Nomination Results! “You don’t take on someone that has 7 years of mix martial arts training!”

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ALEX Nominated: Jason & Elena

Matt threw the Safety Temptation competition so he is the 3rd nominee.

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7:12pm The live feeds return – In the bedroom – Jason and Josh wrestle and then Josh tries to take on Paul. Paul puts him in a “figure 8” move. Paul – you don’t take on someone that has 7 years of mix martial arts training. Alex – where is everyone? Paul – beating off! Paul – I really hope this year we have a how bad do you want it Comp. Punishments and stuff. Elena explains how its a points comp where whoever has the most points wins the veto. There are punishments that increase your points and rewards that decrease your points.

7:20pm – 7:35pm HOH room. Mark and Alex.
Mark – I knew what Christmas was talking about with you. Alex – I didn’t hear anything that she said though. Mark – she was doing her makeup in the s#x room and I was just talking to Cody. We were talking about the veto and I asked why did you throw it? We were just commm.. there was nothing being said because everyone knows what’s happening this week. I heard Christmas say my name. She said I was talking game with Cody. Alex – oh good because I didn’t hear what she said. Mark then explains the fight they had in the kitchen. Alex – people are still upset about last week and not leaving the noms the same. Mark says he had to use the veto last week to take himself off the block.. especially since people already didn’t trust him. I understand people would trust me more if I didn’t use it but its also like f**k it. Alex – to extend your longevity in the game you do want to build up that trust. Mark – I feel like next week the lines are going to be drawn again. Alex – Elena is not my target. I had to put Jason and her up to have strong players in the veto. Alex if you can mend some bridges. Mark – they only two I can’t mend are with Christmas and Josh. Moving forward I hope I can show you I have your back.

7:35pm Lounge room. Christmas and Mark.
Christmas – I only said something to Alex because I didn’t want to say it front of everyone. The way that it happened made it awkward. Mark – I keep hearing my name getting dragged through the mud. Mark and Christmas talk things out. Mark explains why he voted to keep her. It was because he genuinely liked her as a person. Christmas – if we don’t have these clarity talks, I am left to my own device. Mark – I have a hard time separating game from personal. On a game level you weren’t my target before this and you’re not now.

8:05pm HOH room. Paul and Alex.
Paul – I am going to do something with Kevin because he is f**king getting on my nerves. Alex – he is getting on everyone’s nerves. Jason can’t stand him and Jason deals with Josh all day. He would rather have Josh punch him in the face all day, than deal with Kevin right now because he is getting crazy. Paul – Kevin is getting weird. Like you can tell his temperament. Alex – he is really nice and then stern and then overly nice. Paul – why don’t we get him to blow. Why haven’t we thought of that? Alex – because we haven’t seen that yet. He is mean. He is mean spirited. Like when he threw that agave bottle.. Paul – yeah that was f**ked! If that had hit Josh.. Alex – he gets MEAN! From the stories he tells you know he has a mean streak. I wanted to put him on the block. Paul – when Jason told Raven.. he got PISSED! Paul – I am going to go do some damage control.

8:45pm Christmas to Kevin in the shower – I was just staring at my guy…

8:50pm HOH room. Paul, Jason and Alex.
Paul – I talked to Christmas and told her to stop causing unnecessary drama. Cody is going home this week, there’s no need to stir stuff up. I calmed her down. What the f**K is going on with Kevin. Why is he acting so weird? Jason – I think the son of a b***h is worried about stuff on the outside. I think he did some shaddy things in the past and worried about it coming out. He’s made the same comment 3 times. If I’m not married any more when I get out can I stay with you. I was like hell yeah. Paul – he’s also asked me sh*t like is it wrong to fall in love. But what if you married another woman.. I was like yes! Homie what the f**k!? Jason – he seriously asked me this … would you hump Christmas in the jury house? I go f**K no! He was like well there’s no cameras. I was like SO!!! Maybe he has something go on at home with his wife. Paul – every time you ask about his wife he gets weird. Alex – he always talks about his drinking. Paul – of how his daughters get mad when he comes home drunk. Also why does he get weird around us.

