Mark “I should have voted your a$$ out week one! Christmas “I’m glad you have the safety this week honey!”

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5pm HOH room. Paul, Jason, Kevin and Josh.
Kevin – this is a fact.. the other day when he (Josh) got Cody mad he (Cody) left the rose room and went into the havenot room for 1 minute because he was so aggravated. Josh actually was the one who made Cody loose today which allowed him not to get into the thing (POV). It was Josh’s move. Josh basically took out Jessica and Cody himself. Josh – no I didn’t do it. Josh wants to be the house guest pick in the POV. Josh – yeah, I’ll play. Can we agree on that. Paul – no, I’m playing. Josh – let me host, come on. Paul – depends on if I get picked. Plus, you just got Jess out, you’re getting Cody out .. you got to spread the wealth. Paul and Kevin are arguing over who would host the POV competition. Josh – if you guys get House Guest Choice can you pick me? Paul – no, I’m playing.

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5pm Bathroom. Mark and Christmas.
Mark – is that what you told Alex at the top of the stairs. (That he was talking game with Cody asking if he threw the Temptation Safety Comp.) Christmas – it is what I told her. Does that bother you? Mark – a little bit. Mark walks away. In the kitchen. Christmas – that was my observation that you were talking game with Cody. Mark – why whisper? You might as well just tell everyone. Christmas – were you not in the APSR room talking game with Cody? It was about whether or not he threw it. Mark – that’s game? Asking why you threw a competition. So why not just bring it up in front of everyone? Christmas – I didn’t think it was appropriate at the time. Mark – but you wanted to whisper it to someone? Christmas – The HOH, yeah. Don’t play me with your questions? Mark – you’re going to whisper something to someone about me.. when you were just in the room with me. Christmas – you were in the APSR with Cody came and talked why he played his game to you. I told Alex and then I asked you about it. Mark – but I was just in the room with you and Alex. Christmas – don’t deflect what the real situation is with your weird little questions. Mark – I was in the room, You were in the room, Alex was in the room… why not just bring it up in front of all of us. Christmas – I wasn’t going to blow up a spot that I didn’t feel needed to. Mark – why didn’t you talk to me first? Christmas – we walked out together. Mark – He came in the room and I asked him why did you attempt to win? He knew a backdoor was coming and he is still a friend which I made very clear to everyone. I’m going to talk to the kid. Christmas – so you did talk game and you initiated it? Mark – I asked why did you try to win? Is that really talking game? Mark – YOU WHISPERED SOMETHING TO THE HOH.. Christmas – oh so you raise your voice?

Christmas – I didn’t think it was appropriate to blow your spot up. I didn’t want you to look suspect. Mark – why wouldn’t you ask me first? Christmas – because I didn’t need to. You are a bully right now. I talked to the HOH because I wanted to get clarity. Mark – how would you get clarity from someone that wasn’t there. Christmas – I can go to the HOH and she can get clarity or I can. Christmas brings up Mark voting to keep her the second time. Why did you vote to keep me? Mark – I voted for you after having a personal conversation with you. If I knew this is the kind of person you are to go behind someones back. I wouldn’t have voted to keep you. I should have voted your a$$ out week one! Christmas – you wouldn’t have had the votes. Mark – that’s what you think! Christmas – I’m glad you have the safety this week honey! Christmas asks if he had an alliance with Cody? Mark says he didn’t. Christmas starts yelling for Cody. Mark – why does my name keep getting thrown out there. Christmas – maybe because you’re doing shaddy sh*t! Mark – like what? Christmas – I don’t need to re-explain it. Mark – because Cody came in the room and I wanted to talk to him like a man. Christmas – like a man, is that what your behaviour is in this house? Mark – what? Like not acting like a man? Christmas – you’re making this a bigger deal than it is. Mark brings up how he thinks she voted to keep Cody the week when he was evicted. Christmas – why would I vote to keep him. Mark – to stir the pot and get the attention off yourself.
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5:20pm Josh joins in on the fight. Josh – isn’t it the same move you pulled on Cody when you saw that everyone was voting against Cody and Jess. Its the same move, you flipped on Cody and Jess when you voted to keep me. I am not trying to insert myself… give me a minute because I cannot take the bullsh*t already. You say that you don’t flip and you flop. As soon as you saw that I was kept, you flipped and turned on Cody. You joined the numbers. Mark – that was personal. Josh – I can’t take the bullsh*t anymore. Christmas – that’s because this is what he does every single time. He deflects. Paul asks Mark if he knew if he (Paul) was talked about being backdoored? Mark says he didn’t know anything about it. Josh – also you’ve thrown Jason’s name out when he’s competed saying look at Jason. We need to keep an eye on him. Have you not seen him as a threat in this game? Have you not said that you see Jason as a threat in this game? Mark – NO! Josh – you’ve literally thrown everyone’s name out and flipped on your allies and now you say what we say is crazy?!? Christmas – as soon as you see you don’t have the numbers on your side you flip. You flip like a pancake. Josh – if you flip on your friend and your boy since the beginning, who else are you going to flip on. When you thought I was going you didn’t talk to me for a week. Josh goes to get Cody. Paul then asks Kevin to go get Cody and Josh. Kevin comes back and says he is not coming out.

