

Da’Vonne- can you make sure the guys don’t vote me out tomorrow
James – i’ll try i’ll do the rounds..
Da’Vonne – Michelle is one of the funniest people I’ve met in my life.. She’s going to go far…
James – I agree.. she’ll make it to at least 8
Da’Vonne – I think about the 8 pack all the time it would have been great.. even if we sent Tiffany out and replaced with PAulie.. would have been great
James- Frank was in the 8 pack.
Da’Vonne- I don’t understand that move.. that didn’t even benefit your (Frank) game.. what were you board..
James – He blew up the 8 pack, Frank did a lot of crazy stuff..

Natalie and Michelle joins them.. 10:44pm talking about how cute wiener dogs are, “They are so perfect”

Animated Gif associated with this dialog —> https://twitter.com/bigbspoilers/status/761083626855333888

11:14pm Paulie to Corey
(After the above rubbing happened Paulie had this conversation with Corey.. )
Paulie – now she’s coming in hot..
Corey – yup I can tell
Paulie – my ear lobe my neck.. I feel Heat coming from… there… I’m like oh my god there are cameras everywhere relax you teach kindergarten.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 23-25-35-465

11:20pm London room
Zakiyah – I’ve been told I need to put some pants on
Michelle – Who said that.. by a boy.. the DR.. Nicole… Did day
Zakiyah – ya .. I guess .. I need to put some pants on I look like a little hoochies.. America is looking I don’t want them to thin I’m a hooker
Michelle – If anyone is a hooker it’s Victor .. you dance like one..

11:40-11:50pm Nicole and Corey kissing.. (And i’m pretty sure other things under the covers…

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Crazy Stuff

Wowwwww! This is so sad and Paulie is not making it any better but enjoying the ride. I am so tired of all of this garbage. I don’t care if BB 19 is not on TV next year. SO BE IT! The HG are so sick until it make me sick. How crazy acting. The only one really playing the game Paulie. I was on Paulie side at one point, but he has done alot of wrong… I want him gone. As far as Nicole that chick I believe is this way out side of the house VERY SHADY. I know her friends if she have any can’t true her. Not a good person at all.


smh….LMAO! this season has officially jumped the shark. tonight (right now as I type) is by far the most bizarre live feeds ever. Z and Nicole are horny, Nicole and Corey making out while Vic is sleeping on the same bed too. Nat and Michelle talking dirty to Vic and James, Da is blow drying which looks like panties in the bathroom, Da finished telling Z to put some shorts on, because Z was a wearing see through night gown type which shows her panties in the bathroom. Bridgette is in the HOH popping Paul’s back pimples. Simon & Dawg, do you guys agree about the feeds right now? this is strange….lol.



Excellent comment! Tonight’s BBAD episode was one of the strangest After Dark episodes that has ever aired. All of it resembled things only seen in The Twilight Zone.

It looked as though Z sought out Paulie’s help to change outfits – more than likely in hopes that getting Paulie alone in a room tying her (Z’s) dress would lead to more than it did. Z was hoping that having Paulie alone in a room while showing as much of her body as she could and still have clothes on – would cause Paulie to tell Z “I don’t need to get to the F2 because you, Z, are my real prize. I knew you would be my wife and mother of my children when I first saw you – you really had me when we were sitting together in the kitchen and you told me how well and precise your mother can physically injure and fight other people. I just knew at that moment that you were “The One.” The one to take home to my mother, the one whose love would inspire me making me into a better person, the one I was put on earth to love, honor, and cherish.”

Z straddles and humps Paulie in a group setting for an hour / over an hour!!!

What type of flirting technique involves straddling / humping of another person – with other people hanging out? What in the world was Z hoping to accomplish? Z straddling Paulie has nothing to do with playing Big Brother. I don’t know where Z thinks she is — in the real world is it common for twenty something year old females to straddle / hump the male that they are attracted to in a room where a handful of friends are hanging out? Paulie should have followed the path of Virle Agitur (‘the manly thing is being done’). Paulie should have stopped Z from straddling him without embarrassing Z.

About thirty five minutes into Z’s straddling / humping of Paulie — it all becomes weirder when Z starts making noises and thrusting up and down while straddling Paulie (02:05:21-02:05:23 BBAD POP Thursday 8/4 midnight-3am EST) with Paulie giving no reaction.

