OBB Medical Edition: Kalia+Rachel get surgically attached to Jordans A$$ and Shelly+Adam get surgically attached to Jeffs A$$

3:05pm Kitchen Jeff, Adam, Jordan and Rachel Rachel is sitting a bit by herself on the diner table thinking being very quiet. Jordan asks her what is wrong. Rachel says nothing (Rachel has been like this for awhile everyone else in the kitchen celebrating and happy) . Jordan mentions that Lane from Rachel season a kinda cute. JEff asks if Rachel ever talks to the brigade. Rachel doesn’t really. Jeff brings up the “Meow Meow” and how he say the clip when Enzo formed the Brigade and thought it was awesome. Rachel brings up when JJ hosted the comp in BB12 and Jeff called Enzo “meow meow” Enzo got very excited and talked about it for days.

3:20pm HOH Jordan and Rachel in the HOH tub KAlia listening to music on the bed. Jordan is a but down because she did so shitty in the comp. Rachel trying to make her feel better about it because from what rachel saw it was a tough comp and Jeff he way better then everyone else.

Rachel is thinking that next weeks HOH will be true or false maybe about what the zingbot said. Jordan thinks she may be right.

Jordan brings up Brendon asks Rachel what she thinks he’s up to. Rachel says brendon is swimming, relaxing and probably catching up on school work.
(You’ll notice this is Jordan’s standard question series of conversations she has with people in the house. A) reflect on the COMP b) predict the next comp c) Ask rachel about BRendon )

Rachel brings up how different people were in her season when they got out of the house. She brings up Ragan and how her and him fought all the time but when they were in jury they got along and still talk today.

Jordan says when they first say the cast her and Jeff thought the final 2 were going to be Hayden and Lane. Rachel: “WOW really.. even while brit was still in the game?” rachel adds that she thought if Brit had won that one POV she would of won the game because everyone in the jury would of voted for her.

3:35pm Kitchen Random conversations, zingbot, BB12, POC comp. Some people cooking others just yapping.

3:51pm Kitchen Dani and Porsche Dani telling her that once she saw it was a puzzle she knew she wasn’t going to win.. She remembers during bb8 there was a couple comp that she did with Nick and she was horrible at it. Porsche says she cannot beat Jeff at these comps. (Porsche came in second for the POV and the HOH this week)
Dani asks “What are they (Jordan+RK) doing in the HOH bedroom.. plotting my demises ”
Porsche laughs their planning your birthday party
Dani: “are you high”

3:56 Bedroom Shelly, Adam and Jeff

Jeff saying that Shelly and Adam need to start winning things because if the other side (DKP)
win HOH next week Jeff and “Coo Coo Bird” are going up (LOL great nickname from jeff)
Adam and Shelly saying how they are going to bust their asses to win the next HOH.
Jeff again explains that if one of those girls win HOH he’s going up and he’s nervous about it. Adam says you’ll go home if you go up. Jeff replies we have the numbers if I go up. Adam stumbles says he agrees as long as one of them (JSA do not go up on the block with jeff). (LOL major slip up from Adam)

Jeff wonders why Kalia is all freaking out. Shelly says that Kalia thinks she’s the target this week. Kalia told her that she though Porsche was the target but now kalia is getting really nervous she’s the target.

Shelly leaves . Adam and Jeff start to talk about the POV comp. Adam brings up that Porsche and Dani did very well but no where near Jeff. He also adds that his performance was pitiful he’s embarrassed by it. Jeff brings up Jordan and how she didn’t get one piece up. Jeff: “Jordan is not good at puzzles.. I tried to help her a bit but she just doesn’t get them”

4:16pm Dani in havenots eating slop.. Kalia up in HOH chit chatting to Rachel and Jordan.