Meanwhile – In the havenot room. Cody is listening to the fight.

Josh goes to the Havenot room to get Cody. Cody says that he isn’t coming out. Cody – once Jess left the game ended for me. I’m not involved in anything. Josh – can you hear me out real quick. Josh – Okay, I can respect that. Just know that guy has been disloyal as sh*t to you. He flipped on you and Jess. The moment the vote flipped and he knew I wasn’t going home he turned you and Jess. Cody – Josh I have no friends in here. Kevin asks – do you want to go out there and straighten this out? Cody – I haven’t talked game with anyone since Jess left. Josh – my problem with Cody is that we don’t like each other but can respect him because Cody and Jess came at me direct. Cody – there is nothing for me to say to anyone. This kid is trying to act like my friend and the moment the house flipped he flipped. Paul asks when you left the were you honest about what you told me? Paul – Mark knew that I was being backdoored? Cody – ehh.. I brought it up and wasn’t about it so I pulled back. Cody – Mark has always had your back.

5:35pm Bedroom. Paul and Mark.
Paul – Cody said that he (Mark) knew but I retracted the idea. Don’t humor. (Christmas / Josh) Mark – dude, I had no idea that first week. Bro. Paul – I think he (Cody) is lying. Just chill. Mark – that’s why I’m sitting back here. Elena joins them. Elena – why is she (Christmas) so crazy?! Paul – why wouldn’t he (Cody) at least stand up for you if his game was done? Alex comes close and Paul and Elena disperse. Mark lays on the bed and then sits up. Mark – f**k I need to win HOH!

5:45pm The house guests are making dinner now. The house has calmed down again.

5:55pm Lounge room. Mark and Jason are chatting.
Mark – Christmas is just like f**king.. Jason – come on, come on. Christmas joins and says when you chill out I would like to have a calmer conversation. Jason makes a comment. Christmas – I don’t dislike him. Mark – when my nerves settle. Christmas rolls out of the room. Meanwhile in the HOH room – Matt re-tells what happened to Raven because she was sleeping at the time. Matt – its fantastic literally every week someone loses it.

6:10pm Alex comes into the Lounge room.
Alex – if he (Cody) gets picked (to play in the POV) we can’t panic. Alex – and I have to talk to you. Between me, you and Kevin .. one of you has to be a havenot. Everyone else is pulling there weight. Matt threw it (safety comp.) Jason’s going up. I’m not going to make anyone of those three a havenot because that’s not cool. And Josh is going to be a havenot. Oh and Paul too, talk to Paul. I need three of you. Elena – are you going to do Cody? Alex – yeah, he is already in that room.

6:12pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the nomination ceremony.
6:55pm Still blocked.

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How is it possible to have liked Paul so much last season and now I want to punch him in the balls? He’s such a weasel.

OK…now don’t everyone attack me, but I kind of feel sorry for Josh. I think he’s annoying, but I also think he’s kind of desperate to be included with “the cool kids”. There’s something about him that makes me feel bad for him.

I know, I know….thumbs down.


