Bronte “I don’t play dirty but when those guys go to pick us a part, I will lie and make sh*t up!”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-27 17-21-46-171

5pm – 5:15pm Cam 3-4 Backyard – Natalie and Bronte are talking. Bronte says I think Victor is one of the biggest threats. Natalie says I don’t want him to go home. He’s strong and he’s in our group. Natalie says Tiff was saying that James is really good at comps. I love James to death. He’s someone I would hangout with. Natalie says we’ve got to stay strong. Bronte says Paulie is the target. Nalalie says this is such a fun game. Bronte says I know. They think James is the mastermind. Natalie says he could be. Bronte says Paul was talking my ear off .. he was saying how him, Jozea and Victor .. and you and I … he wants to be the final 5. When he said Victor, Jozea and Myself are the strongest.. and we think the strongest girls are you and Natalie. And what he stopped himself from saying was will be the last to go. He stopped himself at will be … and said good, good. Natalie says that’s why I came in here wanting an all girls alliance. I still don’t fully trust Bridgette. Bronte says I don’t play dirty .. but when those guys go to pick us a part .. I will lie and make sh*t up. I will turn Jozea against Victor. Natalie says I have your back. I want to show America two girls can stick together and have each others backs. Bronte says at the end of the day I want a girl to win. I feel like they cast a lot of emotional boys. Bronte asks who should we give HOH if we win? I don’t think we should give it to James, just in case. I want to put up Corey and blonde (Nicole).

5:20pm – 5:40pm In the backyard – Victor is acting as Natalie & Bronte’s personal trainer. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Nicole and Michelle are cooking. Michelle comes up and starts massaging Corey’s back. James says DAMN Corey you’re always getting massages from all the ladies. I’m jealous. Michelle says because his back is so nice. I suck up to hot guys. I’m never around hot guys. Corey says you’re ridiculous.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-27 17-50-19-793

6:10pm – 6:20pm Cam 3-4 Backyard – Paul talks about how Michelle said she doesn’t like historical movies when they asked her if she liked Lord of the Rings. She actually though that happened?! Victor says she actually thinks there were trees walking around talking to hobbits. Jozea says it could have hobbits are midgets now a days. DaVonne says she’s not even getting involved in the conversation.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-27 18-05-42-856

6:20pm – 6:40pm Jozea, Paul, Bronte and Victor are hanging out by the hammock. They’re talking about seeing each other after the show. Jozea explains how if he wins HOH he will ask people to volunteer. I think that’s fair. I’m not picking people. I don’t think people will be like I’m not doing it. Paul says I like it, I’m down with it. Paul says I hate that b***h Tiffany so much! Jozea says just wait she’ll be on the hot seat. Jozea says I’m confident I am staying.

Meanwhile in the kitchen… Corey watches Jozea..

6:50pm HOH room – James and DaVonne are talking. James says bring out your true colours. (They’re talking about what Paul & Bridgette were saying last night.) DaVonne says you shouldn’t even have to be careful .. that stuff just shouldn’t come out. Michelle hasn’t even done anything to them. James says I’ll tell you what I wouldn’t even know what 500K looks like. DaVonne says she couldn’t either. I heard after taxes its only 3 something.

7pm James picks up the phone in the HOH room and you can hear it ringing. Down in the bedrooms – Frank hears the phone booth phone ringing and goes to answer it but James hangs up before he gets to it. Frank says I didn’t get there in time.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-27 18-57-36-249
Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-27 18-58-07-714

7:10pm Paulie says for me, I just saw his true colours. It just made me feel like he never really had my back. Pual says that’s one thing I was scared about coming in here ..putting too much faith in people because this game is about lying and manipulation. Paul asks if it were to go to a tie, how do you think Nicole would… have you gauged that? Paulie says I don’t know.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-27 19-08-44-886

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Brontes blue shirt may be dirty, but she doesn’t play that way


Omg Natalie is special….

Unbattled Block

Here is a mathematical equation for you Bronte

Your Alliance – Jozea = You getting evicted soon

You getting evicted ? 500K

Froot Loop Dingus

Again with “James is the mastermind”. Is one of those helium girls just Meg in disguise?

Bronte second cousin

I’ve always like Bronte, here in Cali she’s a 10. That’s what she is known for, a 10cm thigh gap.

Evil Duck

Up here in Virginia we call it a box crotch.


