Paul “I got some personal news too and I am just ready to just get out.”

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10:37pm Hammock. Paul and Christmas.
Christmas – are you just tired and cranky or did you have something happen? Paul – I’m just hitting another hump. Christmas – how can I help? Paul – I don’t know .. just everything is annoying me. Christmas – you can vent? Paul – no because I don’t want to sound like an a$$hole. Christmas – you’re not going to sound like an a$$hole. Paul – its just taking a toll on me. Christmas – its what its designed to do. Paul – I’ve spent too much f**King time in this place. Christmas – you’re almost out. Paul – How many more days? Three weeks? Two? Christmas – two, maybe 17 more days. Paul – if we’re lucky. I’m just missing home. My family, my pets, my friends, my music. Christmas – you’re allowed to do that. Paul – I just surround myself with different kinds of people and when I’m forced to be in a certain place it drives me crazy. And when I try to get away I can’t. Christmas – do you want me to leave you alone? Paul – no, not you. I would tell you. Christmas – well if she (Raven) comes over I’ll take her away. Paul – no, I can’t have it be weird. Paul – its the epitome of what I can’t stand and its eating at my soul. It’s so bad. I can’t be around that kind of energy. Its like a shell. Its unfortunate when she is just herself she is a very sweet girl. I just miss my comfort. I’m getting claustrophobic. Christmas – this place makes you who you hate. I don’t even recognize things that I say. Paul – At first I was having fun and doing all this stuff. Plans and getting in front of the game. Christmas – Its the down side s what’s wrong with continuing to make plans? Paul – I’m going to lose anyways .. so what’s the point. I guess the point is to see you guys go as far as you can. Raven joins them Christmas – do you mind giving us a few minutes we’re just having an issue. Raven – no problem.

Paul – I got some personal news too and I am just ready to just get out. Christmas – today? Paul is silent. Christmas grabs Paul’s foot and rubs it. Christmas – whatever is happening, they know that you love them and you’re thinking of them. And they would want you to finish what you started. And terrorize some people in the process. Paul – its terrorizing me in the process. Christmas – is it anything you need to attend to? Christmas wipes away tears from Paul’s face. Christmas – do you want to go upstairs and be alone for a while? Paul shakes his head no. Christmas tells Paul a childhood story.

11:25pm – 11:40pm HOH room. Christmas tries to patch a hole in Trejo.

11:50pm Alex is snack in the storage room. Kevin comes in and grabs some MM’s. When he leaves Alex fingers him.

12am Raven gives Paul a hug.

12:14am Backyard Hammock. Christmas and Josh.
Christmas – this is how marriages work. Its supposed to be 50/50 and the averages it will be but there are some years its 70/30, 80/20, 60/40. Its never going to be 50/50 everyday. Sometimes one partner is going to pick up and carry the other partner for an extended period of time. Sometimes that one partner is going to have one f**king leg. It is never 50/50 evenly distributed. That is a dream but it is equal partnership where sometimes you’re going to have to take the brunt of it and sometimes I’m going to have to take the brunt of it but that is why the three of us work so well together because individually we are dead in the f**king water. Josh – I am checking him so that he doesn’t loose it but I need someone to check me. Christmas – I’m checking you. Josh – when I spoke to him this morning, it broke my heart. Christmas – he knows what he’s doing. Josh – when I was in the Jacuzzi he started going in on Alex. What f**Ked me up was that Kevin knows he’s leaving. I just started crying. Christmas – I put him on the block, I will take the responsibility for it. Josh – its the way that its being done. Christmas – its not that shaddy. Christmas – has he asked you for your vote? Josh – he thinks that he has my vote. Christmas – did he ask you for your vote. Josh – no. Christmas – then his arrogance is whats going to get him in trouble. He hasn’t given you the respect to ask you for his vote. Remember that! Josh – he expects it because of the friendship we have. Christmas – we’ll sit down Wednesday afternoon and decide together what to do. But do you want to give him 500K or do you want 500K. That’s what it comes down to.

12:20am Paul and Christmas playing corn hole.
Paul – see what else is f**ked up? When I shift, everybody seems to shift and then I feel bad because I feel like I’ve got to pick myself back up again or else its going to throw people off. So I never have a chance to feel vulnerable. Christmas – no, its fine. Raven is jumping on board. Josh was talking to cowboy (Jason). Everybody had 2 beers and feelings came up. Like you had a legitimate challenge. Paul – what do you mean he was talking to cowboy? Christmas – not like that, he just feels bad. Paul – so what did you tell him to do? Christmas – I told him to not think about the vote for the rest of the week. Just block it out. Don’t worry about it. Have a good time. Enjoy his time with him and to be honest if he wasn’t so dang good he wouldn’t be going. Paul – that’s a lot of what I feel like. In my normal life its someone elses advantage to my disadvantage. You know what I mean. And I don’t do that in my normal life. I don’t put people at a disadvantage for me to advance. Everybody wins and I do too. It hurts, its sad. Christmas – it’s designed to be.

1:10am Josh reading the bible and then starts talking to the camera about how his dream is to be able to give back to his family. I’m living the dream being here. I am grateful.

