Big Brother 13 Dani: “I didn’t put Jeff up twice hopefully that accounts for something”

4:20pm havenots
Porsche brings up how Kalia is already up in the HOH kissing everyone’s ass. Dani isn’t worried she says that is how Kalia plays when she’s in trouble. POrsche: “it sucks.. I would rather make a deal than butt kiss”.. Dani agrees says they need to just relax right now and now freak out.

Porsche wonders if it’ll be Dani and Porsche up on the block. Dani thinks it might be.. She’s sure if it’s Dani and Porsche up on the block than Dani is going home. Dani doesn’t see why they would keep her but she hasn’t talked to them yet.

Porsche counts the vote… Dani interrupts her says that Shelly will vote whatever way JJ tell her to. Dani: “Jordan, Shelly and Rachel will vote me out for sure” Dani explains that JJ have the votes and the power to remove anyone they want in this game there no use stressing.

Dani mentions that she had the chance to put Jeff up twice and she never did so hopefully that accounts for something.

4:27pm Kitchen Shelly and Jordan
Shelly explaining how she never talks to Rachel about game, the only person she talks to is JJ. Jordan: “I don’t tell Rachel nothing.. Jeff told me not to”
Shelly is saying that the other side DKP are going to target rachel next week, “They want her out BAD”.. Shelly is sure it’ll get heated before this week is done. Shelly says if Dani leaves and Kalia stays then Kalia will be forced to vote with JJ but if Kalia goes Dani will be a lone ranger. Jordan says she’s leaning towards Kalia going home because she’s getting bad vibes from her. Shelly right away blurts out “I agree”

Jordan do you think we can trust Porsche .. Shelly says that Porsche will honour her deals and she’ll make one instead of just kissing ass (Says the worlds second greatest BB13 ass kisser). Feeds flip to rachel and Kalia talkign about the comp … (WTF Shelly and Jordan exteme game talk flipped to rachel and Kalia extreme LAME TALK)

4:41pm HOH Rachel and Jordan Jordan devliering her standard game talk conversation to rachel
a) we cannot fight amongst ourselves because that is what the other side wants.
b) We are going to get picked off one by one (LOL you’re side lost power for 3 weeks and only one person went home)
c) we need to win HOH or jeff is the target
d) JJ is good to the end with Rachel.

Jordan says if it’s between Kalia and Porsche she thinks Kalia should go because the next HOH will be questions and they all know how good Kalia is at questions. Jordan really doesn’t trust Kalia, “she’s sucking up to everyone right now”. Jordan thinks that Dani and Prosche are being more real with what their doing. Rachel agrees says Kalia is sucking up big time. rachel points out that Adam and Shelly really didn’t do go in the POV comps it’s almost like Adam wasn’t even trying.

Rachel thinks if Dani went home than Prosche and Kalia will be BLANK and they will come to JJR for help. Jordan agrees.

Rachel thinks POrsche has Adam and Shelly is really friendly with Kalia. Jordan says that Jeff and rachel are the main targets so they need to step it up and make the right decisions. Rachel agrees 100% she thinks if shelly wins HOH she’ll put her up.
Jordan assures her it won’t happen she talked to Shelly on many occasions about it and shelly will not put Rachel up. Rachel isn’t sure she always she’s shelly whispering to Dani and Kalia.

Rachel thinks that Adam is close to Prosche and Dani. She brings up that Adam is always hanging out DKP, last night he was with them for hours and house. Jordan didn’t know that she’s a bit surprised.

Jordan: “Lets say that Dani or Kalia left.. that leaves Porsche around to be Shelly’s target.. I don’t have a good feeling about Kalia and I think if we keep Porsche around her and Shelly will go after each other” Jordan adds that Rachel was once Friends with Porsche they should get close again.
Rachel: “Dani is coming after Rachel and Jeff.. If he gets rid of dani.. it’s be a round of applause it’ll be this years biggest game move” Jordan agrees. Rachel doesn’t think Dani wants her gone she’ll want Jeff out, Rachel starts really pushing for Dani to go hime saying she’s the strongest player on the other side. Rachel goes on and on about Dani beign a proven winner in HOH comps and she’s targeting the 2 strongest players in their alliance. Jeff and Rachel. Jordan says that Jeff will not tell her what he is going to do, She doesn’t want to know.

