Paul – It’s all set… we don’t ever have to talk game for the rest of the week

POV players picked

Alex, Jason, Elena, Matt, Mark, Paul

8:30am Xmas, Jason and Cody
Christmas – did you drink a whole pot of coffee this morning
Cody – I do every morning

Just general chit chat about fitness.. They’re the only ones up.

Cody says he’s watched Big Brother since the beginning “It seems like a non typical cast”
Cody says it feels like they picked the cast because everyone is interesting.
Cody says his is the strongest female cast in the game

They agree Meghan and Jillian leaving early was expected.
Cody says he was shocked when he saw Dominique walk out to join the other evicted houseguests
Jason – the second she went on the block.. she sh1t the bed..
Xmas says she didn’t know what happened she was gone for 2 days and when she came back Dom was super aggressive

Jason – she went right to seclusion
Jason doesn’t believe Dom was a nuclear engineer with the government.
Christmas thinks she was “She’s a smart cookie”
Jason – she looked at me like I had 6 heads..

9:01am pound rabbits

9:21am Alex, Mark, Jason, Elena HOH

Mark – Today’s going to be a really long day
Elena – hey I can put random food in my move.. look I snacked.
Mark – I need to go back to sleep
Jason – we have like 2 hours don’t you think
Elena leaves..

They rock paper scissors for the have not

mark losses …
Mark – there’s no food so I’ll be eating sh1t food anyways..
Paul says theirs only 1 carton of eggs..
Mark Leaves..

Paul – that means I have energy for DOuble eviction I’ll keep you two safe..
Jason – if he pulls Elena down
Alex – then we put Cody up

Kevin joins them
Paul – It’s all set… we don’t ever have to talk game for the rest of the week

Paul – Should mark go before Elena.. cause at this point he has done more things..
Jason – I don’t care..

Jason now saying he would rather Matt and Raven out because Elena and Mark are easier to hang out with. Alex and Paul poo poo this idea they tells Jason he has to separate game and personal.
Paul says it was very smart “they” put Elena on the block because Mark know he has to use the Veto or Elena will go home.

Paul – we have to make sure the 2 couples don’t band together..
Kevin leaves..

Paul – he’s being so weird..
Alex – he never comes up here.. he’s getting sketched out..
Alex – I want to have a conversation without him in the room..
Alex – I think he’s playing the family card because he does miss them but….

9:39am HOH Paul, Alex and Jason (Paul starts to turn on Kevin)
Paul – why isn’t he happy that COdy’s going.. why doesn’t he give a f*, that’s a BIG win.. like Cody’s gone..
Alex – I’m hoping he pulls outta it after Cody goes because if he doesn’t he needs to go, He’s stiring the pot..

Paul – he told me he’s been married to his wife for 37 years and his kids are all grgown up. 3 of them he never sees them anymore..
Alex – He’s faking, he pulled the same thing when Jillian left

Paul – Kevin’s a dope a$$ dude.. you have to understand we’re playing a game.
Alex says she’s been planting the seed with Christmas she’s down with him being sketchy, but Josh still is “well we still have to be nice to him”
Paul says leave Josh at that otherwise Josh is going to get under his skin and get a bottle broken over his head. (LOL)
Alex says missing his Family isn’t’ a excuse for him being shady..

Alex – he plays the victim card.. he has kids.. he f*ing take all my sh1t
Jason – he does use everyone’s stuff
Alex – He does it on purpose it’s a control thing.. all the girls cook for him, he knows how to work the system.. he’s working us.. he makes us feel bad..

