Nomination Ceremony Results! “Be grateful you have 2 chances to take yourself off.”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  ? Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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10am – 11:35am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Nomination Ceremony to take place. When the live feeds return – Nicole has nominated Caleb and Frankie for eviction. As the other Head of household Christine has nominated Zach and Donny for eviction.

Nomination Ceremony Results:
Nicole nominated: Caleb & Frankie
Christine nominated: Zach & Donny

11:35am – 11:50am In the havenot room – Derrick, Donny and Frankie are having a team america talk. Donny says that we should wait until after the veto is played to see if we can get someone to volunteer to go up. (Derrick already got Caleb to volunteer to go up.
Team America mission: “Work together to convince someone to go on the block as a pawn and then get them evicted.”
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 11-35-45-101
In the bee hive room – Christine said that she had to lock in her nominations in the diary room of putting up Zach and Donny. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return – Frankie is talking to Caleb in the fire room. Caleb says it was a perfect match up you and I. Frankie says we’ve got to win. Caleb says we’re stronger than Donny/Zach. Frankie agrees you and I are beasts. We have to win it. Caleb says and it not then I will see you in the POV. Frankie leaves and goes to the kitchen. Frankie talks to Nicole about being put up. Nicole says just be grateful that you have two chances to take yourself off. Frankie says no yeah I am just glad I get to compete in something.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 11-40-40-450

In the storage room – Zach tells Donny that the plan is for Caleb to throw the Battle of the Block so that they stay up and Frankie goes home. If Frankie wins the veto then hopefully Christine goes up and goes home. Zach says we are guaranteed the next two weeks. Donny says hopefully that’s all true.

In the havenot room Caleb tells Cody that Frankie won’t know what to do when I sit down (during the battle of the block competition). Caleb says he’ll say to Frankie, once again I am the mastermind in all this. You forgot I’m the king of the castle!! You’re done. Take your last breaths with my foot on your neck as you’re walking out the door!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 11-48-44-641

12pm In the bathroom – Frankie asks Zach why he is being weird. Zach says I don’t have to explain nothing to you. Christine comes into the bathroom and Zach says I don’t even want to be next to you two right now. I have nothing to say to you any more. Zach leaves the room and Frankie follows him. Zach goes back into the bathroom. Frankie tells Zach just so you know I am the reason why you are still here and the reason why I am up right now. Frankie leaves the room. Donny comes in and talks to Zach. Zach tells him how Frankie just said he was the only reason why I was still here. Zach says I am just pissed that they got me to get rid of Hayden. If he was still here we could have run this house. Caleb joins them and talks about how he’s going to sabotage Frankie in the Battle of the Block.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 11-56-49-594

12:10pm – 12:30pm UP in the HOH room – Zach tells Nicole about what Frankie said in the bathroom about how he says he is the reason he is still here in the game and why Frankie is in this situation now. Zach says you have me in your palms! Nicole says but I don’t.. how do I trust you? Frank is going to manipulate you. He’s good! Zach says say so no. I am not talking to him ever again. Frankie is going home this week and if not then at least we can get Christine out. Nicole tells Zach was the one orchestrating trying to get you out last week. Zach says I’m not even going to talk to Frankie or Christine again. I literally told both of them f**k you, f**k you, I am not talking to either of you. I told them that right in front of everyone. I have nothing to say to either of them. I hate him! I hate him with a passion!! Nicole says he was the one that approached me to get you out. I didn’t even talk to anyone or campaign to get you out. Zach says I believe you. He told me that he is the reason I am still here! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!!! Nicole says I better just stay HOH this week. Zach says you will. Nicole says well I won’t be able to be HOH next week so we better figure that out to make sure I’m safe. I didn’t even believe it when he was trying to get you out. Zach asks why would he want me out? Nicole says because you’re a loose cannon and he wanted to work with Hayden and you wanted him out. Zach says I am literally going to put him on blast today! One of them are going home! Nicole tells Zach that he has to try in the battle of block just in case its an individual challenge. Zach says oh I know, Donny and I are going to kill it. Zach says that Christine is a f**king joke! Zach tells Nicole I want to work with you. Nicole asks why would you want to work with me, you have Derrick and Cody. Zach says you’re trustworthy. Zach says I hate Frankie! I can’t f**king stand him! Nicole tells him we can’t talk too long it will look suspicious. Nicole tells him to win today! Use that brain of yours. Zach says he will and leaves the HOH room.

bandicam 2014-08-08 12-26-13-572

12:30pm In the hive room – Christine tells Derrick that she is sick of and frustrated with being associated with Frankie. I am trying to keep my distance from him. Christine says I just don’t want ot be attacked by Zach. Derrick says there have been a few situations that I have not been okay with him attacking PowPow and Nicole. Outside this house that would not fly. I can promise you that if I am around when he does it to you I will not let it happen. And if I get put up next week because of it you better vote to keep me. Derrick tells her to enjoy her HOH while she has it. You might not get HOH again or you might get it 3 more times. Don’t be down you’re HOH. Christine says thank you, you’re the best. Derrick and Christine leave the room. Derrick heads to bed in the fire room.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 12-31-43-550
Up in the HOH room – Victoria talks to Nicole about how disgusted she is with Frankie and how she doesn’t even know how to be fake with him. Christine heads up to the HOH room. They talk about how surprised Victoria was that she wasn’t on the block.

In the fire room – Zach comes in and tells Derrick how heated he is that Frankie and Christine are just telling so many blatant lies!! YOu think people are your friends and they are actually your biggest enemy! I feel like such a fool now! Derrick says well you will have the last laugh. Zach says F**king Frankie! I think I am going to go off on Christine. Derrick says think about it, think about what you say before you say it! Zach say okay and leaves. Victoria smiles. Derrick says everyone comes to me. I am like everyone’s big brother dad.

1pm Frankie is called to the diary room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 13-02-11-134

12:50pm – 1:40pm Nicole and Christine are talking. Nicole says that she is worried about Zach and Frankie coming up with something. Christine says they could. Nicole says my hands are so tied right now. Nicole says she still can’t believe Hayden walked out the door. and is gone. Christine says that she feels so bad for Hayden and how he has to spend a week with Jocasta. Nicole asks he gave you a hug didn’t he? Christine says yeah .. he is a great man. I don’t think I could have done that. Christine says honestly I want to say to Frankie’s face leave me alone. He comes an hugs me all the time and its so fake. I told him I don’t like being touched and he still does it. Nicole says that Frankie will throw you under the bus. He knows that you were his partner in crime so I could see him blaming everything on you. Christine says well if I don’t stay HOH and I go out this week then it was nice knowing you. They continue to talk about Hayden and how great of a person he is. Christine starts looking at her HOH photos. Christine asks when do you think this HOH twist would be over. Nicole says it could go until the final 6. I think it will keep going until they bring someone back in. Christine says I hate, hate, hate this twist. I will say it over and over again. They comment on how there still hasn’t been an endurance and they’re already more than half way through. Nicole listens to her music and Christine reads her HOH letter. Big Brother calls Nicole and Christine to the diary room together.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 12-58-32-363

1:17pm – 1:40pm Big Brother calls Caleb to the diary room. Frankie meets him at the door. He hugs him and tells him I just wanted to tell you that I love you. Frankie heads to the kitchen. Frankie asks Donny for any advice for the battle of the block. Donny says just don’t psych yourself out. Frankie says everything is falling a part. Donny says it is. Victoria joins them and Frankie asks how it feels to not be on slop. Victoria says she feel like crap and says slop is getting to her.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 13-18-11-267

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244 thoughts on “Nomination Ceremony Results! “Be grateful you have 2 chances to take yourself off.”

