Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Jeff wins POV

2:40pm Jeff in the kitchen explaining how he ROCKED the POV

2:48pm Bedroom Kalia and Shelly Shelly telling Kalia that she has Shelly help this week. She’s not sure that Jeff will use the POV but if he does Dani goes up.

Kalia thinks Jeff will take Porsche down because her and Dani are more dangerous together. Shelly recommends Kalia start to switch up her social game. She tries to make Kalia feel better saying that the POV was a hard puzzle for them to do under pressure.

Shelly goes on to tell Kalia that she is safe if Dani goes up.. there’s no way Dani will get the votes needed to stay in the game. Kalia doesn’t want that, Shelly shoots straight says she doesn’t either but if Dani goes up they have to be ready to save Kalia.

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329 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Jeff wins POV

    1. WOOOOOO!!

      Gurl, that’s amazing. I can’t wait to see that ugly skeleton face DANIELE up on the block! She will be sooo pale in the face! LMAO.
      KOWLIA + DANI on the block.. mhm.

      It’s something that you can depend on. Rachel (LOVE HER) is totally in J/J’s ear, telling them it’s a double eviction. There is no way they’re going to let that pass. They need and will get DANI out this week, so that she doesn’t take them out with the DOUBLE EVICTION. :]

        1. Whats wrong with me?
          I never knew having an opinion can be wrong. I think somethings wrong with you, cause you haven’t heard of an opinion before :]

    2. Dani told Jeff, that she was going to throw the POV ~ he suppose to keep the nom the same! Hopefully he sticks to his deal.

    3. She gets to go to the Big Haunted House, and live with a Zombie. Happy Birthday Dani. Don’t forget to take your bible and exorcise the Zombie out of Brendon, in order to prepare it for your next roommate Kalia.

    4. WTF is “Shelley help”???
      The one person who hasnt done or won squat is going to help you!!! must give ole kahlia a warm and fuzzy.
      And why the f— is shelley opening her cake hole to reveal the plan to backdoor dani. shutup!!!

  1. The comp was prolly just a physical one, that way Jeff has no competition esp with Dani on slop. And with that, I’m done with this season. Just hand Jeff the 500 K already.

    1. read the feeds first before you assume. It was a puzzle. You know the thing everyone said Jeff was too stupid to ever do well at. If anything it was rigged for Dani to win cuz no one thinks Jeff can do puzzles and yet he came out with the win. Let me guess, someone in the DR showed him the puzzle a head of time. Or he had an ear piece with someone telling him which piece goes where. Gimme a break.

      1. LOL. I am sure someone will post one of your ideas. When Jeff wins, it’s rigged. When Dani wins, it’s all fair and square.

    2. It was actually a puzzle.. and I agree: GIVE JEFF THE 500 grand.

      As soon as he and jordan came into the game, I was like, They’re going to win this game. It’s something that’s inevitable.
      Everyone likes them.. take kalia, adam, shelly as an example.. MIND YOU THOSE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO JURY and will give him their votes.

      Soooooo, yeah. They won.

      1. I pray you are wrong, I cannot stand Jeff or Jordan this year. Especially dumb Jordan she is so cocky this year. Round here thinking she is running something.

        1. Jordan is the biggest floater in the house and my God…..she is the laziest in the house. She said she came as a vacation to spend w/Jeff and that is exactly what she is doing! She is getting a big attitude too…..goes along with those fake boobs too!

        2. apparently we are watching a diffferent season. Jordan has been nothing but kind and caring to everyone in the house she doesn’t think of herself first but others Why is that not doing anything? You are a few colors short of a whole box it’s a game everying is going to be two faced and uncaring but to say Jordan hasdone nothing is insane I know she trusts people she should’t but she is not throwing anyone under the bus. Shame on you haters

    3. Exactly Its been fixed for jeff to wun since beginning Even making it after the fact he could choose who went on slop Im so dine with is fixed show

        1. to anwer about rigged, not quite sure sometime, i do know Dani is smart the only prob i had was them letting jeff pick for HN, they have never done that and yes when he has to pick up on game he does, Jordan hasnt done shit either just like por and Kal im done watching cuz i cant stand Jor

      1. WTF is your problem dude? every other of your posts your rooting for somebody else,1 says your glad jeff won and you hate dani,nxt your saying go dani,jeffs an idiot.

      2. Good don’t watch.. who cares.. its was rigged for dani to win the comps she won and it was rigged for her to win today with the puzzle comp but big jeff stepped up.. So all you dani lovers can stop watchin now.. Ha Ha Ha

      1. Let’s see if production can pull something off to get Kalia sent home instead………

        I bet that production encouraged Dani to pull her power moves saying that she would get a lot of air time and make it to the end still.

          1. I don’t like liberal arts people who flaunt being liberal arts. I find many of them to be self-centered, completely unproductive, and downright mean. I find Kalia to be no exception. If she were, I would tolerate her. But she is not at all.

            Or you can look at the other thread, where everybody thinks I’m racist because I don’t like her.

    1. Dani is not going home yall! She is Big Brother and the season would be dead without her. She has a very strong ally, which is PRODUCTION!

      1. if anyone has production it is Jorden and Jeff is just along for the ride, but Jorden is their baby. Poor old Rachel is made to look like a snake, witch, thief, lier and destroyer of property, when in fact it is every one else in the house; but, production makes her out as the bad ass. Yes, she is emotional and yes, she can give it out just as hard as the next guy, but geeze give her a little slack. She is no worse than the rest.

        1. Karen, you can’t be serious!?!?!? Rachel has some major undiagnosed emotional issues. I am sure there is medication that can make her more normal but in this house she is the ONLY HG that has mental issues.

          1. You could tell she has MAJOR problems by the way she was acting with Dani last night. She’s got more than a few loose screws!!!

            1. Do you remember the pact she and Dani had? That they would act like they hated each other to the other house guests, but each had the others back. Maybe, just maybe tht had something to do with her actions. I have seen a lot of BB house guests in the past that needed professonal help, and Rachel is one of them. But production does make her look a lot worse than needs to be. There are others in the house that need a little degradation to.