Paul says Christmas mentioned to him that Kevin made a deal with Cody to keep them all safe.
Alex – he was trying to save us all.. and now he’s pissed because she (xmas) never told him about the ring and now we’re all starting to figure out he’s trying to watch himself..
Alex – he’s stronger than you think.. he’s not a sleeper than Victoria..
Jason – he did 60 of those 135lbs benches..
Paul – Noo..
Alex – he’s getting caught for being shady and now he’s sad..
Paul – what if we put him up as a pawn what do you think will happen
Alex – he’ll wigg out..
Alex – the reason I don’t want to put him up now.. well I could (if Paul wants it).. he’s been talking to Mark .. he’s looking or people.. if we put him on the block he’ll wig out. .
Alex – He’s (Kevin) the real snake

Alex – his stories have stopped about him being a gangster.. its always I’m missing my family..
Alex – then there’s the weird stuff with his wife
Jason – why the f* is he laying in Bed with Christmas
Paul – that’s weird you’re a married man with 7 kids it’s weird..
Alex – she’s 35..
Paul says he could do thins with Christmas but that will piss Kevin off.
Alex – right now we need the numbers
Paul – xmas can’t physically win anything..
Alex – she’s crazy.. she gets super super crazy..
Jason – I don’t hate her anymore..

Alex – I’m starting to trust her more
Paul says Christmas stays level headed some time other times she’s so pissed..
Paul says they still need to make Matt and raven believe they are the 5
Jason would rather take his chances with Mark and Elena..
Alex – are you stupid

A meatball comes in.. “You’re foods ready”

Paul and Josh leave.

9:5am Alex and Jason
Alex says she wants to make it look like Cody going up and out is Paul’s doing “Make it look like he’s on our side and we’re doing what he’s doing.. he thinks we’re Paul’s pawn”
Alex wants Cody to still have the animosity against Paul in the event that any of them in final two against Paul they can get Cody’s Jury vote.
Jason – I like Paul
Alex says her, Jason and Paul can steamroll to the end..

Alex – Me, you, Paul and Josh that four for sure..
Alex wants to keep Christmas over

Alex – he can’t turn on his franchise or he’ll make zero dollars the whole show is friendship.. (WTF is Alex smoking.. Seriously.. she’s supposed to be know about this game.)

Jason – when Mark and I are playing Chess he told me if we wanted to win this game we have to get Paul out..
Jason – don’t repeat it.. It bothers me..

Alex says if it’s Paul and Jason he has a good solid chance to win.

Alex about Raven – if you are so sick why are you eating all this junk food
Jason – she only eats junk..
Jason – we don’t know anything is true..

Alex going on how her Jason and Paul can get to final 3. Any three of them deserve to win. “Matt and raven have done sh1t”
Alex – I’m going to make sure you have the best shot to win
Jason – same ditto

Alex – I will never ever cry no matter what people say to me unless it’s planed..

Alex says Raven is starting to get petty with her (moving her soda around)
Alex – I saw him hide the coke.. Kevin Motherf*er
Jason – why is Kevin f*er with you
Alex – I’m the shot caller I learned this on Gang land..

Jason says one reason he wants Elena in the game is her Dad has rodeo connections and he wants those contacts, “I want contacts because I have no contacts” (BB is turning more into a business opportunity for people than a reality show)
Jason – Cody is gone.. if Matt wins the Veto we’re f*ed..
Alex – he won’t win the veto.. we’ll tell him he has to lose.. he needs to stay in this position.
Jason – what if Mark wins..
Alex – He pulls down Elena Cody goes home..

10:19am Raven and B2Men
Raven – if Mark and Elena win (HOH) Christmas and Josh are going up
B2men agrees
Matt – you don’t go up as a pawn unless you are close to people..

They play some grab a$$

Matt – us sending Cody out this week is SO huge.. PAUL might not get Nominated until Final 5. (ZOMG)
Matt – he can help us work everybody.. everyone trusts Paul
Matt – Paul is such a useful man..
Raven – he’s smart..

10:29am HOH Kevin, Jason and Alex
Alex is explaining he dangers of a double eviction for their power players.

Alex leaves..
Kevin – I trust what you guys say just let me know.. Everything is fine
Jason – everything is fine.. just calm down.. calm down..

10:37am Kevin and Jason HOH
Jason tells him that it’s all set this week unless Matt uses the veto Cody goes home.

(Don’t remember the context of this line but it’s funny..)
Jason – It’s like walking around with a boner and not using it ..
Kevin – I’ve been walking around with a boner for 53 days..

Jason explains to him why they are keeping Matt and Raven. Jason says he doesn’t like it but “we really don’t have a choice.. ”
Jason explains they have to take Mark and Elena out because they’ve already taken a shot at them.