Rachel warns Jordan that Adam makes her nervous because he’s slow close to the other side. Jordan just nodding away agreeing.. rachel says Jeff should know if Dani wins HOH she’s coming after Jeff 100% again Jordan just nodding

5:37pm rachel/jordan working out. Jeff sleeping on the hammock and Kalia talking to anyone who is dumb enough to site on the backyard couch.

(Jordan’s playing a stronger game right now she’s gathering all the information from Shelly and rachel, Jeff will do the same with Adam and tonight they will discus what is happening)

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143 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Dani: “I didn’t put Jeff up twice hopefully that accounts for something”

  1. Dani is an idiot. She didn’t put jeff up bc she want brendan out first! She was going to target him ths week if she or her stupid minions had won, she’s got to go!!

  2. If Jeff Keep Dani this could be why

    scenario one
    Kalia goes home this week.

    Rachel wins HOH puts up Dani and Jeff. Dani goes home

    Dani wins HOH puts up Rachel and Jeff. Rachel goes home

    scenario Two
    Dani goes home this week.

    Rachel wins HOH put ups X (Where X most likely equals S or A) and Jeff.

    scenario one is better going into a double eviction.

    1. Dear Simon,

      I think you are like a bb super hero, but I don’t think that makes sense. I’m sorry.

      First, Rachel would put Kalia up in a heart beat if she wins hoh. She will not blink an eye. The second person will be a hard decision, but I doubt Jeff; regardless, it will be a pawn. She knows she needs Jeff a bit longer because she trusts him and Jordan the most at this point.

      Second, Jeff does not want to lose Rachel so early. He knows he messed up with Brendon. He doesn’t want to have a pure loser alliance yet. He knows he will rely on Rachel to give her all in hoh because that is what she is good for. They are suspicious about Shelly and Adam’s loyalty let alone whether they are throwing hoh.

      Third, Jeff knows he trusts Dani the least of everybody left. I think he would trust Porsche and Kalia more, thinking he can Big Jeff them.

      There will only be illogical reasons if Jeff keeps Dani that will take about 3 hours of episode time to explain. It will be crazier than a Lawon super power.

      With love.


    2. They know about double eviction next week for a fact or are they just guessing it will be double? If they know for a fact it’s harder for big Jeff to make a decision.

    3. I agree, Simon. Kalia needs to go home this week. With double elimiation coming up next week, either Dani or Rachel will go home next.

    4. I don’t think Rachel would put up Jeff any time soon. she knows that the only people she can even remotely trust right now is Jordan and Jeff. Rachels not that stupid to make 2 more enemies.

    5. The only problem is that Jeff doesn’t know it’s Double eviction, unless he and Jordan talk about what to do if Julie gives them details right before eviction about this being a double eviction week. Still I see Dani’s chances of staying, if she is nominated, being very very slim.

      1. I agree but with Skeletor evicted, with double eviction coming up Jeff has a BIG…RED.. target on his back.. Can probably say goodbye to him with Dani gone already, if she stays then there is more of a chance he could stay since the house would be divided between those two.

    6. Still thinking Dani could get Rachels vote by telling Rachel she (Dani) will put the moves on Brendon in the Jury Hoouse.

    7. jeff always talks about being under the radar, if dani keeps pushing i’m going after rachel vibe you never know, plus kalia is driving JJ insane already, its slim but there’s still hope for dani

    8. If Jeff doesn’t take Dani out, he will be a laughing stock for making one of the most stupid moves in BB history. KP are useless, while Dani is one of the best competitors in BB and she would target Jeff next. It’s Dani getting kicked out or Jeff may as well quit the game.

    9. Simon, I think you may be right. Didn’t Dick say that the fortune teller was going to play a part soon. I think Dani will win some super power and “Coup De tat” amd save herself. Then she could tell Big Jeff “You Got Got”! I don’t think production is done with Dani yet.

      Also Big Jeff is a little paranoid because this is approx. the time he got evicted from his season.