      1. Why do you think it’s taking so long – we have to play OUR game – we are going to push Frankie as long as we can (think Frank)

        1. no its amber’s sweater, she even said so on twitter, nicole wore it cause she likes to bitch about people and wear their shit lol

        2. Beastmode Cowboy had me on, too. He didn’t look so beastmode or cowboy but he still wore me.
          Seriously. Anyone know the ugly sweater story?

  1. I am just in awe of how none of these people can keep their plans to themselves. They tell people that dont need to know. This is how stuff gets screwed up. Frankie will find out whats going on and find a way to spin it.
    These are the worse players EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Apparently you didn’t watch BB15 ! Those HGs are the WORST ever!! These HGs spill the beans a lot, true, but at least they are entertaining not the scumbag bunch of last season

    2. DISAPPOINTED: (my comment below was meant for you). Again, Well Said!! I, too, cannot believe the amount of talking they all do about their ” secret plans”. What the HE!!?? Can’t they just shut up for 24 hours? They have all talked about the fact they don’t know who to trust anymore! Do they really need everyone’s approval on every move? Frankie will, indeed, find out. It’s exhausting.

    3. None of the plans these players make EVER turn out. Why? Because they can’t keep their mouths shut!
      I’ll be shocked if Frankie is sent home.

      1. Does anyone else remember back in BB history a reward “date” being given to someone in the BB house to attend a movie premier or an awards show of some kind or another “celebrity event?” The houseguest chosen could select someone else in the house as his or her date for a night-on-the-town away from BBH confinement lasting for a few hours. The couple was dressed like celebs and limoed to the event with CBS cameras following whatever they did and whoever they saw. It was “entertaining”. Anyway it would be great to see an outside “date nite” this season. In fact, there’s an awards show this weekend;I’m not sure of it’s exact title, but I think it’s some kind of “Kids’ Choice Awards” airing on Sunday. Ariana Grande’ is featured and it would be fun to see BB houseguests chatting with her and finally putting 2+2 together that she’s Frankie’s little sis. (Yeah. I know. in all likelihood even if BB HGS were there, they wouldn’t meet her. Just seeing her perform at the venue might inspire the thought that they’re {Frankie & Ariana} related! Frankie would be on the fast track to eviction with a revelation like that. (Production would probably VETO a reward like that.) Anyway I’d love to see Nicole and Hayden reunited for a night like that.

        1. Yes that was quite awhile ago, and they won a trip to an awards show! While there they got to present an award, I just cant remember which award show it was! They got made over like movie stars, got limos the whole star treatment! They also had to be blindfolded the entire trip there and back! Back yeah that was an amazing prize they won!

      2. Does anyone else remember back in BB history a reward “date” being given to someone in the BB house to attend a movie premier or an awards show of some kind or another “celebrity event?” The houseguest chosen could select someone else in the house as his or her date for a night-on-the-town away from BBH confinement lasting for a few hours. The couple was dressed like celebs and limoed to the event with CBS cameras following whatever they did and whoever they saw. It was “entertaining”. Anyway it would be great to see an outside “date nite” this season. In fact, there’s an awards show this weekend;I’m not sure of it’s exact title, but I think it’s some kind of “Kids’ Choice Awards” airing on Sunday. Ariana Grande’ is featured and it would be fun to see BB houseguests chatting with her and finally putting 2+2 together that she’s Frankie’s little sis. (Yeah. I know. in all likelihood even if BB HGS were there, they wouldn’t meet her. Just seeing her perform at the venue might inspire the thought that they’re {Frankie & Ariana} related! Frankie would be on the fast track to eviction with a revelation like that. (Production would probably VETO a reward that could effect a player negatively-NOT.) Hayden and Nicole deserve a special night out more than anyone else in the house.

    4. the whole house is an alliance, that’s why this herd of sheep tells each each other everything. Caleb will be gone this week. I’m not falling for this plot line story production is feeding us.

    5. Is there anyone Caleb hasn’t told about how he’s planning to throw the BoB comp?

      Could Nicole prove to us she can stop trusting the wrong people? Nope, went right out and trusting Derrick instead of Zach.

  2. Poor Frankie!!!! Quote from Jeff, “time to man up”!! Oh wait! Caleb has to throw the BOTB so Frankie is staying on the block.

    1. Poor Everyone Else who has to be constantly groped by Frankie! What grown man acts like that? His constantly hugging is patheticly needy.

      1. Was that christine that said Frankie keeps hugging her and she hates it because she doesn’t like to be touched??? Wtf

  3. I really hope Caleb is actually going to throw the BOB cause I want Donny and zach safe and Nicole to stay hoh!

    1. The only bad thing is that Derrick said he convinced Caleb to go as a pawn, Der is going to turn the table and have Caleb evicted for TA 5K

      1. Now I could be wrong, but the caleb volunteering to go on the block, did that not happen before they got their mission, and if so, then that should not qualify as it was done beforehand! But yeah I could see Derrick and Frankie selling caleb out for the 5g but Donny has to agree, and is he not in on the BDing of Frankie! If Donnie says no (which I am praying he does) than Derrick and Frankie are out another bankroll, as well Frankie wins a free vaykay to the jury house! (please let there be karma in the house)

      2. I’m all for throwing twist and whatever but what the producers are doing is pretty unethical… I mean, fine, throw in a double eviction there –but here’s the thing, I’m willing to bet that if it was Derek and Donny, they would try to convince Frankie to put himself up. I don’t know –some of these tasks are just so annoying and evil in its own way.

      3. I agree about Derrick! The sad thing is Nicole will still trust him after, she’s too focused on not trusting Christine after they Hayden/ Victoria lie.

      4. LaDolce Vita, The only way that’s gonna happen if Frankie comes off the block, because the mission says that in order to win the 5k, among the other tasks involved, all three(Derrick,Donny, Frankie), must vote to evict the volunteer(Caleb). That means Frankie cannot be siting next to Caleb on Eviction night. I don’t see Donny or Derrick sacrificing a potential win(500k) for TA’s mission(5k) and pulling Frankie off the block with POV, it would show there cards and put targets on them.