So dani is playing it cool for the most part.
Adam and Shelly are now surgically attached to Jeffs asshole.. Jeff cannot evict one of them because it’ll kill all three.
Rachel is attached to Jordan’s butt
Kalia has spent a long time in HOH trying to get the operations to be attached to Jordan butt
Porsche nervous has been hanging with Dani

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175 thoughts on “OBB Medical Edition: Kalia+Rachel get surgically attached to Jordans A$$ and Shelly+Adam get surgically attached to Jeffs A$$

    1. You guys who think it’s so black and white are forgetting that production has got Dani’s back. Dani has a huge fan base this season. They want to keep everyone happy and they will do whatever it takes to keep her in the game.

      If it’s any consolation – they would do the same for Jeff too. It helps to be poplular in this game.

    2. I hope Jordan’s Comp Question is, “Who is Jimmy Carter?”
      He was being discussed earlier this week and Jordan had no clue about Jimmy Carter. lol

    3. I knew Dani decision last week to evict Brendon would come back and bite her in the butt.
      It looks like Dani is gone just like I predicted.

      Next week, I’m predicting Jeff gets the boot leaving JSRA vs KP

  1. Daniele’s best shot at staying off the block is by convincing JJ that Rachel would be a better target. She could reveal the deal that she had with Rachel or even cut some sort of deal with JJ, she just needs to convince them that they should put up Rachel instead.

    1. JJ have to keep Rachell….she’s the most hated player. She would be the best to take to the top right now.

      1. Actually if they sent her home they wouldn’t gain any enemies….they would have the target off them for another week…you send D, K, P home you are gaining targets….and I see Kalia or Porsche winning HOH Thursday….so yeah Rachel is best option in my opinion….

    2. I don’t really see Dani being able to save herself and there is no way jj would put rachel up for one thing jeff promised brendon and even if Dani told Jeff about the deal it probably wouldn’t surprise him he already knows most of it from Kalia. There is no advantage for him to keep her and she knows it which is why she isn’t bothering to talk to her there is nothing she could promise he would believe

    3. We all know that everything can change in one day. I’m sure if Jeff finds out about how much BR have thrown them under the bus the past week and all the shit Rachel has said about JJ then………..

      1. they have all thrown each other under the bus. JJ did it to BR when they wanted dani to save them so heh nothing new. Its the game. Its now lets throw people under the bus show. JJ promised and made deals with Dani and Kalia if they were not put up. Heck Kalia made the promise with Jordan to never nominate her. wth? Its time to grow some balls, get Dani out because she goes back on her promises and then let the games begin. Send her to Jury for her birthday. Happy Birthday Dani mmmmmmmmwah

    4. Dani is going to get evicted. This has nothing to do with loyalty anymore (or he said she said). It has to do with the fact that Jeff knows Dani is the number one competitor. It does not matter what Dani tells Jeff about Rachael.

      Jeff does not trust Rachael….but Jeff knows that Dani is a “bad” girl…..bad in a good way. If Dani does not leave now….she will probably win. Jeff would be stupid not to know that (drink).

      I’m gonna miss you Dani! You played a good game girl!
      Enjoy that Jury House.

      I’ll vote that America give you the money though. You know they always have that contest.
      America –Vote for Dani. She deserves it.

      On the other hand if Dani can convince Jeff that if he keeps her they can work together to get everybody else out of the house leaving final 3 as JJD. Jeff got to be concerned that NOBODY on his team has won nothing …and if they did win (like Jordan)…it was weeks ago. Adam’s win does not count. If Dani can make Jeff believe he needs her (and if Dani stays true to her word)…Jeff does need Dani.
      but Jeff ego is so huge. He is not going to forget that Dani tried to backdoor him….and for that…..he may just soon join dani in the Jury House ….unless he can make a solid pack with Dani.

      The sad issue is that ….after Dani is gone…..Jeff has no one that can win on his team. If Rachael wins….she just might put up Jeff or back door him.

      I want Dani to stay in the house. It looks really bleak!

      1. CORRECTION: Dani played a TERRIBLE game. She knew this was going to happen–she had to take a major risk last week and put up Jeff to reset the game and get better protection than KP, but she wasn’t smart enough to do it so she is gone gone gone.

