POV Holder: ? Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots No Have Nots this Week

Big Brother Canada April 20 2013 217pm

2:15pm The door bell rings and Dan Gheesling comes in … He says who is ready to get coached up! Talla runs up and jumps on Dan. Jillian and Andrew tell Dan how they just got out his biggest fans. They all sit down in the living room. Dan wants them all to introduce themselves. Dan congratulates them all on making it to the final 5. Dan asks Talla if she is okay? Dan says I feel like I got attacked. I feel like I need a restraining order against you. They laugh. They all then introduce themselves. Dan says that he only watched the first episode. Dan comments on how he is staying the night. Jillian says that he doesn’t know who he is so Dan introduces himself. Talla touches him and says you are real.

Dan says that he has a special announcement for them… He stands up and says he is just going to wait for big brother.. Big Brother then says go ahead…

Big Brother Canada April 20 2013 220pm

2:40pm Dan says that he is dressed in black for a reason .. Big Brother has giving me the power to evict one of them tonight. He says that he is giving them the opportunity to explain why they are here. He will then make his decision. Each of them tell Dan why they want to stay in the house and what they did so far in the game. After they finish telling him why they should each stay Dan tells them that they have all been MISTED! None of them are being evicted tonight. They all jump up and huge him. They were all freaked out that one of them would be evicted. They then give him a tour of the house.

Video is uploading:

Big Brother Canada April 20 2013 313pm
3pm – 3:20pm The house guests head back downstairs. Dan continues to ask them questions about the season. They stand in front of the memory wall and discuss the other house guests. Dan asks so have any of you lied? Jillian says no, I haven’t lied at all. She then says no I’ve lied. All the house guests are talking a mile a minute and talking over each other. Dan asks did anyone get evicted and have a melt down. They tell him yes, Danielle. They tell him that when she left ..she said F all of you! Dan talks about how the winner gets $100,000, the Chevrolet Trax and the Brick gift card. Dan says and that is tax free.. with the US version the government takes $200,000 off of the $500,000. Dan asks so have any of you not been nominated? Andrew says Jillian. He then says that will change next week though. They talk about Emmett being disqualified in competitions. Andrew tells Dan about how he put a plastic bag over his head wanting to kill himself and self evict. Dan says you need a psychiatrist. Andrew says its all for sh!ts and giggles.

Andrew is talking about this day:

Big Brother Canada April 20 2013 314pm

3:25pm – 3:45pm Dan asks them if they are ready to mix things up and roll with other people Andrew immediately jokes yeah I’ll work with you! Jillian and Andrew say that they don’t really want to answer that question. Dan starts talking about Big Brother 14 and what things happened and how he got to the end. The house guests talk about making dinner. Talla challenges Dan to a game of puck ball. Talla teaches Dan the rules. Dan says that he wants to put something in the bedroom. Talla and Dan head to the bedroom. Dan comments like it sounds like everything is set in stone. Talla starts talking about her position in the game and how she has an alliance with Andrew. Dan asks Talla what she would do if she won the veto. Talla says that she would keep the noms the same .. but then says that she could use it and Jillian would go up and break up a showmance because she is a huge threat. Talla says but I kind of also have a girl alliance with Jillian. Dan asks If whats supposed to happen, happens who will be left in the game? Talla says me, Jillian, Emmett and Andrew. Talla keeps saying that she hasn’t won any HOH’s. Dan says that isn’t such a bad thing, there have been lots of people that haven’t won anything till the final five and then gone on a terror. Talla says that she thinks Gary would take her further .. but that means turning my back on Andrew. (If she won the veto and used it on Gary.) Talla says that she is scare of the veto and the possibility of going up. Dan asks if you could pick the final four who would it be? Talla says Andrew, Jillian and Emmett. Dan asks does that give you the best shot to win? Talla starts to back track thinking maybe Gary but then says right now yes that is my best shot. Dan tells her she just needs to figure out what’s best for her. Jillian comes in with Dan’s big suit case and asks do you have something to tell us? I feel like you are moving in. Dan says no that’s just my suit case. Jillian leaves. Talla calls herself a stooge. Dan asks why do you call yourself a stooge?

Big Brother Canada April 20 2013 338pm

Video of Dan talking game with Talla is being uploaded:

3:50pm – 4:10pm Dan and Gary then head to main bedroom to talk GAME. Gary tells Dan that he made a final two deal with Emmett. Dan asks before you were evicted or now? Gary says now. Gary says that he wants to win the veto so that Andrew or Talla get evicted. Dan asks who do you want gone. Gary says I don’t care. Dan asks from the jury house who has the best chance to win. Gary says Emmett. Dan asks who has the worst chance? Gary says Talla. Gary says that he wants to, and is trying to get Emmett to break up with his showmance and drop her. Gary says then that will be another move under my belt. Gary says that he would rather take his chances with Emmett in the final two. Dan asks do you think you can get Emmett to drop his showmance? Gary says that he is hopeful and thinks he can. Dan asks do you think anyone will use the veto on you? Gary says no. Gary says Talla won’t use it on me. Dan asks why do you think that did you ask her? Gary says no, but why would she. Gary says that he will talk to Talla if he doesn’t win the veto. They finish up their conversation and head back to the kitchen. Talla is there talking to Andrew. Talla comments on how she was just told she needs to be careful about what she says..