9:35pm Bedroom. Jason & Kevin.
Kevin – do you think if I went in there would they call my family? Jason – what’s the matter pal? Come on? Kevin – nothing. I don’t need to speak to them. Just tell them. Jason – I literally battle this every day and I always think about you when I am battling it. You can’t think about what is going on on the outside. It doesn’t matter what you think you’ve done in the past. Or what you thinks going on. No one, no one Kevin is holding you down. You’re inspirational to a lot of people especially all of us in here. And we can tell when you’re having trouble. We have kids. There;s nobody that is going to shake us. Me, Josh, Alex and Paul have your best interest. Kevin – but if I just go tell them to say HI. They don’t need to get no message back to me. Jason – yeah do that. Jason – I’ve done this several times .. go in there and start talking to the camera. Talk to your family. I’ve already done it. Kevin – Alright I’ll do it. Kevin and Jason get up and head towards the Diary room. Kevin says he needs a minute first.

9:50pm – 10:20pm HOH room. Paul talks to Josh and Mark about how life is different when they get outside of the house.

10:30pm – 11pm HOH room. Jason and Paul talk about Kevin. Paul says that he’s going to try and talk to Kevin. Paul heads down to the bedroom and starts talking with Mark about how hard it is in the house. Paul then goes to talk to Cody in the havenot room. Paul – if the position you’re in super tough, super bizarre. I’m sure you’ve dealt with other difficult situations in your life before. Having played this game before …last season being put up on the block as many times I had. Having had the house flat out ignore me for weeks at a time. As tough as a dde you are, as tough as I am, I know it gets tough. I know you genuinely have feeling for Jess. I would never negate that. Yes things were said.. mental warfare, emotionally f**ked with. I just wanted to say throughout this week or next I am very open to talk. (Paul is working on his jury vote) If you feel alone.. you’re not alone or isolated. I can turn it off. Cody – cool, I appreciate it. Thanks man. Paul leaves.

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Pauls vagina

Paul just informed us they will being a reward and punishment comp soon

Judge Janie

Paul needs to go on the block. I don’t care if he goes out the door or not, but he needs to go up. Somebody needs to take that little dictator down a notch.

Paul: Psycho or Psychologist?

Watching BBAD tonite prompted the question..Paul, as usual, taking court in HOH room, and preaching and teaching..talking about life after the game…starts every sentence with “Well me having played this game before”…Then he pulls Kevin into APSR and says “Kevin, whats wrong? talk to me”….then Paul proceeds to talk about himself for 14 minutes!..what a great listener!
This man really places high value on his “advice”..

I think for Paul, the sound of his own voice makes his dick hard..


Egomaniac Paul

I hate Paul but hate the others more

I hate Paul but don’t blame him for the stupidity of the other players. He is playing a perfect have it he wants to win (and he does obviously).

That being said, I could only wish the lemmings would stop walking off the cliff and start playing the game and boot his ugly ass off.


I just don’t understand these morons. Paul keeps saying if they vote **** out Elena will come to their side. Don’t they realize “their side” is everyone else except for Jody? Why don’t they see the flaw in this logic?

Nonon Jakuzure

What with Big Brother lately? These past 4 years. It’s all been Follow the leader. Derick, Vanessa and Paulie (to some degree) been taking over the entire house. Now it’s Pauls Turn this season. Are we ever going to watch a season of people trying to take each other out instead of ganging up on one or two people? As much as I love this show and cant take enough of it I will want this show to improve. I’m even considering voting Jody as America Favorite for being the only one to even consider taking out Paul. Last Season I thought Paul was a great player but now it’s just too easy for him.


its called Alpha and Pack syndrome…
Derricks season there was 5 Alphas….
and the mom.. i forgot her name
the rest FOLLOWED in suit

the biggest difference between that season and this one…
theres only 2…. Cody and Paul.. difference between the two?
Cody cares for Jessica
Paul cares for no one…
and they will follow Paul tot he depths


Nicole wasn’t an alpha but she tried that first season. The second she did a great job holding the mattress down.