Kevin – who annoys you the most .. be honest outta the 4 .. the 32 couples
Kevin – ok than we’re on the same page.. Cool
Jason – but.. we can’t do it.. ..
Kevin – it’s nothing personal it’s a game..

A meat ball comes in..

11:00am Cody and Kevin

COdy tells her he has a daughter whose 5 he’s close to her and spends the summer months with her.
Kevin – Does Jessica know
Cody – yeah..
Kevin – were you married
Cody – no
Cody – my brother died while I was in Afghanistan.. Motorcycle accident..
Feeds flip..

11:35am Matt, Paul and Raven HOH

Paul says he has to use the veto on Jason
Matt – is that good for us
Paul – you can just throw it .. if you win it you have to use it on someone else..
Boyz – shouldn’t we just all agree to throw it to Alex.. (You’re throwing the game to Paul so it’s not a real stretch)
Paul – then we’re making Alex do all the work and I feel bad
Paul says If Mark doesn’t take Elena off the block Elena goes home.

Paul says Alex would prefer that Jason comes down.
Boyz – whats the best for the three of us
Raven – you to throw it
Paul – I’ll throw it
Paul – mark takes Elena off, Alex takes Jason off, Elena takes Elena off, Jason takes Jason off..

11:50am Alex, Paul, Jason, Kevin and Josh

talking about how Matt and Raven are always hanging in the HOH and Alex is downstairs in her usual bed.
josh – they like to look at teh screen..

Josh – when I’m on slop i’m just eating protein
Alex – you’ll sh1t your pants.. (HAHAHAH.. I wish Alex wasn’t so misted by Paul she’s pretty funny sometimes)

Noon Paul, Kevin, Josh, Alex and Jason
Joking around about Nicknames..
Kevin brings up that Josh was once called the blob .. Along with a few more.. J-Money… Miami Sounds machine.. Gloria Estefan (thats mine)
Josh says she doesn’t like j-money because it’s corney..

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Game Over- Cody is going home. Cody not playing in Veto just sealed his fate.


Why is Kevin acting so sketchy though? He was doing great up until this week. I wonder if it has to do with the Christmas thing? Idk but he needs to chill. Alex was already sketched out by him, but now he’s getting on everyone’s radar.


Is this the worst cast ever? Alex was supposed to be a super fan. The comments she makes about Paul not being able to lie or he’ll lose fans, where did she get that from? I don’t remember this many dumb a$$ people in one year. They did a hell of a job setting up a Paul win


He is not acting sketchy. Paul is just trying to brainwash everyone to see everything that Kevin does as sketchy because he sees Kevin as a threat. Don’t drink the coolaid.


I’m not even just talking about today. Even before Paul started saying things, pretty much everyone has been making comments about him. Could just be their paranoia setting in, who knows?


Jason has been Alex’s lap dog since the beginning. His wife must be wondering WTF!

Cody for America's fave

Sadness… Cody is interesting to watch and I am so mad at BB for rigging the season for Paul to win. It sucks that Cody was surrounded by brainless Paul groupies. Oh well, let’s hope Cody and Jessica get to compete on the Amazing Race. Cody is a hot piece of ass and I can’t wait to see him on tv again. He deserves someone better than Jessica and the relationship will only last until the casting selection for the next season of the Amazing Race is done. I’m afraid he’s too real for her. She needs the spotlight and celebrity life to be happy. This is why she still wants to be friends with Paul when the show is over… for his L.A connections.

Let's Get Real

First, Cody does not deserve AFP imo, he was given a 2nd chance in this game and I had high hopes that he would make an impact though failed miserably. He chose to isolate with Jessica and not play the game anymore. Jess had a chance to at least make jury, but chose to antagonize the already volatile HOH when he tried to tell her she was not the target. Something tells me Jess wanted out to get a head start on her media tour and make some $$$ as a “VIP” concierge, lol. Jody is doomed I’m afraid. Cody’s temper and jealousy will get the better of him. He seems shallow as well…..told Jess ” I’ll still be kissing you when ur 70….only if you look the same.”

