“now I gotta be honest when you say solid 6 and forget about me, add me as seven it makes me want to change my vote”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

Big Brother 18 Alliance page

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 14-22-00-595

10:00am HAve nots Jozea, Zakiyah and Da’Vonne
Jozea telling them that he Heard Bronte last night say Paulie saying “HAHA so funny if you’re here next week to see that.. Because you’re going home”
Jozea – “In front of everyone.. His face got really red.. “
Jozea adds that PAula was pissed from this.. SAid “Funny funny funny we’ll see who has the last laugh don’t underestimate people”

Jozea wonders is Paulie has something cooking up
Da’Vonne hasn’t heard anything like that “It should be a landslide”

Jozea adds that Bronte is saying that paulie started with her first.
Jozea brings up Bronte is saying – “and that’s why you know they put me on the show”

Jozea – Just want you to know Jossie rides
Da’Vonne says same with her.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 14-35-22-866

10:57am Paul and Jozea backyard
Jozea tells him he’s talked to Da’Vonne she’s saying it’ll be a “landslide”
Jozea adds that he assured her when she goes home and watches the show she’ll know he rode hard for her.
Jozea – she’s good
Paul – Ok I trust your intuition

Paul – I’m excited man.. You’re one of my numbers.. Imagine you leave.. I’m f***d i’m next
Paul – Homeboy has gotta know
Jozea – he knows
Paul – I’m catching some shade

paul – give a good little speech because he’s going to try and tug on the heartstrings
Jozea says Bridgette’s a lock
Paul tells him Bridgette is on the block she doesn’t get a vote.

Paul says his two targets if he wins HOH is Tiffany and James, “Right off the bat no questions asked”
Jozea – One wrong move, with these masterminds, can throw everything away
Paul says they should put up a flip flop player instead of 2 vets if they win roadkill. Tiffany, James, Michelle.
Paul – then they (vets) have to pick which one is more valuable.. Which flip flop

jozea- Do you want Tiff or do you want James out?
Paul- James first. He is the mastermind.. The thing with Tiff we’re all onto her now..
Paul says they are all onto Tiff.
Jozea – Tiff is the mastermind as well
Paul says James is always sneaking around sticking his nose in their business.
Paul – she’s a stirrer.. She likes to stir the pot.. It’s OK theres a order
Paul would put up Corey if one of those 3 gets saved by the POV

Paul – If Nicole gets tossed into the mix I don’t care.. I don’t think she’s as bad as those first 3

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 14-41-57-219

11:05am living room Chairs Bronte and Paulie
Bronte apologizes for the comment last night. It’s easier for her to talk about it by joking. It’s her way of making the best of a difficult situation.
Paulie says he’s pissed off that Jozea is saying these things behind his back but isn’t saying it to his face.

Bronte – I don’t want you to go you haven’t asked me for you vote
Paulie – that’s not my style I don’t ask people for votes, Puts too much pressure on somebody.. I want to be friends with people outside of the house.

Paulie understands this won’t be the only time he’s on the block he’s not mad at her.
Paulie- if I do survive this week eventually it’ll happen again
Brointe says she’s not dumb she knows they’ll all go on the block and he can make fun of her when she’s up.

THey hug it out

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 14-52-05-366

11:30am Bridgette and Frank Bathroom

Bridgette is worried “I keep thinking they are trying to split the vote somehow”
Frank – who is going to try and vote you out
Frank says he’s voting with the majority and the majority is not voting out Bridgette, “Obviously I’m not voting you out.. I would hate to vote Paulie out but if the house is going that way I’m going that way if the house goes the other way maybe i’ll go the other way”
Frank says he’s going to test the temperature of the house as the week goes on.
Frank stresses you don’t want to be on the opposite of the house.

