“I love running.. my Mile time? like 6:20 .. my mom holds the record in Arkansas 5:45”

Noon Kevin and Jason
Jason saying all the fake crying is driving him nuts

Kevin – what would you do if you were me.. reside to the fact you’re on the block and you may leave and just be cool right.. why argue and fight.. I don’t want to argue with nobody
Kevin – let’s say you leave and I stay .. it’s going to be me next.. the age gap I just don’t get it I can’t do it.. if I was 24 years old it wouldn’t be close who would win this game
Kevin – I was a great athlete and I got along with everybody..
Kevin – that’s another thing.. you and me can’t be hugging around.. I see Paul and Xmas are getting together Josh and Xmas
Kevin – what Am I gonna do hug a 22 f*ing year old girl
Jason – and that builds a hell of a connection.. we’re missing out on that connection
Kevo – you at least had Alex
Jason – Alex is like dude repellent though
Jason doesn’t know how they can beat Alex in the end.
Kevin – there’s another person you can’t beat..
Jason – Paul
Kevin – yeah.. it’s like professional Big Brother’s they put you and me in here..
Kevin – it’s like me going in the bull ring
Jason – the only way to beat those 2 is to get rid of one of them and I mean .. .I have no interest in that.. (no interest in winning)
Kevin – let’s say I’m gone and you win HOH who are you going to put up.. I’m not going to tell anyone
Jason – Raven for sure and probably Josh or Xmas..
Kevin – alright..

Jason – I have no idea.. I have so many f*ing things that bebop in and out of my f*ing Skull
Jason – I can’t keep a thought
Kevin – for more than 10 Seconds
JAson – yeah
Kevin – even when you’re thinking about sex.. it’s jumping out in 5 seconds
Jason – If you didn’t have ADD when you got here you are leaving with it

2:01pm Raven, xmas, Paul, Alex..
Raven going on about how her mom had breast cancer and now she needs to get checked regularly
Xmas says her mom had breast cancer so she gets checked every year
Raven – I get checked every 6 month because of my disease too..
Raven – my aunt passed away from breast cancer than 2 years ago My mother had breast cancer
Raven now saying she has cysts in her breasts ..
Raven – I can’t have a breast reduction because of my fibrous cysts..
Paul – can you get the cysts removed
Raven – no it’ll just grow more
Raven – I get it from my grandma
Paul – what the fuck
Xmas- I don’t get it.. what if you get breast cancer how do they remove
Raven – I have them I can feel them..

They start talking about fitness and running.
Raven – I love running in general I’ll run a couple miles before work
Xmas – what’s your mile time
Raven – my Mile time like 6:20
Xmas – sooooo what’s your 5K time
Paul – Your Mile was 6:20? that’s f*ing good
Xmas – yeah that’s fast
Raven – my 5K time is 18 or 19
Alex – mines was 8:40
Xmas – 6:20 is fast..
Raven – my mom holds the record in Arkansas her mile was 5 minutes and 45 seconds.. (WTF)
Raven – i’m good at long distance .. I get it from my mom

Xmas says when she trains for endurance her best times in in the 7’s

2:20pm After Raven leaves..
They talk about how insane a 6:20 minute mile is and they don’t believe it.
Xmas says there’s a guy on her team that runs a 6:30 mile and he’s the fastest.

Alex says it took her months to get to a 8:40 mile and that was going hard at it
XMas says when she’s super conditioned for endurance she can make 7:30 7:40 miles and that’s PEAK conditioning for her.

Alex – I was 7:50 once, that was after running every single day
They talk about Raven saying she needs to be checked 6 months. Xmas doesn’t believe that Raven needs to be checked every 6 months. She’s over 30 and her mom had breast cancer and she only needs to be checked every year.
Xmas – she’s not f*ing 30 there’s no way she gets checked every 6 months for that
Xmas calls bullshit on Raven.

Looks like they got yard games to play..

2:26pm Inverted spine must make this easier..

6:21pm Chit chat about Birth control..

The next update may be awhile.. nothing is happening..

