Nomination RESULTS & Big Brother SLIPS a LETTER under the front door..

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots No Have Nots this Week

Big Brother Canada April 20 2013 1223pm

12:10am The Big Brother live feeds come back and we learn that Emmett has nominated Gary and Andrew for eviction.

Emmett and Jillian are up in the HOH room playing chess. Talla is up in the HOH bed sleeping. Meanwhile down in the main bed room Andrew is sleeping. Big Brother wakes them up with the alarm. Andrew heads into the kitchen.

Big Brother then zooms in on a letter that they slipped under the door the house guests to find. (Dan Gheesling tweeted: Any guesses as to what’s in this letter the House Guests are about to receive?)

Big Brother Canada April 20 2013 1225pm

12:40pm – 1pm Big Brother rings the door bell. Talla and Jillian run up to the front door and find the letter. Talla reads the letter and its reads:
“Big Brother is sending a special Guest into the house for a sleep over that knows exactly what you are going through, use them as you see fit.”
Andrew says oh my god, I just want to have the veto already. Jillian comments that she bets the person coming in is going to be the host of the POV competition. Talla is going crazy running around saying oh my god! Up in the HOH room Andrew says imagine it is Dan. Jillian says I don’t even know who it is. Jillian says she hopes its someone they have been shooting off about. Andrew says I hope its someone they hate. Andrew says it’s probably someone they used to promote the show. Who was it that was at any of the things. Hayden? Emmett says yeah Hayden, Mike Boogie, Will… Andrew says again that he just wants to play in the veto!!! Andrew tells Jillian and Emmett that he just wants to go off on those two! Emmett and Jillian tell him to. Andrew says yeah so then no one will vote for me. Andrew, Emmett and Jillian all agree that the person coming in won’t help their game. Jillian says they only person that it will help is Talla how has no game. Andrew is then called to the diary room.

Big Brother Canada April 20 2013 1238pm

Big Brother Canada April 20 2013 1239pm

Video of The house guests receiving the letter:

1pm – 1:15pm Talla comes up to the HOH room and tells Emmett and Jillian about how excited she is for someone to come into the house. She says that she is going to poke them and ask them if they are real. Talla heads back down stairs. Andrew comes up. Emmett gets called to the diary room. Andrew starts ranting about how he just wants to veto competition to start. He says that there is nothing anyone can say that will help me with my game. Unless its what the next veto competition will be like. Talla comes up to join them in the HOH. Emmett comes up and tells Jillian to go to the diary room. Talla, Emmett and Andrew sit around talking about who they think it could be that will enter the house. Emmett thinks when they open up the back door for the veto competition ..the mystery guest will be out there. They hear Jillian screaming. When she comes up to the HOH room. Andrew asks her if it was her screaming and what about. She says that she was screaming about getting more pills. Andrew says well lets hope the person that comes into the house is better than those pills. What kind of pills are they anyway? Jillian says digestive pills. Andrew says pooping pills. Andrew and Talla head down stairs.

Big Brother Canada April 20 2013 130pm
1:30pm Emmett tells Jillian that this isn’t good for us.. what if they come in and start telling Talla to start thinking for herself. They keep messing with our game. Jillian says think of it this way .. we have the two power people on the block and we can get the person to tell us who to get rid of. Emmett says I don’t need someone to tell me who to get rid of. Emmett says that he told them they could let someone come into help Lalla grow a brain. Jillian laughs. Big Brother cuts the live feeds. They come back for a minute with Andrew is laying in bed in the main bedroom. Gary is still putting on his make up. Big Brother cuts the feeds again..

1:45pm – 2:10pmStill Hush Hush.. When the live feeds come back Talla is in the bathroom. She is talking to herself and says they are being so rude. Her and Jillian are cleaning the entire house. Talla goes up to the HOH room and on her way back down she figures out that the person entering will enter before the competition. Meanwhile up in the HOH room.. Emmett is pissed and says what is the point of having all these conversations with people if they are just going to do this. Emmett and Jillian are worried that the others will learn information about them and whats been going on. Jillian thinks that maybe her and Emmett should pretend to turn on each other.. she says that everyone is going to be turning on each other so we should too. Just pretend you learned of some new information about me. Emmett and Jillian continue their chess game.

2:10pm Andrew and Gary are napping in the main bedroom.
Big Brother Canada April 20 2013 209pm
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Hope Andrew Wins The Veto 🙂


Or Talla, so she can use it on Andrew and send Jillian home!