Double D

NEW POLL….Which houseguest will be the first to turn on Paul?


This cast is really delusional and living in fantasyland if they really believe they can beat Paul in the finale. But I guess that’s par for the course when their only goal was to make it to jury.


Nobody…maybe Pablo?

sunny dee

just make sure there is an option (e) none of the above because right now i’m mind boggled by how many of them actually plan final 4 or chat about being next to him at final 2, to another HG that you’d think they’d be saying they want to be F2 with them not paul lol



Cindy Withanesse

Well, there goes the last chance for gunning after Paul…congrats CBS, your golden boy has won. Grodner is beating off in her office right about now.

Guy From Canada

There is the double eviction. With how many weeks left, there has to be more then on double. Julie was strategic with saying there is no more buy backs to the house guests. I bet they are getting flak over this season and I could see Paul going in a double if Kevin wins HOH. Since the double is usually a quick true/false or before/after he has a strong chance to win it. The same if Cody survives, which would only happen if Matt wins POV…..which is like the same odds of not hearing gastroparesis in any conversation with Raven……


Just get that waste-of-space Matt outta there. Not anything from the guy. Is he just really dumb? We know he’s filthy. OMG (and I’m 57)if that guy came into my house I’d follow him around with sanitize-the whole-block type of sanitizer. Yuck. This whole season cast should be quarantined so they don’t infect us. Stop worrying about nuclear war. This bunch could do us in


Maybe Matt gets cast on ‘The Amazing Waste of Space’


“Sedation Island”


I guess theres no way Cody stays…unless???
any ideas?

Resist the Twist

If the remaining HouseGuests had a combined IQ greater than a Dominos Pizza Box , which they do not , they would realize they are being played by Paul the Douchebag. they could so easily blindside him with this POV but they will fail miserably and evict Cody.


Blindside Paul?! What are you talking about? Jason is mad Mark even mentioned getting Paul out! Everyone in the house wants Paul to win!


Who gives a fuck, cody will go down in history as one of the worst
players in the house.
With the double eviction coming up next things will pick up and get interesting and
all of you whiny scrubs on this board take a break and shower
and open your blinds.

Couldn't Agree More

THIS ?????


The only way Cody stays is to make some kind of secret deal with Paul. We all know Paul controls every one in the house and what he says goes..Maybe could promise his jury vote…I know it’s grasping at straws


Mark wins…doesn’t use veto…Cody is safe…Eleana goes home…. Mark and Cody play for HOH in double evict and take out Paul!

Resist the Twist

Cody cannot play in POV, He is toast.

Paul now setting up the turn on Kevin. If Kevin goes next pretty much all hope is lost. But the mindless #TeamSheeple Matt, Raven, Mark , Elena, Josh , Christmas Alex , Jason will sappily just follow along

Someone in that damn House…….. WAKE UP !!!!!


If Boyz wins veto and uses it on himself Cody is safe.. Someone needs to spook Boyz. Wake him up. Too bad Cody can’t think.


Bunch of idiots! I hate Paul, but at this point I hope he wins. Everyone will feel so stupid


What’s to feel. They’re already stupid. At the BB game–don’t know about outside the house.

Ted Marie

Sadly, I don’t think of any of them will feel stupid. They all made it to their goal!! Jury! They could care less if they win–they want to help the troll make it further in the game & ultimately win the “game” (aka–Paul’s House & b!thes). At first I felt bad for Cody getting back doored, but at this point I’m happy he gets to get the heck out of the Stockholm syndrome atmosphere.


Oh boy! We have so much to look forward to with the remaining cast. Ratt inducing vomit, Shitmas thinking she’s the queen bee, Marlena making puddles in beds, and the rest of them focusing on keeping Paul safe. Oh boy!