    10. Do not forget that even if production wanted to give out a “super power” like the “coup de tat” that they will have to make it an “America’s Choice” to make it appear that they are not playing favorites. (This is all assuming that the game is rigged.)

  3. Sorry Dani, it counts for NOTHING because you would put him up next week. Big Jeff knows that. Maybe you should have went for him instead of Brendon.

    Well, know you can finally have Brendon to yourself in the jury house like you wanted. I can’t wait for Rachel’s good-bye message.

  4. Dani + Kalia on the block together, the “bffs” will be great. Who thinks that they will stay “classy?” (DRINK!)

  5. Sorry Dani it doesnt mean anything. You tried to backdoor Jeff week 3, anything you have done after that just doesnt matter. Game over…

  6. Kalia is damned either way. There’s absolutely NOTHING she could’ve done right to garner the acceptance of J/J. They showed her their asses weeks ago, so I wouldn’t be up there now begging for anything. She’s toast.

    Next Thusday is a new day and I hope to hell that single IQ idiot team of J/J gets nominated and evicted.

  7. The only question is who will be the second person after Dani to get evicted Thursday. She deserves to be evicted for aligning herself with Kalia and Porsche. Have fun with Brendon!

  8. What about the double evictions that is suppose to happen this week? Are they gonna have a quicky HOH comp and then evict someone without them being able to discuss who is going home among themselves? How is that going to play out? I know the HG don’t know about his yet but come Thursday they will. I wonder how the D.E. will shake up the game?

    1. Yes the HOH comp will happen and nominations will have to be right after it then the POV will be played same night and then evication will happen all in the same night. Its very fast so there can’t be no game talk to be had

  9. Anyone who supports Rachel after seeing her behaviour on BBAD last night seriously needs the medication and treatment that she does. I give Brendon a day after the wedding until he realizes what he’s done to his life.

    btw Roach, toning your arms won’t mask the hideousness that is your face.

    1. Did you see that ugly grin on Rat-chel face. She one UGLY woman!!! And she could give a shit about what is wrong with Dani.

  10. Dani: “I didn’t put Jeff up twice hopefully that accounts for something” ARE YOU SERIOUS DANI??? This is BB!

    1. May I add: ” Dani explains that JJ have the votes and the power to remove anyone they want in this game there no use stressing”? She knows she messed up big time!!!

  11. I totally disagree
    Best Scenario:
    Porsche (N) vs Kaila (N)-Jeff use POV to save Porsche Replacing Dani. Dani goes home
    Jeff (HOH), Jeff (POV)
    Porsche (N) vs Kaila (N)-POV not used. Kaila goes home
    Rachel (HOH),Jeff (POV)
    Porsche (N) vs Rachel (N)-Jeff use POV to save Rachel replace Shelly. Porsche goes home
    Jeff (HOH), Jeff (POV)
    Adam (N) vs Rachel (N)-POV not used. Adam goes home
    Shelly (HOH), Jeff (POV)
    Shelly (N) vs Rachel (N)-POV not used. Rachel goes home
    Jeff (HOH), Jeff (POV)
    Jeff wins part 1 HOH competition
    Jordan wins part 2 HOH competition
    Jeff wins part 3 HOH Competition
    Jeff wins 500K plus America Houseguest.

    1. So Jeff wins EVERY single veto through the rest of the game??? yeah thats….um ..whats it called….. FICTION!

        1. I would put money on it that Dani is not done. Sure If I was Jeff I would get rid of her, but all production has to do is cut Jeff a cheque and make him sign a dotted line and Jeff doesn’t use the POV

          1. Why would production do that? Dani is not nice, how can you speak of punching someone in the face? They hate Rachel because she annoying,however, she is not a bad person unlike the others who are fake. All of them are liars, and OK, it is a game. Everyone will do anything in a game to win. Why pin all lies in one person when they are all lying to one another? We all know that the number one liar there is Shelley. Let us see logic in this game. Rachel will be happy just to be in the second place. Would love to see team JJR final three and hoping that Jury can see to award the money to either Jeff or Rachel. Jordan will be OK as she has won before.

      1. Simon, do you think that they will have POV ceremony tomorrow since they have a lot going on this week being it double eviction week?