7:00pm Paul, Kevin and Xmas
Talking about Raven interrupting every time they have a story with a story that 1 ups them.
Xmas – nobody can finish a sentence or conversation

Xmas – I’m so frustrated and so at the end of it.. I’m at the end of my rope with her
Paul – at first.. all my sympathy and empathy were gone.. I was like this girl has to win this game
Paul – when I first met Raven the stories she would tell me about how you know.. her slim chances of continuing life and like her attitude towards life and like her bucket list thing her positivity and this and that..
Paul – I thought WOW what a exceptional human being, this is why she was cast.. to teach people a lesson
Xmas – it was beatiful

Paul – at this point the things she says do not match up with the things that she does or the way that she is
Paul – she painted a picture for us how what she is but know that we’ve gotten to know her..
Xmnas – it’s a facade
Paul – it’s a facade

Paul – she does have a legitimate illness.. It sounds so bad and so scary..
Paul – there’s a feeling of sadness but there’s also a feeling.. am I stupid because the things you are telling me don’t add up don’t make sense or flat out bullshit
Paul – do I humour these things because I feel bad becuase of you illness or at what point to I say Holy f* I can’t take this
Paul – I can’t keep showing face to things that are getting under my skin..
Paul – it’s a really odd scenario of, we’re in the public eye.. of course we’re in the back of our minds I want to be the best version of myself. (holy lords of Kraken .. if this was the best version)
Paul – and be as politically correct as I can ./ be a stand up representative of who I am.. but at the same time..

Paul – all you are trying to do is make me feel bad around you.. your positive traits ..
Xmas – they’re gone
Paul – I thought damn what A cool person

Xmas says there’s a core of things that are true, “maybe when ashe came she’s the person she wants to become.. that super positive person.. ma6ybe that was it.. over a time period she kinda slipped back into his older version of herself where if she plays it up she gets more sympathy”

Xmas – look at her family history.. she hasn’t developed the skill set to become her own hero.. because of this tragedy so her default is to go back tas the victim

Paul says Raven said “Why the f* would I hide cat years I have a few years to live”
Paul – when she came in she made it sound
Xmas- 2 years
Paul – I thought she was going to die. AS time progress as she adds things and takes things away..
Paul – I’m not trying to clown on it.. I’m confused..

8:16pm Xmas loves her team she’s glad to be friends with Josh and Paul. Xmas wants the three of them to make it to the end.
Xmas says if Big Brother asks her to come back she’ll play a different game. (please for the love of Kraken do not bring anyone back.. )

Xmas – Paul talks about how last year wasn’t like this year
Xmas – if Big BRother does ask me to come back next year (please Kraken no) and I come back I’m obviously going to be playing a different game it’s going to be different people.
Xmas – I don’t feel that they will be as awesome, Collaborative, or Cordial as this group has (Ohh man.. )
Xmas – yeah there was lots of blow outs.. we got Petty there was fights and pranks… and lots of arguments I really do feel that the chemistry between this team and this group of Big BRother houseguests has been unique and exceptional (Exceptional?)
Xmas – and I’m not sure if they are going to even go that route next year.
Xmas says she would like to come back to do another season and be a “dominating contestant with a good foot”

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We're on to you Paul

Can’t believe production would allow two players into the game who knew each other esp Paul and Raven. Is it a setup that he’s been put there to take her to the end?? Give me a break if that’s the case!


Remember James, Nicole and Paulie talking about their training sessions with Cody at camp Califiore? Nothing new about this. Typical BB deception.

Franks Fumes

Can you imagine what a train wreck Camp Califore was what with that Maniac Pauline and his creepy Dad…..

BB Fan

BB has had plenty of seasons that had people on who secretly knew each other outside of the house. The difference with this season is in evey other occurrence the viewers are aware of “the twist”. If this is true about Paul and Raven then CBS is scamming us.

Franks Fumes

Last night Josh and Assmas in hot tub Josh is talking to Xmas that Paul may have shady reasons to keep Alex over Raven next eviction. Assmas freaks out tells Josh she can’t sit here and listen to this and is not all right talking about Paul. Is she really that snowed by Paul…..I don’t think so but she seems to be willing to sacrifice everything for him……I smell Production…

Franks Fumes

Make up your GD mind Raven are you sick or world class athlete…….where’s Matt when you need to plug her pie hole!

Judgmental Judy

Her GPA was in Dance, ya’ll.

Backseat Driver

THANK YOU……Simon!!

Gotcha CBS…..


Why stir up more hate? Can’t tell that’s Raven for sure by this video, her hand is in front of her face.


You’re not. That person is a Paul lover.


Are you kidding? You’ve been fueling the hate in these comment sections all season with your biased, snide remarks/commentary!

Not Raven's Mom

Paul Raven families get the fuck off line you have raised horrible children


I don’t think that’s her.


There is a picture of her hugging Paul. That is her in the video. You aren’t stirring up hate, you just said “going to leave this here”…we can all think for ourselves and decide what we think.


Is that the hugging picture of when Paul went to Arkansas for meet and greets? If meet and greets mean people are friends, then Garth Brooks must be my father.