Paul has his puppets wrapped around his finger. Christmas shouldn’t be in the house due to her injury when she can’t complete…not fair. The only players that had the guts to go after Paul was Jess and Cody. Worst Big Brother so far.

mrs w

I hope there’s some sort of twist and Cody can get through this week. I don’t think anyone else has the balls to go after Paul. These last 6-7 weeks are going to be so lame if Cody goes home this week. Next week the target will be Mark. Then Elena. Then it might open up a bit but Paul literally has everyone else wrapped around his finger and none of them will take a shot at Paul.
I don’t know if Paul is actually playing an amazing game or if the houseguests are just that pathetic and/or naive.

Comic book guy



worst comment evah!


You must be from Boston!? 😉


You never know about Cody. He is playing smart, refusing to talk game with them so no one has an excuse to try to pick a fight with him. He is letting them turn on each other. Who knows, the morons may be go paranoid about Eleana that they just vote her out instead. It happened to Dom.


Cody should campaign and say he is a bigger target to keep in the house but not only does Cody not talk to anyone, the other idiots in the house have no idea what it would mean to keep a target in the house!


Nah, they would just find some way to twist it against him and we would have another week of everyone ganging up on the guy. Laying low is smart as a last ditch strategy. Paul and the minions are completely neutralized, they can’t do shut against him but send him home, and a bigger target might come up before that happens.


Christmas tells a boring story that leads into another lengthy boring story. Her shut up is broken.


What the thing with Christmas and Kevin? What happened?


She wont leave Kevin alone. Yes Kevin lets her lay there but he also told her to go to bed….he is just a nice person but she is constantly bugging him from what I see. How many freaking times did she ask if he wanted eggs…..4 before he finally said ok. She is sick and needs to go. I hope Kevin tells her to stop cuddling with him and get herself a freaking pillow. I dont think necessarily Kevin has done anything wrong, but this game is getting to him but she is like a freaking stalker…or walker I guess


AND! These nasty houseguests put their feet on the counter where people eat. So gross.


What about Jessica always drink in the chocolate milk from the bottle that was totally disgusting


What the “thing” with Christmas and Kevin? What happened?


It sucks me MOOCh to say this but Paul deserves the win at this point. He is the only person that is not just happy with jury. Unflippin real. The rest do nothing. Nothing. Somewhere somehow I keep hoping for something but it’s just not there. Wow this sucks. Go Paul I guess

Impractical Joker

I’ve notice CBS is offering its all access for free for one month and the live feeds as well.
I wonder if they are losing subscribers because of this seasons Big Brother or are they just trying to lure people into watching the new star trek discovery which starts this sept on cbs all access? Most likely the latter I hear star trek discovery btw sucks tribble nuts


Single digits IQs for all, but Paul and he has no soul. Call it a draw.


mark and elena better go one two in the double eviction and take out alex and paul.

Paul's Beard Lice

Paul is not going to let Cody out of his sights. Paul controls this eviction, just like he has controlled every other eviction. Sadly, there is not a single player left that has the balls to target Paul in the back half of the double. Hell, at this point I hope Paul wins that HOH just so I don’t have to see another piece of furniture manipulated by him into sending out someone who is no threat to them. The only real drama left this season is who will Paul decide is best for him to take to final 2.


You know what is truly sad, both Cody and Jessica would have been so much better apart from one another in this game.

When Cody was out Jessica was really playing the game and was making real connections with people that really could have changed her fortunes.

When Jessica is out you see a side of Cody that you have not seen at all. Yes he is still is ridiculously social outcast but he actually has let down his guard and seems likable for the first time. No TOUGH GUY macho Alpha Male but just a real person. Cody should put that to use and team up with some people who have been his enemies.

In the end what better revenge then to knock some of them out with a blind side eviction.

To little to late???


Good on Kevin ! – First person to actually go ask Cody a personal question question about his life, other than Jessica, and try to get to know him outside of the game besides his Military background. Instead of everyone always having such disdain for him being there.
Yes, it’s a little late at this point, because I really think he will be going home this Week, because he isn’t competing in the Veto comp.
I think it’s like Simon said above, it’s looking more and more like a Kevin and Paul showdown for the rest of the Season. With the Scooter Queen on one side and Pussy Ears on the other !!!