Paul is so obsessed with Cody! Wouldn’t be surprised if he names his first born Cody. Get over it Paul. Can’t wait to see you go!! And why does Josh feel the need to jump into every conversation? Nobody cares what you have to say.

Pauls vagina

Do you mean the baby him and josh will adopt

Cindy Withanesse

Paul wants Cody’s load.




Please Cody win veto, take down Elena!
And please backdoor Christmas!!!


Um, I vote for backdooring Papa Smurf. Xmas is low hanging fruit.

Paul Says

Yo Josh I have 7 years of knife boxing training you fool. Go downstairs/ leave the room/ go away/ etc


Who do I despise more…Paul, Raven, or Christmas…Paul, Raven, or Christmas….Paul, Raven, or Christmas? Today it’s Christmas with her smug sanctimonious smile, calling Mark boo, honey and a bully, acting like she’s the big boss. Glad Mark called her out and didn’t back down to either her or Josh.


What happened between Mark and Christmas??? And did something happen between Josh and Elena?


MArk called out Christmas for throwin him under the bus….
she got mad and tried deflecting and lost it bc Mark had a point..
then she brought up the fact he KEPT HER SAFE… like a dumbass she is fighing why you kept me safe…..
he said the truth…. “i should have voted your ass out if i knew how you really were”
now hes a bully
he personally felt guilty that he ddnt go to her when her foot was broken bc hes always kind to her… and this is how she repays him….

Josh hates Elana bc Elana went back to Mark


I am Paul fan. I look for all the positives I can find in his game play. Although he has truly disappointed me at times, I still have been pulling for him especially when it comes to Cody. However, for the first time I feel bad for Cody. Say what you want about him but he has been true to himself since day one and hasn’t waivered. If Cody outlasts Paul, and even wins, I am okay with it.


he wanted to ruin Christmas by mocking her injury, he bullied Josh on a personal level after he evicted Jillian, he continues to bully Josh on a personal level(“fag”) and he exhibited transphobia multiple times. Never feel bad for Cody.


LOL…your life must suck.

Impractical Joker

#1 I hope Cody wins the temptation challenge and is safe for another week
#2 I hope cody or elena can win the POV so Alex has to nominate someone to sit mext to jason and matt maybe mark can win pov that would be awesome


Why would any one volunteer to go on the block. Jason volunteered. Paul make like he would go on the block when he know for a fact he would never be put up on the block. When are the other HG going to wake up. If they told Paul they were going to put him up he would say okay and then think of away to talk them out of it. I am not a Paul fan and I have no favorites in this game. Very disappointed that the other HG is playing so poorly. Playing Paul game. Most of the HG only wanted
to make it to jury. Why…Thirsty for any little bit of money. Crazzzy!


Exactly-and I usually have Alex pretty low in rankings and Jason higher but OH ME GEE I loved that Alex suggested putting Paul up (and give her huge points) but then Jason was like “no we can’t put Paul up because people might flip and vote him out” and goes on to insist Alex put HIM up? What is that??? I think the conversation was around 3:45 and maybe I misunderstood but holy crap did Alex go up and Jason wayyyy down in my opinion.


in all honesty i freaking hate JODY and now just CODY. and ya mark flip flopped big time.. he was so stupid that week one he had a chance to distance himself with jody like how maven did it and just sat back but when they got power back he went on all fours and started stroking JODY’s mangina. like come on. if he was smart and just didnt suck it so hard he would be fine and could build trust with the others but he flipped flopped so many times he really screwed himself. it makes me mad bc with all of my hate towards JODY i dont think mark deserves it. i think he’s the most kind and gentle giant in the house and it sucks he’s getting played like this. but u reap what we sow and he made his own bed so what can we do. just my opinion.

Cindy Withanesse

Sounds like you’re thirsty for Cody’s c**k.




ur the GOOF apparently …just a candy ass pussy like Josh eh?


Alex – Elena is not my target. I had to put Jason and her up to have strong players in the veto.

