Austin “It will be bloody as F**K! Long hair, should care, Jeff go sit in the eviction chair!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 09-01-49-761
8:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Austin says I think what we should do after the POV is stay up here till after the veto ceremony. Till she flips on us and we go down there all angry. I dont want to leave you down there alone. I just have to make sure I lose and my people win. I think I’ll tell people the plan is to backdoor Audrey … Vanessa is on board. I’ll tell people the plan is to make sure she loses so she can win to backdoor Audrey. And I want to lose so that I can take out Steve next week. Liz says as much as I’m scared to trust them, we have to. They get up. Austin says we are going to tell people that my people are going to win. Vanessa says they will try and f**k with it. James will not be happy. Austin says well maybe we keep it a secret until then. We definitely tell them we’re on board with Audrey. Vanessa comments that the nominations are in one hour. Austin says that means the BOB is happening pretty quick.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 09-02-11-110
In the bathroom – Vanessa says tells Shelli and Clay that Johnny Mac volunteered to go up. I’m going to put him up with Meg. And he (Austin) is putting up Meg and Jason.

Up in the HOH – Austin tells Clay we are going to try and backdoor Jeff or Audrey. Audrey isn’t a number to them. I am trying to get my people to win so that I stay up here with Vanessa until the veto ceremony. And I take all my sh*t down there. But the question is who do I put up. I put up Meg and Jason and maybe she puts up James and Johnny Mac who’s already said he will throw it. Vanessa joins them. Clay says that he is on board with whatever they want to do. My lips are sealed. So the plan is backdoor Audrey. Clay leaves. Vanessa tell Austin to get Johnny Mac up here.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 09-18-41-642
9:10am Austin tells Johnny Mac to come up to the HOH room. Vanessa tells Johnny Mac I need you to throw it for me. Austin and I will both give you safety one week into jury. No more pawn, no backdoor, no more nothing. I am completely loyal. Is there anything else you want? Johnny says I don’t think so. Vanessa says I could also tell you if your name ever comes up. The plan is to backdoor Audrey. Johnny asks am I going up next to her? Vanessa says win the POV take yourself off. If I win it I will take you off. She hugs him and then tells him to send in whoever is outside the HOH door.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 09-23-47-598

9:25am – 9:30am Jeff and Austin come into the HOH room. Jeff says sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to you last night. Vanessa says we’re all on the same page. Jeff says Audrey and Steve. So if there is a backup plan Steve would be a good one. Vanessa says I don’t have a good relationship with him. I don’t get any information from him. Jeff says here is the thing the whole house is behind you getting out Audrey. And if you don’t want any blood on your hands that would be the best plan. Jeff says those names have been on an agenda for awhile. I think this is where there is going to be a line drawn in the sand. My name has been thrown out there a lot and I haven’t really had to pick sides yet. Jeff says that he didn’t really agree with Shelli’s game play and thinks her getting out Day was more personal than on a game level. I like Shelli but I don’t like them together. Vanessa says its a package deal. Jeff says I love Clay but I’ve been trying to warn him that people are going to start seeing them as a target. Vanessa my goal is 100% Audrey. I need to put up two people that are least likely to come after me after. Vanessa tells Jeff I’m not going to put you up. Jeff says I will do my best to protect you guys next week. As long as its people that I talk to. Vanessa says you would be an easy person to put up because you’ve never been on the block. I am not going to put you up so can I have your word that you will not put me up or backdoor me? Austin says me too. Jeff says deal.

9:30am Steve comes into the HOH room next. Austin says that everyone has come up here saying they want you out. If we can’t get out Audrey they want you out. But guess what we’re not going to do that. We want to be together as Freaks and Geeks. All 5 of us. Steve asks who the other member is? Austin and Vanessa says Liz’s sister. They tells Steve that Liz has admitted to the twin twist. Austin says we need to make sure it happens so that she is a number for us. Steve asks what her name is? Vanessa says Julia but don’t mention it. Steve says if I do, feel free to target me. Jason comes up. Vanessa tells Jason that he is good with her. Austin tells Steve that they all throw out conspiracy theories because they don’t trust you. Steve asks what do I do to fix this? Austin says I don’t think there is anything you need to do. They decide to talk later.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 09-33-55-554
9:40am Austin calls James to come up to the HOH room. Vanessa tells James that she is going after Audrey and needs pawns that aren’t going to take things personally. Vanessa tells James if I put you up just know that she (Audrey) is my target. I want you to win the Battle of the Block. Win the POV. Do not let her know that’s the goal. If she does find out she will start spinning things. James says I appreciate you telling me and I respect your decision.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 09-44-07-712