1:47am HOH room. Paul and Josh.
Paul – I almost said to Alex that next week we would just put up Kevin and Raven. I then I realized that she thinks Kevin would be gone. Josh – the way she is going to be raging after Jason goes.. Paul – that’s my job and that’s where you need to fight. Josh – Mean I’m not going to loose before f**king Kevin. Paul – she doesn’t know that Jason is going to be gone and Kevin is still going to be here and Kevin is a huge target for her. HUGE! I’ve already planted the seed with Raven. I was like If I win, I am putting you up because I am gunning for you. And she was like oh yeah good, tell her that. And I’m telling Alex the same thing. Josh – you have to turn off game. Paul – no I can’t. Josh – when you’re off, I’m on and when I’m off Christmas is on. Paul – I need you just as much as you need me. I’m guiding and if I mess up then I would feel bad. Josh – I’m not worried about my game any more I’m worried about the three. I want to make sure if I don’t win, that you or her win. Paul – that’s how you know you found your ride or die. Paul – you’re going to tell him (Jason) a few minutes before. Josh – yes. Paul – if there is a blow up I’ll take the heat. Lines drawn in the sand. I’ll pull Alex away from you. I already told Raven that I would be gunning for you. Josh – for me? Paul – no fool, for Raven. If I win I put Raven and Kevin on the block. Alex has no clue what is going on. Now Raven is forced to win some sh*t because if she doesn’t she is gone. Worst case if Alex wins (veto) then Raven goes. And its her fault because she didn’t win. They discuss how BB comics could be the veto next week. Paul – if I win the veto I could pull Kevin off and put Alex up saying that she already got Matt’s blood on her hands so putting her up she wouldn’t get Raven’s blood on her hands. And then boom vote her out. They’re going to hate all of us equally. Christmas joins them. They go over the scenarios again. Paul – I have thought all of these scenarios out. Paul – I want to win 6. (6th HOH) I am gunning for it this week.

3:20am All the house guests are sleeping..

Tuesday Update
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Matt the cereal killer

Alex is the worst. I would love to see her get booed when she walks out that door. This season would be worth it for that alone…


Matt The Cereal Killer,

Wish Paul was getting rid of Alex this week instead of Jason.

Paul has to see that Alex knows more about the game of Big Brother. It does not seem as though Jason had heard of Big Brother until being selected (to be on BB).

Wish Paul would have kept nominations the same and/or pulled off Jason – and then viewers could have watched Alex get evicted this Thursday (per Paul’s instructions).

Seems as though Paul would have thought “Alex is the stronger out of the Jason/Alex duo, and, Alex should go first. I (Paul) can do damage control with Jason. With Jason not understanding the game of Big Brother – I can tell Jason that Alex wanted him (Jason) gone. I can also tell Jason that Alex would have never taken Jason to the F2.”

Watching Charles Paul Manson and his cult members is not entertaining.


Yeah but how much does Alex really know?

I remember in her preshow interview with Jeff, she put on like she was this big fan, dropping Nicole’s name and mentioning the couples’ twist; also how a couple from one season got married.. Then as Jeff Shchroader says “That was me,” she fakes surprise and blames her not recognizing him on her glasses. Very awkward.

She acts like she’s a bigger fan of the show than she actually is, I guess to appear more likable.



You are absolutely correct. Great comment and great observations!

Among the many things that you pointed out — Alex recently questioned how the F3 “worked.”

If Alex was Big Brother Game Savvy / Big Brother Super Fan as promoted — it seems as though Alex would not have such questions.

Still, I wish that Paul would have decided to evict Alex this week.


I think he was worried if he sent Alex home Jason and Kevin would work together. He knows Alex hates Kevin for whatever reason. So now Alex only him that she actually trusts. He setting them all up for his win. I have never seen such a cast of players that don’t think for themselves.

Superficial thoughts

Ugliest cast inside and out. Xmas needs makeup to look decent. Raven looks inbred. Alex looks like a troll doll from the 80s. Paul looks like he could be in a circus sideshow. Kevin has weird eyes. Jason is balding. Josh… well he is just a complete mess from top to bottom and side to side.


Ugliest comments inside and out.

Yendis Alston

This is the worst season ever. I have never seen a group of people that have no concept of brain usage. How old are they? Kevin, being the older of the group seems wossey! What a freaking waste. Too, it gets me when some seems to have the feeling of sorrow. Bull!!!! U do not do evil and then play the pity card. U all are who u are inside the house as well as outside.

Raven's cousinbrother

Raven IS inbred. Our mom is our dad and our dad is our uncle.


weird!!!!!! and REALLY????


She has been foolish she is doing doing as Paul is a vet has requested to you can hate on her for being stupid you should hate on Paul taking advantage of these newbies


CBS would never allow that unfortunately


It would also be nice if CBS didn’t have anyone there for this week’s live eviction. Jason would have no applause and Julie could just let him know it was because of some comments he made that have upset the viewers. That would have the remaining idiots all scratching their heads and possibly they would realize they need to re-evaluate their behaviour. It would also throw them off their game and definitely give Jason time to reflect.


How did Paul get news from home????


How else could Paul get news from home. ..Production, of course.


The thing that makes me crazy about Alex… She was so over the top in her criticism of Jessica poking people in the butt. She whined and said it bothered her because she has a relative that was sexually assaulted. And yet she belly laughed when Jason made a horrendous comment about what he would do to Kevin’s wife. She manages to pick and choose when she will be offended by the comments and actions of others and when she will encourage those same comments and actions by the ones with whom she has aligned herself. If she does indeed have a relative that was sexually abused, that individual needs to seriously question the sincerity of Alex’s words. Because, after all, finding any humor in what Jason said, indicates Alex to be very sexually sick-minded herself. Hers was not just an awkward chuckle at the comment, it was a hearty, fall backwards laugh.

Raven's ugly horse hair

I agree Alex is a horrible horrible person inside and out but I think Raven beats her in the trailer trash, scamming, lying, con artist category which puts her at the bottom of the barrel where all the worst trash sticks to the edges like scum. lol
However Alex is a very close second!


Paul must’ve found out America hates him…he’s crushed.


AROD, I believe that you are correct. Paul was crying to Christmas because Paul is mad that “the world” is not under his (Paul’s) spell. Paul is crying because he is mad that he does not have control of “the world.” Paul believes that everyone should behave as he (Paul) dictates. Paul believes that he is at the steering wheel of “the world” and when people/situations do not go the way Paul wants / when Paul does not get what he wants — Paul gets mad (and cries).

Paul does not have feelings of sorrow/empathy and/or sympathy for other people.

Paul’s tears come from Paul feeling annoyance, hostility, and rage of not getting “Paul’s Way.”


How do you know that though?

How do you know something didn’t really happen on the outside with a family member or friend or something, and he really is genuinely sad about that, and you’re just being a dick?


