Neeley “I want to scare the f**k out of Shelby and Alex is going to know I’m coming for her!”

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-19 03-23-08-328

9:15am – 10pm HOH room – Shelby, Alex, Morgan and Scott. Shelby – it annoyed me that she said that. I’m already on slop you don’t need to say anything else. This is another week everyone can go home, I don’t care. Scott – you got to chillax. This is a long a$$ game and we’re not even a third the way through it yet. Tomorrow is day 22 and we’re going to be here for 60 days total. And its only going to get more boring. Shelby – No one has even approached me about who I’m voting for. Morgan – I meant to ask you Scott.. Shane’s already come up to me. I said Danielle was our target last week.. put two and two together. Or is it best just to be open about Shane? Scott – I don’t have a vote so I don’t really care …you can be honest about it but he’s got to go… he’s got to GO! Shelby – I’m so bored .. like lets start some drama guys!! Scott – no, its a marathon. Not a sprint!

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-18 23-24-11-598

9:35pm – 11pm Backyard – Jason, Justin and Shane. Jason – this week is hurting my heart. Shane – No matter what guys if I do leave .. get Alex and Scott’s a$$ out of here! Shane laughs. You know what I mean, I already knew this whole week I was going to get backdoored. The game is going to become a girls game. Jason – that’s my f**king fear. I need to keep all the pen!ses here that we can. And that’s not me just being a homo! Shane – I’m not going to go down not swinging because that’s who I am. I always go down with some punches. That’s just who I am. I’m not going to be fake.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-19 03-35-28-146

11:25pm – 12amBackyard – Neeley, Jason and Kryssie are talking. Neeley – we just have to win HOH. Thin that number down so they have to start working with us. It’s Alex, then Scott, then Whitney. That’s the order they have to go out. Kryssie – do we backdoor Alex. We can’t let her fight for the veto. She’s a good competitor. She has to be backdoored. Neeley – I’m not scared of her. If I win HOH, she is going up automatically. Jason – I would put one of them up with Shelby and backdoor the other one. Neeley – Alex is going up. No backdoor style. That’s how I’m doing it. You do it how you want. I’m doing it Neeley style. I want to scare the f**k out of Shelby and Alex is going to know I’m coming for her. And if she takes herself off, then she earned it. I can’t be mad at her. And then Scott is going home. But that’s just me. Kryssie – that’s not a bad strategy. Neeley – the thing with backdoor strategy is sometimes it doesn’t work. I want to look her in the eye and says I know you orchestrated this. You (Alex) need to see what it feels like to have to fight for your life in this house. You played a sh*tty a$$ social game. You put all your pawns in front of you to play your social game for you. She has Morgan and Whitney playing her social game for her. Jason – she is using them as her social game. Neeley – I feel like we can use Morgan but then she has to go too. Shane joins them and talks about how he knows he’s being backdoored. I’m not going to be crazy, I’m just going to call him out. Kryssie – if this little sh*t (Scott) is doing this for TV time then you might as well take the wind out of his sails.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-19 03-27-02-629

12am Jason comes up to the HOH room. Jason – they’re on it.. like the plan. Scott – oh to get rid of Shane? Jason – yeah. You might get a crazy speech from him tomorrow .. so just be aware. Jason – their main goal is to keep him over her. Scott there are literally no pros to keeping him, its all cons. I find Danielle irritating. Jason – he has personally burned you. Just don’t put your blinders on. He (Shane) is going to try and speech it up. Scott – that’s fine. I’ve heard Shane’s speech before. It’s nothing new to me. Jason – next week if they win HOH they’re going to use Shelby as a pawn and backdoor Alex. Jason heads back down stairs.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-19 03-46-48-119

12:20am Bathroom – Kryssie – you either go out like you’re leaving or you play the diplomacy card. Shane – I feel like if I did the diplomacy card and I got voted out .. I feel like I would explode. I’m playing it like I’m leaving. I don’t trust Scott at all. This morning Morgan told me they’re voting Danielle out. They hug and leave the room.
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Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-19 03-50-46-519

2:20am – 2:50am Backyard – Neely, Kryssie, Jason, Shane, Danielle and Justin are all chatting about random things. Everyone goes to bed. Jason talks to the cameras. Send me a sign America. Scott is acting like he’s King tut! He just wants some tv time. He wants to be the star of the damn eviction show. You’re already the star of the week. If Scott doesn’t take the clear cut answer that Danielle is a better player, what can you tell these people. Again .. give them the key to the castle and they ain’t going to open the door. There’s really going to be like 3 boys in this house and 900 girls. I’m always team ladies but come on now. Why am I going to protect the two best people on that side at comps and stuff if they ain’t willing to compromise with me. What is Justin doing!? Too much! Better than nothing but still too much. Boy Jesus there’s a fire in my hear. America you want Danielle out .. so do it. With Shane out she is going to be even more focused. I know I must look like the rat of the universe but I’m just trying to play the game. This is not the best game decision. (voting out Shane) Its just dumb!

