Big Brother Canada 4 March 30 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV March 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: Dallas and Ramsey
Current Nominations: Maddy and Dallas
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

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I’m so over the bully word being thrown around. Watch BB15 and see how Candice was treated if you want an example of real bullying. It really bugs me when HG just throw that word around. Cassandra and Tim are ridiculous. Jared’s a bully because he’s pointing out facts?

If this “group” is as loyal as they claim to be to one another (which they clearly aren’t) then why would Cassandra, Phil, and Tim want to keep somebody in the house that is targeting a member of their group and has the potential to win competitions.

The reality of the situation is that Cassandra, Tim, and Phil are pissed that Jared and Mitch don’t want to a submit to their demands of keeping Dallas in the house which from a strategic point of view makes no sense “if” you’re working together.

I’m glad that Nikki has flipped on Tim and his giant ego. I hope Nikki joins Mitch, Jared, Ramsey, and Raul votes Dallas out. Those five need to then set their sights on getting rid of Tim, Cassandra, and Phil.


I get the feeling that it’s some sort of wolf pack thing.
Danger of a frat house.
There is one alpha, but multiples trying to be that alpha.
Jared is used to people doing his will weekly. Tim expects people to do his will weekly. Cass and the brothers have been manipulating people to make sure that will is done weekly. In the idea of the alliance of Jared, the brothers, Cass and Tim that was always going to be an issue.
If Dallas has been tested as winning one physical and one chance comp out of the 8 comps he’s been in (5 hoh, 3 veto), and Maddy has won a mental comp out of the 6 she’s been in (5 hoh, 1 veto), i’m not sure he is so much greater as a threat. He’s just louder as a threat. There will be comps that favor people with smaller frames and lower centres of gravity, just like there have been comps that favor people with more physical strength. It’s not so cut and dried. But in an alliance of 4 (as they were at the start of the week) it should be a case of one in danger vs. two in danger. If Dallas won and nominated Jared he’d have the backing of the brothers, Tim, Cass in the veto. He’d have the votes of the brothers, Tim, Cass and Mitch/Raul (whoever isn’t on the block). that’s control of the vote if he trusts his allies. In the case of Maddy winning and nominating the brothers and Cassandra, who would the replacement nominee be? If they won veto they could only remove one with fear the other in the 4 man alliance would be replacement. They no longer have the control of the vote and one of the 4 goes home. If it’s an alliance of equals weighing logically, it makes more sense to get rid of Maddy. But they’ve yet to do anything logically this season, so why start now?


The alliance of 4 seems murky since Jared has several overlapping alliances. Your logic here is what Tim should have used with Jared to at minimum flush out Jared’s loyalty and to which alliance.
Seems as though there were so many errors on management this week.


I know that being a hypocrite is necessary to be a good big brother player, but the amount of hypocrisy I’ve seen on the feeds tonight is getting too much for my fragile little mind, I need to switch off for a bit.
Phil, talking to Joel (and Nick) in the pink bedroom, says it’s “inhumane” (?) how Jared is using Nikki’s emotions against her to make her vote Dallas out. “Nikki is special (aka fragile) and he’s disgusting for doing that”. A few sentences later, he says they should “work on Nikki”, use her emotions (her past with being made fun of) to get her to change her mind. Tim should snap his finger, say “Nikki, come!” and not let go of her until they get her to change her mind.
We know that Nikki actually was the one to come to Mitch (not Jared) and say that she’s fed up with Tim and Cassandra. She discussed voting Dallas out with Mitch and Raoul and they shook on it, Jared wasn’t even in the room.
And yet, Jared is the “bully”, “despicable” and “inhumane” but Phil has “big balls” and is a “mastermind” for doing that same thing he wrongly accuses Jared of doing?
Same hypocrisy with “Jared should take it easy, it’s not such a big deal who votes for who and who goes”, and then they basically all freak out when it seems to be going the other way, because “this vote is crucial”.
Tim, 2 days ago, said “if Cassandra dares to vote Maddy out, I’m done with her. If there is one thing I can’t tolerate, it’s going against your alliance!”. Now, he says that if Nikki dares to vote Dallas out, he’s done with her. And yet, “all the others” are the bullies, never him.
Pretty sickening to watch.
Don’t get me wrong: I cannot stand Maddy and her foul attitude, but now, I really hope Nikki sticks to her guns and they evict Dallas. Tim, Cassandra, Joel and the brothers have really become the “dark side” these past few days, I hope they are the next targets.