Lol…then Paul’s grandpa is apparently Garth Brooks!

C’Mon Paul’s mom…stop defending your basement dweller.


She was actually friends with victor. She came to one of the meet and greets that Paul and Vic were doing together. They do know each other, but from everything I’ve read, they didn’t know each other that well . But she has known Vic for awhile. Not sure how though. I also read her “in” on the show came from Vic. Although I’m sure he had no idea she’s a scammer.


It was mentioned to Matt that she went to a gig in Little Rock, Ark and met Paul backstage…that was early in the game. Here is proof she was a Manson follower before the show. I think they may have cast this show through a Paul Fan Club…oxymoron for sure!


Most definitely the cast is a “Paul Fan Club”, they were all upset that he didn’t win last year so they (Production) picked a cast who would willingly let him win this year.


I tried looking at it and it says it’s been removed? That could be the proof?



Here is the video that was deleted.

I’m not no Paul superfan, but why is everyone so convinced that’s her? She’s covering her face and even from what you can see, I don’t think it looks like her?


Its her big eyes…idk


You’re right, not enough evidence of the photo and who cares she said she went to his concert or he said…But the fan scream in the background does sound like it could be her.


Now this link says the video has been deleted, too…grrrrr, I just want to see it!


Getting page not found on that instagram link for the video too.

Botox Pelosi

Didn’t Raven say earlier on the feeds that she didn’t want to talk about knowing Paul before the show?


Does anyone remember the first show when they introduce Raven as a ghost chaser or a spirit hunter. She never tells those stories..


I know that was something I was hoping to hear about I thought it was so funny she was this dancer chick who thought she was a ghostbuster but she hasn’t said anything about it before that I remember


…She’s said a lot of things…

Resist the Twist

That video does NOT reflect well on Casting and Production. Only two acceptable scenarios to fix it

1) DQ Raven and Paul immediately

2) Julie announces on Finale night that the ” twist ” was last is first and first is last. Congrats Cameron on the 500K !!


Production doesn’t care. The ratings are decent so there will unfortunately be no change.

Captain Obvious

I realized the “joke” was really on us the viewers of Big Brother and how CBS tries to get away with a very scripted show and offers it up every year as a random reality show. No thanks CBS, done with this production BS and any that follow afterwards unless big chances happen to casting. The BB brand is not worth it anymore to invest interest or time into.

Thank you very much for providing this site Simon/Dawg, I still read up on this season because even as painful as it is I will see the season out reading your blog/comments! Thanks dudes!!


BB needs to broaden the demographics of this show, which has lost its way. They use to have young 20s, to 50 yr olds. Now, they throw in one 50+ against all hard bodies 20s and a few sprinkle of 30 yr olds. It’s for ratings and unfortunately the social experiment that was riveting years ago starting with winner 1, Eddie, has become this vicious, production interfering debacle of a cast. Does CBS think that only teens and vapid people watch? Get rid of Grodner, and revamp this show or get rid of it.


both have been deleted


What was in the tweets? I went to view them but they “no longer exist.”

sunny dee

i’ve seen the instagram photo of her and Paul, obviously out, i think he or she said it was him playing with his band and she went to it. it could also have been a meet and greet for BB casting auditions. this was at least a month ago i saw the pic, and at least a couple of weeks ago she and matt almost talking about it as well. of course we all know how she storifies everything so what i saw is a basic oooh, paul, can i have a photo with you i’m your biggest fan, and her embellishing it to a one night stand with him and vic


I did see Paul the other night kiss Raven on the forehead. Haven’t seen him kiss any other girl. Don’t know if he’s hooking up with Xmas though Xmas would love it. What a bunch.


Xmas would love ANYBODY to hook up with her. She started out the summer hanging all over Kevin. She seems desperate.

Justin Beaver

Simon stole the tweets! Simon is a tweet stealing, hate stirring , flip flopper!


someone on this site has posted the Instagram footage still available to view. I think it’s her. Just my opinion.

Butters Mom

I guess I got here too late to see what that was… I think its been deleted.


It’s a video of Paul cooking fries for his friends a few ago…

Fierce at 50

Those tweets have been deleted. What did they say??

Biff Tannen

And I’ll just leave this here: http://www.arkansasmatters.com/news/ar-local/kark_20150724034327644/165127029

For those who don’t want to click, the Arkansas state record for a woman (non-professional, non-college athlete) in the mile appears to be 4:41. Obviously, a professional would run it faster. I mean, I’m sure it’s possible Raven meant that her mom held the record for a certain age group, but I’m not inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Min O'Pause

I think her mama was running from the popo at the time.