      1. Yea Derricks Team America plan is all fine and well, until beast mode cowboy wins the veto and leaves him and Cody as replacements lolzlolzlolzlol!!

        Who am I kidding Victoria will go up at some point xD

      2. Wrong. BB should just get rid of the twist if it was so unethical. It’s party of the backstabbing mantra that should be what BB is all about. If you want to sit around a campfire singing Kumbaya, then you’re watching the wrong show, ya Honey Comb Goober!

        1. At this stage of the game, the BOB 2 HOHs twist is just really stupid. I thought after the double evict it would go back to normal. But now we will have a BoB, and 3 people (the winners and the remaining HOH) are immune from eviction, leaving a very small pool to choose from. the reason all these guys are still here is because of a twist that I think was meant to help reduce the ‘big guys win comps’ factor. Instead, all that happened is all the physically weak are put up as noms, all the time.

          if it was a test case, it failed.

        2. The TA mission shouldn’t count as of now because didn’t it say that all 3 of them had to participate in getting someone to go up as a pawn and Donny wasn’t involved in Caleb going on the block so therefore it shouldn’t count. I’m assuming Derrick realizes this and that’s why he said they would wait until after the POV is played.

  4. I guess Nicole didn’t want to chance not being able to backd@@r Frankie again.

    I’ll be looking forward to the BOB results. Hopefully Caleb keeps his word and throws the comp. Too much can happen between BOB and POV. I’d love to see Frankie walk out the door. Too bad someone will be returning to the house. It always seems when they do that the houseguests just focus all their game play on getting that person back out of the house.

    I wish there was less involvement, actually no involvement from Production and let the chips fall where they may. You know if Frankie is still on the block after POV, production will try to do some twisting because Frankie gets so much air time.

    1. What are the odds that the veto comp is something similar or the exact same comp as the opening HOH that Frankie won? Shades of BB13 with Rachel Reilly and the veto comp after the Pandora’s Box that brought the duo twist back.

    2. If they can keep their brains from leaking out their ears after one beer than Fakie or Ratine are off to the jury with the other one to follow. While most seasons they go after the jury member who comes back in, if its Hayden it could be different. Zach Donny Nicole and Caleb would be with Hayden. Caleb is feeling guilty and so is Zach. Now wouldn’t that be a hell of an alliance?

    1. do you really think we won’t do everything in our power to keep our boy “Frankie” – we may not be successful – but the DR is a powerful tool…

  5. Yes finally! I want to see Frankie or Christine get voted out. This TA mission worries me though, if Frankie saves himself, that would be three votes against Caleb already if Donny goes along with it. And Victoria is so clueless, she will vote what Derrick tells her to vote

    1. Donny is not going to risk Fakie or Ratine staying. He’s wanted them out the whole season and no one listened to him. He’s already proven that he’s not in it for the $5000 but for the long game so TA won’t accomplish their mission this week.

  6. Hopefully Caleb really does throw the BoB and Frankie will go home this week, I would love to see him and Christine on the block on Thursday but perhaps that is just wishful thinking. Not a fan of the Team America challenge this week…. not a fan of the whole team America aspect at all; except that Donny is great. But if they do this challenge I’m worried Caleb will get blindsided this week and he is kinda starting to redeem himself in my eyes, so much better when he is not obsessed with Amber.

  7. This is finally getting interesting! If By some strange turn of events, they end up sending home Victoria or Donny, I’m done!

  8. Please let Zach and Nicole figure out the true story about Derrick and Cody. They have all of the pieces, they just need to put them together.

    1. They are okay if they understand “the Bible” play…. Hate or like him – he’s a master at this game – but blew it with Ian – should have taken his minion to the end!

  9. Please for entertainment value, which is totally lacking this season, let Caleb just sit down or help Zach and Donny win the BOB competition. It would easily make this worthless season worth watching. It would be the funniest thing to happen on BB since Dan’s funeral. Slowly becoming a fan of Beast Mode Cowboy!

  10. Caleb is just plain stupid. Mastermind? More like derricks puppet. Caleb if he doesn’t win veto will be gone Thursday. I don’t like Frankie either but seeing Caleb leave will be such a breath of fresh air.

    1. NO, do not want Caleb to leave this week. He is at least making it entertaining to watch if he throws the BOB unlike the rest of these Bozos. Actually would love it if Zach, Donny, Nichole and Caleb started to work together and get rid of Ratine, Frankie, Derrick and Cody!! That would make it a season worth watching and entertaining!!

  11. I can honestly say that I am confused and have no idea who is loyal to who. Can anybody sift through the bullshit and figure out who is falling for what lies?

    I have a headache now.

    1. Derrick is firmly with Cody.

      Frankie is firmly with Christine (although Christine is denying it — to save her hide, as always).

      Zach and Nicole are now working together, but don’t 100 percent trust each other. Zach is serious (I think) about ditching Frankie.

      Zach’s LTA alliance (with Derrick and Cody) is real in Zach’s mind, but D/C would cut him before F3. Zach wants to start a four-person alliance with N/Z/D/C.

      Donny has no real alliance. He’s friends with Nicole and would like to work with her. I’m not quite sure where she is with him. He and Derrick seem to want to work together, but, like LTA, it would be a one-way alliance. (I actually think the two of them would be a great pair, with Cody as the meatshield…. Just my opinion,)

      Caleb is now loyal to Zach/Derrick/Cody. Maybe, just maybe, Nicole too. He genuinely likes Donny, but Donny is on the other side of the house, and he’d get rid of him if he could.

      Victoria is working with Derrick. Derrick is using Victoria as a number.

      Frankie and Christine now have no one, unless they can figure out a way in the next five days to flip the house on Derrick/Cody. They would have to cut through all the BS first to figure out D/C put them in this predicament, however.

      1. I agree, but Derrick won’t help Donny get further. He knows he’s being outed on many of these alliances and probably can’t beat him in the end.

  12. Now it is getting good. PLEASEEE get rid of one of the Detonators. I’m tired of them running the house. Frankie is going to go crazy when he see Caleb sit down for the BOB. Let the DRAMA begin!!! Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your work. Have been following this Board since Season13 and it keeps me up to date on everything.

  13. I think Nicole is smart by putting frankie and caleb because then she has a couple of days to see where peoples head are at. She might even backdoor cody or derek as a back up option once she starts to get info

    1. Everyone needs to wake up to Derrick and Cody. The fact they cannot see it shows what bad players they are. I thought Frankie would see it, but he is clueless even more now than last week. He could easily point out to Nicole how she is getting played by them two. If he goes, its because he is just too arrogant to get it. Selling out Zack was his stupidest move.

