Michael “OK put my Smile on and lets go kiss some a$$”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

– Michael is Daniel’s target but as it stand now I think the votes are for Terrance to go. No word on the details of the basckstage twist. Likely GROD is still trying to figure out how best to screw up this season.

Lock your ranks in before midnight


8:11 am Michael alone
Michael – I don’t know who to pick for this veto if I get houseguest choice. I almost don’t want to pick Joe because if he wins I don’t think he’ll use it out of fear Monte will go up. I also don’t know if I want to compete against him. Nobody else seems that eager to play or use it so he may be my best bet.
Michael – F** daniel for saying that I’m a weak player that is why he put me up. You have no idea what I’m f**Ing capable of and you are going to see it.
Michael – Ohh it’ll be beautiful if he thinks he has me out and I come back. It is not over it is far from over.
Michael – You f***ed with the wrong person Daniel
Michael – I would love nothing more than to send him packing back to Vegas.
Michael – for today.. Gosh it’s just so hard to know what information to share and what to keep to yourself. I would love to tell Brittany everything to get her perspective but I can’t do that.
Michael – Taylor said Paloma is acting really paranoid about guys teaming up which is funny because she is the one that initiated this whole alliance.
Michael – Can I trust Taylor? I would love to she is the only person that is really even indicated she potentially would be open to using the veto.
Michael – if that’s the case I don’t want to pass that up. But.. we shall see. I should probably do a little butt kissing and check in with the HOH.
Michael – I need to talk to Indy today, I need to talk to Nicole. I would love to talk to Jasmine as well. The women in the house will be more likely to keep me. There’s a lot of BROING down going on and I’m clearly not into that. If I can get the women on my side which would be ideal.
Michael – Taylor is the biggest wild card for me. I would love to work with her I would love to trust her. I don’t know if it is in the cards. She ran votes with me ad kinda gave me some information. I feel like my side is not too hyped about her. But I have to do what is best for me.

8:42 am Random picture of Indy’s onion friend.

9 – 9:25 am
Feeds down for Nomination player picks.
Power of Veto Players are Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting

9:27 am Terrance and Daniel
Terrance – it was so crazy I was taking a shower and Turner came up to me was like Bro I don’t want you to go home
Daniel – before this?
Terrance – Before this I was in the shower.. since it happened organically I said will you play for me if I get Houseguests picks and he was like absolutely I will. When he got picked I was like DAMN
Daniel says Turner was up in the HOH saying he really liked Terrance. Turner asked “You don’t want me to use it?”
Daniel – I was like Dude let’s fight for it and figure it out If we know for sure what’s up why get more blood on my hands right. I would want to make sure I did some rally to make sure you’re good. cause I don’t want to fuck my game up right.

Daniel – I think Michael will COME for me. I think he can tell that without me. It’s hard to open up to each other and connect. So at least he has a target he has a focus he can ally with other people and be like HEY lets get out the first HOH>
Daniel says he’s fighting for the veto he doesn’t want it used and for him to get more blood on his hands.
Daniel – because backstage doesn’t vote you only need 5 to stay.

9:34 am Ameerah and Daniel
Daniel – I’m excited to see everyone’s strengths. What if Indy goes up and kills it.
Ameerah – I think Indy is a ZUMBA instructor or something.
Ameerah says both Michael and Terrance think she would use the veto on them. “If I won and picked some one.. First of all would you be mad? do you want to backdoor someone?”
Daniel – no.. again I don’t have at target.
Ameerah – you don’t want any more blood on your hands.
Daniel – that’s my wish. we all have the chance to fight. I don’t want to use it because I don’t want to have to put up another person.

Daniel – if you put up one of the strong dudes as a backdoor and they stay. Hommies coming for me hard.

Ameerah – dude we should just let f***ing you win
Daniel – The only for that to truly work would be if you all fight for it until the two nominees are out then throw it to me. You can fake it or make is obvious I wouldn’t give a shit.
Ameerah – I want you to win that would be my ideal situation. I don’t want to get blood on my hands.
Ameerah – Indy would like for you to win. she’s playing a strong floater game in my opinion
Daniel – I don’t know where her heads at but I get along with her really well.
Ameerah – we all like her. She’s a strong floater right there.

9:46 am Daniel and Nicole
Daniel – Turner is ready to kill it. So I obviously want to keep nominations the same I want to win it so nobody has to do sh1t
Nicole – I would prefer that too
Daniel – I get along with Terrance way more
Nicole – he came and talked to me. this morning he bascially was like Hey I spoke to Daniel I really want to protect the three of us.
Daniel – ohh yeah he’s been coming up saying
Nicole – I said maybe we should get another female and he said I’m cool with Taylor. I’m like Here we go a side alliance.
Daniel – that is why I feel good with POOCH and Turner and with you. They are trying to bring more people in as a side alliance. That’s cool with me but they better start winning HOH and killing off people that I’m allied with elsewhere.
Nicole – now everyone is scrambling trying to play the game.
Daniel says he likes his talks with Ameerah but he’s not sure if maybe she’s the head of a girls alliance.
Nicole doesn’t know if there is but says if there was the girls might not even tell her.