Has it struck anyone how these noobs count votes? The Joz group has he and Bridge up. Revolution was/is 6 members unless I misunderstand the alliance. That leaves, Bronte, Nat, ,Vic and Paul as votes. Who are they counting beside Mr. Eudy? We know Frank isn’t keeping Joz but I’m trying to figure how they get to 6 out of 11 in their own minds.

I don’t get the US feds so I go by CBS, BBAD and info here. It seems the count is way off. Are they counting Zak and perhaps James on Thursday? Paulie better shut his pie hole. He has the votes just pee folks off and see what happens.
Next week one of the nasty girls…..Bronte or Bridge my preference goes next. The girls will own the season unless the guys wake up asap.


They think they have Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Frank and James


In Big Brother the votes are never set in stone. This is actually one of the first Seasons to not utter the cop out phrase I am voting with the house” Now it is possible that Joz and Paul thinking that they run the newbies the decide who stays and who go’s. It looks like Paulie may not be safe as they think… Paul could go home and it depends on how the votes disperse.

Option 1: this contingent on the girls voting to evict Paulie, because Bridgette is a girl and they want the coverage of Jozea’s mouth may provide them. Remember at this stage Obnoxious can = Target the is not me.

Paulie: Bronte, Natalie, Michelle and Tiffany (Tiffany is aligned with the vets but she can flip on a dime, if she gets paranoid and wants border cover that a popular hunk), Victor and Paul (Jozea & Paul believe they control Bridgette.)… (That is their 6, it would be a gamble by Tiff)

Jozea: Corey, James, Frank, Da and Zak (5) Jozea is safe

Bridgette: As a part of the Girls Alliance and considered a Non Threat is safe

Freakier votes have gone down, the Pawn has gone home and the jerk stays.

Option Two:

Jozea: Frank,James, Da, Michelle, Corey, Zak and Tiffany (7)

Paulie & Bidgette: Paul, Victor, Natalie& Bronte (4) both are safe. I put them together because the girls will probably vote to keep Bridgette (Girl Power) and vote 4 Paulie to evict.

Option 3: is similar it Option 1:

Paulie: Michelle, Natalie, Bronte and may be Tiff (Girl Power) (4)
Jozea: Frank, James, Da, Corey and Zak (5)
Bridgette: Paul and Victor (2)

Now if you want to talk real math and probability the best move for ALL the girls is to say the whole Vets vs Newbs is stupid. Guys win because they take down the girls numbers and the girls let them. Girls have the advantage numbers wise this season… that is the reality.

Paulie, Frank, James, Jozea, Corey, Paul and Victor (7) evict a strong man Paulie (6) Girls can convive Frank and James that Corey flipped, also Nicole could tell Joeza and Paul she put Jozea’s name for nomination and paul was a target because Victor told her that Jozea said he was coming for her and gave the pecking order for vet eviction. Mama Da can also tell Paul that his boys have big mouths and all of their strategy is all over the house.

Girls: Nicole, Da, Tiffany, Natalie, Michelle, Bronte, Bridgette, and Zak (7): If a girls team has the choice of choosing an HoH it is easy Volunteer you would be surprised how easy it is to say I want it this week and people will let a girl have it because (A) BB Men believe they control BB Women (B) they do not want the blood on their hands this early… so that can bring the numbers down to Men 5 and Women Seven… women would control the votes… if a guy took the HoH at that point they would target a Vet if it was a newb one Vet would be safe if Frank isn’t safe he is on the block same with James… Frank is evicted 4 Men vs 7 Women… same deal… A woman wins BB18. The worst thing about this is the Sisterhood is long gone and women are more likely to target other women in Big Brother.


Jozia is positive he has Zak and Day because they are hood/black like him. He’s also pretty sure of Frank who is his team leader so has a motive to keep him, and he fluctuates on James but thinks he’s with them too. He cannot see any way to lose with seven he’s positive about and he also believes others will come along to vote with the house in the end and talks about even having nine for him.

Big Sister

Hood/black?? What an awful (racist) thing to say…


There’s a reason why blacks vote 95% democrat, but black people are starting to wake up that the demorats are just discarding them when it comes to real decisions that affect people, black, white or other.