3am All the house guests are sleeping..

Houseguests have been up since 10am. No game talk of any substance that I can find happened.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-19 15-14-46-079
It’s 3:12pm
LNC talking about Farting.. Scott talking to his girls about his bachelors degree in economics how it’s kinda like 1/2 a stats degree 1/2 a business management degree.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-19 16-53-50-611
4:30pm Jason and Neeley
Neeley asks if they need to worry about Justin..
Jason says Justin vote is with them this week, Next week he’s not sure.
Jason – he’s just being Justin
Jason – we have to be on top of him

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Mrs. Mac

You would have to actually win HOH first, Neeley.


Neely is one of the most oblivious players next to Kathy from BB12. AND WOW!! i didn’t expect to see Jason run up to the HoH room to rat out the LNC’s plans, WOW!!!!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Neeley Bitter much?


Neeley told the girls that they were HNs because Ameirca doesn’t like them. I think we need to make Kyrssie and Neely HNs this week. She is mad at Alex because she went back or her word to Kyssie. The only other option Alex had was to put her up because she wasn’t going to put Scott up because Alex knew they were lying about voting out Scott.


That is exactly why they were made HNs. The Misfits NEVER planned to take Scott out. He was in no danger at all. The funniest thing about this has been that several times they have been thinking the same things but have been so paranoid that they have ended up screwing themselves.


So much disinformation going back and forth but that is big brother. If Alex was lead to believe that Scott would be backdoored, then that is why she did what she did with Kryssie. Considering all of the Scott bashing last week, why would anyone think that Scott was safe? You backdoor someone when you have a perceived bigger target on the block. The LNC could have easily thought that since Monte is hated by them and America, he would be and easy target to take out later. Take out the unsuspecting fool first. Happens every season.


I wish Alex would spend a LITTLE more time with the other side, it will be really hard for Jason/Justin to say “don’t put her up” when they have no interactions with her at all.


watch the feeds, she spends plenty of time with them, she can’t help they don’t want to talk game with her. smh


I honestly might puke if one of Danielle, Krysee, or Neeley win HOH. It’s going to be an absolutely insufferable week with any one of them in power.


We just need to nominate one of the LNC crew no matter who wins. Also give one of the ball smashers the care package this week. That will ensure that a member of the LNC will go home.

Amy in TX

I will be nominating Alex for Americas care package. This will accomplish two things. 1) it’ll keep Alex safe from the block. 2) it will have her up Kryssie’s butt because she has to wait on her. That will prevent Kryssie from talking game with out Alex being around or at least make it more difficult.


Depending on the comp, I do not see Danielle (never won any comp and she competed in all so far and she will still be feeling sorry for herself that her boy toy is gone) or Kryssie ( has not won any of the comps she has been in either) winning HOH. Possible for Justin or Neeley to win. If the Plastics win HOH again, will be hard for the LNC to not lose another member.

PS—Danielle, Kryssee and Neeley will be insufferable all week no matter what happens.


LOL agree… regardless what happens those three will be insufferable..


That pic of Scott made me think of that guy in the viral videos talking about taming the tiger.


Probably a stupid question, but do these houseguests think they are on TV? I’ve heard them a few times referring to TV time.


Some continue to refer it being a TV show but they know it’s online only.


Kryssie is a very good actress as puts on such a “sweet” act in her DR sessions that is so opposite of what we see the othet 99% of the time in the house


Can’t see Neeley, Krysee or Danielle winning HOH. They are just dreaming…


Scott, America nominated Dani. What part of that do you not get?


Scott knows that Shane has a much better chance of winning hoh than Danielle. They definitely want her gone, this is smarter way for him to go.


Just because America nominated Dani does not mean you have to vote that person out. If that were the case, why bother with HOH and Veto comps and just have America vote one time each week for eviction. Now that would make for a much more exciting show, now wouldn’t it?? Smh…….lots…….


The part that implies that if we put her up once we might do it again and save him the trouble. Among other reasons, Dani is a shield against our vote. Pretty smart.


From the previous post………..
How has no one figured out that Alex and Morgan are sisters yet. Like I get that they have the generic white girl thing going for them,

that is a new one for me “generic white girl” but I bet if someone used a term like that regarding one of the black gals Tim and the gang would be screaming about racism again. Surprised he has not made note of the fact that both Neely and Danielle are on the block. We all know there can be only 1 reason for that!!!


Jason is dumb danielle is a trajm wrrck cant win. Shane would win and put alex scott up 100% best choice for plastics + scott to go. Physically easier to beat dani than shane


Some real dumbazz comments. Now the plastics fans should know why we can’t stand the plastics, y’all are the same, nasty evil trash.


