OBB Kraken Hour Episode 2

The Second episode of the OBB Kraken hour. We’re very pleased by the positive responses we got from the first episode.  Thanks everyone and thanks for the suggestions! they were great. This one was a bit of a challenge we had a lot of technical trouble but we got er done. Hope you have fun watching it we had fun making it.

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Simon and Nick go over last weeks corrections and suggestions. Thanks for to everyone for sending those in. We answered some of our questions last week about how houseguests will sleep in the have nots room and how the coloured wall will look on the feeds. We tried to to make sense of the alliances but gave up. Talked about the

A new addition to the show

Send us your questions of opinions. They can be in video format, audio or text we’ll find a way to work them in. (Video is preferred)

Give us your Kraken Ratings!

Send us your Kraken ratings text, tweet, video audio. Whatever works for you.



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Rad show!


Been coming to this site for years and im really enjoying these recap videos with your opinions.


Sweet! Love this!


The Show was Great! Keep it up.


Bridgette is the cabbage patch kid, more Kraken…hoo haw