About an HOUR into Z’s straddling / humping of Paulie in a group setting — we see Corey and Nicole making out under the covers in one bed with Z still straddling Paulie (who is now laying on stomach). Corey and Nicole are making out under the covers — and Nicole is attempting to have a conversation with Z and Paulie shouting out “you guys are going to bed.” Nicole and Corey are under the covers — it was strange to hear Nicole yell “you guys are going to bed” when covered up and making out with Corey.

THEN BBAD flashes to the HOH room (02:33:14 BBAD POP 8/4 midnight-3amEST) to show Paul’s bloody, red, raw meat like back.

What did Bridgette do to Paul’s back? Did Paul injure himself leaving him with skin abrasions on his back? Did Bridgette do this to Paul?

The skin over Paul’s left wing bone appears to be completely rubbed raw. If Bridgette was rubbing Paul’s back — it seems as though Big Brother would have given Bridgette a “Bridgette Stop Doing That,” …. “I Said Bridgette Cut It Out” …. “Bridgette We Cannot Allow You to Rub Paul’s Back Raw Because Frank Was Evicted” type of warning before Paul lost layers of skin causing Raw Meat Red Road Burn Abrasions.

Paul just remains still laying down on his stomach as Bridgette comes in to rub Paul’s Red Skin Abrasions – this time scrubbing his back with a soap that has “like charcoal in it.”

Bridgette was inflicting some type of “Justice For Frank” torture (harmlessly hazing) on Paul, correct? Bridgette is so good with her torture techniques (harmlessly hazing) that Paul just willingly lays on his stomach — SILENT! This was the first time that Paul has been QUIENT(and perhaps even appealing). Good for Bridgette!

Then we hear Paul explain the source of his Red Meat Raw Road Burn Abrasions: “Michelle’s dirty a s s fingernails.”

Of course Meanchelle – the meanest person to ever reside inside The Big Brother House – is responsible for the horror show happening on Paul’s back.

Meanchelle HAS SNAPPED! The proof is on Paul’s back. If Paul was a Gauntanamo Bay Detention Camp Detainee – and if Paul was released to his home country with those back abrasions the headline would be “Gitmo Prisoner Tortured by American Nutritionist Meanchelle Meyer.” The article would compare Meanchelle to the fictional sadistic murderer Michael Myers character from the Halloween horror-slasher movies.

Cut to: Lights are off in The Tokyo Room. We see Corey laying in bed grinning / almost giggling. Beside him is a repentant looking and sounding Nicole. Corey and Nicole have one of their heartfelt and interesting conversations: Nicole: “What?” Corey: “What?” Nicole: “I don’t know. I’m just telling you.” Corey: “I don’t care. I don’t care Nicole.” Nicole: “Okay. That’s not very nice.”

The weirdest BBAD episode to ever air – ends with perhaps the most not self aware statement ever said inside The Big Brother House. Paul tells Bridgette “I keep it to myself for the most part.” What? When has Paul kept anything to himself – he has continually talked since entering The Big Brother House.

All this episode was missing was Rod Serling’s narration. Z humping / straddling Paulie for an HOUR or MORE with Nicole and Corey making out beside Z and Paulie – combined to the gory images of Paul’s back / Bridgette scrubbing Paulie’s back has to mean that Big Brother viewers have officially entered The Twilight Zone!


You get two gold stars for this post/comment!
I cannot stop laughing!!


You have voiced so many of my thoughts, thank you. I don’t care for Z and even less for Paulie.I have watched BB since the first season. This is the first time I’ve watched the feeds. Is this what goes on every year? I doubt it. Z is looking for a husband, well she can forget about this one. In the beginning Paulie made it clear “I am not here to put on a show for these cameras”. So at this point I only blame him for leading her on and talking to her the way he did. Anything sexual is all on her. She chases him all over the house. Now all of this humping him with her ass in the air really shows who she really is. On national tv with a guy she just met 6 weeks ago,her mother must be dying of shame. No flowers, no movies no dinners. No self respect.


Zakiyah is so disgusting. To think she is a kindergarten teacher. She is on national tv. The parents of the kids that she is teaching are most probably watching. I don’t want my kids to be around her. No a good example. Paulie is not into her at all. She is making herself a fool. I can’t wait for Paulie to dump her. So disgusting! I wonder how her family thinks about her???


great post BB18Viewer!!!!

you have perfectly detailed the feeds from last night. it def was the most bizarre/strangest/shocking change of events that had me baffled in how psychologically these HG’s have turned for the worst.