      1. Donny’s on to Derprick and NoB@llsCody. How many times has he said to people to think about who hasn’t been on the block? Well Fakie has now dropped off that list which leaves only two. Once Fakie and Ratine are gone maybe Donny will be able to get Caleb and Nic to see the light.

  14. GOODIEEEEEEE! as long as BMC sticks to the plan, and frankie doesnt win the pov, he’s outta there. WONT MISS HIM AT ALL, and all of his over the top antics. toodles, frankie!

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if something happens to save Frankie, even if he loses the BOB. If he doesn’t get the Veto, there will be a luxury comp and he will win the DPOV. I for one would be thrilled. I love Frankie, and think everyone needs to wise up to Derrick and Cody.

  15. i LOVE that all of this is happening!!! finally something new going on! eventually they would have all had to turn on each other and this whole best friend house voting thing would have ended. woo hoo so looking forward to reading the next schemes!

  16. IMO, Derrick is not responsible for Caleb going up, and he should not get credit for it. If CBS gives him credit for this move, I certainly hope Caleb wins POV and takes himself off. No money for Derrick and Frankie.
    I hope Zach does not believe that Frankie is the one who saved him.

    1. How great would it be for Caleb to win veto and Derrick to go up as a replacement nom? Hate to say this (as I hate Ratine), but hope that Nicole was blowing smoke to Derrick about putting up Ratine….Keeping Ratine now may be a good move, since she is a big target and a potential vote for the outsiders now. Putting up Derrick ensures that at least one from each side (that evicted Hayden) leave on Thursday. Would like to see a Nicole, Zach, Donny, Victoria (if she’d get a clue that she isn’t part of any group) and Ratine team up to get rid of the Douchinators. Then cut Ratine first.

  17. If Caleb is really Derrick’s nom for TA task, then it’s goodbye Caleb. You’ve just been served! From his letter he got from his mom, it shows that his family is probably embarrassed of him that’s why she told him not to boast about himself. If it was derrick’s plan for TA, Caleb will be so blindsided he won’t see it coming. Lol.

    1. What will piss me off for this TA mission is if they give it, even though Caleb volunteered for Nicole on his own, without any influence or convincing. Claiming Derrick convinced him is total BS

    2. No Caleb was not Derrick’s doing. Derrick suggested to put up Zack and have him throw it when Caleb jumped up and volunteered to do it.

  18. Honestly, I feel kinda bad for Frankie. Granted he is a rat but not for the reasons why people hate him right now, honestly it’s just sad to watch these people direct their anger at people who are oblivious to the reasons why. Derrick is going to get a lot of flack from the cast once this is over.

    1. Everyone will feel SO stupid and be so mad when Derrick takes Victoria at the end and wins $500,000 plus all the TA $. He will prolly never even be on the block (is that a first?)

      I’m confident Frankie will smooth things over with Zach. In jury, if not sooner. Zach felt betrayed (he actually was… But Frankie didn’t WANT to do it), but he will cool down.

      My ideal scenario, Caleb and Frankie OTB, Zach wins Veto, saves Frankie (they make up), Cody goes up and out… Christine could go instead… That would be OK.

  19. 1. First, I know I said I was done (as in, stick a fork in me) but I can’t help it, I’m addicted. So you should have sympathy for my affliction ;-), and not jump all over me.
    2. Simon & Dawg: You guys must be EXHAUSTED!!! All day, all night…they aren’t kidding. I’ve never seen a season where no one EVER goes to bed before.
    3. I really hope we aren’t all jumping on Beast Mode’s train now. He’s STILL the dingussyist front loop to ever grace that house. Buttttttt, I LOVE that he’s still there for my pure entertainment factor,

        1. picture Cheerios colored by three or four FDA questionable food dyes
          and coated with sugar crystals. instant sugar attack. cartoonish ads…

  20. This week couldn’t have turned out better. I hope Frankie or Christine goes! I’m loving this Zachole partnership. #zachattack #wildcard

    1. Once Fakie and Ratine are gone the worm may turn. And if Hayden comes back after having time to think about it and you know BowTie told him Derprick prayed with her and told her she was safe when he knew she was going home…this could be the end of Derprick.

  21. Probably the Best nominations so far… except in stead of Donny I would have put up Cody/ Zach
    then backdoor Derrick… but that is just me. It is surprising to me that Derrick and Cody ever been on the block. I think if it was not for the BoB and the paranoia that is brings I think this Season would be played out differently.

    I also think none of those Alliance are real. I think that are no Opposite sides of the house. I think this is a Season of Floaters… they all float. You can win competitions and be a floater. Losing Competitions does not make you a floater (The MeowMeow never won a competition and he was not a floater.) as much as winning Competitions does not mean you are not a floater (Andy). A floater is a person that works both sides of the or go’s where the power is. That whole people who do not win competitions are floaters started with Rachel Riley with her “Floaters get you life vests…” crap and her desire to only have strong competitors in the game.
    This Season is 100% Floaters, there is NO real opposite side of the house. There are people that have not for what ever reason been in one of those fake alliances like Donny, Brittany and Jocasta or people that thought they where in an Alliance and stayed marginally loyal like Hayden, Amber and Caleb. You the most part we just have Alpha Floaters like Derrick and Frankie and Beta Floaters like Christine, Nicole, Cody, Victoria and Cody. This is a Season of Floaters… in a way it makes everything more complicated because they are all paranoid and the all talk mad crap all day about each to the point where the lines between normal BB lies and BB truth are completely indistinguishable to the point that it reminds me of my grandmothers old saying about gossips. “If they are saying that about him/her what in the hell are they saying about me.”

  22. FINALLY! someone had the bells to tell Frankie off. I can’t stand Zack but I’m pulling for him over Frankie, Christine and Derrick now.

  23. Hopefully the plan of sending Frankie packing works. Derrick is the only who doesn’t want Frankie to go and I hope these idiots don’t listen to him again.

  24. could this be the week when my prayers of getting frankie out of the house are answered?! or will it backfire and be a useless hoh like last week?? only time will tell. i like unpredictability, but this is just too much. derrick is right about one thing, i’ve never seen the game played like this at all. these alliances are on and off like underwear. everybody is lying to each other but then some people are stupid enough to believe the lies and then someone gets blindsided and then the cycle starts all over again. will somebody stick to a plan and see it through!?!?! and somebody blow up someone else’s game for goodness sakes. i’m so tired of everyone whispering and pretending like they don’t know everyone else is talking about them. for the sake of us viewers can we have some drama from someone other than zach!?

