Nominations results, a new alliance is formed and Karen cries

Demetres nominated Dillon and Emily. Right now Demetres is saying the target is Dillon and Emily is a pawn. If the Power of Veto is played things could get very interesting. Lots of potentials for a vet getting sent out. Targets on Dallas, Cassandra, Bruno and Kevin.

If you’re outside of Canada you’ll need a VPN to watch. Feeds are free and the VPN is cheap.

The video posts take a long time to craft if a game critical spoiler is known I post them on this page.

Demetres and Karen HOH
Karen going on about Dallas wanting her to be nominated. Demetres says he’s made is very clear he’s not doing that.

Cassandra and Jackie have nots
Cassandra talking about getting Bruno as the replacement nomination. Suggest to Jackie she talks to Demetres about it. Jackie says she doesn’t think it’s a good time “He puts this block up”

(Cassandra and Dre)

Karen and Cassandra
Karen going on about wanting 2 guys nominated says she’s been suggesting it to Demetres but hasn’t had enough time.
Cassandra wants Kevin or Bruno backdoored
Karen wants them to pull emily down, “we can’t have here up they’re with Dillon”

Jackie and Cassandra Storage room
Jackie tells her that Will really likes her but feels like they don’t have a connection yet
Cassandra – ok good I’ll go talk to will..
Jackie says she hasn’t talked to Demetres yet, ‘It hasn’t felt right”

Nominations happen..

HOH Karen and Ika
Karen is telling her side of the Dallas altercation.
Ika says karen wasn’t the only won to blame for getting out mark, DAllas should also blame, Ika, Neda, Cassandra, Cindy, Gary.. “All of us.. I don’t know why he doesn’t come to us”
Karen – they tried to flip the house and is pissed

Cindy with a S and Dallas After the Nominations
Cindy with a S saying that KAren told them Dallas “Muttered” something to her “Canda hates her”
Dallas – I didn’t muttered a f***g thing.. She’s a pathological liar.. The weeks not over yet Karen..
Dallas mentions that Karen told him that he doesn’t know what it’s like when someone betrays their word “What like you did to mark”
Dallas – I know who you are lying to.. Canada sees it I see..
Dallas adds that he told her “don’t talk to me I go my way you go your way..
Cindy with a S – “that sounds a bit more civil than what I heard”
Dallas – I’m not here to bully a 55 year old women.. The tapes will tell right
Dallas – She called Kevin a Snake.. Kevins ready to blow up on her .. she called Demetres a Dumb Dumb.. Let her lie all she wants.. She’s a liar..

Demetres and Kevin in the Storage room
Demetres and Kevin, Kevin thanks him for not nominating him when Demetres had every reason to. Demetres asks what’s up with Dallas.
Kevin – He got in a fight with Karen
Demetres – I wasn’t sure if he was upset about the noms..

Cassandra and Ika
Cassandra – I went to Bruno was like I just want to make sure we’re ok
Cass – he said ya
Cassandra mentions how Bruno is saying that Bobby was his number 1 and they never clicked the first week etc etc…
Cass – My gut is telling me he’s sketchy, Him and Kevin.. Sketch sketch Sketch
Ika – Who likes you
Cass – you .. Gary .. the rest of themm
Ika – Dallas?
Cass – Dallas.. I think Cindy likes me.. Neda.. still
Ika – She’s sketched about us and arguments..
Cass – we’re stopping..

Cindy with a S and Kevin have nots
Kevin says him and Demetres are good now.. Cindy is glad says she wants to pull the 6 of them together and make a deal.
Kevin thinks if Dallas had won HOH he would have gone after the French Connection. “But now he’s so pissed at Karen.. Again is he just throwing… “
Cindy says “they” were campaigning hard to get her on the block
Dillon, Emily and Dallas were
Cindy – even Jackie

Bathroom Karen, Emily and Dillon
Karen is crying saying that Canada hates her but the rest of her friends and Family still like her
Dillon – you’re just find Karen .. don’t get fired
Karen about Dallas – That boy has said more things to hurt me the last couple days
Dillon – it’s a game
Karen – I know, it doesn’t take a way it hurts me.. Don’t worry i’ll come back fighting
Dillon leaves.
Karen says Emily is the pawn and Dillon is the target. Says “they” (Dallas) tried hard to get her nominated but Demetres didn’t.
They talk about Dillon saying he would use the veto on Emily.
Karen – if we won and took himself off than you are up they’re… your chances are greater going home
Karen – it sucks