OMG can’t stop laughing!!!


Well, Zak just lost some cool points. This is the same guy that made her cry buckets last night in front of America and treated her like shit.
Paulie is just eating it up lol.

Zak family is going to have a heart to heart with her.
So are the parents at her school lol.

Crazy Stuff

What a mess tonight! Nicole and Corey making out how crazy. Then we have Zakiyah and Paulie as well making out in the say room with others. That is why Nicole said she is not going to look at the show (BB18) when she get home. If I was her mother or family I would make that nasty little thang look at it so she can see how she made a big fool out of herself on national TV with thousands of people watching. No respect for themselves or family that is watching.

Paul's Balls

Oh shit. Z better make sure Christmas Corey doesn’t see this. He’s gonna be so jealous. I wouldn’t be surprised if he threw her ass on the block next week so he can have Paulie all to himself.

Crazy Stuff

Sorry! I am so angry I miss spelled some words in my first comments tonight. All I want to see and hear is game nothing else. Why did this group of HG come on the show WHY! If I never see them again it will be too soon okay. I am totally turn off with all of this foolishness.They all needs to pack bags and go home. WAIT DON’T PACK ANY BAGS JUST GO HOME!

sunny dee

there was one great line when Day says to James : i’m just packing light, because………

forget now exactly how she phrased it but basically, because she assumes she isn’t going to be voted out and because if she is voted out, she’s got the return trip ticket

James is going, uh huh. also pressure on him to make the rounds, get her votes. this comes after she told him a few days ago how she has no one, and everyone is paired up, and how frank went around and campaigned for bridget and how james would do that for Nat, and on and on, pity me party.



Oh. My God. No wonder the child needs to put on some pants.
Still not sure if Paulie is into her or not, but what guy is going to turn down free milk? These women need to remember that they are being televised 24/7 and once the internet has the image, it has it forever.
Nicole will go far in the game, possibly F2 because she doesn’t have a thought in her head except to stay as long as possible with Corey. She is in there for vacation and romance, not 500K. She should be everyone’s pick for F2.
James, James, James….I really liked him last season but this year he can kick rocks. He is playing follow the leader and has thrown his only two allies under the bus.
Come on Nat, Da’ (IF you have the rt) and Meech….get together and get it together! Shake this house up!


I think Z has her eye on being a porn star when she gets out. I can’t think of any other explanation for her to be acting this way on TV. I’m embarrassed for her and my sympathy for her is gone, gone, gone!

Paulie won already

OMG I just can’t…..


So James is now reporting back to Paulie what Natalie is saying about him?? Wow Paulie really is his leader!!


That’s Americas favorite player, James the rat! Can’t believe that weasel is going against her. Poor girl! Don’t understand how people like this goof!


Stupid stupid James….Yet he is the fave on this poll and will likely get a care package soon which will only serve to further Paulie not him….James just wants te be cool in Paulie’s eyes…Can’t believe he did this to Nat….


My thoughts exactly. Really disappointed in James. Seems like Paulie has it made in the shade now. I really do hope Da has the roundtrip ticket and gets back in the house to stir up trouble – maybe the only saving grace of the season. But I doubt these stupid girls would even see the light and do something – I think it’s too late and Paulie is on his way to the finale.


Maybe James was baiting him to see if he would run and tell Natalie like he did with Michelle.


I don’t think so!!!


Zakiyah, get a grip, woman! It’s starting to look really ugly… and I ain’t talking about your game, but your behavior regarding Paulie. Show some respect… to yourself!


Z looks so pathetic on top of Paulie with her ass hanging out , how can she expect a guy to ever take her serious? Not gf material


Corey was on top of paulie doing the same thing.


Da has the round trip ticket. She has number 8. The picture outside the safari room has “ocho rios(eight river) your dream vacation” on it.

I can't take it anymore

Day made some bad game moves, but she’s literally the only woman in that house that’s not sacrificing her game for a dude.

James and Nicole have ruined the season

What dude is Michelle sacrificing her game for?

Day pretty much knows and has known all week they voting her out. She has sat around all week and done nothing to try and flip the house. When you on the block you have to play. Day is just hoping they don’t vote her out. No game play.

Good riddance!

Umm, Frank?

Michelle completely tunnel visioned her hate against Bridgette due to her jealousy over Frank.