I couldn’t agree more Frenchie! I get that you need to use some hypocrisy as game play as well, but it’s act like they aren’t being hypocritical that bugs me. It’s the same thing with the way Vanessa played the game. Like at least be honest with your co-conspirators on what you guys are doing. You’re not the victims in this scenario. They know they want to only keep Dallas in the game because they hope Dallas will do their dirty work for them and take out Jared and Raul so they can suck up to them and try to get their jury votes. It’s clear as day to see.

I don’t even think I’ve seen Jared talking serious game to Nikki. Meanwhile Phil and Joel want to hit Nikki emotionally? And Jared’s a disgusting bully? Really now?!

I can tell this is a good season, because I don’t think I’ve gone from liking to disliking the way people are playing the game so fast. It’s just mind boggling the way people act. I’m no Maddy fan at all either, but it’s strange how quickly Tim, Cassandra, Phil, and Joel have become the “dark” side of the house. I’m so over those four right now.

I really hope Nikki sticks to her guns too and votes Dallas out. If Tim turns on her like he says he will, then it should show Nikki where she really stands with him to begin with.


Tim did suddenly switch from keeping Maddy to keeping Dallas ‘ for the good of the show.’ I smell production. And if production wants to keep Dallas, then they’ll tell Nikki to do just that.


Thanks for pointing out yet another huge hypocrisy.
“for the good of the show”… my butt! Tim changed his mind because Dallas switched from being publicly “pi$$ed” at Tim for his Koala nominations and refusing to participate in Tim’s nomination idea, to promising Tim that he’d
a) keep Tim (and Cass and Nikki or the brothers, who Tim couldn’t care less about imo) safe “forever”.
b) put Jared and Ramsey on the block. (Tim pretended that he’d want Jared to stay in that scenario, but I’m convinced he’s lying, he knows that the house would want to seize the opportunity to get Jared out. He’s being a liar about pretending he doesn’t read that in people)
So Tim, Mr. “I’m not here to win the game” and “I’m here to help someone win” just wanted his butt safe from the self-proclaimed big bad wolf Dallas, so Dallas would get the big players out Tim pretends to be allied with.
This would all be entertaining for me as it is good, manipulative gameplay, if Tim didn’t insist all the time that “he doesn’t lie”.
Today, he told them that he voted to evict Cassandra back then because “he’d weighed the 2 and Cassandra hadn’t been able to tell him why she should stay”. Back then, he told “his side” that he voted for Cassandra only because he knew she’d still stay, but he wanted it to be a 5-4 vote, and not a 7-3 vote so that the “other side” still had hope for the future (bs). Enough people heard him say both versions, so whenever he says “I never lied in this game”, I hope they point this out.


Ramsey isn’t a swing vote. He wants to keep Maddy, but stay safe with Dallas if he stays. Even without other conversations, look at Ramsey’s body language.
The only air time Ramsey gets is if he’s in a comp or in bed with Maddy. He can’t be so stupid as to think he gets any more than that.
He says he gave his word to both people on the block. Where does his word stand in the game? Ask Loveita.


Ramsey, you better kiss her since she’s leaving


63:29 on feed 4. Cassandra says Sharry was phony while everyone else is saying pretty nice things about her. Not a catty season at all.
They discuss the possibility of a woman returning. Thinking Raul and Cass would want Kelsey, they’d expect Loveita, they’d enjoy Paige Christine or Sharry too because they didn’t get as much time to show how they would have performed.
Pretty convenient that Tim had been in the diary room a while earlier.


Ramsey has to believe he will be better off without madly. Im I the only one that doesn’t have an up front favorite? It’s pretty late in the game. Guess it’s Joel , if I had to to pick.


I know I’m probably the only one buy I think Ramsey and Maddy are cute together! I think they look cute together. Clearly from different backgrounds makes them cuter. And I get why Ramset is not being showy. I actually respect that. He’s being guarded since Maddy has a “boyfriend” and he’s also concerned about what hisbfamuky would think and his a religious guy too.