  25. Does anyone know why Christine and Frankie are not advertising that Derrick and Cody were also planning on evicting Zack, just hours before voting? It seems like Frankie and Christine are the only ones taking the blame, and Derrick/Cody are getting away without anyone knowing their intent to evict Zack. Why are Frankie and Christine not speaking up, and telling Zack and pointing out to Nicole that although they did not vote out Zack, neither did Derrick/Cody? It seems like instead dumbass Christine and dumbass Frankie are just turning on each other? The question is WHY?? Does anyone know? Thank You!!

    1. derrick is where hayden was in that no one knew he was in the house(Difference is Derrick is running the game)

      I wonder when they will figure this out

    2. Very good point. Frankie desperately wants to save his friendship with Zach… And that tool would help. Plus Nicole knows, but didn’t pitch it that way… When will things catch up to Derrick and Cody? (I hope this week… But I’d rather Cody go than Derrick.)

  26. They are all so giddy and desiring of credit for this week’s new “blindside” that it’s just a matter of time before it backfires.

    1. Agreed. Yet another (predictable) disaster waiting to happen. If most of the HGs weren’t so pliable, maybe it would work. But the TA task will more than likely send Caleb to jury. Frankie will definitely be pushing to get TA completed this week. Since both him and Donny are on the block, they have an incentive to see it through.

      1. BB4ME. I’ll be sure to high five you when Caleb goes to jury next week. I know they’ve planned an “entertaining” week of scheming and backstabbing, but its pretty obvious what the final result will be.

      2. Donny has proven he won’t risk his game for a TA mission. And Donny wants Fakie gone. All three have to participate in the mission so its a no go. Of course that greedy ba$tard Derprick will try and throw Donny under the bus on tv again but don’t mess with The Beard!!

        1. Donny is not 100% against this mission, he just wants to wait until after the veto is played. Should Frankie or Christine win POV both are safe (Christie will save him). TA could then convince Cody to go up with Derrick promising to line up the votes for him to stay. With Cody and Caleb on the block Caleb goes bye bye. There is no risk to Donny’s game at all.

  27. I understand their not liking Frankie, that’s fine! But Derrick and Cody had the alliance with Nicole and Hayden, not Frankie. So, instead of being mad at the “other side” for putting them up, shouldn’t they be more upset at their so called alliance members who just showed they will screw them over at the drop of a hat? They are GIVING it away. Frankly, Frankie was more on Zach’s side than any one else. I don’t get it. Just stupid thinking. If it was, whatever, it’s Big Brother, you screwed me, but you’re stronger so I will go with you… But they are not, they just blaming Frankie and Christine, whereas the others get a free pass. And they are on the bottom.
    Doesn’t make sense

  28. I don’t like this Team America task. I haven’t like the whole concept from the begining but this one is a low blow. I hope it blows up in their faces.

    1. I hope that the next two options for Team America’s mission:
      A) “orchestrate” blah, blah, blah, that will sabotage your game and lie and blame others… blah, blah, blah…
      B) disband Team America and do not disclose any information to the other houseguests. Any member of Team America that chooses to tell any other HG will forfeit all money “earned” to date.

  29. Can’t wait to see beast mode sit in the middle of the battle of the block and watch Frankie freak the f out, lol

  30. Zach is about to ATTACK Frankie! I LOVE IT.

    he earned this. he turned on Zach who was his ally and friend when he didn’t need to. frankly he could have gone along with the idea of voting him out and still handed him a vote etc, but he started talking smack about him, blaming EVERY lie on Zach, its total crap.

    I am glad Frankie is now seen as the andy of the season and is getting tossed on his rear

    of course production can save him by allowing a HG to return, but that is fine, just seeing him evicted will be good for me.

    meanwhile Donny needs to team up with Zach. seriously.

  31. Derrick did NOT get Caleb to put himself up. They are ridiculous. They need to end this Team America thing now.

    1. Even if Derrick tries to take credit for Caleb it was not a TA decision. Frankie has no idea that Caleb volunteered to go on the block. Besides BMC Is going to win the veto anyway.

    2. why is someone going and voting down every comment, its pretty obvious who you are based on what you aren’t voting down

  32. caleb and Zach would team up and sit down and have a real convo about a F2. they could do it by being separate.

    I don’t blame him for being pissed at no one having his back. Frankie claiming HE is the reason Zach is there. WOW. you coaxed him to do those speeches, you threw him under the bus as early as the 2nd week. what a joke. Frankie is the worst of the worst. Cody is bad too, but Frankie might actually be the worst of the lot.

    1. Problem is no one can actually team up with ZACH for more than five minutes. That guy can’t keep his head on any plans longer than that. The way to work with Z is to be the last one to talk to him before he needs to do something, he follows the latest idea, completely ignoring the one before that. I think he has good intentions occasionally but he just can’t remember what they were when something else comes up.

    2. And remember it was Frankie that urged Zach to blow up at both the Nom and Pov so that he could win $5K for completing a TA mission.

  33. Can’t wait for this “alleged” sabotage. With this TA mission, you know the sole purpose is to protect Frankie.

    1. The TA mission was in place before Nic/Ratine won HOH. Also it clearly says All Three have to participate and Donny’s not going to do it so that ends that.

  34. Finally Frankie is getting his just due. Next derrick needs to feel the heat cause I’m sick of his lying ass. Typical cop

  35. give caleb a ton of BS. and its deserved he is totally crazy, but this will be GREAT TV to watch Frankie’s reaction to this.

    he has provided a lot of that. he and Zach are great TV. I expect even more as it gets down to the nitty gritty. I wish Hayden had….you know….TEAMED UP WITH ZACH when he was in the house.

    1. He could still come back and an alliance of Hayden Donny Zach and Nic would be fun to watch take out Derprick and NoB@llsCody

  36. I wonder if anyone is considering that fact that one of these HG’s will be returning to that house. That can potentially put a target on a couple of people’s back. Especially those who are doing the evicting. I really want Frankie out, and if Derrick and Donny are smart they should go ahead and get rid of Frankie. The fact that Caleb is so loyal will be his downfall cause as everyone can see Derrick is good at convincing others to play his game for him and if Derrick wants that 5k Caleb is done for. But if by any chance Caleb gets back into that house after being evicted I think Derrick will need to watch his back. If Derrick is in final 2 he deserves to win but I really just want to see someone go against him for once. I’m tired of the Derrick reign!!!

  37. Heard from a good source in production that Donnie’s vat was the only one with 3 ducks in it ! Everyone else had only 2 ducks amd therefore could not win POV. Mmmmmmm…..

    1. That’s not true. Caleb had 3 ducks as well. He found it as Donny was making his way back with his last duck. That so called source is not accurate.

    2. Apparently your source didn’t see the show and saw that Caleb had three ducks and almost beat Donny. That or you just can’t count to three.

  38. Production…..PLEASE move away from the cookie jar.

    Paranoia is bubbling, the pot is being stirred, leave it be. PLEASE.
    Just let it be. This season might be worth saving if you just sit down, have a nice glass of whatever, and watch. Let them be paranoid. For the good of the show…..LET IT BE!