Big Brother Junkie

I can’t wait until Dan gets in the house should be exciting


I hope Talla wins it, then they put up Jillian as replacement, then they vote her out. SHE HAS TO GO!


looks like lock down in bedroom, and dan’s twitter said they were going in soon….still doubting itll be on live feeds…which simon/dawg will be happy about hahaha


Lets say Talla wins the Veto, do you think she’d save Andrew? Or do you think she’d be swayed by Emmett/Jillian not to use it??

Say It Isn't So

I hope Talla would save Andrew but I’m not entirely convinced. I guess what she does will determine if she is there to really play the game and also will indicate if Andrew knows what he is doing because he definitely would need to convince her to do it. Talla having veto would be a gift and not using that gift would indicate to me that Emmett and maybe even Jillian ( hate to say it) really do deserve to win. But look at how Peter and Alec played and what they did to Topaz. It’s almost like the rest of the HG’s are making it easy for Emmett and Jillian.


Talla will easily be swayed by E/J to not use the PoV on Andrew.


Omg! Lol Dan must help Talla, he will give her advice and god knows she needs all the help she can get!! Hopefully he gives Andrew some insight — not to be so trusting of Emmett and Jillian! Hope they don’t cut the feeds when Dan comes in, this a great idea it balances out Gary blabbing his mouth off to Emmett about the jury, … Can’t wait to watch Peter and Alec cry when they hear the news their idol was in the house with ………. according to Peter ” undeserving stupid people’!!!


Dan can give talla all the advice he wants but the issue is that Talla is incapable of retaining that info in her brain. Look when Peter tried to give her info on how to improve her game. He had to walk her threw it step by step and still she didnt understand. If by some twist of fate Talla does win POV which I dont see happening, she will leave the nominations the same because Jillian and Emmett tell her to. Otherwise the last showmance will be over. We can all hope and dream cant we?


I have to agree with what peter said when he left talla has no clue what game she is playing i think she went to have fun as for dan he is my favorite player in the bb house and i was sad he didn’t win. I can’t see what dan could do that could help talla the girl is clueless he won’t be allowed to tell them anything about what everyone is talking about anyway. Dan coming is strikly to cause some friction in the house i know andrew and emmitt are mad mostly because they think he will mess with there game but i doubt it dan has way to much respect for the game and will respect players like jillian, emmitt and andrew but i doubt he would respect tallas game. Dan’s game has never been a competitor he had a great social game and could make people believe anything and i don’t see that working for talla at least not at this point. Talla will go down as the worst player to go down in bb histroy i hope anyone but her makes it to F2 dan is good at reading people which how he got as far as he did he was sorta like emmitt he never gives to much information out and flys under the raidar for most of the game and has a good social game but emmitt likes to win comps (which i still shocked no one has seen him as a threat till now) dan likes to throw comps. There is no way dan is going to warn anyone about anyone the same reason the jury doesn’t get to see any of the previous shows because they don’t want there vote to be influenced. I honestly don’t see how dan can influence anything i am sure he got strick instructions from bb not to give away any conversations or info he knows. I still will never get how anyone is rooting for talla


Emmett on “someone who knows what they’re going through staying in the house, to use as they see fit”:

“I’m playing here with people with no brain. So now he comes in and grows Lala a brain? How much intervention can there be in this game? It’s ridiculous!”

100% agree. Dan knows what’s going on and he will hint whatever he wants to hint, even if there’s a little “Dan, stop that!” that follows.

Some will say production doesn’t care what he hints, some will say production sent him in there with the task to grow Lala a brain.


Honestly, I think dan is there to strickly cause drama i don’t believe he is there to help out one hg’s over another and lets be honest down would have to write it on cue cards for talla to even get it. What exactly could dan tell talla the would help her at this point she has no one on her side even andrew doesn’t seem to want to take her far in this game and doesn’t think she deserves it. Peter was right when asked her do you really think you can win this. Dan is great player but he can only do so much. Emmitt and andrew are pretty ticked off now but whne dan comes he may off some good advice it seems it is more about them getting some perspectum rather them telling anyone this person said this because i can’t see dan doing that he respects the game way to much


So much going on beneath the surface – Emmett certainly sending out mixed messages, isn’t he? Is he really targeting Andrew or does he realize Gary is not going to be controllable? Gary is dangerous to him because if he does win HOH, he puts up Jillian & right now I don’t think E wants her out. She’s too big a protection for him because she wins comps. & he should want her F2 because she’s the 1 with blood on her hands. With Andrew, I do think he trusts him, at least at this point, where there’s still 5 players left.