        1. Jeff already did a stupid move. He placed Kalia n Porch on the board. It didn’t matter if Dani had a veto ticket. He should of put her up front being she was the strongest player. Dani is going to do everything in her power to play her last cards. If jeff doesn’t backdoor her, u could start betting Dani will win this game.

    1. and it’s her birthday:( i don’t care if the comp was to spell my own name, i wouldn’t win anything if i had cramps — sorry if that’s TMI just trying to give some insight into where Dani’s head is

      1. I meant to day that thanks astrid! And yes you’re right… I can hardly go to work on the one really bad cramp day… I don’t even want to be a part of the world…. :( what bad timing for D

      2. yea. I know about that for sure….the cramps….emotions…..all that.

        We know you can’t win everything in BB house. This is why if Dani is evicted….Julie is going to ask her about the screw related to backdooring Jeff. …that issue has continued to bite her in the butt this entire season.
        Jeff has such a ego. He is not going to forget that.

        Dani should have remained loyal to them and split at the final 4.

        I still like you Dani…but bad ….bad….bad move.

    2. I don’t feel sorry for her. She has coasted this entire season. In the 1st week, she gained a golden key and was safe from eviction for the first few weeks. Then she was HOH 3 weeks in a row. It’s about time her ass was on slop.

  2. Adam is just gross.. i would vote him out for being just gross… nasty.. I bet Adam, jeff and shelly smell like dirty ashtrays

      1. if kalia wins the next HOH – i would think she would but up Jeff and Jordan (if she is brave enough that is)- who would do you think would be voted outm if the POV is not used?

        1. If Kahlia wins HOH, she will probably put up shelly and adam.

          I don’t think she has the courage to put up JJ.

          and I meant if she wins the the BB contest and is the number one winner…it won’t be a big celebration to me.

    1. I disagree: Final 5 Jeff, Rachel, Jordan, Shelly and Adam. Tori, Not a chance. Jeff has a fighting chance. He is a strong competitor.
      List of Jury members of BB13:
      Brendon (Jury 1):
      Dani (Jury 2):
      Kaila (Jury 3):
      Porsche (Jury 4):

  3. I did think Porsche was the biggest floater but now I am not so sure. Kalia is just Dani’s puppet. Once Dani’s gone she will be totally useless. I LOVE the headline of this posting, had me laughing for ages! “OBB Medical Edition: Kalia+Rachel get surgically attached to Jordans A$$ and Shelly+Adam get surgically attached to Jeffs A$$” – CLASSIC!

  4. I really wish that Kalia would be evicted. Her and Brendon in the JH would be “AWKWARRRRRRD!”

    But going after Dani is the right move for Big Jeff, unfortunately.

    1. I think he did. Probably how he got so tight with Casey that season. He didn’t smoke as much as Casey, but I think he did smoke a little.

      1. Yeah, seems like he was a very casual smoker two years ago. I’d light up a lot more if I had to be around Rachel and Kalia for such a long time.

    2. Ya he did. Jeff should get rid of Dani. It’s just too bad, because this season will suck even more than it already does if Dani goes.

  5. Is Rachel only not safe next week if Kalia wins?

    Rachels wins: Kalia + Porsche => who cares, probably Kalia
    Jordan wins: Kalia + Porsche => who cares, probably Kalia
    Adam wins: Kalia + Rachel => Kalia goes home
    Shelly wins: Porsche + Rachel => Porsche goes home
    Porsche wins: Jeff + Jordan => Jeff goes home
    Kalia wins: Rachel + Jeff => Rachel goes home

    1. Not a chance. Rachel will win HOH next week and Jeff wins POV. Dani evicted and after that. Kaila will go up next. After that Porsche. Your prediction is way off. You don’t know anything about Jeff. So, better luck next time.
      Rachel wins HOH (FF)-Jeff wins POV (FF): Kaila (N) vs Porsche (N)-Kaila will go home
      Jeff Wins HOH-Jeff wins POV: Porsche (N) vs Rachel (N)-Replace Nominee w/Shelly: Porsche will go home
      Jordan Wins HOH-Jeff wins POV: Rachel (N) vs Adam (N)-Adam will go home
      Jeff Wins HOH-Jeff Wins POV: Rachel (N) vs Shelly (N)-Rachel will go home
      Jeff wins part 1 HOH Competition
      Jordan wins part 2 HOH Competition, Leave Shelly as a Nominee
      Jeff wins Part 3 HOH Competiton: Jordan (N) vs Shelly (N)-Shelly will go home
      Jeff wins 500K. Fun season, Just like Season 11. Love it Love it.