Jozea is the same as Zak or Da, because he is not like them at all. The assumption that he has them because of race is ridiculous. Zak is an intelligent educated woman, and so is Da, they are not hoods, Da is a mother and a good one.. They do not say things in anyway that Joz does. They are different… very different… in many ways. To say that Joz is like Da and Zak is like saying that Helen BB15 is like James and Brittany is like Rachael Riley. They are very different people… and so are Joz, Da and Zak


I am finding the HG entertaining and so unaware of the game. I hope the newbies will win HoH so we can see what they are made of. The vets social game is good and the newbies should watch and learn to mingle more with everyone. As of today, it may change, I would like to see Frank and Da in final 2.


Don’t worry Jozea isn’t going anywhere cause Messiain’t is going to vote Nicole out! At least until Julie explains once again how the voting and evictions go as they start his interview. It’ll be the last time they’ll have to explain it to him.

Interesting group so far

Could someone clarify? So based on what I’ve been reading — is the following current where the vote is expected to go?
Vote to evict Paulie from Paul, Natalie, Victor, Bronte (4)
Vote to evict Jozea from Michelle, Frank, Zakiyah, Da’Vonne, James, Corey, Tiffany (7)
And Paul and his crew thinks that they have Frank, James, and Zakiyah’s vote?


Yep, pretty much


Common Core math at its best.


They think they have Day, Frank and James vote for sure. Though they trust & include Zakiya when sharing their true thoughts, they might think she’ll vote to keep Paulie (in their eye’s her squeeze). but they are also counting her. The only votes the definitely think they don’t have are Tiffany, Michelle and Corey. Often they count Nicole as a vote as well.

The most hilarious part of the boys game (Jozea, Victor and Paul) is how they hold nothing back when telling the vets individually how they are targets of their alliance, they just put someone else’s name on it. For example Paul will say to Nicole the other 3 vets are Vic/Bronte’s targets. They simply substitute whichever vet they are in
conversation with at the time. And they don’t stop there. They make sure to include Michele & Tiffany giving all the vets information that can be shared to ensure Tiff/Michele have no reason to ever switch their allegiance.

I get that Vic & Jozea have no idea, but Paul claims to be intelligent and yet he goes out of his way even when talking to the ladies in his group (Bronte/Natalie) to let things slip to make them aware it’s the 3 guys to the end.
He also makes tactical errors like telling both James/Frank that the girls are dispensable.

So, the self proclaimed Messiah & 2 UN’wise’ men say things that can be used as fodder against them to turn their own group against them. The fact Paul said he would like to see Tiffany or Michele (not sure which one had a medical emergency) die and that was followed by “sweet: (cough) Bridgette saying she would resuscitate her & shave off her eyebrows in front of others speaks to the fact they have no clue this is a social game first and

While the fame seekers go on rants about “none of them talking to me” they forget everything spewing from their mouths is negative from 5 of the 6: Victor, Jozea, Paul, Bronte, and Brigette. Only Natalie isn’t quite as mean (or at least I haven’t witnessed her originating the negativity in group settings. And, she does appear to be trying to interact at least.

As Frank told Paulie & Day/Nic told their female group you need to be able to vent out your feelings in the proper place. So,the venting isn’t an issue, rather the constancy with no regard to the audience translates as
cruelty, mean spirited-ness and being grade-school cliquey.

It’s interesting that Paul & Natalie have been noted as malleable. And, they are along with Brigitte the 3 most likely to be shaped once the stronger voices in the mean kids club leave. In truth, if the vets continue to play chess while the newbs play checkers those 3 players may become vital when bigger targets need ousting.

Hey, this dynamic isn’t new, we’ve seen it virtually every season from at least one newbie. Someone who is seeking notoriety who becomes a fame whore the minute the camera’s turn on. Young people who assume this is an avenue to more than their Andy Warholian limit of 15 minutes. People plucked from the main stream due to their over the top “personalities”. People who are not fans of the show, have zero reference to draw upon, have no idea what live feeds entail, let alone the rules. People who incorrectly decipher that playing a larger than life version of themselves will keep them around. Not recognizing THAT SPECIFICALLY is what will earmark them for early exits.

Yep, we’ve seen it over and over throughout the years. Arguably what predominantly stands out this season is the sheer number of newbs in this delusional state. How can players with backgrounds requiring intellectual and social eptness be so clearly lacking in both? How is that not even 1 of the 6 (especially Paul or Bronte) haven’t had one gut check moment that made them stop to take stock?