That does tend to make you run faster.

Oh pitiful Raven

I live in Arkansas, I run and my kid runs. She ran a 5:45 in JR High track. Girls in High School ran 5:19 this past track season. Raven has lost her mind.


How did Xmas know Paul?


What’s going on with the tweets. One is deleted and the other one removed the info?

go kevin

Its her. Evil Dick posted it also https://www.instagram.com/p/BYqaFeUlJp8/

Cody Is A Robot

That is TOTALLY her.


BB Canada last year was actually won by two brothers both of who didn’t know the other one was playing until the first night they all entered the house. Think the secret came out pretty early on and they had to play as one person taking turns at comps etc.

Aunt Cece

What were they? They’ve both been deleted!


check out go kevin link


Those have disappeared. What were they?


Seems as of now I can’t see those tweets…


i dont see how a 6:20 mile is so incredible.. they make it seem as if it is a fantastical lie.. granted she IS a liar and is likely lying.. but it sure isnt out of the realm of possibility.. and alex with her 8+ minute comparison…. girl you’re just not an athlete.. 8 min is slowwwww… in college i had to do a two mile run for my soccer team and did it in 10:45… one mile? piece of cake.

Just sayin'

“Alex is dude repellent” bahahahahaha truer words have never been spoken

Botox Pelosi

That is the quote of the season.


During the first 3 weeks my sister was adamant that Alex was born a dude. I didn’t see it, but she’s still not convinced.

Kevin Fan

What would that even matter?

Kevin is an Egotistical Doofus

A dude named Alex becomes a lady named Alex whose now being described as a dude repellant…

It doesn’t matter, nobody said it mattered (strawman). It is simply a comment my Lord.

Raven lover

End the season.

Give it to the only deserved winner. RAVEN!

Hot, smart and built like a godess.


Jessica's Birth Control

if by “Hot, smart and built like a godess” you mean a fat, dumb, filthy pig. Then yes, i agree..

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Jessica’s birth control – I just laughed out loud!!!! Thanks for that and I so agree!!!
Hey though you forgot to add, ‘Trailer trash scum of the earth tramp.” lol


OMG I wish Raven’s bum of a mother would get off the computer and go get a job.


She can’t she spent her whole life dying she still hasn’t gotten there yet might be another 20 or 30 years

Penny Tration

these people are morons. The fact that xmas doesn’t call her out on the mile time BS makes me question Xmas’s knowledge. 6:20 is fast and so is 5:45, but in no way is that even close to state record. There are 12 year old children in my kids school that run sub 5:45.

Botox Pelosi

That is the Arkansas state record for the Inverted Spine Mile with kneecap syndrome and a pacemaker.


Hilarious. Best ever!


That is freaking funny! Thanks

Penny tration

Botox, that is outstanding! Well played.


I was curious and looked it up. Brian Baker holds the Arkansas record at 3.57.


Bingo. That was Raven’s pre-op name.


have u seen raven’s mom? She ain’t running more than 20 steps, and that’s only to the fridge.


Just read an article from a track and field High School student in northern California and here are some of his statements: “sub 5:00 is still pretty far from being competitive in high school”; “I ran 4:48 and wasn’t close to go to regionals.”; “Sub 4:30 is a great bench mark.You’ll probably score in most meets (you probably won’t win)”

Resist the Twist

Inverted spine must help with this #BB19 @DawgsBigBrother

Bwahahahahahaha BEST comment all Season Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ONLY thing that makes this Season bearable are joining Everyone on these Boards. It had been a total bust cast-wise. More like #AsTheSheepleTurn instead of Big Brother

Kraken for the win !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Raven can never have too much attention. Maybe BB19 will come up with a new category so Raven can win something for ‘Most inventive medical conditions ever’ on BB. That way she doesn’t go home with only the stipend but at the same time not be given AFG just for being such a space cadet.

Botox Pelosi

The Julie Chen Big Brother Participation Award.

F Raven

Why would anyone want that scammer to get extra? She doesn’t even deserve the stipend. If she wants more, let her run another con after she gets out. Sadly people like you still want to find her fraud of a life.


I think you guys deserve higher donations this year from listening to these lunatics all summer.

Raven's Spine

Please stop lying on me

BB Cat Lady

Lol … inverted spine must help lol! How in the world did Door-Matt put up with Scammin’ Raven!? I wouldn’t be able to listen to her for more than 5 minutes — I think I’d self evict! Please evict Alex this week – I know it won’t happen but gosh it sure would be sweet if they did!
As always…thank you Simon & Dawg for these updates 🙂 I don’t know how you can sit thru this Kraken of a season.