Andrew & Emmett are the ones that know the most about the game (of those left). Andrew guessed right away it’s Dan coming in. Big red flag to me is BBC’s directive “knows exactly what you are going through, use them as you see fit”. Is he going to be able to give out Diary Room secrets, alliance secrets, etc. etc.?? Also thinking this could be advantage still to E/J cause the only real place of privacy, where don’t have to worry about others overhearing what you learn, is HOH, right? (okay, except for Topaz’s reign)

What if Dan is a real dick, like Gary was & only reveals intel to select person(s)? Even if Andrew were the 1 he picked to tell all to, I wouldn’t be happy with this “twist”. Cause it would be at the direction of Production … & that really seals the fact that this isn’t a game, it’s just another stupid scripted reality show & man, I hate those.

Anyone remember BBUS Season 1 – They didn’t sequester the Jury. Big Fail! Danielle was the clear winner, every single player at their exit interview said they’d be voting to give the money to Danielle… until they went home & watched all her Diary Room sessions where she revealed what she really was doing, how duplicitous she was being. Not the sweet, helpful, kind Danielle everyone thought she was. She deserved that money & honor of being the very 1st BBUS winner. Every season of BBUS I watch, I think of her.

Sending much mojo magic to Andrew to win VETO!

Say It Isn't So

That was not BBUS Season 1…. fairly sure that was Season 3.


One legged Eddie won the 1st season….There wasn’t a girl even in the final 2…Curtis came in 3rd and Josh came in 2nd.


Actually season 1 was where the public voted for the winner, no jury. The winner was Chicken George. They didn’t start the jury thing till season 2.


Hey Say, you’re absolutely right! Posted before my brain caught up to what I wrote. Having a Lala moment, perhaps? Thanks for clearing it up.

The overall point still stands, of course, too much information is being given to these house guests. One thing that’s stood out to me from the 1st HOH in which a letter was given – the same thing that others posting today have noted – the letters from home have way too much intel in them & it’s not even in some kind of code. It’s kind of jaw dropping in fact.

I’d say inexperience was the cause of so many missteps but they do have the US Producer- damn, her name & title escape me right now (another Lala moment!) who in the pre-production would have given them the benefit of what they learned through the many yrs. of BBUS productions about things like this. Plus John Brunton is a reality production guru, in Canada at least. So this seems a deliberate move on BBC’s part to allow so many things that affect the integrity of the game. Might sound like an oxymoron to use BB & integrity in the same sentence since it is a game about lying to win but I think we all know the difference between a twist that’s unexpected & affects everybody equally & interference that seems to impact 1 or more players adversely. & no, I’m not whining about that seems to be Andrew.

Course, the point for any production/TV show is to get buzz going (Buzz equals ratings equals revenue) – & it doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative buzz, just as long as people are talking about the show, the more passionately the better. They know people will keep coming back but it’s a double edge sword cause as they keep pushing the envelope at some point it can turn off even the most ardent gamer.

It would be interesting to talk to those who are only following the game by watching it on TV, who don’t watch feeds or read (excellent) boards like this & see how they see all the twists & interference (2 totally different things to me).


Nice post, Jim – No 50 thumbs down from me. However – I would like to point out that while you say you don’t have any favorites, you then proceeded to laud E/J to the max – LOL!

I also think your numbers are a little off – the posts haven’t been 90% in favor of Andrew. I’ve been reading a lot of posts here for Emmett, for Jillian, even for Talla! Just like when the other players were in the game, they too got a lots of love. Now that we’re down to so few guests, the posts are more focused on these last players so we do see the names often. It’s actually like watching them in the house – every thing they do we pick apart cause they’re the cameras are focused on them, only them, nothing to distract our focus. They’re under a microscope, their personalities, their habits, their speech patterns, hell, even how they “adjust themselves” getting out of bed is in hyper focus.

And we’re all right here, commenting on everything. All part of the fun, right?