Could it be TPTB (the Powers That Be) are cheer leading them on from the DR (diary room)? There doesn’t seem to be any other explanation.

And with the roadkill aspect of the game the ONLY thing the vets need to do to get through next week is to make sure the 3 vets not on the winning HOH team aren’t all sitting on the block come Thursday. They can sacrifice Tiffany, Paulie or Corey easily OR as long as one of them wins Road Kill they can still determine who leaves.

At least Bronte has verbalized the need for them to win the vote this week. But, without too much of a stretch it would be easy to recognize the best scenario would involve one of Corey or Michele winning leaving all the big targets open: Victor, Bronte, Paul, Paulie, Bridgette and Natalie (in that order).

That may well occur given James has declared he’ll throw HOH, so his team doesn’t win in order to expose the top 2 targets who are on his team.

All the vets need to do is get through 1 more week to virtually guarantee a deep run. At this point perhaps we’ll
finally start witnessing some true strategic game play. As it stands now – it’s simply a game of big cats batting around a bunch of little mice!


Frank for the win!!

Alice in Flames

“Natalie is great” Name one thing besides you think she is hot that is “great”.

Being a male myself even in the looks department she isnt high level. Girls like her are a dime a dozen in New Jersey. So average and not hot. Maybe she is hot to creepy old men who don’t get out much. Who knows.

She has no game play. Thinks she is at a church retreat. “I like that I can work on my tan and it’s fun here isn’t it?”

Yeah “she’s great”

Lemme Splain

She’s not a world class beauty, but she’s fit and f*ckable. Plus, she’s kind and fun. Consider that young American women tend toward the fat, frigid, and misandric, and you may begin to see the appeal.

Young American Woman

I wouldn’t f$$$ you if the world was flooded with piss and you lived in a tree house. And it’s not that I’m frigid cause after all, I did your best friend.

Really "Al"

The attractive level of Natalie in the house is above the others. The rant about her on the outside? Who cares, I’m watching BB.
You’re a woman, I can smell the estrogen all over your comments, “bro”.


I actually think Nicole and Bridgette have prettier faces but Nat’s body is a 10/10. Doubt you find a bunch of girls looking like that at the New Jersey DMV.

positive vibes

LOL Corey watching Jozea is priceless. Looks like he is planning to murder and eat him. He has no soul behind those eyes!


Corey is starring because……I think he wants to hit that!


Wow, Paul wasn’t lying on night one when he said he couldn’t count.

15 houseguests – 3 nominees – 1 HOH = 11 votes. You’d be better served if you had reviewed first grade math before coming in the house, because then you wouldn’t be wasting your time trying to figure out how Nicole will break a tie.


F*ck, I just realized the three noms could force a tie. I guess I should think things out before I start acting like a dick.


if a vote goes towards bridgette then nicole will have to brk the tie


If Jozea doesn’t get evicted this week, I predict the first gaymance on national tv. Corey is literally drooling for some tail, and I’m not talking the female kind. He kept his trysts at the Pink Palace secret in Texas, but the cat’s out of the bag in the BB house. Corey won’t be able to keep his hands to himself (or any other appendage). Corey and Jozea (if he’s still in the house next week) will be the first gaymance.


I see Natalie somewhere between a Meg and a Veronica. No game play! I am guessing book smart but real world clueless. She won’t win anything and people will keep her deep into this because she is not a threat. So we get to stare at her fake boobs all summer!


I found that conversation between Frank and Mama Day quite interesting. He trusts MD and confides in her a lot, to a point of talking about his strategy – But she doesn’t do the same with him. Sure she agrees with him and tells him what he wants to hear but that’s as far as it goes so it makes him happy and keeps him talking. I’ve noticed this Season everyone is coming to her and sharing info with her. And let’s face it Frank can’t keep his big mouth shut right now. Every time you turn around he is talking game. I like Frank but it would do him good to be a little more quiet.
I have noticed Mama Day form a nice little bond with James too. So she has both Frank and James wrapped around her finger at the moment. She is putting in the work – without giving any game play away.
Bronte – Seriously I keep waiting for this girl’s head to spin all the way around and for her to crawl up the bedroom wall on all fours. There is something waiting to be unleashed from her at any given moment. – I would love for someone to tell Tiffany what she said and for them to have an argument and to see the fallout.