Big Brother Canada Emmett then tells Gary.. don’t be cool with it when I throw you up!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots No Have Nots this Week

Big Brother Canada April 20 2013 815am

8:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Emmett and Jillian are getting ready in the HOH room. Talla heads to the storage room and says good morning to Andrew. Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When they return Andrew, Emmett and Jillian are in the kitchen. Andrew asks Jillian how do you feel, do you feel all Gin’d out? She says that she feels like she was drinking last night. Jillian asks did it seem like I was drinking? Andrew says well we were there and saw it go into your mouth and down your throat maybe. Jillian goes into the HOH room. Andrew tells Emmett she is surly.

Big Brother Canada April 20 2013 830am

8:45am Emmett heads into the bedroom where Gary is putting on his make up. Gary complains about it being early. I didn’t know it was going to be like this!? I thought you were exaggerating. Emmett says this is what I told you it was going to be like, I told you the nomination ceremony was going to be early. I said basically we would get up and it would be the nomination ceremony. It’s happening exactly like how I told you it was going to happen. Emmett then tells Gary ..don’t be cool with it when I throw you up. Gary says oh HELL NO, I am going to be fu*king pissed!

Gary says one thing with taking her to the finals is that she will respect you for putting her on the block and then if she wins HOH… she would take you because you haven’t put her up right now. Emmett says No, she wouldn’t take me because I’ve won too many comps. Emmett says well everyone has won more comps than her. Gary says that is just one of my many theories. Emmett finishes getting ready in the bathroom.

Andrew and Jillian are in the kitchen. Andrew tells Jillian in the kitchen that he told him the same thing while they were playing chess last night.. well obviously it doesn’t matter.. Jillian and Andrew start talking about the havenot room. Jillian says that she didn’t mind the havenot room because she likes camping. Andrew talks about having every kind of experience you could have in this house. Andrew tells Jillian that it will be interesting to see how Gary and Lalla are in the competition. Jillian asks what? Andrew says that it will be interesting to see how Gary and Talla are today, just in general. Gary has been out for two weeks you know. Andrew asks so do my eyes look like two piss holes in the snow?

Big Brother Canada April 20 2013 855am

9am – 9:40am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.. looks like the nomination ceremony is happening now.
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mrs b

Thank You guys for all these updates. What will I do without you?


what the hell is Emmett doing in that first pic with his hand down his pants lol


His “morning scratch”….lol


I hope Andrew finds out that Emmett is working with Gary so he throws the POV to Talla..she takes him off the block and Jillian goes up..the stooges get out Jillian..if its double eviction i hope Emmett walks out after her..


Andrew FTW!!!!!


My thoughts precisely! Amen to that


Lol even if andrew knew the only way talla would win is if no one else was playing you almost wish all this was an act because no one can be this bad at comps


I think he’s only “working with Gary” to the extent of “we don’t want to make an enemy of this player if he’s going to win POV and take himself off the block. He might come after us next week.” So if Gary doesn’t win POV I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him evicted… and I think Gary knows it as well (or at least SHOULD know it, as he’s been gone for several weeks and it seems obvious that the other players would be upset that he’s back in the game).

Strangely enough, Andrew’s in the same pickle and he doesn’t realize it. If Andrew doesn’t win POV then it’s possible that HE could be going home this week instead! (though I think the milkmance would keep Andrew over Gary. They have far more trust with him).


Name says:
April 19, 2013 at 9:47 pm
“… by the grace of god miraculously talla wins veto”



Name says:
April 20, 2013 at 6:26 am
“Andrew is as he said a grown ass man…yes and so very judgemental. Is he so mature that he cannot allow anyone to have fun. He speaks of other house guests being characters and seeking attention.”

I like Andrew and think he is the most entertaining to watch on the feeds. But his slapstick humor is as much seeking for attention as are Talla’s Paris Hilton and Gary’s Ru’Paul impersonations.
I understand many like seeing Andrew, Talla and Gary be crazy and wild, it’s entertaining. I like seeing someone play the game, think strategically and want to win. I wish we could split this up into 2 different shows so that each of us get what they want: Big Brother, and an entertainment show without the game aspect.
We could name that show something like “The Real World”.

Oh, wait…


Last night, Emmett reminded everyone of how important this POV was. Still, they all got drunk, even Andrew. Only Emmett is playing the game and didn’t.
Only a few hours after having won the HOH, he had already told Gary and Andrew they were going up, he explained it calmly, it made sense and there was no drama. Later, Jillian starts sabotaging his game again and creates drama: she tells Gary she doesn’t know if it’s the best idea to put him up, and she keeps promising Andrew she’ll try to talk Emmett out of putting Andrew on the block. This girl has won comps (the biggest one only by promising to do 3 things which she did none of) and therefore kept Emmett safe a lot, but she’s pure venom for his game. When she relates conversations, she always exaggerates and adds drama. (last night, Andrew told her he was pissed for getting nominated, and when she told Emmett, she made it sound like he was being really aggressive towards her)
The Danielle Murphree vibe I get from her keeps getting stronger and stronger. And I did really like her in the beginning.
I wish Big Brother would add 2 announcements to the list of things BB says to the HGs:
1) in normal conversations: “Jilian, please stop screaming!”
2) when she’s game talking: “Jillian, there is NOONE ELSE remotely close to you, speak up! Gosh!”