Paul joins them

Paul- Right now we have a solid six. And ahh… with you it’s a solid seven.
Frank- At times, Jozea has told me he is unsure about Da
Paul – he’s psyching himself.. Da seems like a sweet lady
Bridgette – you always see the best in everyone
Paul – that’s true it
Frank – now I gotta be honest Paul when you say solid 6 and forget about me and add me as seven it makes me want to change my vote… I’m just saying that’s what people think in the house man
Paul – I miscounted.. I didn’t count myself
Frank – trust can only go a week at a time in this house.. all it takes a couple votes.. we originally thought it was going to be a landslide.. it won’t be a tie nobody is voting out Bridgette there’s 11 votes.

PAul goes on about how he wants people he connects with to make it to Jury. Points out that James and him have made no connection.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 15-08-42-564

11:48am Paul adjusts the cat props

Paul – f*** cats

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 15-14-52-736

12:35pm Bronte and Paul
They agree Paulie would not have been their first choice.

Bronte can’t understand why Nicole put him up, “Why of all people why would she put him up”
Paul points out it was the second day everyone was new.
Paul – there’s no way they can scheme that fast

Paul says Bridgette is closer to them then the other side.

Bronte about the vote – it’s going to be close.. If we don’t make it we’re not going to jury.. This is make it or break it

Bronte says she hasn’t once talked game to Nicole and Corey
Paul – we’re f***D… we’ll have to work extra hard.
Bronte says she’s friendly with that other side of the house but there is no way they will trust her “I’ll be a easy target from here on out”

Bronte – it’s a risk but a risk we all agreed to take
Paul – i was just doing some math.. Frank is pretty much.. I fully trust him..

Paul now says Da’Vonne has a strong bound with Zakiyah and Jozea so she knows how tight they are and she knows if she goes against us she’s f***d

Paul – we have 9.. We have 9 OK.. if we win HOH we have 8..
Paul says worst case the other side wins HOH and puts two of them up they still have 7 votes
Bronte – not one of them has tried to talk game with me…. Where my head is if I will join their team.. Do they have a trick up their sleeve.. I think they’re not trying

Paul – maybe they’re just oblivious (LOL)
Bronte – nobody has come to me

Bronte says she would rather go home and have taken a chance then play this ‘Mushy game”
Paul says if everything goes their way this week even if they don’t win HOH next they are fine.

Bronte – I don’t think I’ve pissed anyone off

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 15-29-49-788

1:15pm Zakiyah and Paul

Zakiyah says people are making her feel weird. Says she’s not hearing much from the other side.
Paul – right now we have the numbers.. we have to make sure everyone is onboard to keep Jozea.. I betcha it’ll be 6-5-0

Paul names their group.. counts 7 votes for Paulie.
Paul- you trust Da
Zakiyah – I trust Da, She hasn’t given me a reason not to trust her
Paul – she’s a sweet girl
Paul- If Jozea goes home, we are all f**ked
Zakiyah – i’m hoping not
Paul – I’m trusting out numbers
Paul – you should stop excluding yourself.. be involved with our group be active.. you want as much airtime.. don’t be sleeping all the time.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 15-33-55-675

2:05pm backyard Nicole and Corey
Nicole – Bronte hates me I’ve done this nothing to her
Corey – Same thing about Vic.. I’ve done nothing to Vic.. unless it has to do with natalie.. I haven’t spoken a word to her in days..
Corey – Doesn’t matter Jozea is going all we have to do is win HOH
Nicole – I really hope you win I want to be safe corey – I want that whole group gone.. I really hope Z and Da don’t drop the ball on us
Corey – I really want that whole side gone
Nicole says she’s a bit worried about Da “Eventually” she’s not worried about ‘Z’

Nicole says Bronte comes up to the HOH and stares at them. “I don’t care if she goes up there but she calls me the B word every 5 minutes”
Nicole says “Whats her face” told her. Paul said he doesn’t care if Michelle passes out again. Bridgette added at the time she would just resuscitate her and shave her eyebrows off.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 15-44-36-695

2:29pm cam 3-4 storage room Frank, James and Paulie
Paulie says the other side told Bridgette that Paulie was the roadkill winner and picked her to go up. Bridgette bought it.
PAulie says Jozea thinks that 9 people are voting for him to leave, 2 for Bridgette and 0 for him, “It’s crazy man I saw through Bridgette stuff right away I saw through Natalie and Bronte”
James – she had us all fooled (Bridgette)
Frank says Bridgette is only on that other side because she thinks they have the power
James – she’s going where the power is at
They agree she’ll be a flip flopper
Paulie- if we can get through 1 maybe 2 more weeks eliminating them..