I don’t think emmitt has actually decided who to send home he keeps his intentions really close to the vest i think he put up andrew and gary to cover his bases so if one wins the veto then he will target the other smart move. It also prevented jillian going up (unless some miracle happens then talla goes up) I honestly don’t see dan telling anyone anything i think it is more for them to use his expertise in this game since he has played it twice won the first time and came in second the second time. Dan did pretty much what emmitt did he made sure he was covered by every player and the ones that aren’t he targets the only advantage to him keeping gary is that gary will take him to F2 but andrew won’t he does seem concerned that gary may target jill early. I think that he will take andrew out but i don’t think he has decided untill after the veto there really isn’t a point untill veto.


oopps i meant if some miracle happens and talla wins the veto


Wonder who Production is going to use now as the mouthpiece now that their crown prince Peter has been booted to Jury? Maybe now they’ll spread the duty around, so everyone gets a fair share of air time on Slice – what a novel concept


Remember when old man Jerry called Dan Judas on BB10 lol but then voted for him in the end to win the game lol


Dan needs to stooge it up!!


Dan said he has the power to evict someone tonight! WTF?


HAHA nice. I just got misted! Damn!


Fooled me.. I was super pissed.. LOL


Crazy as it may seem. I noticed today on my TV line up that Sunday BB will be on for two hours. The first part claims “contestant play for POV.” The second show says, “contestant evicted.’ I assumed it was a mistake. Usually the first hour is what happen in the previous show which was on Thursday and was an eviction.. And the second hour should be the nominations not the veto. Usually the veto in on Wednesday.. So who know what’s going on.


lol, misted!


Emmett, why shouldn’t Dan share info that could help other HGs when Gary shared info about the jury to help you?


I think this time it’s different because Dan has been outside the house and seen all private conversations, DR sessions, etc. and this could really mess up someone’s game. If Dan, for example, lets Andrew know that he is the target this week, then things could get messy because he is currently 100% confident in his final 3 with Emmett and Jillian.


I don’t think Dan will actually share any of that sort of info, I think he is more there to give general insight about the game and his seasons, but I’m just annoyed that Emmett seems to have a double standard about a lot of things. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander and vice versa.


Before I comment, I would just like to thank Simon and Dawg for this site. You guys are doing a great job.

I really hope that if there’s going to be a second season of BBCAN that production really doesn’t interfere with the game as much as they are doing now. I was somewhat fine with watching the show until the instant eviction night when the other HG heard Topaz in the HoH room, and Andrew and AJ weren’t given the chance to play for veto. Everything pretty much went downhill for me from that point on. But even before, when Canada was given the veto, we weren’t given the option to not use the veto, which was stupid.

There’s just too much handling when it comes to production. If production is so bent on using all these powershifts, they should somehow set up a voting system (preferably without having to use points) on what powershift to use when. Once it gets over a certain percentage, then they drop the bomb on the HG, and whatever twist that involves Canada voting, then that’s when we use the points to vote. In general, they should play down the twists and all the handling of production. I’m wondering how this whole thing with Dan is going to play out. As someone else mentioned, it’s good because it could balance out what Emmett knows because of Gary.


My hunch is the only reason Dan is on the show is production hopes he helps the ratings. Dan is on to sell himself and his products.. Just like Peter hoped the ‘shield” would be something he could market after the show. T shirts.. Speaing engagements..Awwaaaa The magic and romance is gone…


I don’t believe Gary shared anything. He was probably warned not to but he could make up stuff so he most likely did to further his game. Maybe if he did reveal things from the jury house, his punishment would be returning there right away so as E/J are in power, he says things to them that make it seem he’s helping them and when Andrew asked about gym equipment, he said he couldn’t talk about it. Garry is playing his own game to stay until the end, not to help anyone else.


……..besides, Dan will have everyone so misted that they won’t know what is right and what is wrong so won’t know what to believe.


Simon, please add 50 “thumbs down” to this post. I am about to make *the* most unpopular BBCA post ever. The incredible amount of time and effort, each and every day, that SO many of my fellow OBB commenters spend, just searching for, running non-stop scenarios for, and looking under every rock for, just to come up with *some* possible way for Andrew to both advance in the game, and to win BBCA, continues to absolutely astound me! If scientists worked half as hard as Andrew’s many fans, they could cure cancer by tomorrow!!!!!! Somehow, Andrew has this massive throng of BBCA devotees, which has allowed him to become *twice* as popular as any other human being, in the history of Canada! Dan’s mist is just plain spring water, compared to what Andrew has been squirting all over his OBB posse!!!!! Of course, all of these *very* same people obsess 24/7, determined to find any possible situation where either Emmett or Jillian could somehow be put up on the block, or get evicted! Each would agree to buy a new Chevy, if only a “Take Down The Milkmance” twist would be sponsored tomorrow!