Meech would sacrifice her game for any guy who would have her. So far, no one. She ugly CRIED and had a melt down in the supply room over Frank which requires several to talk her off the ledge, including Frank! She can’t keep her hands of Paul’s back pimples and had given him a skin disease. She wants Victor but he doesn’t want her.


Hey simon and dawg where are the votes as of now? And do that have a chance to change?


I hope the Vote is a tie and Paul has to make the decision to eliminate Da, Da has round trip ticket and comes back in……………knowing who her allies are, then win the eliminate two votes!!!! Would be great to see P/P, Victor and Nicorey scramble!!!!


Really feel like nat is using james

Truth Hurts



James must be getting the same feeling. Pretty sure that’s why he told Paulie that.

Girlie girl

Show is getting boring, need double eviction or something, someone backdoor Paulie he thinks he has this game in the bag. Michelle and James and Natalie are so boring. Let’s get this game moving along or people will just stop watching. P.S. ladies stop crying so much it’s a show and you know what happens everyone goes home at some point you don’t see the guys crying. Boo hoo


Whyyyyyyy zakiyah…whhyyyyyyy (in my annoying Nicole’s voice)


Nicole’s voice is so annoying, I have to put it on mute when she speaks!


Daaaang Z!! Slamming Body but…… What the HELL were you doing on the feeds last night!?! After watching that ASS-A-THON bump-n-grind session, how can I defend you now?? I’m afraid I would sound foolish.

It reminds me of a fight I witnessed between two drunks when I was a kid – “Man, don’t you ever call my ‘Ho’ a Bit%h again.. she’s a lady! ” .. Dang Z. very disappointed.

Cant defend the indefensible.


Does Z do anything in this game besides straddle Paulie any chance that she can get?! It’s pathetic.

The Beef

Whatchutalkingbout? That’s her BB strategy at work! What would you do if you had no social game and couldn’t even begin to compete in even the most random of competitions? Z, Nicole and Nat are all floaters (read – eye candy) and KNOW they have no chance, unless they latch-on to some guy who will protect them and keep them in the game.
The real joke is on Nat though, as she’s booked her fare on a sinking ship (James, the CSD), who has just stabbed her in the back in order to further his own game (“HEEEEY PAAAAULie! Guess what NatNat just said about you!!!”)! What a ChickenShitDeluxe he is!


Nicole is every undercover gay man’s dream she is really clueless and Cory is just taking up space at least z has a story line


We are reaching new lows for BB. Fire Allison Grodner and whoever the Casting Director is or just cancel the show.
And…really James ratting Natalie out to your fearless leader Paulie?

Crazy Stuff

What is going on with James. Such a dumb move on his part. James will not win this game. Why would he rat Natalie out. I GIVE UP! Zakiyah need NOT drink ever again. But some of this is not from drinking it is what Zakiyah wanted to do any way to Paulie. The girl need help to find some respect for her self and your family that are watching. This has gone too far. Some how I wish they could send her no playing behind home for good. She is on the wrong show. POINT BLANK!

Russ 604

Damn….Paulie is showing ALOT of self-restraint! If that was me, I would have dropped my undies and slid it inside of Z already! G*d damn son!


Are Corey and Paulie even into girls? I thought they were just playing the girls for their game.

EZ does it

The guys just want all the girls out so they can start their sausage party!!!!! James is a little f*cking weasel. I hope Nat plays the shit out of him.She should hook up with one of the girls !!!!!

Russ 604

What happened to that GIF of Z humping Paulie? It was quite erotic…and the reason for my original post in the first place.


REALLY. Zakiyah. Have some self respect. He’s an asshole who is using you. And all you want to do is straddle him and dry hump him. This is sad. Very very sad. It’s uncomfortable to watch. He’s not into get. At all.


What a turn-on – a dog in heat while she’s bleeding. How could he resist? If you have to be told to put pants on, maybe you’re coming off desperate and slutty. She’s just so elegant about her menstrual cycle – changing maxi pads in front of America, grinding on a guy while on her period (for America again). So she’s using what she knows to get the money. You go girl.

Crazy Stuff

I understand you are trying to make a point. But what you are talking about was last week news. This is a new week so I don’t think it is true. You just want to talk dirty at Zakiyah expense. Now Zakiyah is wrong for what she is doing. But you are wrong for talking about something you don’t really know to be true. You don’t know what’s going on with her body that was last week old news you are talking about. All this menstrual and the maxi pad garbage you are talking is out right wrong. For your info two wrongs will never make it right.

