Scott tells Jason “What me and Alex want to do is form a 5 person alliance with you, Neeley & Justin”

9:20pm Shelby, Morgan and Alex are in the lounge room chatting. Shelby picks up the exercise ball and lays on it. Shelby – is this an exercise? Alex – definitely!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-17 23-25-30-707

9:50pm Kryssie and Whitney are talking by the hot tub. Kryssie – its hard for me. She’s (Danielle) a sweet girl and I think she’s not done cooking yet. Whitney – I honestly think that veto competition had something to do with America’s nominee. Kryssie – I think is too. Whitney – I knew from night one that she (Danielle) was very self centered but I’m not going to say anything because its not my business. Like this girls talks about herself way too much. I’m not going to call anyone out like that. Until someone puts me in a position to no longer have respect for them, then we’re all good. That’s why I’m good with you and that’s why I freaking love Justin. Kryssie – I’m glad you’re good with me because I like you. Kryssie – I definitely appreciate you. You’re the only person that’s come to me both times. I don’t like the phoniness. This just sucks because America put up someone we didn’t think they would put up. I knew your side of the house was not into her. Whitney – right. Kryssie – She (Danielle) saw Shelby celebrate right after. Whitney – by herself? Kryssie – no, her and Scott were back there. No wait, Neeley saw it.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-17 23-32-31-539
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10:10pm – 11pm Neeley tells Kryssie that Morgan came and talk to her asking how I was doing. I told her I appreciated her talking to me. I won’t forget that. She is no longer on the sh*tty Neeley list. At least for now.. Kryssie – she can be at the bottom. Neetly – she’s way at the bottom. Whitney is above her. Kryssie – to her credit she didn’t ask me any real game questions. We talked about Monte and I said I hope he watches this and re-evaluates things. I think we all should. It was nice to talk to her and not talk game. Jason, Scott and Shane joins them.

In the bedroom –
Morgan and Whitney go to bed with the lights on..

12am Backyard – Danielle, Kryssie, Jason, Shane and Neeley are talking about random things. They talk about popcorn, credit, whether or not conversate is a real word or not, weddings, etc. Scott joins them for a smoke.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-18 03-36-18-335

1:35am Backyard – Scott and Jason are talking. Scott – obviously you and I are really big fans of the show and know how this goes year after year. Most of the time the seasons divide between the people that stay up late and the people who go to bed early. More often than not its going to he the strong people who butt heads against each other and take each other out and we end up with a bullsh*t final 3 like Morgan, Shelby and Kryssie. Or the strong people team up and they devour the weak. So me and Alex have been work shopping this for a while and were thinking we bring a group together but we decided we should approach you instead. What me and Alex want to do is form a 5 person alliance with you, Neeley and Justin. And then take out the weak players and hopefully we all make it to Thanksgiving or some sh*t. Jason – the hardest person you’re going to need to convince of that is Neeley. Scott – I know because obviously I nominated her and she feels burnt by the deal that Alex made with Kryssie. Alex trusts me and I trust her. I told her when she was HOH that she couldn’t go after you because it would f**k up my game. Scott – with those other girls you can take em or leave em. You’re the person that could bring the two sides together. Jason – I could work it lightly and slightly. Neeley has a lot of distrust with those girls. Scott – Alex and I are really tight. Jason – its going to be hard to get them really in without me. Those 5 are a good 5. America’s nominee helps us purge people from our group. America’s nominee did us a favour.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-18 03-52-33-430

Jason – tomorrow Justin is taking down Kryssie, do you know that? And you’ll put Shane up? Scott – yup. Jason – and you don’t care who goes? Scott – not really. When it comes down to it the showmance is after Alex and that’s a problem for me. Jsson – you have to protect your queen. Scott – it really doesn’t matter to me which one. Jason – I was pushing for Danielle to go before Shane. I was thinking we would vote for Danielle to go if it was Danielle, Shane and Neeley up there. Scott – as far as Alex and I are concerned we just want them both out, it doesn’t matter which one first. Jason – I would need Alex to also approach me. Jason – if we purge the showmance on our side then we need to purge a few on your side and get rid of some of the girls. Scott – of course. Justin join them. Jason – does Alex have a hierarchy of those girls? Scott – no. Jason – I see Whitney as a better strategist than Shelby or Morgan. Jason – its not a bad idea. If Justin or I win next week you and her (Alex) are straight chillin’. Scott heads to bed.

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2:45am Bathroom – Jason talks to Justin about the conversation they had with Scott. Jason says its good we’ll take out some from their side and some from our side because we’re not going to let them take out some from our side and be left with all the girls still in here. That’s why having the 5th person (Neeley) from our side is a good thing. Justin agrees.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-18 04-12-22-798

3am All the house guests are sleeping..

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I honestly don’t know how we’re going to enjoy BB19 after watching this season. The 24/7 access we’re getting on this show is going to spoil us big time.


I agree. Very different experience watching a real version. Can’t put this stuff on TV.