Because he is now saying he’s not like this outside the house…talking about
In my normal life its someone elses advantage to my disadvantage. You know what I mean. And I don’t do that in my normal life. I don’t put people at a disadvantage for me to advance.
Why now after all these weeks would he care!


In Paul’s bio he says he is sneaky, uses peoples’ weakness against them and can mentally crack anyone. Wow! He also said he loves fear. He is exactly who he is portraying in this house. He’s a cruel individual who enjoys other people’s pain, especially when he inflicts it.


To quote Paul, “It’s just a game.”

Martha Stewart

I’m not sure that it is fair that everybody has to drink Bud or Coors except Raven, who gets Molsons. She may be half Canadian, but she is also half Arkansan, so I’m sure her delicate digestive system could handle slop beer. Stop coddling her.

Robin Thicke

I just want to say that Raven is definitely not my half sister. My dad may have been attracted to Olympians, especially ones who had been struck by lightning, but Raven’s mom is just not his type. Maybe you should look at Neil Young.

Neil young

Not really. Raven’s mom is not my cinnamon girl. Actually Raven looks a lot like Geddy Lee, and she makes the same screeches.

Geddy Lee

Do not put this on me.


why does America hate paul now, I still love him, because he is winning


Because of the way he playing the game..that’s why.


Yeah, too well I guess.




So you’re saying he’s playing a bad game?


It’s like saying the Globetrotters are playing an amazing game.


America doesn’t hate him, you’re just on a site
with people who hate on others because they don’t
like what they see in their collective mirrors and it’s much
easier to find flaws in others than to fix their own.


Hey ANONYMOUS, America has been hating Paul since last season, or at least my room mate and I have. He is so like Charles Manson (if you are too young to know who that is, look it up) or even Osama Bin Laden because he is a cult like leader who gets others to do his dirty work, and enjoys sitting back to watch the pain caused. He should probably be on the Terror Watch List that Homeland Security keeps. That opinion is based on criteria he exhibits as well as his nationality.


Paul is acting like a child would. Doesn’t get his way, he pouts, cries and looks for comfort. Poor Paul…give me a break…What you do will catch up to you. Paul, Karma’s a bitch.

Im LIke

Yes, production probably told him to reign it in, people are seeing what a mean person he is . ( I think paul will try to angel himself like an evil dick character)Last year he had Victor telling him to be nice and Victor was such a good guy he made Paul look better. This is who Paul is. I cant believe he still sometimes mentions Michelle (big Meech) on live feeds ..dude she is out of your life if you are such a bad ass why does she bother you till..oh because you could not mist her. I think it would be awesome if they brought Michelle back in someway like to interview houseguest who are voting just to F with him even better if he were in the jury house at the time . I would pay extra for that!!!


Paul is malignantly narcissistic.

To Paul the end justifies the means. IM Like, if Paul wanted something from you and me / wanted me and you to behave in a certain manner — Paul would rant, rave, wreak havoc in our lives, leave us mentally exhausted / physically sick until we gave in to Paul’s demands. Weeks/months later – you and I would still be emotionally drained from dealing with Paul’s aggressive exploitation. Paul, on the other hand, would be satisfied and energized before, during, and after Paul’s chaotic outbursts to get what Paul wants.

Paul would only be unsatisfied, upset, mad in the event Paul’s method of over controlling people to get what Paul wants are not working.

Paul being told “no,” Paul not being able to control others to get whatever it is Paul wants would make Paul cry tears of anger.

Pauls psychiatrist

And that good sir is literally the definition of a narcissist.


I thought he was just playing them, pretending to show his vulnerable side. He came off looking like he would fall on a sword for Josh and Christmas, which I know is crap.
If it’s real then……damn.

Paul is not friendly

I agree. I think production clued him in on our true feelings for him and his minions. He knows he is at the helm of this vile ship and now he wants to jump. He does not want to take responsibility for all of the bullying, so he is placing the blame on everybody but himself. He is rationalizing his horrible actions by believing it is the minions fault for being weak and easily manipulated to break the others down. All season he has been telling the minions that he knows what the BB fans like… he was shocked to find out that we can’t stand any of them.


Omg. Production is now working with Paul to try to make him a sympathetic character. No way. His DRs are telling us how much he is enjoying this. Oh poor poor Paul this is so out of character for him it only took 2 1/2 months for getting his way every week to “break” him. Maybe production told him they weren’t going to help him any more because that HOH to Christmas to the casual viewers looked way too hokey. Paul telling everyone in which order to false start.


Production clued him in to his mom being evacuated from their home because of fires. Not to tell him anyone hates him. Teampaul

Kevin's Focking H. O. V.

You act like this big tough fighter then you whine like a big p*ssy. You’re nothing but a spoiled rich kid brat bully a$$hole who has always has gotten his way in life if not wah! I hope he gets third place.


Yes I think you are right. He’s already trying to get the word out that he’s not like this in real life. Bet he is.


Yes!!! Exactly what I thought when I heard the explanations of how this show changes who you are INSIDE the house! He is used to watching out for people OUTSIDE the house, but inside he is only about himself! Ha! I call b.s. On that whole scenario! Yes Paul, we know who you are and your evil ugliness is showing! Alex too is revolting! Take a bow Paul, you have really put on a spectacle this year!


Paul was acting. He didn’t get any news from the outside. That was all faked to play up his “I can’t win” angle.


Paul is tugging at Xmas’s heart strings. He’s just laying the path for a split vote so Xmas has to vote Jason out and Paul doesn’t have to show his cards to yet another 2 jury members. There is no personal info or anything else, it’s all game.

Infected nose ring hole

It’s a made for TV special. Boooo-whoooo

Go home Paul

Lol gnome is sad…misses home. He can always self evict….please.


Looks like Paul is using Ravens strategy..please everyone feel sorry for me I’m the victim.


, ? lvhjm!?,love by, b. B, n m.
, m. ,,,

. , .M


Did you notice he started his crying episode during the BBAD time slot. Is he going for AFG ?