Video of Dan talking GAME with Gary:

4:15pm – 4:30pm Everyone is in the kitchen chatting with Dan. Dan asks them if they have gone around the house searching to see if there are any hidden items. Emmett says that Peter and Alec did. They tell him that Peter & Alec read Dan’s book. Dan says oh good so it helped them. Andrew says well no it didn’t they are gone! The conversation turns back to talking about past events of the house. Dan learns that they wake up to an alarm. He tells them that in the US version Big Brother plays music to wake them up. They’re jealous. Dan talks about how he would never come back. He already came back and was a marked target. They ask Dan about what happens after the show and whether or not the other house guests are still your friends. Emmett starts talking to Dan about real estate and house renos. Talla starts making dinner.

4:35pm – 5pm Emmett is talking to Dan about how he was nominated shortly after walking through the front door. Emmett tells Dan that he can’t really tell him too much because I don’t know if I can trust you. I don’t want to give up too much information because I want to protect myself. Dan says that he has something fun planned for them later but that its nothing big. Emmett talks to Dan about the past events of the house. Emmett tells Dan that he feels like he has positioned himself pretty well. Dan tells Emmett that what is impressive about Emmetts game is that he was a target week one but has made it this far. Dan says you are someone I would pair up with good in challenges and super trust worthy. Emmett says that this twist of Gary coming back .. I am probably the only one not mad about it. Dan tells Emmett that the older the people are in the jury ..the more they are able to take a step back and think about things. Dan asks so you are good with them in the jury? Emmett says yes. Dan says that is good for you. Emmett says they are idiots for not getting me out before this.

5:05pm – 5:15pm Andrew and Jillian are up in the HOH room playing a game of chess. Andrew complains about Talla and being on the block. Emmett comes up and Andrew asks him … so are you in an alliance with him now? Emmett wonders if Dan could be biased with some people in the house. Jillian comments how Talla was getting nervous about how long you were talking to him. Andrew says what is he going to convince someone to take Gary over one of us? Andrew says Gary would win against any of us. Emmett agrees and says that everyone in the jury but Aj would vote for him. Emmett heads back downstairs. Andrew says look at all these ponds in our game of chest. Meanwhile down in the kitchen: Gary continues to cook dinner while they talk to Dan. Dan comments on how crazy it was that Alec told them he was a social psychologist. Gary says yeah that was his game plan he wanted to tell us how good he was and how he was going to beat us. Emmett asks Dan how he liked slop. Dan says that he mainly ate the other items they got with it but says that he wants to try their slop. (Dan was at the pre-season slop truck tasting days in Toronto, so I’m sure he already tried it. He is just lying to keep up the lie that he doesn’t know much about them.)

5:20pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the hush hush screen… Right before the feeds cut out the cameras flashed to the backyard to show a “Price Of Veto” buzz in question competition.

5:27pm – 6pm The live feeds come back to the house guests talking in the kitchen with Dan. Dan leaves the room to head to the bedroom. Talla questions Emmett about why he was talking to Dan for so long. Emmett says that he was explaining what and how past events in the house happened. Meanwhile in the bedroom Dan is talking to Gary. Gary says that he knows how the jury will vote and says that Talla won’t win. The only person that will vote for her is maybe Aj. Gary tells Dan that this week Emmett wants to get Andrew out. Dan asks do you believe him? Gary says yes, I have no other option than to believe him. Dan asks what’s the best case scenario? Gary says I win the veto, Talla goes up and Andrew goes home. Gary says worst case is Andrew wins POV and takes himself off. Dan says it will be interesting tonight after the veto .. it will be crazy. Dan and Gary continue to talk scenarios. Dan tells Gary again that its a huge advantage about how the jury will vote .. they don’t they are just guessing. Gary continues to talk scenarios and past events with Dan.

Video of Gary and Dan’s conversation will be uploaded here:

6pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the hush hush screen again..

7:10pm Price is right POV
7:50pm Price is right POV
8:40pm Price is right POV

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The whole misted thing that is total dan so if what dan said is true which i am guessing is then that seems fair he has no previous knowledge of any of the hgs and can’t give any info so he is there to host the veto lol and give him his expertise in the game. Regardless i really am glad to see dan he is hands down the best player to ever play this game.


Dan is lying…..He has seen the show…..He keeps asking on twitter if someone could send him the link to each episode and has commented on some shows (about cooking lobster correctly, liking the fact that Peter was obsessed with him), etc…


I love Dan but I’d give him a VERY CLOSE second to Dr. Will the ultimate puppeteer & best to EVER play the game (In my opinion)!

Janelle, Danielle from season two & Dani Donato were my favorite females although Dani blew up her game way too early her second time in the house.


Video of Dan entering isn’t working 🙁


seeing Dan make me more sad about Pete’s eviction. oh well, at least I have a nerd in the house to obsess over


Sara, don’t worry. I’m positive that Dan has either already visited the Jury House, or he will after be after his BB house sleepover. I’ll sure we’ll also get to see it on a later episode. Production knows that us watching Alec and Peter’s reaction when they meet their BB role model, will be “TV Gold!” They’re right!