Ya… not like Paul is a strong player or anything…

Paul is such an asshole to Josh too. Telling him that he can’t be houseguest’s choice in the Veto comp because Paul wants it. I really don’t understand why everyone is just blindly following him. I had such high hopes for Alex at the beginning of the season, but am really disappointed with her decision to jump on the Paul train.

sunny dee

why? it’s gotten her where she is now, if not for joining up with paul, and she was against the idea at first, she would have easily have gone out simply because she would have been disposable, not aligned with anyone, (like ramses), and everyone would have allowed jessica to have her target of alex and take her out.

alex is here and will probably stay for a while because she isn’t anyone’s target, heck not even cody’s targeting her for the sake of his star crossed tragic love story jessica’s pure rage, hatred and jealousy over alex.. i’d be surprised if jessica didn’t take herself out seeing cody smile in the HOH room over Alex’s enthusiasm about being HOH

BB Fan

Before Paul got in her ear it was Paul and Elana going up. Paul says no way I’m putting myself up yeah sure Elana and Jason are way better competitors than him. Of course stupid Alex falls for his crap and puts up her closest ally. Serve her right if Cody wins POV takes Elana off Jason goes home.

Cindy Withanesse

Alex is a stupid cunt.


Paul is a goob smooch


Not sure how Elena and Jason are strong players for veto, but what do I know? Guess Paul’s not in my ear.


How are Elena and Jason strong players for veto? People need to take their Paul blinders off


Putting Elena on the block keeps her from voting … so she can’t team up with Cody and Mark and possibly a 4th to control the vote.


Exactly. You have to take votes away too.


Mark needs to stop explaining what he does or what he thinks. Christmas should have been gone when she broke her foot. She has no power but wants to push people around. My wish is Cody out first at the double eviction and Raven second. She is a waste space and a scammer with a foul mouth.

Paul's Beard Lice

7 years of mma training? lol… Please, Lord, I will never ask for anything again if you just make an mma fight between Paul and Cody happen. Put it on the undercard of McGregor v Mayweather.


I would love to see Cody win veto and take Elena off the block 🙂

Have Matt win Veto and use it on himself …. giving the house no chance to take out Cody…..

Mrs W

Matt would never pull himself off. He has no mind of his own and when Paul tells him not to, he won’t.
If Matt wins but were to pull Elena or Jason off I assume Alex picks the replacement? It’s only if Matt is pulled off that there is no replacement, correct?


Paul playing Well,but he’s such a d**k for no reason.
I don’t like Cody either. He’s a real downer.


I love how all the HG say that Jess “threw away 500 grand for Cody” but whats crazy is that everyone is throwing away 500 grand for Paul. They’re all playing his game. This is one of the weakest cast of all time!

Take A Bow

At the conclusion of this season, I’ll be expecting the cast and Julie to take a bow because there is no way this season is actually real, this is parallel earth Big Brother where everyone refuses 500K. The house guests…..ummm, I mean recruits are so bad at acting that they are actually amazing. The show

The Walking Dead has already put out a casting call to CBS, asking where did you find these mindless walkers?

Hi Im Paul and I'm 5'2"

Paul is the Hillary Clinton of BB. He was supposed to win last year but got spanked by that dork Nicole (she was cute) and hopefully the same thing happens again.

Team Jody

Thank you!!!! That’s what I’ve been saying! I wish Jess would have said that in speech!!! I’m didn’t throw away the 500 k to Cody but u all are giving the 500k to Mr Friendship!! At least I got a boyfriend out of it!


Oh the irony……easily the dumbest overall crew BB has seen in 19 seasons.


Paul’s newest sacrifice………Kevin. No good actual facts….just prepping everyone so when he goes after him for real, everyone will remember how shady Kevin is & they fall in line again.

Ok Alex….time to go for Paul. Get smart. If he’s in f3 with you… lose.

Kevin FTW!


Once Kevin tried to make a deal with Cody without Herr Fuhrer’s approval, his days were numbered. But it sounds like Kevin’s facade is starting to crack anyway. People are comparing notes. Why don’t they do the same about Paul… I mean Herr Fuhrer?!? This is LITERALLY getting ridiculous. Where’s Bridgette when you need her???