    1. They should jump in with one more thing. The rules say you are not allowed to tell others how you voted until after the eviction. Zach/Vic and Derprick/Christine told so they should get a penalty. Something like you don’t get to vote. If Donny and Zach come off the block that would leave Donny and NoB@llsCody as the only 2 who could vote. It would be great tv as well. Then if they really wanted to have some fun they could say because it was Nic on the block when they violated the rule, she can now play for HOH. Admit it that’s the kind of thing we want production to do.

  39. Derrick and Cody are the only ones who have never been nominated.
    That alone should be a BIG red flag to Zach and Nicole.

  40. What makes me mad is that even if Frankie is voted out, he can come back. And if it is by America’s vote, Ms Grande will just get on her twitter account, tell all her mindless slaves,.. err I mean fans… to vote him back in and he will be back.

  41. I think people are underestimating nicole. I believe she knows she can’t trust derek or cody and she’s waiting for frankie Christine or someone to give up info in order and then she’ll make her move

    1. that’s hilarious to me, because I think people believe she is a heck of a lot smarter than she really is. the “fan” of big brother, yeah…I’ve heard both Zach and Derrick show a knowledge for the game and past seasons that trump hers, and watching her talk game is PAINFUL. last night was brutal, she is a total moron at times. I know people like her and love to buck the system and the major alliance, but she is really just not that bright.

  42. If Nicole nominees lose the BOTB and if anyone else besides Frankie, Derrick, or Cody wins it, it would be the best situation to replace Caleb with Derrick. Then we will have great TV because all the lies will finally come out then! Fingers crossed..

  43. I’m not falling for it again. Last week (as so often happens), things change multiple times until eviction. Right now it “seems” Frankie is on his way out. Not so quickly! They’ll change their minds so many times before next Thursday that this will be very old news.

    1. IF caleb throws BOB, and Zach/Donny are safe, then its simple, the WORST CASE is we lose Victoria. the best case is Frankie is gone.

      to me, that is a perfect week

  44. production best give us a comp that caleb can throw, or we KNOW they want Frankie to win the game.

    if he can, it will be great TV, Zach comes off the block(YES) Donny off the block(YES) both safe from a backdoor(YES) and the house can EXPLODE.

  45. I can’t stand Frankie and I think he is so annoying. However, it kinda sucks to be ostracized, regardless of what he did. Even when Devin was being evicted they were civil to him and talked to him.

  46. Does anyone wonder why Derrick is willing to give up 5k and possibly more in the following weeks by getting rid of Frankie? Derrick seems focused on getting the cash, so i’m wondering if he’s going to get people to evict Caleb since he volunteered as a pawn.

    1. derrick has wanted to get rid of Donny, Zach….he is letting paranoia rule his game right now and needs to take a deep breath. his eyes are bugging out and he needs to go back to being calm derrick. he almost let it slip in front of everyone last night on BBAD how much he knows about previous seasons before he realized it and said “I don’t know”. he is slipping. matter of time

  47. So Calib throws the BOTB then wins Veto removes himself Nicole puts up Christine. Lets Frankie and Christine bicker and turn on each other for three days. Love it

    Wouldn’t it be frakking hilarious if Jocasta is the HG that returns to the house after they get rid of Cody and Derrick of course.

    Then it would be Zach,Calib vs Donny,Nicole,Jocasta with floater Victoria that would be great TV

    1. Best is if Derrick goes up. That might teach them both a lesson about constantly putting Donny’s name out there. How do they expect Team America to continue if they are the ones behind getting rid of him?

      In any case, love to see what he would do on the block, no POV and being told he’s a pawn. :)

  48. I am thinking that since production likes to screw everything up, they might make the BOB an individual challenge like the chess game because they heard Caleb talking about throwing the comp. So that Frankie could win by himself. Which would suck because Donny (or Victoria if Donny wins POV) would probaly go home.

  49. I hope Donny and Derrick don’t use the TA mission to screw over Caleb for the 5 grand. In the long run they would be better served by booting Frankie. $ 5,000 vs $500,000!!!!

  50. a back rub is one thing, a massage etc. but what the heck is with Christine stroking cody’s arm like a kid under the age of 13 trying to tell someone they like them.

    very strange for someone in a committed relationship. I know people have pointed it out, but it was front and center on BBAD last night and its WEIRD. has cody ever said anything about it? I mean its so the point where I feel like she is either doing it on accident as she does it to her husband and its like a tick, or she is getting off on rubbing cody. its creepy

  51. If she gets beastmode to throw it. She stays in power. Zachattack and treebeard come down and turn into votes for her. If veto is used pull caleb and put pee sitter right next to his equal. Christine feels her game slipping so she’ll listen to anything nicole tells her to do. All her backstabbing and lying has left her with no allies and no trust. Please let the veto be played!!! If cody goes on the block im sure he’ll start blaming last week on pigvomit, he can’t help himself. Derrick will finally be exposed and nicole will accomplish the most productive HOH this season and set herself for a possible top 4 run with donny,caleb and zachattack.

    1. YES forward this script to production. Rachel won, they can cook up this final 4. Caleb just MUST throw this BOB first. and hopefuly the “they may have a chance to come back in the game” will just be something that never happens.

      and pee sitter getting voted out would be awesome, derrick might have to turn to Zach, oh how the power would shift in the house to Nicole and Donny and Zach

  52. Please please PLEASE let Donny & Zach win this thing so Nicole can send Frankie out the door!!! I really want to believe that this seasons wasn’t made to the highest of predictability, to hand Frankie the money.

  53. when the lies come out, will the fact that Zach has slept through everything and really not had a part in any real moves help him avoid the bloodbath that is to come? I just hope he wins BOB so we can finally see them start to ATTACK each other and not force our #WILDCARD to do it

    1. Christine, Frankie and Cody would all earn a lot of points with Zach and Nicole, and who knows who else if they admitted that Zach didn’t create the detonators 3 days ago. Christine afaik hasn’t confirmed Zach’s story, nor has Cody, and the time is ripe for them to do it, if Nicole goes ahead and wins. If she listens to Derrick/Cody and puts up Christine in a POV replacement, she is playing into their hands again.

      Never give them what Derrick wants, imo.

  54. Derrick and Cody are the only two that haven’t been on the block yet! By now the houseguest realize this and just put the people who haven’t been up so they know how it feels like, then maybe once they see they aren’t safe, then Cody might spill everything about derrick if it means saving him, because right now he would probably go out the door

  55. My theory with nicole is she want to stay safe by putting caleb and frankie. Getting cody and derek comfortable and when they least expect it nominates cody and evict him. Once cody gets on the block all he’ll would be loose and lies will be exposed.She has the votes to do so Donny frankie Christine Victoria

    1. Yeah, it’s still going to take a lot to get there…
      but she only needs three votes. Christine/Frankie/Donny and then she would be the tie-breaker since there is only 6 people voting..

