“Come back down to reality Like.. you’re not a legitimate real life gangster b1tch .. You’re scooting around the house”

Midnight Matt and Raven
Talking about the temptation competition and how it involved the sounds they’ve been hearing lately.
They are concerned with Mark’s competition winning abilities, “He Needs to go”
Matt – he’s won 2 safety competitions and a Veto

Paul – hey Matt and raven can you guys come out for a sec.. actually just Matt Raven you can sleep.. so who put my Bowl up hi..
Matt says it was a group effort..

Paul shows them where he’s put Raven’s hair..

12:21am Josh and Jason cuddling around.. (lol)

Production- Safety first no horsing around..
Josh – Okay we get the point..
Josh – it’s 12:22 we’re not starting this sh1t..

12:42am Kevin, Jason, Josh and Alex
Horsing around..
Production – Shut it down..

Josh – my neck my neck.. stop.. whistle stop…
Feeds cut..

12:49am Alex has gone back to the HOH Christmas climbs in bed with Kevin.
Josh – Paul called me intricate
Jason – he had that wrong
Kevin – you’re a simpleton
Josh – no i’m not ..
They laugh..
Jason – Paul called him intrinsic
Josh – what does that mean..
Jason – I dunno… the definition.. it’s still a compliment..

Xmas – do you know my favorite 2 places in the house..
(I think he said here and somewhere else.. )
Christmas – how did you guess that so easily
Kevin – I can read your mind girl
Xmas – he he he he
Xmas – I have the best smile here

1:24am Christmas and Kevin chit chatting with Jason
Kevin saying he hopes the set for tomorrow is easy to take down. (so they get the backyard quicker)

Xmas – I need to go to sleep
Kevin – Get up and go
Xmas – otherwise I’m going to stay here all night
Kevin – then go to sleep and be nice and comfortable ..
Xmas – I’m more comfortable here than in my bed..
Kevin – no one wants to be by themselves, it’s the worst thing in the world, remember I said that to you Ja..
Jassn – yeah
Xmas – thank you for cuddling with me..
Xmas leaves..

1:26am Mark and Elena
Mark – you look so pretty
Elena – I want to pop my hips..

1:34am Jason and Kevin
Talking about getting Cody out this week being the priority
Jason – If Matt wins the POV that motherf*er better not use it..
Kevin – that means Elena is going and he’s a a$$hole
Jason – yeah..
Kevin tells him if Cody doesn’t win the veto he’s only got 4 days in the house they should talk to him be nice.
Kevin – no more temptation .. just a chance to win POV..

Kevin – next week we should take out Mark.. we should take out 3 guys in a row.. Cody, Matt and Mark
Kevin that leaves Raven and Elena to take out. Kevin thinks they should put Matt and Raven up if they win HOH.

1:40am Elena and Mark
Elena says she feels pretty safe.. Elena says Ideally Cody wins the veto takes her down but it wouldn’t look good in front of the house. “It would have to be well executed with my speech”
Elena says if Cody wins HOH next week that’s great.
Mark – you me and Paul (Paul? )
Elena – If Cody wins he has to take out someone else.. we’re safe. If you win HOH.. we’ll have to … do something to COdy or the house will be pissed (UGH.. )
Mark laughs “Who do you think the targets are when Cody leaves the house”
Elena says that Paul has reassured her that after Cody is out everyone has side agenda’s and they’re going after different people
Elena – But we’re at the bottom of the totem pole

Elena looks off at the mirror “I hate this side of my face.. I wish there was no mirrors in here.. and I didn’t have to look at this”

Elena goes into the kitchen to make sure nobody is around. Goes back to kiss mark..
Mark says they have to get the HOH next week. Elena says she was gunning for it this week. Then corrects her self says “gunning-ish”
Elena – I know Paul has a deal with Kevin and Alex and Jason..
Elena wants to call “Call that shit out” she’ll do it to Jason “Cause he’s weird he can’t handle sh1t.. anybody can crack him”
Mark – he was wrong about last week.. he just got nervous.
Elena – something was going on and he didn’t know what to say..
Elena says maybe they were going to spread their votes but because she was onto them they didn’t
Mark – if Me you and Paul don’t win..

