Paloma “Taylor I can’t trust her. I can’t trust her whatsoever. That’s just my opinion of her.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Lock your day 2 ranks in before midnight


11:26pm Bedroom. Indy, Alyssa, Ameerah.
Alyssa – I haven’t talked to Daniel at all. Ameerah – talk to him in the morning. Alyssa – do you think so? I can’t get alone time with him. Every time I try to talk to him there are a million people in the room. Ameerah – he can’t even nominate you anyway. Alyssa – I know but like what if he has something to do with this (backstage)? Indy – I feel like he is a friend to me and I feel strange talking to him like I am kissing his a$$ which sucks because I want to talk with him about a bunch of things. Ameerah – I was talking to him yesterday and I was pushing him to eliminate stronger players versus like us three that haven’t even done that well in competitions. He was like what if I put up like Michael and a strong player and if someone wins the veto you just put in. I am definitely pushing to have the stronger male players out because they’re going to kick out a$$es in these comps. Alyssa – they will literally kick all our a$$es. We have to push him to get rid of a strong player 100%! There is no other way. Usually they nominate the older person but there is no way he nominates Terrance. Ameerah – here is the thing if he doesn’t nominate strong players, it means that he is aligned with them. Indy – but I don’t think he is aligned to anyone. Ameerah – I know that Pooch and Monte have something going. Those two disappeared for awhile.

11:35pm HOH room. Paloma and Daniel.
Paloma – so where is your head at? Daniel – I don’t know and I’m not just saying that. Paloma – that’s okay. Its day two and I don’t think people are talking like hard strategy yet but I could be wrong because I am super naive. Daniel – do you think that there is anyone that are working together? Paloma – I get vibes based on how people react .. like Nicole doesn’t talk game but we just talk about the process. Like people that keep it very vague. I don’t truly know if thats because they’re feeling out day one or two because later down the road if someone isn’t talking game with you then you know that something is up. Daniel – ultimately when Pooch chose you guys your the excuse. How do you feel about Monte. Paloma – he is a strong competitor so he would be really good for an alliance but at the same time its scary because he is going to be a good competitor. You were f**king fast though! I would want to get out a girl… no wait I don’t know if I would want to get out a girl. You’re in a tough position. I don’t know if I would get out someone that was physically fit or be in an alliance with them. I don’t know what I would do if I was in your position. Daniel – I should have started out with how much I f**king love you. You’re dope as f**k. That is the honest truth. I vibe with you. You’re so f**king cool! Jasmine comes in looking for Ameerah and then leaves. Paloma – she (Jasmine) is so f**king sweet and loyal. Daniel – I am feeling that. Paloma – but then I was thinking is she just a good f**King liar??! Daniel – I’ve had those thoughts too man! Paloma – southern charm man! Bottomline we vibe! But also I really like Ameerah. Taylor I can’t trust her. She was like going in the storage room and looking to see if I was asleep. I can’t trust her whatsoever. That is just my opinion of her. And she doesn’t take initiative to be a girls girl with like the girls which is like a big thing for me because you need to be good with girls, you need to be good with the guys. This is a team effort you know. No but she is a sweetheart. She is a sweetie. I love her confidence. I just don’t know whether I can trust her. I’ve just seen her looking around. I’ve seen like the slip. I’ve seen the slip there. Daniel – because I like you I want to know who you vibe with not that I won’t put them up because I don’t know yet but its very helpful. Paloma – I am like the voice of reason with the girls. Daniel – I love that its day two and we’re already on this level. Paloma – I love all the dudes but they’re not perfect. They’re not angels. My biggest strategy coming into this thing is to just sit back and observe. But I need to stop talking and shut the hell up. I need to like listen. You can tell so much about people psychologically. My dad is a psychologist.

12:10am Storage room. Paloma and Brittany.
Paloma – what are you feeling about this twist? Are you stressing about backstage? Brittany – Here is what I am stressing about. I want all three of us to get through this thing because we’re girls. Paloma – I know dude! I just talked to Daniel and he is such a good dude! Brittany – I didn’t get much time to talk to him earlier today. Paloma – he isn’t concerned with us though because he can’t nominate us. Brittany – the thing is our interest align.. he is going to be taking a shot at somebody and he is going to get blood on his hands. He wants that person to go home. His interest and our interest are aligned. If we go up and he puts someone else up, he wants that other person to go because he already pissed them off by putting them up. Brittany – if we lose one of our girls its going to be tough. Paloma – I tried to convince him to target another guy. Someone that is really competitive and strong. And he was like that is a good idea. He didn’t even validate that, that was a good idea. I know his mind is all over the place. Brittany – Michael is so quite. I feel like he could be a potential number. Paloma – like a pawn. Like each one of us will pick a pawn eventually.. but its too soon to pick up a pawn.