I so hope you’re right


Reading the post I almost believed it that Dan had been given a special power since now it’s just whatever goes goes. It wouldn’t have been a big shock to me had production decided to let him evict someone.


I agree i wouldn’t put anything past production but at this stage with only five people i think it would be unfair. I don’t know if he watch the show or not but it is obvious he is there to help them figure things out be isn’t telling them to do anything only is that your best move? gary is right for him to get to the F2 he has to remove jillian I am just not sure how he could do it without ticking off emmitt and he really seems to believe emmitt will take him to the F2.


Gary is hating the fact that Dan is the center of attention…when the camera catches him and hes not part of the conversation he looks like a pouty little kid!

The Shield

Believe in the power of the mist.


Persia…..now where was that located again – can that be found on some prehistoric map somewhere ? I R A N. That’s my only beef about Iranians who use it as a way to avoid saying Iranian (for their own obvious prejudices and beliefs that it must be bad?)


Huh? What are you talking about?


I feel Dan was given instructions by production to try to convince the HGs to save Gary and break up Jemmett.


I can see that…

I still say he has a power to give. The couple will be broken up this week.


I don’t see that the only way jemmette can be broken up is if talla wins the pov and actually uses it to save gary or andrew (which i find highly unlikely). She then has to convince whoever is taken off the block to vote jillian out without going to emmitt to vote. Do you really see her pulling that out? As for dan having some kind of power i doubt it any kind of power would be so unfair at this point in the game unless him being there has to do with the veto on the other hand the only way talla will win the veto is if it is handed to her lol.


The fact that it does seem so unfair almost sounds to me like a guarantee that production will do it. The more unfair, the better!


Well, like Emmett and Jillian said before Dan entered the house… the worst thing that could happen would be if they convinced Talla and Andrew to think for themselves. Right now the milkmance has those two in their pockets, so changing their minds would change the entire GAME.


hmmmmm…..seems like Talla is more on the ball than what I first thought. She seems to be thinking alot of the scenarios thru….but will she put Jillian up IF she wins POV? I dont think she has the courage


It isn’t up to Talla to decide who goes up if she wins the veto. Only person left to go on the block is Jillian. Then Gary and Talla (or Andrew and Talla) will be the only two to vote. Hopefully 2-0 and Jillian will be a goners!!


I hope the POV is how bad do u want it and Talla wins and takes Andrew off and Jillian goes up and gets evicted . Emmett is stupid he should have nominated Andrew and Talla. At least that’s what I would have done that Way Jillian was safe now she isn’t .


No not really first off between gary and talla it is more likely that gary would win it talla hasn’t won one comp and pov is going to be physical it usally is and with four strong players it is highly unlikely she will win, Also talla and andrew think they have an allience with jemmette so if he puts both of them up then he is basically saying he doesnn’t have one with them by putting up gary he is covering both bases. If gary wins then he says i have no choice and sends andrew out if andrew wins he will probably send gary out and there deal stands or he could flip it and send talla packing not sure but either way he is covered. That is why he put gary and andrew up putting talla and andrew up would have been stupid.


I’m betting Emmett did that on purpose, secretly hoping that Talla would win veto and obviously he’ll have choice but to put up Jillian and he’ll also have no control over her being voted out. Maybe he has thought ahead that showmance now has to end.


Actually, the option he chose keeps Jillian the safest. If Gary wins veto he’ll take himself off the block, and if Andrew wins veto he’ll take HIMSELF off the block… and so the only way Talla wouldn’t be a substitute and Jillian would go up is if Talla won veto. And what are the chances of that? Talla hasn’t won anything all season–so Jillian’s fairly safe.


Dan to Talla:
“At this point in the game, someone is going to get stabbed in the back. There’s only 2 options. Or you stab someone in the back, or you get stabbed in the back.”
later: “There’s a showmance. It seems obvious”
Yeah. He’s not at all influencing her.
So much about “Dan has too much respect for the game to alter it.”

I love watching the discussions (thank you BB for not cutting the live feeds!) but this is, again, production intervening, pushing Talla to stab the Milkmance in the back if she wins.
My bet is the pov will be about insider stuff from Edmonton and Talla-tinis.



Based on the fact that Dan was then speaking to Gary in the same way, getting him to think out loud and such, I’m guessing that he will be doing this with all the players over the course of his stay, thus keeping things “fair” and getting players to think their way through to the F2. Its great to hear what everyone is actually thinking and the scenarios, finally people can be honest with this third party and you really get a sense of their game.


Dan to Gary:
“if you wanted Jillian gone this week… Would there be any scenario?” Gary: “bla bla NO! bla bla”
Dan: “actually, here’s how it could work. (‘takes the baby by the hand and walks him through it’)
Gary: “OMG! I hadn’t even thought of that!”

Dan is obviously on the mission to get Jillian evicted.


Why is everyone treating Jillian and Emmett (since the beginning) like the king and queen of the castle? Get their asses out tout suite people – it may just earn you some votes for courage when it comes to jury members. Am I missing something here?


Because they keep winning HoH’s… so they sort-of ARE the kings and queens of the castle. The other players have to either suck up to them or risk being put up on the block.