Reality Bites

Cody CHOOSES to isolate …. hell, he just told Kevin NOT to tell anyone he had a 5 yr old daughter. Sorry, don’t make this a ” feel sorry for Cody ” bc no one talks to him. Cody chose to be on a ” social experiment ” show and not be social. Remember his DR talk when he was HOH? He wanted to b surrounded by the ” best looking chicks” and alpha males? I think when he told Megan at that nomination speech ” I’ve nominated you Megan bc I just don’t like you” was him really saying, ” you’re just not good looking enough to hang with me”


Cody didn’t like Meagan because she said to him she hated marines.


Used to think Alex was smart. Used to think she’d be the one to take Paul down. Boy…was I WRONG!
I think Production put Paul’s kool-aid in her coke cans. She actually thinks she can win if she’s against Paul at the end. Delusional. The only chance anyone has at the end is if Paul is gone.

Kevin FTW!


Award for most disappointing houseguest goes to ALEX


I see the house served up big, heaping plates of stupidity for breakfast and Alex and Jason had seconds.

I am a HUGE COdy fan, and I am glad he will be going to jury. Whatever game he had (and Jessica), never got to be played because both Jody and the House were so at odds. The house chose to gang up on Jody, and Jody either isolated or lashed back. Result= no one willing to talk or listen to the other, and Jody did not have the numbers.

Kevin looks sneakier and slimier than ever, and for the love of Pete….STOP with the hair coloring! It makes him look older than he already looks. Curious if Paul will blow Kevin’s game up and leave him to the wolves, or just plant seeds and let folks do what they may with them?

Mark sees that he (and Elena) are next on the chopping block, but seeing and taking action are two different things.

I would love for Cody and Josh to sit down and have a talk….Cody needs to point out to Josh that he is nothing more than an errand boy and pot stirrer for the house. It may take him far, but is that how he wants his gameplay to be remembered?


They haven’t had a indurance challenge in for ever, not even that slide fill the container one. Cody never had a good shot. Oh but once he leaves, they’ll start having them back to back.


Who else thinks Jason is Sexy?


I usually don’t come on her saying “worst season ever” or “I’m not watching anymore” even when I’m aggravated with what’s going on, BUT I will say this: I have lost interest in the rest of this season. I will still watch and catch up via OBB but I’m sleeping at night and freeing up space on my dvr. I like unpredictable BB. It makes it interesting to theorize and root for someone. Unfortunately there isn’t one to root for after Cody is gone. Not a single player left is playing their own game. I find the behavior of these people just disgusting all around. I think the advantages given to Paul were sorely unfair and this whole “friendship” thing is overrated. He’s overrated.

I’m disappointed with this season and can’t see that changing. I can’t think of one nice thing to say/think about any one of the remaining houseguests. Bummer.


Only way cody goes home if Matt is on the block and one of the other 2 are taken down I’d Matt win’s and takes himself off then cody is safe


Dear paul, you suck, and i hope someone lit a fire on that beard.


Matt wake up after Cody… you think there is bigger targets. Stop throwing comps, I know he throws them it is too obvious and that is how you end up being the next one out. Play the game dude, you are past the point where throwing stuff works… you will become dead weight. Stop playing like a disposable, team up with Josh and Mark.

Alex after Cody is gone your obvious move is to get Pal out… Kevin is a waste of your time. You want $500,000.00 or do you want jury. Think smart.

Paul you lucky bastard you land in the eye of the perfect storm. Due to stuff that happened you are one of the key players.

Kevin just let the children go after each other. Doing good so far.

Raven… Gatroperesis I hope you are not stuck in jury alone with Cody… best of luck in life. Bless your heart you are a disposable player to everybody other than Matt.

Josh you meatball somebody may just take you till the end. Team up with Mark and Matt… he is great at Comps. All of you other ally choices you are the disposable one.

Christmas you are not going to win and I hope you are not the person stuck in the jury house with Cody alone.

Jason you are in a good spot right now.. it is looking like you are heading to #2 right now. Good luck… don’t look sketchy at all, because that might be your downfall.

Mark work your butt off to stay in the house and get ready after double you will be in a better space…. once Elena and Paul are out. I think your best move is to team up with Josh and Matt because no one will see it coming. If you win HoH put up Alex and Jason then backdoor Paul… no matter how it falls you will be in a better place.