  12. Does anybody know after double evictions do the 2 evictees arrive to the jury house on the same day or the 2nd evictee have to wait another day before entering.

  13. I’d really like to see Dani get evicted this week, followed by Kalia, Shelly or Jeff at this week’s double eviction.

    Team Rachel!!!

  14. Seriously Matt, wake the he’ll up to Jordan is gathering info for Jeff. Dani is done. Her stupid moves have caught up with her. Now I have to get back to my dozens of eggs, excuse me (BURP)

    1. I’m willing to entertain the possibility. Almost every HoH from the last 4-5 weeks have made a decision that was just to the right of the most obvious one (with the exception of Kalia’s, that shit was so far out in left field it wasn’t even in the same park any more). Putting Dani up would be the smart move, but I wouldn’t count chickens before they’re hatched

    1. Won’t happen Name. Dani sealed her fate with jeff long ago, plus he’s not stupid to keep the stronger player there. Floaters can wait.

  15. I live on the East coast and Thursdays live show is not going to be on till after Panthers game. Where can you watch it live online?

  16. And next week when your not HoH the next person would tell you the same thing. Think it’s a good idea to listen to people and not be like Dani and think you’ve won the game cause you won HoH..

    1. He will never do that. Jeff needs Jordan to go that far. Jeff would rather put Dani as a replacement.

      1. You’re correct.
        Jeff has been using Jordan to make $$$$$$ since their first BB Show.
        He is not about to let go of his $i$terly Bank Vault until he wins the Big Bucks and
        then …….. “Bye-bye Jordan. Just remember, we will always be BFFs.”

    2. Is Jeff a real man -then he would keep the competition in the game not get rid of them . Who does he want to beat the wimpy women and Adam.

      Jordan has become the biggest floater.

  17. I have been a Jordan fan and defended her intelligence, but if she really believes that Kalia is a bigger obstacle in the game then Dani I am starting to wonder how smart are you Jordan?

    Again Rachel is spot on. She has people figured out. She knows Dani’s true intentions and Kalia is useless without dani. If Jeff keeps Dani over Kalia he is walking out the door next.

    For the 2 weeks Dani was HOH and she was overly obsessed to get rid of Brandon. And when Kalia was HOH Dani did persuade Kalia to put up Jeff. Dani you are a loser because you have nobody else to blame but yourself.

    1. Jordan is still mad at Kalia because she was a part of the JJ alliance, and when Dani wanted to backdoor Jeff, Kalia knew about it and didn’t tell them. JJ holds grudges. That is why she really wants Kalia out. She feels like Kalia betrayed them. So, it’s understandable why she wants her out.

      1. Well by that logic wouldnt Dani be put up and out because she was the one that originally wanted to backdoor Jeff??

  18. All you guys whining about how Dani wanted Jeff to go home… Remember last week when RACHEL asked Dani what she thought about back dooring(sp) Jeff? THAT’S PART OF BIG BROTHER!

    If Dani goes home I hope Kalia wins HOH and sends Jeff home during the Double Eviction…

    1. the only reason dani didn’t consider backdooring jeff was because she has been saying the whole season she needed to get brendon out cause he was her biggest competition. she also told kalia in her hoh’s that as soon as brendon went they had to get out jeff next, and then rachel. just because she told rachel she didn’t like the idea didn’t mean he wasn’t her target next. she’s said that on many occasions to kalia. she said first brendon, then jeff, then rachel and so on. she planned it out as if her and kalia would win every hoh for the rest of the game. and it is big brother, even if she didn’t plan on getting him out, she is the strongest competitor other than rachel so it would only be smart to get rid of her before she wins and gets rid of him. he can pretty much count on if the other side gets the next hoh he will be nominated next to rachel and he’s got a 50/50 shot at pov, and if noms stay the same everyone hates rachel so his odds aren’t as awful as they could be of staying

  19. Come on Jeff send Dani home!!!! She is not to be trusted and make a deal with kalia and let rachel get close to Porsche again. Kalia and Porsche will fall apart without Dani but Dani will not fall apart without them. Vote DANI Out this week!!!! Team J and J!!!