Elena – I’m nervous about Paul winning Now.. at this point..
Mark – why now
Elena – things are different
Elena – I don’t think we’re 100% safe if Paul wins.. he has a f*ing deal with them
Elena – why do you feel safe with Paul winning
Mark – so it’s just me and you
Elena – at this point

Mark – I talked to Kevin he said.. BE careful Matt the people that you talk to you think have your back they don’t
Elena – he said that
Mark – yeah..
Elena – I’m working into that.. Jason and Kevin
Mark – good keep doing that

Elena – Kevin is starting to… I don’t not have a plan..
Elena – people would rather fight with you than me..

Elena says if she had that fight with Christmas Christmas would have lost. “I really wanted to step in”
Mark – Ok I’m not that bad
Elena – she thinks she’s a walking right out of a episode of Empire like you’re not b1tch
Elena – Stop calling people Honey and Booboo kitty like you live in North Carolina come back down to reality Like.. you’re not a legitimate real life gangster b1tch
Elena – You’re scooting around the house
Elena – Yeah you’re a bad a$$ and yeah you’re Aggressive.. But so am I .. Like just calm down..
Elena – then Josh jumping in .. I’m just like heartburn.. Wants to drink bleach
Elena – JOsh is so nice to be around and lovable and enjoyable until you have to have a intelligent mature conversation with him.. then I’m like give me a spork I need to cut my eye balls outta my face..
Mark asks if he looks like a idiot when he argues.
Elena thinks Josh and Christmas looked like the idiots today. She would have said a few things differently than Mark though.

Elena – Christmas has this Idea in her head that she’s like a boss lady with this dominate personalty and she is
Elena – but she feels like she needs to reaffirm it all the time so like any conversation she has she has to like assert her dominance like I AM .. blah blah.. instead of just talking
Elena – so she like wants to make a argument like if there’s every any disagreement (Elena is about right with her assessment)
Elena – like what are you doing just f*ing talk it’s human beings having a conversation don’t make a scene.
Elena – that argument was ridiculous.. Like are you kidding me.. B1tch
Elena – how productive was your one on one conversation with Christmas
Mark – it was good
Elena – I dunno.. That Christmas sh1t is annoying as f*
Mark says he’s easy to argue with that’s why people come at him.
Elena – I’m thinking about going to matt and raven and be like look.. we need to us Four
Mark – YEAH
Elena – I don’t even like that plan
Mark – I trust Raven at all, or Matt for that matter
Elena – I don’t either..
Mark says at this point he trusts Jason and Alex more than Matt and raven.

Elena says they need to flip the order of showmance targets. They have to make Raven and Matt higher priority than the two of them.
Elena – STAY away from Cody it’s not helping you
Mark – I have been

Elena joking around that she needs the money more than mark and she’ll take him out if she needs to. Her reason is she needs to have plastic surgery done to her face.. points at the spot. (that’s sad)
Elena called to the Diary room..

2:14am Everyone sleeping..

3:14am Middle of the night Game

Sleep eating

Back to bed.. next Cereal game update expected in 3 hours.

7:50am Just Cody and Jason up.. talking about David Blaine

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Hey guys. Thanks for keeping me updated. Haven’t commented before this season because this cast is complicated. Hard to tell minute to minute whether you like any of them. I appreciate the work yall do so I can keep up without having to watch.

