Ameerah “Pooch & Monte are DEFINITELY a thing. They got to go!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Lock your day 2 ranks in before midnight


7:05pm Bedroom – Kyle and Alyssa
Kyle – have you ever gone live on tiktok? Alyssa – no. Kyle – I do all the time.. you can make a lot of money doing that. Alyssa – do people send you gifts and stuff. Kyle – yeah. Alyssa talks about how she does social engagement for companies. Working from your phone so much is nice to not actually have it. Kyle – what are they doing while you’re gone? Alyssa – I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m going back. Jasmine joins them. Nicole (the chef) comes in and tells them that Tylor needs help in the kitchen with dinner. She says she is feeling really weak and needs to lay down. Nicole – I was literally standing with her in the storage room and then I just couldn’t stand anymore. Kyle – is it something you ate? Nicole – it feels like I didn’t eat enough and then laying out in the sun too much. They talk about going to bed early once 10 o’clock hits. Kyle – last night no one wanted to go to bed and be left out and now everyone wants to go to bed early because staying up all night isn’t sustainable. The live feeds are going to be dead tonight except for us (havenots) tossing and turning trying to sleep.

7:25pm Storage room. Monte and Pooch.
Monte – I think we have a solid thing going on with the two girls. Pooch – Good people! Its tough because you want to be with people that you might not realize. Like people that are younger but you get along well. Monte – yeah, I think Alyssa is going to be solid for keeping her cards close to herself. Pooch – I think that she just doesn’t open up to too many people. Monte – which is good. You don’t want wildcards. Pooch – if you want wildcards, you want them on the outside. Monte – like input information but it can’t get out. Pooch – its important that we pick the people wisely. Me, You, f**king Kyle, the two girls (Alyssa and Paloma). One, two, three… five people right there. Monte – and one more girl.. they said they feel good about Ameerah. Monte – we’ll see how it rocks. Pooch – I’m good with that. Tucker .. or ah Turner is good to .. low key. The other person is Tylor. I don’t think she is a bad person .. she is just a dangerous person to be teamed up with. You can tell that she gets nervous quick. I think she could work a political game really well. We have to make sure its not too obvious… I am trying to make sure I spread myself thin and hang out with every group. Monte – we need to find time to solidify it. Pooch – hopefully when the backyard opens up there might be time late at night. Monte – in terms of Daniel.. Pooch – we need to make sure this week goes the way we want it to.. so before we go to him we need to know what we f**king want. Monte – and we can set it up like not place targets on people outside of the alliance but.. Pooch – its very dangerous to be like we want this person up because Daniel might like that person a lot. Monte – I think then next week we go for HOH like crazy! Pooch – I don’t feel safe without the power. Next week is a big HOH for us. Monte – the thing is just not showing our cards as an alliance. They end the conversation and leave the room.

Storage room. Jasmine and Ameerah.
Jasmine – I’m scared. (Daniel will nominate her) Ameerah – don’t be scared. Jasmine – I still need to talk to him. Ameerah – no definitely talk to him tonight but like what I think he is going to do .. I don’t know what he is going to do. Jasmine – tell me what you think? Ameerah – I don’t know.. I think that he is going to do two guys. Jasmine – you think he would? Ameerah – I don’t know but Pooch and Monte are DEFINITELY a thing. Those two were talking in the kitchen and when I came in they started whispering and started talking about bullsh*t. They are definitely a thing and they’re trying to get him (Daniel) in on something with them. Or he is already in on something with them. Jasmine – they’re probably going to be like kill the comp. Ameerah – yeah, yeah. Jasmine – Joe is too! Ameerah – oh yeah, they got to go!

8:10pm Indy made a friend.