Dallas and Gary after the noms.
Dallas says he came out of the “Room” and karen told him “well you didn’t get your way” Dallas replied to her “Well the week’s not over yet Karen”
Dallas – she goes you don’t know what it’s like being betrayed,.. You betrayed me on my word
Dallas – I was like exactly what you did to mark .. she was like we were still talking and Mark jumped off..
Gary says karen was up front with her HOH she said she was targeting mark and he left she made Big Brother Canada history.. She was honest.
Gary – it wasn’t until the last minute when someone was sneaky and tried to flip the mark to have Mark stay and you said at the freaking vote .. I’m sorry I’m going to be honest I’ll vote Mark to stay
Dallas – right
Gary – So who’s not honest in the situation? You are
Dallas – how
Gary – Ok do you want me to repeat the story again
Dallas – do you want me to repeat my story again
They go back and forth .. Gary calls him out for saying Karen called Demetres a “Dumb Dumb” when karen says she didn’t
Dallas – you’re going to watch the first episode and it’ll click
Gary – I don’t need to watch myself I’m living it..
Dallas goes on about Karen going back on her word
Gary says Mark and Demetres were Karen targets.
Dillon joins them says he’s pissed off that he’s no the block with his friend. Dillon says he’s fighting for the Veto. Gary points out that If Dillon is off the block it doesn’t mean Emily has to go someone else might.
Dillon suggests karen
Gary says everyone hates Karen and he’s just realizing it now.
Cassandra joins them her and gary tells Dallas his energy is dark and it’s contagious.

Have nots.. Lots happened here. A new alliance was formed and a tone of planning was done.
Ika tells him she trusts Neda and Cindy and that’s why she trusts Kevin . Ika adds that Cindy has loose lips but the 4 of them are not “Shady at all” kevin thinks there 4 can make to to Final 4.
Kevin says he trusts Gary tells the Dallas and CAssandra are together. \
Ika – I wish it was Dallas and Dillon on the block
Kevin wonders if Cassandra and Dallas will flip on the vets.
Ika says if one of the nominations come off Dallas goes up adds it could also be Jackie.
Iak says Cassandra is “Sketched” out by Bruno and kevin she told Ika her “Gut” is telling her she can’t trust bruno and kevin.
Ika – her Gut is bang on
They think once Dallas goes Cassandra will join up with Emily and Dillon and start World war 3
Kevin – she’s a great player
Ika – She hates bruno the most she HATES Bruno
Kevin – and I’m not too far behind
Neda, Demetres and Bruno and Cindy with a S join them they form an alliance. After Demetres leaves the vets dance around happy
Kevin – I actually trust Demetres so much

(Vets in the have nots part 1)

Gary , Cassandra and karen
Gary tells her to stay away from Dallas. Gary mentions he talked to Dallas.. “He feels misunderstood”
Karen says Dallas is hateful and mean, “Super hateful and mean”
Gary – let it roll off your back.. You know who you are Karen
Karen goes on about Dallas not getting his way that’s why he’s pissed.
Gary – did you make a deal with Dallas and Mark on the bench..
Karen – here’s the thing
Gary – did you
Karen – here’s the thing
Gary – did you
Karen – no
Gary ok
Karen goes to explain that mark fell before the deal was solidified.
Gary says it would have been bad if she made a deal and went back on her word

12:34am Gary and Cassandra Storage room Cam 3-4
Gary says Jackie is really good player, “She’s kinda like you in a way.. ”
Cassandra – you think I’m her number 1
Gary – no.. Dre is loyal Dre is real
Cass says she talked to william he wants to make a 3 way deal with Dre and her with Jackie on the side.
Gary – he trusts Jackie
Cass – ya
Gary – ok that’s cool.. I’m down with that
Cass – you know what this means.. we have all the newbies
Gary – I have Karen.. I realized today..