Earth to jessica

JESSICA. your so scandalous. im so glad i dont have to watch you get pounded under the sheets anymore on the live feeds. have you no shame. making your family and friends watch that. can your really not wait a few weeks without something inside of you. i guess its easy for someone who will drop the panties for anyone who u think you can get something from. the worst part is we all know you and how you are and your just playing poor cody like he’s a puppet. thats what we hate about you. and u got him thinking he owes your 500k. get over yourself. he dont owe u dog shit. if your so money hungry why dont u just charge him for all the time he stuck it in u on national tv. hes so pussy whipped. you think he’s gonna want u when he finds out how many of those “D list celebrities you slept with” just bc they they had a small role in a tv show that was cancelled after 1 season. U know who im talking about. that was pretty pathetic of you that day. your so fuking ratchet and the way u portrait yourself on the show is just more evidence of why ur such a bitch. The way ur so racist against asians by calling alex pow pow. how the fuck does she look like pow pow. cause she’s asian. would someone say you look like raven just cause u both have tits and are white. knowing you , i would say u would prolly call dominique mama day bc they look alike right. both dark and ignorant and just bitchy rigth. all darkies look the same right. you are the one who decided to use your hex to save cody. your the one who decided to throw the temptaion to get put on the block. your the one who decided to listen to the worst BB player in history. a jack off hot headed douche bag asshole who i hope u invite to ur club one day when ur serving another table of NBA players who are groping you infront of him. if he’s like that in the house how will he feel when he sees u at xvi in ur bikini bouncing around. everyguy who orders a drink from you he will have his laser eyes. he wont like it and what? will u quit ur job for him so u can move to a farm area and play house. but for sure it wont even get to that bc if u couldnt wait 7 weeks without dick in the bb house then how u gonna wait for him to get out of jury before u get pounded by some guy. we know you did it also to piss off your ex who we know ur in love with still. cant turn a ho into a housewife .make sure u all order off amazon through this site and give them a donation every summer.


What is wrong you? Bitter much…


Right! I did not like Jess in the slightest but could not care less what she does or does not do now or tomorrow! I never understood people getting all worked up about these clucks. I watched this from season 1 and last week I watched a video “greatest BB fights” (by they way there was some crazy stuff and I don’t remember the word bully being tossed around like this season) but the point was besides those select few memorable people I did not remember most of those and wouldn’t if they walked in the door of the house today. Who gives a crap? Even Kevin I like him and think he is a funny f&&k but if he is messing up stuff with his wife and kids that is his issue. As a matter of fact I would love to watch his wife beat him with a shoe when he walks out the door, then I can forget about him


Kevin was doing fine, staying out of things up until now. He was slowly ensuring an easy F2, he was on nobody’s radar. Now he F’s up. He’s been married for 31 yrs. He is throwing that away. smh.

Never Cared

What isn’t my personal business I really could give two fucks about. The hilarious thing is people create their own living hell by giving so many fucks about others, that they can’t see their own shadow. Its a huge paradox in that they create their own lack of emotional state from caring so much about a stranger. These people read National Enquirer and live on TMZ. There is just to much fun out there to be had to actually care that much about a big brother player.


Elena is also scandals with her ugly red lipstick. She went from Mark, to Paul, back to Mark.


Her suction cup lips can handle any discharges. No fuss, no cleanup!


I think you are confusing Jessica/Cody with Natalie and James
Natalie was the one with the football and basketball dudes and was still in love with her EX!!
Either way..calm the F’K down…U sound like a MEATBALL LOVER LOL


Not only do you ramble, but you are so full of hate. Get some professional help!

Jason's funky draws

OMG..get over it..So she dumped you..move on!


It is crazy how detailed your description is of Jessica’s behavior. You must have really paid attention. I mean I don’t by any means condone her behavior, but your description of her and her relationship to Cody sounds as vulgar as her activities. Isn’t that a little hypocritical? Your message is vulgar. So how do you reconcile your response with her behavior? Oh wait, you can’t.


Cody’s ex??? Calm down. It’s a reality show.


No way is Christmas interested in Kevin sexually. Draping herself all over him is game play on her part. She is starting to lower her head and move her face to avoid mouth contact with him…all that bloody kissing the women are all doing, is sickening, cuz they ARE ALL doing it all of a sudden, cept Alex, she can give a flying f@@@. LOL…Kevin may be a character and fun entertainment, but no way would any of them do anything with him. Elena pressing her floppy boobies constantly in front of the men, makes me sick…Notice everytime she speaks, even when heated (Josh) convo’s, she watches herself in the mirrors…She looks like that teen mom Kailyn & she is sickening to watch also. I hope Kevin gets caught with his sly ways.


Both Kevin and Mark have the same problem in playing Big Brother. They are thinking with the wrong head.


SIMON, cant you send out a physical address we can send CASH to you at. I’d rather do that.


Yes, if you would prefer that method .. just send us an email and we will provide an address 🙂 obbcreativesolutions@gmail.com

Thank you!!