This non-stop, OBB “Andrew Love Fest” has been going strong, in 90%+ of posts, for over a solid month now! I 100% respect every poster’s right to root for your favorite HG to win. And that’s all you guys are doing. I understand. I still just find this season’s “Andrew For President, OBB Campaign” to be extremely puzzling. I am *not trying* to agitate. I promise. This is a game. It’s entertainment. I am just confused. As I’ve said before, I have no favorite HG. All I want is whoever deserves to win BB the most, to win. Emmett and Jillian have proven to be, whether I like it or not, the strongest 1-2 comp duo in BB history. I don’t know how they keep doing it, week after week – but they do. For this reason only, to me, they both deserve to be in the final; I say let the jury decide the winner. Alec’s “handshake concession” gave Andrew his only BBCA HOH. And yeah, social game counts, too. I get it. But comps count far more. I know Andrew is the “underdog” And I love an underdog as much as the next guy. But if Andrew wants to win BBCA, then I suggest he win the last two HOH comps, or, for once, have him just own his own result, shut up, and finally stop all the “woe is me!”

And the Andrew Apologists? They’re many, and they’re everywhere! Andrew loses a comp? “Emmett cheated again”. “The comp was geared toward the girls.” “Today’s POV is gonna be a make-up comp!” Yada, yada, yada. More excuses. Poor Andrew. Everyone says Andrew is SO funny. Yes, he does have his moments. He’s got a very quick wit, which I often enjoy. Him and Talla are often priceless. But it’s mainly “insult humor,” I’d categorize Andrew’s daily bowel movement/dump updates under “way too much information.” I know that many HGs complain – a lot. And Jillian has some really annoying mannerisms – I 100% agree on that. But I swear, only Danielle Murphree has ever complained more in the BB house than Andrew has. He’s worse than an old woman! “I don’t want to be here!” “Emmett and Jillian are up in HOH way too much! How can I keeping kiss their asses, 24/7, when they’re always up there!” “I almost got sent home two weeks ago!” “I’m not like Alec and Peter – I mean what I say!” (Yeah, right!) “An imaginary new twist is gonna send me home tomorrow!” And hundreds more, just like it. How is all that funny? I see it is total paranoia! Andrew claims Talla never shuts up? Andrew easily talks *twice* as much as Talla does! The dude never, ever, ever shuts up, and I mean never!!!!!!!!!!! And I have *never* seen another HG SO far up the asses of two other HGs, like Andrew has been with Emmett and Jillian, this past month. Jeez, by next week, he’s gonna need a lip transplant, and they’re both gonna need a colonoscopy! Have some self-respect, Andrew!

OK, I’m ready. Call me every name in the book. I’m a big boy, I can take it. And no matter you say about me, I still like all of you guys a lot! 🙂


Every name in the book.

Did I do it right?


You did


Andrew is an idiot, complaint bout Dan being here not needing his advice and completely trusting in Emm and Jill..

I like the guy but he is completely oblivious to this situation. “Why is Dan here? Who cares, just tell stories. I know what I have to do, strategy wise, what is he going to say to me?”.

After watching how naive and bitter Andrew, he should get voted out. He’ll be messed up once he learns his alliance has tried to get him out the last two week.

Andrew Andrew Andrew, you are face palm worthy.


Bwahaha!!! you took the words right out of my mouth, JIM! :))))))


Andrew actually did win another HOH (he sent Gary out), not just the one Alec handed him (when Liza was evicted) – just to clarify.

Say It Isn't So

Really…. I think Jillian is Danielle M. from last season’s BBUS in training and she’s excelling. Also for the record I believe Andrew has had 2 HOHs…. correct me if I’m wrong.