  20. Another case of BB repeating itself. This same thing happened in BB11. Jeff had all the power and screwed himself by trusting the wrong person. His reasoning then was skewed and we seem to be seeing the same thing again.
    If they plan on doing BB14, here are a few things I think they could do to actually make it interesting and entertaining once more.
    1. Cast from different parts of the country, get some people from South Dakota, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. (Due to where the casting centers are most contestants seem to be coming from the same places most every season.)
    2. Stop working from the same cast of characters, i.e. one gay guy, one older person, couple of beefcakes, couple of hotties, couple of otherwise interesting people. Better yet just find a group of people who have never watched BB, they are out there.
    3. Take a page from Survivor, and divide the house at the beginning. They compete as groups until only 5 or 6 are left, and then merge. Whichever group wins comps gets to choose the Noms, but the losing group decides who to vote out.
    4. Also like on Survivor, have a hidden Veto in the house. Clues to find it would be left in common, but obscure places that theoretically everyone could find, so they all have the same chance of finding it. (Wouldn’t that really shake things up!!)
    5. Get a creative team together and come up with some fresh new comps that are interesting and challenging. If need be get them some more space to make this happen.
    Yes, these things could make BB entertaining again.

      1. Jeff and Jordan have always been America’s Sweethearts and definitely think that is one of the reasons for the highest ratings ever this year on Big Brother.

        1. i think people are starting to like them less, yet the ratings remain high

          i really hope that America knows better than to worship a homophobic, vulgar, misogynist and a submissive moron who carried a seven year old’s knowledge and can’t seem to do anything without the approval of a man who clearly doesn’t want her she is too dumb to see.
          hate to be so strong about this, but the worst thing you could tell me is that America somehow valorizes this bc I have more faith than that

          1. BB ratings remain high because they have no competition in their time slot. That’s why they win it every time. They have become very complacent in casting because they know they will win their time slot. If they had competition, I can guarantee you that they will beef up the casting.

              1. i have no idea, i am not sure if it is that BB just flat beats everyone else, or that there are no new shows scheduled against it to give competition (esp. since it airs in the summer)

      2. This being true gives me more reason to think Dani may somehow escape this week, I know it could be a pipe dream. I understand the reality. But I still maintain that the show will go down hill quick if Dani Leaves and the only fight will be….Among all the HG’s and how high up J/J’s ass they can get. First one to itch their tonsils wins!

        I wouldnt believe that production would interfer with gameplay, but after hearing a comment made by Dick on his show I am not so sure. As I said if Dani goes who would lead an opposition against J/J? The only logical one with any game play is Roach and no one wants to play with her. If Dani goes the rest of the HG”s will only be fighting to not be next out of the house….I just dont get it.

    1. If we followed those suggestions, we should call the show “Urban Survivor” and not Big Brother. We can find other ways of spicing up Big Brother that copying Survivor.

    2. You should post this on the cbs site so production can see it. Or maybe they have ppl checking out all of the bb sites. That is a great idea!!!

      1. Horses have giant teeth. Dani has little teeth. She has a wide smile, maybe you’re thinking more the Cheshire Cat.

        If you’re going to dog someone out and try to be funny you should make it accurate.

        Tottles :)

  21. Rachel is NOT winning Big Brother… Come on!

    Who’s gonna vote for her? Rachel wont win no matter who she’s against.

    1. Disagree, it completely depends on who she’s up against. She needs 4 votes to win. She has a guaranteed one in Brendan, if she’s against one of the perceived ‘floaters’ she’s also likely to get JJ’s vote meaning she’d only need 1 more. It’s not implausuble

    2. IF Dani is evicted this week….and if Rachel wins HOH next week SHE NEEDS to evict Jeff if she wants to be in the final 2 because if she gets nominated she has a big chance winning Veto with the competitors left.

      Jordan= ehhh
      Adam, Porsche- Rachel’s biggest threats
      Kalia- ?

      The jury respects people who are not floaters and Jeff even says that he’ll respect you if you evict him the proper way blah, but that’s a toughie….but best case

      Votes to evict Jeff: Adam, Porsche, Kalia

      So Rachel needs to put up BOTH JJ to do this!