Judgmental Judy

Kevin just isn’t that smart in this game and neither is Jason. They’ve been drinking Paul’s koolaid. Mark & Elena BOTH need to wise up to the fact that they are completely disposable to those people. They could promise their first born, sign property over to Paul, and they’ll still go on the block.


Alot of dumb sh*t has happened in this house so far, but the dumbest thing just might be people being pissed at Mark for winning the POV and using it on himself. There are many ways to build trust with people but winning the POV and not using it on yourself if you’re on the block is not one of them. These people are a$$holes.


I hope jason goes home.

BB Fan from chicken george season

Hate this season and everyone on it but I will still watch cause I used to enjoy it but I only watch on PVR so I can forward thru most of it. Sad that these people have so much spare time to sit around talk shit and gang up on people instead of having to compete for things like food or being a have not. Was way more interesting when they actually had to play the game.

BB Fan

I imagine Raven and Matt having to compete for food what a comp that would be.


Way to call out Kevin “friends”. These people aren’t worth the tissue they wipe their asses with. They know full well Kevin’s daughters and wife could be watching , but could careless. I know Kevin has to own up to what he’s doing with Christmas in the house , but she should have never let it go so far knowing he’s married. They both are responsible but Jason and Paul putting his business out there is so low. That’s real life low not ” this is a game” low.


Jason and Paul are not putting Kevin business out there Kevin is doing that all by himself! His wife and kids are watching this right now! So he may be right he may not be married after this.


If you watch live feeds Kevin puts his own business out there.I think Kevin is starting to crack under the pressure. Kevin is cool but he says entirely too much he loves attention. I watch the live feeds and have heard him say some strange things. I heard Kevin say the stuff Jason talked to Paul and Alex about. He is saying too much and is going to be his downfall.

paul shut up

what the hell paul week after week you become more and more annoying. seriously last week you were best friends with josh and now its once again like “get out of the room we are talking”. oh and now he is best friends with alex and once again telling the hoh what to do. its just getting so annoying I cant handle it. oh and the 1 person I thought he would never turn his back on was kevin but now he is shit talking him left and right. seriously i love it when someone is such an amazing player that they can run the house by themselves but paul isn’t really doing that but yet he is controlling everyone. I mean he keeps talking trash about everyone behind their backs and as soon as they talk to each other his game will be blown, that is not smart at all and he should know that but yet he cant keep his mouth shut because he is such a big gossip

Judge Janie

I can not believe that Alex put her best friend Jason on the block instead of Paul. I’m getting tired of watching him boss everyone around and treating Josh like garbage.

Paul's Beard

Paul and Alex have a secret alliance


Yes but still her and Jason are close. Their are other people she could have put up.

I hope he goes home.

Cindy Withanesse

The idiots allow themselves to be bossed and manipulated, so they deserve all the misfortunes they receive.


Yep, and I’m getting tired of everyone letting it happen. Or in Jason’s case, asking to be put on the block in order to keep Paul safe. -_-

The Walking Dead

And here I thought The Walking Dead was on a summer break!


Lol, the minions are having conversations about other players (Kevin,etc) so cbs could have footage to make it seem like anybody other than Cody is the target… we know it’s just another rerun of Paul gunning for Cody, blah blah blah.


never heard of figure 8. heard of figure 4

Hi Im Paul and I'm 5'2"

looking at the pic that was just added that’s an arm bar. it is the move ronda rousy made famous.


Why is CBS giving Paul such a good edit ? CBS did not show Paul jumping on Mark for not standing up and defending Josh when Jessica and Cody were calling him fat, calling him names. Mark is so weak, he did not ask Paul, you were standing right there, you did not open your mouth, you just let Cody and Jessica rip Josh apart.

Not that I am a Josh fan at all, but I am so sick and tired of these people not playing their own game, they act like they cannot make a move unless Paul gives his blessing. Paul has called Josh the Blob, he made him go and get water for him and Elena, when they were sitting in the HOH room, then to top it off, when Josh brought the water back, Paul told him to sit it on the table.