12:40am – 12:55am Storage room – Monte, Alyssa and Paloma.
Paloma – Monte tell us what’s up dude! Monte – we had a great conversation with Pooch just the other day the four of us. Kyle would definitely be a great option. And I think you guys like Ameerah as well. Paloma – she is not super threatening. Monte – she is so low key. Paloma – but she is smart. Monte – we can do something where we lock it in. Like this is an alliance. Paloma – I feel like we would lock it all in. Alyssa – how do you feel about Taylor though? You guys are a little bit close too, like would that be hard for you? Monte – no, no I’m fine. Alyssa – I like her though and I don’t want her against us but do we want her in our alliance? Paloma – she is easy to vote out. I am telling you, I have talked to so many people today. She is not on peoples good sides. Its a personality thing. Alyssa – okay lets do Ameerah, Kyle, Pooch… and we need to figure out a way to get us all together. One of us needs to win HOH next so we can go in there and lock the door when everyone is sleeping. They talk about Joe. Paloma – He is going to go out first. I am just telling you guys. He is playing with his heart. It was day one and he was already in his head freaking out about why he volunteered to be a havenot because it didn’t guarantee him safety. Paloma – are we locking this in? Alyssa – we need to get the other guys. Paloma – also for nominations persuade Daniel to put up Joe. I think Joe is the weakest player right now. He is in his head day one. Alyssa – I think Daniel likes Turner. They agree they need to lock it in. They leave the storage room.

1:15pm HOH room. Daniel and Michael.
Daniel – Pooch using the strategy of like oh you dropped first is an amazing strategy to take and now I can’t do that. That’s what seems to be the easier route for the first week. Michael – that’s fair. Daniel – I am like wait I want it to be that easy. I am hoping the backstage thing helps me. I don’t know how it affects me. Michael – do you ignore the twist or guess what it would be and plan for that or expect the unexpected. Daniel – what would you do? Michael – Pooch took the easiest way .. so that is off the table. I would be like if there was someone that didn’t come talk to me. Just to be fair and like I don’t know where your head is at because we haven’t spoken. Or if someone did come to talk to you and they were like good luck next week.. you know what I mean? Like make you feel threatened. Daniel – oh yeah, that I would know. Michael – obviously if you chose not to nominate me I can 100% promise if I were to win next week I wouldn’t put you up and that would even extent to whenever I did win HOH.. and I hope that I do win HOH. Because like I would be willing to remember.. I am not going to lie I am a big fan of the game and it means a lot for me to be here and to be the first one to go home would be devastating. So for me I would not forget that if you kept me safe. Daniel – hell yeah. Michael – I am not looking for you to make me any sign in blood promises right now because I know you have a lot of people to talk to. Coming in I wanted to play the game with people that want to play the game.

1:45am – 2am Havenot room. Kyle and Monte.
Monte – I think we have to go with.. because then that’s the opposite red flag. Kyle – yeah. Monte – its just trying to avoid things blowing up .. so if he tries to come to us with an alliance.. like yeah I am definitely open to hearing it but we can’t openly reject it. Kyle – loyalty is to the 6. Monte – yeah stay loyal to the 6. First official alliance of Big Brother 24. We started it dude. Kyle – yeah lets go dude. We need to figure out a way to communicate. Derick and Code season 16 would only talk game at the pool table at like 4am. We can’t have these meetings in the kitchen. We will get caught quick. Monte – its so obvious when you’re not talking loudly in the middle of the house. Kyle – I think the hard part is going to be when do we flip it to where we start taking out threats that might make waves versus the obvious choice of the whole house of getting out the outcasts. Monte – if I am Daniel, I want to get out low impact players. Like Nicole, Brittany is a sweet girl. Nicole is a sweet girl. I don’t think he would put her up. But he would probably put up Tylor or something like that. Kyle – that’s what I would do. Monte – Indy is another one. Kyle – exactly. Hopefully that is where his mind is at. Monte – we have to do like signals or something. Kyle – but where can we talk? Monte – I think when the backyard opens up. Kyle – I think the storage room too.

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Hannah and Tiffany can insult Sara Beth and give her names all they want calling her sketch B and saying f#ck Sara Beth I don’t trust her. That’s fine.
Then these girls don’t trust Taylor and they get labeled as jealous and personal. When last season the cookout made all decisions off of race.

If Taylor is introverted fine but don’t make an excuse for saying they are jealous if her social game is dismal and being targeted for that considering what Tiffany and Hannah did to all the women last year throwing women under the bus to appease men in the cookout who weren’t taking them to the final 4 ? This double standard needs to stop.


Heck Hannah even said in the diary room on TV last year that she doesn’t care to get to know Christian how is that not mean, personal, and degrading haha no outrage there though about Hannah being a mean girl. The double standard is real.

In movie the Remember the Titans when Bertiers mother said that she did not care to get to know Julius campbell that was wrong by his mom and showed her characters prejudice and it is the same thing to that diary room!

Alyssa Palo=Karens

Interesting that you are comparing the movie Remember the Titans which is about preconceived notions from BOTH races in the movie. Why are you and the OP are justifying the mistreatment and exclusion of Taylor because you are still sensitive over the Cookout? If my memory serves me well, fans hated Hannah and Tiffany but adored Derek X and Claire, so not sure why you think they received free passes to (rightfully) dislike Sara Beth who was also not the nicest either. The fact that you are hating on Taylor based on the actions of other black people from previous seasons is hypocritical (and racist). You are basically doing the same thing you are accusing the Cookout of doing; which is being racially biased and excluding based on race.

Alyssa Palo=Karens

You love Alyssa and Palo for the wrong reasons and hate Taylor for the wrong reasons. Comparing last season to this season is like comparing apples and oranges. Sara Beth was not innocent and was very annoying and sneaky. It’s only been two days and some people act like Taylor is Hitler for no legit reason. This is all preconceived notions, microaggressions and misogynoir at this point! Stop trying to justify bullying because you hate women like Taylor. And you are basically saying that you are okay with Taylor being targeted because the Cookout was a black alliance LAST year so therefore black people (mainly black women) should be targeted from now on. How is this Taylor’s fault?