Yes you are, babybare: E/J have won the last 4 HOH’s in a row! They’ve been deciding who goes up the block, for a solid month now. You either win HOH (which no one else has been doing lately), kiss the ring of the HOH, or get evicted. It’s not that they’re popular – it’s that they’re always in power!


Big Brother is GOD! If nd only if the showmnce is broken and especially if Jillian is walking out the door on Thursday … It would be epic!!!!!!


I want Dan to talk to Jillian and put a LOT of irrational fears into her head. Jill is the sort of person who believes everything she’s told… and she basically knows nothing about Dan and his misting powers, so it’s PERFECT.

I want her second guessing herself all over the dang place.


I wonder if Dan is given a power of some sorts and it is to help one houseguest during the POV…….if so…..he decides to help Talla with the hope she uses the POV to break up the Jillian and Emmett reign of terror……..can always hope right? Maybe they will be playing for 2 POV’s?


sounds like Andrew is a bit bitter? He sits and says all these things about Dan but I can bet when it is his turn to talk one on one he does a 360 degree turn around and spills his guts


Dan has been brought in to make talla THINK. You watch the veto now will probably be endurance so she’ll win because Jillian can’t play. Production has told Dan to persuade talla to bring up Jemmet. He’s already had one conversation about it. And of course he’s watched the show. He instantly made a big deal about who was sleeping in the common bedroom. Production must think that it’s too predictable that they want Gary out this week so Dan is there to break up Emmett and Jillian.


Did I miss something? Why cant Jillian play in POV?


Cwilson was mistaken. Jill can play for the veto (assuming her name is picked as one of the contestants).


There is no picking, there are less than 6 people so everyone automatically plays.


right before screen went to HUSH HUSH it flashed to the backyard….it looks like a question and answer POV


Everyone plays POV. Jillian and Emmit both play. talla isn’t beating Jillian with her butt on the line. Endurance means the end of Andrew unfortunately.


the other 3 remaining hg can have the 100k … but not/never the j jr e


Since Dan isn’t teaching anymore maybe he should become a BBCAN producer.. he will get rid of these ridiculous twists


I would be so on board with this!


Just saw the backyard on feed 2. Looks like it will be a mental comp.


Here we go, the “Price of Veto” buzz-in pov challenge is on its way.
Seems like Lala might do best in this kind of comp. Not surprised. LOL


Pretty sure they’re going to do the POV right now. I was watching vid 1 and then it said HUSH so I clicked vid 2 and I saw someone from production behind a quiz like POV that had buzzers. Did anyone else catch that? I’m hoping Andrew or Talla win this. Preferably Talla since she can then take off Andrew/Gary. I’m hoping she really takes what Dan said into consideration. Anyways, very excited and hopeful to see who wins.

Bill from Halifax

Yes I caught the workers in the back yard setting up POV.
Here are two pictures:
The second picture is the guy who is also the voice of Marsha the Moose




Sweet thanks Bill!

Bill from Halifax

Do you remember in past BB where people had to “bid” to get the POV. I think one person bid that they would do slop for the rest of the season. Do you think the “Price of Veto” could be like that competition?


I was thinking that based on the name of the comp, but the setup doesn’t look like it. It looks more like a question/answer comp.


Dan will cite the “challenges” and the first one to buzz in gets it and the point(s) attached to it.


Yup, that’s why Dan was so desperate to tell Talla she should really try and win this one! It’s the JennCity challenge, so even the worst competitor can win if they just want it enough. He’ll get Gary and Talla to talk before the POV so that Gary won’t be as motivated to win it and Talla can win. (I’m still hoping for Andrew to win)

Interfering times 10. Why not just say “Dan has the power to award the POV to whoever he wants”, and then Dan says “I give the POV to Talla because she is just too, too cute” (imitating Jillian’s speech when nominating her, all the while still claiming he didn’t see all the episodes.
I HATE BB at this point. Too bad I can’t just stop watching bc I still want to see what happens. Still, BB has turned into a pathetic travesty.


Yes I also think it will be a mixture of “How bad do youwant it?” (Which price/punishment are you willing to pay regarding the “Price of Veto”) with maybe questions. They probably separate them in the booth so they can’t make arrangements with each other during the process.


I referenced this last night knowing Dan was coming into the house likely to host the POV & I thought it might be the same POV BB US did last season where you have to answer a question & then you win points IF YOU AGREE TO TAKE THE PUNISHMENT. It was the Veto Jenn won when they had chum baths, burn your clothes etc. Frank got DQ’d (he was HOH) for talking to Brittany & Dan ended up sequestered for 24 hours in the “Rave” Room. It gave him the opportunity to come up with his “Funeral” plan which ultimately saved him & got both Brit & Frank out of the house.

There’s was a puzzle you had to decipher which everyone BUT JILL should be good at. It’s not a simple game tho because if you don’t accept the punishment you are eliminated. This is where it gets tricky…. Would Emmett shave his hair off to get big points? Would Andrew or Gary be on slop for the remainder of the season to stay in game/earn points? etc…

It actually sounds like it is tailored more to Andrew & Emmett than anyone depending on what punishments they are willing to take.

Hopefully Talla & Gary use their thinking caps to recognize they need to try as hard as possible to win by getting questions right & taking whatever punishment is administered.