      1. If you’ve been following the site’s poll, you would know that a lot of people lean towards Jeff. Obviously, with this site being so pro-Dani and with Dani controlling the HOH for the past three weeks, the Jeff fans have been quite. I guess now that he is in control, the fans are out to spite those who hate Jeff. Payback time.

        With that said, I still have a feeling Jeff will not use the POV. I am still hoping that he, Dani, and Rachel will make it to the final three. More interesting than any other combo, especially Dani-Kalia-Porsche!

          1. I just pray it will not be an Adam + Shelly + Jordan final 3, let alone Adam + Shelly final 2. At this rate, it will be a floater who wins……….

    2. Face it! It’s over, Dani will go up and she gone. All Team Dani Yo Fans. Better switch 2 Team JJ. It’s Over for Team Dani yo! Team Dani is History (In the House 7/7/11-Evicted (1st Double) 8/25/11). If your not Team JJ. Jeff will come after any floaters. So Here your chance. Join Team JJ or Jeff will keep on winning.

      1. I’m team dani, and that is not changing because jj is in comtrol ifa dani leaves, i’ll take sides with rachel… maybe porsche

    1. the one that needs to go is Shelly! She is a lier, thief and a real live bitch. She has turned the whole house against Rachel by laying the lies, she, herself told and then she steels Brendens things and then she steels Rachels dog.
      She needs to go!!

      she needs to go

    1. i LIKE THAT……team dani,, not. Bye bye!! he’d better do it now…with next week double evivtion, shit, she would send jeff packin in am second.
      You’ll never forget this birthday…..HAHAAH!!! LMFAO!!! SHOCKER!!!

    1. If Dani goes home, just before she goes out the door she sould whisper some in Rat-chels ear. Some thing like, ‘ are you sure Brendon can be trusted.’
      That would just freak out Rat-chel.

  2. Yes BIG JEFF!!!! Bye Bye Dani glad to see you go:) Happy day in the bb house. Just hope Jeff stays witht he plan and backdoors Dani which is all any guy would want to do to her.

  3. I really hope jeff makes it this time. He knows how to play the social game and clearly wins when he knows his back is against the wall. Jordan better pull through during the fast forward or I’ll be pissed.

  4. So where are all those ppl who say that Jeff never wins shit? HOH and the POV the same week huh… buh bye Skeletor

    1. Whooooo big jeff beat a bunch of girls, a fat guy and an old women. Now that Brendons gone it’s going to be easy for Jeff to win physical comps.

      1. I’m so glad he won hopefully he will actually put dAni up!!!! Please please get her out with this double eviction!!! And as for Jeff never winning till now bc be is against girls!! Jeff is a great competitor and I’ve said rom the beginning he will win comps when he needs to and be hasn’t needed to bc brendon was always before him in a threat!!!!

      1. :( from me too, but I’ve been talking about this scenario playing out for a week and Dani deserves to go home after so many crucial mistakes in the game. Dick is right that she does not know how to strategize. Too bad, because she’s killer in competitions.

    1. James: you are too funny. You always make me laugh, thanks for that. I love Dani, but I love Jeff also. I wish Dani would have stayed with them until the end. Now that woud have made good tv. I hope Dani says something to Rachel. I feel bad that she may be in the house with Brendon, but maybe he won’t be that bad to her

  5. lmaoooooooooooooo good for dani i hopes he send her ass to meet brendon , brendon is going to love this

    she is too stupid if she didnt turn on her aliance from the break she would of made it far

    1. yeah if Jeff backdoors her she would’ve been better off sticking with her original alliance. She would’ve been able to reach the final 5 at least.

      But nope, Dani was so set on making a big impact on the game and trying to get out of her Dad’s shadow that she wanted to make a huge move to show everyone that she’s a big girl. She was in a totally good spot and yet she sabotaged it. I hope Jeff backdoors her so it can bite her back in the ass.

  6. NO Kidding CBS had Jeff win POV. They wouldn’t waste his HOH like they did to Kahlia. give him the power to choose havenots. Now to even things out a bit they need to give Dani golden power on Thursday to over rule HOH like they gave Jeff BB11. They can do it because they make up rules as they go along

    1. Dude! Face it, CBS Production made the challenge not ask jeff to win. He earn that win. Kaila, she got luck because Dani help her. Beside, the golden power will never happen. Not till Pandora Box. Just give it up DD. Dani goes home to the Jury House. Dani has no chance of getting votes or the golden power. Not a chance. No way.

  7. A lot of Dani fans will not be happy about this. If Dani goes up, she is toast. I can already sense that some people will be saying the POV comp was rigged to favor Jeff.

    1. I actually think the competition was rigged for Dani/Kalia/Porsche. Dani said that the good looking production guy is helping her out.

      Obviously Adam and Shelly are throwing things. In a puzzle, I think they assumed Jordan would do terribly, which she did. And they figured Jeff wouldn’t do much better. Plus, Kalia is a liberal arts girl who said all morning she and Dani could rock puzzles. They probably thought that Porsche probably would have done alright but not have won, thereby keeping her on the block and keeping Kalia and Dani together.

      Plus, somehow everybody knew that there was going to be a puzzle. Dani and Kalia were talking about it all morning.

      Somehow Jeff pulled it off and won, much to everybody’s surprise. Especially liberal arts Kalia.

    2. If Dani goes home, I stop watching. She has been the only interesting character on Big Brother this year. Everyone else has been sooooo dull.

      Even with Dani this has been a particularly bad year for Big Brother. Without her, it would just be painful.

      1. Dani wouldn’t be where she is now if she wouldn’t have been so cocky and took the deal that BR offered her. D is not as smart as she thinks….She screwed up when she voted Brendon…

      2. Then stop watching. No one is stopping you. Last year, I stopped watching when it was down to five and I never even bothered to check this site. BB is a game and you cannot get everything that you want.

