Dani “Lets start poking at people so they fight and then we hate them. Give Christmas more alcohol.”

strong>Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations – David and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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David – Saves on nominee. HOH picks a replacement. Person he picks can’t be renom. Used during Nom ceremony after the HOH picks.
Christmas – blocks someone from being a renom. During Veto ceremony after Veto is played
Dani – can pick a outgoing HOH to be able to play in the next HOH competition.

Lounge room. Kevin and David.
Kevin is crying in the lounge room by himself. David joins him. Kevin – I just can’t assimilate in this cast. David – I know what you mean. I know what you mean. This sucks. Kevin – we should probably .. assimilate! Tyler opens the door to tell them that Big Brother opened up the backyard. Kevin heads out. Tyler hugs David. David – I know I’m the target. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

HOH room. Dani and Nicole.
Dani – I feel so bad. I feel like such a loser and always crying. Having feelings is embarrassing. Nicole – that was nice. Very raw and genuine. Its exactly how a lot of us feel. Dani – It sucks, I like them both so much. I know that I like, just broke Kevin’s heart too. Nicole – its just going to keep getting harder and harder. Dani – there are people that I would rather put up but they’re not threats or they’re in our alliance. It hurts too because I just had a deep conversation with David. Like it feels personal to me.. like I am personally hurting him after that. Like have a conversation and then throw them up there. I feel like a piece of crap.

HOH room. Dani and Kevin.
The live feeds return. Kevin – I do want to talk game with you Dani, I just don’t have any game to talk. And the game that I can talk is like.. Dani – but to be totally honest that (speech) was more for David considering he has never talked game with me. We will get through this and we will get out on a better end of this. I promise you. Kevin – and I want to keep working with you. Dani – I don’t think you realize how much I genuinely like and care about you. Some times I feel like in this game you have to do little tricky things to get out on the other side. Like I feel like that is what we need to do right now. Kevin – if we can get through this.. Dani – we will. There are four votes to tie this week. With all the girls ..that’s three. And Ian I feel will vote how Nicole wants.. Without anyone else that’s four votes right there. Without anyone else and I’ll break that tie too. Kevin – promise?! Dani – Promise. Kevin – On my season it was just so clear .. like these people are coming for us ..get them out of here. Dani – lets start poking at people so they fight and then we hate them. Give Christmas more alcohol. Kevin – I know right!? And there are some strong a$$ people in here. You know, I just want to make it to the end and have a fair shot. Kevin – a=was there a group consensus to put me up? Dani – no. Kevin – I would really like if you can influence people to keep me. Kevin – even if this veto is cancelled do you think I have a chance to stay? Dani – yes, just don’t freak out.

HOH room. Cody and Dani.
Dani – I knew what I was going to say to David but I had no idea what I was going to say to Kevin. I will just say the same reason. I talked to Tyler today .. I don’t know how I feel .. I am back and forth all the time which is such a bad place to be. He kept saying if you’re going to come after me I won’t be mad. Its so annoying. Cody – why does he keep saying that. Dani – I said lets make a verbal agreement. Just in case I need to cover my but in the next week. I said I will not come after you and you will not come after me until we’re down to the final six in The Comity. He said I will make it even better .. I won’t come after you till final four. You can come after me final six. When people start offering deals that are too good to be true that’s when I get really weary too. Like come on. Cody – I think he should have just left it at the final six and you would have felt more comfortable. Dani – There is a difference between I owe you one and I’ll sacrifice my game for you. I am sorry but I don’t believe that from anybody. Cody – yeah I am not sacrificing my game for you. Dani – and I won’t do the same for you. Cody – I guess you have to take it for face value and follow your gut and see where it goes. I don’t know. I don’t know about him.

5:55pm HOH room. Christmas, Tyler and Dani.
Christmas – if I win (play and win veto) I will keep the noms same .. unless you want to backdoor someone. Dani – you can’t win if its you. Christmas – I guess I’ll have to win and keep the noms the same. Dan- J/k!