May have to look up the laws regarding shipping Kraken across the Canadian border.


Don’t forget the cereal to go with the Kraken:-)

Kevin's Wife

Christmas find your own man!


Not that I think it is right but it is pretty clear when they get to jury Kevin is going to be like a kid on Christmas morning opening his presents.


Xmas is disgusting and Kevin is looking like he’s having a middle aged crisis. Fool, that woman is only looking for attention since all the other men in the house have not given her the time of day. Stop the nonsense you are looking stupid as hell

Double D

Looks like, for Kevin, Christmas may come early this year !!! Ho Ho Ho

Also Kevin's wife

Kevin, you dumb f@ck,. You are married! What are you thinking!


Don’t worry, she will get what is due to her when she watches the show and goes home. Everybody talks about her including your Kevin. Lol. I just hate that he encourages it, don’t he realize he looks like a horny old man? And women these days don’t care about anyone but themselves, and what they want. They don’t care about the family unit anymore.


Let me get this straight. After all this time, NOW production is worried about injuries? Did I miss something? Did yet another injury occur?

Cereal Killer

Matt you better watch those cereals because I’m coming for them!

back off nicole matt stole the title

he is the true definition of a fruit loop dingus.


Never thought I would say this but I’m liking this Elena. She seems to have Paul and Christmas pegged. You keep this up girl and I might find myself rooting for you.


I would agree if she wasn’t a nasty trashy bitch herself. Go back a post or so to see her “wet mess” she made. Now I personally don’t care about the ones (not married) who want to get a little loving but in the context that she did it the night just before HOH after pushing away Mark and playing with his emotions for weeks, tells me she was hedging her bets in case he won HOH. She was also crying about being broke and can’t pay her bills if she doesn’t make jury? NOW she wants to have another procedure? Can’t get in her corner. I think we will be left with Jason and Alex if they can break the spell of the garden gnome.


Elena can do commercials for Dyson Monster Steam Cleaners.

Kevin's Divorce Attorney

To those 3 posters that yelled at us that, “We don’t know Kevin’s wife,” and “stop judging,” blah, blah, blah… Now what?! Exactly. WE WERE RIGHT. Christmas should be ashamed of herself. Kevin can’t help it– he has a younger woman fawning all over him, giving him compliments, stroking him, painting his toenails, rubbing his feet, WATCHING him shower.. how could he NOT be turned on by that? Especially, if was having problems with his wife before the show! Kevin, on his own, would never just approach Xmas and want to f her in “jury with no cameras.” He was completely seduced by her sorcery! I can see why he’s crying… he f-d up. He’ll now lose his second house. Thanks Xmas! Oh and that poster that said, “shame on Jason for revealing this.” OH STFU!!!! Go back to bed. His wife was pissed off before a word was mentioned. I am certain they have eyeballs and can see for themselves what their husband, or dad, is doing!!!


Wait what? How do you know all this?
Genuinely curious


Kevin was crying. You can tell he’s worrried what’s going on at home due to his actions. He cried after coming out of DR josh asked Kevin if DR would let him call home.


It’s honestly sad to even watch this. He’s obviously seriously thinking about some type of hook up, especially in jury. Why would he say all this? I mean if I were his wife, I would seriously have to divorce him after the questions he asked.

If he would’ve stayed quiet he could’ve played it off like in his eyes he was just being nice etc, but now he made it clear what he wants to do. Nope. He would be gone.


Just do it! Christmas needs a good plowing. It’s just sex!!


I agree that what Xmas is doing is absolutely wrong. But at the end of the day, it takes two. Kevin should know better, he is the one with a wife and family on the line. He should be man enough to tell her to back off. They both disgust me tbh.


my apologies if i was 1 of the 3…
i didnt want to believe it myself..I like Kevin…still do but..ya he should stop letting that skank in his personal space ASAP! ..Shes tempting him probably more than we can see…hes gotta be strong and show that his family is all he wants…not cool of Christmas at all!!! not cool of Kevin if he gives into temptation either!!




Why all the blame on Christmas, it takes TWO. He’s a grown a@@ man and KNOWS what is truly going on. Nothing can happen that TWO people don’t ALLOW to happen…end of story!