      3. I agree, if Dani goes there will be no one to root for. She seems to know it isn’t going to work out, she commented how she was on a “downslope”.
        I’ll be done with watching this season!

    1. bruiser!!! yeah!!! jeff needs to put some beer bottles on his fingers and go to dani’s room….”dani…come out to plaaaaaay”

      1. Thanks for the suggestion! Sucks to have your fave in danger, right? By the way, does your life revolve around BB? Pity!

        1. My life?
          My computer is on my fishing boat, at the beach or on my kitchen counter.
          So to answer your question – Not even a little bit.

          How about you?

  8. Damn!!!

    So will Jeff put Dani up and leave us to watch “BB – The Young and The Stupid”?
    I read Jordan didn’t get one single piece of the puzzle.
    Floater – she couldn’t spell the word if her life depended upon it.

    Didn’t Jeff lose the Puzzle Game during his first BB? If so, it looks like he
    has improved his game. Really dislike the guy. Even with winning, he reminds
    me of a Loser.

      1. I agree with you, except I wouldn’t mind Rachel winning BB over J/J. I don’t want
        the lazy team of J/J to win anything more.
        If Dani can’t win, then Rachel would be my choice.
        Actually, I’ve hated the entire season due to having VETS and Newbies together.

      2. I will say it again: If you’ve been following the site’s poll, you would know that a lot of people are fans of Jeff more than the others. Obviously, with this site being so pro-Dani and with Dani controlling the HOH for the past three weeks, the Jeff fans have been quiet. I guess now that he is in control, the fans are out to spite those who hate Jeff. Payback time.

        Quit whining. Dani was in power for 3 weeks. You surely did not expect that this would continue until the finale! Get real. If Dani didn’t betray the veterans alliance, she wouldn’t be in this position. By the way, who said Jeff is backdooring Dani?

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANI TIME TO GET BACK DOORED!!! WHOOHOO! I Love it!!! what goes around comes back around brendon would be thrilled to dani next in the jury house!!!

    1. I agree, Brendon will be please that His buddy Jeff got Dani Evicted but Kaila as well. He will be happy of both Dani and Kaila will be evicted by Jeff and Rachel. Team JJ keep on winning.

  10. sucks that Dani is going go home now…. the show is going be so boring.. BB may as well give douchebag jeff and his dumb abused gf the 500g’s

    1. why so many jeff fans? this year has been so skewed toward jeff/jordan with their 2 two votes to everyone elses one, it’s ridiculous. this season suck compared to last year.

      1. Your a moron…JJ’s 2 votes to everyone elses 1…..I believe DD/BR also had 2 votes,so how about you say it wasn’t fair for them also and plz pick a side!!!!!!!!!

  11. Yes Go Team JJ !! Send either Dani the idiot who NEVER should have rocked the boat back when PT was still in the house, or Kalia The Hut, either one, will make me very happy !! If Only Dick was there to rein in his over confident daughter, things would have been much different for her in the house this season !! If she didn’t let a little virgin boy-toy get in the way of her game, Dani wouldn’t be in this predicament she’s in, so she only has herself to blame !! Go Jeff !!

  12. Yeah………….Dani is gone this week……………Jeff has to evict her……………It’s their big chance…………….Won’t Brendon be shocked…………….

  13. Jeff is a fool if he doesn’t backdoor Dani. Both Kalia & Porsche r both annoying as hell ,although Porsche is very good at manipulation. She may just be a wild card.

  14. Love Jeff, now what does everyone have to say. @ weeks ago JJ haters were saying Jeff isnt even good he doesn’t win. Did he not just win HOH and POV in a row? “I see you Hi Haters”

    1. Jeff is still a creepy loser.
      Boring Show with J/J on it.
      How about Jordan not even getting one single puzzle piece? LOL

    2. Honestly, it just makes me respect him even less. It means he probably could have won at any time and was too lazy or cowardly (notice I didn’t say dumb) to do so.

      I’m happy for the JJ cheerleaders, but for me, it’s going to be a snore from now to the end.

  15. Awesome. Good for Jeff, Bad for Dani. I do like her, it’ll be interesting to watch her enter the Jury House and see Brenden. Beside whoeverelse leaves this week.

      1. I agree.
        I’ll come here for BB news about “BB: The Young and The Stupid” and skip the tele..
        Who needs to watch the sanitized CBS Julie Chen BB Show?
        BBAD has been nearly worthless, too, and with Dani gone it will sink even lower.

    1. I agree. Lots of mean spirited talk going on here. Was bummed to see that Jeff won the POV. IF she does leave this week, which the likelyhood of that is strong, then the rest of the season will suck and be boring.

  16. “The smallest girl evicting the biggest guy twice.” Good one Dani…time to hang out with that guy for the next 4 weeks! Lol. Karma is a bitch isn’t it K/D?! Luvin it!

  17. yes all of jeff haters including ””’ i will cut the bullshit”” he’ll be the first to say production give it to jeff . sore losers most of dani fans are poor sports its only rigged for jeff not for dani …..i can hear all of dani fans saying they aint watching big brother anymore good riddance i hope this teach all of the house guest a good lesson up today down tomorrow in kailia voice humble pie f/ u dani u evicted my brendon join him lol

    1. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! When dani won her first HOH people on JJ’s side said it was rigged for Dani. WTF????? BTW, not all Dani fans are saying the comps are rigged, so stop the yapping, cuz you don’t know it all!!!!!

  18. Yeah,,, now we can kiss jeffs ass some more.. jeff is my hero.. we love jeff.. we don’t care he’s abusive towards women

  19. Dani could still work some social magic here but the timing for that to happen coincides with her period so it’s looking like a really bad week for the Danster…. Damn, damn,damn!!!
    I will always be team Dani! But with this turn of events I hope Jordumb wins the whole frakkin’ thing again just to spite all the other idiots!

  20. Dani’s has played the dumbest game possible and she deserves to go home. Evil Dick must be the best player ever to have got her dumb ass to the end.

