Over the Top Double POV Ceremony results

Yesterday Scott chose the Double Veto for his America care package. Alex, Justin, Kryssie, Danielle, Neeley and Scott competed in a puzzle POV. Alex and Justin both won a Veto.
Alex did not use her Veto
Justin used the Veto on Kryssie
Scott nominated Shane in her place
Shane, Danielle and Neeley are nominated for eviction.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-18 10-37-29-300

10:37am Kryssie and Jason
Jason tells Kryssie Justin is useing the veto on her.
Justin joins them.

Kryssie calls the workout equipment “Shitball” says she can’t work out here. Adds that she can’t workout in the sun.
Justin leaves..
Kryssie says Danielle was talking game to Justin last night.
Jason – she was like of course you’ll use the veto on me

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-18 10-48-35-083

10:49am “The Girls” in the morning..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-18 11-00-15-743

11:00am Alex says she goes first today with the POV

11:30am The girls around the pool.. Chatting about getting Shane out but tell everyone it’s Danielle. They agree Shane is using Danielle.

Alex joins them. They start talkign about how the term floater is being thrown around this season without the real meaning being known. They agree nobody this season is a floater.
Alex doesn’t think Kryssie knows what the game is about.
Shelby says everything Kryssie says is twisted around and stretched.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-18 13-04-15-309


The nominees give their reasons …

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-18 13-06-58-616

Alex did not use her Veto

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-18 13-07-17-309
Justin used the Veto on Kryssie

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-18 13-07-44-925
Scott nominated Shane in her place
Shane, Danielle and Neeley are nominated for eviction.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-18 13-43-15-397

1:43pm Shane, Jason and Kryssie
Shane telling them he’s here for the money he’s here to play. Thinks Danielle will accept that.
Says whoever leaves this week the other one will be waiting on the other side.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-18 16-14-46-308

4:13pm Halloween party
Kryssie – doll
Shleby – Zombie
MOrgan – witch
Neeley – Zombie nurse
Jason – Deadly doctor
Alex – mummy
SCott – Werewolf
Daneille – vampire
Whitney – devil
Justin – Zombie fireman

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-18 17-22-51-520

5:16pm Storage room Shelby, Whitney and Morgan
Agreeing to be very vague about their votes, “I’m voting with what the house wants”
Whitney leaves..
They don’t care who leaves Shane or Danielle.
Shelby wants to confirm with Scott that he’s telling Justin.
Morgan agrees wants them to talk to him tonight about how the votes going down.
There’s concern that Scott isn’t keeping the rest of them in the loop just Alex.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-18 18-57-45-759

6:28pm HOH Scott and Justin
Scott says he knows SHane and Danielle are coming after him and Alex. Adds that Danielle has little chance to win a Competition but Shane will. Scott says Danielle has competed in every challenge and hasn’t won.
Scott keeps reiterating he needs to look out for Alex, ‘If Alex or me leave because of Shane.. I’ve seen Shane turn on Monte, Corn and Me”

Justin – he would turn on me and Jason in a instant
Scott – he wants to take out Alex as soon as possible and I just can’t have that
Justin – I’m bout whatever man
Scott – if you still want to vote out Danielle.. That’s fine the vote are there..

Scott says making it a tie will be good TV.
SCott says hopefully they can go “Boom boom” and get Shane out then Daneille.
Scott tells him he’s free to talk to Jason about this.
Justin asks how should Jason vote.
Scott – 4 votes for Danielle 4 votes for Shane nobody will know we’re working together..
Scott – I wanted to give you and Jason a heads up as soon as possible..
Scott – the girls will start turning on each other the girls don’t want a final 7 of all females.