I know I’m probably the only one buy I think Ramsey and Maddy are cute together! I think they look cute together. Clearly from different backgrounds makes them cuter. And I get why Ramset is not being showy. I actually respect that. He’s being guarded since Maddy has a “boyfriend” and he’s also concerned about what hisbfamuky would think and his a religious guy too. But this ain’t some dating show. If he wants to last in the game he needs to vote her out. (Btw really liked their alliance with Dallas, but too bad Maddy had to scree that one up.)


While Cass was massaging Tim by the green couches talking about Quinoa flour there was whispering from the blue room on the feed audio. It was just after Ramsey went to bed, and I think just before Dallas went to bed.
Very hard to hear, all i picked up was a voice i attribute to Ramsey, “I’m scared. what if”… “keep and I”… regular audio conversation from couches interrupts the whisper. “What do you think I should do?” Regular audio interrupts so the person answering is not heard to tell whose voice it is.
No cam was on the bedrooms at the time. All four were on the couches.
My guess is Ramsey is getting scared of making waves and being a target to more people. But would he whisper this to Maddy, who is on the block?
So, If Loveita or Kelsey come in and one group is Jared, Raul, Mitch, Maddy and Ramsey… how can either of them fit into that dynamic? With the other group being Tim, Cass, Joel and the brothers, how would they fit there? Kelsey won’t group with Maddy, won’t group without Jared. Loveita can’t group with Maddy, and can’t group with Cass. The people they know are double dealing are in each alliance. The options for both are actually pretty muddy at this point with Maddy situated where she is if she stays. Both are revolving door in a lot of ways. If Maddy won’t work with either, and the numbers are so close… what happens?


Ramsey did have a conversation with Jared (while the show was on the other screen) about working together. It was hard to hear but basically boiled down to Jared promising to keep Ramsey safe after Dallas leaves. Ramsey looked like Jared was asking him to prom and is likely what’s fuelling his resolve to vote out Dallas today.


Yes, I saw that one. But it was on the same feed as the whispering i’m describing that happened 2 and a half hours later. That’s why I’m so confused.
If the protection deal is already in place at that point, and the votes are already secured at that point (Nikki and Tim had already blown up), then what is the fear about?


The biggest mistake Tim and Cass are making is sleeping in the hoh room together tonight.
Their lack of insight into Nikki is staggering. Nikki craves attention. Nikki craves friendship on her terms. Nikki is possessive. These are Nikki’s motivations. Cass is spending too much time glued to Tim for Nikki to be comfortable. And neither understands and continues to disregard her mind and motivations.
Big mistake.


Cass played very I smartly this week.


How is what Cass did smart?
She only has two people in front of her now. And how many people wanting her out?
Tim isn’t going down with the ss cassandra. The brothers will hand her an anchor and tell her it’s a parachute. She’s more dangerous than Joel because she is the sneak and everyone knows she’s the sneak because she used to be their sneak. She wasn’t floating in the middle. She was firmly entrenched.


Been thinking the returned h/g will have immunity week one back. There will be a twist week two back that puts power into Canada’s hands. As long as the one returning doesn’t totally screw up, I think they are there for at least three weeks.


Hi guys, I’m just stopping by to check on the website. I knew you guys also covered BBCan, but since I had never watched it before, I never really had a reason to stop by. I’m watching this season for the first time ever though and I’m having fun. What I like about it is that I don’t really hate anyone – lol – so the show is quite enjoyable and I love how people in the house are good sports. However I do think Maddy is nasty – what was that conversation with the brothers? Asking Phil to do her dirty job of ditching his brother for her? Among other stuff of course… – and I see that I’m not alone by some of the comments I’ve seen in here. I need time to read more in depth but I confess I dunno if I’ll be here regularly. I’m quite enjoying to watch it online spoiler free and 3 times a week is enough. Yes, I know I’m probably missing out on a lot, but well… life is busy too. I hope you guys are having a great time. Talk soon!