  21. Jeff is in a good spot right now, with Brendon gone, he seems to be the strongest player, he has no competition….Dani should have sent him home last week. I guess Dani will be keeping Brendon company in the jury house….

  22. Yes! Dani’s going home! I am so happy. I really dislike Brendon but I’d love to see his face when she’s walks into the jury house! Hopefully, Kalia or Porsche don’t win this HOH…it would suck. I’d love to see Shelly win it though, it would make it interesting to see who she would put up since she would be forced to show her true colors.

    Hmm…and this wasn’t a physical challenge it was a PUZZLE. I guess Jeff isn’t just a an athletic player huh lol??

  23. I am so glad Jeff won the POV. Although, I still think Jeff is not going to win the game because he threw away the previous competition that could have kept him and Brandon and Jordan save last week. The JJBR allaince would have been a more trustworthy alliance then the JJSA aliance. Shelly makes her rounds to everyone in the game. Of course she think she is clever by trying to get Kalia on her good side by offering her safety this week,. well, it doesn’t take a genius to know that Jeff is going to get rid of Dani. If Dani was trustworthy enough to keep in the game and form a true alliance with JJD that would be great for Jeff and Jordan but at this point I don’t think Jeff will take the chance to keep Dani. Dani stupidity has already screwed too many players in the game.

    Dani I now hope you realize that your father was a better player than you in the BB house. He didn’t make irrational decisions and stupid moves too early in the game. Your first mistake was to backstabbed the Vet Alliance early in the game and alligned yourself with players that are not atletic and act like DIVAS. Your next mistake was to get rid of Brandon and put all the attention on you. But your arrogance made you feel that the veto ticket was your ticket to get thru this week. Why put your faith on Kalia and Porsche?

    Jordan you need to step up and win the next HOH to guaranteed Jeff and your safety. Otherwise, one of you two can be walking out the door.

  24. I am glad. Dani was a sore winner. Never offering food from hoh basket to other side. Yet dkp gobbled on jeffs basket. He was a good sport especially when kalia drooled all over cheese. Rachel eat everything or porsche will steal it.

  25. Dani Goes so from now on it will be

    Team Skank(Rachel)
    Team Bacon(Adam)
    Team Productions Pets(Jeff and Jordan)
    Team Liar(Shelly)
    Team Eats-a-lot(Porsche and Kalia)

    Yea Real Predictable

    Next week Double Eviction Rachel wins HOH puts up Porsche and Kalia, kalia gets evicted
    Then jeff or Jordumb wins puts up adam and porsche, porsche gets evicted
    new HOH shelly puts up Rachel and Adam, adam gets evicted
    next week Rachel, Jeff or Jordan wins
    puts up shelly and one of the 3 as a pawn, shelly goes
    Jeff Jordumb and Racho in the final 3 Jeff wins chooses to take Jordumb to the final 2, and Jordan or Jeff wins..

    BORING ill wait patiently til BB14, which hopefully it’s not all-stars I don’t wanna see Team Dumb and Dumber and Team Mentally Challenged come back

    1. HAHAHA! That’s funny. Team Production pets. Jeff and Jordan are not production pets. The only pet is Dani. she deserve to be screwed.

    1. Yeah, she should have floated like Jordan. lol
      Dani didn’t win this comp but she played to win.
      Jordan didn’t put ONE piece of the puzzle in place. lol
      Now that is a DUMB FLOATER.

  26. all the people doing backflips about JJ winning POV and backdooring dani, might want think about that fact that rachel will be competing basically alone for thurs double eviction, if dani goes jeff will be leaving with her. rachel not stupid she knows she 5th in JJASR alliance,

  27. Dani’s own fault..She played with emotion still mad at Brenden she shoulda teamed with Brenden and Rachel…What an utter failure dani turned out to be…I rooted for her…

  28. My (updated) best case scenario:

    Daniele somehow cuts a deal with JJ and convinces them to take Kalia/Porsche off and backdoor Rachel instead of her. Rachel gets evicted.

    I know it’s unlikely, but I’m holding out hope that somehow DKP survives this week.

    1. Line up with all of the women he screws behind Jordan’s back.
      Who knows, you may get your wish to be with the Freak. lol

        1. You people and your conspiracy theories i guess production faked that picture his niece drew too of Jeff and Jordan and the pictures of them at family functions.Yep their fake boyfriend and girlfriend and oh yes brother and sister too.Some people have WAY to much time on their hands living in a cyber world.It’s a TV game show.Yes production probably caters towards making sure ratings stay up and intevines but the personal attacks on other human beings is pathetic.Oh but they chose to go on tv as some of your excuses for talking shit is a sad reason.Talking about the game is one thing being immature and adding personal attacks is unnessasary.Then again people who find the need to make fun of others are really just insecure individuals.

  29. Nice! Jeff cleaning house, send the miserable rat-face to hang with B pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! Can’t stand looking at her any more

  30. If Dani goes home BB will lose viewership. Everyone I know was ready to jump ship when Brendon was *cough* voted *cough* back into the house. They only stayed around when Dani took command of said ship. If Dani leaves this season is going down like the Titanic, and I’m definitely one of the viewers running for a lifeboat.

    1. 100%-i am so dunnzo too-we are left with floaters, mental-cased bitches( Rachel),people so far up JJ’s ass that you can’t see them anymore(Adam and Shelly), and 2 sacks of rocks (JJ) UGH!! Production SUCKS! BORING………Bye Bye BB13!!!

  31. NOOOOOO Team Dani. If Jeff sends Dani home, that’d be messed up because she never put him up and she easily could have put him like 4 times. Smh. Jordan’s gonna slide through the rest of the game. This sucks. If Dani goes home there’s gonna be no real competition. That’s ass.

    1. He has no choice but to put her up if he wants to win otherwise if she wins next then he is up we all know she even said that to kalia the only reason he didn’t go first is becasue she thought Brendon was the bigger threat not becasue she had some sense of loyalty to him

    2. The only reason she didn’t put him up was because she thought she had bigger fish to fry. Don’t try to
      Spin it like it was out of the goodness of her heart.