Have to admit I do find it funny Talla & Gary don’t seem to understand they should keep each other in the game (but I do think Emmett knows they would be his ideal F2). Gary going with Emmett to F2 would almost guarantee a win for Emmett.

Unless Talla blows it up next week & wins both HOH & POV & then follows that up with winning the 2 part final HOH she is the safest bet to sit beside. Gary would be next best b/c players won’t award him the money over Emmett of Andrew (Maybe Jill).

Jill is then the next best to sit beside simply b/c in a game where you can only make decisions based on winning comps, your alliances & your word she has committed the ultimate sin by constantly lying; even when it wasn’t necessary. Whether she made her own decisions or not it appears Emmett got her to do all his dirty work while keeping his hands relatively clean. OF NOTE: they tend to NOT talk to nominees together when one of them is HOH.

At present; Emmett does have the best case to win b/c he played an overall solid game across the board: comps, honesty & likability/social along with strategic & mostly with respect towards nominees.

Andrew is a close second but as of yet I haven’t heard much strategy coming from him other than who he is aligned with. The only other time I saw his knowledge of the game was his immediate understanding of Emmett putting Topaz/Talla on block & Peter winning POV which could have resulted in his eviction.

Frankly the most annoying thing (& I’d likely get evicted if I was in there b/c of it) is when Andrew, Talla & Jill complain about people lobbying to stay. The problem is NONE of them have truly had to fear for their life in the house but that shouldn’t mean they can’t try to emphasize with the person whose on the block.

The one thing I’ll always remember Dan saying is he treated everyone kindly (or misted them all, for those of you who think it was all an act) b/c at the end of the day if someone is truly torn on who played a better game ultimately HOW THEY WERE TREATED IN THE GAME WILL BE THE DECIDING FACTOR. For someone who constantly said no one ever bothered to get to know anything personal about him you would think he wouldn’t have forgotten that fact.

To that end, although I didn’t agree with how Peter verbalized his dismay & disgust I did emphasize with him. He had remained completely faithful to those he aligned with (Alec & Emmett), he talked to Emmett often to decide who would be best to get out so that he could tell Jill, he never lost his cool toward Emm when Jill erupted saying she knew nothing about the F4 until the Thursday before Alec’s eviction. He was always able to roll with the punches & adjust even though he made some assumptions that were inaccurate, namely not seeing how close Andrew had become with the power couple.

I also see how he could be annoyed with Andrew for having no empathy toward him when in fact Peter was directly responsible for Andrew staying in the house TWICE. All Topaz needed was him to vote out Andrew to get the tie in his first stint on the block against AJ & all he needed to do was remove Topaz from the block the 2nd time & Emm would have put up Andrew which would have resulted in his eviction. It’s odd to me that Andrew never saw that as something he should have valued more & been nicer to Peter for (I get why he wasn’t with Alec, given how crazed he was acting) even if he ultimately evicted him. It will cost Andrew votes from Alec & Peter b/c Emmett at least made the effort to listen to them both while Andrew treated them both like sore losers.

I do like Andrew but to me his inability to treat the very people who saved him with an audience to hear them out (like Emmett did) will cost him. What he didn’t stop to recognize is just b/c he based all his strategy on winning comps doesn’t mean it was a better strategy it was just a different strategy than choosing to use a more strategic approach. It ends up looking like he either doesn’t understand there is more than one way to peel an apple or that he doesn’t care. If he’d chosen to at least give the appearance he was appreciative for the saves & heard Peter out he may well have pulled ahead of Emmett but he was inconsistent.

Part of the reason The Shield & The Milkmance kept him around initially was his likability, compassion & honesty but after he began to win he became a more cocky less caring person to anyone outside his alliance.

Not sure I’m explaining this well but in essence when Alec & Peter felt they were in complete control they were really nice to Andrew but conversely once he found himself in similar shoes he did not show them the same courtesy.


Dan player BB game twice and came in first and second. Wrote a book about this. Is a professional coach.. The HG should be picking his brain for any tips and knowledge they can get to help their game… Can’t believe Jillian doesn’t know who he is.. Too bad. If she had seen his last season she would have seen what happens to gulible emotional women on the show…


Love how Gary keeps interrupting and talking over Dan instead of taking advice. Priceless.


Dan isn’t giving any advice, he’s just making everybody think for themselves and look at the bigger picture.

Jillian is being a real jerk with Dan, he asked if they were scheming and she jeered at him as though that was such an offensive thing to say and she screeched “Our scheming?!?!” He said “Well where do you guys get to talk in private?”…

I was glad to see Talla take the initiative and be first up to talk to Dan, she is so misted by her whole alliance, I hope she gets a clue now.

It is so good to see these guys get some coaching on how to play, it’s finally good tv watching the live feeds today! Thanks BBCan!

Also have to comment on how awful Arissa’s outfit was on Thursday night, my 8 year old thought she looked like a clown.