Gary and Cassandra
Gary says if Dillon liked him and wants to hang out with him they should get rid of Emily that way they have Dillon. If Dillon would go Gary thinks Emily would crumble and go to anybody.
Gary – go to you
Cass – or Neda
Gary – maybe
Gary doesn’t want Dillon to go
Cass – Kevin is trying to work on Jackie.
Gary – Jackie is a super fan she watched his season .. Jackie cannot be fooled she as the potential to be final 3
They agree Bruno and Kevin are together
Cassandra says Cindy is with Bruno.
Gary wants to “Stick it” to the veterans to make them know they f***d up.
Gary thinks they should be with the veterans for a bit, having a veterans alliance will benefit them all. Just a few weeks though.
Gary – let them crack it.. like Ika..

Cass thinks Ika will come for her first. Gary doesn’t think so says Ika isn’t good at this game she has final 2 deals with everyone in the game.

Gary and Demetres in the storage room
Demetres wants Dillon out this week.

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Guy From Canada

Thanks for the updates! Hope you didn’t have to suffer with too much Kraken doing this on St Paddies day 🙂


I honestly don’t hate anyone except for Dillon, who thinks he is so unique and humble, when he’s the most arrogant person ever. Hopefully he goes home this week.

Don’t really mind this alliance, but I don’t want Dallas or Cassandra to go home. That alliance will only last a few weeks, because they all have ther own self interests.

Dallas is not making himself look good, especially because he is in more danger than he realizes. To be fair though, Karen is a liar.


I think Ika might be the first vet to go. She is overplaying.


Sindy or Bruno has the potential to be the first vet out but as of now Cass and Dallas are more likely to be the first vet who goes out. The only loyal soldiers that Cass have guaranteed are Jackie, Gary, Dallas while Ika have Neda, Sindy, Kevin, Bruno, and Demetre. I doubt that the French Connection will put their necks out for Cass and Ika so probably whoever side has the power and HOH those two will switch to that. Bruno has a connection with Emily and by association Dillion. Karen is Karen. LOL.


Just call her Sindy, having to read “Cindy with a S” (not even grammatically correct) is really annoying.

sunny dee

someone tried to tell me that ‘all’ the cindys they know spell their name Sindy. I think that is BS, they trying to tell us their original name is Synthia? I don’t think so.


Karen is the Worst


You know what? I can’t help but feel sorry for Dallas right now. Yes, he is too loud and obnoxious, but deep down is a good guy. He knows that he is right and Karen did lie. She is all over the map, and quite frankly feel he is no worse than her. I would be mortified if my mother acted and spoke the way she does. He seems to doom any alliance he is in, and they all get in trouble. I keep thinking back to his alliance with Maddy and Ramsey………could he have gotten screwed any worse than that?


Yes Karen has quite the potty mouth.


I hope all the rookies don’t do what everybody did in BB13 & 18. eat there Own kiss the vets ass and let dem skate by till they realize they don’t have the # on they side anymore. to get rid of the vets and they should have kept they # got rid of the vets den go at each other. and for the love of God plz NO James type players this year. u know the one’s dat only care about AFP and camera time & don’t care about winning.

sorry for da long post just happy BBCan is back with players dat actually watch da show and not just 1 ep in da hotel.


I think this season might actually be pretty good!

I love Cassandra and Gary working on the newbies, they quickly realise that the veterans aren’t going to help them long time, plus I think they are smart enough to know that the public hates all veteran alliances, so they are thinking smart by aligning with the newbies, especially if canada has some kind of HOH or vote, gary or cassandra will likely win it, now that the other veterans are aligned and potentially losing some of their fan clubs.

Despite that, I still love Neda and Ika, I really hope that Ika doesn’t become the first target of their alliance, I’d much rather Bruno or sindy went. Ika IMO provides so much entertainment! I need her to stay atleast until jury


I love how the dumbasses in the new 6 person alliance were celebrating the fact that it is a bonus that Neda is safe til jury (while she sits back trash-talking and sending them on missions – mainly Ika). Ummm…that is not a bonus for the rest them. If the other side gets power (especially Cass or Gary)…Neda will be the only one safe…and one of the rest of them will be sacrificed instead.