  6. Dani + Kalia on the block together, the “bffs” will be great. Who thinks that they will stay “classy?” (DRINK!)

  7. Nothing would make me happier than to see Rachel’s butt out the door. After the way she was treating Dani last night on BBAD, I would love for her to be gone.

    1. Oooh CJ I wanted to choke her! She’s such an child, she thinks her behavior is cute but it just makes her look like a jealous & immature bitch. After last night i have zero respect left for her, she’s a damn wackadoodle

  8. Just a question – why is almost post favorable to Dani, especially the commentary on this particular post? Come on. Dani is no saint. When she said she’ll bash Rachel’s head, that would have been a great headline. But no. Totally ignored because it’s Saint Dani. It’s just getting so old.

    1. No one likes her cause she’s a saint. OBB and some of the peeps her like a bad girl. ;) Team Dani, yo! Keep the faith.

    2. I beg the differ – they are all here to win the money – being with their significant other is/was a bonus.

      I don’t deny dani is a good player – but good players made bad decisions too. she has made two if not three critical mistakes which as looks like now has cost her the game. it’s unfortunate. I don’t think Jeff and Dani have a deal – he would be so stupid. if he did – i am sure she will be back doored on her way to spend the rest of the summer with Brendon. maybe should have taken Brendon & Rachel deal????

    3. “We like her because unlike BRJJ she came to play the game to win 500k not hang out for the summer with their lover…”

      I’m pretty sure Dani would still be chatting it up in bed if Dom was still here. And face it, if any of the couples got split up early in the season they would turn their game face on too.

  9. Bye Bye Dani. BTW, Kaila next HOH competition is True or False (FF). Dani will not help you this time. JJSAR will keep on winning. Rachel will not put Jeff on the block. She will put Porsche and Kaila on the block. Jeff will continue to win POVs and keep the nomination the same. See ya! Kaila, Nice knowing you. DKP aka (Mean Girls Jr.) is done. So Rachel, better win HOH next week and let Jeff get POV so that the nomination will stay a same.

  10. If Rachel wins HOH, she won’t put up JJ. They will probably make a POV deal with her because Dani will probably mention how Rachel had a deal with her. They will tell Rachel that if she wins HOH, she has to put up one of the “floaters”. Rachel will keep her end of the bargain because of how much she hates floaters, and she knows that if Jeff wins the POV, her chances of going up the week after are very high.

  11. Remember those who said getting rid of Brendon was the best game move for Dani?
    How do you like that plan now?

    1. It wouldn’t have mattered if she got rid of jeff instead then brendon would have won hoh i am pretty sure that hoh is similar to the one he won after rachel was evicted from their season

      1. no bc unlike Jeff, Dani was not Brendon’s #1 target- he had many targets, but Jeff has been gunning for Dani since week 3, so if Dani kept Brendon and he won HOH i think he would have showed her clemency for saving him and went after one of the other targets he had….. but to be fair, how could Dani know – perhaps if she had supergreat instincts, but she doesn’t not many people do…..

      2. Even if Brendon would have won this HOH, do you think he would have put Dani up? I think that the following factors woud have protected Dani this week:
        – BR’s hatred of floaters
        – R’s new found hatred of Shelly (as of last week)
        – B’s hatred of Kalia
        – B’s despise of Porsche
        – with Jeff done, JJBR would have been totally irrelevant

        I don’t think that had B stayed (and Jeff evicted), he’d have targeted D because he would have appreciated the fact that she didn’t evict him twice while she could.