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 15-52-41-456

3:07pm CAm 1-2 Frank and Da’Vonne HOH

Frank saying once Vic is gone they are all going to disperse..

Da’Vonne – Paulie spent the night up here last night.. Cuddled with Zakiyah,.., she’s young and she’s into the boy thing
Da’Vonne isn’t going to stick her neck out for a showmance.
Frank is with her 100% “Zakiyah will be a good 3rd wheel for you and me”
Frankl – we get Vic out we get bronte out.. Maybe Paulie.. Obviously Vic’s the guy we need to get out
Da’Vonne and Frank are pissed that Nicole keeps saying she wants to get Bridgette out they need to get Vic out first.

Frank says if Brointe pulls herself off the block they can backdoor Paulie but they should stick to the plan Vic first.

Da’Vonne – He (Paulie) stay the whole damn night.. It was planned for him to sleep up here last night

Frank thinks Paulie is just trying to stay away from what’s going on downstairs.
Frank – the rest of the group is fine with getting him out (Paulie)
Frank thinks Zakiyah will be fine with it to.

Da’Vonne says once Vic and Bronte leave they can use PAul
Frank – I’m close enough to Paul I can rope him in..

Frank adds that Paul realizes that Jozea is rubbing people the wrong way.
Frank saying if they win Roadkill challenge next week they should throw Paulie on the block. Frank says Vic says girls are expendable in this game he’s thinking if he can get into Bronte’s ear she’ll flip on him right away.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 16-03-47-093

3:30pm Nicole and Da’Vonne HOH
Nicole says she has faith in their team going into next week.
Nicole – it was kinda weird that Paulie slept up here .. I don’t know if they pre-planned it
Da’Vonne – it was
Da’Vonne – I know you were in a showmance
Nicole – Showmances are scary.. if someone is in a showmance you know they are going to take that person
Nicole – I don’t think it’s legit
Da thinks the showmance is legit, “they are cute together but be cute together in September”
Nicole – Paulie says if he leaves he’s punching someone in the face
Da’Vonne – Jozea is going to cuss me out
Nicole – he’ll cuss us all out… they only get 30 seconds.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 16-09-22-883

3:38pm Shower Corey and Frank
(Hard to hear because the shower is on)
More or less reiterating they want jozea gone and Victor next.
Corey says Victor is talking about “Retarded” sh1t today out back.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 16-11-41-989

3:45pm Bronte, Natalie and James
James say he would bet a “Buffalo Nipple” him and Victor go up
Brionte says they have to go with the majority of the house this week.
Bronte says she’s confused she’s hearing a lot of people are voting out Paulie a lot of people are voting out Jozea
James agree that it’s between Paulie and Jozea bridgette won’t get any votes.
Bronte asks him what is best for their team the unicorns
James- I want to keep Jozea.. .but I don’t know where Paulie is at..
Natalie leaves..
James – what do all you think
Bronte – it’s going to be very very close

James asks them what do they do if jozea goes home.
Bronte says they lose the numbers, “We’ll get picked off one by one.. When Jozea goes people will get frantic”
Bronte says if Tiffany, Michelle, Corey and Nicole will nominate her if they get HOH again, ‘They’ll bring our team down”
Bronte says because Nicole’s team is already small if one of them wins HOH it would be easy for them to put up Nicole, Tiffany, Corey .