An Apple a Day

You idiot, we watched her last night on TELEVISION tell the girls she’s like a dog in heat when on her period (ick), then walk down half naked and live straddle/hump him on his back with others in the room and lights on for what seemed an hour! She continues the story every day!


I’ve been saying for weeks that zakiyah needs to go.

The Roach Coach

I’ve never seen anything like this cast….
These girls care more about a summer fling and earning the affection of the guys rather than earning half a mill…
Sh*t, offer me half a mill for one summer of “work” and hooking up would be the farthest thing from my mind… Half a millie and I’d pull an opposite-corey and pretend to be gay for 3 months if I had to….
The girls are also delusional, they say that theyre independent strong loyal group of women that can stick together and then a boy walks by and they lose their minds….
What makes it worse is the girls outnumbered the guys by a lot when tiffany proposed the crazy idea to work together and knock off those strong competitor guys one by one… (but who could take tiffany seriously, she hadn’t earned the affection of a male)…plus she was so emotional, way too emotional, she didn’t cry as much as Z or meech but, ya know… too emotional for their liking….
It’ll be a real bummer to see Da walk out that door knowing the only reason is because she didn’t fit in, and by fit in, she didn’t drool and cry all over a guy day and night….
This is the most pathetic season ever, I’m loving it so far, but these girls are going to be so embarrassed when they walk out that door…
I get 1 maybe 2 potential showmances max…. sometimes there isn’t any…. but the entire house in a showmance, pathetic…
Hope Da has the Ticket back…. then she can play big brother the way she should have all along (getting in a showmance with either Paul or Bridgette)…UHHHHGH

Butters Mom

Nicole and Corey are just as bad as Z… it is obvious what is going on under the covers and Paulie and Z are sitting right there on the bed next to them. No self respect in that house at all. Their families should all be so proud. smh.

hernanday oleary

To think she is a pre-school teacher walking around with her behind out on national tv like that.
I feel embarrassed for her and I’m a chauvinistic male pig.
I understand that many females are attracted to men who treat them like dirt, but why is she attracted to this pig who treats her like dirt.


I don’t feel bad for Zakiyah anymore, like I did last night after her and Paulie’s conversation. She is absolutely pathetic. I simply can’t with her any longer.

Fuzzy Num Num

James, James, James, glad he’s not my showmance. Poor Nat Nat


Why do people like James? he was such a sexist in his last season. Gross looking and a liar (breaks promises all the time).


Why do people like James? he was such a sexist in his last season. Gross looking and a liar (breaks promises all the time).

Paulies minions

“I am going to put up two boys”

Who? Corey and Victor? No way in hell she would put up Paulie. She trusts James like a idiot. Let’s face it whoever wins HOH will do what daddy tells them.

Double eviction or not. Paulie will decide who goes home. Has every single week this season. When they saved Tiff and Bronte went home..Paulie ok’d that as well.


In Another Episode Of Bachelor In Paradise!


Ok so did anyone understand what corey was saying about having info from the dr #9? He was trying to tell nicole but she just didnt get it was around 1:27 am est. Could dr have told him round trip ticket is #9…


Wow I’m for an all girls alliance and I’m street smart except I picked james as my running mate and can’t get the girls do anything because I only talk game w James and can’t get him to do anything I want either. But I’m a strong women. HI I’m Natalie! lmfao


Don’t you guys worry, Zakiyah will be crying about this tomorrow. Something along the lines of being disrespected.


I bet Bridgette is a good nurse.
She’s definitely a caretaker.
I wonder if she brings her patients the goodies that she bakes.


I’m all for women using their sexuality on the show but use it to your advantage not fucking love they should all be trying to bang Corey and James and making them take out the strong minded good game playing boys but women feel like whores when they do that. Thanks America !


@2:20am after dark nicole comes back from dr and nicole tells corey now i got what your spillin out, corey- i know i know. Nic- thas crazy, corey- thats cool right, im happy you won. So if thats what I think it is and dr told corey and nicole that nicole has the winning round trip ticket #9. Then ocho rios sign is wrong and so is davonne’s pick of #8 and she will surely be going home or to jury!!! Corey earliar came back from his dr and was tryingto spill some news he got from dr to nicole about #9 and how it was good news….


