Paloma – she’s full time F****g pageant. She’s full time pageant girl since she’s out of the womb.

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Lock your day 2 ranks in before midnight

2:03 am Alyssa and Palomar
Talking about who they can trust and who they can work with. They agree they need ONE strong alliance.
Alyssa – we need Kyle, we need MOnte, we need POOCH, we need JAsmine, we need Nicole
Palomar – YES, we need Jasmine but she is a weak link. What about Taylor?
Alyssa – I trust Jasmine it’s Taylor that gives me the bad vibes
Palomar – she gives me horrible vibes
Palomar mentions earlier her dropping pineapple on the floor and Taylor commenting on it. “She’s so condescending”
Palomar – we need to make her fall in love with one of the guys or one of the guys fall in love with her and then BOOt them out
Alyssa – be like they are in a showmance lets get them out of here.
Palomar – I love her confidence..
Alyssa – we need Jasmine as a number.. she’s loyal
Palomar – that loyalty will get us far. She LOVES Jesus.. I get the vibes like really good vibes.
Alyssa – we need to get Kyle before Taylor does
Palomar – I think Monte and Taylor have a thing
Alyssa – lets watch.
Palomar – I like Indy too she’s a prospect
Alyssa – I like Ameerah
Palomar – Ameerah is a prospect
They go on about not trusting Taylor.
Palomar and Alyssa agree they don’t need Daniel.
Palomar says if Indy has time to talk to them they she’ll trust them.
Palomar – we need to make a girl alliance separate from out main alliance.
Alyssa – girl alliances never work.
Palomar – we’re in the prospecting phase right now. We’re prospecting Indy, we/re prospecting Ameerah.
Alyssa – I like her she’s very sweet.
Palomar – I feel like she doesn’t like me low key.

2:53 am group Chit chat..

3:06 am Alyssa, Ameerah and Indy
Chating about who Daniel will nominate. Alyssa says she thinks he’s the type of guy who will nominate you if you don’t talk to him.
Ameerah – I think it could go either way he either makes a BIG MOVE and it’s obvious who that will be OR he like.. he takes the easy route.
Alyssa- who is the easy route? I feel like he’s buddy buddy with everybody.
Ameerah – he’s not buddy buddy with me. Maybe people who are not in the have not room and not a backstage. So like 3 or 4 people. Those are the people he’s goign to consider.
Palomar and Jasmine joins them. Chit chat..

3:47 am Palomar, Brittany, Indy, Ameerah, Jasmine
They start talking about the room they’re in being for the “Girls Girls”
They agree Taylor is not a “Girls Girl”
Palomar – She said so many things.. She’s not self aware.
Palomar – no shit talking she lacks self awareness that it.
Jasmine – I can read people very well.. when she walked in she was all like.. this is what I do. I’m like she’s lying. I told her (Palomar) I’m sorry I’m not buying it. Now it’s playing out and I’m like I told her (Palomar) when she first walked through..
Ameerah – I read a spoiler on Twitter that there was going to be a pageant girl
PAlomar – She’s trying to get good with the guys because she didn’t get good with us
Jasmine says Taylor didn’t tell them about being in pageant until later. “She first said she’s a personal stylist”
Palomar – she’s full time F**ing pageant she’s full time pageant girl since she’s out of the womb. Since her mother was like pageantry

Palomar – this is what she said that bugs me. Some girl were talking about their heels and she was like YEAH I wore my heels the longest today.. I was like who cares if you wore them the longest.
Alyssa says they have to keep an eye on who stays in the room with the guys “Those are powerful guys”
Jasmine – being really real to make this happen we have to stick together (their alliance of 6)
Palomar – we will manipulate them.
Ameerah – this is the core.
Jasmine says they have their core then they each get someone.
Alyssa agrees says they have to be in “in their ears” convincing them the six of them are not a threat “we have to look out for each other or we will be picked off one by one by those guys”

Ameerah – we should join other alliances if people ask us then report back.

They agree this is their core alliance called “GIRLS GIRLS”

4:00 am Alyssa and Palomar
Alyssa – deny deny deny if anyone asks about Girls Girls.
Palomar – we need to get the guys
Alyssa – we need Kyle and POOCH for sure

Palomar – I wrote out chess moves before I got here I wrote out 16 pages of chess moves. I mapped out different routes so my brain is crazy.. but none the less. when I got here that all fell out of my head..

Palomar – with Pageant girl like we need to also get in good with the guys she cannot dominate being the seductress with the guys. I’m not saying we be the seductress, we just need to hang with the boys.
Alyssa – we need them to make them like us. we need to be a little bit of a flirt.
Palomar – you and me are more powerful than her alone, we are PSL … PUMPKING SPICE.. we’re not going to let Pageant girl go in and be like ALLIANCE..
Alyssa – we can get Kyle and POOCH, I don’t know about Monte. I want him but I don’t know him.

Palomar says Taylor comes off as fake to a lot of people.
Alyssa reminds her that Taylor is pretty and single so are some of the guys. (Monte?)

4:18 am chit chat and pool

4:27 am INDY and Alyssa

Alyssa – we need for strong men to win competitions they need to be on our side.. we don’t need an alliance.
Indy – we can get Martin..
Alyssa – who there’s no martin
Indy – the biggest one?
Alyssa – Monte
Indy – HIM we can get him.
Alyssa – Kyle
Indy – we can get him
Alyssa – POOCH
Indy – hmmm..
Alyssa – he’s ok I wouldn’t mind him leaving
Alyssa – what about Daniel?
Indy – who’s Daniel? I like him..
Alyssa – he will be a good person on our side
Indy – he’s fun
Indy – if we have Martin and Kyle we’re good
Alyssa – Monte.. Monte will be harder to get on our side. He’s a guys guys. Who’s he playing pool with? Terrance.
Indy – Terrance is my guy. He’s the type of guy I am friend with.