9:45am Vanessa tells Audrey the only way we are going to get through this is if everyone believes we are going to backdoor you. Don’t worry we are not going to do that. They all think we are going to backdoor you. I am not going to backdoor you. And he (Austin) is not going to backdoor you. I can’t tell you how much it is not happening. Audrey asks what excuse do you have if I don’t win veto and you don’t put me up? Vanessa says people are going to hate me but I don’t care at this point. Vanessa tells Audrey look into my soul I am not going to put you up or backdoor you! This week we need to clean up your image so next week this doesn’t happen where people want to put you up. Vanessa says there is a backdoor option but I would rather not confirm who it is. You have my word I will not put you up. I do want to talk to you later, I heard you were the other vote for Day. Audrey says it wasn’t me (It was). Vanessa says so someone is lying but it doesn’t really matter. Vanessa says If James goes up as my main person, pawn he thinks.. then I am going to need a good reason when I don’t put you up. Vanessa says we will have a lot of number to look out for you. Audrey says I am just going to act defeated. Audrey leaves.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 09-51-37-956

9:55am Clay and Shelli join them. Shelli asks did Johnny Mac volunteer to go up. Vanessa says yes. Shelli tells them that Clay is saying he will go up as a pawn instead of Johnny Mac. Vanessa says I wouldn’t do that even if you paid me. Just do what you can to make Johnny Mac feel safe. Shelli asks if we win POV are we taking Johnny Mac down. Vanessa says yes and then I could put up someone like Becky. Clay and Shelli leave. Vanessa tells Austin the reason why Clay wants to go up is because he wants to throw it to get James off the block. Austin says Clay is trying to play both sides. Vanessa says I believe he is loyal to us but wants people to stay that he is close to. Austin says worst case happens and I’m stay HOH I will have to backdoor Jeff. I will do it, It will be bloody as F**K! I might have to put on the top and go surprise! They want that! Long hair, should care, Jeff go sit in the eviction chair! Vanessa says that is terrible. Austin says na I wouldn’t do that.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-10 09-56-28-475

10:10am Big Brother blocks the feeds for the nomination ceremony. Vanessa is putting up James & Johnny Mac. Austin is putting up Meg & Jason.

11:25am Still blocked..

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Here we go again with Clay voluteering to go up…and this time Shelli is throwing it around too! Have they never watched the show before??

Guy From Canada

Dr Will and Allstars? He volunteered all the time…..but then again he had game unlike Clay πŸ˜‰

Captain Crunch

The BOTB is ruining the game, all people do is throw the comp, whoever came up with that twist is stupid.
A new twist should be if u throw the BOTB your should be automatically be put up as a Nomination next week. I wanna see people compete, not throwing comps cause they feel that they’re safe.

Guy From Canada

Well, they haven’t mentioned anything yet about the clue around winners for the BBTakeover this week. It could be something bad for the de throned HOH…….


I think Production want badly to see the losing HOH up on the block, but it never happens.


I’m not sure if it was Austin’s slip of the “five” Freaks and Geeks, but having to tell Steve about Liz/Julia might be the first dent in Vanessa’s armor. It could seriously come back to haunt her.


she had a final 2 deal with steve before they made that alliance and filled him in.


True, but I don’t think it’s real. And Steve’s playing a shady enough game to out the info to someone not in power. Maybe not this week. But a 5-person alliance with two pairs and Steve? What sense does it make for him to stay loyal to that? The twin potentially coming into the game hurts him, not helps him.


Thought the same thing when I first read Vanessa telling Steve about Liz/Julia. However, I imagine being in the house as opposed to reading this website are two very different things and Vanessa is not going to give someone information she does not want them to have.


Idk why I’m confused, there were so many names being thrown out! So is Jeff the real target of Austin and Vanessa?

Hermione Cumberbatch

From what I gather their target is James or to backdoor Jeff.


John is honestly disappointing…every week people wants him go on the block, throw competitions and he just says yes…can he not tell he’s not being used if he they want him for is just to throw competitions…like he said, why is someone (Clay) else doing it if they think they are so safe…its because no one wants to risk him going home, but they are willing to risk John going… Can he not see that???

Dr. John

If you have to keep putting yourself in such a dangerous spot to prove you want to work with someone then they couldn’t care less if you go home. Although I guess he looks at it as if he doesn’t have a choice and it’s better to look ok with it than to tick them off.

I’d look for some sort of power base to turn the table though. Pawns get sacrificed quick and early.


I baking powder?