Justin says Danielle has said some terrible things “I just don’t want him in here”
Scott tells him the girls will start picking each other off.
Justin says he’s sick of all Danielle’s complaining.
Justin – Danielle isn’t going to be a real threat.
Justin says he’s going to cuddle with Morgan tonight.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-18 19-00-28-047
6:42pm Justin tells Jason the other side is going after Shane.
Justin – it’ll be a 4-4 split..
Justin – Shane is going home tomorrow..
Jason – that’s strange to me..
Justin – the vendetta is that f***g real
Jason says it’s goign to look to Danielle that her group voted her out.
Justin says only Alex and Scott wanted them to know where the vote was going.
Jason says Danielle isn’t going to work with the other side regardless.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-18 19-58-00-199

7:50pm White room Jason, Jusitn, Danielle, Kryssie and Shane
They tell Danielle the other side is all planning on voting out Shane.
Jason explains they have 3 votes.
Danielle thinks America will vote her out.
Danielle says she’s fine with them all playing along they can all vote her out.
Danielle says if she gets evicted tomorrow she can see her son and “Play from home” leveraging social media to benefit their side.
Kryssie says there’s no way they can get it to work.. She’s been thinking all day.

8:00pm Live Diary rooms.. Started at 7:30pm
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8:01pm London room Justin and Jason
Jason saying Danielle is trying to stay by getting it to be a tie. if she does she’ll still roll with them. Jason is warning Justin how smart at this game Danielle is. She knows if it’s a tie she’ll stay over Shane.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-18 21-08-55-931

9:06pm Shane came out of the Live Diary room session crying tells them he had a moment.
Kryssie says the other side is trying to confuse Justin with how they are voting.
Neeley offers Shane “Emotional Support”

Shane says gettign the vote to a tie is not smart.
Shane says the other side is voting him out and they are just saying they are voting out Danielle.

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So nice having a semi quiet Danielle after this veto meeting

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Well there is plenty of action this season. Going back to regular Big Brother will be tough.

Anonymous stfu!

You don’t even watch the feeds! You know that she is always talking about herself even if she’s sad or disappointed!

Danielle GTFO!

Let’s get rid of Danielle! Like make the house brighter rather than bringing everyone down you Debbie downer!


It doesn’t matter because Shane is gone regardless. I still want her gone, but our vote will not get her evicted.

Nom Nom

Woo! I said that the new alliances would form and no one believed me! Instead I received many thumbs down and I’ll probably get more on this comment cuz everyone here thinks they are all high and mighty! I predicted so something! And it came true, so I should get some recognition! Thumbs up please!

Thumbs down means you hate Alex! Or Whitney!


You seem really lucky! You should definitely go buy a lottery ticket!! Then reach around your shoulder at pat yourself on the back as long as you want…


Preach! Every year people throw their tantrums and it’s always the same old shiz “oooh noooo… X and Y cannot leave or the game will be over!” or “noooo, s/he kept the floater… what _______!” And anyone who has watched BB at least a couple of times knows that the change of scenarios opens up possibilities for new dynamics. People locked up in a house without TV, smartphones and PokemonGo… drama is given! Throw a check in the mix and you have people cutting deals non stop.

Now, preach again on the thumbs down thing. I pointed out a few things in the previous post and I got a record of thumbs down. LOL. Very shocking considering that last summer I got hundreds of thumbs up in my comments. I couldn’t care less either way. If there’s one nice thing Simon/Dawg has done with this place is turn it into a democratic space. So don’t worry, Nom Nom: deliver your message and care less about the ups/downs. What is shocking to me is that Im under the impression I got the thumbs down treatment because I dared to say negative stuff about Cornbread. Still stupefied! I’d never picture him as America’s Sweetheart. LOL!


Wake me up when that punk loser Jason gets voted out!!

Amazing race star!

Who do y’all think should get a chance to go on the Amazing Race!

Thumbs down for Danielle and Shane

Thumbs up for Alex and Morgan


Nakomis was my sister! Bring the original siblings back!

Amy inTX

As much as I’d like to see Danielle go home first Shane is going to be the bigger competitor so he’s going to be the one that I vote out. Now do you think they learned anything this week?Have their eyes opened? lol

Neely or Dawg??