  32. How can ppl say the game is set up for jeff. He himself said he’s not good at puzzles and neither is Jordan he knew he had to win and did. It was a puzzle any of th could have won. Dani should have stayed with te vets from the beggining and then they all could have battled it out at the end and it would have been great tv. She did this to herself.

    1. Dani has no one to blame for the situation she’s in, she put herself there. She should have stayed with the vets like her dad wanted and she would at least be in the final 5.

  33. Yeah! I told you so. Jeff has to do is either save Kaila or Porsche and Backdoor Dani. Bye Dani, Nice to know you. Have fun at the Jury House with Brendon. Don’t worry either Kaila or Porsche will folllow you. Yeah!!! Team JJ still alive. Team Dani yo! Please, Team Dani no! Team Dani got to go. Bye Bye Bye Dani. See ya, don’t hit your door way out. Oh! Have fun with Julie Chan.

  34. Lets see if Jeff grows a pair and puts Dani up. Remember, for the most part he has keep his hands clean behind others. Now he has to get them dirty to make a move. I was laughing when he said he was pissed at Adam and Shelly for saying they would throw the POV so they wouldnt have to make that decision. He wanted them to do it for him.

  35. Jeff needs to get the dani out while he has the chance.. way to step up big jeff..Now team jj get kalia the hut out next..

  36. Can’t Shelly keep her mouth shut!!!! Why is she telling Kalia she is safe? Just be quiet and let Jeff do his thing!!!!

  37. TEAM DANI SUCKS dumbass enjoy your week now u can go to jury with brendumb since u had a hard on for him allyear what did that get u sending him home big move yea right STUPID

  38. Yay for Jeff but boooo for Dani. I was really hoping that somehow we’d see a JJD final three. That would have been far more interesting. Jeff, Jordan, and Dani are the only funny and entertaining people in the house. You remove Dani and all we’re left with aside from J&J is Adam desperately trying to be liked to the point of being f*ckin annoying, Shelly smoking and cleaning, Kalia eating and making stupid faces, Porsche tanning, and….yeah…that’s about it. Exciting huh. Nope.

  39. Dani thought she was going to be the big “move” player in BB13, she thought she’d step in where her Dad left the game. Unfortunately, she’s not her Dad and made a stupid move trying to backdoor her alliance because she found flirting with the newbie exciting. That was her downfall. Had she stuck to her alliance she could have still kept Dominic in the game, but got rid of Adam, Shelly, Porcha and Kalia and then Dwan since every week they were in power except one. Then all the vet’s plus Dom could have played together. Instead she made a stupid move and then for the rest of the season blaming Brendon and Rachel for telling J&J about her plan and that got Dom evicted. Then she sat there like a jealous little school girl talking “hate” about B/R and J/J because her BFF got evited because of her….which of course she doesn’t see at all. Her and Kalia are the mean school girls and I don’t blame Jordan staying clear of them. She may not be the brightest bulb, but she has more class in her pinky than the two of them combined. Bye, Bye Dani…..fingers crossed Jeff backdoors her!

  40. dani came out of the dr an stated… youre lying to me, i hate you jack hole………. who was she talking to or about…… the guy from production…. or did they(production) tell her jeff was going to bd her and she was talking to jeff

  41. Why is it when Jeff wins something it is fix but when Dani does then it becasue she is so smart have you ever thought jeff just was determined lol Jeff needs to put Dani up if he doesn’t that will be the worst move ever and he deserves to lose

    1. Ummm, when Dani won her HOH comps people were saying those were rigged. So don’t talk, when you don’t know what you are saying!

  42. done watching this season only dani was able to make something us dull as this season worth watching… people who hate on dani are just stupid she made this season the most rated season ever she should win something regardless ull see by the rating that’s it will go down… I’m sorrie but evil dick is a dick yes your brother died but how about your daughter that u never talk to u should have stayed with her and help her out… I hate feeling that dani freaking did so much for nothing its stupid… I do believe dani made a mistake with dominic who basically a lost cost from the start… I ain’t happy how this week turn up… I hope kalia or porche win though but I wont watch bb13 till the end hopefully I c a shocker lol.

  43. I hear the Fat Lady singing and she is singing Bye, Bye, Dani, Bye, Bye, but want to wish her a Happy BIrthday tomorrow. Really hope Jeff wins the $500,000. He deserves it and hope he wins this season. Loving TEAM J and J!!!!!!!!

  44. IF Dani goes this week as It certainly looks like she will, this year will be another epic fail with a floater winning again.

    Let the snooze fest begin.

    see ya at BB14

  45. I like the Dani/Jeff competition, without it the show will be pretty boring. I just hope Shelly doesn’t even come
    close to winning. For her to go around and tell people “I don’t lie” and then turn around and anytime she opens
    her mouth out comes a lie. She does it too easily for it to be something she is just doing for the show. And the
    company where she is VP of sales, she has to do her job in the same manner. Can’t believe a word she says.

  46. yay. Now you get to watch whole month of everyone fighting for lip space on jeffs ass. Thrilling. Adiios big brother, see you next season.

  47. haha. dani deserves it. bad gameplay all season long. the question is, how CBS will fix this…. lol.

    dani could sit there and be the king of the house if she had back doored jeff last week. porsche or brendon would have won HOH and shelly, jordan and adam were complete useless. with shelly as big liar-floater target.

    but danis ego had to evict brendon….

    now production will step in big time to save dani. curios to see how this will happen.

  48. Some people wish too much. There is no way jeff will be an idiot to backdoor Rachel. He doesn’t let emotions impact his decisions. He has more faith in Rachel remaining loyal to Jordan and Jeff then Shelly and Adam.

    If Rachel wins HOH she is putting up Adam and Shelly and target Adam. Rachel knows Adam has a great memory and will do well in future competitions. Porsche and Kalia will team up with Rachel. And Rachel will stay cool with Jordan and Jeff. She will be in the middle. Not bad for someone who had all the attention against her.