Nessa suppose to stay as HOH right? Her noms gotta win BOB. But she is putting up James/Johnnie Mac and JM suppose to throw it? That means Meg/Jason win Nessa gone and Austin HOH?
Simon/Dawg do you got the noms for each HOH backwards and James/Johnnie going up by Austin. See if Meg/Jason win then Nessa gets dethroned if Austin puts them up. Makes no sense to me. If James and Johnnie win Meg or Jason could potentially go. I thought Nessa wanted to work with Jason.
Sounds like backdoor Jeff is the plan. I think it’s a waste of an HOH. Might get Shelli/Clay pissed to. “The other side loses a potential number but so do they. It’s a bad decision IMHO.


No for Vanessa to stay HOH, her noms have to LOSE!!! That’s why she asked Johnny Mac to throw it. If your noms win BOTB you are dethroned as HOH.


Sorry Rocky! I answered this post too but when I did your comment wasn’t showing. And actually mine still isn’t showing on my phone so it may not matter. Lol.


Whoever wins BOB dethrones the HOH that nominated them. So, if Vanessa nominates JohnnyMac & James & JohnnyMac throws it, she remains HOH & Austin is dethroned!

I survived last seasons BB

Two things need to go away,…..The BOTB and Sticky Jeff


I will be so happy if Jeff leaves this week!


Does anyone agree with the assessment that Clay would want to save James?
He’s an idiot to volunteer but I don’t think he would burn his new (and seemingly only real) alliance.

Also lots of uproar about Jeff currently thanks to TMZ

Not sure what i make of that. I don’t think he did anything crazy, but he’s a scumbag so I wouldnt complain if he got shit/booted. At the very least he has many more haters now.

Freakie Gran dee sucks

I am so confused. I thought the plan was for Vanessa to remain HOH. Then she asked Johnny Mac to throw it. WTF?


It seems the BOB is confusing the heck out of some people. They can’t understand that the people who LOSE the BOB makes that HOH WIN πŸ™‚ I am glad you can remain calm and explain it over and over. Second season of the stupid BOB you would think everyone understands how it works.

Amelia the proud Canadian

If I were playing the game, I’d nominate Shelli with a pawn that will throw the BOB, and then if Shelli wins the veto, put up Audrey, and if the pawn gets off the block, nominate Clay so that either Audrey or one of the lovers go home.

Amelia the proud Canadian

Whoops, I thought my comments weren’t posting. Sorry for the multiple comments

Amelia the proud Canadian

Thanks :3


you can’t your Canadian, this is BBUS. duh.

Amelia the proud Canadian

Obviously I can’t. I wouldn’t even if I were American. That’s why I said if. IF. And you’re*

Eric CA

I could NEVER be a big brother contestant… I love my alone time and privacy. too much… the way some people eat cereal would start getting on my nerves and a million other things. I would be like some of those house guests that I always think “He is just asking to be evicted.” truth be told I would be… something like.
“I voted to keep Da’Vonne… I like Jason and Meg is aliened with the biggest douche bags in the house.”
while Liz is sitting on the couch with Austin, Vanessa, Jeff, Jackie and Liz/ Julia
“We all know you are twins but I like you guys more than most other people in the house…Way more.. So you are good with me. ”

“Audrey just says and does the same things as everybody else in this house… she is just worst at it than the rest of you. ”

I would be a horrible cranky no inside voice.. bitchy Monster of a Queen… Worst House Guest Ever.


Just Do It!


Three different times but you got you point across. Of course you are Not playing the game but if you were following the game you would know at this point Shelli and Clay are in an alliance with Austin and Vanessa. It is not the time for Vanessa to worry about breaking up that couple. 1) they are not targeting her if one of them win HOH next week 2) She needs to keep the numbers to her advantage to ensure on of the other side go home. Besides her 5 person alliance which she can’t vote this week she has Steve and John pretty much on lock.

It sounds like her play is for John to throw the BOB, whoever wins veto (which would be nice if it was actually John) she has them use the veto (again hopefully on John) with the assumption that she is putting up Audrey as the replacement. In reality she will put up Jeff and either Jeff or James goes home. It doesn’t really matter which one to her. She dislikes James more but feels Jeff is more dangerous or is gunning for her more (which he is)

That forces the other side to “eat” one of their own and leaves Jeff or James, Meg, Jason, Jackie (LOL), and maybe Becky (doubt it) that would target her IF the win HOH next week.

Amelia the proud Canadian

I know, but I meant that if I were American and playing the game, that’s what I would do. It’d be a big move regardless.

Just a Thought..