I think they should vote out Danielle first. I don’t think that either can win and I think Shane might actually be more likeable without Danielle. I’m just glad one of them is going this week –


They are all doing the same amount of trash talking……..some with a nicer vocabulary than others, but trash talking just the same. Shelby is one nasty-assed bitch, and the only person she has clicked with is Alex. Alex also has not done a thing towards making nice with anyone else in the house. The “plastics” side of the house has controlled the house for the past 3 weeks, and are finally getting someone they want out of the house? They obviously can’t depend on someone from the other side of the house doing them a favor, because they hardly speak to them. They are acting like nasty entitled school girls trying to get a rise out of the other side constantly, and then when they do, they bad mouth them about it. These girls can’t/won’t tell the truth about anything, even who they are voting for, so why should the other side believe a word coming from their mouths? I read the comments on this site, and quite frankly shake my head at some of them. All the “plastic” lovers here seem to think they do no wrong at all. I tend to see that they all have the same nasty-assed tendencies, just comes off a bit different. I would, for a change like to see the other side get an HOH and see what they would do with it. It might bring a bit of a different perspective to the show, and get these “plastics” off of their high horse.


How have the Plastics controlled the game the last 3 weeks, they’ve lost 2 and have won most competitions? Get a grip.


I get what you are saying about everyone is trash talking but I really don’t think Shelby is a “nasty-assed bitch” as you called her. I will admit that I don’t watch the feeds all the time but every time that I do (random times during the day and highlights) I never see her acting that bad. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t think she is the worst I don’t even thing she is close to the worst. Jason, Neeley, Danielle seem so much worse, in fact, I wouldn’t even put Shelby in the same category as them.


I wish I could like this post a million times!!!!!! lol


OMG you belong with the LNC with your trash talking mouth. I agree everyone trash talks but the LNC are taking it to a ridiculous level. The disgusting, filthly, personal attackes that are coming out of their mouths is beyond simple game talk trash. I can’t believe the stuff coming out of Neely’s mouth!! I don’t know why everyone is trashing the girls so much when the LNC has Dani on their side doing everything they are accusing the girls of. Also why the hell would the girls socialize with the LNC when all they do is shit talk about them. Do you think the LNC would welcome them? I highly doubt it and I don’t see the LNC making any effort to socialize with the girls. Seems to me the LNC is acting so childish because they are losing one of theirs finally. When CB and Monte left none of the girls acted anything even close to how the LNC is acting because they are losing one. Get your stuff straight before you start preaching OMG.


Simon, was wondering since everyone basically knows Shane is going home tonight. Can you please post Americas care package poll, just to get an idea where’s everyone’s head is at. Thanks, your the best


Added to the post above 🙂


Thank you , its actually for safety servent. If Danielle wins Hoh, god help who ever gets that care package.


Opps.. sorry about that. I added the correct one.

Some people got early votes in for the week after next 🙂


Neeley has turned into a very nasty woman and it’s so disappointing. Just now she was talking about the girls and how dirty the bathroom is and that must mean they have a dirty vag!na. I really thought she was above those kinds of comments, but obviously she’s just one of them.


She has trouble dealing with someone from her group leaving this week.


Simon, I agree and their true colors are showing. Have they not watched previous seasons? This house, including the baths, are spotless compared to previous seasons. The plastics have lost 2 on their side and they were never this nasty. Guess the misfits are expecting America to carry them the entire season, without winning any comps. Kryssie, Neeley, and Scott have nots this week, please.


I agree with everything you said, except instead of Scott it should be Jason. All three of them are constantly calling the ball smashers names and just talking so much crap about them. I find it very hard to watch them anymore.


Jason is safe no matter what, Alex needs this care package!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

i agree. Let’s give Alex all the help we can.


Have to occasionally watch a camera on the LNC to see what they are up to but can only stomach a few miinutes of their vile hatefulness before I have to go back to the sane side of the house


Wow what a POS Shane is!!! No class!! It’s ok that you turned on your alliance but not ok when someone does it to you. This is why I don’t like the LNC they act so innocent like they have done nothing wrong but Kyrssie fior example called out Scott and made everyone target him and then says I don’t know what I’ve done to him.


Exactly, no matter who wins tonight we have a chance to get rid of one of the Lnc.


Neeley has become a really mean girl. Not sure if that’s her true colors or the LNC rubbing off on her. She was one of ones from that crew that I use to be able to tolerate, but now I just can’t. I really hope we can nominate one from the LNC and get rid of them next week.


DanI and Shane should have put deodorant tonight.


Alex better watch her back with Scott.
He’s a sneaky little shit.
He keeps over emphasising his ties to Alex to Jason/Justin.
He makes her a mark.
Throwing her under the “so called bus.”
While trying not to appear to be doing so.
Why is Scott shooting off his mouth?
Damn! What happened to Neely?