8:15pm Storage room. Pooch and Tylor.
Tylor – who do you feel like you can trust so far? Pooch – I really liked Monte from the jump, you know?! Good dude! Tylor – yeah. Pooch – he’s a really good big brother type. And Kyle has been super .. he’s a genuine dude because like he is goofy, nervous, he’s cool, he’s a sweet dude which I really like. Girl-wise there is no one that I need to have out of the house. Tylor – I am down for Nicole. Pooch – oh for sure, absolutely. She is very loyal for sure. Tylor – 100%! Pooch – I don’t know if anyone has talked to her. Tylor – everyone is kind of sussing everyone out for vibes and like nobody is trying to go hard in the game. And like I get it, no one wants to go Frenchy. I get it. But I am not trying to have last minute game sh*t happen after noms go up. Pooch – yeah like you don’t want to be shot week one. And when there are so many people you don’t want to be on the outside week one. Pooch – Daniel is cool. We talked a little bit. Tylor – he is quiet. Pooch – we were isolated a little bit .. where we were .. like it gives us something in common which is good because we’re different people. I don’t know what his thing is. I don’t know if its to go for a big target.. Tylor – it doesn’t make sense right now. Pooch – yeah and its one of those things where if you swing you got to hit it. I am hoping to talk to him more because I haven’t talked to him too much. They both agree there is no one they really want out right now. For him (Daniel) being the HOH and still being down here doing the dishes .. I respect that because he could have been like I’m sitting pretty I don’t need to do that. I’m going to talk to him more. Tylor – I am going to talk to Monte more. Pooch – good, do that.

9:10pm All the house guests are hanging out in the kitchen chatting.

9:25pm Joe and Kyle.
Joe – oh my god yeah the veto too is going to suck. Kyle – yeah its intense. You got to save someone .. because saving someone crews over the HOH because they’ll have to put another person up. Joe – its one thing to volunteer for what we did (havenots) but like for eviction or being a pawn. Kyle – oh dude that is going to be so tough. Especially the pawn part. Especially end game people are going up the block so fast. Double Evictions. Triple Evictions. Joe – and like you’re losing your friends so fast. Kyle – I mean its crazy everyone that we’re building a relationship with at some point has to go home. Its intense dude! Michael – yeah as soon as it (tv) says nominations .. it is going to feel really real.

9:40pm Bedroom. Alyssa and Paloma.
Paloma – oh big news.. okay so I talked to Monte, Pooch and was that all that was there?? Alyssa – ah yeah I was there! Paloma – I am dying! Your a$$ was there and I was like which other girl!? I am so tired right now! Oh me and Daniel talked in the pool. Ameerah feels like she is a f**king homie. And she talked to Daniel. She was the first one to go into the HOH room. Indy joins them and the conversation ends. They talk about Pooch. Indy – I think he is going to end up being your person (Paloma). Paloma – me?! No! Alyssa – is he not your vibe? Is he not your type? Paloma – no. He is a sweetheart like he is so nice. Alyssa – what’s your type? Paloma – I am going to sound like such an a$$hole but like athlete, tall, like goes to the gym. Alyssa – Monte? Paloma – Yes, but like no! No its like Paloma is like doing her thing and nothing is getting in the way. Alyssa – yeah. Paloma – they have to be over 6 feet. I want to be the baby spoon. No actually .. my type is tall nerd. Alyssa – so like Kyle. Indy – do you think he is cute. Paloma – no, like .. I am not even there.

10:20pm – 10:40pm Bumper pool time.

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Just a viewer

Listening to some of these people say they are super fans and then talk about getting the big guys out is annoying. If they were super fans they would know it wasn’t because guys were muscular or strong that they made it to the end. It was because of no one wanting to win a comp, voting with the house (which is stupid), an on slaught of showmances and FLOATERS. Hoping BB is sick of low ratings and make all these people compete. These 8 and 10 people alliances are boring and predictable. I hope this season of having an alliance means nothing. We need unpredictability this season. Expect the unexpected hasn’t been working.


It’s strategy not personal jealousy that your fixated on for making an excuse for Taylor if she gets targeted for being outside the majority 8-10 person alliance.

Just a viewer

It’s not strategy if you’re targeting someone because they’re not a girly girl. And I don’t see where I mentioned Taylor in this post. It seems as though you’re the one fixated. Nice try anyway.