1) in normal conversations: “Jillian, please stop screaming!”

I meant yelling. “Jillian, please stop YELLING!”
english is not my mother tongue and a difficult language … Talla agrees with me on this one…


Andrew wasn’t drunk…he was ok…he did drink but he was totally ok.


He used that excuse himself when talking to Jillian in the HOH bathroom last night to explain why he was getting so annoyed.
Fact is, yes, he didn’t drink himself into a coma like Talla did back then, but he didn’t treat the POV like a competition which deserves dim acting like an athlete in training the night before.
He looked hungover to me this morning and asked “do my eyes look like two piss holes in the snow?”
Maybe it’s a q&a or a crapshoot, and noone will care. But before a comp that’s important, a player who is in danger of leaving should make sure he’s fit.

But again, that’s only if you’re in there with a FOCUS on trying to win the game. I still like Andrew as an entertainer, but there’s only one real game player left in the house now.


I have to wonder…if Talla had proven more competent in the challenges (aka: could actually win a few), would Andrew have officially teamed up with her?

I’m also rather ticked with this returning jury member twist. Because jury members were not kept from each other, Gary was able to come back in with info that changed the target on Andrew’s back from loonie-sized to tire-sized. 🙁

I keep wondering…if Emmett’s family had never said (in his HoH letter) that they liked Gary, would Emmett and Gary have come together like they have? I get the feeling maybe not.


This is the third twist and all three have put Andrew at great risk of being evicted. I hope the third time isn’t the charm and he can escape again.


First off if talla had proven herself as a bigger competitor she probably still teamed up with andrew but other people in the game would have respected her game more and not want to get rid of her so badly. As for the twist i think it should have happened earlier in the game where this twist could have made a better impact and actually did something. As for gary having more details from the jury not really gary already hated andrew he was the reason he left and he was trying to get him out before he left, talla didn’t like her before and still holds a grudge because of there fight, emmitt nothing here seems to have changed jillian is the only one gary heard what she did so him being an emotional player may hold on to the info if he is smart he needs to keep it to himself for awhile. Gary and emmitt had a deal day 1 they didn’t get emmitts letter till the bee comp so it really had little to do with it all it did was reenforce it.


Yeah, it seems really strange that BB keeps allowing “outside info” into the game. Between the HOH letters which contain game content and the non-sequestered juror coming back into the game (meaning the jurors weren’t kept seperately like on BBUS when one returns) I wonder what production was thinking. With all this info floating around, why not just allow the HGs to watch the live feeds themselves to see whats going on?


Good point. I actually think Emmett’s letter’s have given him clues as to who he can trust. The initial letter from his Mom said “she loved Gary” & this last letter from his friend said “Give Talla a beer; she’s pure entertainment”

If I was in the house & was looking for direction I would think that meant to trust Gary & to take Talla to F2.

Someone mentioned above how Jill is reminding them of Danielle Murphee & I’m in total agreement; wonder if Dan will feel like he’s having a deja vu upon meeting her. I believe she plays the game that way on purpose since she’s done it from the very start of the game.

When she felt something was good for her game she actually withheld the information from Emmett & when she wanted to add a target she would either replay a simple conversation into a perceived threat, would only relay certain details or she would say the person’s motives were different from what they actually were. I give her credit b/c she IS PLAYING THE GAME when you break it down. Whereas Danielle did it for attention; Jill does it to behoove her situation. Case in point; she made it clear last week (especially after her blow-up with Peter) that she has all the blood on her hands & knows everyone perceives her as a liar so she is using this opportunity to pull Andrew, Talla & Gary closer to her by planting seeds like she is trying to help each of them individually. Since Andrew & Talla are unaware of the level of lies Jill has told they still trust her completely.

She is also using this method to position herself to be in the F2 with each individual. To that end, Andrew, Talla & Emmett have promised her the position beside them & OF COURSE each separately believes THEY are the only one she would consider to be in that position. This is why Jill likely won’t want Gary to stay but she can’t really push for that since it’s Emmett’s HOH. If she pushes too hard she’ll lose his trust & potentially his promise of a F2 especially since he wanted to keep Peter last week but she shut it down. Personally, I think that’s why Jill blew up at Peter b/c she needed to have a solid reason to give Emmett why they shouldn’t keep him.

Emmett is also reminding me of a previous US BB house guest: Hayden. He hasn’t been the only one to dominate comps like Hayden b/c he hasn’t needed to. However he has operated in a similar fashion by winning a bunch of them, working with a group of males & aligning with people he saw as physical threats who could protect him i.e. have the spot light on them (Tom/Alec/Jill) while also making sure to align with strategic thinkers (Alec/Peter).