Please tell me it isn’t so! Nicole with the round-trip ticket??? Translated in Nicoles’ voice: I’m so happppyyyyyy, but do you think I’m cute enoughhhhh to have Corey and the round-trip ticketttttt. Maybeeee Corey willlll reallyyyy like me nowwwww ??? Please, production – WHY??? Her and Z are getting harder and harder to watch. And none of the girls talk game (poor Da/Bridge, doesn’t fit with these idiot girls and continous talk about “worthless air b/w their ears…!) Nat playing to America is also getting so old, James is getting lamer with each passing day! And what is with hg’s considering not wanting the next HOH? WHAT??? Uhggg I do not recall a season this annoying? If this is the path BB is heading for in future, I will no longer watch. So tired of these hg’s only caring and working the camera for their 15min fame outsdie the house. PLAY the dam game!!! No, lets just play follow the leader! Making it so friggin easy for PP/Corey! Oh, and there is no way Z has an educational degree, so wrong in every sense of the word! Who do we want to make final two, and or receive the remaining 4 care packages at this point??? Can we all vote for Frank for AFP just to show Nat/James their ‘show’ is not working. Thoughts?

Zakiyah humping Paulie

Paulie to Z – I feel heat coming from,there,there’s cameras everywhere relax. You teach kindergarten !

that moment when Paulie is the one more worried about her job then she is….
I m done feeling bad for that girl, Paulie might act like a douche but she s done one rewarding him for it constatnly…and now he s the responsible one while she s trying to ruin her carreer..she shoudnt have gone on this show ,this wont end well

Franks fumes

Go ahead James fans how are you gonna explain your boys latest act of cowardice…I thought he couldn’t be any dumber … WRONG!..Thumbs up if you think James is a chickenshit!


Disappointed that Da’Vonne is not fighting harder to stay in the house. Da’Vonne knows that there is a high probability that The House (i.e. PP) has decided to backdoor Da’Vonne.

It would have been enjoyable to watch Da’Vonne work to get Z, Michelle, and Natalie come together as 3 solid votes against The House (PP).

With nothing to lose, Da’Vonne could have used her talk with Nicole to say: “let’s get past the weirdness. You know that The House Plan is to backdoor me tomorrow. If you vote with The House, Nicole, all you are doing is helping advance PP to the F2. Now is the time to play your game Nicole.”

It seems as though Da’Vonne put herself on the block by her own poor game play (working so hard, spreading so many lies, laughing directly at a fellow HG that was distraught and crying).

Had Da’Vonne worked to build a strong relationship with Frank in the beginning of the game Da’Vonne would be in a better position. Da’Vonne knew that Frank was not a threat to her game. However, Da’Vonne did know that there were threats to her game. Therefore, instead of doing the hard work of forming a strong relationship of trust with Frank – Da’Vonne reacted to the threats to her game by taking the path of least resistance (lying to get Tiffany and Frank out). Da’Vonne could justify her actions to herself by thinking “I am really trying to hard to win by getting Tiffany and Frank out.” However, doing so was easy. All Da’Vonne did was tell lies and feign feelings of being made to feel “uncomfortable.”

Da’Vonne works in casinos (more than one) as a blackjack dealer. It seems very doubtful, given Da’Vonne’s complete background, personalities such as Tiffany and Frank would make Da’Vonne uncomfortable.

Da’Vonne getting Tiffany and Frank out was easy work / lazy game play. Telling lies to HGs that she was getting information in the DR about Tiffany – displaying crocodile tears to act out the role of a female being made to feel uncomfortable by a male. This was terrible of Da’Vonne to do because there really are males that derive complete satisfaction by dominating a female, making a female fearful, causing a female to react to the fear – knowing that “he” has control over the females actions / behaviors / knowing that “he” has caused a female to “bend” to “his” wants, desires, needs.

Da’Vonne took a truly horrific event and used it as game play. It would have been no different if Da’Vonne would have made the HGs believe that a male in The Diary Room was forcing himself on her (when nothing was really happening).

Da’Vonne did something that should never be done to males — lie / imply sexual harassment. Most men are not interested in hurting females. Actions such as Da’Vonne’s make it impossible for responsible adult males and females in the workplace / school / in life. Such a horrific topic should not be used in game play. It is not right to males or to females to lie about such a horrific topic. Lying makes it easier for true “dirt bags” to continue without consequence.