  56. The quickest way to end game (besides being a total pain in the ass, Devin!) is to put up a big target, aim, shoot and MISS! NICOLE!! She trusted the wrong people and did not cover her bases. She better not miss this time or she and Hayhay will have the rest of the summer to kanoodle in the jury house!

  57. I too thought Donny was the only who had the three ducks to win POV.. Derrick is greedy and will get Caleb evicted to complete the TA task.

  58. I love how Zack and nicole made this alliance, now just get donny and caleb on board and take out the rest of this house and get hayden back in the game

  59. I hope Donny wins bob then hoh with Victoria that way the game will change Christina sill going after Donny in want him to go home he didn’t even put you up when he won hoh you need to go home Donny might not got a true alliance in the house but he got us in he got heart man that win last night pov wow hes an allstar if Frankie form past big brother will team up with Donny with jennile in allstar team bigbrother show they will wipe the house in win it all Donny you got heart go Donny go Donny win

  60. The only thing that would save this season would be if Nicole and Zach go far together and one of them wins! Or Donny, I love him!

  61. Seriously?….no one in that house wants to get rid of Derrick asap?…..even Christine who knows he is running everything…..

  62. Once again Derrick gets out without a scratch. They should just give him the 500 stacks now.
    The rest are playing for 2nd place.
    Derrick playing Victoria reminds me of Dan and the way he played Danielle to the end.
    Difference is Derrick will win.
    Both guys would do anything for a dollar.

    1. What is it with nurses being such door mats. First Danielle gives up her game to Dan with no regrets, now Nicole tells Derrick she would have picked him over Hayden in final 2. I hope she’s lying, but she seems like too much of a marshmellow for anyone to take seriously.

  63. just a quick question…did Frankie and Christine actually come up to hayden and Nicole to form an alliance with them?? there have been so many alliances formed I honestly cant recall

  64. This is such a book smart cast, but street smart? NO CHANCE IN HELL… How can the house not see that Derrick & Cody are the ones playing everyone?!?! It’s so obvious!!!

    1. Heard it was going to start at end of September (2 months later than last year) to be able to extend into their December ratings sweeps cause it did so well last year. Arf Arf Mate

  65. Christine tells Frankie she doesn’t like being touched??? She forgot to add the disclaimer “unless your name is Cody”.

  66. I also believe Caleb will be gone. If I’m correct I don’t think Derrick has told Frankie or Donny that Caleb volunteered to go up. For good reason they both on the block. Once he knows for sure who the final two or ANC Caleb is one. He will tell one or both of them.

  67. I hate when evicted people can come back.

    I don`t even feel excited that Frankie could go home, knowing he could just come back… Just like if Derrick or Cody would get caught would not mean anything if they get evicted …knowing they might just come back.

    1. I disagree, I like the fact that it adds another aspect to the game. Be careful whom you make an enemy of cause you never know when they will cross your path again. It’s kind of what makes Derrick’s game so genius thus far. He is manipulating the entire game but still manages to stay likeable enough that people trust him. In the end it all comes down to a popularity contest.

  68. Hopefully the same thing will happen this year when it happened in big brother 13 we get to vote someone back(Hayden) and then they battle someone who got evicted like (Victoria)

  69. Since Caleb is gonna throw the BOB comp, u know production will make it individual comp to protect Frankie. NO WAY they r gonna let Frankie go out. Wait and see it will go down like that. I hope I’m wrong.

  70. When it becomes obvious that Caleb is deliberately throwing the Bob….the Pink-headed Woodpecker is going to SCHREECH!!!!. He’ll peck out Caleb’s eyeballs, grab Victoria with his talons, and fly up to his nest in the HOH room.

  71. Frankie waits for Caleb by the Diary room door to tell him he loves him before Caleb goes in…. like really wtf? just for that amount of sucking up and fakeness he should be voted out. Wait til Caleb doesn’t play in BOB…wonder how much Frankie will love him then. Can’t wait to see it!!

  72. If it’s not for entertainment, then what is this show for?? To watch some boring people like Victoria, Donny, Nicole, Christine?? I’m all about Zach and Frankie (production help or no help), it’s entertaining. This years cast is somewhat better than BB15. BB15 was just HORRID!!

    Jocasta- bad casting on production, she brought nothing to the table (entertainment wise)
    Victoria – she’s boring because she does NOTHING exciting besides talk about herself and look at herself.
    Donny – yes he’s the nice, loveable older gentleman, but how entertaining is he? Hardly see him game talk, not very outgoing, seems like he’s just going with the flow.
    Christine – Don’t like her, Zach is right, she brings nothing to the table. Who is she? Why is she on the show?
    Nicole – I cannot STAND her annoying “fragile girl” act. She is the most annoying person in the house. Too paranoid, she thinks she can out think everyone, and a sourpuss when her plan does not go her way.
    Cody – He is beginning to become annoying as well. All he does is talk s**t on everyone, depending on who he’s conversing with. He has no loyalties. Always threatening to do something, but actually has NEVER done anything about it. He’s all talk.

    Zach, Frankie, Caleb, Derrick – are the ones who are pretty much keeping this show watchable, in my opinion. They bring the drama, the laughs, and the backstabbing = entertaining TV.

  73. Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
    Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

    Wake up you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
    Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

    YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!! They finally got enough nerve to put this little munchkin on the block. BYE FRANKIE BELL!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahah!!!!!

  74. I usually dvr BB and watch the next day, but I watched last night. I think the Detonators made a HUGE mistake last night. If they had any brains, they would have voted out Nicole. They were so worried about Amber being the strongest female, but how many comps has Nicole won? This is her 3rd or 4th HOH?? DUH that would have been a no brainer for me. Hayden won 1 comp.. and while Nicole comes across naive and gullible, the girl has brains or she wouldn’t be a nurse. To me that makes her pretty damn dangerous. If she would just play her cards right, she could take down them all.

  75. Question and potential scenario: If Caleb and Frankie win battle of the block and de throne Nicole as HOH, then someone (other than nicole) wins POV, could Christine backdoor Nicole as a replacement NOM and the house send her packing? Or as second HOH (even though de throwned) safe for the week from being nominated as a replacement? Same with Noms who win BOB, could one of them be named as a replacement Nom if Veto is used to take one of the Noms off the block?

    1. Seriously, have you just started watching this season now? If an HOH is dethroned by his/her nominees winning Battle of the Block then YES that person can go up if veto is played. The winners of the Battle of the Block CANNOT be replacement nominees if veto is played.
      SIMON & DAWG you both ROCK! Sending a little something your way fellow Canadians.