Maddy does deserve to go. All the season long she’s only spent her time in bed cuddling initially with Nick and now with Ramsey. No game play, no action on her part … no presence in the house. At least Dallas is way more bubbly than she is.

bbcan4 lover of mitch

I really hope Mitch gets this vote his way this week, I want him to take out Tim, Cass or brothers or use someone else to do it since he is so good with his words. He knows now where Joel and brothers stand with cass with tim, why give the girl dallas too you know what i mean. He has worked the hardest the past few days because he is smart. I hope Kelsey comes back cause Mitch has power and smartest one in that alliance, I don’t like lovita she will just go to joel and cass. please mitch shake this game and the whole house up please. I used to like Tim but he does let Cass have control over him and plus they bring Mitch name up too much. Can;;t wait for the next few days for phil or joel to tell mitch that tim is after him but mitch is smarter enough to know that by now.


I was a Mitch fan because all he had to do was sit in the middle and vote with majority. But he’s becoming soo desperate this week. His conversation with Joel was laughable trying to convince him why it would be better to get Dallas out. Joel would be at the bottom on the totem pole on a group that didn’t have the numbers (3rd wheel) vs a new group that has the numbers and he can lay low (like Mitch is trying to do). Mitch will be out soon enough. Especially when one of the girls comes back and tells everyone how sneaky he is. And if he actually convinces Nikki to change her vote, i think it will just expose him even more and put a bigger target than Raul has.


I really want to know what Maddy’s boyfriend thinks of her cheating.

Maddy's Boyfriend

Yeah, she’s dead to me.


Does anyone have any clue how the comeback is gonna work? Who’s picking who gets to get back in?


Some arbitrary thoughts on eviction day:

Perception is such a funny thing. Case in point: Everyone thinks that Jared is this honest, fun loving good guy but he is just as narcissistic as Kelsey was. On one hand he says he won’t lie and that people like Maddy, Ramsay, Dallas, Joel etc, etc are the “bad/evil people) who lie and take advantage of people. Plus he appears so genuine when the Bros saved him and said he owed them. He has continually referred to his side as “the good guys” who are the only really nice people in the house, ….

BUT.. then this week he is seen trying to get in Dallas head while he’s playing POV (unsportsmanlike). Has told lies, is trying to manipulate Nikki/Bros to get his way. He’s also trying to plant negative seeds about Cass/Bro’s, just b/c they won’t vote his way and is making fun of Joel to the point that Joel is now feeling like he did as a child when people made fun of him. How is this any better than Dallas or Tim for that matter? So, apparently the bros saving him and his promise of owing them something meant … um YEAH NOTHING.

Even Mitch who I really like as a person has shown his manipulation side via what he has said to Nikki.
Regardless of this observation IMO he has been playing the best game and in some ways reminds me of Dan since he has a relationship with everyone and they all like him so much. The one glaring difference of Dan’s first season is every person Mitch has an alliance with he has thrown some shade at (except for Raul). So is Raul, Mitch’s Memphis?

I’m not sure how I feel about the fact Mitch’s game will be effected the most by the return of Love/Kels as he’ll be their primary target. I think Mitch, Cass, Bros and Tim will be the most negatively effected and while I’m happy they’ll be a light shone on that fact it bothers me that Jared who is DICTATING what should
happen in the house will be the benefactor of the returnee. (another reason why I want it to be LOVE).

Regardless I hope Maddy pulls another tantrum immediately upon whoever returns so everyone that voted to keep her has to ask themselves what in hell they were thinking. LMAO Also re Maddy: wasn’t it just last week that Maddy was talking about how in love with her boyfriend she was and now all I hear/see is her and Ramsay talking about having sex as soon as possible. WTF? (another reason why it would be great for her to win HOH just so her boyfriend could send a letter in and break up with her in it I usually like to look for the best in everyone, but Maddy’s track record of bed diving, making out with 2 different guys
already while having a boyfriend is not representing her well in the public eye nor is her disloyalty (read: self centered/skanky)

In terms of the returnee based on what Love/Kels were saying last night it seems like they either know or think they’ll return based on a house vote. ARGH.. another popularity contest. That would likely lean to a Kelsey return since Raul, Jared, Ramsay, Cass and Maddy (though the duck might change Maddy’s vote) would all vote for her for sure. I could see Joel, Bros, Mitch, Nikki preferring Love and who knows what Tim would want b/c Love would need him just for a chance of a tie. And if it’s a tie then what? Could they both return?… Doubtful. At this point this season has already lost so much luster for me I’m losing interest anyway.

On a completely separate issue, does anyone else wish the HOH would nominate Tim and Nikki just so we could see the fireworks? Please let someone do that for my entertainment.