Instead of putting hard work and ingenuity into the game Da’Vonne chose lazy work. Hard work would have caused Da’Vonne to have a solid relationship with Frank. Da’Vonne could have helped Frank’s social ineptness (frivolously getting on the nerves of HGs). Da’Vonne could have used Frank’s ability to win competitions and the winning aspects of Frank’s social game.

Had Da’Vonne not chosen to be lazy (or for whatever reasons allowed herself to believe that lazy work equals actual work) Da’Vonne and Frank’s partnership could have the the “poor man’s” initial Dr. Will / Mike Boogie BB partnership. Da’Vonne and Frank’s partnership could have been equal to Dr. Will / Mike Boogie — though extremely different, however, equally entertaining.

Frank appeared to give up (when on the block). Da’Vonne appears to be giving up. Perhaps production had 4 “vets” return to get Big Brother Fans to watch? Perhaps production knew that Frank Fans, Da’Vonne Fans, Nicole Fans, and James Fans would be the “hook” to get viewers to tune in? Perhaps production decided to bring in 2 BB siblings for the same reason (to get the Cody and Vanessa Fans to watch)? Perhaps Frank, Da’Vonne, Nicole, and James know that their role is to get their individual fan bases to tune in, and, are coached in the DR to “go down without a fight?”


You lost me around Chapter 4..

Franks fumes

One of the more insitefull comments I’ve seen in a while.


Oh Lord I have lost so much respect for James why would you rat your only ally if day leaves out to con corleone my gosh that ladies and gentlemen proves how much control con corleone has on the house also why would they get nat out before James did they forget he’s a comp beast he’s not the best at mental comps but why I guarantee he’s not going to let that slide maybe he’ll wake up once she leaves one can dream……or wait to get the axe

Man Guy

I stopped watching this wack garbage a few weeks ago, so tell me, who’s getting booted?


Z gave Paulie a hickey. A hickey. She’s a teacher? Bullshit.

You dont say

I know, right! Teachers have sex? Unimaginable!

Coming from a family of teachers, it’s frustrating how little teachers are seen as human. Being a teacher does not remove the ability to give hickies.


I have worked with thousands of teachers and admin over the last 25 years. Teachers, Principals, and Superintendants – there are good ones and a few terrible ones. One thing most avoid is the appearance of impropriety, photos with boozing, social media photos and language that can be seen by students or parents etc. This girl will not have a job with kindergardeners or any students, when she gets back to reality. The union won’t be able to save her, and she will be moved into a job at the district. The parents will not tolerate this behavior they have seen on TV and will demand she not teach thier students. Mark my words, the paperwork is probably already signed, sealed, and delivered.


In public? On live TV? Oh, yes, I forgot. I DID see that Lifetime movie. It didn’t end well.


Or shame herself and her family over a BOY who is at best – contemptuous of her. I guess I hold teachers to a higher standard because the whole being a role model thing,

Bryn Mawr Mama

She’s a teacher like I’m a saint, and I’m no saint. At the most she’s a teacer’s assistant or works in a day care. And she’ll be lucky to have that job after the show.
I honestly think she wants Paulie to knock her up.

Just... Wow.

I am shocked James just ratted her out. I honestly think his insecurity towards her has him thinking there’s no way she really likes him. Not to mention their leader bashes his showmance to all the guys so guess that means he must follow suit. Geez. Paul the sicko and his negativity has spread throughout the house.. so sad and so disgusting to watch. I hope a girl wins HOH and puts PP up and a girl beats them in veto, makes Paulie think they are using it on him only to call them out at meeting for being the biggest douchebag to ever play BB. It’s about the only exciting game play that could happen at this point.


Why do I get the feeling James may be throwing Natalie under the bus because he is afraid she might beat him out for AFP? Not that we will vote for those two.


If I were PP I don’t know who I would want out next. Z and Nic are too guy crazy to be a threat, James is willing to rat out Nat claims to not want HOH. Vic really seems obliviously stupid to his current place in the game. Corey just along for the ride at this point. Bridgette seems grateful for shelter but still a question mark. I guess best course of action put up Nat & Meech with B standing in the wings if Veto used hopefully Meech goes. Way to go James getting your girl at the top of the hit list just below Meech.


Michelle is a nutrionist- As she stuffs chips in her pie hole by the handfuls all day every day

Zak is a teacher-“you right you right” “I am feelin’ some kinda way” ” yup yup I
like me some white chocolate”

Paul is a musician- No where on the internet can you find any music of his or his “band”

Paulie owns a gym- As he lives at home with mommy and daddy and says he hopes to become a DJ for graduations and birthday parties as his career.