1st thumbs down lol

It's Over

Just end the season and give Paul the money. Worst season in BB history!


Can someone please vote Paul out….then Josh…then Alex….then Jason…then Christmas…then Raven,,,,then Matt…then Elena.

I would play the pans when Baby Huey gets the boot.


????? baby huey!

Ain't that a shame

I agree with you on both counts. Paul is a very manipulative, cruel person. He reminds me of the bully at the playground who demands to have his way, and you better not disagree otherwise he will unleash his pit bull on you.

I also kind of feel sorry for Josh. You are so right, he just wants to belong, and the degrading way Paul treats him is not part of any game strategy, it is mean-spirited.

Christmas is one of the meanest girls I have ever watched. She doesn’t really attack the other women, just the men who Paul speaks negatively about.

I can’t believe that they continue attacking Cody. Whether the man leaves or not they should at least respect his privacy. He is ignoring them as best he can, and they won’t let up on him.

I honestly wish production would let them all know how they appear to the viewers. These people are going to be shell shocked when they get out in the real world and read how disliked they really are. P.S. if this posted twice sorry, I went to,hit post and it disappeared before I knew if I actually hit “post”

Xmas Says

I am a nasty woman!


Paul was tolerable last season because he wasn’t in charge, Victor was personable and smoothed the rough edges from Paul. Paul feels in charge and that has gone to his head and he’s a dick. Not even in an entertaining way, some folks are brutal but you at least enjoy hating them.


Wow mark wake up they are coming after your ass! This is how they turn on you by starting little fights . I like mark don’t like Christmas and hopes she gets voted out soon.

Captain Crunch

once again Josh being a follower inserting himself in a conversation that has nothing to do with him for no reason. He reminds me of those guys who only act tuff or has something to say when they have their friends around but when they’re by them selfs in public and you run into them they have nothing to say.


Ha! It is pathetic how everyone is playing Paul’s game for him and he doesn’t gaf about any of them. Christmas, stop embarrassing yourself bc your game is a joke. And josh, I think you need a box of animal crackers, a nap and your binkie. I don’t know when BB got this aggressive and confrontational. But here we are. Thanks, Paul. You may be a strong bb player but you’re sucking at being a human.

This is so wrong

Can they all just start playing this game and stop ganging up on people. I don’t ever think we had a cast of idiots like this one. Can’t wait to see Xmas the b!tch Josh the cry baby and Mamma boy and Paul who should never been allowed back start going on the block. Now they turn to Cody to referee a fight. Do they really think he cares after the way they treat him. Is anyone ever going to wake up and realize they are all playing Paul’s game. Just hand him the win. Didn’t like him last year and hate him this year. What a waste of a season with all these idiots in the house. There better be some boos in the audience when they all leave. Especially for Josh and xmas.


Christmas is literally a Bitch on wheels!


does Xmas keep getting pain meds? Her surgery was several weeks ago. I had surgery on my broken leg and only received 5 days of pain meds. I really believe her moods are from the pain meds.


no meds are not her problem her personality is her problem. She is a mean nasty bullying bitch, drugged or not drugged.

Ravenitis~It has no cure

Ravenitis is running wild in the house! Ravenitis is when people fabricate their injuries/illness all while trying to suck the life out of other people by playing the victim and getting them to feel sorry for them. It is pure deflection of any sort of self responsibility.

Queen Cersei

The formula of eviction is pretty clear: they attack someone, victimize themselves, isolate said target of the week and evict him/her.

Ideally, I’d like Cody to get his head back in the game and team up with Mark who I believe really wants to work with him to give Paul some type of competition (the way things are going CBS might as well write Paul the check now)


Cody like: “I fucked up my game week 1, then y’all gone take away the love of my life… Leave me Alone”


But…they’re not bullies right? Christmas got caught talking crap about Mark. he called her out on it, she is so stupid she can’t come up with a good answer to his question so Josh and then Paul have to come in and help her and turn the conversation onto something else. They aren’t the bullies? 3 against 1 AGAIN? Best line from Cody: Mark has always had your back. Plus Kevin going in and trying to get Cody involved at Paul’s command, I thought he had a mind of his own.