Nice try haha yea nice try being original and copying me using the word fixated to describe someone haha Why don’t you look at a mirror because it’s so obvious your the one that is fixated since you keep crying victim for Taylor being targeted everytime. How about you go look at all your previous post and how you’re dead set on only just blaming Palo and Alyssa saying they are jealous making excuses for why they’re targeting Taylor and how this isn’t right when other houseguests feel the EXACT same way about Taylor HAHA A good portion of the house also wants to target her haha Get a clue Taylor doesn’t talk game to any of them and a lot of other houseguest don’t trust her but you keep only saying it’s those two they are jealous. So yea you are obviously the one that is fixated on those two girls because you’re always making excuses about how Taylor’s a victim because of their jealousy haha Your so full of yourself every time you’re posting something you’re acting like they’re jealous of her and that they are mean girls for targeting while other people in the house are targeting her too that is why this on you. Thats is a bogus excuse acting as tho these girls are making it personal especially when the cookout made all personal decisions last year off of one’s physical appearance.

Alyssa Palo=Karens

Why are you so triggered? The fact that you are personally hurt over her observation means you have karen beliefs too. I’m not down with bullying and jealousy. Alyssa, Palo, and the other girls’ jealousy makes them look ugly and insecure. You know Taylor has done nothing wrong. Stop gaslighting.

Julie Chen

Damn Underdog. We get it. You love Taylor and hate Alyssa and Paloma. Are you gonna do this the whole season? Let it go dude


A couple of these people are already grating my nerves. I think Jasmin will be a loose cannon. Her and Brittany are very fragile.

un autre nom


It’s about, what, midnight in the bb house on day 2?
One on ones appear to finally be happening? Maybe?
Thus far Ameerah and Nicole have already done their due diligence (used in proper context not bb23 Britt’s erroneous context) by going to the HOH.
Pooch and Turner, Monte and Brittany have sort of kinda group talk talked with Daniel in various formations.

Hunch: last 2 people to go to Daniel and bend the knee will be his noms for failing to respect his authori-tah. Unless Michael isn’t one of them, then it will be Michael and one of the last 2 people unless Michael impresses or pulls on superfan solidarity. Daniel REALLY doesn’t like Michael much or thinks he’s a no blood pawn.

Paloma: She ABSOLUTELY SUCKS at one on ones. Gave away far too much, and she’s going to have to lie to every alliance she’s in or forming or ever wants to form about how much she gave away. Daniel will let it slide because he’s still trying to find reason to put Michael and Indy on the block, and because he seems to have a weird fixation on her. But he complimented her enough that she’s going to like him for a couple of days, I think… or consider him her idiot puppet (I’m not sure which yet) Anyone else as HOH, she’s toast. Daniel she’ll be fine.
Multiple interruptions during their talk.
Jasmine: the two of them complimented each other far too much, while not really cementing ANYthing or saying much of anything of value. Just two people blowing smoke up each others’ ass noticeably. Taylor talk blocked so… nothing.

Michael has asked Daniel to talk “later” multiple times, but hasn’t shown up. This is putting a bigger target on Michael as an expedient first boot. Actually the dreadful cat shirt was an expedient reason for a first boot. That was a horrible shirt. It was a Golden Girls Rose shirt. shudder.
Paloma thinks she has got Daniel’s sites on Joe? That is something that did not happen. Actually half of her post one on one retell… is fiction. yeesh.
Paloma and Alyssa go to Monte with the let’s get rid of Joe plot. Now, let’s be real here for just one minute. In WHAT universe is Bros bro broing Monte going to be cool with getting rid of a guy???? Especially another musclehead he’s fistbumped? Yeah. Lead balloon. What we learned? Brainfarting Alyssa appears to be the external edit button for Paloma’s say all the plans run on dialogue. I’ve counted three interruptions to stop Paloma from oversharing. It’s been five minutes.

This is becoming a Paloma post for one reason: she’s overdoing it.
To Daniel: i’m the voice of the women and the house is split men vs. women.
To Ameerah and Alyssa: I’ve got him looking at targeting Joe (?????wth????)
To Monte: Joe is leaving first.
To Alyssa: I’ve got Daniel wrapped around my finger.
Anyone else seeing the problem? Any of these people compare a note and…. oops.
Give her a minute and she’ll pull in Kyle i bet (what will she overshare to HIM?).