I really start to feel sorry for Dan: when talking to Gary, he keeps hinting to the “Talla wins POV and you send Jillian home” scenario but Gary doesn’t get it, doesn’t get it, doesn’t get it…
Dan keeps on saying “no, but let’s get back to this week. Let’s get back to Talla.”
I really think it’s in Gary’s best interest to get rid of Andrew, more than getting rid of Jillian (because of the jury votes)
Still, Dan-on-a-mission won’t give up… I guess production promised him a big fat bonus if he mists Gary and Talla to do this.
I really wouldn’t be surprised if the pov was the kind of comp that people could easily throw to someone (Talla).
Wow, production really wants the drama. And Jillian gone.
I’m sure they’ll let Dan stay until the pov to make sure Emmett doesn’t have time to unmist Talla…


I’m sure they’ll let Dan stay until the POV CEREMONY is what I meant to say…


Regardless that senario is never going to happen for it to happen talla has to win pov, then she has to back stabb andrew (who is a stoogie like her) and take gary off the block instead of andrew and have 2–0 vote which also means she burnt her bridge with both emmitt and andrew, or she takes andrew off and has to convince andrew and talla to vote jillian out (which means emmitt is going after both andrew and talla) or emmitt has to vote her out. Does anyone really see any of those things happening. I really am shocked that gary fell for emmitts trick and he believes that emmitt won’t take jillian to the final 2. I have to say emmitt smart the rest of them are dumb. The moment gary goes to talla or emmitt it is ball game over for him I am now hoping andrew wins the veto it will solve all the problems and beast coast can get to the end.

Talla's Pimp

Come on Talla Win the veto make me proud . Bring me the bacon . That is why I pay you .

Talla FTW


teehee doesnt seem like dan is impressed with jillian cut her off a few times and how rude a guest in the house and o go to hoh


I kept on trying to remember a word when watching Gary talk to Dan…
It just popped into my head: OBTUSE.

Oh, now they switch to the hush hush screen in the middle of their conmversation.
BB speaks to Dan and tells him: “OK, Dan, we just cut the live feeds. You can speak totally bluntly now”
Dan to Gary: “OK, you brainless moron! I’ve been telling you to work with Talla to evict Jillian for an hour now! Seriously, dude, listen when you’re being talked to! How much clearer do you need me to be? Gosh! How the hell did you make it this far?!? Oh, right… you didn’t, you were evicted 16 days ago…
Never mindas you’re being told and afterwards go play with your makeup.”


gary is unaware of the beast coast allience so i really can’t see a sinerio that would get talla if a miracle happened to win and use it to stab jillian in the back gary would have to get emmitt to agree to get jillian out for talla to turn on them because then both andrew and emmitt would be after her and talla doesn’t have that much of a back bone. Gary could get what dan is hinting at but i don’t see how it would work


You know who would have been better for a sleepover guest? Anybody but Dan. What is the point of him being in the house? To coach people at the end of the game already in alliances with a plan? This would only be good for huge fans like Peter or Alec… Jillian didn’t even know who he was. Oh well at least something entertaining on the live feeds, because the milk mancing, stooge fights and glitter “I just want to be famous” is super boring… although better then the Peter Pity Party….. I’m hoping there is some kind of twist with Dan, other then just talking about his glory days and finding out what peoples strategies are. Has he even given advice? I’m rambling. but seriously, why dan?


Because no-one has even remotely stood up to the milkmance and production knows that we can see exactly what is going to happen from a mile away. Gary goes this week, Andrew goes next, then Talla goes. Boring. Predictable. Inevitable.

So Dan’s job is to make what is obvious to the rest of us more obvious to the other players in the game. “Look! There’s a showmance that keeps winning comp after comp! And you ALL think they’ll take YOU to the final 3 are you CRAZY?!? You have to split them up or this show is going to steadily lose viewers over the next couple of weeks! WE NEED VIEWERS, SO STOP BOWING TO THE MILKMANCE.”


Production is using every technique short of an ejection seat to sent Jillian out the door! They should make Gary guest host of “Saturday Night Slice” this week, since he’s not listening to Dan’s instructions, have Dan fill-in for Gary during the POV comp, have Dan win, and then allow Dan to give POV to any HG. Dan chooses Talla. Dan then whispers to her, “Talla, Take Andrew off”. Emmett is then forced to put up Jillian. BBCA Production immediately pops open a bottle of champagne! FINALLY! Mission Accomplished. “Ding Dong, The Milkmance Is Dead!” Damn! Getting that done with this cast was as hard as childbirth!

I used to enjoy watching a show called Big Brother. I now offcially have no idea why Canada has used the same title to describe whatever farce it is they are airing this season……..


Jim, I love you!


Johnny, my wife Mary just saw your comment, and asked if she should be concerned! I told her no, Johnny’s harmless – he just the “BBCA Rookie Poster Of The Year” award winner, that’s all…….


awww online bromance…cute


Well, greetings to your wife! Tell her I’m straight, and if that’s not enough, that I’m in Europe! 😉
You and me to the end, bro! For real, bro!


LOL, great post.

You point out a rather obvious action I’ve noticed for quite some time now. The ONLY people who ever LISTENED were Emmett, Peter Topaz & Liza. EVERYONE else spends so much time talking over top of each other they never learn anything.

I believe Dan is actually trying to help them ALL by pointing out where their head should be at.

The one area I think he could be successful is specifically with ONE OF JILLIAN’S THREE F2 people (Emmett, Andrew & possibly Talla) if he responds to them citing Jill as their F2 by saying:

“Ok so are you sure you are her F2?”