Bb viewer

Raven is so, very annoying. But, you can’t say that she hasn’t brought a lot of attention to gastroparesis. Honestly, I’ve never heard about this disease until I started watching this season of BB. After watching the Raven Exposed Party videos on YouTube, I googled gastroparesis and also looked up other gofundme pages on this disease. Seriously, these pages will pull at your heart strings. After reading these stories, there is no doubt in my mind that this is a real, debilitating disease. I’m just not convinced that Raven suffers from it… Poor girl, she was not raised right.


Sadly she brought negative attention to it. Going forward…someone mentions gastroparesis and what will be the first thing you think of? Raven and her foolishness.

Raven's ugly horse hair

I do have a heart but none of it feels the least bit sorry for that trailer trash lying scumbag. It’s a condition not a terminal disease. She eats like a pig, dances around like someone on drugs and has sex all night. How does this condition affect her life?
She’s trailer trash.

Worst Christmas Ever

Time for Paul to receive some of Xmas’s life affirming motivational advice…..I can’t wait for those pearls of wisdom.


Not even Paul can stand these bunch of idiots anymore.

Paul's News

Production: We had to rework the ending to this years script. I know we promised you a win this time, but you just aren’t popular anymore. Help Josh and xmas and we’ll keep giving you good edits.


…Josh and Christmas are Popular?

I’d take a Paul win over Josh and Christmas any day of the week.


Paul’s News,

Hope Production said something such as:

“Expect Jason/Kevin to receive a Coup d’Etat on Thursday. Help Jason/Kevin get to F3.”

Jason and Kevin’s walk & talks have been the only entertainment of BB19.

Production should be upset at BB19 Game Players after the last HOH Comp. Not one Game Player ran! It was a waste of Production time and money to build the set / put together the comp.

After the game players wasted the HOH Comp — seems like a perfect time for Big Brother to “unleash” the unexpected, and, give Jason/Kevin power to change Paulmas’ nominations and safety for 2 evictions.

Big Brother “unleashing” such an unexpected twist would change the game.

Kevin/Jason/Josh might be an entertaining F3. Again- Kevin and Jason’s walks and talks have been the only entertaining aspect of Big Brother 19. It would be great to see Paulmas deflate like Trejo upon hearing that Xmas’ nominations are being changed by Kevin; Kevin and Jason are safe for 2 evictions. Perhaps by Wednesday Josh will listen to himself — work to save Jason — Jason will listen to himself and separate completely from Alex (working to get Alex out during the double) and with the help of The Big Brother Unexpected both Kevin and Jason will survive the double eviction (and viewers will get entertainment).


please, please let that happen. Give Kevin/Jason golden pov, or some twist that changes the noms and puts Alex and Paul up. Would love to see Kevin and Jason stay in this game. Hope Production is listening.


“please, please let that happen. Give Kevin/Jason golden pov, or some twist that changes the noms and puts Alex and Paul up. Would love to see Kevin and Jason stay in this game. Hope Production is listening.”

Hope fans are contacting the appropriate social media pages with statements similar to yours. It would be FANTASTIC if this happens!


You guys want production too pull two people off the block because they are the least hated..even though Jason threw pov to Paul and Kevin threw hoh…that would make this show worse than the WWE


It already is. At least WWE lets you boo the heels.

Paul's tear drops

We’re Free!!! wheeee! We usually only get to come out in mommy’s basement! Woah, where’d that big man hand come from?

Alex needs to go

Another day and another way Alex makes me think she’s deplorable.


OK, are Paul’s tears for real? Is this a rouse to get sympathy cuz Josh won’t do his bidding by fighting with the HGs? Did Production really give him bad news, like maybe, we don’t want you to win? Or is it legit. Maybe Paul is not being challenged, it’s all too easy for him in his mind, and he wants out. Or possibly he finally feels some sense of remorse for the vindictive, harsh game he has played. I don’t trust his motives. FYI: I read that Paul’s net worth is $500,000. Besides his obnoxious, crude personality, it would be nice if someone who needs the money wins.


Paul is angry.

Paul either went in the DR with an order and was dismissed by DR Production. Or, DR Production conveyed to Paul “viewers do not like you because viewers are troubled by human beings that are determined to have their own way by inflicting pain on others, and, using over controlling evil tactics. Paul, viewers see you as the malignant narcissist that you are.”

Paul’s tears are tears of anger.

Paul is mad because someone in the DR told Paul that Paul is unable to control the thoughts, opinions, behaviors of viewers and/or Paul is mad that someone in the DR had the audacity to not comply with a Direct Order of Paul Control.


Why is Xmas trying to give Paul a pep talk to stay in the game, stroking his ego? Maybe what Simon said he read is true; that Xmas works for Paul’s Mom. Anyone know?


What really boggled my mind, was the other day when they were discussing who wanted to win HOH. And Paul was like well if I win I will get blood on my hands and be a target so Xmas or Josh you need to win.. AND THEY AGREED lol..WTH why would they not want him to be a target but make themselves one lol. They are the dumbest ever. I think Josh was starting see it but Xmas freaked out on him and shut him up. She is crazy. And Alex being mean to Kevin always saying he is starting crap and poor Kevin he does nothing to her lol she is the one that starts crap and bosses Jason around.


LMFAO (alex) obsessed much??!?! you look so foolish!! Kevin is gonna be bumping to the mariah carey song ” why you so obsessed with me” seriously for someone who doesn’t matter he sure as hell is on your mind 24 hours, 7 days a week! Lol like i cannot find one conversation where she isn’t mentioning him/talking trash! You have major issues chicky! You said kevin is jealous of you and jason? They’ve been pals.. Your just full of rage that jason doesn’t listen to you about ” ignoring kevin and making him be alone ” and your full of venom because you know kevins loyalty never been with you. I cant wait until you get out to see how much of a LOSER you look like NOT kevin! Stop obsessing, your starting to look stalker like lol


This is just a long shot? But, perhaps Production told him, you’re not going to win this year!