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 16-30-17-350

4:10pm Michelle, Bronte and Nicole Backyard
Nicole says Bronte is being creepy watching her, “She hasn’t been working out like she used to after you guys called her out on that thing” (When they asked her if Bronte was a MMA fighter)
Nicole says Natalie wants a showmance so bad.
Michelle says they were trying to get Corey to take her out on a date.
Michelle says JAmes looks scared
Da’Vonne mentions James has been talking a long time to Natalie and Bronte. She’ll know something up if James doesn’t come back and say something.

Da’Vonne says JAmes had a lot of little side alliance last season.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 16-48-34-010

4:35pm James and Da’Vonne
James relays his conversation with Bronte and Natalie confimring he’s still with the vets.
James says Natalie is having a hard time with Victor. She told James she’s been trying to stay away from him.
James – Bronte and Natalie are really tight they are ride or die.

James Brings up Bronte saying it would be easy to put up Tiffany and Corey. he ads Bronte wants to vote with the majority.

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Okay ik people don’t like Corey for what he has said but I don’t think he is playing that bad of a game ik he has things wrong in a personal level but not completely in a game level only Bronte and Paul don’t truly trust him I mean what’s his worries right now


The new comp Weird Al “Grodnerwill” where the results are unaccountable and the producer Weird Al Grodner can easily skew the results each week so that they can proclaim the leader to impose their will. Is it any wonder? BB is still into fixing the results.


I suppose that you’re referring to the weekly Roadkill comp?


That’s exactly what I mean, we have to trust the producers that the winner they proclaim is the actual winner when in reality, it’s just another way for them controlling the game.


Wouldn’t that be true for all comps not shown live? With that logic every comp that is an individual timed one could be rigged by production so they could proclaim whomever they wanted as the winner. I agree that production has influence on the game, especially what is said to the houseguests in the diary room but I don’t think they lie about who won a competition.


Yea right. And NO 7 collapsed because of a incidental fire??? Only the third time in history that this has happened? And all the three happened within 3 hours? I guess you believe in fairies and goblins. Enjoy the koolaid.

Unsweet Tea

I was thinking the same thing! With the Road kill competition, there is no way of knowing who really won. CBS BB can pick the winner they want for the results to go their way.

Franks' farts

Yep, I thought the same thing. Great way for them to keep their favorites safe and let producers control the game.


Yeah, I can see production from keeping the actual scores from the HGs but why keep them from us unless they are trying to hide something from the viewers. Kinda stinks!

Sid Vicious

If you believe what you’re saying, you probably should find another show to watch.

Susan Whelan

CBS rigs all their games including Survivor and Amazing Race


So ik people don’t like Corey at a personal level (me 2) but on the game level people want to work with him only really Bronte is coming after him I think he is playing a good game right now

Unbattled Block

You gotta LOVE how Frank is playing Paul for the fool that he is !!

When Jozea gets booted Thursday I hope they show his face, and he realizes that a Vet he talks so much trash about played him perfectly

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB18 HG's

Jozea. why. WHY?

Paul. why. WHY? WHYYYYYY?

Rude awakening to come.

Paul is a douche

Is it just me or does Bronte look like Mr. Ed?

Min O'Pause

And she kinda sounds like Aunt Bethany in the Christmas Vacation movie.

Unbattled Block

Paul – I’m excited man.. You’re one of my numbers.. Imagine you leave.. I’m f***d i’m next

THAT is the FIRST thing he got right all season !!

Doran Martell

It puts too much pressure on people to ask for votes? You wanna be friends with these fools out of the house? Yep you’re def Cody’s little bro. Cody wanted to be liked too, and he gave away a 500k to do it. Such a sweet guy that Cody. I wish he were my friend.

Unbattled Block

You gotta LOVE how Frank is playing Paul !!

After all the smack Paul talked about the Vets, It will be GREAT to see the look on his face when his buddy Jozea gets booted Thursday


The newbies are such a mess. I’m team vets, but I kind of want one of Paul’s side to win HOH to see how much they could mess it up lol.

R + L = J

what if R+L=J actually means Rachel (BB12&13) + Lawon (BB13&WOAT) = Jozea?