Alyssa asks if Daniel will put Indy up
Indy – I don’t think so..
Alyssa – all we need is Monte and Kyle
Indy – it’ll be easy.. they love us

Indy says they should avoid being seen as a group all the time.

Indy – I don’t want to be talking to Monte a lot because I saw Taylor was looking at me talking to him like being closer to him. I don’t want her to think I am some sort of.. enemy for her showmance she is planning .

Alyssa- just know I’m always being real with you.
Indy – I can’t lie my whole entire life I am a terrible liar

Jasmine joins them. Starts talking about Taylor “She was up there with the guys”
Indy – she is so lucky I am not single. (LOL)
Indy mentions how Monte is her Type.
Jasmine leaves.

6:00 am Taylor and Joe
Joe mentions that nominations are tomorrow. More or less Chit chat. Taylor says nobody has talked game with her yet.

6:09 am last two up.

8:04 am everyone has been sleeping except for Monte.

9:00 am more houseguests getting up for the day.

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lol love the drama
I’m not vibing with Taylor either

The Underdog

Taylor has not done anything bad. It’s okay for her to have confidence.


My husband right off the bat couldn’t stand Taylor, he said she was nasty and fake, lol. On first impressions I am vibing with Daniel, Palomar, Alyssa, Pooch, Kyle and Jasmine. Not sure about Monte, Nicole, Brittany, Terrance or Ameerah. Not liking Turner, Joe, Indy, Michael or Taylor. Things can change, it’s only the first day.


Fans don’t take the route of Janelle who is already bashing Alyssa and Palomar for targeting Taylor ugh Janelle saying “Straight Tayjealousy already. Sad.” This is just straight projection from Janelle! Alyssa is way more attractive than Taylor, in yet Janelle is at it again bashing other female players who aren’t african-american on social media. Janelle needs to stop being so toxic and knock off these negative insults on social media towards other female players. Janelle doesn’t know these girls, and its sickening that she is already knocking Alyssa and Palomar when they are the ones who are actually trying to play the game and make alliances. With comments such as this it is becoming more and more obvious that Janelle is the one who suffers from jealously towards other women especially one who aren’t african-american because her time has completely passed.

The Underdog

It’s 100% jealousy. That’s how jealous girls talk. Janelle is not toxic, she is being honest based of the facts. Taylor is attractive and Alyssa is nothing but hair and makeup. Nothing special. I do find it weird that they are targeting the ONLY African American girl on the show, I think women like Alyssa, Palomar, and Indy feel they are superior because they meet the European beauty standards and they feel girls that look like Taylor are not allowed to be considered as attractive beauty queens. I have not heard one solid reason as to why some people hate Taylor already. It’s definitely a bias you guys have. It’s misogynoir! Notice how Ameerah, Nicole, Jasmine are not trash talking about Taylor. It’s the three girls with European features that are jealous of Taylor.


Being honest on the facts Haha Alyssa is not attractive and just hair and make up that is the dumbest statement I might have ever heard! Especially if you’re playing that in your mind that Alyssa is jealous because she’s not as pretty as Taylor which is a complete farce! She is prettier than Taylor not even close lol 100% jealousy you are absolutely out of your mind. They are playing the game targeting Taylor because Taylor Doesn’t talk game to them and makes snarky comments to the whole house! Get out from under your rock because the whole house isn’t fond of Taylor! You couldn’t be further out of touch because if those two girls were really the jealous type then they would not be trying to work with four other women to make a girls alliance.

Have you not noticed how every season Janelle bashes women who aren’t African American and degrades them on social media to rally up a Fanbase. That is being TOXIC! It’s projection because it’s obvious Janelle doesn’t want someone of her background that’s really pretty and born after 1990 to outshine her! Insulting Sarah Beth for not going along with the cookouts plans last year and Janelle saying f#ck Sarabeth on top of dragging her through the mud on social media all for having a different game plan that’s not Toxic?? Please….. Janelle is not honest at all she is completely pushing her agenda because she can’t stand being out of the limelight or the idea that there is someone that looks like her that is pretty and potentially better than her at big brother which is why she cheers for them to lose and wanted Taylor to win this season as her preseason pick. It is absolute projection for Janelle to always throw around the word jealousy because she’s pissed that her time has passed and that her preseason pick Taylor to win this season is in a bad position with the rest of the house. That is further proof why Janelle has an agenda in mindnot being honest and talking on points that only fits what she wants lol if you can’t see this then there is no hope.


Her name is Paloma per the CBS cast list…

Just Sayin'

Hahaha Paloma is classic too hard too fast and I can’t wait to see where it’s headed


Bitchy, petty and spoiled girls. Gonna be a good season. Hope production isn’t crazy with the “We’ll be right back” edits.


Hi Simon and Dawg!!


Just Donated Simon and Dawg


You’re Welcome!


what meaning are they trying to convey with saying shes a pageant girl?

The Underdog

How can they plan an all-girl alliance while being catty and jealous of Taylor because she’s a beauty queen? That defeats the whole purpose of female empowerment.