      1. I have been watching mainly live feeds, so I was a bit confused by the rules. I was just trying to confirm who could go back up on the block.

  76. As much as I hate any comp being thrown, it will be so funny if Celeb goes thru with just sitting on the ground lol

  77. it will be AWESOME to see Frankie flip out

    but I smell a pandoras coming, especially with dummy Nicole, who will take it, probably giving some power to the house that ends up in Frankie or Christine’s hands and somehow saves Frankie.

    that probably happens AFTER he is voted out at some point, that is how bad they want Frankie to win

    I’d much rather they rig the game for Zach or caleb. both are far more entertaining, will provoke hg’s, will throw comps, will think outside the box. I hope neither leave anytime soon, and beastmode wins that POV after losing that BOB

    1. I agree with the first part of your comment, but when has Caleb ever thought outside the box? The idea from last night to keep Zach clearly came from DR. Caleb couldn’t think his way out of a paper bag.

  78. If Frankie pulls himself off with POV , Derrick can talk Zack into volunteering, they can send him home and make another $5,000.

  79. I agree that it is good for Frankie to be on the block but not the way they say they are going about it. If this blatant show of sabotage happens, there will be major blowback to their own games.

    Also what is with Cody and Christine. Christine follows wherever the wind blows; no one is fooled by that behavior. Cody is nothing without Derrick; Derrick can survive without Cody, not the other way around

  80. I think its ridiculous that everyone is talking crap about Frankie, when actually this was Derrick, cody, christine, nicole, every other houseguests plan Yes Frankie has been playing the entire house, but which houseguest in the season HASNT been playing the entire house.. Why in the world would they turn around and tell everyone everything when they just did the blindside EXACTLY like they wanted to. They had the run of the house. They all just screwed themselves. Victoria will win. All she has to do is sit back and let these idiots keep talking.

  81. WOW, how did Victoria escape from the block? A Dumbass would assume that these girls were “smartening” up, but if the where smart Derrick and Cody would’ve went up. Who wants to be Caleb Frankie, and Zach are safe this week?

  82. If Frankie now says he is Ariana Grande’s brother or why he is playing the game and it works to get Caleb to play the BOB, I’ll be pissed. I wonder if the build is taking so long on purpose so there is more time for Frankie to get into Caleb’s head.

  83. I don’t recall a season where the hgs have played to the cameras as much as these hgs do. It feels as though they are all auditioning for movie parts after BB or hoping to win America’s Favourite HG. Can production hide the cameras and still capture the activity of the house?

    1. I am not sure that they can. As it is they either show 2 scenes at one time or all 4 camera shots are focused on a small group of them ( as was the case when a few of them were outside the other day and all cameras were focused on Hayden)

  84. So tired of Derrick smirking in the camera , he must think he’s America’s favorite. Please somebody backdoor his a$$.

  85. Well Derrick just told Frankie that Caleb is mad at him, so now Frankie is going to tell him about his building schools for the underprivileged in Africa. Caleb might be delusional, but unfortunately he has a set of rules that he goes by, and this might make him change his mind and help Frankie.
    Derrick needs to be backdoored!

  86. we love Donny cause he play the game his way not they way he
    treats people with respect in he got a true heart in the compertion
    he won I think one hoh three or four pov
    he is really good at this game with no body on yourside all you could do is win
    in that’s what he doing since day one that’s why he my favorite to win America am the game
    go Donny win im truly a fan

  87. The funny thing about Zach now wanting Frankie out is that Frankie was the one pushing the others to keep Zach here… Just amazing how much paranoia goes on in the house..

  88. I think “they” (production) love Victoria as much as “they” loved Jacosta, for reasons unknown. The TV edit showed way too much of Jacosta when in actuality she was a non-player, to the point that it was freaking irritating to watch her.

  89. Frankie is still clueless and smug at that. What he told Nicole is ridiculous and insulting. He played everyone and didn’t take seriously his friendship with Zack. Some things are more important the game play. However, I wonder why no one has told Caleb that Frankie was the mastermind behind Amber’s ouster. Caleb would go nuts and throw the BOB at minimum.

  90. Say what you will about Derrick, he runs that house and no one is coming after him for it. He has set things up pretty well. If things don’t go his way he has so many people to take the fall, like Frankie. Frankie isn’t on to Derrick because his ego is so big he thinks he has been running the game and is blind to Derrick’s role in everything. Others are already starting to hate Cody, Derrick’s other shield. Than there is Caleb, Derrick will use him for whatever he can. He controls everything but the egos are so big the others refuse to believe someone else is pulling their strings. He will take Victoria to the final 2 if he gets there and if he does I hope to God the jury votes for her!

  91. Frankie’s attempt to take Caleb’s temperature is really bothering me. I mean, we all know how much Frankie lies and manipulates, but to say “oh I have a reason to be here that’s more important and I will tell you first” disgusts me. He thinks he “deserves to win”. It’s a game!! The person who plays it best wins.

    Please get rid of Frankie. I can’t watch his skinny pink ass anymore

  92. The houseguests keep revealing everything to each other, and yet they still can’t figure out that Derrick is pulling the strings of despair? How on earth does this happen?

  93. Funny how Francie is hinting about his sister to Victoria. How he is planning something special for them. I wonder how many houseguests know about his sister. I never heard of her until BB.

  94. Okay. Has Hell frozen over? They are cleaning!! Well VapidVic is making slop so she’s creating a mess. And Zach and CrazedCaleb are sitting in the living room watching everyone else clean. But the rest are actually cleaning out the fridge drawers, throwing away the rotting things, etc. Production must be very happy. That place was a sty.

  95. Everyone is using Frankie as a scapegoat right now to take the heat off of themselves. I’m not agreeing with everything Frankie has done or said in this game but come on. Zach is being a whiny little b@#$h and needs to wake up. Frankie has had his back so many times, more than anyone else and now Zach gets some info and this is how he repays him. By not even giving Frankie the chance to explain his side in any of this. Every person in that house has used him for their personal games at some point. Everyone says oh Victoria is a floater blah blah blah, which she is…but what the heck is Cody?! He won one HOH, that is all. And he was to scared to make a big move. He has been floating along by aligning himself with stronger people. Derrick is the real mastermind of that house and why everyone is so blind to that is baffling. They all might as well just give him their keys now cause that guys is going to win the whole thing. And Donny will get America’s Favorite cause he has definitely played the cleanest game by playing his own game.

  96. You know who else hasn’t been nominated for 8 weeks going 9 weeks? Derrick and Cody . Of course no one will release that maybe Donny but he will have to keep it to himself unless he wants to be the houses new number one target. Also I wonder if Victoria really meant if the kitchen was disgusting or Frankie lol. Sad I was rooting for him in the beginning.,…

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