Ctp k

I guess the excitement in the house is when they start eating each other , a few will cough up fur balls and a orange t shirt that taste like a dirty ol mat

The Ghost Of Christmas Past

Christmas sure likes to live in the past and brings up 5 weeks ago?? Christmas just go sit in a corner and tape your mouth shut, you have a much better chance that way of going farther.


Why does Mark not like Christmas? He’s been like this from the beginning almost. One minute they’re having a heart to heart, and the next he’s yelling at her. What happened?


I think season 10 had its share of stupid fights. Anybody else remember Keesha’s birthday party?? But this season wins for most ridiculous house guests. I have been rewarding old seasons of big brother just to remember that this show use to good.


Hahahaha. Two thumbs up !!!!

Capt. Obvious

It’s very strange how fan favorites are being decided this season.
Based on your comments, the majority of you like Cody, Jess & Kevin. Yet those 3 are the worst this season at actually playing the GAME of BB.
Very odd for people to cheer on mediocrity.


Yea and Raven Matt Jason Mark And Elena are top notch players

BB19 needs to end!

people like Jody because of their hatred towards Paul and his gang of minions. this is the worst cast ever… i miss HGs having strategic conversations not who is a bigger b!tch or I’m dying from 100 diseases feel sorry for me!


These narcassistic morons attack anyone else playing the game. She is mad that Mark is playing the game his own way? guess he didnt get the memo that he is supposed to play for xmas and paul only? then attacking him for talking to Cody? What the hell is wrong with these people?? xmas needs to get booed the entire time she is hobbling along to Julie….What a horrible person….those motivational tours must be sold out…..NOT


People are seriously acting like this season is horrible and unbearable to watch. Clearly they’re forgetting the crapfest that was BB15 and the boring BB16!

The drama this season is at least entertaining. Jody vs. the house was iconic for the show and Paul is playing one of the best strategic game in recent memory.


Seriously Cody should just self evict if he’s going to play the martyr. He cares more for his new found “love” than his own life. Soon he won’t be able to afford that expensive ring Jessica so much deserves and desires!! No wonder Jessica said their games were exactly alike, both toxic for each other and the people around them, now throw in kids…He gave up all his fight because of some girl who just discovered the colour of his eyes weeks after having so much sex with him.


If you quit you get no money. He’s needing that check to get a ring so she’ll hook up with him if she hasn’t snagged a wallet before the end of the season.

mrs w

Man I can’t stand Xmas. I actually feel sorry for Mark, he keeps getting shit on for no reason.
This cast is made up of 12 year old girls that get mad over everything. Mark’s not even allowed to talk to Cody, it’s pathetic.
I hope Cody wins POV, pulls off Elena and the rest of them are forced to turn on each other. Thing is most of the minions wouldn’t even care cuz all they cared about was making it to Jury anyways.

mrs w

I hope Xmas keeps showing her true colors and loses a lot of her social media followers. She’s such a hypocrite.


Josh needs to quit like everytime a fight happens he always has to get his ass involved especially with Mark involved in it……..Like he always wants to talk tough behind his peeps, but cries to his team about how they’re mean people and bullies. I can’t wait till Christmas gets evicted she has done nothing in this game but agree with everything Paul says.


It feels like we have basically been stuck in the same place for about 6 weeks. Get Cody out already and start playing.

That is the hope anyway. There is a chance that there are so dominated by Paul that most of the HG never really play at all.


“Mark – why wouldn’t you ask me first? Christmas – because I didn’t need to. You are a bully right now. I talked to the HOH because I wanted to get clarity. Mark – how would you get clarity from someone that wasn’t there. Christmas – I can go to the HOH and she can get clarity or I can.”

Yes, how WOULD you get clarity about a thing that happened from a person that wasn’t in the room when it happened?
I honestly thought Christmas was smarter than this but here she is, getting caught making stupid points and then throwing out the “you are a bully right now” BS because she has nothing else to say to defend herself. Funny that she tells him to stop deflecting when she’s the one doing that sh*t. It’s a lot like his conversation with Paul and really, whatever Mark says doesn’t even matter because they are so far up Paul’s a$$ they’re living in an alternate reality where logic and thinking for themselves doesn’t exist. Whatever Mark has to say will be twisted around & used against him, no matter how harmless his words are. He should stop having these one on one talks. Anytime someone tries to ask him a question or wants to talk, just call a damn house meeting for it and stop letting others control the narrative. Ugh. Dude has to figure something out now if he wants to stay, as he has to know he’s one of the next to go.