I’m sure when Matt was tired of her voice he just put something in her mouth to shut her up.


Last year during bb18 finale, Julie announced the three contenders for AFP: Victor, Nat and James with Victor winning it. Would guess she would announce the top three again this year being Kevin, Cody and maybe Mark or Jason. Don’t care who wins it, just that the list makes Alex and Co crap on stage.


Thank you Jo. Paul was telling someone the other night that he got the most votes for AFP but because he got the 50,000 for second place they gave AFP to Victor who got less votes than him. I knew he was lying but couldn’t remember the top vote getters.


I seriously doubt Jason will be in the running after his comments made national mainstream news and world news. The others…yes and Jessica too. I assume BB will have to tell Josh soon about the hurricane since it appears Miami may be in a pickle this weekend. He should know what is going on with his family as it appears they told Paul his family home is threatened by LA fire.


You think his home was really threatened? He just leaned now of the La Tuna fire from 3/4 days ago that affected NE Burbank. I think Paul lives in an affluent NW LA suburb.


I hope that Mark, Kevin and Jason don’t split the vote allowing someone like Josh or Alex to win. Those just watching the TV show will fall for that cutsie, hide and scare people cr@p that Alex stole from James.


I was going to say the same thing, when there’s a serious family issue we have seen people leave the game. But if they were letting Paul know about his mom moving to safety due to the fires, they’d have to tell Josh since Miami is being evacuated due to one of the strongest hurricanes ever seen in the Atlantic. Given those two situations, I think it’s much more likely they told Paul to behave or he won’t win.

The Truth

The girls 1600M record in Arkansas as of 2007 was 5:01.1, set in 1986. Don’t think that name is Raven’s mom.



Please don’t confuse everyone with facts.


If Raven’s mom’s name is Lauren Paquette, then the record is held by her in Arkansas at 4.41M http://gorunning.com/arkansas-ldr-records-1-mile-2/


I’m surprised no one has looked up the passenger list of the titanic..i appreciate the research but there’s no reason to see if Raven is lying ..see is..


Just looked up the Titanic passenger list… doesn’t appear as though Raven’s relative was aboard. However, there was a young man that swim. As a slowly sank, survivors said he kept repeating “my spine, my spine, my damn inverted spine”. So… maybe…


O to the m to the gggg raven she’s going to be so embarrassed when she gets out of here…I had a friend in high school and he was a pathological liar…it’s like they can’t help themselves..like he told everybody he bought his girlfriend a ring that cost $400 what it really cost like 50 and he would just make up the most ridiculous stories I’ve ever heard of .I don’t know much about pathological lying is it a medical condition or can it be helped can you get help for it .. If you can’t get help for it I hope Raven does because there’s just no need to lie like that ..I don’t know if it makes her feel more important but it’s just something that was probably taught to her at a young age from her mother to get attention I don’t know it’s weird ..


Pathological Liars often have a Personality Disorder that needs treatment. Frequently they cannot tell the truth from lies and eventually the lie becomes the truth. In Raven’s situation she had a parent with a narcissistic personality ( mother) and these people are usually neglectful of a childs needs for proper parental attention. I think Raven has only ever had attention through medical intervention and her mother’s odd stories. Raven needs to realize that having medical issues does not substitute for a personality and she also needs to learn empathy for others too.


I watch a video of raven and her mom, on Arkansas local tv..(YouTube.. Raven Walton) asking to be on Ellen, to ask for help with surgeries and medical things(she never made it to The Ellen Show). After this season of BB, she need to be on DR. MF. PHIL…. we need to petition that DR. PHIL have her and her mom on the show, to get to the bottom of this. It is 100% obvious Raven was taught to lie and believe some mis truth. Please for the Love of God and the Truth, get this family on Dr. Phil.

Team BB Canada

Putting her on Dr. Phil will just fuel her need for fame. She tried unsuccessfully to get on Ellen. She’s a fame whore. She definitely needs counselling, but in a private setting.


I’d love to see the whole friken jury people on Dr Phil he’d get their bullshit down right away

Judgmental Judy

More like Jerry Springer!


She won’t be embarrassed. She’ll simply say THAT was her “strategy” to play everyone. She’ll say she has an incredible ability to influence people and get them to do what she wants, and she’ll give herself kudos for her mastermind gameplay. As we say in the south, “Bless her heart.”


I haven’t been on the site in a few days. What is the plan this week? To vote Jason out?

