OBB Kraken Hour Episode 1

Hey Everyone! Simon here. As promised we have some special things planned for this Season of Big Brother Canada. I’m sure many of you will appreciate us expanding our scope. We’re trying some new things but still plan on publishing Feed spoilers and videos. As always going to give a shout out to our Corporate sponsor Crest errr I mean Hide my ass.

If you are in the US and want to watch the free feeds sign up to Hide my Ass VPN. It worked last year for the Canadian feeds and I used it for the US feeds. I stand behind this service 100%. Here’s a guide Dawg wrote up showing the steps to get a VPN working for BBCAN. Plus every sale of this VPN service supports the site.


First, A new Face

I would like to Welcome Nick to the OBB team! He’ll be helping out with the spoilers for BBCAN behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Nick’s an old time friend and BB fan lets all welcome Nick!

Second, the return of DAWG

It’s true DAWG is coming back for BBCAN5. I guess seeing Cindy with a S changed his mind. Keep an eye out for Dawg’s late night posts this season and logic in the comments.

Third, OBB Kraken Hour

Now the third special announcement is our OBB Kraken Hour on YouTube. Our plan is once a week but we had so much fun recording last night we might do more! Who knows? It was a bit thrown together so please excuse our Amateur vibe we’re still trying to figure it out. (we are professionals here after all.. har har) We haven’t hammered down a format or anything so please leave us some suggestions on what you want us to do. Right now we’re just going to go over the feeds and maybe some of the drama etc.. Unlike most our posts we’ll make our opinions known.  Keep in mind this was our first run no retakes. If you hate it let me know so I can cry in the storage room like Natalie.

We do have a better green screen on order and the audio will be upped a notch next time we record.  Other than that I hope you enjoy. it’s just Nick and I rambling on for 30 minutes. Thanks Nick for the help.

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Cheers Simon and Nick,
Great job on the Kracken Hour, I really enjoyed watching and am looking forward to the weekly show.
Msg for Dawg: come on the show Dawg!!! : )


i enjoyed the kraken hour

what day and time each week will it be?


Nice to meet you Simon and Nick! They say “visualization makes for better communication”! Cheers to a great season!


I agree, it’s nice to finally put a face to all the wonderful updates n side notes. I have a question will u guy be doing a Q n A session ??


Hey Simon! Crazy to put your bearded face with the legend that you are. Welcome, Nick, to the board. I’m sure that Simon and Dawg need all the help they can get…with gold-digging tallies, showmance predicting, pinky-swearing, backstabs, and alliance-forming shenanigans.

Speaking of alliances…my favorite Canadian alliance was Simon, Dawg, and Hot-tub Guy. By the way, the girl who hooked up with Andrew was Alison…and the only entertainment she contributed was, “I AM A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL!”

Anyway, glad to have you guys back here…giving us the goods…once again this season. We all appreciate your long hours. Tell Dawg to show up next time, as well. Look forward to seeing who is going to piss me off and who I will end up rooting for this season.



U guys were are amazing in this podcast, welcome Nick…The ramada mention was epic (P.s those were the good old days, I miss slice). I would rather drown in pool of kraken then listen to Kevin being this amazing poker player, who was bred to play big brother. I wish they brought back Andrew from bbcan 1, Godfrey n popping Paul. I like strategy with a pinch of humor.


Hey awesome to see you guys in the flesh, please keep doing the videos! Come on Dawg get yer mug on here! Watched the show last night and I’m a fan of Jackie, she seems smart and maybe someone who can beat the newbies. I feel it’s a huge advantage going in as a vet, they already have a following. It’s an unfair start to the season and the newbies have a big hill to climb. With the stupid twist of voting for safety til jury, who’s gunna vote for a newbie for that, nobody knows them. I like Neda but I do think she is over rated, she won with Jon, but makes it seem like she masterminded everything, which I don’t think was true. They were a team. Anyway looking forward to the next video!

another name

Thinking about how much kraken it would take to make most of the returning players tolerable… makes me glad I don’t drink anymore. I’m not as charitable as you guys, I’d have alcohol poisoning from the lot (yes, even Neda, I’m from the small percentage that didn’t think she was such a likeable personality in her first go around; yes, even Bruno, I found him to be too paranoid of a widespread women’s alliance… like an alliance of more than three women has ever been successful in Big Brother for the long haul).
I enjoyed hearing your thoughts Simon and Nick! And don’t worry Nick, I wasn’t much of a Jeff/Jordan fan either. 🙂


Welcome Nick, I’m so excited for this new season! Will definitely check out your Kraken hour on Youtube too…fun!


So happy you guys are back in action. I couldn’t survive the hours of live feeds without you, particularly with this mental crew! The vets came flying out of the gate. Thanks for keeping the alliances straight, the video clips and your podcast, to boot.

Break a leg!