Why do we only get to choose Neely?


Looks like Dawg’s going home.


This might finally be the season where the women are going to dominate, i mean if Shane goes it will still be 7 women strong against only 3 men, luckily there isn’t a woman hating bitch like Nicole to fuck it up.


after shane leaves , the girls will start to cannibalize each other. This is how it usually goes.


yaaas preach it!

Misty Queef

So, unless something drastically changes by Wednesday night, Shane will be going. The misfit trolls will think the target is Danielle and they are ready for her to go too. She’s interfering too much with Jason and Kryssie’s narcissistic stories with her own and they are not having it. Anyway, the misfit trolls believe the Ball Smashers want Danielle out and it’s going to be a unanimous vote of 7 houseguests plus 1 America’s vote for a total of 8 votes. Actually, the Ball Smashers are voting per Scott’s wishes for Shane. So, the vote is more likely to be 4 votes for Shane, 3 votes for Danielle and 1 America’s vote, equaling a 4 to 4 tie with Scott breaking the tie. Unless, Scott and Alex tell Jason & Justin the truth in hope it will garner some trust in their proposed alliance.


Is it just me or does Shelby look a little like Jessica Alba. Well, on meth anyway.


Omg, when are we gonna nominate Jason. I cant stand listening to him eat so annoying. Also he seems to have gotten alot meaner this season.


Ding dong, the b!tch is gone!

P.S.- that suits both Danielle or Shame. LOL!


If Scott and Alex are going to turn on the other 3 girls I am going to be very pissed.


I doubt Alex will turn on her sister, so i don’t think that’s happening. I think they Alex and Scott are just trying to get insurance form the other side in case they win, that’s all.


Just when I started to like Scott he turns on the girls who kept them safe and throws the UTB by telling Jason and Justin that the girls want to say they are voting out Danielle but really vote out Shane. I may just vote him for 3rd nom this week.

Natalie's tw@t

I just remembered, there was a Sane & Danielle couple on season 14.


I’m safe another week bitches!


How has no one figured out that Alex and Morgan are sisters yet. Like I get that they have the generic white girl thing going for them, but if you look at their memory wall pictures for more than a couple of minutes you realize they have a lot of the same features.

Marsha The Moose

“Generic white girl” Wow!! So they all look alike. Is that what you’re saying?? Wow!!


Why is Jason still there….. he’s the next to get put up and back to the basement.
Ugh…… Making an alliance with Justin and Jason makes me sick. Disappointed in Scott and Alex. Alex would turn her back on her sister so easily.
Vote out Jason…. He’s really annoying this season. He became vicious. Used to love him.


If Shane goes theres no more man candy, only naive plastics, BB OTT major fail. The girls arent even likeable. Monte was good to look at but hes not the sharpest screw driver.


That is good news, now we can watch the girls eat each other!


Kyrssie and Neeley’s Live DR cracked me up. I guess you don’t know that we see everything. Kyrssie said I don’t say anything behind anyone’s back that I wouldn’t say to their face. Hmmm.


Laughing at Justin being a Double Agent


Kryssie’s face above is nightmare inducing! I can’t wait for one of the plastics to send that troll packing!!!


I assumed she got a whiff of her own huba-stank! She is one nasty bi-otch inside and out. I can’t wait for her and her shit stained granny panties to get off of my computer. Meanwhile Morgan and Alex on a scale of 1-10 are as Joe Pesci would say………..”borderline 11″ Way better looking IMO then BB18’s Natalie. (and much less fake on the personality level)
And speaking of trolls, my disgust for Jason grows by the second. He thinks because he is gay he can call women bitches, hos, and if I am not mistaken even called one of them a c*nt as well. He can go back to his mom’s basement and scream “Oh Mylanta”


I hope Alex and Justin make it to the end. They from the opinions I read and OBB updates appear to be the best gamers of the group.