James has a dick- As he bends over for his daddy Paulie looking like the scared little pussy he is.


Wtf James, you suck! He so desperately wants to be accepted amongst the alphas, it’s painful. Play the f&$@g game you aren’t getting anywhere jumping on dicks like your name is Z. Can’t you see it’s not even work for her?!? Hate hate HATE! I only hope it wises the guys up, like wow James just shit on his closest ally. And somehow makes its way back to Natalie. What a freakin joke this guy is.


And yet, lame James continues to be in the lead for AFP. WHY??? We, the viewers are just enabling his stupid pranks and lame game play!!! Please, lets vote for a hg that will knock him out of the running, and no not Nat who is mimicking his behavior, and clearly working to get AFP. I would be all votes toward Glen, if I knew they would make a difference. So Da? Frank? Who???


Z is a classless PIG. The only future she has is in porn. Any comparison to Nicole is absolutely ridiculous. Nicole was coverd up, not parading around the house nearly naked and simulating sex with her naked ass and then some in full veiw of the cameras. She stated yesterday she was on her period and in heat. I wouldn’t want her to care for my dog, let alone my child.

Only can wish

First of all, I would not have all their dirty a$$es laying in my HOH bed all the time. THAT’S JUST NASTY!!!
2) Here I was on here defending Z and all that keeps coming out of her mouth is about Paulie, REALLY, Z!!! Put some damn clothes on. You’re not in denial, it’s you just being THIRSTY!!!
Thank you DAY, for being that Independent Woman.
3) JAMES just did the dumbest move. He just threw Natalie under the bus, train, car(anything w/wheels). SMDH
4) PAULIE is so full of himself. The way he was standing in the mirror, staring at himself. He’s probably thinking he’s got these stupid a$$ HGS wrapped around his finger.
5) MICHELLE stop laying in the bed, trying to figure these guys out. Get your mean a$$ up and work the house.
6) NICOLE stop being the undercover freak, that wants all the male attention. You are on TV, this is a PG Show. We see you, Boo Boo.
7) Bridget stop playing for Frank, he was evicted. Let it go and play your game. Playing victim, it’s getting old.
8) Paul I have no comment (silence)
9) Victor is just irrelevant to me.
10) Natalie stop being so nice, because they are taking your kindness for weakness.
11)Corey I just can’t figure you out yet.


Reality TV = Narcissism

This season of BB has emphasised how biologically men and women are wired differently. The guys are out there hustling and competing for power and ‘alphadom’ (there are exceptions aka James), whereas the girls are competing against and ripping each other for acceptance from the guys. Each girl in there equally looks like a complete MUG.


dat’s wacissst!!


This is better than cinemax!

Roll Tide

MaxZ is probably not a nice girl. Thousands of people saw her butt, and dry humping a guy who is not into her. She has mentioned Paulie’s family having money several times. News flash for Z, his family not him.
I would not want PornZ teaching my children or even helping out in the classroom if she is an assistant. Nasty girl!


Maybe James has figured out Nat is playing him and he has got to get her to jury so he can play his way, just hoping that’s what he has in mind.
Z wants Paul out cause he is taking up too much of her man’s time.
Nic wants Vic out cause he takes up too much of her man’s time.
Da is a people watcher, she knows what is happening more than anyone, but tells the wrong people.
Paul is playing along with Paulie to save him and victor. ( lay low )
The girls in the beginning said they were going to hook up with the guys, but then they dropped each other and got hooked on the guys.
The guys said the same to wheel in a girl to find out info, when Paulie was going to end it with Za, Paul told him to not do it yet, she knows too much. so Paulie wheels her back in.
Paul is playing the best game, he will take Paulie out at the right time, who is coping who in dress and hair cut, and in the words they use. I do believe Paul is in more control than people realize.
my three for the finals
Victor-he is playing along with Paul, to keep safe.
Michelle-she is doing more than any of the other girls-she sees what is going on also.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


I agree with everything with the exception that Nat is playing James. She hasn’t betrayed him to ANY one. When when Spygirls wete still in the house she kept his confidence. She hasn’t told Bridget or any if the girls anything about James nor dropped his name negatively to anyone. Before last night, I thought James was loyal to her as well. SNAKE, COWARD! Do NOT want him to be AFP! To spite him, I’m voting as many times as possible for Nat now.