I wonder what would happen if Jeff won POV and was smart enough to take James off the block. Would Van play it safe and put up Audrey? Or would she put up Jackie and still take a number off that side but risk putting a bigger target on her back? Worst case scenario but it could happen!

Freakie Gran dee sucks

Thanks Dawg!


Pretty sure there will be someone in solitary confinement this week. When they announced that the twist is a fun party week, I thought of Dan’s solitary dance party. Usually when there are no have nots it’s because they need the room for solitary.


So the backdoor plan is Audrey not Jeff???!! They’re wasting this HOH.


All of a sudden Liz acts helpless. She is scared to go downstairs or even get het own makeup bag. Yet HOH’s are eating up her “carry me” act. Every sentence she utters is in a whiney schoolgirl voice. She’s doing what works for her I guess but damn it’s so aggravating to listen to.


Ohhhhh, myyyyyy, goddddddd. Spot on. So sick of them playing the victim. Sick of them period. Sick of Austin acting like he’s their knight in shinning amour. Isn’t the point of the game to get people out of the house.???Now one more person stands between you and the prize money. smh

EZ does it

Jeff the douchbag reminds of a baboon with that half red face of his, or maybe its a baboon;s ass thats looks more like him !! They both spew crap !!!


Jeff needs to be evicted ugh! I dislike him so much


It is about time Johnny Mac stand up for himself and say
quit making me your pawn and stop telling me to throw


Johnny Mac is laying low not trying to make people mad. He obviously is good at competitions but is acting like he isn’t trying to stay under the radar. If he stays on the block I bet he will win veto. He isn’t on anyones radar other than a pawn and it seems to be he has fooled them well they all think he can not play the game and is just a strange guy, If James stays on the block he’s going home there’s no way Johnny Mac will be voted off over James and if James is taken off a real target will be backdoored and go home like Jeff it’s a win-win for Johnny Mac even if pawns do go home sometimes I don’t see that happening with him.

Lemon balls

I don’t get it…. Twins are outed.. What now??? Do they stay till 5th week or no? Do they stay past? Are they both in? Both out? Does someone have to physically say ” aha, I got you both” ?

Little help on this one Jules !!!!


don’t agree with using john as a pawn. too dangerous that he stays on the block then you don’t have the votes to get out jeff. why not use jackie?

free folk

interesting that Nessa isn’t sharing jeff backdoor with shelli/clay…her “real” alliance is freaks & geeks?


Its a smart move on her part. Vanessa trusts Shelli, but not Clay. Clay and Jeff are tight. Whatever Vanessa tells Shelli, its automatically told to Clay. Since Clay and Jeff are besties Vanessa wants to make sure Jeff is not alerted to the plan.

free folk

interesting Nessa didn’t share jeff backdoor plan with shelli/clay…


I am really hoping the reference to “winners” …. is the winners of the BOB are greatly rewarded to stop this new “throwing comps”. Something has to be done to make every comps worth winning, BBC did it, gave a lot of prizes. Come US do the same.


Funny how jason and meg both said they wanted a “break” from being a pawn.

Looks like thats gunna be their rolls this summer. Hahaha.


I think Vanessa doesn’t trust Clay to keep his yap shut. they don,t want their plan to get out yet. After they hopefully get John and Becky on board with them they have the numbers to get Jeff out no matter what. they also have Steve,s vote. worst case scenario they will take out James.


What is Vanessa’s plan if Meg and Jason win the battle of the block and if Jeff wins the Veto (if he plays) and saves James…you can’t put up Jason or Meg again…so, does she one ..Audrey??? Steve???…who???


Then I would put up Jackie, she is still a vote for other side and especially Jeff.


A lot of things are going to be interesting about this week. This could all go very badly. Audrey is a wild card and I have no freaking clue why Vanessa would give her as much ammo for the week as she did. She’s got enough good solid things going on and she doesn’t need to be getting mixed up with the whackjob.

All Audrey has to do is run her mouth and everyone is blown up again why are you even talking to her lol. You don’t need to tell her she’s safe damn girl let her sweat that $hit..

Team Jason

What is wrong with John?! Is he a dentist for real? what a dummy! He even sounds like one stupid idiot. what I want to know is how he got his degree, because he is really unintelligent. THINK MR GENIUS.


What am I saying?? I forgot abut this 6 sense alliance. Clay is in the loop about everything except Vanessa’s secret alliance with Steve.


Im so over this twin twist. Who cares about them at this point. Liz and Julia are useless. All they do is repeat what everyone else is saying , they have no original thoughts, haven’t won anything and their voices are super annoying. Ooooh , myyyyyyy, goooood 24/7. Is too much. I don’t know how much more I can take.