6:17pm HOH room. Day and Dani.
Day – did you make it very clear to him (Kevin) .. did you tell him he is a pawn? Dani – I told him I will campaign to have you stay in the house. Like I do not want you to go home. I like him. Kevin and I .. like each other. David, I like him but we don’t talk very much. I don’t want him to go home either but someone has to go.. you know what I mean? Day – yeah. I am trying to stress the importance of Kevin winning it because even if you do go through with your plan and the bigger target goes up …if that person has a power.. Dani – I know, you never freakin know. Day – they said that the basement is most scary place in the big brother house .. so you know its (veto) is going to be scary. Dani – I don’t like scary.

6:35pm Lounge room. Day and Kevin.
Day – you’re a first place pawn. You know when she was telling you little picture ..big picture… You’re a part of the little picture. You have to win the veto so that you can come down. The goal is for you to NOT be a part of the bigger picture. Sometimes in this game you have to nominate two people that have nothing to do with the plan in order to throw off whoever and then you can execute. Kevin – yup. Day – and I believe her. She was upstairs crying too because I made her feel bad. I said don’t cry just reassure him that its not for him.

7:04pm Backyard Hammock. Ian and Nicole.
Nicole – the noms are good but I am not even sure what I would do at this point and if they change or what. Ian – yeah. Is anyone out here? Nicole – are we the only ones out here? Ian – I think so. I think it will be BB Weather or Hide The Veto. We’ll know tonight though because they’ll wake us up.

7:30pm – 7:45pm Backyard. Cody and Dani
Dani – David said something that really bothered me and she (Day) said that she shut it down right away. (Putting up the two minorities / Black Lives Matter) Cody – what did he say? Dani – Like one of my biggest fears in this house. This season is too much for me. Cody – no way! Dani – last week and then this week .. and she said that she shut it down right away. Cody – come one!? Dani – Mmmhhmmm. Cody – I am over this so fast if like that’s where this goes. When did she say that he said that? Dani – right after. Cody – What did he say.. you already said it so its not like.. Dani – I don’t know verbatim. I don’t want to say because I don’t want to make it a thing so I don’t want to talk about it. Cody – you can’t just make it up.. you can’t just grasp at that. Dani – if its perceived a certain way. I don’t really want to talk about it though. Cody – that shouldn’t even be a word because he just has no idea what is going on in this game. He is lost. He is clueless to what is really going on.

7:55pm Kitchen. Day is watching all the ants in the kitchen.

Bedroom. Enzo and Cody.
Enzo – the girls are definitely down for the core four. Cody – and Dani .. 100% Enzo – and like I will make the move for them.. I don’t give a f**k. Cody – so we need to make a move for us .. not for the core four. Enzo – exactly! Enzo – but we have to show that we’re willing to make those moves so that they make moves too. Cody – well Dani this week 100% put up two people that weren’t coming after her. Enzo – If I win the veto is she willing to back door someone or no? Cody – you know who I think she would want? Enzo – Ian? Cody – no.. (Cody then points to Tyler’s bed). Enzo – no, not yet. Cody – no. So we need to make sure.. Enzo – make sure noms stay the same. Cody – noms have to stay the same. If someone comes down .. she is going to want to put him up and if she puts him up she will want him to go home. Noms have to stay the same. Then he (Tyler), you or me have to win HOH and we’ll f**king smack Ian out of the game. Then we’ll do Memphis or Christmas. I would rather clip Christmas over Memphis.