What got revealed ? Do tell.

HO HO HO: Very Christmas!!!

Did the houseguest forget that they are being recorded, and millions are watching?

Kevin: your WIFE and all 7..8…9..etc of your children are watching, and it doesn’t look good that the flirting is escalating, and you’re talking about possibly hooking up with Christmas in jury. And I don’t care what agreements Kevin and his wife may have had prior to game. As a woman, you are going to feel uneasy,and embarassed watching this on National television!

Christmas: As a woman, you should know that your actions are more intimate than actual sex.. Cuddling with Kevin, spending too much time with him and watching him shower…Telling him “I feel safer here in your bed , than in my own”, are just disrespectful!!

What a shock, when they realize they have to return to life after big brother!


Y’all are so old fashioned. Let them do it like two old alley dogs in heat. Wham! Bam! Over and done.
If XMas is any thing like Elena, there wont be any wet spots to clean up or air dry!


What r u talking about

Mrs W

What poster are you talking about?


I agree with you, Christmas is crossing the line. She’s making herself look so dam stupid pawning over a married man with 7 kids. But I don’t agree with you when you say Kevin can’t help it. Sure he’s flattered and enjoying the attention but as a married man he should control himself and the situation. He has a lot more to lose than Christmas does. I actually can’t believe no one has taken Christmas or Kevin to the side and nicely suggested they shouldn’t be doing that shit because his family is watching and it’s not looking good on them.


Let me guess. You’re divorced & your husband cheated on you.

Kevin's Wife Divorce Attorney

Kevin, Don’t spend that 25,000 you won on BB19. As a matter of fact don’t spend any winnings or earnings that you receive, you are going to need it for your divorce. Your wife of over 30 years is entitled to half. Christmas is for everybody.

Jess Vivette

Sorcery? More like thirst.

Cereal Killer

The winner of BB19 “The Cereal Bowl”. It’s the only thing playing the game. Ugh.


I want Cody and Matt to be final 2


I want Cody and Mark to be F2. I hate everybody else there. They are stupid, ignorant morons with a lot of unnecessary hate for Cody all because of Paul who is the biggest bully in the house and Josh a big stupid bully (probably in real life to). The both of them should be kicked off the show. They are a very bad influence on young people.

I hate minions

Elena wants Cody to use the Veto on her if he wins, but if she wins HOH, she will nominate him? Bitch, please….


I know year after year, people say they hate that particular season, but then you look back and think, yes, there were some redeemable players, however, this season, to me, has to be top worst seasons ever in terms of players.

I’m interested in what other’s think as to which season is their, “least favorite”?


Every year at about this time I stop watching BBAD, read only this blog and a couple others and record the three weekly shows so I can FF. The cast always turns into a version of Lord Of The Flies where they are canabalizing themselves and becoming a mob mentality with nasty bullying, sex, eating habits, hating each other and other unwatchable stuff. It never fails, the only difference is how nasty they become. I don’t go along for this ride but I usually end up watching most of the shows because they edit out how repugnant the cast is and show the game part. It goes from being an inside Survivor to a drawn out Jerry Springer so I just quit paying attention.


I have been watching since Season 8 (need to catch up on 1-7) and for me, Season 15 was the worst ever.


15 had the most awful people as HG but 16 was the most boring!


When you say the word “f*ck” someone or “hump” someone or any variation of them, I would not be overly concerned. Those are not words of genuine affection. At least for me, they are not marriage ending. Big fight–maybe, but divorce court? No.

North Best

I like that Elena is finally understanding that Paul is a threat but the thought that she could turn Alex and Jason is stupid , Jason might like it then he’d tell Alex and she’d shut it down its a shame really. Plus I don’t understand why they still thinks they should avoid Cody, it don’t matter why do you need to isolate someone when they know they are a target when did big brother get to this, If Mark wants to hang with Cody he should Paul’s minions will complain anyway.

What a shame

Kevin is old enough to know better.. nobody wants to see their spouse on tv cuddling with someone else.. particularly someone younger if they are older. Trust is a beautiful thing but Kevin is losing it from his wife and kids because he is allowing Christmas to play with his emotions. I swear the only female I can tolerate this season is Alex.. all the others r just fake charicatures.. embarrassment to females everywhere ?