  49. when did jeff become big jeff? and stop crying about the game being rigged when dani competed in her first hoh tell me that was not a game best suited for a person of her small frame…… dani has made all the wrong moves this season she turned on her alliance full of the strongest players in the house, she flipped the same week her closes ally was on the block, then she aligns herself with the worst players in the house, and she had the power for three weeks straight and all she did was get rid of one player on the other side and one guy on her side….. she deserves to go home

  50. Well…Dani’s reign was good while it lasted. Unless she can talk Jeff out of using the POV then she is screwed. I kind of expected for this to happen because this season is so predictable. Dani made a early game move that failed and now she might pay for it. I knew she should have gotten rid of Jeff last week, but she was so set on getting Brendon back out of the house. It’s no coincidence that the last HoH was tailor made for Jeff. And I’m probably guessing the POV was too. Don’t know who I will root for if or when Dani is gone…maybe no one because there isn’t anyone who is worth cheering for IMO. Oh well, there is always All- Stars.

    JJ better be ready for this double eviction though. Jeff can’t play and Jordan isn’t going to win. So their automatically candidates for being nominated if somebody from their alliance doesn’t win.

  51. Calm down you guys. Why do you have to be so damn ignorant about Daniele or JeJo? It’s a game, stop calling her skeletor or a bitch. At the end of the day, it’s just a game, simple as that. No need to call people names. Jesus, you take this show too seriously sometimes.

    1. I agree. It seems like these are the times when people start acting like the mean spirited bunch that they are. IT’s just a game. It makes me sick to hear how people talk about other people. Makes me realize why there’s so much nastiness in this world. All people can say is degrading things. Talking about people being fat, or skinny, or looking like Boy George or a man, etc. Let’s talk about the game please, and not be degrading!!!!!

    2. LOL Steve I agree. Dani fans chill out Production will do something to save their little sweetheart! And who cares really it’s just a game!!!

  52. The only person Dani should blame is herself and her arrogance. Her dad won her $50,000 and she felt robbed. Well, I think you now owe ED an apology and thank him for the $50,000 who won for you.

  53. Sorry still a Bren/Rach fan and so happy to see the wicked witch will be making her exit. I dont think JJ has to worry about Rachel, they should be worried about Adam and Shelly switching to the other side now that the witch dani is gone because then its 4 newbies and 3 vets and I have never belived shelly was as loyal as she says, we all know what a liar she is.

  54. I really hope this work out. I’m so tired of Dani, I didn’t like her then and can’t stand her now.
    She over played too soon in the game so Now I hope she go to the jury. I hope she did not
    think she could win with K&P.

  55. I think Jeff might leave the nom’s the same. Why piss off Dani, it would be better to cut a deal with Dani for protection next week.

    IF they get rid of Kalia (PRAYERS) that leaves DP now figure D deal with R, P deal with A, A deal with S and that pretty much leaves JJ out on the cold.

    I wonder how this will play out..It’s far from over! Porch still needs to float to the top, maybe they should do an eating contest for the next HOH.

    1. Why would he care if he pisses her off she is leaving and there really isn’t a deal that dani would make that jj can believe dani will say anything but if Jeff doesn’t evict her that would be a really bad game move on his part

  56. said it over and over and over last week, can barely say it anymore but here I go —- dani had her chance last week to get jeff out what did she think was going to happen, there would be no other time to get him out if she didn’t put him up last week…the minute she put him i up i said her game was O-V-E-R. who cares about brendon, people don’t like him so he would have other people trying to get him out and he had other people to target besides dani. jeff has all the votes and only dani has a target.
    the only thing i can say is that maybe this isn’t as apparent to dani in the house as it is to us watching- otherwise her adamance about getting brendon out was not making much sense. either that, or she is just plain stupid. but she is learning all her lessons in this game weeks too late.

  57. simon and dawg writing from windsor ont, i can’t get through the day without coming to this site at least 20 times would like to donate but haven’t got a credit card is there another way to donate? you guy’s are really great at keeping me informed since i live in ont canada and can’t get live feed’s….keep up the awesome job your both doing… chow for now…loving that cowlia is not so cocky anymore she’s gotta go…

    1. There is only one reason i can think of that he wouldn’t use the pov since he has been saying that he wanted to use it on her since he won hoh is if jejo had some sort of deal with dani since the begining it would explain why she never put jeff up not even as a pawn

    2. I am not sure why people don’t think that jeff should send dani home if you think game wise instead of emotionally then is best and smartest option is to send dani home i can’t think of any reason that he would keep her she is a good player and unfortunitly they are on opposite sides.

  58. Should be a good week on the feeds.. doesn’t look good for Dani.

    I think we’ll now start seeing cracks in the JJSAR alliances once the POV is played.

    1. If Jeff puts up Dani then the Newbies will have the numbers. This could get really interesting.

    2. Simon,
      How long do I have to post on your site before my comments are set free and posted immediately or do you all do that to everyone regardless?

  59. Dani still have a chance. Jeff still needs Dani to be the #1 target. Without Dani, Jeff will be the #1 target by the newbies and possibly by Rachel because of not supporting Brenden. As far a Dani, I would not target JJ yet until I get rid of SA team.

    1. r u kidding first off we are almost near the end so they really don’t need to keep bigger targets in the house but right now jejo is the biggest target dkp all think with Brendon gone that rachel is falling apart but if Jeff doesn’t take this opportunity to get her out he never will and Dani is going after them they are the strongest and most liked in the house. As Brendon pointed out she is going to take out the men first so he has to know he is next not to mention jejo have a great social game and dani is on the opposite side it would have been great if they were on the same team but at this point neither will believe what the other says.

  60. Jeff was good at puzzles as a kid, so I guess he fell back on that skill. Whatever the case, he is on a roll — Just hope he backdoors Dani and gets Kalia out next week. DOuble eviction — who knows — maybe Shelly out, too?

  61. PUT UP RACHEL!!!!!! Let her and Brendon have the jury house to themselves…and let eveyone in the BB house finally have a nice, normal week!