Rocket J. Squirrel



Oh my lord!! Where the eff did you guys find these morons? Garbage players= garbage dumpster. This isn’t even a show anymore, just people getting paid to act and follow orders.


It comes down to who I dislike the least. Still can’t decide, maybe Cameron cause he wasn’t there long enough to participate. So maybe him for favourite Fiirst time I cannot see any of them deserving first or second. Kinda like Kevin second cause it would annoy everyone else else. Or Josh for second day that would annoy lots of the house pests! Who I would not want to be second Alex or Raven,… well none of them really, crappie season!


Has raven thrown up once this year?


Is that your thing? Not judging. Just curious.


NOPE. And with GP its mostly nausea a lot and with everything else Raven complains about she has not mentioned it once.

Jessica's Birth Control

Only when she deep throats….


How could that be possible with Matt?

Backseat Driver

I worked with a gal like Raven…..lied, told stories, etc. Never had a picture from the cruises and exotic “trips” she took…..no pictures of the children or husband she claimed to have! (her camera was stolen or a fire destroyed everything) It was tiresome and troubling for those of us knowing she was lying…..YET, nobody called her out on it! Same here with these guys…..it’s uncomfortable and nobody wants to be the bad guy!


My step sister is the same way….I used to call her out on her lies all the time but she just tells more lies covering the lies that I am calling her out on. It is very exhausting…

Jessica's Birth Control


Good point! Captain Cereal is no texas long horn


After watching BBAD I hate them even more which I never thought could happen. The way they just ignored Kevin when everyone was celebrating getting the cook out really pissed me off. He basically had to ask for a hug. They are some sick sick mother f$*)ers. I cannot wait for Julie to announce top 3 for Americas Fav….dont care which one wins but I am pretty sure will be Kevin Cody and Jessica which that alone will piss all of these people off. I want Jason to stay and Kevin to leave so that he wont be alienated and isolated which will happen after Jason leaves. Kevin will have so much more fun in jury. These people are beyond vile and evil….whats a word worse than that other than satan reincarnated??? I want to give Kevin a hug!!!!!

Grodner Hearts Paul

I saw a link somewhere to an Evel Dick interview. Apparently Paul & Josh think Dick would be a fan of theirs and approve of their antics, but he definitely does not. He said he didn’t need mob tactics or sheep to do his dirty work for him. Said Paul “poisoned” the other houseguests. Thinks Production pretty much gave the season to Paul. And he’s a Cody & Jess fan.

Bet Paul & josh will have their feelings hurt by that, although Paul’s 500K will ease the pain.


Opinions of an a***hole who burned a bb house guest with a cigarette, or threw hot tea on her, and also banged pots and pans………ugh


everyone always brings up Dick burning Jenn, but forget to include that Jen was grabbing at his cigarette. Dick warned her. She burnt herself and still kept grabbing at it. I can’t remember if this was before of after she destroyed his cigarettes and pulled a Matt, eating while being a have-not.

I had no issue with Dick using pots and pans but i do with Josh.
1) be original. Dick used pots and pans, find somthing else to do. He ‘s also been saying alot of “your boy” in the D.R.
2)after he uses pots and pans or “calls people out” he’s the one left in tears crying playing the victim game. Can’t take the heat? put down the pots and pans.


The tiny hamsters in Paul’s brain are working overtime trying to figure out who the jury house will NOT vote for over him! I think he wants Josh next to him at the end…poor hamsters!
Jason is a complete loser putting his feelings for Paul and Alex over the needs of his family back home. He is in debt, has a pregnant wife, and his case of Stocholm Syndrom has him shivering at the thought of putting up his two dudes, Alex and Paul. You deserve a swift kick in the butt! Bye,bye you dumbass cowboy loser!


Sadly evertytime Raven says something I find myself quickly checking Google.

Botox Pelosi

I hear on BBAD tonight she will be talking about her alien abduction in a past life.


I don’t doubt that for a single second! I can’t stand her voice and yet I can’t wait to hear what’s going to spew out of that garish painted mouth next!

Justin Beaver

It’s not that unusual for alien abductors to invert someone’s spine. They do it as a joke. They like too watch people try to stuff food into their asses.


When I found out pathetic Paul was going to be on season 19 I said I wouldn’t watch and I didn’t the first couple of shows. Now I watch and am just waiting for cannalbalism to take over! I detest everyone still in the house except Kevin. I think Christmas should have been sent packing once she was injured, Jason for his rape comments and inabilty to keep his hands where they belong, Raven for having serious mental health issues and Josh for just being Josh! Worst season ever!