8:10pm Havenot room. Dani and David.
Dani – I don’t even know what to say which is why I haven’t come to talk. It is what it is but I can’t tell you how bad I feel. I really like you so much and genuinely care about you and like it (Dani starts crying) feels personal because like we’ve had so many personal talks. Like we’re not that close but for me it feels personal and its not.. I swear to you. I just like honestly don’t know where you stand in this game and like I’ve tried to talk game to you this whole time like .. I’ve come to you so many times and tried to talk game with you because like I’ve wanted to play with you and stuff. And you never would tell me anything. And like I literally don’t know where you’re at in this game and like what am I supposed to do you know?! David – think about if from my perspective .. I come in here and everyone already knows each other .. everyone know how each other plays and knows each other outside the house. I come in here and I am an easy target to anyone. Big Brother switches the feeds.

8:25pm The feeds switch to the kitty pound..

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anybody else experiencing glitchy feeds.

Big Baby

Has Dani changed her mind about trying to back door Tyler
Is David the target to go home right now?

Double Puke

Dani is the worst!


Dani is the best

Linda A Rushing

Dani is the best!


I agree, she is the worst!


What is this talk about the veto being canceled?? Does anyone know??

Production is Undefeated

Grodner will just give the veto to Tyler.


Ha! Oh ok now I understand!!

Golden Gate Granny

Dear Dani,

Having feelings is not embarrassing, it’s what makes you NOT a sociopath/psychopath.

Love, Humanity

Barney Rubble

I no longer have any doubts that Dani is Evel Dick’s daughter.

Golden Gate Granny

He has a heart. A big one, actually. And, he’s straight up. He shows his true colors are about honesty and integrity loud and proud… his daughter won’t. I know the feelings (blistering heartache) way too well. She’s just as much of an asshole as my society influenced narcissist.


LOL too funny

Remember 9/11

If the noms stay the same I would rather see David stay than Kevin.


I would rather see David go, since it is a one must go but in reality I want both to go equally. David is safe this week because sadly he has the power. I just hope that Day will be his nom replacement, then again, equally, I’m good with either of them going. I might even lean more towards Day going over Kevin.

Tyler on Top

Is Tyler going to skate by again?

Whats With the Puppet Ian?

I was really hoping that Da’Vonne would get evicted this week.


Day is not a threat to anyone including a wet paper bag


But Kevin & David are..?


LOL I was thinking the same thing. Though of Kevin and David, Kevin is more the threat. The David/Day/Kevin trio is a joke, they all hype each other up with their game talk. I swear they each think they are these great players who have an amazing chance of winning if they are in the final 2 against anyone. From their conversations I don’t think Kevin or David even know what game they are playing. Someone said David read books about minds (something like that), maybe he thought he would win by reading minds, controlling others minds?? IDK. I doubt he can even read his own mind. LOL. Maybe he should have watched other seasons rather than read books. I just hope they all stop with trying to make this about race as it was done last week with Bay/Day on the block and now with David saying something again about black lives matter. The white HGs aren’t racist because they want the POC out, do they think the white people shouldn’t put them on the block at all and just hand them the win, when they aren’t playing the game?? Absolutely black lives matter but it doesn’t play a role with BB. BB15 now that WAS a very racist season.

The Beef

It doesn’t matter that she put two of the weakest players on the block. Some will view it as a raciest move just because they can.

I get it that people would prefer to see stronger players on the block for more excitement in the game, but do you really want to see three weak players at the end battling it out for the championship of BB 22 All-Stars?

I think not. Truth is it’s better for all of us to get the weaker players out earlier in the game. They may not have have true in the case of Janelle and Kaysar, but it’s certainly true in the case of Keesha, NicA. Bayleigh, and now Kevin and David (even though I know David has removed himself from the block at this point). It’s not racist to get rid of the weaker players, and yeah I know alliances and pre-gaming also have a lot to do with it, which also sucks. But can anybody deny that other than Janelle and possibly Kaysar, the evicted players are probably the weakest players in the house, other than those targeted for eviction this week and possibly DaVonne?