        Of all the mistakes she did in this game, I really don’t know how she’s gonna fix this one: not evicting Jeff instead of Brendon. I don’t think she’s gonna mae to F2 and it’s a pity because she really played the game.

        1. I said from the start that Dani could trust Brenden more than Jeff.
          RB would have went after the floaters (drink); and after that maybe Dani. but Dani would have at least had one week of clemency.

          Jeff so cute…the women get more mesmerized by his eyes and smile. Jeff is easier to believe than Brenden.

          Dani took a risk. Brenden could have also put up Dani, because although they hate floaters….they have time to get rid of the floaters. ….but Jeff and Brenden both know that Dani is their ONLY real competition in that house. I mean the girl hit 3-4 shots in a row when they were playing that veto game that Adam (sort of ) won.
          I know it is over said….but Dani messed up but by breaking her alliance (for no reason…they were not trying to put her or Dom on the block at that time) and trying to back door Jeff. Once this happened…her only friend in the house became by default Kahlia. Kahlia was one of the newbies…..so it all got messed up from then until now.

          Sad week for Dani fans. I will watch to the end after she is gone because now I’m hooked….but I did want Dani to win.

    2. Actually it was still a brilliant plan…..you can’t sit back and be scared of the so called kings and queens of the house coming after you….you play the game…sometimes it benefits you and sometimes it doesn’t….this game is all about luck…..purely luck…..Jeff hasn’t won jack crap until he had to and Jordan is a straight up floater…..everyone is so scared of Jeff and Brendon and Dani wasn’t…she was trying to get rid of strongest players…..and she succeeded at one..and its no guarantee she will go home this week….anything can happen in the big brother house….so no I don’t feel she would have any regrets….

      1. yea. Dani was not scared.

        But she went after them (with a weak alliance). DK ..which later becmae DKP.

        See last season The Brigade stuck together through thick and thin. They knew that the game is about comps…but it is ALSO about your social skills. This game is really also social no matter how many comps you win. I don’t care what people say. I loved the Brigade. They secretly stuck together…and no one knew. When they did not win HOH ….stragetically they plotted to get out whoever they wanted to get it …and it worked. This is how you play the game.

        I like Dani…but it is hard to win BB without a strong alliance. You gotta have some back up to get you to the end. She has carried this thing (by herself); and been strong with her mistake. she didn’t lay down and die.
        This is why I want her to win.

    3. If she got rid of Jeff Brendon would’ve won HOH and POV and backdoored her, SAME DIFFERENCE, Brendon and Rachel were not going to hold up the deal, he said it himself in his interview..

      1. What interview? I read the exact opposite on another website:

        MF: You already broke a deal with Daniele earlier in the game. Would you have stuck to the deal this time if Daniele had taken it?

        BRENDON: I would have stuck to the deal with Daniele. Because this is a different game than it was before and earlier in the season I think that she wanted to set Rachel and I up and her deal was only in her favor and not ours.

        Not putting the link because I don’t want this comment to end in the spams

      2. MF: If you had stayed, would you have gone after Daniele? and if so, what happened to going after the floaters?

        BRENDON: If Daniele had honored her deal and not put me up or backdoored me I definitely would have been loyal and gone after floaters.

  12. I have a feeling dani isn’t going anywhere. Idk maybe I’m wrong but I swear Jeff said he wants to get out a floater this week. Maybe I’m getting this mixed up lol

  13. I don’t think rachel would put jj up because she has this thing about floaters so she might try and get rid of one of them and even though it seems that shelly and rachel made up i don’t see rachel forgetting anytime soon about her lying so i am guessing rachel will take out adam and shelly first before jj. As for porche and kalia there only way of getting jeff out is for them to put jj up together if she doesn’t or one of them win pov then he has the votes to stay

  14. Dani played hard a bit too early…The real reason she will go home is becuz she is the only threat. Rachel may be throwing comps to keep target off.. but IF & WHEN she wins.. watch out cuz I think she plays personal.