On a final note; did anyone catch last night while Talla was a little tipsy she was slipping up in her “what’s that mean” dialogue? At one point after asking what “searing” a steak meant she followed it up with a reply to Gary regarding relationships (what percentage do they assign to looks vs personality) with a reply that made me stop what I was doing & look up; She said she put less emphasis on looks because looks are subjective. I’ve wondered it all along about her but I still believe the girl is much more intelligent than she “acts/plays” b/c she had no problem forming this response & using vernacular she normally would be asking what the word meant.

I have to say at this point I would actually enjoy being correct about this scenario & would love to see her pull out next week’s HOH/POV & send Emmett to jury; talk about irony (imagine Emmett’s face if the girl he thinks is completely clueless is actually the most intelligent in the house!). Then followed that up by winning both the endurance portion & final portion of the Final HOH & when asked to explain her strategy:

She would tell them what she does for living (as most don’t truly know what she does) & say she knew if she demonstrated how intelligent she was it would earmark her for an early exit as would winning competitions. Therefore she choose to put on a act of being ditzy & utilize her social skills & hyper active personality to get close to her peers so that they would view her as funny, potentially annoying but if she stuck around long enough they would then view her as the easiest person to beat at F2. She could say her goal was to reach the pivotal F4 competition with the goal of winning POV & HOH if possible & then to take the endurance & final round of the last HOH comp. Then close it by stating; in a house based on a social experiment how ironic is it that everyone deemed themselves to be superior & the master of all the big moves choosing to believe so easily she was that naive & ignorant when all along she was the one who was literally pulling all the strings.

HOW AMAZING WOULD THAT BE! Likely WON’T happen but I have to say I’d pay to see the faces of The Shield, The Milk-Mance et el if she actually is doing all of her antics & role playing as a strategy. It might be the most ingenious strategy ever.


The clear and deserving winner from the F5 are as follows:

1) Andrew has to be the most deserving because he started the game all by himself and only AJ would actually listen to him. The other guys had their own little clique and you had showmances, milkmances and nomances going around but Andrew stuck it out and due to his personality, humour and stupendous social gameplay, he was able to forge an alliance. Secondly, he carried his alliance “3 stooges”, he was a 1 man team. He was not afraid to make moves like taking out Gary and Liza. Finally, he played the game and didn’t come here to whore himself for 15 mins of fame unlike other houseguests. In my opinion he is the best player this season.

2) Emmett would be second because he is considered a huge threat but has managed to survive the block ever since first week. He is part of a very strong milkmance, the real power couple and has pretty much influenced all decisions made by Jillian and gotten rid of his competitors without any blood on his hand.

3) Jillian has a pretty bad social game but she is the only one to not go on the block up until now, which is a huge achievement in itself. She has won competitions when she needed to and has been miles ahead of all other girls and some guys.

4) Talla would be 4th solely because she survived this long. Even though she is clueless about the game and does act like a camera whore. I have observed her that everytime shes talking game with someone, she will be repeat what the other person says and sort of agrees with everyone. If worse comes to worst, I would give Talla the win.

5) Gary would be the LEAST deserving. He got a second chance to come back….straight to final 5 which is a huge advantage. To top it off, the jury members were not sequestered so he has all the info from AJ, Alec and Topaz. I know people like to say he is entertaining but I find him annoying (like Talla). I am sorry but I am not amused by someone who has to swear in every single sentence (LITERALLY). Yeah he might throw his glitter around and take 3 hours to put his face on but he is only here to promote his “brand” and he has mentioned that numerous times. BBCanada is a game and its not a stepping stone for fame and for that reason alone, I despise Gary and everyone else looking for fame. He only won POV because he competed against Liza, Aneal, Danielle and AJ. He won HOH because Alec, Jillian and Emmett were eliminated. I am not taking anything away from his wins but the fact of the matter is, he is not a gamer as some people claim him to be. Finally he is the least deserving because he was outplayed and evicted and no one should have been brought back this late in the game.


Yes… YES to all of your points!


I think Emmett has played the best game. He’s been both of the two major alliances in the house (good social game), The Quatro with Tom and the Shield..and he sent them home when they started acting shady (that’s a Boston Rob Survivor rule according to Phillip), then he got into another alliance with Jill and Andrew who have been dominating the game via comps (good physical game). He was a target from day 1 (literally, he was on the block with Tom the first week). Even Peter, who claims to be the biggest fan in the house, gives props to Em’s game and wants him to win. And this was AFTER Emmett manipulated the manipulator and got him not to use the veto on Topaz (good strategic game). He’s also making smart decisions on who to put up on the block. Like he said, if he goes to jury, he wants it to be because he lost HOH/POV, not because he trusted the wrong person and made a stupid move.
Well actually now that I think about it, he hasn’t played a PERFECT game…since he was wanting to keep Peter (dumb) and may be wanting to keep Gary (dumb). I don’t know. But he managed to not go through with the dumb stuff he was thinking, so it’s got him to this point.


Also wanted to add that he’s got the other comp threat Jill’s head out of the game so much that she refuses to put him up even when she knows it’s best for her own game.


Oh and one more….he probably can convince Talla to throw anything he wants. He’s no Dan, but Talla may be a Danielle Murphee level gullible. He’s in a real good spot if production would stop interfering.


I hate that “deserving” term when it comes to this game.