Josh is the biggest idiot, he was put down and called names by Jessica and Cody, all because Paul told him to go and ask Jessica if she can spell Evicted ! Josh jumped up ran inside like a little child, and did exactly what he was told to do by Paul.

Then what gets me is, Josh talks all of this crap, and then goes off all by himself and cries, he can dish it out, but he cannot take it, when he gets out and sees how Jessica was right about they just keep him for a vote, and they don’t really respect him, they don’t really consider him an equal partner in their little click of Paul Followers, he is disposable, and hopefully his family is going to tell him that he made a complete A** of himself on the show.

I keep hoping and wishing that these people will wake the hell up and put Paul up on the block, I have never seen so many people just want to make it until they can be in the Jury House. When are they going to wake up and realize that Paul is controlling their every move, I hope they are recording this season, and when they get home and see all of the things Paul has said about none of them being smart enough to get rid of the Vet, they are going to feel like complete fools.

As for Jessica and Cody, I feel that they had a hand in the way they were treated in the house, they gave just as much as they received, yes the whole house teamed up and worked on evicting them, but Jessica and Cody did not even try to branch out and talk with the other people, work on trying to get people to see what they see in Paul, Paul’s biggest problem with Jessica and Cody is, “He could not control them”.

Paul has had every opportunity to talk about Cody to his face, but he has said nothing, but behind Cody’s back, Paul is always talking crap, but when he wants to annoy Cody or Jessica, he sends one of his followers to do his dirty work. Paul in my opinion is really threatened by Cody, he does not like the fact that on day 1, Cody did not kiss up to him to try and get a Friendship Bracelet.

Paul has said many times, he thinks Cody has a little man complex, and these people that follow him, they agree, are they not looking at Paul ? Cody is bigger, in better shape, and he is man enough to say whatever he needs to say to your face.

Paul is the one with the little man complex, Paul was ok last season, and I actually liked some of his game play, but this season, I am just hoping and wishing that these people are going to wake up and start turning Paul, Paul is already stirring the pot and working on getting rid of Mark and Matt, notice how the little man is getting everyone to get rid of the men larger then he is.

I really won’t say much about Christmas, in my opinion, I think she should have been gone a long time ago, I don’t understand why Paul’s little followers let her talk so much crap to them, stir the pot, and get up in their face. Christmas needs to be put up on the block, she needs to get out of the house, she is so pissed that not one man in the house tried to hook up with her.

Christmas is not a bad looking lady, but nobody wanted any kind of Showmance with her, and once she starts talking, I just want to hit the Mute button. She is a bitter annoying, know it all, who thinks she is so tuff, she just does not have the right people in the game, if she had someone that would not take any crap from her, she
would run and hide.

Come on CBS, I love Big Brother, I have been a fan since Day 1. Look forward to every summer when the show starts. Please, Please, Summer 2018, get a Cast of all new people, a more diverse cast, Hispanic, Asian, Black, etc… mix it up, have a cast that is there to play the game, I am so sick of hearing “The House Wants !”

Play the game, and stop with the elementary attitude when someone is on the block, nobody is allowed to talk with them. Stop with all of the stupid twists, go back to Big Brother Old School, get cast members who are not here to just make it to Jury, please don’t bring back any former house guests unless it is a Big Brother All Star.

Give us fans a completely new cast of characters, personalities, we are loyal fans who love the show and watch it every summer, please go back to some of the old school style of Big Brother, I am so tired of the dumb stunts or twists that are designed to help the CBS favorites that you keep bringing back.

Make Big Brother 2018 a blast, listen to your loyal Summer fans who look forward to seeing the show every year, give us new people, more diverse cast. We want people who will make bold moves, play the game and not just follow along with whatever the HOUSE wants.


How could Jessica and Cody work with the house when like you said and has been said so many times by so many people, these HGs are so brainwashed by Paul and will do anything for him and cannot even think for themselves. How did you expect Cody & Jessica to persuade them and work with them?