Shamed Called

It is a shame that you draw conclusions and assumptions without knowing all the facts between Kevin and his wife/family. If only people could put their personal agendas and beliefs aside and let the situation play out before everyone casts their judgements, we would live in a much more understanding world, yet people just want others to be shamed and feel shame.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I’ve never missed a season of Big Brother and I’ve never disliked a houseguest as much as I dislike Raven.

Jimmy 64

Did you forget about Frankie Grande


Can’t stand Frankie Grande. I often wonder why he was never called out for being a sexual predator, especially around Zach.

Maybe they should have a Big Brother where all of the most despised houseguests are in the house. Then we could see how they deal with others who are just as hateful and disgusting as they are.


mo, if they were going to do that they would have saved Paul and put him in there I can’t stand him !


JIMMY 64….Great comment. I actually disliked Frankie so much I even skipped some episodes.
Seeing Raven beg to fans for money on the life feeds and reading about her condition and realizing there is nothing life threatening about it is pathetic. Then to hear her go on and on…….'”Óh I could die any minute”……… to the houseguests trying to win out of pity is sickening. To me all this puts her at an all time low. Just looking at her makes my skin crawl.
Hey Frankie is a close second for me as well as Maggie. My list could go on and on as there have been so many disgusting houseguests but for me Raven is at the top.


Frankie worst enemy is a fire extinguisher.


Or Paul the punk.


i am liking raven as i have the same gastro-whatever and having two hearts is a bitch not knowing if i should run faster or walk slower. two different beats screw with my mind

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

If you do have it I’m sorry and not trying to be insensitive here but if you have it why didn’t you know how to spell it and it’s not ‘two hearts.’ There is no one in this world who could ‘drop dead at any moment’ that would eat and prance around like she does and even be allowed on a reality show. This Raven’s mother maybe? The one with the scam GoFundMe?

Mark's Boner

Elena might be correct about her assessments of Paul and Xmas, HOWEVER (Elena’s favorite word) she is the most self absorbed shallow person on this cast! She is forever talking about herself,me, me, me and in every legitimate game conversation, she tries to belittle the other person while trying to seem more intelligent than said person. However, as Mark’s boner, I must say, those saggy bags give me that fun old fashioned feeling…..where I would do anything to b*ne her!!

This is so wrong

I can’t stand anyone in the house. Been waiting for them to actually play the game. Instead all they do is follow Paul. You know who I want to win. The 1st person who can finnaly think for themself. Whoever wakes up forms an alliance without Paul in it so they can get him out.

Aunt Cece

I said when it the flirting first started between Christmas and Kevin, there is NO such thing as harmless flirting & got push back. I didn’t want to be right on that because I liked Kevin but I can see he’s not done with being a f**k-up in life.

Brandi W.

Team Raven all the way!! She’s the best!

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Must be Raven’s mother. Raven is a disgusting human being and makes my skin crawl looking at her.


Is it just me, or did Raven look very pretty on this week’s live show? I thought Raven outshined Jessica this week.


I agree with you, Raven is a very pretty girl! I keep reading about all the eating or whatever and she still looks in great shape, lucky her because I can’t do that lol.

"Harm" "Threat"

In her IG pics she is a beautiful girl. It’s almost as if she lost a bunch of weight to look sickly and gaunt before coming on BB.


Actually I disagree with you. Looks like she is a dancer and keeps herself in great shape. Not sickly skinny on the show either.

Not Raven's Mom

Just saw promo for new Annabelle movie that doll is a spitting image of Raven. May be nice to look at but evil as fuck inside.


The cereal comments are the best. I love it when you guys make fun of Matt. He seems like a nice guy, not sure if he knows why he’s even in there tho-

Flabby arms

He’s there to eat cereal.


Matt thinks he’s there to eat all the cereal and screw a phony,scamming whore.


I hope Matt realizes if he wins VETO (hey if it is a blindfolded cereal tasting/identifying contest he has been studying hard core) Paul will demand he use the Veto not on himself but on Jason so they can put up Cody. I would laugh if it backfired on him somehow


Matt will use it on the fruit loops. No one puts fruit loops in the corner!