Also, REALLY over Matt. So useless.


I swear no one paid attention last season to how Paul played. Paul’s lips were glued to the rear of whoever was HoH. He was quick to point at targets that should be gone first. He ingratiated himself to whoever had power. Same play this season. It seems these people would have an idea that Paul is playing better than they are and he should be a target as soon as possible but they seem to freak out if anyone mentions Paul’s name in anything other than he’s a trustworthy guy…can production be dropping the idea that Paul needs to stay in the game to each player.
Last season, Natalie won HoH and had been working with Paul and Victor, she came out of the DR and told James, they (production) want us to work with Nicole and Corey. She hadn’t had a conversation with Nicole the whole game and she turned her back on 2 people that had helped her shift the house against Paulie. Victor and Paul on the block.
Paul’s pay back?


Aside from Rachel, it seems like most vets are disliked their 2nd time around. Rachel is the only one I can think of that went in her 2nd time and ended up being really liked by the end. Frank, James, Nicole, Jessie, Jason and now Paul were all disliked their 2nd time around.


Christmas is pot stirring!!!! She loves confrontation and gossip.

Judy Stepp

I loved how Jessica told them at eviction that if they didn’t get Paul out, they were more idiots than she thought. So true. Her problem was not using her HOH and veto win properly the last time she had it. She should have put up Josh and Paul . This season has been the Paul show and it is sickening. Josh seriously acts like he has a mental problem – banging those pans and singing a circus song. Even when no one is bothering him. He is the bully. And Alex looks like a nut how she jumps up and down laughing every time Josh causes a fight and bangs his pans.
The worse season ever.


Jess let her live tell her what to do. Remember folks, she had an intuition and talked to Cody about it, but he swayed her to stick with her initial game and all would be okay. I hate players who come in and find love?… Ha. This is a game and play your game. If they all want to follow Paul, why hate on him. They all say the have watched for years and are fans. They act like they are clueless. I like Paul and Alex. They are truly playing the game folks. It’s all about backstabbing and social. Cody nor Jess had either. They secluded themselves away from everyone to sits and kiss and hold hands. This is not the dating game. If they wanted to play and have game I would have beem on board with them, but they did not. There loss and fault. I hope they have a great life outside of BB.


I swear Christmas, paul, josh or alex wins there is no justice in this world they are horrible human beings! this is supposed to be a game but these four have took it to far I quit watching when cody lost the last hoh because I refuse to watch them be cruel to cody for no reason if this is just a game then cody has no allies but Christmas says no one should speak to him that’s not game that’s called being a horrible person!

First time watcher

Can you believe after Mark tells Jason that Paul is running the house and Jason agrees, Alex leaves Jason and Paul alone to decide between them who should go up on the block, and Jason obviously lost that argument. I wished Cody would stop feeling sorry for himself and start getting into the game! Why didn’t he or Mark confront Paul and ask him why he doesn’t volunteer to be a pawn! I lost respect for Kevin. He allowed a 21year old hipster child to tell him who he can and can’t speak to I.e.Cody. Kevin is a hanger-on like Josh. Indeed, Kevin is what Josh will become. Both are want-to-be tough guys. Christmas is Haloween. Matt is dumber than Josh. Mark has promise but he’s a cowardly lion.

First time watcher

Can you believe that Jason didn’t stand up to Paul after the discussion with Mark over chess that P is controlling the house that Jason allowed himself to be put up over Paul. Remember Alex said work out between you!? I lost respect for Kevin when he allowed paul to scold him about who he can and can’t speak to. Kevin is an older version of Josh. Both are want-to-be tough guys who want you to think they have tough guy friends but don’t. Did you catch dumb-dumb’s DR when he said the gun shot sounds remind him of Miami! He likely lives in a posh Miami neighbourhood and if ever heard gun shots he would start to cry.