Once we get rid of Kevin, David, and DaVonne (I hate that they’re all black, but they ARE all weak players), we can finally get down to a game of players that can actually play the game. Pile on me if you must, but if you do, bring the FACTS to do it with, as none of these players have proven they even merit being here for an All-Star season IMHO. Kevin did the best in his previous season, but I think we can all agree he is hopelessly LOST in his reads as to whats going on in the house, and an emotional basket case after being nominated now for the third time! Day, still winless in three seasons, and David has won one POV, which wasn’t used of course.


How is Nicole a strong player? What has Ian done this season to be considered a strong player? Memphis? These players can fly under the radar because they are not Black…. their is no flying under the radar for a black player cause they are always the the first ones targeted no matter how lowkey they are! David is super lowkey and he has been nominated twice already

The Beef

I have to answer this? Nicole is a returning champion. Ian is a returning champion. Your “this season” addition to the question just goes to show you don’t understand the dynamic of the house and the games they are trying to play.

Memphis has won an HOH, a POV and could have won a safety suite he very obviously threw because he didn’t need nor want to win. He’s in good shape, except for his obnoxious social play which is getting him in trouble now in the house. He HAS been in good shape before all of this though, mainly because of his alliance and his good competition record in the house.

I’m not a Nicole fan, nor a fan of her game playing style, but it does seem to work for her. She’s good socially at making the right alliances, getting close with them and working behind the scenes to get out the people she wants out.

Ian, hasn’t done much this season, but we all know he is not a part of the power alliance either, but instead of running his mouth and high profiling himself, he has laid low, kept to himself and managed to survive to this point. Again, good social play. But he really turned it on at the end of his first season, and I hope we see that again this season.

What have any of the others done to merit being there? Most have just whined and cried about not being in the power alliance, while refusing to try and join up to fight against it! Kaysar had a pretty good read of what was going on in the house (except for Memphis), yet he couldn’t get any of the others to see it, nor fight with him against it, except of course Janelle. Now they are being picked off one by one (David’s power saved him – lucky him), and Dani, being Dani, decides to go against her own alliance and go against Tyler, which she may or may not regret. We shall see.

Big Sister

Totally agree.


Day is only a threat to Day.

Linda A Rushing

Me too… but they kept her knowing that no one likes her anyway.

Bounce Dani & Day

I think Enzo, Memphis and Ian are all doing a really good job of laying low. I think people are on to all of Dani and Day’s lies.


I don’t think they are laying low. I think others are considered bigger threats plus technically Enzo is considered part of the alliance

Time For Kevin to Go

Dani – lets start poking at people so they fight and then we hate them. Give Christmas more alcohol. 

Dani & Kevin make a terrible duo.

Welcome Back Football


Any guess on what this weeks veto comp will be?


For some reason Dani and Nicf think it’s going to occur in the basement…?
David didn’t use his power. He probably thought he could just jump up at nominations and say that he has one but he would have had to tell them (D/R) by 10 a.m. if he intended to use it. If that happened, everyone knows he has it. Haven’t heard any talk of it. He should have taken himself down. Maybe he felt safe enough to save it for next week…

1 1=3

Can you imagine if he doesn’t get voted out this week how suprised everyone will be if he uses it in the next two weeks?

Golden Gate Granny


See the link.


So, David didn’t save himself?

1 1=3

No but on the bright side he hasn’t self evicted yet either.


He still has time. He just needs to do it before the veto cerermony.


No..he had to use it at the Nomination ceremony. Not veto ceremony.

The Beef

Wrong again blockadebreath!




Listening to David talk to Ian and it sure doesn’t sound like he plans on using his power… maybe he’s just lying to Ian, but I don’t get the point???


I hope I’m wrong, but did Marcellas spirit took over David, & he didn’t use his power to save himself from the block? If so David is a DUMBASS.


But with Marcellas that was at the POV so we will have to see how things play out


….so is David really not going to play his power!?

Golden Gate Granny

The video here clearly states, directly to each winner, how and when each power works and can be used. Silly me just read the whole page and previously skipped the video.