Ravens Battery

So Raven said yesterday that her mother had to find doctors to diagnose her. Like I said a month ago Ravens suffers from Munchausen syndrome by proxy and you thumbed me down. After the last two weeks I would say she suffers from MSBP!

Also, love the way Xmass is working out to get those opiate cravings out of her, an inspiration. Still an obnoxious person, but we see how she overcame the first fight with addiction.


I agree, she has MSBP. Her mother raised her to believe all these things. Mom got attention through the years by having a sick child. Raven isn’t bright enough to question her mother. After all her gpa is dance, not medicine.


Obviously you have no clue what the words by proxy actually mean…


I believe you don’t know what it means. A caregiver ( mother) creates the illnesses to get attention. After years of being told you have these illnesses Raven believes them to be true. The mother started years ago, and then moved on to creating a sick child for more attention.


He means that the MOTHER would have MSBP, in this case, whereas Raven would be the victim of it. Raven would not have MSBP, her mother would.

“Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) is a mental health problem in which a caregiver makes up or causes an illness or injury in a person under his or her care, such as a child, an elderly adult, or a person who has a disability. Because vulnerable people are the victims, MSBP is a form of child abuse or elder abuse.”


You are saying it wrong, MSBP is a syndrome that the CAREGIVER OR PARENT has, so that would be Raven’s mother. It basically means that the parent makes up illnesses about their child to get money or attention etc. So Raven is actually a VICTIM of someone (her mother) who suffers from MSBP. And this has resulted in her now suffering from munchausen syndrome, which is when you make up fake diseases or illnesses about yourself.

Mother Teresa

If raven can run that fast, I’m the queen of England. No, Mother Teresa! How in Gods good earth can these people think they can make up lies on national tv and not have backlash? I hope she donates her brain and body to science so they can learn how to prevent human trash from polluting the earth!

Botox Pelosi

Well she did say she belonged to MENSA and that her GPA in school was ballet. Genius.


I thought this was just another photo of Raven talking out of her ass.


This season can be saved with a reunion a couple weeks after the finale. I can’t wait to see the reality check a few of these people will have when they enter the real world again.

Hopefully the mafia boss can start making some moves if he survives this week. #PrayForKevin


Kevin doesn’t have any moves. He is totally clueless about this game. I think 2 of his daughters are big fans and took him to a casting call. The smartest thing he did in this game was take the $25,000 faster than anyone else.


I think Raven does have a condition but it involves lying about all the things wrong with her


I am beginning to think Josh has buyers remorse about who he started his alliance with and is now stuck

Grodner Hearts Paul

Yes. He’s figured out what needs to be done but all the people who might have helped him do it are already gone and he helped put them out the door. Now his only trusted ally is telling him to shut up and let Paul win.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Raven’s pig of a mother couldn’t run to a refrigerator to get her third helping of chocolate cake.

Min O'Pause

I heard that if she was told to haul ass it would take her three trips to get ‘er done……

Raven the Dumpster Fire

In that photo, is the frail Raven letting her STDs fly? Also did a little homework, and big surprise could not find Raven’s fat ass momma on any Arkansas running record holder list. Shocking news!!!

Can't take it anymore!

I have to say I have watched Big Brother since season 3, and this is the first year I have stopped watching the shows. The only one I may watch is the live show, and that is even irritating to think about. This has to be the dumbest group of followers I have ever seen! I am pissed ? that I have had to endure this torture! This show is done if they do not change things. The absolute WORST season EVER!!!!!

Can't take it anymore!

I have to say I have watched Big Brother since season 3, and this is the first year I have stopped watching the shows. The only one I may watch is the live show, and that is even irritating to think about. This has to be the dumbest group of followers I have ever seen! I am pissed ? that I have had to endure this torture! This show is done if they do not change things. The absolute WORST season EVER!!!!!

Little Sister

I’m sorry if I am wrong but didn’t Raven originally say her Mom held the record at 5:50?


Is Raven really a professional ballet dancer?

Ecchk!! Ecchk!!!

Ecch! Arch!

Jessica's Birth Control

That must be a typo. she is a:
Professional Belly Dancer. How the f@ck does someone with a gastro disease eat everything in fuckin sight like this bitch? Her ass is growing by the day and is the size of a small garage. Matt could bounce his grand kids on that ass. And yes, I said Matt becuase there is no way that toolbox is 32. 52 maybe.


Paul Paul Paul….. saying on BBAD that when he’s done with modeling and doing commercials (he can’t wreck the money maker) he can get back into MMN fighting. HaHaHaHa!!!!!!