    1. I 100% agree with this…..Dani is a huge threat and that is why they want her gone….but I am telling you a pure floater is going to win again like Jordan did during her season…..they are going to lay low until it really matters…..because they are targeting the strong players….I would personally play the game the same way as Dani….only I would have waited a little longer…I respect her game play because she is intimidated by losers….

      1. I agree 100%

        Like her dad said, men are a distraction for Dani.

        She lost her focus.

        Once she regained it (after Dom left), she never gave up. I like the fight in her.

  15. Jeff can’t be dumb to not backdoor Dani. The same way that whoever is the next hoh has to take Jeff out. It’s the only smart thing to do. Within that said, Dani and Jeff are my favorites and I despise Rachel.

    1. ok, my strong feeling is that Dani is going up with porsche coming off the block – and Dani going home…i believe most people will vote for Kalia with or without jeff’s urging

    2. Why?
      A) Jeff promised revenge on Kalia 2 weeks back
      B) DP are not kissing butt
      C) Jeff realizes that Kalia is eating all of the food in the house and in order to survive (literally) he is gonna have to get rid of Kalia Kong. The only way to do that is to leave the nominations the same, becasue if Dani is on the block Dani is done and Kalia will remain in the house to finish off the remaining food supplies.
      D) Jeff is after floaters
      E) Jeff is annoyed of Kalia
      F) Jordan hypnotizes Jeff and tells him that Kalia is the best player in the house due to Kalia’s brilliant HOH move seen 2 weeks back.

      1. These are the answer choices. Choose one or more as the reason you, America, believe the nominations will remain the same. Text A,B,C,D,E, F or write in your reply. Votes will betaken until POV ceremony.

        1. I Choose all of them. Better yet. Backdoor Dani is a good idea because Both Kaila and Dani deserve to be in Jury House.

      2. I hope you are right.

        Jeff did say he was going to get Kahlia. I forgot about that.

        I’m team Dani all the way at this point.

        I like Jeff, but he has a ego. He will either get Dani because she tried to back door him.
        or he will get Kahlia because she put him up.

        with Jeff,who knows what he will do.

        Logically Kahlia is not a threat. Although, I hope she goes. I like Kahlia…but maybe they can bring her back for a all star game…..this one she had too many stars in her eyes.
        On the other hand, If Jeff can truly trust Dani …it could be JJD at the end.
        The question is –does he think he can trust Dani….whatever he thinks about the trust factor will determine who will go home. If Jeff feels that Dani will win the next HOH and put him or Jordan up…..Dani is gone bye bye.
        On the other hand, Dani had the opportunity to put up Jeff & Jordan…and she did not. She put up Shelly and Adam…and even then her target was Brenden. Dani had the opportunity to backdoor Jeff, but she did not. She remained true to her word. Hopefully Jeff remembers this too.

    3. Really Simon, I cant see any reason for Jeff not to backdoor dani, it is just the best move for him all around. Why do you think Kalia is the target…Just wondering?

    4. Jeff’ is going to say something all noble,like; ” Big Jeff doesn’t BD people, not the way I roll”. He’s gonna keep the noms the same but gets the personal satisfaction of ousting that woman who dared to question his narrow minded homophobia. Good luck with that attitude in show biz.

    5. Come on!! Did Jeff not learn anything from bb11?? lol to paraphrase Dani, you need to cut the head of the snake off!! Dani is most for sure the head of the Snake! With her gone those other two girls will be rendered useless!!

      Lets hope Jordan realizes that too, since she does have Jeff’s ear!

      Keep it rocking JJ!!

  16. My nine year old twins are more mature than Rachel. No one in my house can stand her. We fast forward every time they show her crying & whining & blaming others.

  17. My nine year old twins are more mature than Rachel. No one in my house can stand her. We fast forward every time they show her crying & whining & blaming others.
    Go home Rachel!

  18. The Zingbot said (to Rachel) “I don’t recognize you..without the tears! ZIIINNG!”

    The Zingbot said about Dani riding her fathers coattails! ZIIINNG!”

