Nikki “I’m going HOME!” Kelsey “The less f**ks you give, the better it is!”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 19th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Current Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots Joel & Cassandra

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9:30am The house guests are getting ready for the day. In the bathroom – Nick tells Jared, Kelsey and Cassandra about how last night Dallas was sleeping nude. He got called to the diary room and got up with with his c**k out. He says he got dressed and went to the diary room. Kelsey asks how big was it? Nick says it wasn’t that impressive.

In the bedroom – Christine and Maddy are talking. Maddy says Mitch is the safest person in this house. Maddy says that Joel is way smart. He thinks you’re after him. Christine asks what? F**king Cassandra. Maddy says I swear on my mothers life Christine would tell me and she did not say sh*t. Christine says oh my god! I said that he is so smart that he could probably win the game but I never said that. Maddy says and he could win the game. And I would be okay with him winning. Christine says exactly, that’s the beauty of him winning the game, everyone would be fine with it. Cassandra told him. So annoying. And she’s so fake. She hates the brothers. They’re just going to go with Dallas. Maddy says yeah f**king pu$$!es. Ramsey joins them. Ramsey tells Christine Joel would (vote for her) if you told him Love wants you here. Christine says I have. I’ll work him today. Christine leaves. Dallas tells Ramsey and Maddy that if it comes down to it in the HOH he’ll throw it to one of them. I just want the POV, I don’t want to look too good.

10:15am Nikki goes into the storage room and looks in the fridge. She says those f**king vultures have eaten all my almond milk! Can you please get me some more. Nikki head back to the kitchen and says she’s going to have to sit everyone down and explain. Christine asks what’s wrong. Nikki says when I came in here I told big brother that I needed certain things to eat. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

10:45am In the bathroom – Christine says I feel like that other side is irritating and needs to go. I’ve got Maddy, Dallas, Ramsey and Nikki. I need to talk to Mitch later. I think even Kelsey and Jared are getting annoyed with her. If I win HOH I want to go after the big dogs. Like Kelsey and Jared. Everyone’s afraid to do it but I’m not. Does that sound good to you? Joel says you can always talk to me, I’m an open book. Christine says I think that people like you, me and Mitch could start taking out that other side. I want to stay here. I want it more. I need it more. She’s (Cassandra) just here for sh*ts and gigs. They (Jared & Kelsey) are in it to win it to the end and that’s scary. Mitch joins them. Christine says that Jared, Kelsey and Raul are never going to vote against each other. Who’s ever in power, that’s who Cassandra’s going to go with. It is a splitting house now. I think together the three of us could really make a move. Mitch asks who are you the least close to? Christine says Loveita. I’ve talked to her and really like her. She wouldn’t be my target. My targets would be Jared, Kelsey, Raul and then the brothers. I’ve got Nikki unless she doesn’t self-evict. She’s got some demons.

10:55am – 11:10am In the HOH room – Nikki says I’m going HOME! Nikki grabs her things out of the HOH room and heads to the bedroom. She starts packing her bag.

11:20am HOH room – Loveita, Kelsey are talking to Nikki. Kelsey says I think you’re doing great. She tells her to put her name on food. Do what you need to do and don’t give a f**k about anyone. Loveita tells Nikki she isn’t leaving. She tells Kelsey to have a sleep over with them. Kelsey says the less f**ks you give, the better it is! Nikki comments on how Tim doesn’t care that she’s upset. Kelsey says that’s how he is, he’s a big man child. He does want to be here for you. Nikki says I don’t want his support. He’s not the friend I thought he could be. I don’t need some loud mouth self important tw@t. I just need people to love me for who I am and understand why I am the way I am. I just need him to stay away from me. Loveita says the most frustrating part of all of this is how people can lie about everything. Kelsey says in her real life she stays away from people like that.

11:40am – 12:05pm HOH room – Kelsey and Loveita are talking about Christine vs Cassandra. Kelsey says the thing about Christine is a floater and if you’re on the block with her, you’re going home. Loveita says I didn’t put you up and I didn’t backdoor you. Kelsey says I believe what you told me (about Cassandra) but everyone knows that now. I’m a target, Jared’s a target… is it good to get rid of another target. I know not to trust Cass. She is starting to manipulate me and I can see it. For sure at this point would I like her to go but not at this point. If you’re up next to Christine, you would go. No one would send Christine home. Loveita says you make a good point. Nikki questions why they would keep Cassandra .. she’s so unpredictable. Kelsey says If I was leaving with 10K I would be good. Its not like Christine is leaving with nothing. Kelsey says thanks for the chat and thanks for your outburst Nikki otherwise I wouldn’t have come in here to chat. Loveita tells Nikki that she gifted her Shomi movie or show to her.