10:21 Michael alone
“F** you Daniel for saying you want to keep Kyle and Monte safe because they’re big strong guys.. UGH I want to prove him wrong SO bad.”
“I wasn’t expecting that type of judgement from him. That’s why it hurts. Obviously he’ll tell me the PC reason I did wants fair”
“OK put my Smile on and lets go kiss some ass”

Brittany joins him.
Brittany – you win this thing you save yourself.. You can do this!
Brittany – I’m not worried cause I know you can do this
Mike – thanks that means a lot.
Mike says that Monte and Kyle were talking yesterday and said Daniel didn’t put them up because he didn’t want to take out the tall strong guys
Brittany – he’s going to give a cop-out reason so he can be cool with the muscle dudes.
Mike – I get that you don’t want them coming after you but I didn’t think he would do that.
Brittany – I should have known that.
Brittany – if you get that opportunity to hang out with the big jocks you don’t get that opportunity in Highschool.
Mike – I’m like the total opposite I’m not going to try and be that person.
Brittany – he doesn’t realize that he’ll be the first to go. He’s the first cut out of that.
Mike – You see them work out together
Brittany – you (Daniel) are not in that club the only reason you are in that club is because you have HOH
Mike – I talked to Taylor
Brittany – what do you think
Mike – I don’t know. She said some of the women about the bros BROING down. I’m so not into that. Did you see Terrance whispered to Kyle right before the veto pick. Hey would you play for me.
Brittany – really

10:46 am Kyle and Daniel
Daniel is saying he doesn’t want the veto used this week. He doesn’t think other than the nominees everyone else playing won’t use it if they win. “Nobody wants to f** with it THIS WEEK”
Kyle – I don’t want to get too ahead of myself but also the part of me that is kinda like a planner. I kinda feel like we should get me, You and Monte together and Formulate like next week
Daniel – look out for each other
Kyle – yeah get some understanding like.. doesn’t have to be some BIG alliance
Daniel – we don’t have to do a sign on the dotted line sh1t happens and you have to do a replacement nominee ..
Kyle – for sure
Daniel – ‘looking out for each other’ that means canvassing for votes when it comes time.
Kyle leaves “Dude I got out next week I’m going all out for the HOH hopefully there’s still some of your MUSK in the bed”

Daniel laughs “thank you bro”
Kyle – good chat.

10:47 am Daniel alone
“I really don’t want him going home right now that would be stupid. Him and Monte are cool as f** and they will go hard for me if I f***ed up”
“It’s only first okay. I think the sweet spot is week 6 to start really f***Ing with people”
“I think I’m in a good spot but if you get comfortable in this game you are f***ed”
“every time someone says I’M GOOD they are f***ing gone”
“I feel good with the people I talk to so hopefully there’s not girls banding together and lying to me”

10:52 am Taylor and Monte
Taylor wonders how the backstage will mess with the game. “I get where he (Daniel) is coming from keep it easy”
Taylor – I don’t even want to think about it if someone comes down
Monte – I don’t know where his head would be at.
Taylor – no idea.. I don’t feel like he would take another have not. that would be f**ing wild.
MOnte – I was surprised when he picked Michael in the first place.
Taylor – I thought all the have nots were safe.

Taylor – it’s such a clichés to see the oldest person go first.
Monte – yeah and especially an older person of colour to. I would have loved to have seen him go further in the game.
Taylor – no cookout 2.0

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)

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Nice camera shot of the backyard and veto comp.

Corn Pop

Just STOP with the race shit. People are sick of it. True fact, not all black people are racist but the majority black people are the most racist people on earth. True fact, 90% of interracial hate crimes are from blacks to whites, you only hear about it if it’s the other way around and 99.9% of the time it’s made up. Just stfu and be a human and stop talking about the color of your skin or what’s in your pants or who you like to have sex with. We don’t care! Not even a little bit.

Alyssa Palo=Karens

You are racist.


you just proved his point *facepalm*

un autre nom

Something I’m noticing consistently:
Brittany pulls in the lost lambs.
If a houseguest is socially awkward, or socially shunned or strategically excluded…
along comes Brittany to collect the discarded.

Michael, Turner before he Pooched, Joe, Taylor. She’s made overtures to all of them.


I pick NONE of the above (in the poll) LOL

I want to see a Michael, Brittany, Taylor alliance & I’d ideally like it if the offshoot of it contained Ameerah/Monte b/c I think they’d be the most interesting & strategic. Although I worry the latter two wouldn’t work b/c both would want primarily all female/male as the majority.

Although it’s still early I’m a big NO on Turner, only appreciate Paloma for the drama she adds to feeds, & definitely NOT a fan of Pooch. I’m equally disappointed that Nicole only TALKS about creating alliances instead of actually making them.

Daniel was a big disappointment as 1st HOH – even though he felt Terrance was a lock as an ally he risked putting him OTB b/c it was easy. He kept complaining no one was coming up to kiss the HOH ring instead of being proactive & simply saying so ‘my door is open today to have one on ones before noms if you want to each come up’. He waited until 5 mins before POV to try to CREATE his first alliance (with Monte/Kyle) … ummm buddy you’re a day late & a dollar short.

Girl's Girls=Karens

And Daniel is supposed to be a super fan? He’s one of the worst first week HOHs ever! lol He’s playing a cowardly game.

The Beef

Admittedly, it’s still very early, but I’m having a hard time finding a person or persons I really like among the most active “players” in the cast so far this season. The ones I DO seem to have an affinity for so far are Monte, Kyle and even the “evil” Taylor is starting to grow on me, after she has settled into the house for a few days. Can’t wait to see the games of the “overplayers” blow up in their faces, as I think will most likely happen to Paloma, Alyssa, and Pooch.

Now that Michael has won the veto, I hope Terrance can survive the first eviction – I hate seeing the “old guy” to be the first one to go, although I understand Taylor is under strong consideration to be the replacement nominee. Here’s hoping that one of the “backstage pass” people gets the first boot!