Kevin sadly is turning out to be another JohnnyMac and Donny for me. Had high hopes for each that they were holding back and biding their time until they made a major move. Nice guys but duds for gameplay.

Butters Mom

It is pretty obvious what Kevin is worried about… his family being mad at him… and if he tells Christmas to back off .. he’s probably thinking his “in house” life is at stake. He can’t win in this situation that Christmas has put him in. For being a motivational speaker or whatever Christmas is outside of this house… she has really shown some messed up character flaws… why would anyone pay her for life advice?


Oh please, it takes two to tango. Stop putting all the blame on Christmas. It was Kevin, with no help from anyone else, who was planning his “relations” with Christmas in the jury house (away from the cameras). Kevin is feeling guilt derived from his own thoughts and actions. I get that most of us like Kevin as a person, but this doesn’t make it appropriate to label Christmas as the villain in this situation.

Exposing the liars. Get 'em out!

Isn’t Butters Mom the one who got exposed for saying she talked to several former houseguests and said they told her the show was rigged? Like what is her deal? We all know past houseguests don’t talk to fan girls about how the show is scripted.

Go back to hiding. Please don’t post again and try to save yourself from everyone thinking you are a pathetic loser. Too late.

We don’t like liars here. Just stop. Don’t post now tryin’ cut me down. I’m sorry you got exposed. Just run along to diff site. Thanks

Butters Mom

Maybe you could try to post more about the game and less about other posters. Your maturity level is on par with this season. Once again, you have misquoted what I said. thanks!

The Voice of Reason

The situation that Christmas has put him in? She asked him if it was ok to cuddle and have hot chocolate dates since he was married. She flat out said she didn’t want to upset his wife or cause her to worry. He said there was no reason to do anything differently and everything they were doing is ok. This was all on big brother after dark so you didn’t even need feeds to see that conversation. No idea how people are blaming Christmas for “seducing” him.


Watching josh and paul try to psycho analyse cody is freaking stupid…Now they feel bad for cody?? What morons…..but Marks face when josh says he wants to talk to cody was priceless and rolling his eyes…..LOL.

Paul is def doing damage control….but its too late gnome


So now paul says he had to smoke more pot to deal witg stress….he lives at home and os pampered like he is still 12 years old…doesnt pay a mortgage or bills…what a fool and having to listen to a millennial counseling is insane
As a military wife…paul needs to STFU comparing BB to being in a war….this little assclown needs to run into some real men outside this house and tell them his experience is the same as being in Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria….he is what we call a PAB…punk ass bitch


Thank you, Marie (gives High Five)!

Violence Doesn't Solve Violence

Im sick of seeing and hearing Paul like many of us are, but never would I ask for or want violence against Paul outside the house, that is just mirroring what Paul is doing in the house, being a bully. My Grandfather experienced WW 2 and afterwards he preached LOVE because he knew the “enemy” was just himself in another uniform.

It is 2017 and those that can think for themselves don’t need to resort to violence for being offended, it just creates a sick world when everyone gets offended, when one doesn’t get offended then they will understand true freedom.




This is absolutely ridiculous. If anyone finds this entertaining raise their hand. My hand’s up. I’ll keep it up a bit longer. Sometimes you have to wonder if a show has become predictable. This one is. All the best to the hosts
but if It’s like this next year I’ll watch again


Eww, can you believe that Mark is kissing Elena after she dumped him for Paul. She laid up there with Paul stroking his hair in front of Mark who was upset. Couldn’t watch. Mark is a desperate to have a showmance on television. Elena don’t want him, she is using him to further herself in the game. Elena is the sloppy seconds hg, she was mark’s sloppy seconds when she was with Paul and now she is Paul’s sloppy seconds. She passes herself around int the bb house. Skank.


Come on, let she be real ok- she would never hook up with Paul in real life but I can see she clearly has the hots for mark but since he has a huge target on him she can’t be associated with him. Even If a little harmless flirting, for a chance at winning 500,000, also she’s not as dumb as Jessica to throw that chance away.


her boobs alone would smash paul to a pancake

TMZ Called

They would like you to be a story writer, anyone starting their conversations with “eww” or “OMG” are perfect for us. We love people that care far more about other peoples lives than their own!