Jessica's Birth Control

Kevin must have an erection. Hes finally at the cool kids table again talking game. Dude you really have to man up and make some moves, instead of waiting on pauls handouts. The HGs are like dogs waiting for paul to throw them scraps of attention. there is no fight, no passion, no determination. These people are embarrassingly docile and feel honored when paul gives them the time of day. Kevin has been on the outs for a week, not included in the plans, and largely ignored. Instead of dealing with the fact that he may be out after Jason, he has no strategy. All of the HGs strategy is just hope paul targets someone else. WTF is this show??? Big Bum Kisser??

swamp vamp

If Raven was a real scammer, wouldn’t she be a bit more calculating about her lies? She also physically mimics people without seeming to be conscious of it. With Matt gone, the House Guests are just now realising how unstuck from reality she is. Last night Paul said she was ‘unearthing his sense of self’. Meantime she is seemingly oblivious to the blow back & consequences of her ‘on the spot’ fantasies. Gastroparesis is real, her problem is real, even if it is a manifestation through somatization or some dissociative disorder. It seems her mother also has some issues. People are witch hunting this gal over every little lie & idiosyncrasy including her wayward eye movements. Raven ain’t no evil genius who is lying on purpose, she may have zero self control and an unstable sense of self. She is probably a sweet girl whose naivety about her condition is being exploited for entertainment in this ugly season of BB.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Oh come on now, I don’t feel sorry for that scammer a bit. Is it real that she has two years to live? Is it real when her pacemaker gets to number 15 – or whatever nonsense she was saying – that she dies? She is a scammer, nothing but trailer trash. I have no pity for her whatever and I’m confident we’ll never see her on reality tv again.


Paul – it’s a really odd scenario of, we’re in the public eye.. of course we’re in the back of our minds I want to be the best version of myself. (holy lords of Kraken .. if this was the best version) LMAO ?

Backseat Driver

I like your sense of humor……


My worst case scenario is if Sir Paul decides to take Raven to final two. The jurors who know and hate Paul’s game may vote for the scammer out of spite. Both scenarios are awful.


Damn did I really….. no I did not put my….. she lied about it all?… ah fuck! Mom get the hair dye!! Its getting greyer!


Just tuned in to BBAD….Xmas & Potatohead talking in the kitchen. This is soooooooooooo hard to listen to.
Every third word out of Potatohead’s mouth is “like”. So annoying!
And could someone tell me why she feels the need to “speed talk”?????
Ugh….Can’t stand her.

Kevin for AFP!


AGGGGHHHHHHH For the love of any sane BB fan/s left – CBS DO NOT BRING BACK Christmas for ANYTHING!!! May the curse of a thousand camel’s fleas infest your bodies if the thought even crosses your mind!


“Holy lords of Kraken”, I totally agree with you.


Raven should check into UCLA Medical Center or the Mayo Clinic for a complete evaluation. I do believe she received her diagnoses from Harry’s Hospital & Grill in Arkansas. She probably would pass a polygraph test because she believes these incredible stories she tells. Her mother has been selling her a bill of goods her whole life, & that’s only part of her problem. (Note to Matt: this will be your future….good luck, the poor sweet girl needs help).

Butters Mom

Well Christmas must think that she has a legit shot at coming back next season because she told Josh that he should take Paul if it came down to him making the decision. I think she would only tell him that if she knew she was coming back … she probably told production that they better let her come back or she would sue them for her injury and for wrecking her reputation in that house with their scripts. Im not going to get sucked into next season if they bring her back… I already feel dooped by this one. Scrap the show if they continue on this road of scripted preplanned winners. Put christmas on survivor… but not this again.

Miles Archer

Christmas is loyal to only Paul, she shuts down anyone including her close pal Josh if they say anything against the little twerp…..she truly believes that she is going to be asked back …she’s all about getting ” air time” she mentions it from time to time like when someone like Alexa does one of her childish hiding stunts .. Christmas said ” that will get airtime” She has said that she would be happy to lose to Paul..


These people are so delusional. They really think they are the best cast ever.





#Nastyraven. GROSS


I DIE at Kraken… holy lords of kraken.. for the love of kraken… LOLOL yall crack me up man. Just donated to the site, love keeping up with the feeds through here.. Gave up on CBS edited episodes. I rely solely on you guys for my source of BB info. Keep at it! Thanks for all you do


good game eh!
dunno what the fuss is about
these are people doing what they do, its real life to them
they are doing what it takes to win, they are not thinking or caring about how it looks from the outside
they do not care about you
if you met one of them on the street they would just say f… off to you, if you question their role in the house
so just enjoy their hijinks or whatever you call it
i find them hilarious
good game eh!