Elena time to keep your bags packed. Gamewise I do not see a path for her. Hopefully out of all the houseguests I want you to go after Cody most. You are already on he disposable list.

I think there is still hope for the Season to have some flips… and some surprise game play.


I think Cameron might be a good choice for America’s Favorite Player, because he never had a chance to play so we have no reason to dislike or criticize him. Wouldn’t it be cool for a player who had only a few hours TV time on BB to be AFP? That would be a total disrespect to the rest of the houseguests–you guys suck, so we’re voting for the unknown.


Yup Cody is toast and just as well. It has been a long 7 weeks with the laser beam stuck in the chink on the spinning disc, boringly playing the same track again and again of how two inept gamers, albeit in love, immaturely figured they could beat the odds gaming against the house by staying anti-social and insolently isolating themselves. With CoJody gone, the game now gets new story lines. While some viewers may tear their guts out frustrated at Paul’s many minions, some minions are no fools. They know how to go along with the influences in the house and be with the flow. As good competitors themselves, they know that in the final few with some skill and luck and not having antagonize the majority of people in the jury, they can win over Paul. Between Alex and Paul in the final two, who would Cody vote for?


Gloria Estafan. Lol


Kudos to the people who can look Alex in the eyes.


I have been reading these spoilers for a few years now, and every year people say that it’s “the worst cast ever.” While I agree that this season hasn’t left me on the edge of my seat, I do think this season is better than Derrick’s season. As much as you people hate Paul, he is at least winning completions and playing a good social game. If he makes it to final two then he deserves to win. Cody and Jessica may have won a few competitions, but they had absolutely no chance of winning. You don’t win big brother by isolating yourself. Neither of them had a very good game plan, and I don’t think either of them deserve AFP.


Derrick won four HOH’s … and played a great social game … so not sure what your point is ;p


You better watch it Christmas, if Paul sees you talking to Cody you’re all done…….

Looks like Cody is going to jury…..Unless Mark wins POV and takes Elena down which will put Cody up and somehow they vote out Matt…… So Cody would need 4 votes…… Mark, Elena, Kevin…..they would just need one more vote…..maybe Christmas…… It seems no-one really likes Matt and Raven so maybe it’s good to get out a floater and leave in the target for double eviction. Also, they would be splitting up another couple. IDK it there is any other way he can stay…..


So nobody but Jess knew Cody had a daughter?


oops. Correction: …losing fans!


Ideally, Matt wins veto, uses it on himself and Elena goes home. But Matt will never go against Paul’s demands, so that won’t happen. The only possibility I can see of Cody staying is Mark winning and leaving noms the same. Keeps a bigger target and weapon in the game.

Thumbs up if you think Mark will leave noms the same. Down if he saves Elena.


OK, a little confused now since I haven’t kept up on updates for the last 2 days. So Matt won POV, correct? Now silly me is thinking he will be taking himself off the block and he will not be replaced, is this correct? Next, that would mean Cody is safe this week? The thing is though, I keep reading about they want Cody gone, but that would only be possible if Matt took off Jason or Elena, correct again? Then finally, that would mean Matt is an even bigger idiot than I assumed and therefore, he would deserve to be evicted!!
Please fill me in, and thanks!


Seriously, I have watched Big brother for years now. This is the most boring and non eventful cast of people. It is hysterical that these people call themselves Big Brother fans. Everyone is blindly following Paul’s plan, you might as well call this Paul’s House. I loved Jessica and truly think that Cody is real. He just moved too early and cost his game. Jessica had the opportunity to make a move but she blindly believed the house. I think it is terrible that Big Brother is allowing so much bullying in this cast. Meghan went home because of being bullied. Josh, Paul, Alex, and Xmas walk around like they own something. Josh seriously is childish. When he has some power, he bullies people and walks around making nonsense pot banging noises. But when he is not in power, he boohoos like a baby. Seriously ! At this point, not quite sure who to root for. People I likes at the beginning (Alex, Xmas, Matt) have turned out to be real tools. what a shame.