This made me laugh.


Glad to see Nicole realizes that she might have to watch out for Da later. She’s playing much smarter this year than she did her first time.


Why do Da’Vonne & Frank want to keep Paul, as a distraction? If the jury is full of newbies they’ll vote for him to win.

Franks' farts

Is Nicole already spreading false info? Paul DIDNT’ said he doesn’t care if Michelle passes out again. He said it about Tiffany, not Michelle.


This is where I got confused last night. When I was watching the live feeds they were talking about Brigitte saying it about Michelle. But when I read the updates this morning Simon said it was Paul who said it about Tiff. I am so confused.


Don’t know if the story got twisted cuz they wanted to relay Bronte’s true nature without setting off Tiffany but Michelle was told directly Bronte meant it for her & she asked feeders to prevent Bronte from working as a nurse again because the resuscitate to shave eyebrows was so disturbing. This def has gone too far. But Bronte WifeySpy is not shy about showing distaste for Tiff & Michelle both. Too early to cut girls so deep. Wouldn’T trust Bronte. But his that’s why she’s moved to the front of the line for eviction.


Brigette is a nurse and said the shaved eyebrows thing about Michelle. She should lose her job because she treats unconcious people so you have to wonder what she does with them since shaved eyebrows is a sick mind. Bronte is the math girl.

Franks' farts

Franks and DaVonne want to backdoor Pauli???


Paulie is a much bigger long-term threat than Jozea, so I could see this as a legitimate move in week four or five, but week 1??

They’d be insane to backdoor their own ally when there are still so many potential numbers against them.


I’ll probably get some thumbs down for this, but it wouldn’t break my heart to see Paulie go. I’m having trouble with the Califiore cow eyes. And someone needs to tell Zakiyah he’s just not that into her. Surprisingly Frank is my player to watch right now.

Min O'Pause

Is it just me or does Bridget’s picture look like she could remove sutures with her teeth?

Unbattled Block

She looks like the girl in the Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercial that named her car “Brad”

Min O'Pause

I think Brad is a wussy name for a car. I much prefer “Badass Death Defyin’ Speed Wagon.”


OMG – I just sprayed my drink all over my tablet!! Min, you’re the best.


Please not season 13 again with the vets running to the end
Nicole get over Cody he was using you who cares about Hayden


I wonder how much is reality, and how much is scripted.

Froot Loop Dingus

“James is the mastermind” said no one who watched last season. These house guests are clueless.


So funny that every season everyone says the show is rigged and are always wrong about who the winner was pre determined to be. No one has mentioned a name of who the winner will be yet they just are saying it is rigged. I guess they arent throwing out a name this year cuz they have looked like fools being wrong every other year. Lmfao. Omg. I am going to pee my pants. Haha.

Why watch if you think its all rigged? LoL. They all have bomb shelters in their backyards stocked with canned yams in case of the apocolypse.


people don’t think it’s rigged for a certain person to win from the beginning. People think it’s rigged for whatever will cause most drama = highest ratings. This changes week to week. That’s why no one could throw out a name right now.


Why does no one like Corey? And talking smack about him. I’m just a reg tv watcher no feeds or?
I missed something.


He said he and his frat boys get a goat, squirted lighter fluid all over it and tried to light it on fire. He thought it was hilarious and talked about how funny it was that the goat was so terrified. Frat douche


So early in the season for conspiracy theories. I would like to think that other than manipulating some talk in diary room to keep it interesting, they don’t have any interest in who the winner is yet. Remember, these are the people who keep telling us that Frankie Grande, Rachel Riley and Bob were fan favorites. They haven’t decided who we love yet.


Zak is really impressing me with her playing both sides thing.
Her conversation with Paul was very well handled. When he asked about Day “Do you trust her?” and Zak said “She hasn’t given me a reason not too.”
Bam. That’s her playing both sides without using cheap lies.


How many times Nicole has said” so and hates me I’ve done this nothing to him/her.” Nicole everyone hates you for a reason. You’re a b..