David CAN still use his power.



Thanks for the clarification, there still may be something interesting to watch then.


I’m curious how long he has to use it. It said “following the nomination ceremony “. He’s talking about how he has to win the veto, but I would assume he would have to use it before the veto is played, right??

Golden Gate Granny

I would think it’s good up until the veto ceremony.


Wow that would be huge if he could wait until after the pov, cause if he won he could save it for next week. I just assumed he’d have to use it before they play…


It says that he has to use it during the Nomination Ceremony and he didn’t. Dani would have then had to take him down and name a new nominee. He’s still up… Please explain how he can still use it because I am confused by you saying he still can.

Golden Gate Granny

Did you just read it, or did you watch the video? The video was fairly clear.


No it said that he can save one of the nominees. That means he would have to know who the niminees are to make that decision so he can do it after the nomination ceremony.


Thing will blow up when David uses his power and Kevin is on the block…. against Tyler or lets be honest Da’vonne is going up. Dani will not pull the Tyler card and if she did…
can she really guarantee the votes to keep Kevin? Would David vote to keep Kevin over Tyler? would Da’vonne go with the house and keep Tyler??? Kevin is Dani’s pawn and Tyler is Christmas’s person…. girl alliance goes boom… if she puts up Da’Vonne and girls alliance goes boom. Her only move would be to put up Ian and apologize to Kevin on eviction night.


If dani puts up Tyler, everyone should still vote out kevin because they don’t like/ trust kevin as much as they trust tyler. They’ll assume Tyler would come for dani and dani whom they had already been talking about getting rid of. It opens the game you a bit where currently nobody who is capable of winning wants to win and reveal thier true alliances. Seems like it would be more entertaining to watch.


Enzo can’t vote to evict Tyler… but he is already calling Tyler a liar. Cody and Nicole would vote to evict Tyler… Da’Vonne will say she is voting to keep Kevin for the same reason she gave to keep David… but then vote to evict Kevin, Christmas would vote to evict Kevin… Memphis would vote to keep Tyler… Ian is a toss up… his vote wouldn’t matter.

Dani, Cody, and Nicole will scatter.

The reality is Dani will be putting up Ian or Day… with Kevin being evicted either way.


Mabey if Dani put Tyler up it would light a fire under his ass and he’ll start gaming again. He is turning out to be the biggest disappointment in the game IMO.

Save the All Star Season

Just get rid of Ian. He’s not doing anything and will wind up as a number for Day and David anyway because he knows NicF is closer to the other side anyway.


She won’t put up Da. She already knows what it looks like to put up two more POC because she mentioned it to Cody. If she put up Da then she knows it will look even worse because Da already warned her.


This week might have some drama…but it’s soo hard to work up the energy to care at this point.


pound puppies and kitty cam,….here we goooo….!!!


It’s happening!!

Paul’s Beard

What happened to the thumbs up/thumbs down?

Paul’s Beard

What happened to the thumbs up/thumbs down?


Houka used them all up.


David just used his power Tyler is nominated whowee

Houka Inumuta

For 2 years i called it!!!! Tyler is getting evicted on Thursday September 17. Mark your calendars


so how did everyone react?


There u go….The Queen firing shots at her own alliance….told u all this would happen. Jeff and Brendon knows exactly what it feels like.


The Beef

I hope she has a lot of ammo to defend herself. She’s going to need it.


One of the Powers used but how can we tell with all the glitchy sh**! Feeds cut often and now glitchy, arghhhh

Houka Inumuta

This week is the week we all been waiting for since 2018!!!!!!

Here we go.


All thanks to Dani. You’re welcome

Big Bertha

Why does the graphic say Tyler? What did I miss?


Hi Simon or Dawg, Sorry to be off-topic, but what happened to the thumbs up and down reply?


They were disabled.

Julie Chen

Is it possible to only allow thumbs up?