12:35pm Mitch, Joel, Nick and Loveita are walking around the house. Cassandra says she (Loveita) only joins group activities when her HOH is done. When she’s HOH she doesn’t. That’s how it was last week. I don’t know why I felt so bad for her.

12:40pm HOH room – Nikki says he’s proved that he’s really not a nice person. I had to tell you things I really didn’t want to have to tell you. He’s just an awful person. I hate him. I’m going to avoid him like the plague. If you hang around him I won’t be around you. You’ve been such a nice friend and its not fair for me to not hang out with you. Phil says I like both of you and will just make time to hang out with you separately. Nikki says Tim said I was there for you in the first week so you owe me. Who says that!? Like I was there for you and you didn’t appreciate it so I’m going to throw it back in your face. That’s not a friend. So I’m done with it. He needs to go back to f**king Australia. Phil says I hate this, why can’t everyone just get along! Loveita brings Nikki her mic pack. Nikki says I’m not wearing that, I’m pretty upset with Big Brother. Nikki says he’s got a nice worshipper to follow him all day and all night. (Cassandra) Nikki talks about how Tim said he was voting out Cassandra. Nikki says Tim has won big brother by being a complete and utter snake. The truth will come out that he has been snaking around. Nikki says he knows my history and he really hurt my feelings.
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Hey guys! My memory is failing me: Has BB Can ever shown a long HOH comp (i.e. endurance) on the feeds in earlier seasons, like they would sometimes on BB US?


OK, thanks, that’s what I was leaning towards… But then I had some weird feeling that maybe I saw a lot of the endurance comp where Jillian told Topaz at the end “you’re safe 150%”… Oh, well… I guess they just showed that scene over and over again through the season, so that just added up in my fragile little mind! 😉


Can’t believe how much this generation uses the F Word. It sounds so trashy! They are so brainwashed by television and music that this is acceptable. The F Word is like a filler in every sentence they use. This is such a sad generation. Also the lack of self respect towards their bodies. I don’t know if it’s bad parenting or the influence of Hollywood, television and music.


Go back to the 50’s


I live in toronto…why cant I get the feeds? Are they free?


Still not working….it keeps on saying refresh”


It happened to me yesterday too. I just restarted the computer and the live feeds came back


There is a hole in Kelsey’s logic to Loveita and Nikki. Her concern is that Christine could be used as a perpetual pawn and send everyone next to her home. This could be true. But, she is looking at that from a position of fear. What about using Christine as their pawn to send everyone home. Tell Christine they would be willing to keep her if she would be willing to be their pawn that nobody would send home when put on the block against bigger threats.
If Christine were to campaign to Jared and Kelsey from the standpoint of I’m weak, exploit my weakness as your pawn to get rid of a bigger threat next week so that you can see I’m trustworthy. I know the pawns go home rule applies, I know volunteering to be a pawn is what sent someone home last year, but if Christine shores the middleground numbers in her favor and makes herself useful to the power trio, she would actually be in a position of safety.


We know that Christine has told several people in there that her targets would be Jared and Kelsey. So regardless of what reasons Kelsey is giving Loveita, “the enemy”, as to why she wants Cassandra to stay over Christine, she’s actually right to want that.
About your “eternal pawn” scenario, since the nominees don’t have a choice in getting nominated, I’m not sure there’s a benefit in telling someone in advance: “hey, whenever I / we win HOH in this game, you’re going up! Don’t worry, you’ll just be the pawn. Always! Are you ok with that?” I’d rather touch the subject when / if they actually win HOH…


What gets me is how Loveita completely missed the dis she was given by Kelsey….thank you for your outburst Nikki otherwise I wouldn’t have come in here to chat…if it were me sitting in the HOH room and one of the people who I kept off the block by keeping my word to them said that around me red flags would be flapping in the wind….and I’d probably be kickin myself in the ass


The female players this season is horrible, comparable to the female bunch in
Season 16. The only females even attempting to the play the game are Cassandra and Loveita. Instead of banding together, they are bitchy–whining about the most trivial shit in the house.


Last night was very telling when it comes to Loveita and Cassandra.
To Tim, Loveita says if she comes in, talks to me and drops all the crap and is honest, it’s all bygones.
To Phil and Joel, Cassandra says she wants Loveita to crawl (sorry, she may have used another word) to her and apologize.
Yeah, this is going to go on for a while.


From what they showed (footage of Nikki’s UK Big Brother) antics, she is doing the same thing. It keeps people feeling sorry for her like a wounded bird (I think). She ‘cried’ to Loveita but I saw no tears at all. If this is her game, it’s working.


For the Love of God, NOBODY post video of Dallas’s wang….


nikki is an energy vampire; she just sucks it right out of you – very toxic – send her home – nausea sets in when I see her.


i wish to have seen that last Phil and Nikki Conversation. They are not shown to much on live feed together.