    Zingbot got jokes, but he’s always right

    I wonder how they do his voice, or is it some weird dude with a squeaky voice, as though his nuts got crushed?

    1. I would’ve said something about Brendon sypebaiting with men to her, just to watch her cry, because that’s what she does when she hears the truth.

  19. The inevitable demise of Dani has finally arrived. I said all along, that Dani doesn’t deserve/won’t win because she made WAY TOO MANY mistakes. I believe that BR and Dani have terrible social/strategic game. Jeff is BY FAR playing the best all-around game. He hasn’t made any major errors or any impactful minor errors. He has won 1 HOH and 2 POVS (the difference is that he won when he needed to). He is about to evict the best competitor in the game and remain aligned with JSA and somewhat with R. Jeff deserves to win whether you like it or not. He might not win, but nobody else even close to deserves it. BB is about winning when needed, but mostly about SOCIAL and STRATEGIC GAME. For those of you whom questioned Jeff as a competitor, I have one thing to say to you: “how you like him now?” (as lawon says). BTW, Jeff has won the same number (or close) of comps as Dani (I believe). for all you haters and disbelievers, Kiss it just as Porsche and KAlia are doin to Jeff’s ass

  20. I honestly believe that Shelly, Adam or Kalia would win HOH and put themselves on the block instead of Jeff and Jordon..

  21. Agreed. It’s bye-bye time for Kalia. And the POV competition must’ve been a two piece puzzle of Chicago. That’s the only way idiot Jeff could’ve won.

    1. Bye-Bye Kalia??? Wow hardcore denial. Dani is going home just except it. Take a few deep breathes and get back too reality.

    2. Face the facts. Dani is Screwed. Not a chance. Dani deserve to be in Jury house. Along w/Kaila. and Porsche. All DKP at Jury House w/Brendon. He will be surprise that Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel screw them.

  22. Big Jeff better put up Dani or he is a huge fool and deserves to go next.I would like him to stay he’s the only funny one left. I ve said it a million times but this cast so dull. All the newbies are duds . Normally I would root for someone new in the game to make it to the end but now I want the vets to be final four for entertainment value (what little there is)

  23. I predict Jeff does not use the POV, and Porsche goes (though, I would LOVE Kalia to go- can’t stand her!) Everyone is now noticing how good Porsche is a comps, and even Jeff said that it is a matter of time before she wins a comp. On a side note- poor Dani – today just sucks for her on her birthday.

    1. I think the hand of Production has a say. I don’t think they want to see Dani go anymore than they want that disgusting J/J go. Although if Jeff didn’t backdoor Dani, Kalia is officially no longer the dumbest HOH winner. And trust me, I’d love for Jeff to wear that title since he already wears dumb well.

      1. Don’t think so. Dani just broke the top Dumbest list ever.
        Top 5 Dumbest move in BB13 History
        5)Dom convince Dani to backdoor Jeff
        4)Kaila try to put Jeff and Rachel on the chopping block
        3)Kaila and Dani’s Plan of eviction Lawon and come back
        2)Kaila announce of replacing her own, a floater.
        1)Dani idiotic move to break-up the couples.
        That a reason why Dani and Kaila is so Dumb and stupid. Porsche as well Broke the top 5 as well. DKP is done.

    2. Apparently…they seem to be drinking the same kool-aid as the ones who came up with the brilliant plan to put up Lawon against Rachel. It’s unbelievable how desperate the Dani fans are, with the way they try to convince themselves that the inevitable might not happen.

  24. I think it’s funny that when jj is down, no one posts on this site, but now that they are doing good, they have fans out the wazoo…no matter what team dani fans are here love it!

  25. OBVIOUSLY Jeff will backdoor Dani. Anyone thinks otherwise they are ignoring the truth. With Dani out of the way, who’s gonna eliminate Jeff? Answer: no one.