In the beginning they were all working with Cody and just like that they jumped ship and went to sit in Paul’s lap. (Cody had to keep nominating people and was not about to suck up to Paul, the only one who saw the sh*t disturber for who he is) I don’t think Cody & Jessica could do anything instead they had to deal with Josh’s instructions from Paul to bang the pots and pans and anyone who would have to deal with that torture would have snapped. I give Cody & Jessica credit for not punching him out. The whole cast teamed up against them, how in hell do you work with people like that.

This BB19 cast is a lost cause, clueless and hopeless. The only hope I have is to see Cody surviving this week becoming HOH on DE and taking out Paul.


my hand itches to slap Paul ! Does he ever get tired of hearing his own voice ?

Team Cody

My hand itches to smack him with a frying pan.

Not fooling me

Wow it looks like this website is doing the editing now. Why are you being so biased??

Paul Littlefingers

Looks like Elena’s out. Alex is using the same reasoning as Josh. Put up Elena who is a “strong player” for the veto competition. Elena is a weak player for any competition. Usually weak players stick around, but still can’t trust her. They know that she and Mark are still nuzzling together in the have not room, plus Mark can’t stay away from Cody. So Mark, just like Jessica can’t separate completely from Cody, even though that makes them out of the running for $500 K.


Omg, I feel so sad for Cody. He looked so humble, when bitch ass Paul was talking to him @ have not room. Paul is the devil and Cody the Angel. Wow , wow, wow. Can’t believe it.


Paul, you’ll be smoking even more weed when you come out this time. You’re not liked this time around.

Guy From Canada

Matt wins veto, takes himself off and Cody stays for another week. That will save my season. However unless it’s a cereal eating contest, don’t see this happening……


Paul’s fake “Friendship Tour” around the house on Friday’s BBAD (BB time) was so pathetic. Trying to win America’s Favorite Player or jury votes. Josh and Mark, to a lesser degree, were like puppies lapping up milk. He talked about how the jury house was so different than the BB house. Did he go there last year? Doesn’t matter because he knows everything about everything. Cody, on the other hand, saw right thru it but hid it well.

My Name is Mud

I think its funny every time that fool Josh cries about the personal attacks. He started it when he tried to play the big man troll game. Hes a very, I can dish it but not take it, kind of person, worst kind. Starts shite and then plays victim to everyone. When he grabbed the pnp’s to start in Codys face again when he was in the backyard with jess, loved how Josh ran for the door and made sure it was open, “crowd courage” Josh has. He wouldn’t act like this IRL because some one would knock him in the nose. I am not a violent person but those pots and pans would have happened but once.

Personal attacks, give me a break. There is no rules in arguing esp when youre arguing with a stranger. Respect? Do I know you, NOPE, so no holds barred after you get in my face and think youre going to run your mouth. NOPE not haven’t it. This is a stranger who is in your face all day long with a house laughing about while he stirs and winds you up. Come on, think about no food no peace people in your face all day long. YESSSSS we know its BB, doesn’t mean that is going to make it any easier to get use to this crap. He made it personal when he started it. If you have one eye brow. (according to Pauls way of thinking and attack mode) You will be a one eye brow having MF that should thank his sisters and mom for his diploma in hair dressing on ebay. Personal attacks. Just like how Paul keeps on and on every chance he gets to knock Codys character to whom ever will listen. MAN Give it a Rest already! Jess is gone and still cant shut up about her? Who ever said Paul was working on a jury vote was so right when he was talking to Cody.

Oh and I had no idea this thing with Kevin and the Grinch was more then snuggling? I think this OG is confusing a little snug to a real situation? Hes not understanding hes in “crush” not in love. He thinks this will go outside the house? Whaaaaaa…? I think its time for this OG to nap with some fishes, if ya know what im sayin…..Tell Luca we say Hey. (yes nap not sleep. We don’t want the ole guy dead)

Don’t like the heat, put the donut down and stay out of the kitchen!