      1. Not going to happen. Put Jeff on the block and He still win the POV. Face it. You can’t get rid of a stronger player.

  22. To Mad Hatter:

    Dani didnt backdoor Jeff and backdoor Brandon instead because she is too arrogant. She thought by getting rid of Brandon twice she would be BB13 best player. Wrong!!!

    It comes down to this. If Dani would have not backstabbed the Vet Alliance early in the game they would have all made it to at least Top 6. Now dani will finish 8. Her game moves were bold but STUPIDQ

    1. I agree BR had a temporary deal! She made way too many bad moves this year thus making her have bad gameplay this year! BIG BOLD moves that cost her the game!

  23. *NewsFlash* new “Reality” show being pitched to CBS featuring Brendon and Rachel. rumor is Dr. Drew will have a part too….

  24. Dani the Monkey has gotta go. How much have we heard on this site that Dani won “so many vetos” the last time she played BB. She was gonna be soooo hard to get out. Well…………… Now whatcha gonna say, Jeff has squashed that myth that she couldnt be defeated. Enjoy the birthday Monkey face. Your ass is history!! CAN UUUU DIG IT!!!!!!!!

  25. I really hope a newbie does not win the game. They are all pathetic. Shelly is an awful person. Her lies came to the surface and she has tried to make Rachel the worst person. Come on Shelly your a compulsive liar. Jordan did something nice and caring for you. She gave you a phone call from home. Use that energy from your husband and daughter in a positive way. Instead you have become this nasty mental case annoying person.

    1. funny how they show all the stupid things people say and do – bleeping out the swear words – everyone will find out about Shelly lying

      Does that fortune teller thing do anything in the house? I wonder if it is going to come in play???

    2. Tried to make Rachel the worst person…please…Rachel doesn’t need any help in that department. She’s racked up that title all by herself…and her other self…and her other self…

  26. Anybody thinking that if the Vets would’ve stuck it out from the beginning until now, the present time, is delusional. They were in a marriage of convenience.Don’t think for one second they weren’t already plotting each other’s demise because cannibalizing other team members is part of the way the winning the game is structured. Dani’s only guilt is striking first and not getting her plan to work. She merely beat other vets (J/J/B/R) to doing the inevitable:playing the game as an individual.

    Her second biggest problem was forming an alliance with other players who have no self confidence in their game and who duck/hide at the first sign of distress. However, I’m not ready to count her out just yet. There’s still hope her powers of persuasion coupled with the ineptitude of J/J might save her.

    1. Yup, Jeff and Dani going at each other will mean their end in the game. Jeff is doomed, especially with his poor comp playing alliance members.

    2. Are you sure about that. Kaila is like Alicia silverstone from clueless. Not a chance. Neither Is Adam. Jeff is definitely win BB13. Face it. All the floaters are dead weight.

  27. Like many have said already, it’d be a stupid move for Jeff if he keeps Dani. She’s such a threat in competitions and she just can’t be trusted.

    Having said that, I would really prefer Kalia to go before Dani… But even if Dani goes it would still be sweet. All the Dani fanboys that jerk off to her at night would cry like… well… Rachel. I would love to have live feeds of THAT.

  28. “Dani explains that JJ have the votes and the power to remove anyone they want in this game there no use stressing.
    Dani mentions that she had the chance to put Jeff up twice and she never did so hopefully that accounts for something.”

    if Dani knows this, then why in the world didn’t she think to get Jeff out the two times she had the chance??? esp last week when she could have backdoored him?? does this make any sense to anyone? i know Brendon is a strong player but even if he would have won HOH and put her up (which is debatable if he would have even done that) never could Dani say “Brendon has the votes and the power” that never would have been a true statement in this game- but again, how come this simple thing wasn’t clear??

    and how stupid is Jordan (yet again) that she wants Kalia out over dani?? every time you think she has sounded her dumbest…

    1. i don’t understand dani’s logic in not back dooring jeff either. she’s well aware that jj is the fav and that production helps jj out. everything she did doesn’t make sense to me, but maybe it does to her, so. hopefully it works out for her, now, jordan works on a personal level, she’s mad at kalia because she got real closenwith her and kalia betrayed her

  29. Doesn’t Rachel know she can’t win BB. She will never get votes from the jury, except for Brendon.

  30. lol good way to get yourself up on the block next week when you’re not protected. you would suck in big brother.