That’s a great idea! lets try that for a bit.


No surprise she put up Tyler – after telling him let’s guarantee we don’t go after each other until final 6.

It’s all game — but at the same time it points out how untrustworthy Dani is – ie: she’s full of sh!t.

Anyway – I’m betting tomorrow’s POV will be a timed event & Tyler will win. Tyler/Xmas will talk to decide if she should use her power bc clearly Xmas is not in her inner circle & cannot be trusted.

The BEST would be if Dani has to nominate & puts up Xmas only for her power to come up on the screen – cut to Dani’s red face as she has to nominate a FIFTH person.

But, will she use her power? At that point Memphis would be like wait – so you’re just going to keep putting up Committee alliance members when Day & Ian are available?

The thing is I’m not sure the house would vote out Xmas beside Kevin b/c then you have Kev/David/Day plus Dani/Nic to vote/work together giving them a 5 person voting alliance, 6 if Ian would align with them.

Cody had just finished telling Enzo how they had to keep noms the same b/c Dani was hot to backdoor Tyler AND they said they’d go F4 with Enzo/Nic/Dani/Cody BUT how will Enzo take this move? If Dani will target Ty for what she DID say then she’ll target any of the males & you have to think Ty/Enzo/Cody/Memphis (and Xmas) won’t be happy that Day is so safe with Dani & clue into that voting block.

I’m kind of hoping Enzo tells Day – Tyler wasn’t lying – Dani was HOT to get Bayleigh out of the house she told all of us – she just didn’t want to be the one to do it! Mind you Bay is so intent on throwing allies under the bus and working with snakes & enemies she’d find some way to make that a positive thing.

I’m thinking over the next day we’ll get Xmas telling Enzo/Cody/Memphis that Dani told her NO MORE females are leaving the house to rile them up.

Bring on the drama


I’m confused…I thought David had to use his power during the ceremony after HOH picks noms? And why would David say someone used their power on him…..no one likes him so why would they? Of course the HG’s are seeing right thru him.


Dani is going to get in hot water with all the mixed messages she is sending. She tells Tyler they have the votes to keep him.

Tells Memphis “As of right now, we have the votes to keep Tyler and we are keeping Tyler. That’s what I told him. If Tyler pulls himself down, I have to have a pawn. It has to be Enzo or Christmas.”

Of course Memphis says Enzo b/c he isn’t in the Committee but then Dani says maybe I can get Christmas to volunteer. THIS isn’t going to go over well with Memphis b/c it shows how snaky Dani is and that it isn’t just Tyler she’s after in the committee. Plus there is no way Xmas will volunteer when Day is still in the house – why should she?

Then she tells Xmas only Enzo, Memphis or you can be the pawns and stay. STOP over talking Dani – b/c now Xmas can compare notes with Memphis and they’ll figure out Dani has zero allegiance to the Committee.

Then Dani tells Ian she’s NOT SURE who she wants to leave – so he’ll tell that to Nicole who’ll tell Cody and they’ll see Dani is still lying to everyone which means she does intend to flip things & try to get the votes to take out Ty if he doesn’t win POV.

I’m kind of hoping everyone downloads what Dani is telling them b/c she’s never once said Day could go on the block and that has to raise red flags with everyone in the house.

Tyler straight up asked her if she made a deal with Day & Dani told him she told her she was safe & would only go up if she was the target (fwiw that convo never happened – she just told Day she was safe). So again, hoping this comes out.

To that end, Nic & Dani don’t believe that Day didn’t know David had the power so there are already cracks in that all female alliance – not that there wasn’t already b/c Dani/Nic/Day all want Xmas gone too.


Thank You Simon and Dawg for putting the up/Down votes back!


You’re welcome. Just up votes 🙂 If you disagree you’ll have to commit to a comment.


Oh, I guess just the Up vote. All good!


Was there a punch thrown at David by Memphis last night? If so isn’t that a rule breaker.