Best BB comp duo in BB history? It’s been 1 freaking season. As for the US BB show milkmance would have been broken up the 1st month. Jillian has complained way more than Andrew, PERIOD. Get rid of your coloured glasses Jim my boy! What your missing and I clearly am not is it must be very trying babysitting a 26 year old twit like Talla saving here from herself. Add to it he is in a final 3 deal he knows that E/J aren’t going to honour after the last 2 noms. Yeah I’d be a little cranky if I’d kept them safe on his HOH’s and now on the block twice in a row.
There were perhaps a 1/2 dozen semi prepared players in the cast. Most have no depth relative to us core BB fanatics. Strategy has been close to terrible before we add in production. You target showmances not allow them all over the house. And BB is absolutely a SOCIAL GAME Jim! The only way they are assured of winning is to sit by each other. That’s been thier only considered strategy since the jury started filling. They’ve lied and cheated period. By the way Jim Emmit has recieved 3 DQ’s folks aren’t making this stuff up me bucko! Now to explain Andrew.
He appears to be the 1 person honouring his word. You don’t see him talking about turning on E/J since thier deal. He’s tolerated the human twit Lala and her backstabbing, kiss HOH’s butt she’s been doing all along. While winning NOTHING. Andrew and to a lesser extent Jillian think comp wins decides BB. It doesn’t social game rules. Andrew, though cranky lately for good reason has had a decent social game. Until recently you could say the same of Emmit but not anymore. The explaination on Andrew popularity here may be summed up as simply he’s the most decent person of those left in the house. Worked for wee Ian on BB14. Try counting jury votes. Dan had alot of trouble doing that last year. Emmit versus Andrew might be 4-3 either way. Talla never gets F2 unless Andrew gets evicted 5th. And if he doesn’t win veto he’s toast on Thursday.

What may surprise you I was a beastcoast fan and liked all 3 generally pretty well along with others. I don’t like people who turn on alliances needlessly. I have felt for quite awhile that E/J could honour thier deal to F4 then win easily. Well relatively easily without backstabbing Andrew along the way. It just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth to think a returning evicted HG is being saved to screw over an alliance mate when it’s not necessary.
Oh lastly I live in Nova Scotia. I’m only interested in game play not picking 1 guy to run with. Gary survives this week he may win the game. I’d laugh my a$$ off if that happens. BB will be a complete farce in season 1 in Canada. But thanks to ratings it will be back next season. You’d likely see it on Global next year also except Canadian broadcasters piggyback advertising on the US carrier if the shows air in both countries at the same time.


Jim.. Take a few deep breaths.. it is going to be OK…The whole issue is perception..The problem is Canadians identify with a nice guy like Andrew.. He is kind, funny, loyal. A person one would like to have as a neighbour, friend, co-worker.. Complain. Well, all the inmates at the BB asylum do their fair share of being bitchy… Pus Canucks enjoy complaining. It’s a national past-time. Mostly about the weather..Politics.. Hockey’s Don Cherry.. What else can one do when you are snowed in. Sex. Awe.. Brings up the subject of E/J working as a team not indivual players. Now that is percieved to be unfair. Two against one. As Talla really can’t be seen as an equal partner compared to Jillian. And Canadians are very fair share minded…Your post I suspect was designed to encourage comment was very funny..


I don’t feel as strongly about Andrew being irritating as you do, but in essence I agree with your observation that he isn’t that great a gamer.
I love watching him rant, but that’s his main value in my eyes. To rant and be funny about it.

As for Stan 7777 saying that “He appears to be the 1 person honouring his word”, I’d like to remind you that Andrew did make a final 2 deal with Jillian, another final 2 deal with Talla, and another final 2 deal with Emmett. So either you’re bad at maths and you think they can be 4 in the final 2, or you’re biased in saying that. Still, he doesn’t make a hobby of breaking his word like Jillian does.

I sympathise with all you guys who root for Andrew, but let’s face it: we’re just running out of likeable people to root for. I regret that people here have been melting E+J together and therefore Emmett has this unlikeable Jillian character costing him fans, and the dq’s and his outburst didn’t help either.
Still, at this point, I want Emmett to make it, but if it isn’t him, Andrew would be my second favorite winner.
Over Jillian, because unlike you, I don’t think winning comps is the most important thing in this game. As an overall player, even with her HOH wins, Jillian is really terribly bad imo.


Guys, thanks for all the great replies. Mooning and Johnny, solid as always. (Johnny, I agree, it’s more than HOH wins – unless you win every one – until you don’t, I believe you should remain bulletproof – that’s *all( I’m sayin’.) And Stan, I really can’t make much sense out of your posts, but I sure do love your enthusiasm!


Dan will give someone a power. I predict this.


“How far are you willing to go?” asked twice now by Dan referring to the PoV, hmmm, wonder what the PoV comp is going to be about.

The Shield

Emmett is an Ass . Hope the Veto is how bad do u want it and Talla wins and Jillian goes up and gets evicted . Also if he had nominated Andrew and Talla then Jillian was safe but now she is not .


Andrew needs to talk to Dan alone.