Mean People Suck



Guaranteed Paul crying will make the TV show to garner sympathy.


I am glad to see Christmas recognize “this place makes you become what you hate” at least she’s acknowledging she’s done wrong and hateful things. Some people never even notice their repulsive behaviour because they don’t have the emotions to recognize it. I know she’s getting alot of hate but its good to at least hear that, now if she continues acting like a bitch that’s different. Who knows, actually this whole thing ( last few days) stinks like production. Josh flipping from what he believed the day before, paul upset and Christmas now saying she isnt really like this. Lol who knows, but one things for sure there ALL gonna have a rude awakening when they get out! And its all well deserved!



With BB19 ending shortly it seems likely that Big Brother Diary Room Producers are telling BB Game Players “Viewers are disgusted and troubled by the cruel BB19 game players.”

First, Josh leaves DR with the epiphany: “I do not enjoy hurting people. All these game moves only help Paul. Paul wants me to fakec argue with him (Paul) and get in arguments with others. But, I’m not going to do it because that type of behavior makes me uncomfortable. I’m smart. Do I have stupid written on my forehead? I’m going to talk to Xmas. Hopefully the DR has given her insight too, and, Xmas will be on my side about seeing Paul’s true game – and we can save Whistle this week. We don’t have to do something just because Paul says so – like we have been doing. But I had to. If I hadn’t gotten the green apple the first week The House (Paul) would have had me gone.”

Later – Paul is crying because he is mad. DR Producers must have told Paul “Viewers are unhappy with your wicked actions – actions that you take delight in.” Paul is mad because Paul is not getting is way – Paul was supposed to return to BB19, win BB19, become the most famous Big Brother Player in the history of Big Brother, Paul’s Big Brother fame was supposed to propel Paul into Famous Icon, Paul was supposed to be at Madison Square Garden on 1-28-18 giving his Grammy Award Acceptance Speech, Paul was supposed to begin filming Martin Scorsese’s next Academy Award Winning Film written by Paul (after receiving a phone call from Scorsese telling Paul “after seeing you on Big Brother and looking at your art – I have to have you write a script that I can direct, with your help, and you can star in. You are going to be the best movie actor in world history)”


Ha ha Ha. Delusions of grandeur would adequately describe him (Paul) I looked up his so called clothing line. It looks like motorcycle club logos on shirts, lots of skulls and crosses. Real juvenile crap like a little man would wear to try to look like a badass.


It’s all too late for them…we saw their actions and they can apologize but cannot erase their words or actions…sux for them..
Paul esp thought he would be looked at like dan will boogie janell evel dick etc…but even they cannot stand him…when u r a characterr on a reality show that america doesnt like…doesnt bode well for his other occupations…good luck


Pual should have never been let in the house. The next bb should have all of the first evicted houseguest play against each other!!!


Don’t buy it. Yes that house will drive you crazy and you’ll do things and say things you wouldn’t normally do. I believe that is the case with josh, Jason, Kevin, Cody and Elena, but its obvious Paul, Xmas, Raven and especially Alex are true to their character. None of them are being pushed to be hateful and in Ravens case a habitual liar.

Raven's Rough Knee

Even in his “misery”, Paul still doesn’t miss an opportunity to drop the seed that he is not going to win. It’s hard to feel sorry for these people when they’ve been complete monsters for an entire summer.


Charles “Paul” Manson’s Personal News:

Diary Room Producers tell Charles “Paul” Manson: “We saw the real you during BB18. Knowing that you are sadistic, production could not understand viewers being upset that Nicole won BB18. You know that you wanted and asked to be invited back to BB19. Now viewers have seen the real Paul: a sadistic torturer – a person that delights in inflicting pain on others and forcing others to act the way you want (as your cruel violent treatment of others makes them fearful of you, and, the unwelcome terrifying consequences of saying “no” to you). Viewers have seen that tyrant is your natural state of being. You will do anything do get what you want. Paul you hurt others to get what you want, you intimidate others to get what you want. Paul you feel no concern about the pain and suffering you willfully cause to get what you want.

Paul you never ending cunning acts of evil wickedness profoundly trouble viewers – and people in general. Paul you are a very disturbing individual not because of your essential personality defects – but in your denial – your inability to recognize that you willingly and knowingly perpetuate acts of evil wickedness.

Paul you are unable to behave within the realm of truth, honesty, and humanity.

Paul in the BB game and in the real world your destructiveness is consistent. You refuse / are unable to sense your own wickedness.”

Paul cries to Christmas because Paul is mad that things are not going his way.

Pauls truth

Well said, this is the one message Paul neeeeeeeed’s to read.


Hey Alex, that is what many of us will do when you walk your skank a$$ out the door. The only thing that makes it great is that you are so dumb to believe in the gnome’s “friendship” you still don’t see the train coming down the tracks. You are so dumb when even after Jason goes out and he blames Raven, Josh and Xmas you will still believe him and throw the HOH to one of them and most likely follow him right out the door. I have my finger ready for you. I thought she was going to be a strong female this year, not only was she not but I found her to be a very nasty, nasty woman


I may be wrong , I’ve never actually checked the stats . Don’t the great majority of vets win big brother the second time around? It’s kinda getting old and redundant .


Thanks to production, they at least make it to final two. Rachel, Nicole, Dan, and now most likely Paul as well.


BB did everything they could to get Dan evicted…………….I remember Dan saying out loud on the feeds to Production, “to stay out of his game”! (I believe this is when AG, started to heavy script the show instead of letting it flow more smoothly) They wanted Brittany Haines to win,………… instead, Dan got her evicted. Doesn’t anyone remember that all of the JH had their questions written out for them….Shane had to read the same question over to Dan. Dan ran the BBH, but there was not this vileness, Dan and Dr. Will knew how to manipulate the house without being a mean, vile, nasty person.