“Would it be best for HER game to take you over anyone else to F2?”

“Is she a really honest person who you can rely on for being honest…. (insert hook in opened gaping mouth) that is to say is her word her bond?”


“Well if she has been the most loyal to you by putting you first consistently via her actions all along then I guess you have nothing to worry about then”

Smile & walk away!


It would be nice if you didn’t talk for all viewers some of us like them dan is there just to add drama but not to tell them what to do but they are near the end of the game if they were going to make a move against them it should have been done weeks ago. Gary is a fool if he thinks emmitt will drop jillian or if he thinks talla will take him off the block. Andrew has a deal with jillian so the only way jillian would go home is if talla wins takes gary off the vote 2-0 because gary (no matter what he thinks) will not vote jillian out.


oops i meant that gary will not be able to get andrew to vote jillian out no matter what he thinks


Hallie, I would never try to speak for you, or anyone else. Your posts are always a pleasure to read. To me, a Chevy Powershift this late in the game, followed by Dan’s visit, just 36 hours later, has me a tad grumpy. I have no problem at all with the visit itself. I like it. Dan only crosses the line when he repeatedly rams production’s “bullet points” down Gary’s and Talla’s throat, that’s all. Information is power. Knowledge is power. Successfully keeping people “in the dark” is also needed, for anyone to win BB. If you’re good at these things, a HG has a chance to win, If not, you likely won’t. (Just look at how Production destroyed Topaz’ game, by showing her “5-minute, talking outloud session.”) Winning BB is a bit like surgery. Any “game contamination” can be fatal to any HG’s chances. I see both Gary’s return and Dan’s words to specific HGs as infecting the overall BBCA game. I’m a purist. I don’t like that. Others are not. I hope you are having a nice weekend, Hallie!


“a tad grumpy” LOL, love it.
True, it’s the same like Gary sharing selected jury info with selected houseguests, not cool.


Jillian not knowing who Dan is! like going to work for Microsoft and not knowing who Bill Gates is! She should be embarrassed instead of making herself seem superior to him. She is a jacka$$!


Well, maybe not everyone is weak-minded enough to be a ferret-face worshiper.


Now that would be some POT Stirring if Talla won the Veto and used it on Gary. OMG that would be some fun stuff to watch. Andrew would blow his top and Jillian would finally be stumped for words. LOL but I don’t think Talla has it in her.


Anyone else getting really annoyed with Gary?? He thinks he has Emmett whipped. Gary, yes Canada voted you in because they enjoy your presence but they also voted you back in for a second chance! Why isn’t he thinking straight, he needs to shut his mouth while Dan is trying to spell out to him that he should be working with Talla. Is Gary that naive? Emmett is taking Jillian over anyone else, I really don’t get how they can be so daft. Dan coming into this game could potentially make Gary, Talla or even Andrew a winner if they play their cards right. He’s basically their Pandora’s box. Come on!


I’ll agree Gary isn’t as entertaining anymore.


even if gary got where dan was going with that conversation i don’t see how he could get talla to turn on the beast coast at this point it won’t happen also gary and dan are unaware of the 4 person allience he assumes that talla isn’t part of any deal.


Talla’s only hope of winning the veto would be if Dan was able to compete in the Veto comp. then win it, and give it to her… : (


i agree gary glitter isn’t shining


Dan’s basically doing what they do in the Diary room. Talking through scenarios etc etc. So far him being in the house has been alright.


This so unfair, obviously Dan is going to give the “best advice” to the person he want to win the game. Its kinda of funny that Dan enters the week Peter leaves.


I don’t think he is giving best advice for one hgs over another but he is only giving advice to those that want it and as of right now emmitt,andrew and jillian don’t seem to want it. Gary keeps running to him so he is giving him advice but the others seem to want to play there game on there own though he does seem overly impressed by emmitt


I would love to see a Big Brother All Stars Fast Play. Like a whole season taking place in really maybe only 2 weeks. With all the best players US & Canada. That would be awesome…Less twists and silly tasks, and just strategy and game play with the best players…that would be very entertaining… To speed things up they could even get rid of the Have/Have Not aspect of things. Can you imagine Dan, Alec, Peter, Britney, etc. etc. all playing together…to me personally, that would be entertainment at it’s finest.


Youy want another USBB Allstars. Becauseat this point we don’t have 1 from BBcan who can hold the best 15’s jock strap in the US. Not that productions smart but they should have 5 or 6 full seasons under thier belt first. And no returning guests for 5 plus years minimum.


I’m hoping anyone but Talla wins this POV (ideally Andrew). Milkmance + Andrew for the win!


so productions last straw to try and shake things up is to send in dan. almost all of the houseguests would have needed coaching to improve their gameplay so much earlier.


You mean the HGs in the jury house needed coaching. Jill, Em, Andrew, and Talla are doing fine. This crew would have sent ferret face to the jury house early. He can’t coach people that think for themselves.