Im so confused. Why the heck is Scott doing? Are Scott and Alex really wanting to make an alliance with Jason, Neely and Justin? Why would they want to align with crazy Jason and Neely when they have a perfectly fine alliance with the girls? Also I can’t see Jason or Neely winning to many comps. Can someone tell me if this is real or are they up to something. GO CANADA!


I hope Alex doesn’t mind that Scott is talking for her. She doesn’t strike me as someone who would enjoy that all that much.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I thought the same thing. Alex is maybe the best player in the game so I hope she thinks this through.


Hey everyone! I’m back! Hahah… turns out my mom has CBS All Access so I can watch the episodes – still no time for feeds (too much work… damn, I need a new job). I’m just stopping by to share my impressions:

– Never in my life I have seen a player as clueless as Cornbread. Well, with that name… what else could I expect? It’s incredible how terrible he was at reading people and the game as whole. That interview with Julie is cringeworthy. When he thought that Alex had voted to save him and even got teary was laughable. Well, I indeed laughed. His loser speech was also pitiful. Nothing reeks of ordinariness like when people put God in the middle of every sentence trying to justify their lack of talent and attempt to gloss their poor performance with the “at least I’ve kept my integrity” exclamation. Boring! Integrity got nothing to do with with your lack of talent and persuasion. Own up to the fact you get easily played. It’s more admirable. Honestly, Cornbread: I’m impressed that you actually made this far… in life! He doesn’t seem uneducated to me: he was able to put some sentences together with words that people in general don’t seem to use. But his blindness regarding everything going on in that house is baffling. I wish there was a camera in his house filming his face when he finds out that Alex just voted to stir. LOL!

Not in the same level of blindness but almost as equally unexceptional was that tool called Monte. “I’m the alpha this, I’m the beast that…” yeah… actually, Monte, you are just the moron *ss and that’s it. Didn’t win a single comp – didn’t score not even ONCE in the golf comp! – and had the guts to think he was running the house. Poor thing. What was that conversion with Shane in the pantry? LOL. Bye, alpha moron!

Now, I think that 16 seasons of no interference from the public has turned BB players into morons. Haven’t they realized yet that they are now part of a miss congeniality sort of game? You gotta appeal to people at home and be nice. Perhaps the #1 lesson for OTT is: if you don’t have the numbers, you gotta be willing to please America. So, whenever America puts someone up, you get rid of that person and try all you can to be in a good place with the people you originally nominated. How you’re gonna do that, I dunno… but you better learn because the odds and numbers are not in your favor. There’s no better time to learn how to do politics I guess. You really gonna need that. Especially when we see that America pretty much dominated the results in the first two evictions.

Also, I love – 100% – the fact CBS is making this an adult show for once. All the “f*cks” being aired (and spelled out in the subtitles!!!) is refreshing. Also, thank you CBS for not hiding the nastiness. It was amazing to watch Monte spewing his racist side. It just made it easier for us. Not having to not complain on social media that you were downplaying stuff like you’ve done for 17 years is terrific.

I assume that most people watching OTT are BB fans and what impresses me is that, in the end of the day, even the BB fans ins the US would rather watch nice people than players. Apparently that’s what we’re seeing at least so far. What do you think? Let’s be honest here: the second week’s outcome was a pure reaction to Monte’s nastiness rather than gameplay. Yeah, he wasn’t a good player, but still if people wanted to see gameplay, they would have let Alex succeed with her plan and help her get rid of the showmance.

However, I gotta give to OTT producers: they found a better way to do BB with public voting. It’s not 100% “miss congeniality” like in the UK. Gameplay still can take you far here. But those dumbos need to wake up. I’d tell jamboree to rely less on America and do more, and I’d tell the other side to do study some math on the side and learn to socialize!

P.S.- Whitney… girl, who said you were the RA of the house? Sit your ass down and drop the easily offended ‘tude.


Wow you sound like you are a loser of … life too!

Hammock Swinger

Boy, Roxt sure seems to have lots of opinions!


I hope Alex sticks with the girls and not go with Jason, Justin and Neeley. We finally have a girl alliance that is tight and I’d like to see them stick together til the end. Scott is going back to his playing different sides again. It will probably blow up in his face again once the girls vote out Shane, but then again he’ll probably act like he didn’t know.

Alex did not not nominate Jason because Scott told her not to.

Misty Queef

Scott would be a twit to ever trust Jason or any of his misfit trolls. Let’s get real, Jason is a vet but he was voted out 5th in BB17. All he did was smoke and snark from the patio then and he hasn’t changed anything. He’s about to run out of cigarettes soon and will probably lose his shit when the game begins to ramp up. Justin may be more intelligent than he seems but does he know this game. He doesn’t really seem to. He does appear to be playing similar to BB15 Andy and BB18 Paul in the way he runs back and forth between groups to gather information, or maybe he is just hyper and bores easily. Maybe just my opinion, but Alex gives me the impression she is the one person who came to truly play the game.


Great name Misty!!


Scott is a twit, a little nerdy confused twit.


Geez, Dani never stops talking, she’s as bad as Kryssie. Some ppl just like to hear their own voice.