Michael is attempting to go for his one on one. Taylor and Jasmine are still there. This will not be counted as a valid attempt by Daniel. Taylor isn’t leaving that room. Michael finally brings up his one on one with Daniel. What game could Michael honestly have to talk though? Seriously. He’s got no info and he’s viewed as expendable. Michael proposes Daniel target people that didn’t come to Daniel one on one. Michael offers quid pro quo safety if Michael wins an HOH and Daniel keeps him safe this week. Throws in fan of the game, so doesn’t want to leave first. Michael is the first person to offer anything to Daniel as an incentive.

Paloma has already pulled Kyle. Gee, who saw that coming???? Paloma tells Monte and Kyle that Daniel is her puppet wrapped around her finger.
Daniel by the way has clocked Paloma, Kyle and Daniel talking on the HOH tv screen. He watched them with Taylor and Daniel. Oops. She’ll slide on it with Daniel, but the boys? hmm. And Taylor now has Paloma’s number. FOR SURE.
Ameerah has been included in the six alliance that Ameerah hasn’t been told about. Oops.

Kyle thinks the six is good for them, and thinks he and Monte are the Derrick/Cody this season? They’d get rid of Terrance because he’s not a comp threat??? um. okay, so they’re the remedial version of Derrick and Cody without the production indulgence? Big eyeroll. Kyle wants to see if that’s Daniel’s shared vision: target Terrance. Keep in mind: Daniel likes having Nicole and Terrance there as the older houseguests he can vibe with. Yeah, go suggest that Kyle. evil grin. Sorry. I find Kyle to be a little insipid.

Daniel alone is pro Paloma. he thinks Jasmine is genuine. He doesn’t click as well with Kyle or Monte, and wished he could have gotten out of talking with Michael.

Question: How many people is Paloma going to tell about her conversation with Daniel? Alllllllllllllllllll the people. For no reason.

And I’m tired.
CONCLUSION: Everything I judged Pooch harshly for night one, Paloma is doing night two. It’s like the two of them are bound and determined to be the leader of every alliance in the house. They are overplaying, which is fine considering without the two of them feeds would be REALLLLLLY boring, but the game strategist / theorist in me is rolling my eyes and caring less and less about their longevity in the game. not sorry.

un autre nom

And wow. Daniel, surprise surprise, is still considering Michael as a nom. With Terrance? He likes Terrance. Where did that come from?
It’s the don’t ruffle feathers pick off the weakest so that nobody is offended move. Short term it only pisses off Nicole (his ride or die and Terrance fan), Alyssa, Brittany (each wants one of the potential noms around longer as a potential side number), Ameerah because the meatheads stay…. but the bros are happy, and keeping the physically imposing males placated seems to be the name of the game in most early season big brother.
Terrance? That one shocked me after Daniel told him he was safe yesterday.
Daniel thinks Pooch is genuine with this alliance with Turner. sideye. not even a little unless the bicep boys are on board too. Pooch is considering Turner and Daniel because they won a puzzle and an attach chandelier pieces to your face as comp beast material.

After Paloma’s performance in one on ones, Daniel should be targeting a woman… but that’s not where we are sitting. Turner and Pooch (was that a Tom Hanks movie) are pushing woman alliance formation to Daniel. Daniel lands on maybe Michael and Terrance being the best way out. Sideye. Okay Daniel, become the only admitted male superfan or the oldest man in the house…. let’s see how that works out for you moving forward.


Hi! What did you mean 2/3 down: “Daniel by the way has clocked Paloma, Kyle and Daniel talking on the HOH tv screen. He watched them with Taylor and Daniel.”
Because this reads as “Daniel and Daniel saw Daniel on the screen”… ?
I appreciate your commitment to this long recap / take! Love the snark.

un autre nom

day two name slips. Daniel was in hoh with Michael and Taylor; on the HOH screen they watched Paloma Kyle and Monte meeting . That’s what I meant to say.


Thnx! No need to apologize, I thought it was a fun opportunity for me to be able to put this sentence in there! 😉 Again, thank you for the witty & informative posts! 🙂