Just like the Bachelor and Bachelorette show…


Omg Alex is so evil. That girl has serious issues. She crosses the line for no reason and the stuff that comes out of her mouth blows my mind. I hope she gets booed so bad. Also Paul is driving me nuts. He has to be the most annoying person on the planet. I hate how he talks to Kevin and Josh like he’s so superior over them. I’m not really sure but has Paul even legit won a comp? Seems like anything he’s won it’s been thrown to him. From what I can remember any comp they were all actually fighting to win Paul hasn’t won. He thinks he’s a beast at comps but he actually sucks.

Great's comment

Thumbs up for BBfan 1967.

Jessica's Birth Control


Yep, AG’s social media feeds are on fire and people hate this cast in general and Paul in particular. So the plus sized producer allison grodner and production stepped away from the donuts and gave paul and xmas a new script and scene to go over. This is damage control and a reinvention of both characters. Remember AG has already determined that her final 2 is paul and xmas. Paul and xmas was supposed to be ratings gold for our calorically challenged producer. The tough independent women who does not need to sleep around in a showmance and the wily popular vet who lost to a whore last year. BB wanted to get away from legitimizing The BJ strategy for women. Sleeping around by whores should not be rewarded. BB was a becoming a real life casting couch. Xmas would change all that. But somehow their true personalities came through and they had to work editing magic to make these 2 scumbags appear to be human. This is a hail mary to re-invent these characters and show their human side.

Christmas – this place makes you who you hate. I don’t even recognize things that I say.
Paul – At first I was having fun and doing all this stuff. Plans and getting in front of the game. Paul – I’m going to lose anyways .. so what’s the point

Nice try Allison

Franks Fumes

Production must have told Josh and Kevin something because there is a faint undercurrent of independent thinking going on…….likely Production trying to create a little drama but not upset the Paul apple cart too much (lol) … Kevin for AFP!

Pauls secret is he needs blankey.

Paul securing votes. If anyone on the off chance will be mad at him…like Xmas when he doesn’t choose her to take to final 2. He now has her feeling sorry for him so even though she may be pissed he will get her vote.

He has all angles covered folks. Yes production and the writers helped him all season. But you have to admit this cat is a incredibly huge douche nozzle that is good at this game. No matter how dumb or not dumb the cast. This cast most idiotic ever. Yes. Last years cast not quite as dumb..he got 2nd place. Let the doofus get his 500 grand. And we never have to see him play again. 3 times in house for Paul? Nah not even CBS is that dumb.

Jessica's Birth Control

So first we have The Paul Pity Party segment and a few minutes later he is back to lying, deceiving and back stabbing. So he is going to con Josh and raven and xmas(tie breaker) to vote out Jason. Paul and alex vote against kevin and paul gets jasons jury vote and alex’s loyalty going forward. He then can lie to kevin and claim it was josh who voted him out and paul and xmas saved kevin. Or he can tell kevin, that he/paul engineered the 3-2 vote against jason and explain to kevin that they are now setting up alex for eviction. I gotta admit it, paul is covering his bases on all fronts. He comes out smelling like a rose. Its hilarious that the retarded meatball is the only one putting it together. Wow and now allison has josh reading his bible. What frauds!


Jessica’s Birth Control,

I wish that Jason would (get a clue) wait until Xmas was called to the DR — get Paul alone and say “Xmas told me that I was getting voted out Thursday. Xmas said that after much deliberation you (Paul) and Xmas decided that it was the best game move. Xmas said that Alex wants me out. Is it true about Alex?”

If Paul told Jason “let’s wait to talk until Xmas is back” — Jason counters with “No, I’m not interested in talking to Xmas right now. Plus, Xmas made me promise not to say anything to you. She made me swear on my dog. Xmas said she wanted to tell me so I don’t hold it against her. I’m taking it all in. I just want to hear from you where Alex stands on the game move of getting me out.”

It would be interesting to hear Paul respond to Jason. It would be interesting to hear the Xmas/Paul/Jason post Jason/Paul conversation about Jason’s eviction. Jason would say “Xmas you told me … you’re just denying it because you made me swear not to tell Paul because you are afraid of him.”

Also wish that Big Brother would give viewers something exciting such as the Coup d’ Etat to Kevin / plus safety of nomination for 2 evictions to Kevin and Jason.

Big Brother Production should do something “unexpected” after the horrible manner the last HOH was (not) played. Big Brother Production cannot let such a precedent of Big Brother Game Players NOT playing in the comps. Let BB19 Game Players and future BB Game Players know: Throw Comps in such a pathetic manner is your choice – but remember to expect the unexpected.

When was the last time Big Brother produced “The Unexpected?” Eight years ago? Big Brother Fans are still “talking” about the Coup d’ Etat — something that happened almost a decade ago. In fact, Big Brother Fans are still discussing with enthusiasm Big Brother Game Players / Game Plays that happened almost a decade-plus in the past.

Seems time to give Big Brother Fans something current to discuss with enthusiasm — instead of viewing Big Brother being distressing, melancholy, disheartening. Racism, cults, players inflicting emotional torture, group bullying led by one person, Game Players displaying their fear and anxiety of going against their tyrant Charles “Paul” Manson by not playing in a HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD Comp make Big Brother Viewing Conditions cheerless.

Time for Big Brother Producers / CBS to provide Big Brother Viewers with enjoyment — giving Kevin a Coup D’ Etat; Illuminating Jason in the DR regarding Paulmas’ Jason Eviction Plan; DR continuing to clarify to Josh that Josh needs to “listen to his gut” acting on those “nagging” Paulmas suspicions / standing up for Whistle / seeing through the bad mouthing of Kevin / clarifying to Josh “if Paulmas speaks this way about Kevin/Raven – what is being said about me by Paulmas?”

Perhaps Kevin/Jason/Josh can work together – Paulmas can become Josh’s new meatballs and linguine — and instead of being forced to watch a Paul/Alex/Raven F3, viewers can be entertained by watching Kevin/Jason changing the direction of the game (with the help of production giving Kevin / Jason “the unexpected),” and viewers can be entertained watching Kevin and Jason’s walk and talks. Kevin and Jason can be F2 — Cody or Mark can be AFP.