  62. i knew she was going to burn her bridges ,,, all dani wanted to do was make great moves in the game she wanted to be remembered well….. we’ll remember u dani the bitch that got out one of her biggest competitor the girl who move so quickly just wanted fame whats fame dani without the money lol i just love it

    1. This is great,DKP becomes havenots and cries about it,but a cpl wks ago planned to keep Jordon on slop and was laughing about.Dani makes a plan with JJ to team up and within hrs,tells KP she will bd him.DKP….hows that humble pie taste now? And now we have Dani fans crying,yes crying if she goes home they’ll quit watching haha.Fuk’n sore losers,guess the cute guy in production that HELPS Dani musta got fired and yes out of her own mouth she said a guy in production helps her (so who had the game rigged for them).Oh Dani fans and your hate comments (you know who you are) plz start up with it being rigged for JJ to win again,make your threats about not watching anymore (which I pray you do) go crawl in the holes you came out of till nxt season,we won’t miss you at all. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of excuses as to why Dani lost and make up 100 more reasons,but in the end,you’ll still be here running your mouths about crap you know nothing about and when/if JJ get evicted,you’ll all chime in with your snide,ignorant/uneducated remarks.Don’t blame production,don’t blame JJ…blame Dani for playing to fast and trying so,so hard to get out of daddy’s shadow,which she has proved again,she doesn’t have what it takes to win BB.No matter what happens this season,we JJ fans can laugh at you and say….atleast JJ went farther,won more and took your beloved Dani out of the game…lololololol.

  63. What was with the SnowWhite outfit Daniele was wearing on the live show Thursday.
    And her hot pink hooker lipstick.
    I bet the gap between her two front teeth comes in handy during oral sex.
    I kidd because I love.
    Enjoy the backdoor Dani.
    You “GOT GOT!”

    BiG JeFF FTW

  64. Well that is a big surprise.
    The production would give a competition where Dani was strong so she could get the VETO, saving kalia (dani already sayed that porshe is just a stupid chick that has 1 vote) and placing someone else on the block.
    Since jeff was clever on getting 2 persons that dani need to save, he opened the door for a backdoor… and he will never let dani get away.
    Remember that he knew that Dani was the one that got kalia to get him on the block and open the door to get him out if he didn´t win the POV.
    Then Jeff knows that Rachel is now a single player. So she is not a problem for the next 2 weeks.
    And getting dani out, Jeff knows that kalia and porshe will be alone and running to find a hideout.
    Kalia won a HOH when she pressed the wrong button but it didn´t turn on the lights…. then dani got a hoh when she was ALWAYS in the middle number of everyone.
    Now with a game that was 90% good for Dani or Kalia… Jeff got them shorthanded. (we already saw that jordan likes pictures… but not the ones that are in pieces… remember the first competition where jeff was giving the orders and jordan was even behind keith and porshe (with porshe trying to lose time and fail the pieces))

    1. Jeff is an idiot. If he were going for Dani, he should have put her up. He gave Dani the opportunity to pull one of her alliance off and gain one vote while Jeff’s side would lose a vote.

  65. Okay, help please. Once again, the newbie (me) doesn’t really understand it all.

    If there is a double eviction THIS coming week (and I think there is….please correct me if I’m wrong) does that mean that both Dani (a given most likely in the first part) gets evicted…..then it goes into fast forward and there is another eviction right away…like the same day? So then ANY other player (depending on who wins HOH and who they nominante) goes to jury on the same day.

    Do I have it at least half right?

    thanks for anyone who would like to straighten my pea brain out.


    1. On Thursday, the first thing they will do is vote to evict. Then they have an HOH comp (Jeff can’t play). The new HOH picks nominees. Then a veto comp and ceremony. Then they vote to evict again. Two people will be leaving and heading to jury. Then they play another HOH that night, but it probably won’t be broadcast until Sunday.

  66. I have a feeling all of the women on here that support Jeff are abused by their own husbands.. if so i feel sorry for you ladies.. get help

  67. I hope that Jeff backdoors Dani and gets her out now… I am a Brenchel fan so this is poetic justice to me. Rachel to go to F2 if she could control her emotions long enough and stay under the radar.

  68. This sucks. I like Dani because she’s so real. I like that she had the balls to go after the people who thought they ran the house. I never liked how the rest of them treated people when things didn’t go their way. Dani never acted like that so that’s why I like her.

  69. I am not a Jeff and Jordan fan AT ALL. I think they’re both fake, and I wouldn’t trust either one of them as far as I could throw them. Having said that, Kalia needs to go home for being such an idiot during her HOH, and doing everything she could for two other players, namely Jeff and Jordan, instead of having the guts to play the game for herself. If somebody comes up and curses you out during your HOH, and you go on to fight to keep them in them in game, sending home an ally instead of one of them, and then beg them to be your friend, then you need to take your punk ass home!

  70. J/J are a waste. Jordan is the definition of a floater. Jeff is too arrogant. They sucked on amazing race. They suck now. If they have any chance of winning keep Dani out of the jury house she will turn everyone against them and a FLOATER will win

  71. What was the whole deal with the Veto Card? Can Dani use it to get herself off the block if Jeff puts her up or was it just to play in the veto competition?

  72. wow.. a lot of obsessed fat lazy housewives in hear….. you ladies need to get over it.. Bi Jeff wouldnt give u fatties the time of the DAY!!!!!

  73. Dani would not be where she is today if she would have be true to her original alliance – if Dani would have stayed true to BR & JJ & refrained from becoming Goofy for Dom – Dani would be safe right now. Dani was really stupid when she suggested Jeff go & Dom stay. Dani with her Kalia & Porshe alliance was telling them “all we have to do is get Jeff out then it’s easy” Dani didn’t say it will be easy but she did her arm in a motion. Dani is goofy for going against her alliance in the beginning for Dom & then for thinking she would make it with Kalia & Porshe.