OMG, you want me to take the job you were fired from. Ewwww, no thanks. We who is we?


Dayum looks like you got yourself some fans if TMZ is calling. You go ABFAN.


This season has been a bust since Paul entered the game. I am a fan and will not quit watching future seasons of BB; however, please stop bringing back vets and let new people just play the game. These house guests have moments of brilliance where they recognize what Paul is doing but then it is like they inhale some toxic substance that fizzles their brain and they go panting to Paul to be assured he will be their leader until the final 4 or 3 or 5 or 7 ???? Seriously . . . Paul talks more about last season than this – are they not getting sick of hearing about it by now (I know I am – I watched last season and I really do not need a play by play of it again). CBS – bad choice with Mr. Friendship (Jessica and Cody have him pegged but unfortunately, no one is listening). Frustrated and disappointed with the season when these house guests could have had so much potential without a vet’s interference. Oh well . . . there is always next season.


ALL NEED TO GET BOOED when they each walk out…
anyone agree?

Hard to watch

In my opinion, starting with season 14, BB US has been just okay so I can’t say I am surprised that this season is the same. I don’t get how they have the same person picking the cast for the BB Canada…why did they cast so many ‘actors’ that have no clue of how to play Big Brother? One or two is fine but this is so frustrating to watch. However I will still watch it and read the Big Brother online website for updates ? Thank you Simon and Dawg for taking the time to watch the live feed and post for all of us to read! I would not be able to watch these guys all day…just reading your posts gives me anxiety! lol
This season Paul has proven to be the best at manipulating people, however it really is lame/challenging to watch the majority of the house gang up on two or three people or whomever Paul tells then to gang up on… or who he says they can like or talk to. Personally I would struggle to follow/worship a ‘leader’ that is 5 feet 2 inches tall! Now we all get to watch Paul make it to final two…who do you think he will bring? I am thinking Josh? …and as much as I dislike Josh I really hope Paul get second place again! That would make watching this entire season worth it!
Side note – I feel bad for Kevin…and his family. Xmas is a very insecure girl who is not thinking of the potential consequences of her actions. I hope his family will consider the fact that he is in a house full of people who don’t seem to have a mind of their own. ? Manipulation is hard to see when you are the one being manipulated…sadly I think many of them will have a hard time watching themselves on the show when they are out of the house.


I see. Kevin doesn’t have a mind of his own. He is completely incapable of telling Christmas that “I greatly value your friendship but the intimacy has to stop as I have a wife and children at home whom I love deeply.” The fault lies totally with Christmas. Ya right…………….

Cindy Withanesse

Apparently Christmas is really into second hand goods.

Hard to watch

Nope that is not what I am saying…yes it does take two. I always find it odd when people stick up for the mistress…like poor thing she loves a married man…life is so unfair eh…NOT! People in general struggle to turn away if someone is throwing themselves at then and showering them with attention. Not to mention being stuck in a house with no escape…


I disagree. I love my wife with all my heart and it would never be a “struggle” to decline the advances of another woman. I’d never be able to live with the guilt. Kate Upton could throw herself at me and I’d have no interest whatsoever (though I would definitely be flattered). None of this makes me unique in any way. Therefore I believe the premise of your argument is wrong.

Can't stand Raven

Who agrees Raven is pathetic?


Mark- You look so pretty. Blowup Doll- I want to pop my hips. It’s obvious Mark is attracted to the Blowup Doll. I wonder if he knows he can get a brand new one on EBay. Maybe he prefers a used one.


Do u think if Mark wins the veto he will not use it on Eleana so Cody can’t be backdoored?? This would be so funny!

rosemary trouette

Where did the network find all these dumb people with no morals ?????. Paul is the puppet master of all times. I was so bored watching him analyze the other houseguess the other night. It is a wonder I didn’t fall asleep.

Joey L

Team Christmas and Kevin!! Who doesn’t love a showmance


Saw a pic of Elena b4 surgery! Very pretty. Honestly she must have taken an inflatable woman doll and said this is what I want to look like. Yikes those lips.