Hey, your comment is a blog post — open a blog.


^this is so funny!


I am not understanding all the Kevin love. Please note I am in no way condoning the treatment he (and all the previously targeted houseguests) have endured,

Obviously, not #TeamKevin; to me, the man has done nothing noteworthy in the game.He was a passive bystander to everyone else’s harassment. His social game tanked about 3 weeks in, and he does NOT EVEN TRY in the comps. Hell, after a week of being isolated, ostracized, and ridiculed he STILL threw the last HOH comp!

He has been a stay at home father who can’t cook? And dropping vague hints of an unhappy marriage to justify cuddling with Christmas. He is not a team player: the man has loose lips and even Matt (who does nothing but Raven and cereal) went up on the block to help his alliance.

I just think Kevin is sneaky, slimy and needs to go. He adds nothing to the game or the feeds.


Robin..”I am not understanding all the Kevin love.”

Let me help you………’s called EMPATHY.

Obviously, you aren’t familiar with the concept.


Quite familiar with empathy, thankyouverymuch. This season has been pulling a lot of that from me with Puppet Master Paul in charge.

Perhaps the better way to phrase it is: why are folks #TeamKevin?

Guy From Canada

#1 this site tends to root for the underdog
#2 Kevin is he least vile thing in the house and has had some witty entertaining comments before he was beaten down by the bullies
#3 he stands up to bullies. He won’t back down when confronted, it drives the other house guests crazy, and he will back down with plausible answers.
#4 Alex hates him, I (and possibly we) hate Alex therefore I ( and possibly we) are #teamkevin as a result.

Those are my reasons in an ugly season I want to cheer for something brighter….even if he is a horrible player and is destined to lose I am team Kevin to the end…..even if he unleashed the Paul curse…..

Jessica's Birth Control

Kevin is playing The Shelley Strategy. This game is very difficult for anyone over 40 playing with a bunch of 20 somethings. He is old out of shape and is forgetful so he cant do physical or mental comps. He has to play the Daddy role to stay in the game. Its very tough to play a social game and bond with younger players. Generally you have to be non threatening and try to attach yourself to the leader as a loyal soldier. That was Shelley riding Jeff and Jordan. But Shelley was smart and knew she had to mak a move. Kevin seems a bit flustered.


Maybe it’s because, he is the only non asshole, non bully, and non follower, left in the house.


September 5, 2017 at 7:34 am
Maybe it’s because, he is the only non asshole, non bully, and non follower, left in the house.”

Awesome comment!


Kevin is the biggest Paul follower in the house. He does whatever Paul wants and he doesn’t even know what the plans are.


I think most people are considering a AFP vote for Kevin to get back at Alex not because he added much entertainment. I don’t agree but their prerogative. Kind of a bitter jury vote against Alex and others who treated Kevin poorly. Now if they had a MAHG (most abused houseguest) award he would 100% of the vote.

Kevy Kev

Aww HGs are feeling bad suddenly b/c a whole 2 beers brings out the heartstrings. Give me a break. A mob mentality that Paul creates and he says he feels bad about putting others at a disadvantage for his own advancement. And I really really hope Alex is wearing her shitting pants. B/c the diarrhea that comes outta her mouth will finally come out her ass.


Production DEF told the houseguests about their behaviour!! 100% i gaurentee it! Tell me how they just had a great bbq YET paul is upset, xmas looks like she’s gonna cry and then josh is on floaty with tears????!?! Anyone else noticing this?


Well you’re 100% wrong so where do I get my money back. They told him about the wildfire in California.

Juliana from New York

Paul is sad because production told him that the wildfire in Calufornia is close to his mothers home. So he is contemplating leaving the game. I feel bad for him, but i really hope that he leaves. Hes not a good person

Juliana from NY

Is that true? Is his mom’s home in jeopardy? That’s terrible. Now I actually feel bad for the gnome, damn it!!! I felt better thinking that production told them they were hated, is that wrong?


His parents have insurance…they will be fine..paul is worried cuz he now may have to get a place of his own. I feel for the parents but not for him after his awful treatment of others….nope…nada

Backseat Driver

Danny…… you’ve got it right……..teary Paul was for the camera!

Cut…..print…..that’s a wrap!!


Yep, production has had talks with them….or…
Paul’s setting up Xmas for her fall….or….
Paul’s trying to mist US, in case he doesn’t make F2, he is making a play for AFP (fat chance)…or…
All three.

Alex, hope karma takes a big bite out of your butt when you get out.

Kevin for AFP!


And the Academy Award goes to ……


I laugh everytime I read someone saying they have watched every season of Big Brother since Season 1 and that they are going to stop watching.
2. 99% OF PEOPLE ACTUALLY ***DID NOT*** WATCH SEASON 1 BACK IN 2000. (maybe they skimmed through it on YouTube in the past couple years. Season 1 was not like this show at was totally different format..and SUCKED
3. If you ask people who won Season 1 of Big Brother..most people say Dr. Will
LOL…He didnt win Season 1. Will Kirby won Season 2. which had this current fornat without any Vetos.


The first season was won by a one legged dude who had a great social game! I watched!!! Dr.Will got himself out of dire situations repeatedly on his season…skilled talker!
My Mom has been a fan since year one, but gave up this year. I have missed 75% of the televised shows this year…but, still here!


Actually I HAVE watched every season, including season 1 – Winner was Eddie – and when I say I am going to stop watching, I mean this season, NOT the show in general, which I have. I really don’t understand why this upsets you so much…….
Who cares if someone says they aren’t going to watch anymore and then do….

Die hard fan

WELL YOU ARE WRONG MR WALL!!! I have watched EVERY season since season one! I believe the winner’s name was Eddie and he lost a leg to cancer. Back in season one America got to vote for who would be evicted too. So just because you think it, doesn’t make it true. And I know of three die hard fans who have been watching since season 1 who have stopped. So if you don’t want to hear people being disgusted by a disgusting season, STOP COMING HERE TO READ!!!