    If Jeff doesn’t get Dani out now, then it will be Jeff”s mistake. If Jeff doesn’t get Dani out now, Dani will get Jeff out the first chance she gets. Dani should not have behaved so goofy over Dom & she should not have taken so much delight in evicting Brendan – why did Dani behave this way when Dani herself says the game isn’t personal.

    Dani, Kalia, & Shelly are worst than Rachel. I will be looking forward to watching Dani beg to stay in this game. I hope Jeff tells Dani that she thinks Rachel is so pathetic – but in truth Dani is much more pathetic than Rachel – just b/c her (Dani’s) own father thinks so highly of his own daughter that he calls her a bitch doesn’t give Dani permission to go after another person’s vulnerabilities – which is what Dani does to Rachel.

    I haven’t seen Jeff display problems of anger issues or a temper – but if it’s true that he has these things I hope that he lets loose on Dani.

    I hope Shelly is evicted soon too simply b/c she stole another person’s property.

  74. It will be the stupidest move ever………..ever……….if Jeff does not get rid of Dani……….When will he have another chance to rid himself of the biggest competitor in the game? He absolutely has to………………I’m sure he will……Jeff please, please evict the wicked witch of the west……………

  75. I pray Jeff takes Porsche off and puts Dani up and Dani goes home. Good bye Team Dani Yo!
    Go spend some quality time with Brendon.

  76. There’s still an outside Jeff won’t use the veto. He has a tentative agreement with Dani from last week (not that means much) but more importantly the dynamic in the house from day is vets vs floaters (face it, the vets consider everyone of the remaining newbies to be floaters). Right now the numbers are even, 4 vets and 4 newbs. If he sends Dani home the numbers favour the newbies/floaters and in this game paranoia has bigtime sway on decision making.

    From his point of view he leaves the votes the same, pull Porsche over to their side with a promise of keeping her safe and sending Kalia home which leaves Dani without an alliance. If Dani wins the next HoH he can try and hold her to their truce (now that some trust has been shown) and let her cut the fat from his own alliance while keeping his own hands clean (and keeping their jury votes).

    I still think the smart play for him is to get rid of Dani now, but the above scenario has it’s possibilities.

  77. let me in your afraid I will tell every-one whats going on behinds the scene For you information i STILL WORK FOR CBS…..

  78. As I am sitting here at Chili’s I grab my Android phone to check updates. I take a bite as the page loads and then my poor husband ends up with some nachos on his plate as I read that Jeff won POV. (Poor hubby but I think it was better than the alternative which was me choking. I wouldn’t want Simon or Dawg to feel guilty that one of their loyal followers choked to death while reading their posts lol)

    I have been back and forth on who I want to win this year. Sometimes Jeff sometimes Dani. I have been consistent on who I did NOT want to win and that was Brendon, Rachel and ED. So far two of them are gone so I have a chance of getting what I want lol

    If Jeff doesn’t get rid of Dani this week he does not deserve to win. She is his biggest competition so she has to go. Then his only worry is Rachel winning the second HOH in the double eviction because there is a chance she will have a moment of sanity and actually recognize Jeff as her biggest competitor with Dani gone and get rid of him along with Dani. Then again she hates Shelly and “floaters” in general so she might put up shelly/Adam or Shelly/porshe.

    Dani’s smart move would be to eat crow and make a final 3 with JJ. Her and Jeff could knock out the rest of the players and the three of them battle it out at the end. She has a decent shot of winning and taking Jordan. Because of game play and because Jordan won once already Dani should have enough votes to win. If she takes Jeff she might be screwed.

  79. Here the quote from John Cena: Payback is a (Bleep). That’s how Dani feels about being backdooring Jeff. Rachel will get Kaila next. That’s says Karma hunting after you.

  80. I think dani will be able to talk herself out of being put up and if she gets put up shell be able to talk her self out of getting evicted. Just my opinion

  81. Bye Bye Dani, you will be missed.
    I’ll root for Portia in your absence.
    If Portia gets evicted, then I’ll root for Shelly.
    If Shelly gets evicted….at that point I really don’t care.

    Enjoy the Jury House. You played your heart out girl.
    but trying to backdoor Jeff so soon left you with limited options. …doing that meant you had to win every single HOH and every single VETO. Who can do that?

  82. Love it! now send Dani out . Rachel win HOH next week and send Kalia or Shelly out . That would be perfect BB13 for me .

  83. I REALLY do hope Dani is DONE & GONE!!! She truly think this game revolves around her & that she will control it. U know if Big Jeff spares her she will be sending him right out next (like she said – he is the next target & has to go next) so all u haters … It’s called KARMA. I hope Dani gets a Happy Birthday boot out the door!……(and then bangs Brendon in the jury house to stick it to Rachel…LMAO!)

  84. Its not looking good for the home team. Jordan keeps saying she’s not ready to get rid of dani. It would be a dumb move but maybe Jeff will listen. #teamdani

  85. Dani did not play a smart game at all she should have stayed loyal to her alliance in the first place and not fall for the first guy who showed her some attention.

  86. honestly no matter how you look at it…even as a dani fan, you have to admit….if jeff doesnt put up dani, hes an idiot, and dani WILL go to final 3. this is his chance. the only chance

  87. the Jeff & Jordan relationship is FAKE. Jeff is GAY and was in several GAY relationships before he signed a contract to be involved with Jordan on BB as a storyline. Jeff went to Hollywood to start a career in acting , and caught the eye of one of the BB producers at BB audition. BB is a predetermined winner game controlled by a production team. it’s highly flawed and rigged for entertainment purposes. it’s a soap opera environment with a touch of WWE wrestling bad acting. the hardest thing about BB is, you can’t tell the difference between the puppets in the show and the puppets who watches the show.

  88. I like how all these Team Jeff fans have no logic to their enthusiasm for Jeff. Also, how come all that money Jeff has accumulated from previous competitions hasn’t put a target on his back? Really wish this season was more entertaining.

  89. i love brendon racheal and jeff and jordan! and this week i wish it was a triple elimanation!! daniel, porshe, and thebn kalia!!

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