I’m just wondering why every second word out of Josh Paul and Kevin is F*** or FUC*** this or F*** that I’m no prude and use the word myself but I can honestly say these guys have used it more in 50 days than I have in 60 years Could probably add Alex to the list.

Pussy ass paul

Bitch ass Paul is kissing cody’s ass.

Gigi & Tyler

Anyone notice Jess telling Julie Chen right off the bat that Cody was her best friend, instead of opening with “I hate leaving the man I’m head over heels in love with”. Jess had to be prompted to answer Julie “of course I love him” (she didn’t say she was “in” love with him). Jessica has many options in the real world, Cody is needy and sadly nothing is worse than a guy who’s pussy-whipped. Plus Cody can’t give her a big ring, Jessica is all about the dollars and cents at this particular stage in her life. There’s a million “Codys” for her to choose from in L.A., she’s young and a typically fickle hottie.


OMG Josh STFU Seriously can’t stand the sound of your voice and your idiotic comments. You are going to be so disappointed when you are in the real world and realize how everyone perceives you as a total idiot.
Have to fast forward most of the time you open your mouth.


I don’t think these people are as unaware as you think! They know Paul is running things. They just don’t have the balls to make a move. I’ve never seen people be so happy just to make it to jury. WTH?! If nobody steps up then Paul will make it to the end and they have no one to blame but themselves. What a bunch of morons.


Please Please Please someone get Josh out of the house. Just can’t stand to watch him anymore. Baby Huey out of his league.

Amy J

This cast should be ashamed of their behavior. I’ve never seen a group of “adults” display such high school level bully tactics and mob mentality harassment. Paul, Xmas, Josh, Alex, Matt and Raven have to be the most hypocritical, delusional, childish, entitled and all around sh***y people to ever be on this or any show. I can’t wait for them to find out how disliked they are for their pettiness and how stupid they look for letting Paul run this season.


OMG Paul is the be all know all of what happens to ex BB players. Dumbo Josh just lapping up all his wisdom. Paul is a piece of shit and Josh is an idiot.


Stfu Paul. What are you the house therapist now? Gahhhhhhhh he gets on my last nerve. If I have to hear him say “I’ve played this game before, I know what im talking about” my heads going to explode. If Paul and Kevin were talking and Elena came up to them and said Paul can you leave I wanna talk to Kevin alone OMG Paul would be losing his mind running to everyone saying Elenas being sketchy and shit. Then he goes and talks to Cody privately and that’s ok but Mark simply asks Cody why he didn’t try in the temptation comp and all hell breaks lose. Paul thinks he can talk to anyone but god forbid anyone else does that and they are flip flopping. And he treats Josh like a little bitch. Telling him to get him water, telling him to leave the room, telling him to go be the look out. Man I can’t wait until someone actually stands up to him and tells him to go f*ck himself.

Sucks To Be You

Wow, bunch of hateful, mean pricks that post on here. Still think Romeo & Juliet ( aka Jody) are so sweet and good? They would probably call you fat, ugly, and dumb if they saw you in real life!


Can anyone tell me why Kevin was crying tonight?

one of the obvious!

imo, Who controls this game? Management does.
Why do they control it? Because for some hidden reason known between Paul and BB management for something BB messed up on season BB18, BB owes Paul, so they offered Paul another chance. Now Management, HAS TO HAVE PAUL WIN, to pay off that mess-up or at least give Paul the chance once again to win it.
SOOO, who really should get the $500,000. ?
Management of course as they have maneuvered this game from the start!


It is hard to believe after this many seasons of Big Brother that ANYONE on the block would be expected to apologize for winning the POV and taking himself/ herself off the block. Are these people really that crazy??? There’s a reason why Marcellus is still famous, after all these years. Thankfully, no one since has followed in his footsteps.
And as for making sacrifices to “gain trust,” you will notice that none of the people making those demands are making any of their own sacrifices. Sorry, I misspoke. With the exception of Cody, everyone is sacrificing their own game in service to Paul. Despite all the evidence that Cody has no game, Paul has not only convinced them that Cody is the biggest threat the house, but that they should never get over what happened in WEEK ONE!!!!