Hate'em all

I wish we could vote for evictions this year!


September 5, 2017 at 7:19 am, I watched season 1. The winner had one leg. There was one episode where Big Brother brought in a bunch of Pug dogs. One of them had only 3 legs and it was the one that the winner of that season liked (I’m old and don’t remember the name), but if I recall he was from Texas. Now, tell me I didn’t watch every season, IDIOT!


You are so wrong I have watched since season 1 along with several of my friends. And yes we have all stopped watching just come to this site. A true fan doesn’t have to watch this crap.
I would encourage everyone to stop basically the only ones watching don’t come to social media sites and just think everything is amazing. So I call you on your dumb bluff.


I have a feeling that Paul is going to vote for Kevin to be evicted so that there would be a tie (Raven,Josh for Jason / Paul/Alex for Kevin) and force Christmas to break the tie so Alex will still trust him and then blame the second vote for Kevin on Raven or Josh. He will come out smelling like roses for the double eviction….. They Christmas can’t play in HOH, Jason will be gone, Josh and Raven…well they can’t win sh*t so he can throw it to Alex and then she can take a shot at Christmas or Josh. and again, Paul comes out smelling like roses…As much as I don’t like Paul, this is a great game move. I wish we could just fast forward to the end already and give him the money….


Paul is voting to evict Kevin forcing Christmas to break the tie.

This is why Josh is so upset.

Josh is realizing that Paul is setting himself up not to have blood on his hands. Josh tries to tell Christmas his concerns about Paul. Christmas dismisses Josh.

Production needs to intervene and give Kevin/Jason a Power. Paul/Christmas deserve to be shocked and dismayed after no-one played in the HOH Competition.


I’ve been thinking the same thing and hoping Josh goes with his heart to keep Jason and getting rid of Jason backfires on Paul. Would love it.


Alex did resemble Pow-Pow from a couple seasons ago. That was true when it was brought up Week 1. Its NOT racist to say that just because they are Asian..that thought was friggin ridiculous …YES they really do look alike…Height, Weight, and Ethnicity!
It was also mannerisms and energy…and spunkiness…that made them look alike

Julie's Rice Bowl

The difference is that if Pow Pow made me a bowl of rice, I would probably eat it. If Alex did, I wouldn’t. The Gold Standard is Helen. I would eat her rice every day.

Butters Mom

Paul was ACTING… lol so they could get shots for the recorded show to edit this stupid thing to make Paul look like he has a soul. All of them were… these tears will all be part of the recorded show . Not falling for this crap anymore production… we are on to you!

Jessica's Birth Control

I have seen better acting in porn….

The Case For Paul

I’m not going to accuse Paul of saintly behavior but the guy’s playing a great game of BB and y’all just crap on him constantly. Sure he’s used bullying as a tool to get ahead in this GAME but like any GAME you have to play with the hand you’re dealt. Look at this group of HGs. His tactics appeal to a lot of them and keep the target off of his back (bear in mind that he’s the vet who the HOH tried to nom Week 1). Maybe there’s another way he could have advanced to this point and had this kind of control but the point is he’s done it and deserves to win Big Brother.

Grodner Hearts Paul

The 3 weeks of safety handed to him by Production are what flipped the house to him, showed the rest they’d better play ball with him or else, and got the target off his back. AG deserves more credit for his win than he does.


Strange to see the bully club members suddenly discover a conscience, a bit of circumspection and pondering the nature of the game…come on BB!!! We might be fools here, watching this wreckage of a season, but there is no way we are buying that these jerks have a compassionate soul. I draw the line at making me a complicit fool…Kevin needs to pull off AFP, or Cody, because of the disrespect shown to his years of service to this country .

BB, you deserve the wrath of your fans for not taking control of these HG monsters!

Raven isn't Canadian.

I always find it funny how every season half the ppl in the house act totally wasted off 2 beers.

Part of it faking drunk. All 20’s somethings do this. Lame like fake pot heads. Part of it, these geeks never drank before.

Can we get to Alex getting evicted so I can stop watching this dumpster fire?


Interesting how often people have complained about production, then suggest things production should do to impact the game. Apparently, manipulation is okay if it helps a player you like. Paul should have been voted out a long time ago, give him credit for playing all of these people, they have had their chances. Jess and Cody were also nasty people so they fit right in with this grip. With all the complaining on this site, Cameron should be in first place in the rankings

Die hard fan

People don’t want production involved at all, but it’s painfully obvious, and even admitted by Paul, that they are involved. So we are just asking to change it up a bit to give us something worth while to watch. This season has become a real shit show. I don’t even watch it much anymore. I just tune in every now and then to laugh at how stupid they all are, ie, “I trust Paul so I’m throwing the Running HOH comp to a one legged Halloween witch!”


Well, the crotch grabbing butt-hole poking vein throbbing lunatic got what she really came for.
Jessica Graf has joined Bold and the Beautiful. Not a joke.


Watching the three most annoying voices in the house yelling and screaming as they try to play dumb games hoping for more camera time makes me cringe. Raven especially screams like a friken banshee. Thank god they don’t give them alcohol too often. Thanks pop next time don;t bother.


Nothing is really going on.. the next update will be later in the day. For the next 2 weeks this will probably be how things go down As less and less goes on.

Teri in OR

Thank you Simon for this and everything you both do all season. Will be donating as usual. Best wishes from a very smoky Pacific North West.


Thanks Teri!


I lied I got a little post out.. LOL

Diary Room Wild Paul No More

Did anyone else notice that on Sunday nights BB show Paul’s DR’s were toned down a little ( for him at least). Not as much screaming and yelling more just explaining. I think production is trying to tone him down all the way around. He usually drives me insane I. The DR segment and last show was MILD!


I think BB needs to do a season of nothing but all the past guests that were the first to leave. They didn’t get a chance to play. So let them all play together. It would be an even playing field….NO VETS GET TO COME IN!