    1. Get rid of Shelly, she brings a down vibe to that house. Get rid of Adam, a booger flicker is, just gross. Get rid of Kalia, she’s talks too much and too fast. Its exhausting to watch her. That leaves Big Jeff with DPJ and R. At least Jeff gets a week of hanging with the ladies. Production would be ecstatic. That guy behind the camera that watches Porshe sleep at night, would rejoice. Wonder if that would make good TV.

  26. Okay, help please. Once again, the newbie (me) doesn’t really understand it all.

    If there is a double eviction THIS coming week (and I think there is….please correct me if I’m wrong) does that mean that both Dani (a given most likely in the first part) gets evicted…..then it goes into fast forward and there is another eviction right away…like the same day? So then ANY other player (depending on who wins HOH and who they nominante) goes to jury on the same day.

    Do I have it at least half right?

    thanks for anyone who would like to straighten my pea brain out.


    1. yes you are correct.
      after Dani or whoever gets evicted –
      they do another HOH –
      that person pics two peeps,
      the POV is done whoever wins one on the block gets taken off then a new peep is added
      -finally they vote to evict.
      so two peeps will be joining Brendon.
      which CBS will show those two peeps going to the jury house on Sunday

      1. Donnaj:
        Thanks for the clarification. I had this posted on the previous one, but it was too far down for anyone to take notice, I think.
        Much appreciation!

  27. What does Porsche and the Buffalo Bills have in common?….They both finished 2nd four times…Porsche can’t get over the hump…Now that Jeff won POV and will more than likely pull Porsche off the block, because Jordan is certainly not going to allow him to use the veto on the “BLACK GIRL” and Dani will be back-doored and gone. Rachel is worried because her “already cheated twice fiance” will be alone with the Hot, Clean, Emotionally Stable Dani…He will see what is like to be in a house with a woman who doesn’t whine all the time.

    1. Rachel told Dani last night on BBAD they need to talk. Dani really needs to blackmail Rachel by telling her if she’s voted out before Rachel, that she (Dani) is going to put the moves on Brendon. Rachel would NEVER vote Dano out then! lol!

    2. I’ll arguably give you hot and emotionally stable but i can’t give you clean. With out a doubt Dani has sucked as much counted as many ceiling tiles as Rachel has…

  28. Backdoor Evil Dick’s Evil Slit. Anybody wants Rachel up with them in final 2.America’s most repulsive. What a collection of no win losers are left .

    1. I think Rachel would be happy being #2 $50 G’s nothing to laugh at. even though uncle sam will take a third if not half of it. but still not bad could have the wedding and a nice honeymoon.

  29. What about the double evictions that is suppose to happen this week? Are they gonna have a quicky HOH comp and then evict someone without them being able to discuss who is going home among themselves?

  30. Someone needs to remind Rachel that Porsche or Dani will be alone with Brendon for a week, so her insecure crazy ass better campaign for Kalia to be evicted!

  31. you have all forgotten the worse liar in the house. SHELLY SHELLY. Her own daughter said why does mommy lie so much. That is pretty sad to hear an 8 year old say that. Daddy should not let her watch the show, the foul language and the sex remark they make is awful. The lies that were told was not all Rachel 40% was but 60% was SHELLY. She is still working both side, Jeff and Jordan should at least see that.(but oh no) Dani if Jeff was smart would send her home first, next SHELLY, Adam, Kailia,and then Porches.

  32. IF Dani is evicted this week….and if Rachel wins HOH next week SHE NEEDS to evict Jeff if she wants to be in the final 2 because if she gets nominated she has a big chance winning Veto with the competitors left.

    Jordan= ehhh
    Adam, Porsche- Rachel’s biggest threats
    Kalia- ?

  33. SO mad I kust moved out and don’t have internet acess yet and no showtime so I feel so behind. So I come back to my Moms and catch up. I can’t even watch Dick at Nite. I need Internet soon. My Bf has some guy coming that is gna try to get it for free. IDK much about computers, Ahhh i am so mad I can’t watch my BBAD and come to BBOnline every few hours or even everyday! Sucks!

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