Which POV winner will make the next couple days the most entertaining on the feeds
1) Talla wins POV Jillian goes up
2) Gary wins POV Talla goes up
3 Emmett wins POV ? (Nominations most likely will be the same. Slim chance of them changing)
4) Andrew wins POV Talla goes up
5) Jillian wins POV ? (Nominations most likely will be the same. A bit of a chance of them changing in Andrew’s favor) )


1) would be the most entertaining but will never ever happen.


Scenario 1 is the best but it will never happen. Even if Talla take one of the boys off, they will still do whatever Emmett wants them to do. Sad fact of life. Therefor I’m hoping for Andrew to win and Gary to leave.


*ate = take


I don’t see talla using the veto if she wins it


Agreed. Her first response to Dan when he asked what she’d do if she won the veto was that she’d leave things the same. Even if she won it (highly doubtful) she doesn’t have the guts to go against Jillian.


Poor Dan, he keeps repeating himself over and over again and these people just refuse to finaly get a clue. I mean Gary, the one who already got evicted once, thinks he has a chance to beat Emmett in the final. SERIOUSLY!!!!!. I’m over these people and thier endless love for Emmett.


Andrews stubbornness and belief that Dan is just there to help Gary will be his downfall.

He truly believes in the East 3 and that Jillian will ate him to final 2.

He is funny, but man… He is gone this week because of his cranky ass won’t be open to ideas.


question for you dawg or simon… was watching the live feed of dan and gary talking in the bedroom… you have the clip posted .. anyways as i was watching and listening at one point gary said to dan …. “I wanted Emit to win and passed him puzzle pieces“ .. .. had to shake my head and wonder if i heard that right.. if so that means MR. DQ has cheated once again … now after watching your clip near the end of it were Gary said this there was a white screen… after a few more sec.. they ended their conversation. This is now have me wondering if they did cheat once again… did you see and hear that part of their conversation … its got me bugged…lol . thanks


I didn’t catch that part of the video.. do you have a time when it happened?


i dont recall the exact time .. but 11 min 30 sec into your clip with gary and dan in the bedroom around 4;10 is when he said it .. again i watched the clip you posted and again it just went white screen… it was said shortly after that .. but i know what i heard.. i just cant believe i heard it …and if that is the case Emit is still HOH .. if this is the case Emit is never mind the milkman .. he should be called the DQ man .. Dairy Quenn man……lol


oooops sorry about the spelling .. meant to write … Dairy Queen Man … lol..


I heard “I shared my puzzle with him” as in “I let Emit see my puzzle to get answers”.

That’s how I interpreted it.


Wasn’t he referring to the 1st POV that Tom won even though the answer wasn’t correct as it turned out?


I thought that’s what I had heard also, but I wasn’t sure. (I figured I’d try to catch it again here on one of the vids.) 😉

Now that I know I’m not the only one who heard that, I’m pretty sure we both heard right!

It’s too late for a D/Q now tho, isn’t it? (Because noms have already happened?)

I’m steamed, because wasn’t Andrew second in that comp?


thank you WYTCHYD …. i was beginning to doubt .. but after watching the post here … i am sure they realize that gary admitted cheating with the DQ man … only exclamation i can come up with the white screen .. have you watched the talk with gary and dan in the bedroom just before 4pm.. it was in that clip .. and if you have did your clip go white …


I don’t understand how it would help to have Gary pass him pieces as the puzzle only fits together one way, more pieces would make it more complicated, no? (Not saying you are wrong, just not understanding how that would work)


You guys are so funny, making up the crazyest shit to be able to call Emmett a cheater yet again! LOL

Gary was referencing the very first POV where they had to run and find pieces of puzzle lying on the floor. He apparently gave Emmett some pieces even though they hardly knew each other at that time. Gary has been citing this ever since to show Emmett that he’s on his side.
Emmett still didn’t win that POV comp, Tom did.

And how Gary deciding to give Emmett pieces would make Emmett a cheater, not Gary, is beyond me. But so are many “we hate Emmett” posts I read these days.


They are talking about the very first pov comp when they first got into the game gary started moving pieces to emmitt to gain his trust (pov tom won) and after that he alingned with him. Gary has mentioned this before but bb never said that they couldn’t help each in this one and emmitt didn’t win. FYI emmitt didn’t cheat gary did

Andrew's Twin brother Pete

Come on Andrew Make me Proud. Newfoundland is cheering for you . I hope Andrew wins Veto . Please God make it so

Thomas Plant

Why not Bro, Why Not?


sup bro

Thomas Plant

Just Chilling Waiting for my boy to win Veto. Sup with you?


Same.. with a couple jars. life’s good being a bro.

Jerry Springer

Talla should come and work for me as one of my strippers on stage . Who is for it?


Looks like Gary won!


sounds like gary won the POV .. thats it .. i am so finished with this crap … sorry BB canada .. you messed up big time with me on two counts … bringing someone back this late in the game and allowing once again the DQ man to get away with cheating … dont need to be watching this crap


Hey! How about you read the answers to your previous post? Might let you realize you’re sadly mistaken and embarrassingly wrong about your latest “Emmett cheated” concoction.
Peace, Marianne! Busy!


Wouldn’t it be funny if Talla’s only way to win the Pov was to be on slop for the rest of the season ? Lol. She wouldn’t do it. No way. Andrew would. Gary maybe.


GaRy won veto.

Bye Andrew.