  31. to BB4Me:

    People are not delusional about the Vet alliance. Its clear that things always have an ending, but to break an alliance early in the game in BB house and when the numbers are against you that is a STUPID move in my opinion

  32. If Jeff is smart he will get rid of Dani. Yal may not care for Kalie but she is loyal and she has kept her promise not to put Jordon up. If Jeff uses this to his advantage he would have Kalie promise to not put him up for the next two HOH comps,get rid of Dani now and simple allow Porsche to continue eating and winning nothing. The floaters can be taken care of after there votes are no longer needed and that would allow time for others to get rid of that crazy Rachel who will be the target for all long before Jeff.

  33. JEFF NEEDS DANI TO STAY THAT WAY SHE CAN GET RID OF RACHEL he doesnt want her anywhere near the final three or two …brenden and rachel are basically the same vote and if dani gets rid of rachel and the finall two ends up being jeff and dani he already has three votes IF HE GETS RID OF RACHEL he most likely loses brenden and rachel’s votes ..Jeff needs to keep his noms the in BB11 he backdoored Russel and was evicted a week later…he wont make the same mistake twice

    1. Joe, I agree with you. Jeff must get rid of Dani. She is good in comp especially endurance and that is the comp most of the time in the final three. Also he must remember that if he and Rachel final two, he will will get the money and Rachel 50K which she will be glad. I cannot understand why these house guest cannot see that Rachel will be the best bet to go to the final two because no one likes her. That means a sure win.

  34. people need to get over rachel hate. she cant win, therefore shes the PERFECT person to take to the final 2.

    also, if jeff doesnt backdoor dani, hes making the dumbest mistake in BB history other than lawon asking to be evicted, or dani and kalia’s 3 week HOH dunceathon

  35. IF Dani is evicted this week….and if Rachel wins HOH next week SHE NEEDS to evict Jeff if she wants to be in the final 2 because if she gets nominated she has a big chance winning Veto with the competitors left.

    Jordan= ehhh
    Adam, Porsche- Rachel’s biggest threats
    Kalia- ?

  36. If I was Dani I’d go to JJ and plant the idea that Adam, Kalia, Porsche and Shelly have a secret alliance and that they’re just flying under the radar while the stronger (vets) players pick each other off. Once the vets are depleted all they need is one HoH win to take over the game. At the worst it’ll get Jeff second guessing his decisions. He has a tendency towards paranoia and that can be played on.

  37. Jeff trusts Rachel the most over Adam, Kalia, Porsche, Dani, and Shelly.

    Jeff also know that Rachel needs Jeff and Jordan to further her game. Rachel will be after Adam and Shelly.

    Jeff is kinda smart and knows that Dani has already proven to backstabbed too many people. So he wont take that risk.

    By keeping Rachel he is still keeping a bigger target then him in the game and someone who he can trust to play for him and Jordan.

    When I read some of these posts I wonder how much of the show do they know. Because sometimes some of these comments are DUMB!

    1. Speaking of dumb. Rachel hasn’t been a threat since she imploded when her fiance left the first time. The general consensus of the house is that she’s useless without Brendon. On the other hand Jeff is the last male in the house (Adam doesn’t really rate) and has won back to back competitions.

      So I find your commentary on ‘dumb people’ mildly ironic.

    2. Please explain how ‘hasn’t even come close to winning shit without Brendan’ Rachel is a bigger threat than Jeff who is the only male left in the house and who’s won back to back comps?

  38. i have no respect for shelly and adam, they never put up in comps, adams even hints at it it, that he hope he doesnt win, as much as i dislike manchels personality, i would love to see shelly and adam go home……………..

  39. Best thing ever would be for Dani, Jeff, and Rachel to go out in that order. Can you imagine Brendon, Rachel, Dani, Jeff all in the jury house. Wonder what they would think of their game play then?? Yeah wasnt it a great move to turn on our alliance so we can let the floaters win?

  40. what about the veto (ticket?) dani won at the hoh comp. what ever happened with that? can she use it to keep herself safe this week?

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